andhow Oscar Peterson and the morning sounds of the neighborhood waking up.
zeoffline gente, lembram dessa? saudades dessa época avassaladora de electro.
manolova64 Había puesto la versión de Acker Bilk, pero esta de Kenny G. también está muy bien.
Mariane Ontem à noite a família inteira se reuniu, o que, definitivamente, é uma das minhas "favorite things"... e Coltrane também!
jaquelinapacks Você sorriu /Você sorriu _ At Last – James, Etta

James, EttaAt Last

| play
briangreene Toccata And Fugue In D Minor - Vanessa Mae
daniello Too many falling stars to make wishes on tonight ☺

ICP Kermit the Frog on Weed

| play
ElvisInDaHouse se que tu me miras a los ojos y es algo único, a lo mejor porque estás en casa, ja! ;P

Bajofondo con Julieta Venegas Pa' Bailar (Siempre quiero mas)

| play
srtabia Hoje o cara do caminhão do lixo parado do meu lado no sinal ouvia essa música.
punchdrunkdaisy Robert Smith and James Iha both cradle their guitars.

The CureLullaby

| play
punchdrunkdaisy One of my favorites: This song has a very 60s spirit. I love it. Now stepping into the sunshine. See you guys later!

4 HeroLes Fleur

| play
sabineas i break the laws.. [so sweet]
allmyfaves no sun today in tel aviv .... :-(
madu Ainda aprendo a tocar essa música, só pra ela!
punchdrunkdaisy As requested! The way you move is a mystery~
briangreene Barry McGuire was a Minstrel (the New Christy type not the Black & White Minstrel type)
danielaferraz the end, coisa e tal.


| play
manolova64 Empezando un maravilloso día. Saludos por esta zona, antes de salir.
andhow Louis Armstrong + Radiohead = too cool for words!
miketrevis lippstadt, facevo il gelataio :P

SuperfunkLucky Star

| play
xeophin Longing to visit those landscapes again.


| play
experimentego Dance, fuckers, dance!

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz

| play
nansan AM3's self-portrait day led me to the hypothesis that picture-makers hold the camera to evade the frame.
snapper ... Highly recommended

Can CanUIO (v.2007)

| play
manolova64 Now we are free, Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard.
calamari @ShyTrbleMaker Love it. Thank you. Here's another happy love song. :)
andhow The little orchestra that is Pink Martini - always a pleasure!
sunnysunnysunny Burned my tongue from too much latte. Ohww.
deadcowaroma Hrmm......this one here is a bridge: /-----\ ....ok, not my best...
musicasdomauricio IMPRESSIONANTE! it fuses modern dance rhythms (trip-hop, techno, etc) with traditional Irish (Celtic) and West African music. ETNO-ELETRÔNICO.
salondelynn 愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛
robotnik @The_Kraken cock shaped stars? well every star is unique like snow flakes. never seen a cock shaped snow flake, though. made some equipped snow men (reblip)
Blippo Elsiane – vaporous @GR8FL @santamistura @sunnysunnysunny Whatever, I'll blip this great song again.


| play
by_starla i overblip this, i think, but i need to start winding down to get some sleep.... hello @EvDJ and @DHS :)
NyQuilDriver @evablue but you always send me pics of chicks I then fall in love with... I'm curious what this one will be if not a chick playing the accordion :P (reblip)
ladypn It is the song of the day @Figgywithit! & I'm so pleased you, @photogurrl @SevenTenths & so many others reblipped!! :) (reblip)
DownLow vi@dubstarr another blip that fits my current mood on a thursday morning. cheers @all (reblip)
ladypn Its what brings us together @whistlin_indie - the MUSIC! ;) (reblip)

Roxy MusicAvalon

| play
ladypn Hey @kristenlou!! Long time no see! Love this, by the way! ;) (reblip)

