2Tall rb @AleBourg -- i wish more songs spoke to my heart like this..... (reblip)
2Tall rb @Hachimon --- Bring That beat back !!! (reblip)

E-SassinThe Enemy

| play
2Tall rb@WIGSTA:@me > this woman must have sniffed Bondi beaches finest LOL (reblip)

Dubshroom Skanking!!

| play
2Tall rb@MaxK: "wird zeit für ein tänzchen, wiederschaun. see you"> very nice deep house selection Max! (reblip)
2Tall rb@lillianwong: "Chillin Buddha Lounge Beats – Blood and Fire @letitride2 @me @sunyata"> I am all about this ....... (reblip)
2Tall country – unocerouno @pbriggsiam @Baja_ > some nice melodic beats


| play
2Tall Aphrodite – Q Flutes [HD] >.full song with no buffering interruptions
2Tall rb@oaktree: "for @2Tall hope all is well :)"> thanks, how is Portugal? (reblip)
2Tall Blu Mar Ten – By The Time My Light Reaches You I'll Be Gone @MsMercurial who always has such sweet things to say ;)
2Tall rb@4V4L0N: "Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix) | Have a good holiday! @techsgift @Sensa111 @me" > and you as well (reblip)
2Tall Nikola Gala & Chris Mozio – Break The Rules > deep house music @djrynna
2Tall : "Lexicon Avenue – Here I Am (Rutabaga mix) @Translucent @QueenyKay @gusone @Noushe @DJ_DanceMix > deephouse banger" (reblip)
2Tall rb@MsMercurial: "Instant RB vi@Dixit -->Delorean : Deli" > i like this tune as well ;) (reblip)
2Tall rb@solid_au: "ooohh jazzzzz. niiiice. @LaKarune @ZOEBOE @Corts @djilo (heya bruv) @bduubz @WIGSTA @me" > love it ! (reblip)
2Tall rb@o_oh: "@Chekkov nice ... moin der herr :)"> this is erotic ! (reblip)
2Tall Scopes – Digital Skank #dubstep

ScopesDigital Skank

| play
2Tall Maurizio Miceli – Landing @DJ_DanceMix @elae @MrThompsonR >. i have been playing a lot of deep house > i am really feelin this track

Francesco Tristano Strings Of Life Apparat Remix

| play
2Tall BoogieTherapy – Jamanta Crew Live At KZA Rio De Janeiro 01/2007 @MrThompsonR @djilo @droolius
2Tall Shlomi Aber – Blonda (Funk D Void Remix) >deep house @Snowblood
ambientocclusion East, West, South Pole...I am open to suggestions:) reply@2Tall: "You are very lucky . are you into the hottest Eastern beats?"
2Tall Redeyes and Kush feat Sks – Closer To U > Good vibe dnb @Hachimon @Sensa111 @JuniperBEET @bexible @oracle2024 @elae > Warm sounds on a cold day :)
2Tall rb @Keith_Seekwhence >great tune ,> bought this in 1996 > going on my playlist ! (reblip)

Attica BluesBlueprint

| play
2Tall Specifinis – Eagles Prey - Tonto's drum (Lexicon Avenue remix) @JessicaCha > welcome new listener
2Tall rb@DjMANOTAS: "#DubStep Hold on 2ya fitt3d on tis wan. .@2Tall @Kayo @Sensa111 @oracle2024 @JunoIt @Klangphase --- killin em with this G (reblip)


| play
2Tall rb@oracle2024: "Lov it!! passin 2 @MedeaVIII@2Tall@Ubqtous.....vi@honeybunny: "▁▂▃▄ <~~PUMP UP THE VOLUME"" --- DOPE!!! (reblip)
2Tall REWIND@oracle2024: "@me (reblip)

Eschaton -Tao (Re-dream)

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2Tall liquid funk @AnotherLeaker @MrThompsonR @technogiant -- welcome new listener

Concept & Shnek "Bedford Ave" ft. DJ Crum Westbay International 004

| play
2Tall rb@Hachimon: "@2Tall Phil's cool man! lol" ... Phil was The Man in 86 LOL (reblip)


| play
2Tall @Fluffyboots -- thank you, currently on heavy rotation -- Kyro-Dark Devotion DNB -- enjoy the rest of your weekend

