tuedelkrams ABBA - That's me


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Stay19 Rosie Thomas – Farewell<><>
Stay19 vi@torresk Yeah ! 4sure. My favorite. Very cool U appreciate this kind of quality music. Cheers<><> (reblip)
Stay19 Rosi Golan – Hazy (Featuring William Fitzsimmons)<><> I watched you sleeping<><> GorgeousSmasH
ladypn Give me more loving from the very start,piece me back together when I fall apart.Tell me things you never even tell your closest friends....
ladypn see, I thought love was black & white, that it was wrong or it was right, but you aren't leaving without a fight, & I think I am just as torn inside
ladypn I am what I am, if you know what I mean. ;)
valerie2776 Counting Song for Bitter Children is excellent excellent excellent and also hilarious.
AMGraphix Sing it IZ - What a wonderful version of Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World
Reubstock I have always loved this song. I think of it when I walk at night and look up at the Pleaides.
CBSpinner ☺♥ I Want You Back ♥☺ (reblip)


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evablue @crosby 'scuse me m'am. re: translation - today i put little twang in the music. :)
by_starla @mmemaledicta--i have been meaning to send you a reply congratulating you on Mariam's birth--and letting you know how good it is to see you again! :)
mhelens Tarrde, amigos blippers.. afternooon my friends @bissaum @Cler @brabul @Lalalah @santamistura @kurayami_hime @thaysepecsen @paulocss (linda música!
ladypn OK my blip-friends! Promise me you'll keep blipping GOOD STUFF! I'm throwing open the window, pointing my speakers out, so I can work & LISTEN! ;)
kogamon I feel you @Cambie...I'm not going to Coachella this year either... :(


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by_starla taking a break--will be back in a little while. :)
ladypn On our bodies we share the same scar, love me wherever your are.
CBSpinner @Gypsylyn ☺♥ Time After Time ♥☺ are you still confused? (reblip)
Figgywithit Last Blip and Testament: Reblipping one last good song before deleting DJs who haven't blipped this year. 1/10 (reblip)
isweatbutter i'm listening to this right now for the 3,736 time today...
lfpedro Don't know why but this song has a "put your problems on hold" label attached to it... gr8, gr8 tune...


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amitcb Last blip of the night goes to @YaelBeeri.... Good Night
Stay19 Azure Ray – November<><> deep in the heart SmasH.

Azure RayNovember

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CBSpinner ☺♥ Is This Love ♥☺

Power Ballads - White Snake - Is This Love

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Stay19 Its understood for some . Quiet for others. Some never see the light<><> ...I always fell for the sucker punch.
ladypn rb@nadeje In case you're wondering, I completely ran out of props to give, must reblip to reward! ;) (reblip)
CourtneyDare could listen to this over and over again..
RockItRadio Hey...Let's go somewhere only we know
evablue www.osheaga.com is coming august 1 & 2! w00t! blipping the line up.
evablue you are :P ][ www.osheaga.com is coming! w00t! blipping the line up.
evablue www.osheaga.com is coming! w00t! blipping the line up. ][ this has to be the first time i've ever blipped coldplay. it's like faux pas. oh well...
by_starla @Figgywithit--i keep missing you on blip--we are ships passing, or something. i'm thinking of you. :)
Stay19 thinker...<><> until later my friends. excuse my bent towards the melancholy. 8 months out of the fire and a lot still feels broken.

Sigur RosAndvari

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Stay19 The Cranberries – Dreams<><>
PrettyAsAPosie slight break from my regular programming
ladypn My favorite song (1 of many anyway!) Try this link @williamsblood!
rsepulveda loungy tune for friday sunshine morning in Paris
ladypn @keepaustinbeard Thank you for saying so! I'm glad you've enjoyed! ;) Thanks for lending me your ear. ;) (reblip)
The_Kraken Underwater #4 (I know it's "on the water", but....well....it's a great song)
GR8FL [I soooooooo love this song!! Play it right to the end - it just gets better and beter! ENJOY] what is this blip about and who does this @Houdinial? (reblip)


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abarbero Buenos días @tubilino! Ya sabes, el placer es mutuo (qué mal suena! ;-)) Pues mal día por aquí, pero hoy marcho a Barcelona así que creo que me l (reblip)
Anubis81 @anagi7 You have to know what you wear man! @torresk good revival moment anyway. @Superfly


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felibry 'Book of My Life' ~ Sting (feat. Anoushka Shankar) / This is one of Sting's absolute brilliant best, I think.
cosita the happiest sad song ever. don't mind the lyrics too much.
The_Kraken RB vi@melodyofyourlife Your iPod has good taste. Nice cover (don't really like to original) (reblip)