SohoHippy Chick

| play
deadcowaroma I think this song is going on my "favorite songs of all time" list. I can never get enough of it.
Diordan reblippin @stanice!! Whoooooooooooaaaaaaaa! together what to say......? (reblip)
nansan The thing to remember was that we didn't start this mess, now did we?...We got here in the middle. It's not our fault. ~Willy Lindt in Thumbsucker
Lady_Frostbite borrowed this album from an ex as she left the borders of Minneapolis, & that life, behind her in a gale of snow & blindness. vi@s0ak (reblip)


| play
Sparklepony from kill bill 2... great groove... (reblip)
Diordan yuknowhathislifeez @circe @medina @Gaspar @larajanuario @gabarocha @ric @fabiroba love love love love love love

03 - Yunowhathislifeez (Motorcity Mix) - 4'45

| play
Diordan Heeeey Listen!!!!! A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square : ^)
nuffced Hey @hijklmn I think this gentle tune's for you (a rare version feat. Al Jarreau); @Newmaidumosa see you later, digga... (reblip)
by_starla [Bell X1-Eve, the Apple of My Eye (live)] @katesnowbird-yes-live in Art Museum area now, grew up in Newtown, Bucks County :)
juxtapeer music for airports

Brian Eno1-1

| play
juxtapeer one of those Efterklang nights


| play
Diordan Olá queridíssimas @santamistura @patita @annyeah Tudo bom com vcs? Hope It's alright!
longtide é che finalmente é uscito el sole. non se ne poteva piú di novembre.
by_starla [The Besnard Lakes - Disaster]
PeterPayola @cdub This is Susan Tedeschi's cover of Prine's "Angel"--my favorite.


| play
PeterPayola I like Buddy Guy & Tracy Chapman, but I didn't know this track existed. Thank you!
cdub good day good blippers


| play
salondelynn one of the greatest pieces all time… of course toccata & fugue (in d minor) being the greatest… (reblip)
bendrix if music was an occurrence then this is a tidal tsunami crashN the cerebral blip shoreline. & my attempt to brainwash the Blip citizens @LYRIC


| play
cgphoto Love everything about these drums.
evablue haha! lmao. had to reblip this with commentary [@rtsnance fux yeah, is what i have to say about this.] laterz for real now. :) (reblip)
GR8FL gotta go back to work (no blip) now... see you @all
santamistura nice from California Daedelus created a different electronic atmosphere of Brazilian rhythms mixed ;))
punchdrunkdaisy I love her voice. So light and trippy ✼
agentorange @donkeyrapist yeah yeah c'est fait partie de la vie. Damn machines!!
punchdrunkdaisy I listened to this song everyday for a year in college.

Marjorie FairWaves

| play
calamari @DJVee LOVE that song. Here's one more from Joe Purdy.
rogue_fm @microskomp (Been trying to find this for weeks!)I was wondering which of us wld give out first.Glad it was you! But really, it's late...sleep well...

5. Melody Gardot - Goodnite

| play
holaphil Sticking with the theme here. Chicks that rock.
DownLow vi@nixe vi@by_starla, a great cover of a classic. i like how she drags the words along with her raw voice... (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach I haven't heard this but any remix by the Twelves is going to *pique my interest. *Is that how you spell "pique"?
sunnysunnysunny and snap your fingers!<--I am, @robotnik! Thanks! (reblip)
adbert [Dolly Parton – Jolene] Masterpiece. #oneword :-)

Dolly PartonJolene

| play
cuasante Pajaritos, monstruitos y demás...
DJFrankie Heard this again when I was out on Saturday. It is REALLY good. : )
holaphil This track is fierce. In the original sense of the word NOT fashion fierce. Listen to that guitar... lord.
sunnysunnysunny @yamy I'd dump a load of props on ya for what you've been blipping :) (reblip)
andhow Singing a little song to myself :) Good afternoon, world.
adanaflavia overdose da letra M! é a 6° e a última.. rs =)
bendrix 1st heard this when @jaquelinapacks blipped it for me on Nov 25th> via@LYRIC @bendrix>U R the 1st I have seen blip this Xcellent selection my friend (reblip)
ABoyNamedSue I highly recommend checking this guy out, if you like your Grizzly Bears and Animal Collectives.
ABoyNamedSue This has almost become a regular blip for me, I guess that means I really like it. I love the way, it just kinda tumbles its way into your brain.
sheryonstone this is such a great song. thank you for the upload @ladypn. I have heard it maybe twice before and never knew who it was. so pretty ^_^ oop 4 u (reblip)

