werd only the best silvio song there is...
benyasbabe @werd another oldie :)

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking

| play
ImAnElectricDuck Because you didn't get to dance to it at your wedding with your ladies@werd

Pointer Sisters - Its raining men

| play
werd i bet i'm taking @ImAnElectricDuck and @benyasbabe on a trip down memory lane...


| play
werd definite must have oldie. (reblip)


| play
werd no matter how hard you try you CAN'T STOP US NOW! (reblip)
benyasbabe if me and @ImAnElectricDuck go to town with you, @werd, can we have some champagne????
ImAnElectricDuck This reminds me of Jazz class- and jazz hands...

Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do Without You

| play
werd wishes she could be doing this right about now...
werd fav. john mayer song...

John Mayer3x5

| play
werd wonders why the attorney's at work think i can work magic when i'm not a magician....
werd i could listen to this song for hours............ (reblip)
werd best jamie cullum song...

Jamie CullumOh God

| play
PAgent The one, the only, Judy Garland - "Embraceable You"
outlawserenade Gonna take some time to do the things we never had. (reblip)


| play
werd would like to go see him in concert again...
werd gonna scope one of these out this afternoon... (reblip)

Afternoon Delight

| play
werd this goes out to a certain someone at work that @ImAnElectricDuck and @benyasbabe know i hold near and dear to my heart as of late...
werd what a great anthem - i love amelie poulain.
benyasbabe from one of my fave movies, over the hedge!!! yay hammy!!....here.....here.....here.............................here...

Ben Folds Five - Rockin The Suburbs

| play
werd i could listen to this song for hours............ (reblip)
tall_geek A-Ha – Take On Me, This guy still hits that high note in Europe

A-HaTake On Me

| play
werd this goes out to our new blipper @DjScribbles


| play
werd just do it.

Akinyele - Put It In Your Mouth

| play
werd only the best song EVER!

Dennis Leary - Asshole

| play
werd i'm hopin you can keep a secret...

AmerieOne Thing

| play

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry(1)

| play
benyasbabe @ShyTrbleMaker your comment about girl singers/girl fronted bands reminded me of this one


| play
ImAnElectricDuck oh yeah...shake yer butt! you know you want to!
ImAnElectricDuck this song was so much fun-and weird...I <3 Timbaland..in a naked way.
DjScribbles to one that deserves all the praise!!!
DjScribbles you can't deny it..... today is a good day
benyasbabe we're all in the mood for a melody, and you've got us feelin' alright

Billy JoelPiano Man

| play
benyasbabe omg forgot all about this song

Roxette - Dangerous

| play
benyasbabe o....m....g....@werd and @ImAnElectricDuck

Filet o'Fish

| play
benyasbabe i missed this song

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking

| play
werd use to be SO IN LOVE with this SONG!
werd heard this on the way home tonight...and got hooked.

Matt & KimDaylight

| play
benyasbabe a lot of people might remember this song being used in some staples or office depot ads a few years ago
werd thanks @benyasbabe for listening to my horrible humming in hopes to remember what this song was called!!
s0apy accordian goodness..

LauUnquiet Grave

| play


| play
werd this is what i keep doing to the attorneys who are asking me to complete assignments that are IMPOSSIBLE! (reblip)

Lily AllenSmile

| play
werd still in <3 with this SONG!

Matt & KimDaylight

| play
werd can't believe i haven't blipped this one yet...wtf mate!

Frou FrouLet Go

| play
werd can't believe i haven't blipped this one yet either! WTF MATE!?

The WhoBaba O'Riley

| play

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
ImAnElectricDuck This is me...stop & stare..you think your workin' but you're just sitting there....
benyasbabe and when i got home, before i said amen, asking god if He could play it again
werd i'll be the police...who will be the private?
midnightwalker @werd if u love covers check out my tonight's blips! ;)
werd i LOVE COVERS! @ImAnElectricDuck: "Now THIS rocks! WHOOOT!! @midnightwalker: "Cover Countdown #19 The Animals Cover"" (reblip)

The Garden- Mirah (lyrics)

| play
werd LOL! WALLS BALLS! @ImAnElectricDuck: "@werd @benyasbabe..heehee this is funny" (reblip)