Whitney Houston - One Moment In Time

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ladypn We're going to lose Blip in about 35 minutes...
struggleville Conor Oberst + Gillian Welch – Lua
ladypn I've had enough of hiding underneath my covers...I'm sick&tired of being sick&tired I'll laugh my whole way through the hurricanes&fire
ladypn RB@DJstromer19 The kind of music I like floating in a pool to... appropriately titled come to think of it. :) @bendrix, have a listen. (reblip)
DJ_VA This one's for @paulmason10538! "One Of Us (is sleeping, one of us is tweeting!)" he he :P - ABBA

ABBAOne of us

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wintersoldier Today is my two-month blip-versary! To celebrate, here is the first song I blipped, the most beautiful song ever created, the soundtrack to my soul x
GR8FL morning @aoibhneas [blip might have a brand new look but i preferred it when it worked..] what else is wrong besides reblip not working?
eldanzarin @Nirvana16 pues recién llegao del mal tiempo, qué horror de lluvia en Palma¡ La meteorología me perjudica... @remembermstn tu que? me las piro a c
AndyGr @torresk this song is connected with "when there's nothing left to burn.......")) Music is not so good, but I like its lyrics.
Lotay "Speed of Sound" - Coldplay
kogamon Thanks @schizophonic for my 500th blip!! ((d~.~b))
ladypn Well I would like to hold my little, hand I will run I will. I will cry. Its time to send me on my way, on my way, blip friends! Goodnight to ALL!
Lotay "The Scientist" - Coldplay
ladypn In case you hadn't noticed, I'm on a Tanita Tikaram kick! I love her voice.
CBSpinner ☺♥ Hanging By A Moment ♥☺
CBSpinner ☺♥ St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) ♥☺
josiefraser We all do what we can so we can do one more thing

Cat PowerMaybe Not

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evablue @crosby also my french is 80% and we have no more snow. i'm not that far north. no more igloos. ;)


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Stay19 Sinéad O'Connor – Sacrifice<><>
The_Kraken I've been to Ithaca, it was lovely - I didn't see Odysseus though, he must've been out.
Bothan perdi a hora estudando... é hora de mimir. me despeço com Sleeping In. =D @skyroots =)
salsabaile and now for something completely different

Nick Cave - Into My Arms

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Stay19 Lykke Li – melodies & desires<><>Love is a symphony ....Such ridiculous beauty !! moonLuv19 (reblip)
wintersoldier Beautiful... :)

Nick Cave - Into My Arms

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Stay19 Esmerine – Quelques Mots Pleins d'Ombre<><>
Figgywithit @rkmonkey blipped this by accident but since there are no accidents you will soon find significance in this accident.
amitcb This one was one of my favorites back then... Remember? :)
abarbero "Oh, wash my sins away, like a good children, I mean what I say" :)
abarbero "Can you feel it... love is here..."
abarbero One great irish song, just to remember St. Patrick's Day was yesterday!
GR8FL so I got these new glasses with a new prescription and I am not seeing quite right... what happened to my eyes? Where is my face?
ladypn Mwahh! @GR8FL! How's your Tuesday treating you? ;) (reblip)
GR8FL ♥ ♥ ♥ @klitoria ♥ ♥ ♥ love is all around... and if you want to talk, DM me.
Stay19 The Album Leaf – Twenty Two Fourteen<><>
renaton ~ ~ all ~ ~ that ~ ~ i ~ ~ want ~ ~
eldanzarin @Zufrieden a ver, te voy a enseñar lo que es la buena música. Comenzamos. Lección 1. Esta canción. ;9)
Stay19 Sia – Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)<><> Feel it SmasH.
klitoria ♥ ♥ ♥...my dear @GR8FL...i really don`t know how to thank you with words...send you my love again and again...thank you sooo much...♥ ♥ ♥
GR8FL I know about what happens during the dance in the dark... usually involves an elbow in the eye by mistake.
renaton ** (( The Books + José Gonzalez )) ** ~ ~ revisitando vários uploads antigos meus aqui ~ ~ essa é sensacional ~ ~
GR8FL the sea of love never makes me sea-sick
GR8FL @DJSelchie don't worry about losing 'goth' points... you could be weird like me and listen/blip many styles depending on the mood. It's a lot of fun.

