Alismcg how I love this song~last one for the night~never lose your hope~never lose your joy~never lose your faith~but most of all~ never lose your praise

I Never Lost My Praise- Tramaine Hawkins

| play
Alismcg Tramaine singin Going Up Yonder
Alismcg Cat Stevens – Don't Be Shy
Alismcg Cat Stevens – Maybe You're Right
Alismcg ❧♥Good Morning everyone~coffee with Cat catching it break❥❧
Alismcg ~a fun song~hehe~unless you happen 2 be in the bike lane like me~have a great afternoon~❥❧
Alismcg A fun tune with a lotta class~Enjoy~ ❥❧
Alismcg RB @Kohmahts: "Ottmar Liebert: "Santa Fe" - A fitting song for a beautiful city" || very nice music! (reblip)

Santa Fe By Ottmar Liebert

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Alismcg @guitargeekette a deeply prayerful piece by Jars of Clay ~ not and easy thing to ask of El Shaddai " Take My World Apart "
Alismcg RB @Dr_Wes: Shiny Happy People @nibblesandbits @mycatduncan @guitargeekette @dark_barcelona at all my shiny friends out there lovin U N the crowd ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg Was it something I said ? ~ where'd ya go ? ~ I'm blipping to myself LOL ~ here's Safety Suit ❥❧
Alismcg ~ Good Morning tweeps & blipsters ~ waking up gently to smell the " coffee fragrant over brim" ~ ❥❧
Alismcg ~ Blippin' music is like quicksand, quicksand ~ you're pulling me closer, closer In your arms ~ Can't resist your loving charms ~
Awannabeangel rb @Skyopal ♫ Rita Coolidge – (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher (reblip)
Alismcg @b_s_lynn ❧❀✿❧ looks like I'm turning me cranks on a dead end street~won't let me re-blip the Beatles "with a little help" ~ ❥❧
Alismcg ah! yes~sharing all that you discover N blipsville ~ Best of friends ❧✿❀❧ ~ @b_s_lynn @Kohmahts thnx most likely hit nail on head ~ ❥❧
Alismcg @b_s_lynn hehehe I might as well cry me a river ~ now it won't let me RB "Help" either. I'm fresh outa props me friend 4 the day. ❥❧


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guitargeekette @Alismcg: "RB @psabq: "R.E.M – yep its true everybody hurts~ & kindness is that sweet ❀ kiss ✿ that makes the 'little' one inside us feel better ❥❧" (reblip)
Alismcg RB @comicmama: Have a blessed evening thanks for the RB for City by TobyMac . It's a real fave! ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg @mycatduncan @dark_barcelona A friend dedicated this 1 to me durin some recent hard times~so encouraged my heart~still does. May it lift you UP 2. ❥❧
dark_barcelona @Alismcg its REAL HOT the shade.... 96 degrees in the shade-i-ade!
Alismcg Love this one song many voices stretching 'round joining all the hearts of men
Alismcg a special 4 all you gals out there
Alismcg @makinitrite you what? you... you double dawg dare me ? ~ok sista my feets off the ground how bout yers? You better Shine!

Newsboys (Shine)

| play
Awannabeangel Hi dear how are you doing ? :-) -->>rb @BohlianSunshine: Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around the World (reblip)

Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around the World

| play
Alismcg ~heres an interestin' one for fans of Louis Armstrong~this vid had the best audio~vids worthless~Enjoy!
cpcdiniz @girlnblack: "My mom wore this one out when she was crushing on my dad - lol @BunnyJeanCook: "The Chiffons - He's So Fine"" (reblip)
Alismcg Katie Melua singing Faraway voice her very first song which she wrote for Eva Cassidy her mentor
SarahABQ Janis Joplin – Summertime (Live Gröna Lund 1969)
Alismcg I walk along the city streets~so dark with rage and fear~and I wish that I could be that bird and fly away from here~
Alismcg ~ some smiles touch so deeply~ this one especially touched me~ ❥❧
Alismcg and no one knows~you cry but never tell anyone~you're tied together with a smile but you're coming undone~ ❥❧
cpcdiniz @sibilapollmann: " what if you catch me,where would we land? " (reblip)
Alismcg Heres a cool old blues tune called Black Night by Charles Brown
Alismcg Blues style Charles Brown sings Precious Lord
Alismcg beautifully done~music as well as this video performance~ an old fave for me