Fall Out Boy-Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner Misheard Lyrics

| play
werd remember the day after my wedding when my hair looked like amy winehouse's? @ImAnElectricDuck (reblip)
werd i digg it! @ImAnElectricDuck: "So, last night my roomie informed me that this cover was RIDICULOUS and catchy...guess what?!.....it is" (reblip)
benyasbabe this is a fun song, @flavytcha: "rb da minha amig@lolydrew: "absolutely contagious! :)"...@Rick_Rocks @liligarcia @yggoDraguS @outlawgirl @annyeah " (reblip)

Michael Franti and Spearhead : Say Hey Music Video

| play
werd your lauryn hill blip reminded me of my fav lh song...@benyasbabe

Lauryn Hill Miseducation of lauryn hill

| play

Peaceful, Easy Feeling (Eagles)

| play
werd i could never grow sick of this song. (reblip)

Coldplay-- "Clocks"

| play
werd this will always be my most favorite guster song. oh the memories!

GusterMona Lisa

| play
werd i will forever hear my friend singing to this in my head and mistaking the lyrics for "hold me closer tony danzaaaa" (reblip)

Elton John-Tiny Dancer

| play
werd TIE ME TO THE BEDPOST! well...not you personally @benyasbabe: "swallow my doubt, turn it inside out" (reblip)

Eve 6Inside Out

| play
werd hahah remember when we heard this song for the first time @benyasbabe? @ImAnElectricDuck: "This is a rockin' tune!" (reblip)
werd rb @Kimberly4Nicole: ""There's only two types of people in the world"...so true, Britney. So true." (reblip)
werd sorry listeners, but i just had to.
werd i dropped out and joined a band instead...

Ben Folds FiveArmy

| play
werd me likey.

The Beatles-Blackbird

| play
werd thumbs up! @kassandria13: "my fave song by paramore" (reblip)


| play
werd i just hit my head on the desk from headbanging...@Hinamori: "@potentiate: Rammstein can always wake me up. ^.^ This is my favorite song of theirs." (reblip)

RamsteinDu Hast

| play
werd guess who's coming to wolf trap? you know you wanna see his dance moves @ImAnElectricDuck @benyasbabe

Tom JonesSex bomb

| play
werd this makes me laugh...@ImAnElectricDuck: "@SpinningDiscs you made me remember this sweet video" (reblip)

Alanis Morissette "My Humps" video

| play
werd :) @ivanaranda: "yes!!! the weekend is coming!!! beach, beers and party xDDD" (reblip)
werd this goes out to my bum coworker, jose.
werd cooky! @RunRunItsHim: "this song came on during my drive to work in my car of the same name. " (reblip)
werd rawk! middle school attack! @DJHepcat: "Bush-Come down" (reblip)

Bush-Come down

| play
werd omg it IS! and that's me in the background...with my mexican husband. @benyasbabe: "omg...@werd, i think that's your mom at the beginning!!!! (reblip)
werd rawk! @Metal_Rocks: "Mötley Crüe – Dr. Feelgood. I put this t-shirt on when I got home from work so the least I can do is play the song!" (reblip)
werd oh yea! (reblip)

Red Hot Chili Peppers-Breaking The Girl

| play
werd haha forgot about this song!!!!! @rxrx1776: "Mexican Radio, Blip.fm@jennyleepenny" (reblip)
werd rb@wiselywoven: "We dream of a kingdom that cannot be shaken" (reblip)

TychoThe Daydream

| play
werd oh yea, lisa loeb! and her glasses! thx @sweetsorrow2 (reblip)
werd i sang for video games live last week and pretty much fell in love with this song - check out when video games live will be in your area! must see!
werd and acoustic, too! @ImAnElectricDuck: "Obsessed...never gets old for me!" (reblip)
werd Hmm....so many choices...

Stevie WonderI Wish

| play
werd HAHAHA I LOVE MINE !! @benyasbabe: "i really do sometimes : /" (reblip)
werd rawk! @ImAnElectricDuck: "Thanks for Listening @chrisfason!" (reblip)

Linus & Lucy

| play
werd i know how you feel and all that @ImAnElectricDuck...you know, since it's august...err, wait.