EnyaOrinoco Flow

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renaton ~ ~ little ~ ~ bird ~ ~
poyo_ recomendación de zyanya (excelente)
ladypn When the color of the night & all the smoke for one life gives way to shaky movements improvisational skills a forest of whispering speakers...
ladypn Hi@abarbosa OOP for you, but so love this... "took my breath away. You're no longer talking, & I'm no longer hearing, there's nothing left to say." (reblip)
CargoCulte @BlueManedBlackMagicWitchWoman I also have 3 bottles of tequila, 3 cats and a broom... And am obviously rambling on!
Figgywithit @rkmonkey got 2nd to last seat on the 10 am flight. Didn't go into work because they had the meeting without me. Back 2 land of Lori Limbo. Hate it.
ladypn RB @patduarte! Love Fiona's version of this! ;) (reblip)
ladypn And of course, my favorite Ray Lamontagne... (reblip)
ladypn Get out of my mind, we don't see eye to eye....don't you wish that we could forget that kiss? See this for what it is? That we're not in love...

FeistLet It Die

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ladypn I'd give up forever to touch you...

Goo Goo DollsIris

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MK_Ultra awesome cover of phil phillips
symphonyofwhales Frightened Rabbit and The Modern Leper: two unbelievably cool names...
ze_go Very good, i advise you to listen (my opinion only) :D
softbluenrock fr @patita @markhendy..may i again? "Heaven only knows we live in a world where we call beautiful just something on sale.." (reblip)
starmunki was a key that could use a little turning...
Lotay "You'll Think of Me" - Keith Urban (reblip)
Stay19 My favorite Sinead song and its a cover. To much to explain in this one. Thats why I have music. shhhhh<><>
Stay19 frightfully amazing voice. such raw naked exposure of heart. amazing.
Stay19 Sinead O´Connor – Thank You For Hearing Me<><>
amitcb Shout, shout, let it all out, these are the things I can do without...
ladypn You found me all right, right here on blip! ;)


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salsabaile @torresk I love lloraras, but this is my fave salsa of all time..!! (reblip)

AfricandoYay Boy

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cristinacost they are coming 2 Manchester...just not sure I will be here that day! :-(
josiefraser we sold our clothes to the state
allyathome one of my favs from Mads


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eldanzarin aaaaaaaangeeeeeeeeeelllllllll
timbuckteeth In honour of the Spans reforming - It's True

Spandau BalletTrue

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eldanzarin I cant remembeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr
mhelens Come up to meet you, Tell you I'm sorry You don't know how lovely you are I had to find you, Tell you I need you
maritramontina Once I had only lies like stone weighing down my days.
ladypn New Music Sunday focus! I blip just new music, or new to me - & invite ALL to share your new musical discovereis @ladypn! The joy of BLIP!
ladypn Sitting here on this lonely dock, watching the rain play on the ocean top, all the things I feel I need to say can't explain in any other way...
ladypn After my stint working in the garden yesterday, my bones aren't feeling too innocent this morning... ;)
ladypn Sweet @ambit, now you're playing MY all time fave! I taught myself to play on piano as I love so much. I don't get why he's a joke to some? Goodnight! (reblip)
cristinacost It's back!

Here Comes The Rain-Eurythmics

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djLop comentan q fué espectacular!!! con escenario de 360º una pena no poder haber ido!!!@dabnotu: (reblip)
muzicmajic good night blipsters! time to exercise the eyelids...have a great Friday! See ya all soon...

U2 Moment of Surrender (Barcelona 30th June 2009) 360º Tour Opening Night

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DJ_VA "Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World" - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole :))

Somewhere Over The Rainbow What A Wonderful World

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abarbero @tubilino hola amigo! Cómo evoluciona el verano en le norte? (reblip)
hmedina I just knew this girl today, nice!!
GR8FL @paulasilva: "olá! Hello! :) Good day to all! :) :)" I am also so lucky to be in love with my best friend :) (reblip)
GR8FL @secretsquirrel: "I know the feeling, GR8FL." fortunately, life has it's ebbs and flows - otherwise real insanity (as opposed temp) would set in :) (reblip)
GR8FL morning @chiron08 - I didn't sleep well for 2 weeks and now I am sleeping better than ever, except I want to go back to sleep - hence the sleepy blip
cristinacost via @carlosvaz Yeap.Gr8 song (reblip)

Springsteen/Rem man on the moon

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abarbero A long time I didn't blip him. Great song!
cristinacost I 'm so excited! !st time gonna see Tracy Chapman live - also a good excuse to meet friends that I don't see as often as I'd like (reblip)
MzM "Come on baby in our dreams, we can live on misbehavior..." (reblip)
abarbero @Cosmika fue un placer también para @chechi y para mí! Ahora, a repetir pronto, espero! :-) (reblip)
ravigrau RT @arres: "(by elisenda) no permetis que res ni ni ningú t'esborri el somriure del rostre" (reblip)
DJ_VA "Hold Me Now" - Thompson Twins :)

Thompson Twins "Hold Me Now"

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cosita good morning, everyone. it's finally friday! :D
Maedhros Would anyone ever listen to this song if it weren't for the catchy whistle? (reblip)
abarbero "...To me you're a shining light, You arrive and the night is alive..."