Tyrone WellsMore

| play
bendrix (A special music request for=> @ladypn) (ThanQ for the GR8 blips=> @Chris_Jobim) (Do U know the Sundays?=> @RedBloodedBlackMagicWitchWoman)
evablue & to all the boys out there! or girls if that's how you roll! haha! [twirl] [flutter lashes] this is a joke. i don't really flirt. :P toodle-eh-oh!
Fleshco Buenos dias! Que lento va esto del blip ultimamente
dandywolly Where are all the old good times gone?
themarmalade ugh so good, sounds like floating in a night cloud (reblip)
mellomatic Well *I* need to make it through the song without laughing, @marilovisky. The image in my mind has me in tears, can you imagine in real life?? :P
alexome the goose are returning. People on the move. Spring. Chuck Berry - Promised Land
GR8FL @ManaJunkie that Tuesday morning is seared into my brain and what a powerful song this is about Mark Bingham, an openly gay man on flight 93 (reblip)
evablue @DJVee well, @maurilao could be "out to lunch" but literally, i think he went to lunch haha! :) (reblip)

Afternoon Delight

| play
milkfish Thanks @sunnysunnysunny. Enjoy the very different stylings of the supreme master
nakatake 初音ミク – Thatness and Thereness
GR8FL here's to music in an imeem/video free blip world
sunnysunnysunny I'm good @donkeyrapist, thanks. Just sound tripping the night awaayy (reblip)
bendrix I love going to the candy shop & pluckN a track from U'r shelves. Hello & really nice to see U lady=> rb@lub (reblip)
Stay19 U & <><> I . feel it in your heart. cheers.
1001queen ♫ `Sayonara everyone ♫ wishing you all a Great Day ---- adio♥S
by_starla "you can only give 3 props a day..." so RB@CargoCulte: "Come Walk With Me? (Inspired by by_starla)" (reblip)
djilo Love the Steeley Dan sample on this :) Forgot who put this on my radar, but thanks whoever you are!

SleeveGet It On

| play
Apple_chic oooh yeah lush. and they produced this one themselves. SEX.

airsing sang sung

| play
elfgirl @Anomaly see/sew/conquer! it was just fashion week. love you <3 (reblip)

Jay ReatardSee/Saw

| play
Stay19 Deftones – Minerva<><>


| play
mmemaledicta page 97 almost sleepy time Mass in the morning. (reblip)


| play
by_starla [The Wilderness of Manitoba – Dreamcatchers]
DareToEatAPeach I might just buy this EP. It's only four bucks.


| play
sunnysunnysunny [Carla Bley - The Lost Chords Find Paolo Fresu] Sunday afternoon and the smell of nearing rain. Thanks @pavolo (reblip)
by_starla [Marissa Nadler - The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You] many thanks for kind wishes @TheSteadyDrifter and @andsometimeswhy :)
djilo ...then don't drink tea b4 you go to bed ;) @Seigo
by_starla [Sarah Harmer-Dandelions in Bullet Holes]

Dandelions in Bullet Holes

| play
SlipperyDistortion @Eri_Z: "re: AdBlock via Lifehacker" Thank you! You're a life saver. Sorry, @Blip - those ads were toooooo much. (reblip)
briangreene full length imeem. anyone getting this as a 30 second sample or anything less that 4:00 track?
GR8FL @Yan will check out the again - I already see some improvements... thanks
kockey Brad Sucks – There's Something Wrong