Vanja JamesAugust

| play
werd i wish my name were irene...and people this to me as i close down an irish pub at 5 AM.
werd ACOUSTIC!!! me likey! @dvk: "Gracias!!! ;)@Gen22: ".@dvk Hola!:) [Incubus - Love Hurts (acoustic)]"" (reblip)

Incubus:Love Hurts (Acoustic)

| play
werd can't believe i haven't blipped this yet. (reblip)
benyasbabe tyler and the gang are always welcome on my blip list! rb @TropicsZ4: ":) Aerosmith – Dream On rb @honeygirl: ";)"" (reblip)

AerosmithDream On

| play
werd great choice! @elland666: " Aerosmith - Come Together " (reblip)

Come Together-Aerosmith

| play
werd thumbs up. @zulemaann: "song of the day haha - I'm misses shes too big, now she too thin." (reblip)
werd agreed! @crownedprince: "there is so much awesomeness in this song....." (reblip)
werd yay! @megg: "@Kathryn334: "@megg a dear friend turned me on to him and i am forever grateful!!! ENJOY!!! " (reblip)
werd yay incubus! rb@robyno: "rb thx @tubilino: "rb @shiner :)"" (reblip)


| play
werd YEA! @LS22: "@megg - haha, hope this strategy works! everyone has at least a few guilty pleasure britney songs! " (reblip)
werd i'm not gonna lie, we just heard this on tv when we were on lunch break. @ImAnElectricDuck @benyasbabe
werd bring it on! @ImAnElectricDuck: "@werd I can hear your heart beat..I'm going to eat it later." (reblip)
werd blast from the past! (reblip)


| play
werd when i first heard this on the radio, i was like, why are they bringing that song back! then i realized...@ryanfellman (reblip)

Live Your Life- T.I (feat.) Rihanna + Lyrics!

| play

Lucybell + Hoy Soñé

| play
werd good morning and happy thursday to everyone!

The WhoBaba O'Riley

| play
werd @benyasbabe remember when we sang this to the japanese robot at the kennedy center? wait... (reblip)

StyxMr. Roboto (1983)

| play
werd good call @benyasbabe: "another classic i love" (reblip)
werd were you doing this yesterday when you were stuck in the elevator? @ImAnElectricDuck (reblip)
werd "i am the SPIN DOCTOR!" Remember that quote @ImAnElectricDuck
werd agreed, but if this song didn't exist, the rhcp version wouldn't exist! @Just_Cas: "Red Hot Chili Peppers version is much better imho..." (reblip)
werd ditto @benyasbabe: "wow forgot about this song, rb @CindyB_MO: "You should be mine.. "" (reblip)
werd people are blippin some good covers today! @MasterEmcee: "fifty, congrats!@jessicat" (reblip)

Love FoolOlivia Ong

| play
werd only because the thought of a baby elephant is just toooo cute!
werd IS THAT JENNY?! I MISS HER! @ImAnElectricDuck: "Jennnny! Come over next time! I'll give ya a real wine glass! @werd..." (reblip)
werd i didn't realize fergie had partnered up with sergio - cool.
werd omg i had forgotten about this song! CANDY RAIN! rb@Agent_Naha_X: "# 11 Top 20 Boy Band Songs" (reblip)
werd great cover of a great song by a great band. (reblip)
werd That's right - it's Monday...

The Radio Dept.- Strange Things Will Happen

| play
werd i like this version better, but I'm with nikki - i use to love this song! @benyasbabe
werd yea, favorite attorney of mine, you want what project done by cob today?
werd i know you blipped that thicke song so that it would remind me of this gem @benyasbabe
werd lolololol! so real when carlton gets flung off stage...@benyasbabe: "for @werd \m/" (reblip)

fresh prince of bel-air jump on it video

| play
werd i remember local h at the hfstival.
werd I agree @ImAnElectricDuck - our motto song in vegas. @Temper: "i wish i could have whatever i like..." (reblip)

whatever you like- T.I

| play
werd if you keep thinking it @benyasbabe, you just might have a GOOD DAY! positive thoughts..... (reblip)

Good Day-Nappy roots

| play
werd FAV. ben folds song.