AshShining Light

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DJ_VA Still an AWESOME song (and video) "Do They Know It's Christmas" - BandAid :)))

Do they know it's christmas

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DJ_VA "The Living Years" - Mike and the Mechanics
DJ_VA "Lean On Me" - Club Nouveau


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DJ_VA Oi!! "Electric Avenue" - Eddy Grant
DJ_VA "Every Breath You Take" - The Police

Every Breath You Take-The Police w/lyrics

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DJ_VA "Sweet Tweetdreams" - Eurythmics
GR8FL do you believe in life after love?


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indieearcandyforeveryone been stuck on this one past 2 days. love it.
GR8FL always on my mind, dear one (inspired by @Atomik and his PSB)
GrahamAttwell a last on twitter for tonight but this is so beautiful and sad
cosita good morning, everyone! happy tuesday!
torresk another great version...

George Winston - Pachelbel Canon (piano)

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GR8FL we should listen to our hearts more...

Bell X1- Light Catches Your Face

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lfpedro Absolutely amazed with this tune.
torresk great song... tastekid.com is a very good source for music discovery, give it a try!
torresk nice discovery through tastekid.com :)
torresk Ok, I see tastekid.com gets some things right...
torresk welcome to Blip.fm, @wlodek77

Bellman - Spaceship, move slow!

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ladypn Little bird hopping on my porch, i know it sounds kind of sad but whats it all for? Right now you're the only friend I have in the world...

EelsLittle Bird

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ladypn The nurse she likes my writing, so she keeps it just like me.
DJ_VA "Ain't Nobody" - Chaka Khan
DJ_VA Singalong tweeps! This one's for @RebeccaLange :) "Lean On Me" - Club Noveau


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GR8FL rb@abarbosa: "Hold me, wrap me up, unfold me, I am small, I'm needy, warm me up and breathe me" anytime, my dear (reblip)

00 - Cyndi Lauper-La Vie En Rose

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Mekasidnipuatier Beck Alert 4 @ladypn and @matwater213. I think It's by night in your world's side and I love listening this song by night.
DJ_VA "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole ;) (reblip)
abarbero I love this song. And the whole album.
GR8FL so beautiful & thanks via@Diordan: "@FernandaW aposto que vai gostar!" (reblip)

Sleep Through the Static (Acoustic) by Jack Johnson

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Maedhros at Pitchfork, Condon said it was the largest crowd his ukulele had ever seen.

BeirutElephant Gun

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by_starla [Belle and Sebastian - If She Wants Me]
GR8FL where is this? @abarbosa: "I have dreamt of an open world borderless & wide, where the people move from place to place and nobody's taking sides.. " (reblip)
torresk la llama de la libertad se ha convertido en soledad...

MECANO el club de los humildes

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ladypn Hi @TheNewYorkChimes!: "we belong together"! Its rare to share the blipstreamt together!! (reblip)
redangel Just Another Day *thx for the props @cjh@GR8FL

Jon Secada--Just Another Day (1992)

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Maedhros Every album I buy has at least that one great track that's damn near perfect.

The KillersSpaceman

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Niem Just saw Sound of Music again the other day...this song always gets stuck in my head
DABNYC definitely worth a reblip @Teri8D: "I could listen to Israel "Izzy" all day (& night!) My favorite of all his songs" (reblip)
linjea rb @desilvanada: "crédito para Karin que me lo hizo escuchar - muy lindo el silbidito ;)" (reblip)


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GR8FL {non-imeem blip} @Yan, please disable imeem until the problems for non-U.S. blippers are resolved... the beauty of blip is being lost until such time.
by_starla [The Reindeer Section - Will You Please Be There For Me]
angurth Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dosed (reblip)
GR8FL this morning I have sore throat, wondering why props are still messed up and sad about the state of blip.fm - otherwise it is a perfect day.
jonesy EP track by Chapterhouse. Excellent brass sound and piano hook
Maedhros Every album I buy has at least that one great track that's damn near perfect.
Maedhros Every album I buy has at least that one great track that's damn near perfect.
Maedhros Every album I buy has at least that one great track that's damn near perfect.


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Maedhros Every album I buy has at least that one great track that's damn near perfect. God I hope they play this in August.

