marcos2204 ahora si apoya la espalda y cerra los ojos...
thewrongirl En un lunes hay que entrar suave y de puntillas... Mi preferida de Lori Meyers
Flower give me a reason to love you...
Flower Linda intro xa piano@marcos2204 "Just to sleep underneath your bed"
binaria "Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind, possessing and caressing me."
Flower the sweetest

Lauren Hill fugees the sweetest thing

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Flower ole ole ole ole jaime, jaime!! ý nosotros con tantos cables...
marcos2204 sin duda son buenos, mira el clima q proponen aca bicho, susurrando espero
ray Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill break it down ...
petersebastian Are we really living or just walking dead now? Or dreaming of a hope riding the wings of angels The way we live The way we die
petersebastian this is the last one. goodnight boys and girls
Flower y me acuerdo de él proximamente en Bs. As.
jrutter oohh

lauren hill - fugees - cant take my eyes off of you

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Annamira .. Eiaeiaeiae.. eiaeiaeio.. ouuu..

Zap MamaMupepe

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glueandglitter Cat on a tin roof/Dogs in a pile/Nothin left to do but smile, smile, smile!
AbsinthEve For my son Haven who wanted to grow up to be a beastie boy...It reminds me of listening to a walkman..Son...This is oldschool...And yes a walkman!!!

Dj Vadim Feat Sarah Jones - Your Revolution

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AbsinthEve Just saw this movie again with John Cusak and Ad Rock's wife...Ione Skye....luv it!! (reblip)

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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AbsinthEve Dear Prudence.. won't you come out and play? (reblip)
AbsinthEve in the Heart!! H is for Hear this ye all!!

Dee-Lite - Groove Is In The H

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AbsinthEve What's a Girl to do? for all the ladies!!
AbsinthEve All I want to is have a little fun....
AbsinthEve props!! @ star45 for Pat Benatar – Love Is A Battlefield – @djwttw hey I'm speechless!! - @nicavieira (reblip)
AbsinthEve props @artful dodger yeah it Get's me back to the streets of England@davidwatts1978 (reblip)
AbsinthEve See that girl...I am Dancing Queen!!!
AbsinthEve @abarbosa Thanks!! This reminds me of long car rides with my family as a kid...Love... No, it isnt silly, love isnt silly at all!! (reblip)
Dturg To quote @AbsinthEve, "makes me want a cocktail in a funky lounge." or a funky cocktail in a lounge, even better. (reblip)
AbsinthEve And this was another one we listened too..As a kid on long drives...until I decided to wash the cassette tape...My Dad never recovered from that one!!
AbsinthEve Props @Dturg So How many times? You say hear it Again?? (how many hundreds of times through this, back in the Eighties...?)Ha Ha (reblip)
AbsinthEve And @Dturg ...How many hundreds of times have you heard this?Or seen the movie??
AbsinthEve Oh Harold and Maude...If you want sing out.. Sing out! And if you want to be Free.. Be free! There's a million ways to be..You know that there are!!!
AbsinthEve Thanks for this..I agree @threebears "There is definitely not nearly enough Freakwater on here." (reblip)
AbsinthEve I am enjoying your blips @PrettyAsAPosie This is simply beautiful!!! (I am a bias though!!) (reblip)

Pluto's Moon (Remixed by Son Lux)

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AbsinthEve Thankyou!! @liligarcia & @frybread_thief & the rest of you magical muse's..It is my first day blippin, I think I have gone blippin' mad!! ha ha!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve some Led Zepplin...I am going back to highschool now... still I like it!! (reblip)

Misty Mountain Hop

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AbsinthEve This was my fave!!