Jars of ClayFrail

| play
Alismcg ~ " Breathe " ~ Roxette


| play
Alismcg Listen to your heart ~ Roxette

Roxette- Listen to your heart -first video

| play
Alismcg ~ Roxette sings "Salvation" ~
Alismcg Its the pied piper to lure you into a pleasant dream like state ~
carlnat Buonanotte - Long day - Thanks for the blips and props -Ciao Bella Ladies
sceptre95 The Katinas – One More Time
Alismcg N 2 parts the answer @Dr_Wes: (ii.) lifes whip snaps screams thruAIR'crossRINGteasinMOREthanHAIR~subduedLIONatopCHAIR ~itsNOcircus! ~ the lion tamer

Lion Tamer song from Cat Dancers

| play
Alismcg some individuals like 2 see no rain~some really like no rain~but would rather listen only @Dr_Wes :))
maxout Nsync & Gloria Estefan- Music Of My Heart

Nsync & Gloria Estefan- Music Of My Heart

| play
Alismcg Having trouble forming the words ~ aw, all the people open up your mouth and let me here you say thank you (thank you)
Alismcg i bilt nothr templ 2 a strangr~i gAv way my♥2 da rushin wind ~ i set my cors 2 run riteN2 dangR ~i sawt da compny afools sted afrenz~"Jealous Kind" ❥❧
Alismcg ~ He wasn't broken for nothing ~ Arms nailed down ~ He didn't die for nothing ~ this is the one thing ~ the one thing that I know ~ "Liquid"
Alismcg RB @MLady: signin off 4 the aftrnoon w an unchaind melody~ don't listn if ur spirits the least bit intimid8d by the story of the pied piper wink*wink (reblip)

Unchained Melody

| play
carlnat httptwittercomlady_south " one Bocell's best'
scotlandlover thanks to another new listener @plette


| play
drKPL Give praises to "El Shaddai" for awaking to a brand new day,a chance to do it all again and better (BeBe Winans)
Alismcg RB @MLady: true 'tis cold the blackest nite but a flame ignites~bursts forth N the candles lights~go light your world~ (reblip)

Chris Rice, Go Light Your World

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Alismcg RB @MLady: some sweet music to ease one into the afternoon (reblip)
Alismcg Gonna "Steal Away" for awhile with this old treasure featuring Mahalia Jackson & Nat King Cole~blessed day everyone ~ ❥❧

Steal Away-Mahalia Jackson & Nat King Cole

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Alismcg a little Mood (y Blues) music to ease you into our evening time / twilight ~
Alismcg hey its time to get your dancin slippers on and get groovin' cuz U need 2 B singin "Hallelujah I'm Coming Home" @makinitrite (ps my pleasure :) )
Alismcg Goodnight my loves ~ Sleep tight my loves ~ may tomorrow be sunny and bright and bring you closer ~ God Bless You all
Alismcg RB @Dr_Wes 4 those shiverin dampen'd spirits cryin out "oh 2 just dry out" stretchin waterlogged smiles camp'd out under Buckets of Rain @TomYHowe (reblip)

Buckets of rain Bob Dylan video

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snowleopard RB @countrygirl1WV .. The Fray – You Found Me"nice choice" (reblip)
snowleopard @snowleopard: "Lou Gramm - You Saved Me "former lead singer of 'Foreigner'' (reblip)

"You Saved Me" The Lou Gramm Band

| play
snowleopard RB @Uforia @crowjane Leona Lewis ~ Happy ~

'Happy' _ Leona Lewis _ [BRAND NEW SINGLE September 2009] _ New Song _ New Release

| play
snowleopard Hillsong Live – You Hold Me Now
ChristianMusicGuy Jars of Clay - "Heaven"

Jars of Clay Heaven

| play
Alismcg RB @Kohmahts: TY so much ~ this one's absolutely lovely! (reblip)

