CrowleysGhost Putting the boy to bed soon: he wants Dr. Seuss, he's getting H.P. Lovecraft. Or a few chapters from The Necronomicon.
CrowleysGhost However, for the moment I'm on a black/death metal buzz. I'm babysitting tonight. HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR......THE FOOLS
ujpeter the slágermúzeum continues


| play
FineNGood Sick in the head sick in the mouth And I cant hear a word you say Not a bit, and I don't give a shit

SoundgardenTy Cobb

| play
FineNGood Bought a line of shit Now you wanna sell it back to me Come on down to the hotel baby I can be what u want me to be U can choke on your own medication
ujpeter Szipoly


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szuperapu És vissza a gyökerekhez!
szuperapu Akkor folytassuk a party-t!
DareToEatAPeach Well I suppose I don't need to leave for LA this second but I'm all packed. May as well skidaddle.

The CarsLet's Go

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santamistura @Cosmix when you have snow there you walk also with your dog?? or he feel cold ?? (reblip)
bedemarton Mindig elmondom, de az utobbi 10 ev legunderratedebb brit egyuttese.
RustyJames yeah, very strange @salondelynn :)

The Revellions - Down On Your Luck

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RustyJames Street Rockers :)


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RustyJames The Clash - a única banda que importa :)
bedemarton ez a legjobb MIsfits szam, egyertelmu.
perditus "Met little Sadie, and I shot her down..."
vdarkbloom still sufferin' flu-like symptoms, but i thought i'd check in anyway. gonna go drink some liquids now.
DareToEatAPeach Activist links and songs in honor of Workers' Rights Day (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [Total Coelo - I Eat Cannibals] I owned this 45. yes, I'm old.

Toto Coelo_I Eat Cannibals

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k4v3rn4 ███ Fatso Jetson █ Party Pig ██████ @Jexxx Superguidis é aqui da terrinha.. fui em uns shows a uns 2 years ago
k4v3rn4 ███ Unida █ Nervous ██████ @Jexxx @Fangbaby
k4v3rn4 Queen Of The Stone Age █ Little Sister ██ @Jexxx Kyuss, QOTSA, Nebula, Dozer, Brant.. curto o som dessa turma ai.. acho q tudo começou com kyus

Queen Of The Stone Age - Little Sister d-_-b

| play
k4v3rn4 ███ Brant Bjork █ 73 ██████ Ola @Jexxx.. gn8.. passei o limite de props pra ti, por hoje.. :))

Brant_Bjork_and_the_Bros-73 d-_-b k4v3rn4

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k4v3rn4 ███ Paul Dianno █ Running Free ██████

05 - Paul Dianno - Running Free d-_-b

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k4v3rn4 || Jello Biafra, Nomeansno • Jesus Was a Terrorist || 'Rebliped' @bartholomewJstriker || (reblip)
k4v3rn4 || Queens Of The Stone Age • Regular John || 'Rebliped' @F_o_K_a || (reblip)
k4v3rn4 ███ Alabama Thunderpussy █ Motor-Ready ██████
k4v3rn4 ███ Spiritual Beggars █ Burden of Dreams ██████
k4v3rn4 ███ The Osmonds █ Crazy Horses ██████
k4v3rn4 || Fireball Ministry • King || 'Rebliped' @Jexxx || (reblip)
k4v3rn4 || Magic Numbers • Mornings Eleven || 'Rebliped' @pgirl20 || (reblip)
k4v3rn4 || TV on the Radio • Heroes (David Bowie Cover) || 'Rebliped' @lizisforlovers || (reblip)
k4v3rn4 ███ The Distillers █ Love Is Paranoid ██>>██ BlipLand :DD
k4v3rn4 ███ Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards █ Little Rude Girl ██████
k4v3rn4 || The Misfits • Die, Die My Darling || 'Rebliped' @warhorus || (reblip)
warhorus Oh yeah, every morning could use a little more Clash. Courtesy of @marciovillar. Thanks! (reblip)


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DoctorOctagon Pantera - Shedding Skin

09 Shedding Skin

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| play
DoctorOctagon switchin it up for a sec. @SevenTenths appreciate the props!


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DoctorOctagon def. diggin this group atm..
DoctorOctagon @BionicBuddha I had to go out and find it myself..Here's some Kyuss back atcha!