lemon song

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AbsinthEve Don't Leave The Light On Baby... I love this one!!
AbsinthEve For those Generation X's out there like myself that find this interesting...Don't we all dance alone sometimes? Or No? (reblip)
AbsinthEve props to @rowlf for this one..(Have you heard Jerry Garcia Oregon State Pen 5.5.1982? You can get the show at yeah? (reblip)
AbsinthEve @nicodiz ( @Karuna this one is my favorite from eels) Me too!! (reblip)
andhow That's it for now! I should get back to my work haha. I don't know if I got everything right; it was fun to do anyway! See you all later :)
AbsinthEve I should have before last call... You never gave me Dick all!! Colleen Power
AbsinthEve Here is The Raven by Mark Lanegan & Isobel Cambell (from Belle and Sebastian)... I love their voices together!!!
AbsinthEve Dead Man Theme – Neil Young with Johnny Depp (reblip)
AbsinthEve Hey props to Cherry Ghost!! Never called.... Not in New York!!! HaHa (reblip)
AbsinthEve Everytime we fight... I know that I should forget.... But I can't.... Kate Nash
AbsinthEve good one...Gogol Bordello-Start Wearing Purple (reblip)
AbsinthEve like this one @cartomansurge...sorry spelling is bad... getting tired... (reblip)
AbsinthEve props @GeneBrady for this another song from the movie Juno!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve (Thanks for your company blip friends! )via @threebears G'nite Moon right back to you... blip...G'nite!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve "Now I know I need to go to bed..". Ha Ha!!! Really? (reblip)

04TV Themes - Wonder Woman Theme

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AbsinthEve Do you know how many falling songs there are? who is going to catch me?
AbsinthEve I went down down down the flames went higher.... (reblip)
AbsinthEve through a place where planets shifting... though I am stuff of happy endings... though I am gone but I don't no where...
AbsinthEve thanks @ladypn !! Good night all!! I am fading...into the stars tonight.. Thanks for this one I am reblipping!! @chiron08 (reblip)
AbsinthEve Good morning pholks! When I woke awoke this morning....
AbsinthEve When I awoke this morning things were looking bad. A bowl of oatmeal tried to stare me down and won! But fortunately I have the key to escape reality! (reblip)
AbsinthEve How bout some paper planes...By M.I.A. (reblip)
AbsinthEve through a place where planets shifting... though I am stuff of happy endings... though I am gone but I don't no where... (reblip)
AbsinthEve This is for you @thrak You said it was 5:55 there....
AbsinthEve Yes I agree Juno was a great film...good soundtrack too!! props to@pyrrho @NateMaingard..I am reblippin!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve props to @Heartfelt_Strings mmmm fresh squeezed orange juice........ tapping toes and square dancing...sounds good to me!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve thanks for all the is some sweet Van... Dedicated to friend Lynn!!
AbsinthEve This reminds me of the movie Almost Famous..Just watched it again recently!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve props @adbert for Little Lies – Fleetwood Mac (reblip)
AbsinthEve What about one more cup coffee with that @ladypn ?
AbsinthEve Gang Starr- Work ...for those of you at work or going to... I want to be a jedi!!! (reblip)

Gang StarrWork

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AbsinthEve Thanks for this and Me too!!!! @patricia_coelho (@AbsinthEve i really like Bat for Lashes :) (reblip)
AbsinthEve Thanks for all the props and kind words!! woohooo!! doing the walk of life!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve Don't stop!!! I love this one... Moon and Moon...Bat's for Lashes @PrettyAsAPosie & @patricia_coelho (reblip)
AbsinthEve Thanks @Oldies...I am not going any where just yet....
AbsinthEve Knockin you out like Rocky Balboa!! @dagfooyo Can you handle it?
AbsinthEve I want to tell you something!!!! I don't give a......
AbsinthEve Good one @marimoon3 ...I love my afternoon tea time!!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve I am off to have one back soon tres belle blippers!!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve Same with this one!!! (reblip)