Asturias-John Williams

| play
makinloverite Morning girls @nbztunes and @Alismcg...this song reminds me of you two and social went fine..on the mend poss going home 2day @DaisyDee
Alismcg a fleetN visit all2brief~N3 short minutes~been & gone~ah! but left 1message printd on leafs ~ a'musN "I shall return" @NotOneNotTwo ~fear not poet!
Alismcg @Dr_Wes haiku a'musin ~ The sun smiles ~ but where are you? ~ (muse sings) wish I could hold you again~ no more blipN sir until muse holds you

Chris Rice-Amusing (full song+lyrics)

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Alismcg great blues tune Charles Brown
Alismcg I stepped in quicksand ~ black coffee & Blip this time of night ~ quicksand ~ I'm sinking low ~ hehe ~ another great blues tune by Charles Brown
Alismcg it seems fitting to end the evening with White Dove Fly High by Casting Crowns~wishin you all a peaceful evening restin dreamin sweetly in His arms (reblip)
Alismcg morning in my patio garden tabby cats at my feet ~ (reblip)
Alismcg Safe in our garden, an ancient flower blooms~and the scent from its nature ...~ its perfume B N such that its causN me 2 swoon~ the Mamas & the Papas
Alismcg Tree trunks uprooted 'neath the high crescent moon ~ feel the pulse and vibratN and the rumblin force ~ somebodys out there beatin on a dead horse~
cpcdiniz @docstimulas: "The Corrs- Little Wing" (reblip)

The Corrs- Little Wing

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MLady "Peace, blessings and a beautiful weekend to everyone!" (reblip)

YirumaDo you..

| play
Alismcg If the sky above you~should turn dark and full of clouds~& that old north wind should begin 2 blow~keep your head together & call my name ~ (reblip)
Alismcg Making friends for the world to see~ let the people know you got what you need ~ with a friend at hand you will see the light (reblip)
Alismcg @makinitrite for you my friend that song in its entirety with Tori's much sweeter piano accompaniment
Alismcg RB @makinitrite you belong among the wildflowers ~you belong in a boat out at sea ~ you belong somewhere you feel free || love this gurl (reblip)
guitargeekette I leave with this amazing prayer of praise and comfort. Good night and God Bless you all. @Alismcg you've been amazing
makinloverite @nbztunes..I like this one coz she is do free in it..seem it is a carnival..huh
Alismcg RB @makinitrite: And so it is ~ the shorter story ~ no love, no glory ~ no hero in her sky || i love your taste in music thnx for sharing (reblip)
Alismcg my morning's going in slow motion and so am I :) ~ Blessed day every1 ~ ♥❧
Alismcg RB @Kohmahts: Native American Pan Flute think I feel it a ~ "Wind Of Change" (reblip)

Native American Pan Flute & Wind of Change

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Alismcg RB @guitargeekette: what could B more fitting 2 conclude the evenin than a lullaby of sweet angelic voices singin of heavn? Blessed eve dream gently ~ (reblip)
Alismcg ❧✿❀❧ ~some of my best friends ~ I've never seen face to face ~ maybe one day ~ Best of friends ~ ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ~ yep, i heard it spoken N the breeze ~ swingin smiles thru leavesNtrees ~ rest assured ~ the lion sleeps tonight (reblip)
Alismcg i found a little "Songbird" ~ and the songbird keeps singin and singin and singin ~ i knew you'd want to hear her song (reblip)

Eva Cassidy-Songbird

| play
Alismcg hey, its dark on the patio and my old kits are singin their praises ~ specially for their dinner ~ I've always loved this song (reblip)

Cats MusicalMemory

| play
Alismcg RB @Kohmahts: a sweetly meditative piece for reflection ~ taking us to a deeper more quiet place ~ Native American: "Indian World and Peace" " (reblip)

Native American indian World & Peace

| play
Alismcg RB @makinitrite: take me2the magic of the moment~on a glory night~where the children of 2morro dream 'way~N the wind of change~we'll dream2gethr ❥❧❀✿❧ (reblip)
Alismcg Feeling sorry ~all in a twitter~ i flutterd my wings off ~ & my blips werent tweeted this AM ~ sorry for inconvenience of repeat plays my friends ~