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DoctorOctagon Could this song be about the swine flu?? "Ever-transforming, reproductive, worldwide pandemic... And in spite of our drugs We´ll stay powerless"
DoctorOctagon mmm nothin' like some Amon Amarth in the morning..
DoctorOctagon Black Oak Arkansas - Jim Dandy

Black OakJim Dandy

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Paulynhah The Breeders – Cannonball
yamamiya the dandy warhols – sleep via @aoikao (reblip)


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punksinger @duo da série: festa da espuma na cabine do dj!
ThingFish Rocket From The Crypt - On a Rope
ThingFish The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression That I Get
ThingFish The Plasmatics-Tight Black Pants

02-The Plasmatics-Tight Black Pants

| play
ThingFish Whale – Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe
ThingFish 13th Floor Elevators - Fire Engine
ThingFish Primus – Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
dojodub for @briangreene I'll buy you a pint tonight
dojodub May Day - It's like a socialist x-mas
dojodub Workers of the world, Unite and take over!


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jj_jota @minmae, cadê você????????? saudades! sai de casa e o di estava em cima da tua cama, tomando sol... (o:>
jj_jota ..@andriely, o que me perturba mais que a idade, são os '♥'...... huahauuahahu (reblip)
jj_jota @andrielly, isso aee!! homenagem aos 'streeteiros', but my street stinks.. specially when we have that thing called 'virada paulista'..

999My Street Stinks

| play
jj_jota ôooooo, mas vc duas (@andrielly @minmae) são muito kawaii mesmo!! ( ^ . ^ )
jj_jota @minmae, não fique chateada meu bem.. vai um 'money' ai pra te animar?? :oD
jj_jota ôooo kawaii é a @andrielly dizendo kawaii... que cute! @minmae, eu acho super bonitinho, mas no trabalho.. digamos que não pega mto bem, sabe.. :op
jj_jota menina @andrielly, troco de bala, aposto! rs..


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jj_jota hihi! uma música bonitinha pra vcs @andrielly @minmae.. for wednesdays
jj_jota @andrielly, favor comparecer ao balcão de atendimento ao cliente novamente! rss..
jj_jota Another song from UK Subs, @Jaraxle!

UK SUBSStrangehold

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jj_jota @elliot_is_dead, isso tá virando lenda, né?? que tal no segundo final de semana de maio? :o)
jj_jota @andrielly, favor comparecer no balcão de informações! preciso falar com vc!
jj_jota tá engraçadinha, hein @andrielly!!? huahuaahuahu!
jj_jota @andrielly @minmae, let's throw a bomb in a place called 'neu'? hahahaahah!
warhorus Taking a quick break from the epic songs to reblip a song that needs some serious reblipping. Courtesy of @Sally29. Thanks! (reblip)
k4v3rn4 ███ Mustasch █ I Lied ██████
k4v3rn4 ███ The Exploited █ fuck the system ██████ hey @chloerose @Fangbaby @SevenTenths @MetalRocks
randymatheson 70s tunz - Magnet and Steel


| play
toosweet4rnr [Lynyrd Skynyrd – What's Your Name] it's nice to not have to copy and paste names when I reblip. Woo Hoo :)
julianacp maybe the only one I haven't bliped from JD. curious... tks @Atomik :) (reblip)
OmeRoon Crowbar – "No Quarter" - I'm actually not really into Crowbar, time to check this band out. It sounds pretty heavy, so that's a big plus. 8-)

CrowbarNo Quarter

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nabucosound No intentes seguirlos


| play
nabucosound La voz susurrada te mantiene en un estado de tensión


| play
nabucosound Sus primeros trabajos tienen aires de Metallica
nabucosound Sucios, borrachos, descriteriados, irreverentes, pateando chuchos, asustando a las viejas, persiguiendo a las chicas, buscando camorra... Macarras.
k4v3rn4 ███ Agnostic Front █ Gotta go (spanish version) ██████
k4v3rn4 ███ Bullring Brummies █ The Wizard (Black Sabbath) ██████
k4v3rn4 ███ Iggy Pop █ China Girl ██████
bedemarton @shitkicker666: "Ha ez nem szedi le a fejed, akkor semmi! PIROSBAN az erőlködő wazzeg!! " (reblip)

UnidaWet Pussycat

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bedemarton ATP 2. Sajnos csak a koncert utan probaltak nekem drogot eladni :-(