08 - E_Unbroken_Chain

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AbsinthEve Modest Mouse- Polar opposites... thanks @mian !!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve If you feel like gettin your groove on.... You can feel it all over... People!! with me and Stevie....woooooh!! yeah...yeah...
AbsinthEve For @GR8FL for jammin out Marvin Gaye!! Keep me going Strong...... If you beleive in things that you don't understand.... Supersition all the way!!!!
AbsinthEve Hello there @liliagarcia... I like this a lot!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve Here is one I like a lot.. But then there is not one song I don't like by them!! Sublime Rocks!! @RadioFreeIllinois
AbsinthEve Thankyou for your words &music @Bluespanther (2 all mysterious ladies...inspiration is a glimpse... = like to care about a newborn baby) (reblip)
AbsinthEve Had to give some props ..Cuz I live in Vermont... It reminds me of the local brewery...peanuts on the floor... @CargoCulte (reblip)
AbsinthEve (@AbsinthEve Happy 50! )Thanks @glueandglitter... Have no more props to give you..So I will tell you I like your music selections though...Golden!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve I am writer... a poet... a genuis.. I know it....
AbsinthEve deicated to @iwalkfunny .... (okay back to work!) Go Work it out!!! some Jurrasic 5
AbsinthEve I would have stayed in your bed for the rest of my life Just to prove I was right...
AbsinthEve I wish I could find Mystic's whole album... does anyone know who I am talking about??? Well here is a song of her's remixed by DJ Angel..Destiny
AbsinthEve (one of my favourite, hope you enjoy it!!!) GR8FL- Thankyou!! Yes I do!- Absinthe @GR8FL (reblip)

Noir Desir & Les Tetes Raides -L'Étoile Absinthe

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AbsinthEve props to @Karuna ...I am reblippin it!! One for all and all for one!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve This one is for you both for the music @ladypn and @Bluespanther ...
star45 Three Days Grace – Never Too Late – . . .
AbsinthEve Pastures of plenty...this land is your land and my land... Lila Downs....
by_starla @market007 Dan Auerbach was on my radar since i love The Black Keys. read a lot too-blogs & mags. The Big Takeover is great, & tonight reviews in Spin
De_Ann THX to @Donnie44 Beatles ((Lucy in the sky with Diamonds)) (reblip)

Beatles - Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

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AbsinthEve I am going outside to take it all in!! Imogen Heap...Headlock
AbsinthEve And once again I bask in morning stillness that I love so.... (reblip)
AbsinthEve Notre Prochaine Recontre ... Colleen Power
AbsinthEve [Mode ON]- Yes it is...I am reblippin just to make sure@liligarcia (reblip)
AbsinthEve hello & i like it @Heike !! (reblip)


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AbsinthEve @celestial "great find- new one for me-" Awesome...I feel like reblippin it for you... (reblip)
AbsinthEve Don't know if that worked....hmmm... Well how bout some good ol' Johnny Cash covering it? (reblip)
AbsinthEve props to you @Musing ....for this sweet little diddy..... Sorry for my bad spellings y'all... (reblip)
AbsinthEve Props @DJFrankie for this one... Talib Kweli - Waitin' For The DJ. (reblip)


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AbsinthEve yeah!! Haven't heard this in a while....@Greencoconut She knows how to use them... (reblip)

ZZ Top - Legs

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AbsinthEve Thanks @DownLow.. and @Greencoconut Burn that Broken Bed...Iron & Wine/Calexico
AbsinthEve Hey there and props @manga for playing some...B Boys... (reblip)
AbsinthEve Jay-Z – 99 Problems Yeah!! Props@manga ... I am reblippin it!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve Hey bout some old school??? HUH!!!! For @manga @DownLow
AbsinthEve How bout.... We are family I got all my blippers with me!! Get up everybody sing!!! @DownLow @Bluespanther @manga
DJLavinator @DownLow @AnnieLicious @AbsinthEve ... Can't have an old school day without Biz Markie!! 20 years in the making!
AnnieLicious @DJLavinator @AbsinthEve @DownLow This is one of my favorite old school ones.. TOUCHDOWN!
AbsinthEve Luv it @AnnieLicious ....What about some Blondie battlin' it out with Fab 5 Freddy? Old School Style...
DJLavinator This one is for the ladies! @AnnieLicious ... TOUCHDOWN indeed!! nice work!! @DownLown @AbsinthEve
DJLavinator OK OK OK....last one for the day, I gotta ride dirty unfortunately! Keep this thing rocking @DownLow @AnniLicious @AbsinthEve
AbsinthEve I like what you do when you do what you do!!! Shoop!!! Salt-N-Pepa!! some more old schoolfor @DownLow @DJLavinator
The_Kraken There are thousands of Daft Punk #mashups out there - here's one

Daft Punk vs Teenage Bad Girl - Cocottic (Boys Noize Remix - SodaandSuds Mashup)