Ben Folds FiveMagic

| play
werd this is totally my motto @cloudsonmycoffee: "Ok Go é bom demaais! (:" (reblip)

OK Goget over it

| play
werd lol! what a great title...seriously, too much goin on lately with autotune. @Shasbam: "how " (reblip)
werd yea man, i use to blast this when i was like...10.

Ludacris-Stand Up(dirty)

| play
werd rb @benyasbabe: "when you're with me i'm smiling....thanks for this one, @EvilChris: "Styx... Lady"" (reblip)


| play
werd second time i've heard this today, and since i like it, it's a sign i have to rb @lechajim (reblip)


| play

Paramore-I Caught Myself Music Video

| play
werd heaven, i'm in heaven...

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong / Cheek To Cheek

| play
werd billz billz dolla billz! billy is way more handsome than this black bird...@ImAnElectricDuck: "Billy's debut! @werd Good Morning!" (reblip)
werd @ImAnElectricDuck i prefer the original. none of this new moon mix crap.

Muse-I Belong with you-The Resistance

| play

Los Prisioneros-El Baile de los que sobran

| play
werd catchy! @herewego: "Thanks a lot, Apple, for another song I can't shake from my head." (reblip)
www_StroumDesign_com @BlueJeanBaby: "Cool gift for classic rock buffs & 60s survivors: http://bit.ly/UMlQn. Stones -- Ruby Tuesday" (reblip)
werd thumbs up @Dontkawai: ""White horse" – Taylor Swift" (reblip)
werd oooh! an acoustic version! friggin love this song. acoustic or not.
werd oh, to have a voice like fiona. <3 (reblip)

Fiona Apple performs "Fast As You Can"

| play

Ever Fallen In Love-Nouvelle Vague

| play

Nouvelle vague- in a manner of speaking ... Love

| play

Shoes- Chris Volpe

| play
werd yea! if you like MEN dancing with eachother! @benyasbabe: "this video is so rad!" (reblip)

Irene CaraFame

| play
werd ooh i love this song. only because it's by metric and not because it is from vampire diaries. ugh. @ImAnElectricDuck: "Team Stefan." (reblip)
werd maggie tried to get me to go the day after my wedding...because i sure did look like ms. winehouse. @benyasbabe: "i said no no no" (reblip)

Amy WinehouseRehab

| play
werd agreed! @Lemon: "I like this version more than Guns 'n Roses'" (reblip)
werd oh man, i have to stop the madness. i'll reblip this goodie. @benyasbabe: "random goodness" (reblip)
werd here's another mellow song for you by zero 7 @benyasbabe
werd love me some foo fighters, and covers, so, here we go! @wakowrz
werd kinda mad at myself for liking this song but...anyway, here it goes.
werd thumbs up!! @muso: "GM! Great choice!! @MissLordy: ""Feel my soul crumbling down, falling away with you""" (reblip)
werd love it! and pomplamoose. (reblip)
werd love this vid. @mspnet: "Turin Brakes sempre impressionando..." (reblip)
werd was actually looking for the SONG jabberwocky, but hey, this is pretty nice.

Show Me by Mint Royale

| play
werd HAH! LOVE! @gumhands: "yeah, gotta replip @antenaweb: "Cee-Lo Green – Fuck You"" (reblip)
werd love it! hadn't heard this version... (reblip)
werd wish it weren't known as the target commercial song...
werd i'm walking through the city...like a drunk, but not. with my slip showing a little...like a drunk, but not.
werd one of my favorite, sad sp songs.
werd porrrrrcelina...porrrceeeellllliiiiiinnaaaaa.
werd damn it! found another. great too!

American BoyEstelle

| play
werd thought this was gonna be bad...but, great cover!
werd I can sing this song so blue...that you will cry in spite of you...

Regina SpektorLady

| play

Kate Nash Navy taxi ( with lyrics )

| play
werd obsession circa 1993.
werd rb@ELD_cOsMo: "playing at El||D tomorrow night...should be great!!" (reblip)
werd i can dig! @BeardedReef: "Check out the music video when you get a chance!" (reblip)
werd happy friday!