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| play
thejzone Bobby Conn


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jlightbody This goes out to my hardcore girl @holyshadow...
jlightbody BOC is coming to a silly little dance club in Waterville soon...I wonder if any original members are in the line up?
bedemarton @Alec_Empire: just put down your weapons you war fools. sell music, not guns. I'm glad I don't have a car anymore, walk with my ghettoblaster instead (reblip)
jojofm reblip @tabike: "Pauline Black in action!" - thanks (reblip)

The Selecter-On My Radio #235. *T*O*T*Ps*70s*

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toosweet4rnr [Debbie Harry – French kissin' in the USA (YT vid)

The specials "Concrete jungle"

| play

Bad Shoes by The Dagger Lees

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DareToEatAPeach rb@headshaker Goes to a lot of shows and has nice taste in both indie and dance music. Her avatar is a painting made live at a Cloud Cult show. (reblip)
jj_jota vamos trocar 'jack' por.. por.. começa com 's', termina com 'o'
jj_jota You fucking liar! (liar! liar!)You fucking liar! (liar! liar!)You fucking liar! (liar! liar!)You fucking liar! (liar! liar!)You fucking liar!
bedemarton Nekem a Mutant Disco valogatas megvaltoztatta az eletem.
bedemarton Meg mutant.

Cristina, "Drive My Car"

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OmeRoon Otep - "Breed" @MetalRocks @DaveLee73 @JRW1984 @zx10r @Ravenbiker #HotMetalChicks theme - here's Otep Shamaya

OTEP "Breed" Official Video

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OmeRoon Walls Of Jericho - "There's No I In Fuck You" @MetalRocks @DaveLee73 @JRW1984 @zx10r @Ravenbiker #HotMetalChicks theme - here's Candace Kucsulain

Walls Of Jericho "There's No I In Fuck You"

| play
OmeRoon Motorhead - "Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent Cover)"

Motorhead Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent Cover)

| play
jojofm today was the first day of summer here, spent most of it outside, was almost hot, but why do I never put on enough suntan lotion?

VIOLENT FEMMES-Blister in the Sun

| play
OmeRoon Megadeth – "Symphony Of Destruction"

THE VIBRATORS-stiff little fingers

| play
toosweet4rnr [The Who – Pictures Of Lily] I got so sick of sleepless nights ;) lol

WhoPictures Of Lily

| play
toosweet4rnr g'night @deepbluesealove :) I really should be going to sleep too... maybe just a few more. ;) (reblip)
bedemarton Erre a szamra egyszer karamboloztam Szekesfehervar hataraban, Sabak Peter basszusgitarossal es baratnoinkkel. Elotte persze elpattant egy raketta :-D
OmeRoon The Jimi Hendrix Experience – "Crosstown Traffic"
FineNGood I am a man, a man. I'll give ya somethin that ya wont forget. I said ya shouldn't have worn that dress...I know you like what's on my mind...
shitkicker666 két mázsa riff - maradhat? :DDDDDD
CargoCulte It's been too long since I last blipped this!
FineNGood Headed south on the north bound our wheels might as well be square. Cuz we're not really getting anywhere. Looks like we'll sleep here. I need a beer

LagwagonGoin' South

| play
k4v3rn4 || Queens of the Stone Age • Mexicola || via @Fangbaby || (reblip)

Queens of the Stone Age - Mexicola

| play
vibrator Simán kijöhetett volna '83-ban a Sun And The Rain idején
jj_jota Social Distortion

King OF Fools

| play

Nasty Nasty (999 )

| play


| play

UK SUBS Stranglehold TOTP

| play

UK Subs-Warhead

| play

stiff little fingers here we are nowhere '79

| play

De MosselmanMossels

| play

Mike Patton and John Zorn (Naked City 1991)

| play
gangbang YEAH!

joy division

| play

Painkiller (1)

| play

dubstep ( caspa-custard chucker )

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OmeRoon Annihilator – "Innocent Eyes" the great Jeff Waters... @MetalRocks Flotsam & Jetsam, yeah!!! With Jason Newsted on bass!
OmeRoon Annihilator – "Word Salad" as Innocent Eyes was a bit too poppy, here's some old school Annihilator!

