Grinderman Song For Frank

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weltschmerz 'wasn't me, I didn't dig this ditch'...@spacespencer: "... can you hear?" (reblip)
weltschmerz if you swallow your own poison...
weltschmerz I'm running low on beans and marmalade!!!!
weltschmerz carry me, it's been so long...
weltschmerz you can't see from there, but puffy lil cartoon hearts are coming out of my ears for you!!! @perditus: "@weltschmerz This one clean enough? Enjoy!" (reblip)
weltschmerz some do magic, and some do harm.
weltschmerz ...everybody's trying to find the road...
weltschmerz same album, same auto RB ;) @DJStephalicious: "Here's more good Coil muzik for @weltschmerz :) as well as @Totengrber and @tamara_petrovic!" (reblip)
weltschmerz "like pigs in a sausage roll, they all think they're individuals. they all think they're free..."
weltschmerz I've pulled a few fast ones...
weltschmerz ty you! @LacedRadio: "Puscifer- The Humbling River ~~tyrb @atank: "rb@TarinnAdaria: "Puscifer- The Humbling River""" (reblip)

Puscifer- The Humbling River

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weltschmerz I love songs that grow. And crest. And end up ringing in your brainmeats.
weltschmerz what would you say if everyone was away and no one was listening?
weltschmerz surprising isn't it? @eubieland: "RB!@wahwahwah: "rb@weltschmerz: "I got skills I can't speak of." wow, this rules."" (reblip)
weltschmerz ...always a rest for my heart...

The VeilsLarkspur

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weltschmerz in spades!!!! @Flavoured: @dronnoisseur: "#dailynick - they have still got it. riveting. (reblip)

Nick Cave LSO St Luke's Tupelo

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weltschmerz @GiliOhayon: "@anatos: "rb @skazoo: "nice studio version-cover of one of my all-time favs""" (reblip)

The Swans-Can`t find my way home

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weltschmerz I love my little velvet bed, I never wanna leave it anymore.

The VeilsNot Yet

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weltschmerz @dronnoisseur Well, if it gets too bad, you know what to do :)
weltschmerz can't decide if I'm seeing this next week or not...
weltschmerz shake shake for that which sinks but can't drown.
weltschmerz I think I blip this song about daily now...
weltschmerz I love this song's like a 400-page novel.
weltschmerz drop a bell down the stairs and hear it fall forevermore.

The Centre Bullet

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weltschmerz We murmur sweet transparent lunacy...
weltschmerz say what you might, it's one of the catchiest songs ever.


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weltschmerz Did I drag you down? Don't lemme drag you down here to my level! #personalanthems
weltschmerz your silence is bearable, but only in short bursts.
weltschmerz *now* I get why the Boy was really excited about tix for her performance. (reblip)
weltschmerz his voice hits me right in the Nick Cave gland (which is a cross between the amygdala and clitoris in function) #TMI


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weltschmerz more caution before I throw it to the wind.

The veils The Wishbone

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weltschmerz You will do what looks good to you on paper. We will do what we must!!!
weltschmerz I am not beautiful & I am not magic yet...


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weltschmerz I hear it coming and it comes so fast.
weltschmerz @obz the way this crowd collabs...we could be at this allllllll dayyyyyy
ZorGabor "Coil ~ Going Up" R.I.P. Peter Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Coil)

CoilGoing Up

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weltschmerz Thanks for the American Dream to vulgarize and falsify until the bare lies shine right through!

Rykarda Parasol-night on red river (2009)

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weltschmerz <3 The heart explodes to be reborn. Sudden and unending. <3
weltschmerz I wish we could take every path, cause I hated to close the door on you.
weltschmerz this song is such a theme for my BF and I :) we don't play the lottery, we just like to daydream about spending it all (RB @nastysurprise) (reblip)
weltschmerz breathe steady as the pendulum keeps swinging.

Grinderman -Bellringer Blues

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weltschmerz what am I doing here?!?! (reblip)

Grinderman Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man

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weltschmerz oh you F*&king fool, you left us carrying your useless pain...
weltschmerz sorry for the repetition, but I could listen to the chorus of this song alllll day today. (reblip)
weltschmerz taking my leave. thx so much blipstars!
weltschmerz along comes wind, a big bone-shaker!

PJ Harvey Fountain

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The Handsome Family 'Weightless Again'

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weltschmerz just how long you gonna be my baby?
weltschmerz <3 Sleep, baby, sleep. It's all just a dream. <3
weltschmerz OMG. <3 <3 <3...