KyroDark Devotion

| play
2Tall rb@DjMANOTAS: "#DubStep <-eat it up! Ayo browskis tell le bass haterz how's goin' down.@WIGSTA@2Tall@oracle2024 > RUB A DUB DUB PLATE ! (reblip)
2Tall Kormix – Mood Of Deep (Chris Mil Dub) @djilo hey Danny
2Tall rb@zoja01: "rb@HecticEcclectic: @yuuhi_hajime: "iTunes play Björk - Cover Me (Dillinja Mix)" #nowplaying" >PENG!!! (reblip)
2Tall NAS - SURVIVING THE TIMES - LIONDUB & MARCUS VISIONARY REMIX @Sensa111 @faithlesshaze @oracle2024 @bexible @Hachimon> hope you have a great weekend
2Tall rb @beatmassa > never heard this track before . love it !!! (reblip)
MrThompsonR aural float – switchin' the wave of thought> Good evening Mr. @2Tall
2Tall rb @chibisangst . nice, never heard this before :) (reblip)

MiloshThe city

| play
2Tall rb@treakiepop: "I need some rock now :) Heyy@2Tall@hawk_pl"> do not pull a Charlie Sheen on me LO> pass to @BluJulius (reblip)

Kelpe - Walking - Tweeeeakl

| play
2Tall rb@MrThompsonR: "ruxpin – midnight drive> @2Tall Good evening Sir!" > and what a fine evening it is Ronnie. (reblip)
2Tall Aphex Twin – Blue Calx (Selected Ambient Works)


| play
busto OK this is VERY worth while investment of 60 minutes of your time... interesting mix by skrewy@LadyLambda@WIGSTA@SmoothDubz@Miee@2Tall@DoubleCheese (reblip)
2Tall PAYDAY MONSANTO – NO Monsanto (New World Order) hip hop @Translucent > MONSANTO IS MY MOST DESPISED COMPANY IN THE WORLD!
2Tall XentriX – Byzantia > Fresh off the press, Eastern dnb action --@elae @MedeaVIII @Hachimon @Sensa111 @skreama @OriKaL @bou
2Tall DJ Ike – Balkany Spiewaja - Pozic Mamo Raz (DJ Ike Remix) @Translucent @Baja_ @Sensa111 > tasty beats!
2Tall Hinojosa & Zambrano – Porno (Spanish) @xxxAdryxxx
2Tall rb@DjMANOTAS: "SFC in da casa! @.DZBadMan CHON DROPPA! @WIGSTA.@2Tall.@OriKaL letz blaz3 our on bass trail> far ahead & beyond reachO:" (reblip)


| play
2Tall Bina Assassins Crew & NKM – Do Again @BluJulius @Sensa111 @elae @WIGSTA @bexible @JuniperBEET @OriKaL @DjMANOTAS > that is more like it !!!
2Tall rb@naomi_u: "Siriusmo triptych! 1/3" >love it! (reblip)
2Tall Rodragon - Om Eli Eli (Inkzvolte Club Remix)
2Tall Drumagick-Damas (Sambass Remix) @tikal > My cousin Cielo is Chicano

Drumagick-Damas (Sambass Remix)

| play
2Tall aminoacidz – 05 - MJ Cole - Sincere > nice remix of this
2Tall Nacho Marco – The Secret

Nacho MarcoThe Secret

| play
2Tall @hator > Oscillist – Thrown To The Wolves >thanks for the link
2Tall @DJ_DanceMix, when you get off work, i will be working to get off -- LMFAO :)
2Tall David Forbes & Alan Nimmo – Samui >trippy progressive house @Sandalicious @tikal @BluJulius @LeYa @Dawnrazor > cheers!
2Tall rb @fivem5 > cool tune, never hear this before! (reblip)

AddledWhere Am I

| play
2Tall rb@Sensa111: i know a few people that wouldn't mind a secret or not so secret liaison with @JuniperBEET :) (reblip)

Source Direct 'Secret Liaison'

| play
2Tall Habersham – Transparent Sound [Silinder Remix]
2Tall aminoacidz – 05 - MJ Cole - Sincere
2Tall Million Stylez, Boj Lucki & Ljudas – Fade away
xigli Seekae – Void


| play
MrThompsonR Collective Sound Members – A Touch Of Jazz> Hello Mr. @2Tall
2Tall rb@pbriggsiam: ":) The sun dips below a building as my work day starts to come to a close." . on the $$$ (reblip)