AnnihilatorWord Salad

| play
k4v3rn4 ███ Slo Burn █ Positiva ██████ (reblip)
k4v3rn4 || Pelican • City Of Echoes || via @ujpeter || (reblip)
Kavics_ Bár a szöveg teszi a teenage kicks-et.
Kavics_ ez a akcentus egyszeűen szép...

Teenage Kicks Nouvelle Vague

| play
Kavics_ Persze ez se maradhat ki, bár akkor a 8 óra meg a Pancsoló kislány voltak a menők, de mára az már válalhatalanul nem menő...
jlightbody Little secret # 1: I can't explain why but I love this song...???

Nena- 99luft Balons

| play
FineNGood You want it all but you can't have it It's in your face but you can't grab it

Faith No MoreEpic

| play
FineNGood @jakks It feels like a Sublime kinda day

SublimeWhat I Got

| play
FineNGood @crispast You're welcome :) Every day I get in the queue To get on the bus that takes me to you I just sit and smile Your house is only another mile

The WhoMagic Bus

| play
paeix from@dailystendhal & @klitoria ......I didn't even listen to it, but I know I love it.... thanks! (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [Voodoo Glow Skulls – Used To Love Her (But I Had To Kill Her)] I hate when that happens.
you999 We're Coming Back - Cock Sparrer
rico this definitely is one of my favourite skatalites tunes
toosweet4rnr [Joe Tex – I Gotcha] hey there @GR8FL :)

Joe TexI Gotcha

| play
you999 Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
rico @rico: "Massive!!! RB@lomovogt: "My new reggae/soul obsession... [thx to @rico]"" (reblip)
Kubrickx Propellerheads - Spybreak


| play
Kubrickx Agent Orange - Blood Stains
Kubrickx The 4 Skins - One Law For Them
Kubrickx Naked Raygun - The Mule
Kubrickx Screeching Weasel - Dingbat
2liveis2fly @RoystonVasey: " @Veronika...The Smiths – How Soon Is Now.......i am the sun....and the Air........i am Human and i need to be loved" (reblip)
2liveis2fly "take me out tonight, cause I want to see people and I want to see light" The Smiths.
RelapseRecords BARONESS: Post Second Preview Track Off ‘Blue Record’!
RelapseRecords DYING FETUS: Post Third New Track From ‘Descend Into Depravity’!
RelapseRecords BLACK ANVIL: ‘Time Insults The Mind’ Streaming Now; Announce More Dates With MARDUK.
FineNGood Too many mutha'uckas 'Uckin' with my shi? (I'm gonna juice the mutha'ucka)
Kubrickx Joe Coffee - Staten Island Serenade
FineNGood @Lingerie_Girl: "Aggressive is very very good ;)@CooperHarris: "rb @Looney" ;-) right back at you (reblip)
you999 Guttersnipe - Pride & dignity
jlightbody Listen to Bob...don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing gonna' be alright...
you999 Cock Sparrer- Suicide Girls

Cock Sparrer- Suicide Girls

| play
RelapseRecords TOXIC HOLOCAUST: Announce Dates With THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, On Tour Now.
you999 The Dictators - Search And Destroy
Elmetalismo - Naglfar || The Darkest Road || Heeeey! Metal peopleeee! Are you there?
rico i happen to like this tune very much
aneldecaveira Trilha sonora para manhã de segunda-feira chuvosa - Parte 1.

Deathspell Omega- The Suicide Curse

| play
rico this is a sensation all over the nation, read all about it read all about it... skinhead invasion
FullMetalRadio \m/ Pantera- Cowboys From Hell

Pantera- Cowboys From Hell (studio version)

| play
RelapseRecords COLISEUM: Announce Tour Dates With RUSSIAN CIRCLES, YOUNG WIDOWS!


| play
RelapseRecords JUCIFER: Premiere Video For “The Mountain”!

JuciferThe Mountain

| play
StonerRock Gas Giant - Too Stoned #musicmonday #mm

Gas Giant-Too Stoned

| play
OmeRoon Black Sabbath – "The Wizard"

the_smiths_02_frankly_mr. Shankly

| play
makrela Hamá ujpeter száma unavailable - The Sword - Iron Swan

The Sword Iron Swan

| play
DoctorOctagon (Live) now I'm in the mood for some melodeath..

