DeAnnLR Anybody else timing out when trying to RB today??? Classic vi@skoyd (reblip)

AirAll I Need

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ThorbenThobias I thought I loved you but I´m not sure now
mikieelmo have great day at a stranger ,it might make thier day better !
tintinabulation there's about to be a convention, and i'm there w/ tha hammer
Gaz50 "I saw you" and him! walkin in the rain ....Great 80s Track ... Oran Juice Jones – The Rain

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

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anebulosa @all thanxs for your hard-earned findings too;)gonna let it just play, wont blip, but im listening..
anebulosa my "zoom in zoom out" tecnique of faking being busy isn't so effective anymore...i'll have to start working anytime soon :P
anebulosa lost yet another listener :( i guess i'm a bit ahead of my time rsr anyways, staying positive, i've emptied out dancefloors before :P
SugarShack ... .... quiet Wednesday :)
Gaz50 @Loesje, Hello - Goodbye :)

Hello Goodbye_Edit

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Gaz50 Need me dinner ..BBL ..Hungry Like A Wolf - Duran Duran
Holycow Had to have this - dreamy!


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RockItRadio Yesterday, you were 30 Seconds To Mars
ZoeSasha Tori's coming out with a new album soon...yay! #twunes
lee . isso tem cara de chillout...

Phoenix - 1901 (The Garage Band Teenagers Remix)

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IvanaBHeather saw them this past summer. VERY awesome show!!
Burgers Waiting for this great beat! TGIF! @GR8FL Thanks for the Great Energy! [what are you waiting for] (reblip)
bichejo67 From Denmark... Mew :-)


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lilwldchld Her weapons were her crystal eyes....


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Burgers Helloo My sweet TGIF! @patita How are you? Hello............ Hello again....... tutututututu, tututututu, tutututututu (reblip)

The CarsHello Again

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santamistura now i must to get out of blip ( this is a big vicious ;)) but the dog, the supermarket, the work ... they wait meee... so great day for all blippers
FloraIsadora I can't stop listening to this song. I don't care how many times in a row I listen to it. It is my song right now. It is a happy song.

White LiesDeath

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forcin тнє ¢υяє – ƒяι∂αу ι'м ιη ℓσνє (reblip)
melodyofurlife Do they even have "Phone Booths" anymore? The ones that are actual little glass boxes, that light up when you close the door.
Burgers For you as well my beautiful friend! @smiley [For you, beautiful girls] (reblip)
mimConaN "Lady Picture Show" | Tiny Music...Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop [1996]
CynDyn thanks @nacre whose icon i luv --looks like Kepler supernova remnant overlayed (reblip)
PamelaMKramer @jasoncrouch Go crazy man! I just wanted to throw you a new U2 blip.

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

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anebulosa @ExurbanJon Totally!Too bad their comeback was such a flop...dont like zelia duncan...theres hardly any songs here, im gonna upload bunches for you ;)
smartard The Dramatics – Me and Mrs. Jones
GR8FL hate when blips are cut - here it is another way.... I feel like Darth Vader with the mask off @pavolo... this might be temporary.
Gaz50 !40cent's more? More like 60p a min now! >> Dr.Hook - Sylvias mother
DeAnnLR old fave of mine from the 80' tiger...they were not around too long though
ourladybeth I thought that I was over you, but it's true, so true. I love you even more than I did before.
themarmalade why don't you why don't you go outside go outside kiss the rain
vaniakg [Commitments – Bye Bye Baby] G'night!
virtuallin Ultravox - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes


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FloraIsadora Sometimes I'm thinking that I love you, But I know it's only lust. [Reblip Thursday!] (reblip)
Gwynaria For Troy McClure... the cowboy. *smiles fondly*
Gypsylyn Guess I could be a ~ Tattooed Dancer ~..LOL
neonblake just one for the movers in the house today!! such a fun song and so ready for fun today!!
steno r/b from iPhone => lighthearted music for this superb day thx @noochi ,-) (reblip)

St. GermainSo Flute

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Sunshineblonde Just blipping one song tonight and I feel like a slow meaningful song tonight. This girl can sing!
AnjiBee chillin' to this sweet tune on easter sunday night. ain't a bad way to pass the time...


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MapleLeaves wow, i can barely handle how sexy she is...