AimLet The Funk Ride

| play
2Tall Briskey – Le désir de l'autre @HaLaN
2Tall Briskey – Illicit Liaison @LaHaine > something else good for the weekend ;)
2Tall Erik Truffaz & Sly – La Mouche @MrThompsonR @LaHaine @naku >from the treasure trove of fine French beats ;)
2Tall Unity – I love You (Ben Watt blackness of night remix).wmv
2Tall Helios – First Dream Called Ocean (Stray Remix) @MissMarian > another tune from Med school
2Tall take it where you want to go ...........

Alaska & ParadoxMauja

| play
2Tall Cozy Creatures – Lonely Nights (Jori Hulkkonen remix) @treakiepop >i have a beautiful black cat as well, her name is Una, she is turning 17 in June :)
2Tall rb@loid: "hey @rtn thanks for tuning in, this one is for you!" .> FRESH !!! > nice sound blending ! (reblip)

ClubrootDust Storm

| play
2Tall G-pal – aegan sea @mark_till @HaLaN @fonologo > thanks!

G-palaegan sea

| play
2Tall @aprildax > i am into global awareness about human slavery,genocide, wars, drugs, corrupt companies............ >5 million dead in the Congo WTF?

(12) Sequential Hernan Cattaneo cd 1

| play
2Tall rb@MsMercurial: "Flying Lotus : Sangria Spin Cycles..."> i like Flying Lotus too ;) (reblip)
2Tall rb @Maigo > never heard this before=Nice (reblip)

Gunnar BjerkBack Then

| play
2Tall B-Complex vs. Spank Rock – Bumpin' B-Complex @WunderTwinPowersActivate > maybe this is what you had in mind ??
2Tall No Diggity (Kasper DnB Remix) by Blackstreet @queenzgoddess @honeygirl @nicklokes @OliviaRed @WunderTwinPowersActivate

No Diggity (Kasper DnB Remix) by Blackstreet

| play
2Tall rb@MsMercurial: "Inspired by @Hex97 ->Autechre :444"> i bought this in1995! (reblip)


| play
2Tall rb@letitride2: "thanks I often enjoy your spins @2Tall Roberto Procaccini – Under Control (Original Mix)" (reblip)
2Tall Snow Ghosts – Where The Wild Horses (Black Acre Records) @faithlesshaze @amphore @BeNine
Hachimon @2Tall: Hope your weekend is going well, how ya feelin'?
2Tall DJ Marky & Makoto – Get 2 This
2Tall rb@serpicocobra2: "Going back deep house memory lane" >i love deep house music>this is brilly (reblip)
2Tall rb@ViralStyles: "Hot stuff...come and get it @bydefault @craigz @FUNKOMAT @2Tall @MsMercurial @Naestopaz (recommended by SYFFAL)">you are on Fiyah!!! (reblip)


| play
2Tall rb@MrThompsonR: "Hello Mr. @2Tall (Daughter Darling – Broken Bridge)">feeling this one :) (reblip)
2Tall Tear You Down – Brookes Brothers
2Tall Graham & Blades – Funky Summa (Andy Page Mix)
2Tall Chris Montana vs Denis The Menace – Spanish Hustle (Chris Moody Remix) @BluJulius > Hey playa !
2Tall rb@inorganik: "Drop the Pressure" >nice groove on this! Banger! (reblip)
2Tall Ferdy & Edwin Mulder – 45 Avenue [Pete Gust Mix]
2Tall rb@Cansei_DeSer_Sexy: "@olivertwisty@cestcecilia: "I'm in love with a prostitute... just like jesus <<<THIS IS AWESOME!!! (reblip)

Seuil & dOP-Prostitute (Visionquest Remix)

| play
2Tall PUSHY "Melody Gun"