The Open Happiness Music Video

| play
werd definite rb @docstimulas: "Marc Broussard – Home - ok im out for awhile friends peace to all of you - i got to pick up some carrots @SuperSpaceAngel (reblip)

Marc BroussardHome

| play

chris brown-forever w/ lyrics

| play
werd gotta rb - incubus never gets old... (reblip)


| play
werd how about some third day.

Imogen Heap Canvas

| play
werd don't be annoyed! you came up with this great blip first! @aloudhendo: "Reblipping myself since I'm currently annoyed (reblip)

EverclearA.M. Radio

| play
werd oooh love it! @benyasbabe: "i've got to agree! rb @johno: "rb@megpowesq: "funky fresh! fantastic cover!""" (reblip)
werd wow - it's been a while - thanks for the blast from the past! @shortygal: "Cracker – Low" (reblip)


| play
werd <3 can i just say how much I use to LOVE THIS SONG!
werd i heart fiona.


| play
werd made me smile! thx @Iain45: "Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces =)" (reblip)
werd oh yea - great way to start off the day! HAPPY THURSDAY! @rockingjude: "Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough" (reblip)

Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

| play
werd dancin' in my seat! @pmctosh: "James Brown always had an awesome horn section. Make ya wanna git on up outta that chair an kitchen dance or somethin" (reblip)
werd if you've never seen this movie...go rent it. oh and 'help' too.

Beatles - Yellow Submarine

| play
werd i didn't realize you were in this video @ImAnElectricDuck (reblip)
werd i was really excited about this until i realized there is something very strange about this...@ImAnElectricDuck: "WTF?!?!" (reblip)
werd oh yea! love me some summers in the city, too! @SpinninSara: "~~Lovin' Spoonful – Summer In The City~~" (reblip)

Across the Universe- Because

| play
werd mmmm covers! @benyasbabe: "couldn't agree more! ps i'm outta props for you already, grrr rb @johno: "cant be in a bad mood listening to this one..."" (reblip)
werd still love this song! thx @Reiver_Iron: "A massive tune and showed that the guys also had a serious side@HippieMarye: "LOL! @PaddyH"" (reblip)

Blink 182I Miss You

| play
werd i love it...what, you don't? @ImAnElectricDuck: "...@werd...this guy is ridiculous..and this song solidifies it!" (reblip)


| play
werd absolutely. @Wesss: "is it time for some music boys and girls?! " (reblip)
werd nite nite.

Smashing Pumpkins Farewell & Goodnight

| play
werd remember when we were all in love with alanis? don't deny it.

alanis morissette - Not the Doctor

| play
werd umm, i'm sorry...i take that back. this is an AMAZING cover. @werd: "mmmmMMMMMMM covers. and this one isn't too shabby." (reblip)
werd rawk! love this sonG! @benyasbabe: "fun classic" (reblip)
werd ooh! forgot about this one! @MaryDiJay: " Tweet Ft Fabolous – Oops Oh My" (reblip)
werd you're telling me this song wasn't made specifically for the outback commercial!? G FRICKIN D! I HATE THE OUTBACK ONE! @brunapp (reblip)
werd pitbull in da house! this goes out to my real pitbull, nea.
werd you don't know meeee..

You Don't Know Me Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor

| play
werd <3

Kate Nash "Foundations" video

| play
werd oh yes! much better than that one i thought you blipped...i like this one. @benyasbabe: "this was the one i mentioned the other day :) (reblip)

Whatcha Say Remix Jason Derulo Ft Imogen Heap and Jprox NEW SONG 2009

| play
werd im not in miami, but...
werd <3

En El Muelle De San Blas

| play
magzie werd.. I know you can't live without this one!
werd one of the best whitacre songs there ever was.

Eric WhitacreSleep

| play
werd fantastical. @ImAnElectricDuck i'm your biggest fan.

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

| play
werd was having trouble re-blipping last night! thanks to @mrhe25 for this great cover! (reblip)
werd i agree with @B_wood One of Lupe's best. (reblip)

Lupe FiascoDaydream

| play
werd totally forgot about this song! love it - thanks! (reblip)


| play
werd good morning to everyone! today is going to be wonderful.
werd @benyasbabe my stupid mouth is about to get me in trouble if kathy keeps it up... (reblip)
werd I said mommy Imma love you till you don't hurt no more

Kanye WestHey Mama

| play