Cat PowerBlue

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siath e essa me lembra tu @pedrenrique queria ter te dado tchau ontem não rolou ;~
Gaz50 Grass Roots - Baby Hold On
thaisypecsen You change your mind like a girl change her clothes
snapper that's enough for today, goodnight everyone.
tubilino boa tarde @ianthomaz ...tienes vacaciones esta semana? (reblip)
ericats Don't you cry! I'll be back...eventually! Good night!
bizzybee Okay, so I was off to bed...but then this popped up. One of my favorites. Had to reblip. Now...goodnight. (reblip)


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binaria "Can't you understand Oh my little girl"
Rudra 2k blips celebration! I'm reblipping my (and your) best songs since blip #1001! =) (reblip)
philkirby for everyone today who's put a great big hobnail boot in their big fat mouth . . . actually a decent cover too.
bizzybee Enjoying a quiet morning. Getting a lot done.
sonicdork another one before i head into the city. my favorite death metal song.
mellomatic @Flow - missed you again.... yup, i've moved to Austin. been looking out for the rappers, but no sightings yet! ;)
lilwldchld Yes I'm stuck in the middle with you, and I'm wondering what it is I should do....
Hutelighut You had to find it / All things go, all things go @das_z3d *lol* A thanks from this gal goes to you ;) (reblip)


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shortygal Does it feel good to you - to rain on my parade?
MissTrish reminds me of my freshman year of college

Lil' WayneGo DJ

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GR8FL @DownLow congratulations on your listener achievement... and keep on blipping those great tunes.
SofiaFada fechando o boteco por hoje. tchau povo

PlaceboCome Home

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gleegirlrock Jethro Tull~Reasons 4 Waiting..ashamed 2 admit it,but I have a reason 4 waiting(dont kick me)!Wating for GP 2 come on TV & will get in2 bed been31hrs!
bizzybee Had to reblip. Haven't heard in a while. Love Annie. (reblip)
CoSlive Lloyd Poast revisits The Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me LP --->
GR8FL [Congratulations, GR8FL on 30,000+ props! Quite an accomplishment... :)] thanks @Sandman5 - and thank you for all your props given :) (reblip)
thaisypecsen Bom dia. Essa é a música que me fez comprar minha primeira camisa de Rock. Acordei lembrando dela. (da música e, consequentemente, da camisa).
thaisypecsen Vou descansar um pouco antes de sair...
evablue @tubilino props get reset at midnight PST. san francisco time where blip headquarters are.


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pakdarmo Innocence is seen as weakness, laughter at as naïve.
pakdarmo Change is now my closest friend; selfishness at its end.
briangreene but not in the Northern Rock or in goal for Chelsea
anebulosa this dude has to stop drinking coffee :P auahuah love it though
serifenlos @Heike, sehr ... sehr fexibel ... (reblip)


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threebears the anthem (well, it's official according to me, ha!)
evablue blip is acting weird. no more imeem? guess as usual, it'll fix itself shortly. have to assume it goes with the growth spurts.
AnnieLicious Hi friends :) Taking a lil vacation :) Thanks 4 the new follows, props and replies. I'll be back on and off. XOXO

Go GosVacation

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toreo and im off to bed, night. be safe xoxo!
Shukitty yay more julien-k. It's got the old-school orgy feel before they became more electric-pop or whatever you'd call it
anebulosa @ximon cool!I've been there a couple of times,saw dinosaur jr. at the qube and all..been sending love to the people of aquila (:o ciao, grazie mille;)
tubilino welcome @tigeladakawaii ...another song that returned to (reblip)


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serifenlos Lacuna Coil – Unspoken ...

Lacuna CoilUnspoken

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themarmalade I actually saw great expectations the other night for the first time. it seemed really short somehow. maybe because I was playing wow at the same time

MonoLife In Mono

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themarmalade man when this song hits the spot it seriously hits the spot, you know? thanks @ximon (reblip)
Twytanium Phil Lynott is my dream guy. And this song is Top 10 in my life.