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AbsinthEve (Where are my Friday dancers?) @DownLow Absinthe is in the house...Listening to all the great tunes!!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve Just Me Myself and I.... @ladypn... A chair? LOL!
AbsinthEve You better Knock on Wood....Baby!! For you @Oldies ...Better Get out the Disco Ball!!
AbsinthEve Look it is Iron Lion Zion... Bob Marley!! Yey!! Thanks @gruven_reuven (reblip)
WJIM And here's one for my lovely friend Gigi! 'Cause it's FRIDAY!
LaKarune @Mahri @ladypn @NeedBlues2Live The Indigos were 80's too, weren't they?? So many good quotes from this song.....
AbsinthEve @ladypn @Karuna I love the Lyrics...I think that they were more like close to the late 80's... early 90's..Like the early Lilith festivals? (reblip)
cartomancerj My favorite cover of this song.
AbsinthEve Thanks @manga for putting this one on today!!! I am reblippin it!!! The Notorious BIG - Hypnotize for all you! (reblip)

Notorious BIG - Hypnotize

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AbsinthEve A good cover indeed!! There you are!! It won't let me give any more props... so props@glueandglitter ....check it out all you blippers!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve "all my pretty songs..." aaah!!! props @DJFrankie for some Nirvana... (reblip)
AbsinthEve Here's an 80's track for the girls (and boys too!!) (reblip)
ManaJunkie Everything is Everything isn't it? Like here it is on Friday afternoon and I'm blipping and sipping a beer (or two).

Lauryn Hill-Everything Is Everything

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AbsinthEve It seems we lose the game before we start to play... who made these rules??? I'm so confused... @ManaJunkie (reblip)

Lauryn Hill-Everything Is Everything

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AbsinthEve Hello @mariobaloo...I like this song!! And @celestial.. how are you? (reblip)
420thoughts {One Nation Under A Groove - Funkadelic}
AbsinthEve @AnnieLicious ...I feel like I'm sweating to the @Oldies on the dance floor.... (reblip)
AbsinthEve You dancing blipper's this is a good song to dance too...or groove or dream too...scooby doobie doo wap thanx@dcast3 (reblip)


| play
AbsinthEve @420thoughts what about a Stevie fix? @Superfly Boogie on.. another great dance tune!!! (reblip)
olumi_day The Clash – Should I Stay or Go Now
AbsinthEve @dickadcock.."Reblipping partly to tell folks that this is not the c/w version. This is serious. Beautiful. Thx" I agree!! @mammara (reblip)
SpikeTheCat I am wearing my "loud" boots today. They are made for walkin' Good one @musoSF (reblip)
AbsinthEve I dig this...Have you seen the video? I like the fishies in it... @cavallote_365 (reblip)
itchbay Going for a trip in the way-back-machine... wonder if there's any Little River Band or Eddie Rabbit on this thing? #80sFriday

Juice Newton - Queen of Hearts

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AbsinthEve I have no more props to give out either...@jd72... Here is my written Props and Thanks to you and @rg80 !! And to all the Muses in blipperville... (reblip)
AbsinthEve (I don't know why I came here tonight.... Here I Am.....)Stuck in the Middle with You From the movie Resevoir Dogs (reblip)
AbsinthEve good one @Oldies Joni Mitchell – A Case of You (reblip)
AbsinthEve Now this is old school...or highschool..Ha!! Brings back Memories... @RadioFreeIllinois (reblip)
AbsinthEve I love this...this is the bomb...I think the best star spangled banner it is so twisted in an awsome way....Barak should have used it... (reblip)
AbsinthEve Mad Props @star45 for this.... I Am In Love With You . . . by the luvely Imogen Heap (reblip)
AbsinthEve @RadioFreeIllinois That's awesome!! I rock this with my 12 year old son!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve @RadioFreeIllinois Frank Zappa is my son's fave!! Then I used to live in Montana...So this another one we like to rock out too.. (reblip)
AbsinthEve To my son Haven...Who when asked what he dreamt of being when he grew up...He would answer a Beastie Boy! This was your fave song in preschool!!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve This was my theme song when I was a kid.... I wanted to be Irene Cara... Remember @jrutter ?
AbsinthEve Then my Dad this is his theme song.... This was my first concert..Steel Wheels...HaHa!! @jrutter did you go with us...or were you too little? (reblip)
AbsinthEve Grateful Dead - Throwing Stones Then I went on dead tour...memories...(sorry I am yapping away..) @Glorybound67 (reblip)
AbsinthEve I love this Madonna song @jrutter... "Life is a mystery ...Everyone must Stand Alone... I hear you call my name...And it feels like home!"
tomsavagetrio She's one of the best ever. This is a classic album. "Cars Wheels" started my tradition of picking up new cds while on tour.
AbsinthEve I will... Thanks!! @Caco (please google edina monsoon and have fun ;-) (reblip)
AbsinthEve Hey there!! @olumide_e Glad you like my blip!! I like Beruit... Nantes!! (reblip)