Gelka :when you gotta go you gotta go

| play
threebears I stare at my wall in my room in the basement ...I never go outside ...I don't know why I'm still a virgin, I'm almost 35 ...
Blippo THX@ffluxx: "Moderat – Out Of Sight ----> Oh geez. I'm sorry. I always thought U were a boy" No problem, my fault ;) Are you a boy or a girl? (reblip)

Moderatout of sight

| play
briangreene @threebears beta 0.9.9 is SO much better, @everyone try it out, cool filters. wonder how safe the blip.API is. (reblip)


| play
erniesbudolab_90sNup Low and behold! Finally a clean version of this song to blip!
Apple_chic You're solid gold! All of you...
threebears B4 I go do some actual work (wotsthat?) wanted 2 show u talented bliiple this music creation site - thanks to Darren Solomons
Atomik @DJ_VA - I want to be at your party, cuz you are on fire, too bad its 6 am here and I have work or else Id put on my platforms and bring my glitter (reblip)
Apple_chic Ha... yeah a bit of insomnia I guess @sunnysunnysunny - Sun just breaking through the darkness on the horizon. Birdsong just starting to twitter...
threebears adoro! love! will it disappear? Who will hold my hand? what is the meaning of meaning? will this track disappear? (♡imeem free ... but for how long?)
evablue did you download the new live album "LeftRightLeftRightLeft" for free yet?
ladypn I think you're right, @djilo! What a great memory you have! Goodnight & thanks for the music & your ear! (reblip)
evablue holycrapola, it's 4:20 am and the coffeshop has over a dozen clients and i'm still here


| play
wapael beautiful chords. how does the bastard come up with such beautiful chords?
air The stunning guitarist who works with Gillian Welsh.
santamistura @rerkaizen good morninggggggggg ;)) (reblip)


| play
andhow { Something to fit my mood, and the rain // Track 20 of 20 } Going to cook some lunch. Catch you all later.
Apple_chic is a wonderfully tantalising devil though. Yummmmmmmmmm @sunnysunnysunny
PlasticRobot via@paeix Love Love Love it! Thanks Mr! Still haven't heard the new album. [sigh] Hope your weekend's good. (reblip)
djflowerz I am lovin' this Chicago indie dance/rock band called "Hey Champ"
sheryonstone yay yay yay@ladypn ~ did you get all the house stuff done ? ^_^ I was surprised you didn't have a machine .....go figure (reblip)
sheryonstone rb of rb @camillek ~ after all it is approacing midnight ^_^ (reblip)
PlasticRobot If you know anything about me, you know I'm picky about Cure covers. Props for taking on a classic. Fantastic instrumentals, not so much the vocals.
sunnysunnysunny [A study in contrast..From hardcore lilting beauty and tenderness]rb @Karemelia, thanks! @CalMa @pavolo @andhow @wessnet @GR8FL @blogueirobh (reblip)
andhow { Something to fit my mood, and the rain // Track 19 of n }

Essie JainHaze

| play
andhow { Something to fit my mood, and the rain // Track 17 of n }
by_starla [high violets - julia] @Epicrates-i'm sorry to be bailing--will prob be blipping while i am away-maybe will see you then. (thanks 4 ULing this!) :)

high violetsjulia

| play
sarah__o 'i'll always think you're FIERCE.'
threebears my current 'play-it-until-it-I'm-sick-of-it' track ... wonder how long it will take? ;D ;D ;D
andhow Something Good is one of my favourite songs ever.