Nick Drake Pink Moon

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abarbero Hi there friends! I'll be around, but too busy to blip, I'm afraid. Have a nice day!
ladypn The night starts here, well technically, the morning, but lets not split hairs. ;)
Cintita Again. De novo. Porque a outra estava ruim de tocar aqui.
linjea another good Johan Song


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nessman I love the song but have always hated the instrumentation, been feeling this way all day
ladypn Anyone having trouble blipping? I've been SEARCHING & searching & this is the 1st song I could find that would play... Did Blip catch a disease?
GR8FL hey there @tubilino I am okay and thanks for asking... hope you are good today my friend
abarbero Already a classic. A good point to start with. Good morning all!
Turbo28 I'm so happy cause today I found my friends...


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by_starla [Eels - Climbing To The Moon (Jon Brion Remix) (Previously Unreleased)] ok, back to work now.... must...finish...appraisals....
by_starla [Eels–Can't Help Falling In Love] @Mekasidnipuatier-thank you for your graciousness @ladypn hope you feel better soon. hello @Cysquatch@HPooh@kbuech
abarbero Another great guitar solo. I love how Nels Cline plays.
mhelens Think of you... Thanks @noisecontrol ... good night,dear!
keane It always plays on the radio when things come to an end for me... or maybe it's playing at the beginning...
ladypn rb @blip_tsf Are you in the same deep water as me? ;) (reblip)

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush -Don't Give Up

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ladypn Let me hold you for the last time its the last time to feel again....
mhelens "The Luckiest - Ben Folds Five" (reblip)

"The Luckiest" Music Video

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GR8FL rb @Jeffie: "John Paul Young - "Love Is In The Air" with thanks! (reblip)
abarbero Buenos días amigo @tubilino! Estoy medio off, por eso estoy más RB que otra cosa :/ Espero que vaya todo bien! (reblip)
ladypn Have you seen this video? Slays me. OK the hopeless romantic that I am... :) (reblip)
muzicmajic whoever penned this tune must have grown up watching a lot of "Harold and Maude"! lol
Nugster @Liberality: "a haunting version rb@LingerieGirl: "Luv this! rb@DJDolceVita Gary Jules – Mad World"" (reblip)

Gary JulesMad World

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muzicmajic this was one of the opening bands for TV on the Radio when I saw them a couple of months back....give them a listen!
torresk "Set the dark on fire Now So take all that you know and stuff it in a hole, And in ten thousand years someone will take you home" rediscovering this
rijoso Toma cursilada. Petardilla sensible con gafas de concha y patada en la boca. Pero me encanta la puta canción.

Stay by Lisa Loeb

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Figgywithit vi@ulsen: "Every day's an endless stream of cigarettes and magazines." (reblip)
abarbero I'm having a strange friday... Too many things in the head.
Maedhros Let's get this day started off right

The Decemberists' "The Mariner's Revenge Song"

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abarbero "We tried to make it work, you in a cocktail skirt and me in a suit, but it just wasn't me..."
torresk hmmm...upside of having YouTube in Blip: stuff previously unavailable is now there.
The_Kraken #followfriday @CreepyGirl (newish to blip, but her awesomeness knows no bounds yet) @tannyt (rocks the free world) @DaHilster (always OOPs by 10am)

holy fuck- lovely allen

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ladypn Hello @laks_srini! Hope you had a great weekend! :) (reblip)
DJ_VA Loved this! "Africa" - Toto (with video)
evablue @bendrix u don't want me to play music u play. u want me to play music u don't play. discovering new music and smart rappers sample out of the box ;)
evablue because SOMEONE put the notion of a fanny theme in my head :P
ladypn Northern sky was like the end of days...
by_starla [Aimee Mann – Save Me] songs my iPod played on shuffle last night.

Aimee MannSave Me

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carolfoxbw Hj to inspirada ^^ Quero música!!!!!!!!!!!

A-HaTake On Me

| play
truejerseygirl I'd prefer to be remembered as a smiling face, not this fucking wreck that's taken its place.
inti La que hizo famoso a Jorge Drexler
DjFrank yes... it's mad world

Gary JulesMad World

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ladypn @allenweiner LOVE this song! Good to be reminded of how much! ;) (reblip)
clearskies Good chance there will be 4 Hallelujah's in Irish top 40 this xmas :)
ladypn All this Snow's beginning to get to me. ;)
ladypn I found myself craving a little KD Lang this morning.

kd lang constant craving

| play
GCP from the 21 year old genius that is Peter Broderick
clearskies "I don't know why you're mean to me, when I call on the telephone".. strange currencies by R.E.M. i love that simple guitar riff!
schau Only you can hear my soul...
ladypn @GR8FL My vote too! I'll never forget when I first heard this song, didn't know who it was, shocked to find out it was Plant! ;) (reblip)