Paramore-Feeling Sorry Official Album Version

| play
Alismcg the lamp is burnin low upon my table top the snow is softly fallin ~ the air is still within the silence of my room i hear your voice softly callin
Alismcg winter here~cold&bitter~chill'd us2the bone~havent seen the sun 4weeks~2long 2far from home~feel just like im sinkin~& i claw4solid ground ~
Alismcg RB @comicmama: same old song ~ just a drop of water N an endless sea ~ all we do ~ crumbles 2 the ground ~ though we refuse 2 see ~ Dust N the wind~ (reblip)

Scorpions- Dust In The Wind (Acoustic version)

| play
Alismcg Waaaa Whine! browsr keeps crash'n'burn'N :P ~ When darkness is upon your door and you feel like you can't take anymore ~ Let me be the one you call ~
Alismcg cuz i can only tell u what i know~i need u Nmy life~When the stars hav all burnd out~u'll stillBburnin so bright (reblip)

answer sarah mclachlan

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Alismcg RB @JeanneBehr: There is a season (turn, turn, turn) - And a time for every purpose, under heaven (reblip)
Alismcg RB @Dr_Wes: @ me wow how delightful ~ sitting in my living room and in flits this little white bird ~wink*wink ~ thanks so much ~ sings sweetly too (reblip)
Alismcg Happy Tuesday everyone here's an oldie "Frankie" dedicated to my new roommate~just hope she's not as 'deadly'
Alismcg Another day goes by~and still the children cry~put a little love in you heart~If you want the world to know~we won't let hatred grow (reblip)
Alismcg Lifting ❤s ~ here 2 turn up the corners ~ you're sitting on the edge of a smile :) ~ come along now~you're in a happy place really! ~❥❧ (reblip)

Anthems"Smile On"

| play
Alismcg might B a rockNroll addict prancin on the stage ~ might hav money&drugs at ur command womN N a cage ~ gonna hav 2 serve somebody (reblip)
SarahABQ Sonny Stitt – I'll Be Seeing You
Alismcg Everything is Broken ~ with the exception of morning light here in the Pacific Northwest ~ heres Bob Dylan (reblip)

Bob Dylan, Everything is Broken

| play
Alismcg DAlil birdiesON BlipN St~luv2ear DArobN GOtweet tweet tweet~EvryLILswallO evry chicdee~evryLIL birdNda TALLoke tree~flappNder wings singN @makinitrite (reblip)
Alismcg All we need is music sweet music~there'll Bmusic evrywhere~ B swingN swayN & records playN ~ & dancN N the streets~ get ur coffee ur smile &get movin (reblip)
Alismcg Here we are ~ me and my black coffee ~ wishing you all a blessed morning (reblip)
Alismcg RB @Dr_Wes: It's a beautiful day folks ~ hope it meets you all gently ~ (reblip)
Alismcg ~ i wannna wannna wannnna~don't try just be~ love this ~ my fave of Zap Mama's (reblip)
Alismcg i remember ~ few years ago ~ Mama told me "Make Your Own Kind of Music" ~ even if nobody else sings along ~ i been doing it ever since :) ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg rain~grey clouds~ cold ~heres2Liftin❤s ~turnN up corners ~ sittin on the edge of a smile :) ? ~ come along now~you're in a happy place really! ~❥❧ (reblip)

Anthems"Smile On"

| play
Alismcg "smellN coffee~Birds R singN just outside~Here comes Your mercy streamN N with morning light~My hearts racN wakN up 2 Your smile~Blessd Morn evry1❥❧" (reblip)
Alismcg RB @snowleopard: "Chris Tomlin - I Will Rise" ❁❧ (reblip)

2009 Dove Awards Chris Tomlin I Will Rise HQ

| play
Alismcg right here right now ~ Evening Falls ~ Enya (reblip)
Alismcg shhhhh! be still ... can you hear ? ♪ nightingale ♫ (reblip)
Alismcg You all just got stormed with the sweet-est of ' friend '-ly rains ~ hope it 'felt' refreshing ~ wink*wink ~ catch you all later ~ Blessed evening ❧❤❧ (reblip)
Alismcg RB @makinitrite: blue jean baby..wanna be LA Lady and I would be a seamstress for the band..or a back up singer..or both ☛ Hey ya gurl 4 u ☚ specL ❧❁❧ (reblip)
Alismcg Blip is giving me TONS OF TROUBLE this afternoon! Anyone else having trouble blipN tunes? (reblip)
Alismcg We're crankin up that smile now~you ready~Michael Buble in the bike lane~all that backed up traffic he's just turnin his cranks past em all~hehe (reblip)
Alismcg RB @MLady: if you miss me~I'll B there2 brush the sunlight from your hair~I'll B there2guide u when trouble walks beside u~if u need me I'll B there (reblip)
Alismcg RB @carlnat: ♥ Close your eyes and think of me ♫ and soon I will be there ♪ to brighten up even your darkest nights ❧❁❧ (reblip)
Alismcg Gonna "Steal Away" for the night with this old treasure featuring Mahalia Jackson & Nat King Cole~blessed evening everyone ~ ❥❧ (reblip)