| play
olumi_day Beirut – Elephant Gun /// I discovered beirut right here on blip @AbsinthEve
dswancanada and me, thanks @voxefx and @420thoughts and @AbsinthEve (I love this song.)-me too!!...@AbsinthEve me Three! (reblip)
Glorybound67 Neil Young - Heart of Gold

Neil Young - Heart of Gold

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AbsinthEve (we have a funky president, and i mean the good kind of funk...) This is awesome... @olumide_e..did you find that on here? (reblip)
AbsinthEve TheFugees – How Many Mics This is my fave Fugees song props to @olumide_e (reblip)
LaKarune Love the exposure this duo is getting.
Aluciel Different strokes for different folks, and so on and so on and scooby doobie dooobie
AbsinthEve I said to my reflection... Let's get outta of this place.... @Aluciel (reblip)


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AbsinthEve Let me be your lover... Jimmy Bo Horne Good evening to you @marilovisky (reblip)
AbsinthEve Thanks and have a Happy Friday & props to@marilovisky (Hello, dear! Evening, @AbsinthEve! :) (reblip)


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AbsinthEve Hello!! And some props @hanabi for this one... Serge Gainsbourg's -Je t'aime moi non plus!! Classic... (reblip)
mandalove @AbsinthEve, you should like this one too. The combination of the late-great Aaliyah and Timbaland. :)
jencvs Tonight will be reblippin' night! more props more fun! ;) (reblip)
AbsinthEve Thanks!! I do Like it!! I always thought she had a beautiful voice...but then she was gone..Sadly!!@mandalove (reblip)
AbsinthEve I love this one...."everyday she writes more and more words...."@Dturg
AbsinthEve And this one too @Dturg... she is so beautiful... (reblip)
evablue finally finished this set of m for montreal! this is "duchess says" [clap clap] @daretoeatapeach
AbsinthEve digging your tunes tonight @Dturg (what would Kermit say?) (reblip)
AbsinthEve Peaches with Iggy Pop..... Kick it.... (I love when he says he doesn't look good in pink)

PeachesKick It

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AbsinthEve Good song @sujal Hopefully it works for me... Micheal Franti & Spearhead- Say Hey (reblip)
AbsinthEve Coming up!!!! like a Flower...OOOOooohh!!! good choice@bwmason (reblip)
AbsinthEve reblipped via @cleantechted Led Zeppelin - When The Levy Breaks (reblip)

Led Zeppelin - When The Levy Breaks

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AbsinthEve @jencvs...Reblippin' Night... Learn to see...all your were only waiting for this moment to be free... (reblip)
AbsinthEve okay another version.... How beautiful this is.... Coeur de Pirate- Comme des Enfants
AbsinthEve I am in the mood for something... souns like like it @LiesbethCamille (reblip)
chiron08 @adbert @threebears .hello - let`s start with the little things
AbsinthEve a nice acoustic rehash of a true classic... I am going down mellow lane need some tunes... thanks @microscomp (reblip)
AbsinthEve Thanks @LexiePixie Spelled ur name wrong (again) so here is one more for you @AbsinthEve :D *hugs*~Schiller – Dream Of You (Mit Heppner) (reblip)
AbsinthEve @Annamira (one of the many beautiful songs I heard in the last few times.. (and my eyes are green too..))-me too!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve reblip@chicadee...Hello!! Yes!! me like Montreal musical mellow melodies!!! (reblip)
jencvs Reblippin' Night... // Muse indeed does an incredible job with this cover. (reblip)
AbsinthEve The sweet and the magnificent sparrow (reblip)