Current 93 A Gothic Love Song Live Feat Antony Hegarty

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weltschmerz where did you go in that rediculous seersucker suit?
weltschmerz Godbless the noble savage as he swaggers, as he sweats...
weltschmerz My God, the clock's always stuck yellin' 11:11, at 3:32. RB @monsteratomic (reblip)

WHY?The Hollows

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weltschmerz I watched the Tabernacle Choir bawling in a bath of sacremental wine...
weltschmerz Now there's blood on my hands & I'm wearing a muzzle...
weltschmerz In 5 yrs you won't remember getting fired.

Le TigreTGIF

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weltschmerz Am I living wrong? Do you see a long road with no one on it?

THE VEILSNux vomica

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weltschmerz RB So much love... @zamfir:"I don't want to live in your side, though the rose is vermilion..." (reblip)

Lavinia by The Veils (album version)

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weltschmerz patience is a virtue until its silence burns you.
weltschmerz This is RIGHT on so many levels!!!

16 horsepower day of the lords ( joy division cover)

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weltschmerz I got deep warm drunk and I lost my words...that moon is absurd.
weltschmerz red stain blossoms and all you have is kisses


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weltschmerz MC sez: "I know all about drowning." Writer sez: "yeah."

Arvo PartDe Profundis

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weltschmerz the most appropriate music to fit my mood %98 of the time. Sad, huh?
weltschmerz It rubs the lotion on its skin.


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weltschmerz sigh. someday I will go here. if it kills me.
weltschmerz Orpheus strummed til his fingers bled, he hit a Gm7
weltschmerz may your sky be rolled up just like a scroll. may your full moon run red with blood.
novaren I always learn the hard way.
weltschmerz How many stories have I tried to write that started because of this song?
weltschmerz makes me feel like a little child again
weltschmerz tonight we sleep in separate ditches.
weltschmerz Does Jesus only love a man who loses?
weltschmerz t-minus whenever it feels right...


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weltschmerz so mercifully free of the pressures of grace...

ElbowForget Myself

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weltschmerz over the stubbled concrete, the secret net of bunkers.
weltschmerz think I'm getting a little crush on She Keeps Bees.

She Keeps BeesGimme

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weltschmerz loving these Elbow covers


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weltschmerz 'what if my intake caused revelation?' flashback!
weltschmerz and pour the milk on Louis' grave.
weltschmerz Du musst die Sterne und den Mond enthaupten...
weltschmerz it's quite possibly due to all the free gin, but it's good enough for me right this minute.
weltschmerz this song hits a little close to the bone for me:(

"Have to Drive (Live)" from the "WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER" DVD

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weltschmerz my body's twitching with a ready expectation for Kingdom Come.

THE VEILSNux vomica

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weltschmerz we'd never know he still dreams of a bird of a terrifying size.

The VeilsScarecrow

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weltschmerz I am gonna drill a tiny hole into your head.
HangingGardener so damn lovely i could draw spiderwebs around my eyes and dance and dance and dance until the laughter fades....heh.
weltschmerz I cannot wait until tonight!!!

We Were Promised Jetpacks "Quiet Little Voices" FatCat Records

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weltschmerz but deep down in his heart, he's laid down queer plans...@GimmeSomeTruth: "Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – The Good Son" (reblip)
weltschmerz I blip this song almost daily. But I feel like it almost daily, so who cares.

"Oh, my lord" Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds High Quality

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weltschmerz give me your eyes, I need sunshine.
weltschmerz how's about getting out of this place?

ElbowAny Day Now

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We Were Promised Jetpacks Conductor

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weltschmerz SO GOOD live. A++ Would see again. Also? Adam spent 1/4 of the show with the mike in his chest and we could *still* hear him. Boy can belt it.
weltschmerz as did I! and ty, haven't heard in in a loooon time since! @HangingGardener (reblip)
weltschmerz stops my heart up with love every time I hear it.
weltschmerz Not to sound morbid, but someone please play this at my funeral? one of the few serious songs on *that* playlist.
weltschmerz all for something, good for nothing at all.
timothydanger yess!!! Nick Cave! Accidents will happen thats what accidents are for RT@jilliansaint: "rb@bobscopper" (reblip)
weltschmerz Antony Hegarty- If It Be Your Will. Quite possibly my fav. Cohen cover ever.

Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum

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weltschmerz sorry that I keep blipping this, it's just so danged interesting.
weltschmerz I've never heard a Nick Cave cover done as well as this.

Fever Ray: Stranger Than Kindness

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weltschmerz say you love me. say you love me. let's just say you love me. (reblip)
weltschmerz @novaren If you haven't heard this already... (reblip)

Kate NashMariella

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Nick Cave and The bad seeds "Abattoir Blues" (live at Later)

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weltschmerz you can never rise above it, better pay the Earth, your mute respect 'cause you never learned to love it.
weltschmerz this is beginning to feel like the bolt busted loose from the lever. (reblip)

TV On The RadioDLZ

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