Steal Away-Mahalia Jackson & Nat King Cole

| play
Alismcg these blues these blues these blues ~ (reblip)
Alismcg Good Mornin :) ya are out there aren't ya? i'm looking for all dem "Shiny Happy People" and lovin U N the crowd ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg 'cuz there comes a time when we all experience 1st hand ~ the Flood ~ heres JOC (reblip)
Alismcg "Hallelujah I'm Coming Home" singing hearts praying for the day "Shalom!" (reblip)
Alismcg ♪ \o/ ❦ singing "whither thou goest" and wandering still off into the day ~ blessings upon all (reblip)
Alismcg a great old blues tune called Black Night by Charles Brown (reblip)
Alismcg "and no one knows~you cry but never tell anyone~you're tied together with a smile but you're coming undone~ ❥❧" (reblip)
Alismcg the morning's going in slow motion and so am I :) ~ wishin' you a blessed day every1 ~ ♥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg i bilt nothr templ 2 a strangr~i gAv way my♥2 da rushin wind ~ i set my cors 2 run riteN2 dangR ~i sawt da compny afools sted afrenz~Jealous Kind ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg "Cheers!" ☛@makinitrite "~ into the day my friend ✌ ~ ❥❧" (reblip)
Alismcg i found a little "Songbird" ~ and the songbird keeps singin and singin and singin ~ i knew you'd want to hear her song @nibblesandbits @Jemfyr (reblip)

Eva Cassidy-Songbird

| play
Alismcg RB @rerkaizen: when you're out there on your own ~ it's the way back home ~ thank you stars (reblip)
makinloverite thx are always... Showin Love | Nneka
Alismcg RB ☛@makinitrite Thnx me friend ~ as long as it's liftin us up ~ i know u agree&have said it~"Give me luv in stereo give me more of the attraction" (reblip)
Alismcg blackbird singN N the dead of night ~ take these brokN wings and learn to fly ~ all your life ~you were only waitN for this moment to arise ~ (reblip)
Alismcg ~let me wipe way ur evry fear~my love ive nevr left ur side~ive seen u thru the darkest night~&Im the 1 whos lovd u all ur life (reblip)
Alismcg White dov sittin' on a blackberry bush~any questionin why? Tell me wat heavn ur bound 4 2day~feel just like I could cry ~ feel just like I could cry (reblip)
Alismcg "All we need is music sweet music~there'll Bmusic evrywhere~ B swingN swayN & records playN ~ "come'on Frankie get those feet stompin..." (reblip)
Alismcg i promised Frankie a spidey rumba to get em outa his funk wink*wink
Alismcg RB ☛@guitargeekette: sweet tune thnx my friend (and lovely vid) (reblip)

Norah Jones-Sunrise (with Lyrics)

| play
Alismcg "Sometimes i feel like a motherless child ~ a long way from home ~ a long way from home ~" (reblip)
Alismcg White dov sittin' on a blackberry bush~any questionin why? Tell me wat heavn ur bound 4 2day~feel just like I could cry ~ feel just like I could cry (reblip)
Alismcg when the rubber hits the road ~ and you end up feelin like the gumby man ~ blame it on "broken bicycles" hehe @SarahABQ (reblip)
Alismcg Thanks everyone 4 tweets, RTs, RBs, props, & the sweet encouragement givN by friends ~ keep the song alive~the Cat with "if you want to sing out" ❥❧ (reblip)