PUSHY "Melody Gun"

| play
2Tall Sleazy McQueen – Fantasy (John Larner's Deep Sexy Remix)
2Tall Marcus Intalex feat. SPY – Celestial Navigation @Hachimon > good afternoon Lee
2Tall Gremlinz & Rumbleton – Jaro 88 [HD] >Beat barbarians !!! #elevated
2Tall Tali feat. More Like Trees – 21 Questions @flutterflyaway > truly Vanessa = thanks for answering, it means a lot to me. This cover is phenomenal :)
2Tall Kruse & Nurnberg feat. G-Tech – Mirror Wall (Scope Remix)
2Tall Shiva Soundsystem - Tubla Ethics (D-Code Remix) @OriKaL
2Tall Gazzara – The Spirit of Summer (Dave Warrin Remix) @bduubz
2Tall rb@Tinkle: "Mc Solaar – Solaar pleure VERSUS No Money & Proktah - Delirium ft. Mc Coppa [remix DnB]-@me >o my goody goody gosh ! watch the ride :) (reblip)
2Tall Office Ekiti – Sam Riddick - "Dear Tomorrow" Produced by Caalamus & Dj Nu Day
2Tall Maceo Plex – Vibe Your Love (Zev's Southern Sunrise Rework)
2Tall Numaads – Now (Robot Koch Remix) @Tinkle @flutterflyaway @faithlesshaze >the fresh sound
2Tall rb@EFR56: @2Tall / Arovane - Lilies - 2004" >i am getting better, thanks for asking :) (reblip)

Arovane- Lilies

| play
2Tall i used to read The Adventures of Frog and Toad, when i was a kid :)

DJ Frane04 - Toad

| play
2Tall rb@JAE82: "Curren$y-Scottie Pippen feat Freddie Gibbs @me > this is the best thing i have heard since Freeway > PENG !! > Great Find sir. (reblip)
2Tall Side Effect – Abyss >dnb released on Fokuz May 9th > @etsu101 >i know you like the fresh tunes i send you :)

Side EffectAbyss

| play
2Tall african chidren.80s Casual remix @flutterflyaway > i want to see this movie called The Bang Bang Club (about a group of war photographers in Africa )

african chidren.....aswad....80s Casual remix

| play
2Tall rb@lillianwong: "Chinese Man ft White Jive – Ordinary Man (Official Video) @seb098 @letitride2 @2Tall @Audi420 @sunyata">Amazing Video, Thanks Lillian (reblip)
2Tall almighty rock son – check my steez
2Tall Tim Wolff – Does That Count? (Taras van de Voorde remix) >deep house @djbrianvega
2Tall rb@mondomedeusah: "sutro heights"> this sounds great in my headphones :) (reblip)

mondomedeusah musique : sutro heights

| play
2Tall Jaytech – Pepe's Garden (Air Up There Remix) @Katsedan > welcome new listener
2Tall Rockwell – Aria > don't give up yet >dope dnb


| play
2Tall ReggaeRoast – Evolution Dub Remix @Hachimon >hello Lee :)
2Tall HoT – Policeman and Soldiers >ragga jungle
2Tall Modu – Can't get enough [Free Download] >new dnb just released @BeNine @Tinkle @OriKaL @WIGSTA @BluJulius
2Tall open Invitation To Hell > who wants to come ?
2Tall rb@madpeter: "Plej – Blue (A Different Shade Of Blue Akufen Rmx)">you are playing some great tunes!!! DOPE choices sir.!!! (reblip)
2Tall rb@madpeter: "Thanks @2Tall @mark_till / markus masuhr – Zzzzra - licorne sans corne [markus masuhr remix]"YW >i love deephouse :) (reblip)
2Tall rb@MsMercurial: "Best Coast : Boyfriend <Ghostwaves RMX> --->Happy Saturday @2Tall @westham999 @OriKaL @skreama @shouxing @bexible">Thanks Nix :) (reblip)
2Tall Nick Muir – Savin You @flutterflyaway >Hi Vanessa, i have really been enjoying the pics in your blog recently. ---- your friend Ted