Julie Andrews singing something good and your crowning glory

| play
stena ?_? congratulations! rb@briangreene: "tnx all for the support & 25k listeners. Me too drunk to flip :) but BIG tnxxx" (reblip)
Atomik rb@GR8FL: "now we're talking @klitoria thanks for the mango!" (reblip)

Sascha FunkeMango

| play
djilo LOL! YMO doing a cover of Archie Bell & The Drells. Hey @sunnysunnysunny I think you might be able to appreciate this one :)

Yellow Magic Orchestra "Tighten up" (1980)

| play
mmemaledicta I know {title}...must you remind me??? LOL
mmemaledicta Sunday calm - Bon Matin all


| play
deadcowaroma This song wasn't on here, so I had to...take certain measures to ensure that it was uploaded.
LYRIC Hi @bduubz :) Never heard that Eels Prince cover. I am easily offended by most Prince covers, but this one is *gorgeous* from a Polish Jazz Trio!
DareToEatAPeach rb & thanks @mammara Nice beat, electro beeps and female vocals=recipe for a song I like. (reblip)
Apple_chic God damn. I'll never stop loving this track. hello to @artzoom... Omg and all 1920!! LUSH day in Faltopia bay! :)
erniesbudolab_90sNup Hey, I just randomly stumbled on this swanky tune. So hippy!
DareToEatAPeach @GR8FL I am somewhat torn between wanting to give people their props on reblip and wanting to avoid Imeem (while we still can). =P
Blippo Little Dragon – Recommendation // She makes me smile :)
Blippo Atjazz – Underlined (Feat. Ernesto & Cee Rock the Furry) @lub
ABoyNamedSue This track is just so fucking epic and I´m still hopelessly addicted to it. The first two minutes with Gonzalez on piano, gets me every time.


| play
threebears Nominations blip name award & reblipping ^_^ thanks to @johnny2000: for a link to free streaming classical stuff: (reblip)

Steve Reich • Clapping Music

| play
Blippo Two lone Swordsmen – Formica Fuego THX@Stitch_13: "By the way A.Weatherall is the "half" of the Two Lone Swordsmen @DublinDaithi @28apple_chic" (reblip)
evablue @brazinglish fyi eleastica copied this band AND hello kitty guitars are awesome, as are hello kitty toasters telephones & beer :P

WireThree Girl Rhumba

| play
ABoyNamedSue My personal hero James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and DFA records just signed these guys. And what a perfect sumer jam this is.
ladypn Thanks to @bendrix & @chiron08 for turning me on to this group!
LYRIC rb@ladypn, Love this, thank U :) Music is lovesexy... and the water... I love the water... @bendrix, hiSweetness :) I was just going2email U... (reblip)
evablue gotta thank @Sandman5 for finding this video of where my avatar came from. (reblip)
djilo Soulful!! Thanks =) @Diordan: "hummmmmm -imeem -youtube of course" (reblip)
Atomik @jennyleepenny not sure I have fam in MIA i have to visit and I still gotta get to CA for other stuff There are no real direct flights either, hrumph
evablue @gReg0r love these guys. i've seen them too many times. last show, down to their underwear. dresses came off (reblipping) (reblip)
evablue @adbert do you really listen to the songs? "Baby can you hear the lyrics/ I swear I've never heard a sound so weird" :P
snapper the most fun i've had all week


| play
megmagdah @melodyofyourlife ahh...excellent choice. I haven't heard this song in ages. Thanks! (reblip)
elfgirl "i'm waitin for a time when i can be w/o these things that make me feel this way all the time." i win i win i win. i've won before i can keep winning.
sands Song from new #Bollywood movie called Ghajini. The movie was inspired by Christopher Nolan's "Memento"
elfgirl not where i was today.....this band reminds me of a stripped down arcade fire.. cars and telephones style AF
SofiaPopia ♥♥Her Space Holiday - Japanese Gum♥♥
megmagdah TRIPLE Venn Diagram track: transportation - chanteuses - clap track. Big smiles. (reblip)
calamari And in a white sea of eyes, I see one pair that I recognize. And I know that I am...I am...I am...The luckiest.