Cat Stevens- If you want to sing out

| play
Alismcg "This is my call I belong 2 You, this is my call to sing the melody of You, this is my call i can't do nothin' else....Melody of You by Sixpence " (reblip)
Alismcg times i can't tell what's sweetR voice or song ~ Hallelujah! in the morning ~ Hallelujah in the twilight ~... sing a new song~" (reblip)
Alismcg RB @JeanneBehr: ~ again, racing through my brain... I just can't contain ~ Sixpence singin "There she goes" (reblip)
Alismcg where R u ms fluttrby garden @nibblesandbits & are you feelin the sweet embrace of love all around you ~ blessings my friend ur theme song (reblip)
Alismcg "We're crankin up that smile now~you ready~Michael Buble in the bike lane~all that backed up traffic he's just turnin his cranks past em all~hehe" (reblip)
Alismcg ~ I've gotta fight 2day ~ 2 live another day ~ speaking my mind 2day ~ my voice will be heard 2day ~ I've gotta make a stand ~ its Skillet w/ "hero" (reblip)
Alismcg "I remember when~we used to laugh~at nothing at all ~ it was better than going mad ~ those nights kept me alive ~" (reblip)

Skillet Those Nights

| play
Alismcg This is the last night you'll spend alone ~ look me in the eyes so I know you know ~ I'm everywhere you want me to be ~ Skillet sings "the last night"
Alismcg i hate feeling like this ~ i'm so tired of trying to fight this ~ i'm asleep and all i dream of ~ is waking to You ~ Skillet sings "comatose"

Skillet-Comatose lyrics

| play
Alismcg ♥Classic Crime signs me off tonight with the Beginning❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg @guitargeekette well Hello \o/ and Welcome by Enigma (reblip)
Alismcg RB @guitargeekette: feeling delirious? / completely captivates me-saturates me w/His love and mercy-always all over me (reblip)
Alismcg It’ll be alright ~ life is so much more ~ than what your eyes are seeing ~ you will find your way ~ if you keep believing (reblip)
Alismcg Bob Dylan here with "Gotta Serve Somebody" ~ might B a rockNroll addict prancin on the stage ~ might hav money&drugs at ur command womN N a cage ~ (reblip)
Alismcg i admit i'm feelin delirious just singin 'bout love ~ like i could do it forever ~ (reblip)
Alismcg RB @professorkim: ♫Al Green w/ Annie Lennox♫ come on you can do it "put a little ❧❤❧ in your ☛ heart (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ Here's the Fray ♫ with "how to ♡ save a life" (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ one of my Foot faves ♫ here they're singin' "This is Your Life" ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg RB @guitargeekette: heres the Foot again ~ who we are ~ and seeing stars ? (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ rather fix your make-up ♫ than fix the problems that are goin' on? ~ well today will soon be goin' go-ING "GONE" ~


| play
Alismcg ♫ clay N ur hands~help me 2stay that way through all life's demands ♫ ~ they chip & they nag & they pull at me & evry lil thing I make up my mind 2B

Official Tobymac Lose My Soul Video

| play
Alismcg Hush little baby ♫ don't you cry~♫Daddy's gonna sing you a lullaby♫Everythings gonna be alright❤The Lords gonna answer ☛your prayers ~
Alismcg ♫OK if you're a freak and ☛ya know it ~ get ur feet off the ground and raise ur hands up wave em & sing ha ha ha ohhh ha ha ohhh! ❤

Toby Mac (Jesus Freak)

| play
Alismcg ♫The dream is fading now i'm staring at the door ♫I know its over cause me feet have hit the cold floor ♡i was made to love

Toby Mac- Made to love

| play
Alismcg ~ without You I'm a hopeless wreck~So I cry out Your name as I drop to the deck ~ Don't get me started don't even get me started

Toby MacYours

| play
Alismcg ~ you got ur TobyMac on?? ok then lets get this party started ~ (reblip)

Toby Mac-Get this party Started

| play
Alismcg ~ I'm letting go of everything I am and holding on to everything You are~ ya got it goin gurls? @guitargeekette @makinitrite (reblip)
Alismcg ♫here we go hehe just boomin....out the stereo system♫ (reblip)


| play
Alismcg RB @ guitargeekette "Do you know where you're going to ~ Do you like the things that life is showing you ~ Where are you going to ~ Do you know ?" (reblip)
Alismcg "TobyMac singin' Burn for You and i'm doin' my best 2 stay in tune with the flame ❥❧" (reblip)
Alismcg ♫feelin a rather odd sensation comin over me wings ~ can't help meself ~... uhoh here we go again!♫ it works!
Alismcg Whoa! Blip has made some changes ! Glad they didn't find the cookie jar ~YeaYeaYea ~ Yolanda sings (reblip)