Nick MuirSavin You

| play
2Tall rb@ZONE: "Koyla ft. Amalia – Angels Calling (Miguel Graca Pronto Soul Mix)">deep and funky !! YESSSSS! (reblip)
2Tall rb@BluJulius: "whoa mickey likes it(adding @2Tall@SevenTenths@MsMercurial)@yfr: "some nu bass outta Cali tyvm @BluJulius"" >Straight pimpin ! (reblip)
2Tall rb@eraser: ""☈☈☈☈☈ Proff ☈☈☈☈☈ My Personal Summer (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep] ☈☈☈☈☈☈☈☈☈☈☈☈☈"> and the drums PUMP 1234 ! (reblip)
2Tall rb @ZONE > Anton McGarvey – The pre sweat club mix  > some great deep house for @cinka @eraser @ishibutsu @letitride2 @VayVay @Tinkle @bduubz @djilo
2Tall rb@letitride2: "John Tejada – Sweat (On The Walls) @missjosie @2Tall">hot in here ! (reblip)
2Tall rb@ECHO5: "X rated ..lets get into some real bad things.. @djilo @ZONE @HaLaN @2Tall ">Triple A club member All About Ass (tits are nice too) (reblip)
2Tall Hustle Audio – Eastcolors - The M Galaxy - Definitions LP >dnb
2Tall Tricky – 10 Abbaon Fat Tracks Live Belfort 99 @winukomi @djilo @Tinkle @faithlesshaze > how was your trek today?
2Tall rb @Bob_ > nice, not sure if i heard this before..... (reblip)

InuA crowded place

| play
2Tall Mos Def – Oh No (John B Heavy Weight Remix) @bexible > for the driven woman :)
2Tall rb @nymf >great pick ! (reblip)

cold lights feat. four tet 'she just likes to fight'

| play
2Tall D&D Allstars – 1, 2 Pass it (DJ Premier remix) > for the graf masta from B-Ham @OriKaL
2Tall The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination – Kula World @Hachimon @sunyata @BluJulius @Twinkle > jazzy big beats for the big beast of suburban media
2Tall Cocteau Twins] Cherry Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix) @obz > where in Canada are you from?

[Cocteau Twins] Cherry Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix)

| play
rinzwin "NNEKA – Africans" (reblip)


| play
2Tall rb@faithlesshaze: "@2Tall I will, promise me you'll do the same? ;)"> Yes, that is a promise i can keep ;) (reblip)
2Tall rb @Natatat > great choon :) > this is goin on the playlist (reblip)
2Tall rb@die_Kalte: "perfectly seasoned actually. v_v">nice sounds (reblip)
2Tall rb@liil: "High Tone - Dehli,Katmandu"> you have a great station !!! (reblip)
2Tall rb@MrThompsonR: "@Chickee @djilo @2Tall @DJLOPZ @djtympanic {Bhon & Elaquent – Ode to the Populus"> more dope cuts ! (reblip)
2Tall rb@MrThompsonR: "Cmy – "The Truth & The Lie" @2Tall >with tracks like these, no wonder you have a 10k badge..... (reblip)
2Tall telluricrecs – PLACE 42 - Telluric Spring 2011 Promo Mix
2Tall Florin H – Sampling Your Love (Original Mix).wmv @SylentSyd > something tasty for you
2Tall rb@Ninette: "°" >this is really cool, never heard this before . (reblip)
2Tall dannyLO – Skankin Ting @ZOEBOE >good evening friend :)
2Tall Seba – "Painted Sky" (Panjabi Architect's Heavy Rotation Remix)> somethin special 4 : @faithlesshaze @BeNine @Twinkles @OriKaL @hator@Ewka @nymf @rvf
2Tall rb @kooi > this is some great stuff = right to the playlist :) (reblip)
2Tall Bachelors Of Science Feat. Audio Angel – Nobodys Fault (Young Ax Remix)
2Tall The Rolling Stones – Beast Of Burden
2Tall Polska – Summertare @Twinkles > thanks Nics @Ewka


| play
2Tall Foreign Concept – Jaipur > dnb released today @etsu101

Foreign ConceptJaipur

| play
state1848 muah : ) kisses @2Tall: "@state1848 > hey sweetheart this is 4 you :) > Got It Goin On – Corduroy Mavericks" (reblip)
2Tall rb@EFR56: "Thx! RB@VinylHuntress: "another one by Prince @EFR56 / The Time – 777-9311 - 1982">this is some serious funky shit !! great find !!! (reblip)

The Time777-9311

| play
2Tall Cosmic Boogie – Feel It @EFR56 >some funkiness 4 you @MyAngels @makinloverite >positive vibes :)
2Tall rb @plugas >never heard this before > PENG! (reblip)