Amon Amarth- Fate of Norns

| play
DoctorOctagon u knew it was only a matter of time..
Metal_Rocks Judas Priest – Diamonds And Rust. Classic tune for @holyshadow sadly missing from Blip for over a week! Hope you fix your connection problems soon!!
bedemarton Kanadai pentek, semmi sem allithat meg.

Pointed SticksLies

| play
OmeRoon Destruction – "Thrash Till Death" @Ravenbiker definitely, the good old days... Damn I feel old now. 8-)
OmeRoon Obituary – "Circle Of The Tyrants" @NikkiPixel here's the version by Obituary.
DareToEatAPeach I feel better now that I'm filled with Mexican food.
RelapseRecords DYING FETUS: Debut First Preview Track Off Of 'Descend Into Depravity'.
elfgirl its quite golden!

The Ettes-Crown Of Age

| play
Kubrickx King Prawn - Depths of My Soul

4skins- Plastic Gangsters

| play
DoctorOctagon last one from me today...later blip
OmeRoon Tygers Of Pan Tang – "Killers" - here's some NWOBHM for ya!

Kyuss Gardenia

| play
NyQuilDriver From Detroit with love.

the dirtbombs- chains of love

| play
eszpee Akkor ezennel átmenteném a rongyosra hallgatott Genyó Szívó Disztroly 1. válogatáskaziról a webkettőbe ezt a remekművet, hallgassátok szeretettel.
vibrator Lehet, hogy furcsa, de én valamiért ezt a számot nagyon szeretem.
Buzzz Another version.... :D @DJNeag

Toy Dolls - The final countdown

| play
RelapseRecords BARONESS: To Premiere First Track Off Blue Record.


| play
RelapseRecords BARONESS: Premiere First Preview Track Off Blue Record.
Metal_Rocks Guns N' Roses – Nightrain. Gonna hitch a ride on the Nightrain now...thanks for listening, giving props, reblips etc...See you next time!!!!
RelapseRecords BURIED INSIDE, TOMBS Announce Co-Headlining European Tour.

Buried InsideV

| play
elfgirl no Doolittle tour for us? but fairies are awesome!

PixiesAlec Eiffel

| play
toosweet4rnr [The Specials – Do The Dog] @JDsRecordShop I shall call them off for now...
OmeRoon Meshuggah – "Obzen" - a mindblowing band!


| play
toosweet4rnr [Chuck Willis – Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes] Nevah!! :)
OmeRoon Danzig – "Devils Plaything"
toosweet4rnr [Eddie Cochran – Somethin' Else (studio version)]
mmemaledicta Do you remember this? If you do, you might have been in the same sorts of places I was in the early 90's. Those weren't so good for my brain.
mmemaledicta let me redeem myself here
OmeRoon BLOOD DUSTER "Drink Fight Fuck"

BLOOD DUSTER "Drink Fight Fuck"

| play
MWeezles @Irishbiker - been a blast tonight mate, off to bed so signing off with Lemmy. Catch up wi' ye again soon!

Baroness-Rays on Pinion

| play

Shark In The Bathtub by Jimmy Dean

| play
Fangbaby couldn't have said it better. rb@droolius: "I'm gonna ride my fucking dark horse outta here" (reblip)

ConvergeDark Horse

| play

THE BIRTHDAY PARTY sonny's burning 1982

| play
chelseagirl19 Zappa Plays Zappa played this at the Zappa statue dedication this weekend. It was unbelievable! Thanks Tom! @killerswp: "@chelseagirl19" (reblip)
FOGGIELOANER nirvana's not bad, but partial to the lulu version of the Bowie song @Jimmylad
pablojuan Stoner Metal from Denmark

Magnified EyeJezebel

| play
FOGGIELOANER so so good, i have to rb my rb @Paddy "power pop perfection which splits the difference between the Ronettes and the Ramones" (boston pheonix) (reblip)
RelapseRecords BRIAN POSEHN: On ‘The Adam Carolla Show’ Podcast; Announce More U.S. Dates!
RelapseRecords BRUTAL TRUTH: Premiere Video For “Get A Therapist…Spare The World”!
doomyflo hop une de stoom et pis s'en va :P


| play
doomyflo great news! #Empyrium reunites and works on new songs from @MetalNews


| play
DoctorOctagon another from Sucking the 70s..

Dixie Witch On The Hunt (Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover)

| play