Tower Of Power - So Very Hard To Go

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CherryBlossom @MissMarian This is one of their best songs. Here you go...
Yan Man this one is a throwback, Bosstones from the movie Clueless (reblip)
anebulosa @ximon where u from? that song is a brazilian classic, roberto carlos, the king....rsrsrs
anebulosa dude having a hard time finding songs that go all the way, this is getting to be hard work now, they'd better start freaking paying me :P rsrsr
organicsue Lindsey Buckingham – Red Rover Ohhh, he's sooooooo good!!! @>--------------
anebulosa why?whyyy??give me full-lenght!!!aaaaaarrrghhhhhh
CherryBlossom @MissMarian if you like I'm Dying, you'll probably like this one too.
joebobusa22 This song is so hot right now! Prince is an evil genius...!

PrinceChocolate Box

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anebulosa @redeft @HellenKellersIpod @ximon @ExurbanJon @MellodyCalls and the others I'm too sick to remember: thnx all of u! <3 ;D you rock!!
crispast friday..blip-people! i'can't believe in my eyes, who is there @adbert! ciao! how are you? ..ciao@onesanz@tormento23 e @ximon!
Kamillae under pressure to write a lot of clever stuff before 5 o'clock. Listening to this and drinking coffee like a motherfucker.


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MrsASoprano Exactly what I did this morning! r/b vi @crispast tieni..un buon caffè per te@ximon! (reblip)
crispast hey!! let's walk togheter! ciao@MrsASoprano @dickadcock @dh_nj @ivan_filios ..ehilà cara @longtide! buona giornata@CalMa :)
rax My Anthems ...


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MandyPenn Feist - I Feel It All-------------- last song for me : ) (reblip)

FeistI Feel It All

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Gaz50 Will To Power Baby I Love Your Way - Freebird

will to power baby i love your way freebird

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redskyy Nothing like The Eagles to close out the day. Thanks @snowvandemore. (reblip)
anebulosa @ximon ohn arent u lovely ;) wish i could say that in italiano.. bacchi per tè ;****
anebulosa in music we unite <( <) <( )> (> )>

Tahiti 80Brazil

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anebulosa lets all go medieval, good times, happy times XD rsrsrs
gitothethe ♪Gotta Get Up - Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Schmilsson - 1971
DesertLily Lullaby and good night @i_Dea @Diordan :-) and @everyone else around.
ZachsMind I got another job interview in the morning so I should hit the hay soon. Thanks for the great music everybody! Good night!

VAN HALEN - Happy Trails

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anebulosa @ximon there u go, this one works!! baci!! ;) beijos!

FeistInside And Out

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RockItRadio Wow, yes it was my first! Thank you ...@suzesinc you are so sweet :-)
bundydb I'll tell you all a story about the Joker and The Thief in the night
StonyTunes ROCK THE CRADLE OF LOVE - Billy Idol -!- All U BlipStars Amaze Me - Thnq All 4A Wonderful Time - Rock On - Be Happy - Ceyawenimlookinatya :-)(-;
ZiraZeta Vi@crosby vi@Karuna (of course ;) * Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch (reblip)
lub the heliocentrics star ;)
Burgers Right back at you babe! Happy Day! hey hotties.....@klitoria (reblip)
crispast omg..i have to rb!! (no more props for you today!)@andregbar! (reblip)
rumore modernos los papas de muchos
evablue actually, i'm still groggy... will do the standard coffee song set to wake up.
vaniakg [Def Leppard – Photograph]
lub well done @bendrix, thanks!! & now, relax yourself... party time!!!! check this crazy video ;) (reblip)
organicsue The Boy With A Moon & Star On His Head.......
ZiraZeta Vi@djwttw BEAUTIFUL! * Snow Patrol - The Planets Bend Between Us (reblip)
KillerQueen Like an ancient day and I'm on trial. Let them seize the way, this once was an island...

BeirutThe Penalty

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Will_the_bloke Manchester UK band ... The Answering Machine – Lightbulbs
Cooper_Designs ... @caryseen reminded me of this Lenny Kravitz's tune... probably my favorite of his...
Atomik Mel C. – I turn to You (Remix)
Gaz50 John Lennon - Woman