Mum- Please Sing My Spring (Arovane AMX)

| play
2Tall quand je suis dans la chambre me voulez-vous dans le style du serpent ?@faithlesshaze >

ChamberSnake Style

| play
2Tall Fat Joe Ft. Ashanti – Whats Love (DBX Bassline Remix) @state1848 @threecs @queenzgoddess @CatfishFriend >put it on ya girl
2Tall Bomb the Bass & Lali Puna – Clearcut (Amstel Mix By Christian Kleine) @honeygirl @MissMarian
2Tall Colours – The Guitar Track (Silicon Soul Dark Room Dub Mix) >progressive house
2Tall Josh One & King Britt – Contemplation (King Britt Funke Remix)
2Tall Big Bud – Lady Sing The Blues @Ewka > how are you doing today friend ?
2Tall Seuil – Lost In The Soul Shower @Translucent >active bass to move your feet @MaxK @pclovinU @720MEDIA @state1848 @threecs @LoveForX @Chieki
2Tall rb@LadyLambda: "A nice chill tune for you [Seismix & Cahb – Space] @2Tall" >thanks LadyL :) (reblip)

Seismix & CahbSpace

| play
2Tall Ceeker - Body Rocker (Carly-D & Dr.Knobz Remix) @WIGSTA @bexible @CatfishFriend @JuniperBEET > a bit of craziness in a GREAT way :)
2Tall KASIO - Best of Soundcloud Mix - Bassdrive.com > @etsu101 @Ewka >thought you would enjoy this :)
2Tall Robert Fabian – Sungod (Kaiben Remix) @OriKaL > hi Orik, sorry that i cant reply to all your messages. i have been very busy in the last week.
2Tall Tribe of Issachar – Wardance (Serial Killaz VIP Remix) @LilIvy @BeNine @Twinkles @DjMANOTAS @WIGSTA > propah tingz hear me !
2Tall rb@tikal: "@2Tall I thought so :D" YESSS > that is the fuckin raw uncut right there !!! (reblip)

KrinjahLighta Blend

| play
2Tall Subterranean rhythms vol1 (kenflow remix) @missjosie @beastie_girl @BeNine > i am doing well:)
2Tall shake that ass and bounce those tits !!!!!
2Tall Cristian Paduraru – Boldly Sacrifice > progressive breaks , released July 1st @marcelovs > welcome new listener
2Tall Elastic Fish And Daniel Man – God Save The Breaks @MissMarian
2Tall Khyan ft. Alex Herbert - Kalahari @MissMarian @djilo > you have been propped out 4 today danny :) > enjoy this melodic goodness
2Tall Kidboy-The Culture feat. Ohmega Watts (Peruvian Mix) @Twinkles @DJLOPZ @MrThompsonR @HaLaN > i thought you would enjoy this SouthAm flava

Kidboy-The Culture feat. Ohmega Watts (Peruvian Mix)

| play
2Tall science dept featuring erire-breathe(lexicon ave vocal mix) @letitride2 @lillianwong @LilIvy @lalke @DarkLady @tanzanite @treakiepop @Translucent

science dept featuring erire-breathe(lexicon ave vocal mix)renaissance rec 2001

| play
2Tall rb@lillianwong: "Sexy Sushi – Sex Appeal...from the Sushi Club @2Tall">NIN or 7 foot Swordfish LOL (reblip)

Sexy SushiSex Appeal

| play
2Tall Foul Play-Open Your Mind,Foul Play remix.Sh29r @BeNine > i think this is the one you wanted ????