The Luckiest

| play
crosby @by_starla Ok, so {songt title} is a bit of a hyperbole. But still... {song title} and song are both so great, I am sending it your way.
fabbrix OK with this...I'm going to sleep...!
FrkSloth @Colstondk Hahaha helt sødt! Endnu en sød sang, valgte dog The Streets udgaven, for at mindske corny-faktoren.
evablue @donkeyrapist @threebears @angrybob THIS ONE. i'll giggle. donkey makes donkey noises. three makes bear noises! BOB makes ALL other animal noises. :D
dean i'm liking the noises


| play
djshagz Thumpy bass, hand claps, pop's Tuesday!

Mirrors Edge (TBears rmx)

| play
bendrix This is an excellent James Bondy type of Instrumental. This track is from the movie The Saint, Its a good film with a great soundtrack.
neonblake so 80s but so in my realm - so many crazy nights on the dance floors to tunes like this!!
hideaway Shakin @elementguy quebrando a banca aqui ó @ladybug @regis @ekman @pavolo (@elementguy 1st class blips) reblipo mesmo! e eu te apóio! (reblip)
gigia _________________________________________________________
santamistura wonderfullllllll @bendrix thanks for this blip!!!!! (reblip)

Helen TStay Calm

| play
DownLow Switching from traditional African sound to Jamaican reggae: Johnny Be Good by Peter Tosh


| play
kasaa @sunnysunnysunny Goodnight!

BO Good Bye Lennin - Summer 78

| play
Diordan mais uma pra @Doralice e @puroglamour uma das que ouvi sem parar quando descobri!
rjmarmol nobody can tell you, there's only one song worth singin'. make your own kind of music, sing an old-fashioned song, even if nobody else sings along :)
Atomik Eurythmics vs. Basement Jaxx vs. Alex Gopher - Sweet Motorcycle Dreams – ElectroSound
PlasticRobot @by_starla I was hoping to find their austere rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine," but this is too gorgeous to pass up.
by_starla @PlasticRobot sadly, i have never seen WH or 16HP in concert. :( i will seek solace in this--S&P is my favorite WH song, with Dirty Blue a close 2nd.
by_starla @PlasticRobot--thank you! this is one of my favorite songs by Low. you said it best: "Hauntingly beautiful." (reblip)
GR8FL @ladypn - you are most welcome to join us. Your taste in music is one of the best I have ever known and I wouldn't want others to miss out. :-)
sh0kr0k 8. It's COLD!! Eerie, whooshing, synthetic - the perfect formula for a creepy electronica tune.
iddybud I saw Pat Metheny in concert performing this song, based on the traditional Cambodian hymn "Buong Suong," with singers from Cambodia.
ElvisInDaHouse i just discovered @priscilasv, i love some of his songs ;)
celestialpsyche ang happy happy lang! @thegshift happy birthday! maligayang kaarawan! joyeux anniversaire! alles gute zum geburtstag! с днем рождения \o/
GR8FL Last mashup, I swear! But, this one is so much fun and I am going downtown tonight and nothing can stop me.
wessnet Das tangort mich sehr!

Astor Piazzolla - Le Grand Tango For Cello & Piano (Arr Violin)

| play
wessnet Violins, @Spirulita ? You should listen to this one...
sheryonstone @GR8FL *i am suffering right along with you. I hate it-twisted skiing i guess. I have a bad pain coming from my shoulder - kept me up all night. (reblip)
GR8FL mornin everyone... here we are at NYE with ticking clocks... chan chan!
mmemaledicta @paeix: I saw her congrats earlier today, but I had a presentation on extended cognition in macaque monkeys & parrot cognition parallels due today :)
andhow Brad Mehldau's interpretation of Radiohead's Exit Music is one of the more complex covers out there. I like Mehldau. Great jazz piano player, imho.
snapper @sunnysunnysunny thanks man, love aimee too. check this out
gigia amo pequenos tigres @decodamata. me mandou o lyrics que queria que eu visse/?? manda pro meu email... cade vc no msn??

