crispast i looove this one@alfonvaina! (reblip)

madonna - frozen

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diva42 Leo Sayer -Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance (blip.up)
diva42 Redbone – The Witch Queen Of New Orleans
diva42 Paul Simon –Loves Me Like A Rock
diva42 Blondie - Rapture

Blondie - Rapture

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diva42 Brian McKnight – Back At One
jojofm something global - great track
diva42 Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply
diva42 Eminem – Lose Yourself (SKC Remix)
DJrainndietrichwilson Thanks to 6 ft under writer Craig Wright for introducing me to this mind-blowing southern psychedelic lusciousness. What ever happened to Jeff Mangum?
ZenByGin Haven't heard this forever.

SladeRun Runaway

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Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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MsBiddyBytes So far Away.....♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

Pearl Jam - Betterman

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shortygal Dropkick Murphys – I'm Shipping Up To Boston
bobthompkin i actually never get tired of this. im watching them rub oil on husky's junk. HAHAHA. so you know.
Nettys Good morning - @having: Gala Coffee - Eduscho ;-))

East Coast Girls (no intro)

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Aluciel *stealths in for a quick blip* ^_^
Stay19 My Latest Novel – Pretty in Panic<><>
deManeraBrutal The Dirty Secrets - My heart is on fire (my skin is alive for you)
jencvs Fixing a hole, where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering....


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rjmarmol Denise Williams - Lets Hear It For the Boy ~ oh there! this was what i was looking for.. :) but hey, Doveman's version is cool too..:) let's hear it!

19 Lets Hear It For the Boy

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rjmarmol The Beach Boys – God Only Knows ~ such a sweet song.. "i may not always love you..but God only knows what i'd be without you.." :(
ladypn My word, its been at least 3 or 4 days since I blipped this I mean. ;)
diva42 Slaughter – Fly To The Angels

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - You Me And The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight

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huskerlaw Something in the Water ~ The Jealous Girlfriends | The decisions that I've made are ad hoc anyway
star45 The Shins – Caring Is Creepy
Stay19 Sleeping At Last – Currents<><> @kkdbledsoe Very cool to see them blipped ! Amazing group. Cheers !
ladypn Hello @daihard!! How are you tonight? Haven't blipped together in ages! (reblip)
ladypn Morning broke out the backside of a truckstop,end of a line real, rainbow-likening luck stop, where you could say I became chronologically "fu**ed up"
MrsASoprano reblip vi@star45 Phoenix – Rome – . . vi@penfabulous thanks! - hello @t0dds hi @MrsASoprano from coast to coast! @djxkn @Italia @Sandman5 @420thou (reblip)

Phoenix06 Rome

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star45 Robbie Williams – Tripping
Figgywithit Ryan Adams and the kick ass Cardinals

I See Monsters

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star45 The High Violets – Invitation
texasmommy77 David Bowie -Lets Dance:Had me and the kiddo dancing! (reblip)
ladypn I don't care about the consequences, I love this!! Thx for the upload @bendrix! Odd, I can rb from IE but not from FF... ;( (reblip)
texasmommy77 OOOO! This takes me back! You know you want to dance around doing Karate chops!
star45 Junkie XL – Today – . . . . @crispast is nice to see you too!

Junkie XLToday

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star45 A Fine Frenzy – You Picked Me – . . . vi@AgustinaMB thanks!
hkab For Earth Day... kinda

MikaLove Today

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Aluciel Yay! Glad this song is finally on here. <3
star45 Hoobastank – Crawling in the Dark – . . . @Elling_ hola, como te va?
SofiaFada até amanhã, gente

Iggy PopCandy

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Big Country - In A Big Country

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rjmarmol Mr. Mister – Kyrie

Mr. MisterKyrie

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Georgia Satellites - Keep_Your_Hands_To_Yourself

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ladypn Going back to the corner where I 1st saw you... I'm not broke, I'm just a brokenhearted (wo) can I move on when I'm still in love with you?

Saigon Kick - Love Is On The Way

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rjmarmol Robbie Dupree – Steal Away ~ yeah,why don't we steal away? :)
ladypn & you'll do just what you used to do.... love Calexico vi@SevenTenths. :) (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [Prince and The Revolution – Anotherloverholenyohead]
toosweet4rnr [Descendents – I'm The One]


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MEandBlue A trip to Amoeba today reminded me of this...
cArtPhotography Matchbox 20 – I Want Something Else
strawberrie1127 cause he's Mr. Brightside.. OH YA!!
beatrizlco morning sunrise open my eyes and i can tell it's gonna be a good day i can tell it's gonna be a good day...
flickie one of those moments where it's nothing and everything all tucked up into one.

Joe PurdyMiss Me

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phoenixlike "The night horses and the black mares/Steady themselves for the outcome/For the strange days upon us"
MaddyTheSongWhore Not a big fan...but this song..just gets me going!!!!!! woohoooooooooooooooooooo!!!
star45 Silversun Pickups – Growing Old Is Getting Old – . . . ciao @crispast nice picture!
ladypn ahh, thank you for this @vittorio! Love it! :) (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [Sheena Easton – What Comes Naturally] let's get together...

Ricky Martin - Livin la vida loca(english)

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PJCarousel And do you feel scared? I do, but I won't stop and falter....and if we threw it all away....

Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better

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diva42 Kiss – I Was Made For Loving You
Antenaweb This song sounds with Lo Fi .. but is great !! / my dear@aretoeatapeach, son thx for the shout and is a man who is behind Antenaweb :)

Manfred Mann - Blinded By The Light

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smitty1966 oh yeah - Violent Femmes for @dswancanada @cwesty @vaniakg @sandraew

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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diva42 Frankee – Fuck You Right Back
RadioRider Levon got him a pretty good woman. Calls him Tex and makes him wear a cowboy hat... but she keeps his tractor clean ....
Stay19 Sara Lov – New York<><> I waited...I cameback

Sara LovNew York

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John Cougar Mellencamp - Hurts So Good

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superdeliciousness I know it's misspelled but it's the best copy...:)

KnackMy Sherona

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