Foul Play-Open Your Mind,Foul Play remix.Sh29r

| play
2Tall Proceed V (Da Beatminerz Remix)-The Roots @Horrorgeek> hey playa

Proceed V (Da Beatminerz Remix)-The Roots

| play
2Tall AZ Feat. Miss Jones – Sugar Hill @DarkLady @tikal @BeNine > i fuckin luv this tune @ZOEBOE @axefield
2Tall Dinka & Lizzie Curious – Green Leaf [Progressive]
2Tall rb@ZONE: "Woman of Cairo @amphore :))" >Zone, i love your station :) (reblip)

TARHANA Remix ft. ZAR Woman of Cairo, Egypt by Alex Simu

| play
2Tall rb@elae: "@2Tall hey hon - hope the summer is treating you well..."> very good so far, and you? (reblip)
2Tall rb @OriKaL > another good one :0 (reblip)


| play
2Tall rb @0ncaria >great pick, this is one of the most under rated dnb producers ! (reblip)
2Tall rb@UnsweetenedCaroline: "Ganja Kru - Ain't No Playa (Jay Z Feat. Foxy Brown) #d&b">love this classic joint! (reblip)

Ganja Kru Ain't No Playa (Jay Z Featuring Foxy Brown)

| play
2Tall Mr le Baron – Baby Blue >deep house released today @letitride2 @elae >nice vibes on this :)
2Tall Mr le Baron – Mwana @o_oh > are you reading any cool books?
2Tall Kung Fu Breaks.wmv @Bako >welcome new listener

Kung Fu Breaks.wmv

| play
2Tall Brookes Brothers & Danny Byrd – Paperchase @faithlesshaze @elae @o_oh @720MEDIA @tikal @ZOEBOE @JuniperBEET @bexible @Ewka >just some good-vibe dnb
2Tall Breakbeat Heartbeat - Ice And Snow @Translucent @Twinkles @BeNine @skreama @HaLaN @pbriggsiam @Snord @MsMercurial > a bit of melodic craziness

Breakbeat Heartbeat - Ice And Snow

| play
2Tall The Force – World of Dub @faithlesshaze ...here is some raggga jungle craziness for you :)

The ForceWorld of Dub

| play
2Tall Pion-Make it @letitride2 > deep house released July 12th
2Tall Meng Qi – DnB in the rain (Naibu remix) @faithlesshaze > a rainy summer where you are, this track is something i think you will really like :)
2Tall throbbing gristle-catholic sex >angelic lust

throbbing gristle-catholic sex

| play
2Tall BJORK Possibly Maybe (Calcutta Cyber Cafe Dub Mix) @Nicoline > this is 4 you :)

BJORK Possibly Maybe (Calcutta Cyber Cafe Dub Mix)

| play
2Tall BJORK Possibly Maybe (Calcutta Cyber Cafe Dub Mix) >playin tis again @Twinklezz >Hi Nicole ;)

BJORK Possibly Maybe (Calcutta Cyber Cafe Dub Mix)

| play
2Tall Trent Cantarelle & Faarseed – Sushi (Low End Specialists Remix) >progressive house @letitride2 @EFR56
2Tall rb @Gioca > i love the global rhythms............. (reblip)

Jack DeJohnette & Foday Musa Suso - Ocean Wave

| play
2Tall rb @Gioca >this is the sound that is a music lovers dream ;) (reblip)

Tunde Williams & The Africa 70 - Mr. Big Mouth (Gioca)

| play
2Tall Bassheads – Is There Anybody Out There? (Hardfloor Remix)
2Tall Coil – The Angelic Conversations - 02 Enochian Calling
2Tall rb@ambientocclusion: "Is there a Mr. Jynx? #fridaybeats">i think there is a Jynx Jr. (reblip)
2Tall Mr Beatnick – I know all the bitches feat. Ahu (Bullion Remix) @Foudefafa @MrThompsonR @djtympanic @BluJulius >all of em !
2Tall COMMAND STRANGE - FOKUZ PODCAST #2 @emilybear >thanks for my 40 000th prop ;) this dnb mix is for you Em ;)
2Tall Martin Laksberg – Cyclone @MrThompsonR >Ronnie, here are some crazy nu-jazz beats 4 you !!!
2Tall Guido Sava & Matias Larrosa – Don't You Mind (Original Mix) - >from ARG @DJKatalina >it must have been very beautiful to go to ARG ;)
2Tall Break & Die – Slow down >fresh dnb @emilybear

Break & DieSlow down

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2Tall BLUE SKIES (FACING JINX & PHILTH) @StreamItRadio >more of that good stuff >cheers
EFR56 <3 ~ Ekova – Sabura (Desert Delight Remix) - Soft Breeze & Tsunami Breaks - 1999
2Tall Lexicon Avenue – Here I Am (Rutabaga Mix. French Vocal) @LaHaine @faithlesshaze @letitride2 > deep house shades
2Tall Heltah Skeltah – Lefluer Leflah Eshkoshka @BluJulius @AbsoluteVenus @DangerDrew > big up !
2Tall rb@djilo: "Check this collab :) @2Tall .... Luke Vibert & Jean-Jacques Perrey - You Moog Me">all over this !!! (reblip)
2Tall Jamie Lidell – A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert Mix) for danny @djilo :)
2Tall Smote – Its My Sound >taking your soul where it wants to go ..........