SpoonPaper Tiger

| play
calamari "If that's the case, then I don't know" is now my standard answer to everything. :)
gigia ops. é de BH ou eu é quem estou BH (bem habilolada)?? @driczz || oi menino @maujabur.
calamari My love for the color printer at work has gone.
calamari @melodyofyourlife Thanks for the tip on David Baerwald. Anyone who writes for Pete Yorn is aces in my book.
calamari @andhow What a great song. Thanks for blipping it. I too, didn't realize that Oscar Peterson could sing. :)
calamari @Diordan Love Hardgroove. All his RH factor and solo stuff is beyond cool.
beers A volte le parole non servono... ;)
cleanskies want you more than anything and I shall have you forever oh my love
hearsmusic @calamari Here ya go! I had the album so upped it for you.

Pete YornIce Age

| play
melodyofurlife Kings of Leon seem to be my flavor of the month. here is another good tune off their new disc.
calamari Love this cover of Jackson Browne's These Days by Denison Witmer.
KarrieLyne P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face (Mum mum mum mah)

Lady GagaPoker Face

| play
calamari Lights and music are on my mind.
blogueirobh Ney canta Cazuza.belelérrimo

Ney MatogrossoPoema

| play
mammara maestri. gli hendrix del deserto


| play
threebears another by's most popular recording artist .... here known as 'unknown artist'
gigia do you like lali puna @wilsoke?... it's not exactly your kind... bay the way, where in spsin are you from? here, rio speaking
SoundSystemSDC ..and this is my official juggling music
jackola playing tomorrow night at smart bar chicago with miles maeda. woo
nervioso Mi canción favorita de ese concierto...volví a mis 5 años [o lo que recuerdo de ellos}
calamari Cool, I just translated the verses to this song from French to English. The song makes sense. I love it even more now.
mimi3000 Wow this song brings back ALOT of memories... ACIEEEEDDDD. Rave rave rave , MURDER!

01 Maggie's Last Party

| play
formalhaut today is a perfect day to…
kalliban I love the feeling of an endless road in this song. 聞きながら運転すれば世界の果てまで戻れる感じ。
devobrain Pretty ace Animal Collective song from a White Label due to copyright issues.
SlipperyDistortion Shoop be doop. Imagining Billy Idol doing a soft shoe dance. (reblip)
punchdrunkdaisy This is one of my favorite pieces by Satie. First time I've heard it played on guitar. Thanks @cloudchair! (reblip)
mmemaledicta it's a weird thing to get a craving for broccoli this time of night :)) eating: 7 kinds of gourmet cheese, ranch broccoli, and wheat thins. YAY! d-.-b


| play
colocoowl "Dies ire" gibts hier leider nicht... Aber Selig ist auch irre gut. @Baenn as a sequel to these events.... (reblip)


| play
colocoowl do the best of what's left of our lives!! @Sayona hoffe du bist mit der kürzung einverstanden;-) (reblip)
punchdrunkdaisy Let the instruments shake you into a fine cocktail.


| play
deadcowaroma So it goes without saying that I'm completely against this whole 'kick a ginger' trend. If you stab a ginger, do we not bleed?
bendrix @vanessadaou @gigia - This summer I heard this song while driving through the mts enroute => Great Wall of China. This is F#$%ing Amazing
gigia especial para o menino esquisito que nao vai precisar fingir que é normal! seja bem vindo, JUPTER!!
andhow I've always wondered what a Sigur Ros cover would sound like. For @sunnysunnysunny, @calamari, @Starfighter1479 and @nansan :)
gigia hi @cooldesechable. Have you seen this? (by the way, where are you from? here from brazil)
gigia @davidwatts1978. Ive heard about NYC joint the blip n beer!! It already is a wordwide blippers party. LOL have fun!
calamari @kaomig Lovely -- was foggy and rainy, but got sunny recently. :)
nansan @sunnysunnysunny Strange mix but Lady E is Lady E. Another B&S for you: (The possibilities suggest themselves to me)
evablue never eat brunchinner. i think i'mma gonna be sick. need more tea.