| play

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

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crispast sure!@LexiePixie:)i've been in Athens, Delphi and Peloponnese & i loved your moussaka!@adbert: i'm fine, just a bit sick:(..but nothing can stop me!U?
ZiraZeta I do find interesting little gems when I'm searching for other songs. * Lykke Li - Little Bit (Villains Remix)
Burgers ♥♥♥Oh Yeah! I love thos song...can't get enough it! Great Energy!♥♥♥
ZiraZeta One of my fave bands. They used to practice in my friend's garage. * Collective Soul - December
jvs Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) - Concerto grosso Op. 6 Nr. 8 G-dur 'per la Notte di Natale' (1713)
ZiraZeta I love this chick so much! * Lykke Li - Hanging High
ZiraZeta Anything featuring Lykke Li deserves a listen. * Kanye West feat. Lykke Li & Santogold – Gifted (reblip)
Huldine mal wieder ein bisschen schwung in der hüttn!
Jalapeno I'm going to say Goodnight And Go.. I'm really tired.. until tomorrow.. love this song.. Can't wait to blip new stuff from @imogenheap
threebears at least a month since I blipped this & STILL no sex for Ben ... they've had all this time and haven't sorted the situation ...
Kamillae I'm in a emo/screamo mood but planning to be in a giggly pop mood tonight

Shakira - Whenever Whereever

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anebulosa @redeft lovely ;) today ill upload some stuff, ill show you ;D (reblip)
evablue this is a new upload. thanks to whomever put it up. metric set list:
anebulosa #420@joeparrie thanx!tonight the monkey dies (reblip)


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Cooper_Designs ... great Berlin track...

Berlin (gr8fl)Sex

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Jalapeno Gotta run out the door & get my 4 yo.. busy afternoon.. be back tonight blippers.. have a great day.. laters :)
Jalapeno Hold on loosely But don't let go..
anebulosa all the lonely people :~


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Atomik think its clearing up outside...back to work. Love y'all later.
StonyTunes ROCK THE CRADLE OF LOVE - Billy Idol ~ BlipStars U are Wonderful - Bin A TOP TIME - C U and Thnq - Rock ON - Be Happy - for a GR8 Week on its way :-)
crispast [non vuol sognare nulla stanotte] io si..ciao and rb@hecyra ciao@mellomatic and @rkmonkey! (reblip)
HipMama Interstate Love Song, Stone Temple Pilots.
evablue i predict i will be late so i goes now. bye bye. :)
threebears This remains my fave Gutter Twins track and this version is way better and cleaner than the one I've just blipped ... so I shall unblip that last ..
DJJazzyJacq I will see you later tonight people off to see if Britains Got more talent (or not)
vaniakg [The Eagles – Desperado]

The EaglesDesperado

| play
vaniakg [The Rolling Stones – Out Of Time]
starmunki now i know i've got away... catch y'all later...xox
crispast ..time to go!! see you my friends! rb@storylet! (reblip)
Burgers ♥♥♥ I hope I do....You guys & gals rock mine♥♥♥
morningtide tonight the music seems so loud / I wish that we could lose the crowd
OneLuvGurl Last #80s blip. A shout out to a fav 80's movie. Goonies!
Huldine good morning, the sun is back in wuerzburg ... dann geht`s gleich auch zu den pferden...
anne_n 10-9-8 and I'm breaking away, I'm all dressed up and I'm ready to play
vaniakg ♫...Save tonight and fight the break of dawn/Come tomorrow/ tomorrow I'll be gone...♫ G'NIGHT!!!
ZiraZeta Vi@crosby vi@losquinternato This chica has good taste in music! * Interpol - No In In Threesome (reblip)
threebears I want a Bombay Bicycle. quote'n'rblip @adamkristo ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
tubilino buenos días (o mejor tardes) // good mornig! :)
klitoria for @GR8FL....@Cosmika (hope you are better today)...
evablue they should put her music in a bond movie

12 New Day

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ahoova your gotta get back to the place where you can be free again
lauraw after the last few days of brill weather... am so looking forward to the summertime coming...
ladypn Thank ALL of you, for the great music & for your ear! Have to run & get SOMETHING done today! ;)

05 Thank You Too

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DareToEatAPeach But to be fair, Blondie owes a little something to Joan Jett & Lita Ford's little gang, the Runaways [Cherry Bomb]
evoland Happy weekend and a lot of blues @NeedBlues2Live
rylab SO under-appreciated. Hugely influential to a lot of current indie rock, even if only on a subconscious level.
Hnomad special olympics bowler: "i can beat the president"

The Mae ShiPWND

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lausen Last blip goes to Stan Getz: I remember when

Intergalactic (Daz The Dominant Remix)

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