SmoteIts My Sound

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2Tall Mickey Finn & Aphrodite – AWOL (VIP mix) classic joints @BeNine @emilybear @BluJulius @JuniperBEET @OriKaL
2Tall J Bostron – On My Mind >ragga jungle
2Tall Wondertronix – Dance (Lack Of Afro Remix) @djilo @EvangelinaElliott @MrThompsonR @Heike @DJDANYA > have a great day
2Tall Killa Volume - happy -- new dnb released yesterday
2Tall LATIN HOUSE for the hot summer nights >>>Peven Everett – I Can't Believe I Loved Her (Giv' Me Sum' Beat Mix) 2002 @Lilynight @djilo @EvangelinaElliott
2Tall James Zabiela + Elke Kleijn = The Way That You Are Human (lospikka Mash Up)

James Zabiela + Elke Kleijn = The Way That You Are Human (lospikka Mash Up)

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2Tall @Translucent > my dad was a Buddhist for 40 years and went to the monastery of Melarepa 9 days each way by donkey through the Himalayas
2Tall SECT feat. Ben Westbeech- In The Park (from Soul Clap / Wolf + Lamb DJ-Kicks)
2Tall Tried by 12 (Autechre Mix) >this one is for you S. @faithlesshaze >where is your destination ?

Tried by 12 (Autechre Mix)

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2Tall @JazzmYn >here is another beautiful tune for you for your listening pleasure Asma :)
2Tall J-Electric – Latin Beats (Orginal Mix) @honeygirl >goodnight girl, thanks for sharing your time with me, it was fun. My name is Ted
2Tall rb@Twinklezz: "Chemical Brothers – Galvanize (Eskalation DnB Remix)- never heard this nix b4@2Tall@BeNine">killer!!! (reblip)
2Tall rb@formalhaut: "cheers ;) @2Tall people can do the work so that machines have time to think" > as well as cats :) (reblip)
2Tall James Silk – Voices @EvangelinaElliott > hey sunshine :)

James SilkVoices

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2Tall Cassius – The Sound Of Violence (Narcotic Thrust Remix)
2Tall Brother Foster : Key East @Foudefafa @HaLaN @Snord @BluJulius > jazzed out bliss

Brother Foster : Key East

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2Tall rb@amphore: "Soosh – How it feels by lapalux (soosh hydrate mix)" > rivers of immersion (reblip)
2Tall Aphex Twin – Rhubarb >insp by @emilybear > i own this > great pick !

Aphex TwinRhubarb

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2Tall aminoacidz – 05 - MJ Cole - Sincere @EvangelinaElliott > a beautiful remix for you that puts a smile on my face :0
2Tall Flamenkito boom_boom.>insp by @djilo > here is one of my fav flamenco blends > i find women that are part French and part Mexican are stunning

Flamenkito boom_boom. flamenco break beat.(Dj Tapone Rimex) 2007

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2Tall Cassius – My feeling for you
2Tall Tycho – Past Is Prologue (James Zabiela Essential Mix Cut) @HaLaN
2Tall Andy Skopes – Kung Fu Hustle @lillianwong
2Tall Seba – Welcome To Our World >liquid dnb rollers @Natayla > welcome new listener
2Tall rb@letitride2: "That tune was amazing, thanks Dan RP @djilo Deep House / Booka Shade – Night Falls">tasty nice1 Paul :) (reblip)
2Tall Sascha Dive – Drums Of The Jungle (Dub) @formalhaut > hello friend > deep house released today on Deep Vibes Germany
intinet automat rb >>@Alvaroxx: "Interpol – [Untitled]..." (reblip)
2Tall Show me love – High Contrast (Remix) @emilybear > thought you would enjoy this ;) special tune for you cute one ;)