Yolanda Adams Yeah

| play
Alismcg ❧♥ singin' "yea" with you & Yolanda ~ cheers to Victory ~ ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg RB @drKPL: "Yolanda Adams - I Gotta Believe" (reblip)
Alismcg Yolanda singing to the fragile heart out there (reblip)
Alismcg ~Yolanda Adams 2 assure u ~ You'll Never Walk Alone ~ this one should work ;) (reblip)
Alismcg ♫do ☞you believe u can ~ come on i wanna♫ ~ spread my wings and fly away ~ here's Yolanda Adams (reblip)
Alismcg this 1s N special praise 2 ☝Yah Jireh 4 ☞His sweet provision & ☞the gift of faithful & generous friends w/♡s of kindness deeper than the ocean (reblip)
Alismcg ♡I open up my heart to you♫don't let me make the same mistakes over and over again❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ~ keep the dream alive ♫ my friends ~ have you given your own hearts ♪ a boost today? ❦❧❤❧❦ ~ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫♡I pray we'll find Your light ~And hold it in our hearts ~When stars go out each night ~ Remind us where You are ♡♫

"The Prayer"- Donnie McClurkin w/ Yolanda Adams

| play
Alismcg ♫In the middle of what seems to be your darkest hour ~ hold fast your heart and be assured ~ This too shall pass♫
Alismcg ♫ ~no matter what no matter what you're goin thru ~♫
Alismcg ♫Yet still I rise ~above all my problems ~above all my eyes can see ~ knowM God is able2strengthN me ~ and you my friends ~ N2 our day ~ blessings❤
Alismcg ♫Though the tides become high~he holds me while i ride~i find safeT N the masters arms ♫~ while ridN thru the storm ~ I have no fear of the ragN seas
Alismcg ♫alright 2love it's ok 2live again~ never mind ur faults what u've done or where u've been ~ cuz it what's N ur ☞ ❤ it's all that matters N the end
Alismcg ♫Oh so long for this night I prayed~that a star ☝would guide you my way~to share with me this special day~where a ribbons in the sky for our love~♫

Yolanda Adams/Ribbon In The Sky

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Alismcg ♫anyone feeling like the mighty king kong on a rampage throwing airplanes?♫ ✌ here's some Sanctus Real to soothe your nerves big guys hehe
Alismcg ~Lovin things like u has made me lose my mind~lovin all those things that keep me wrappdSOtight~ Get u outa my heart outa my mind leavin u behind~❥❧
Alismcg ♫~we never meant to hurt each other~ can't we trust again? ♪♡❤♡♪ If we only learned to love~♫
Alismcg ♫it's time for healing ~ time to move on ~ time to find my way to where i belong ~ ♫whatever You're doing inside of me ❤
Alismcg ♫another casualty of casual love ❀~ another soul out of place ~ a ♡ that gave up ~ don't give up on ❤ love and throw it all away ~♫

Don't give up ~ Sanctus Real

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Alismcg ♫~ my heart ❤ can see better than my eye ~ i can feel your heart ❦ changin mine ♡ ~ let us be your face
Alismcg ♫~to know you ~ to hold you ~ to open up and show you the way it feels when you know ~ you are not alone♫
Alismcg ♫~ if weakness is a wound that noone wants to speak of~ i am not immune i only wanna be loved ~♫ i'm not alright ~ i'm broken inside ☹
Alismcg ♫ i'm on my face and i'm calling you ~ i can't fathom all you've done for me ~ everything about you it takes my breath away ~ Hallelujah!♫
Alismcg ♫its not easy trying to fly against the wind ~ when i keep on falling back to where i've been ~ start over again ~♫

Sanctus RealFly

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Alismcg ~ Close to the broken-heart them crushed in spirit ~ Redeem the soul of your servant ~ Seek his pursue ~ 4Gilad Shalit ~ Shalom! Good Night all❥❧~ (reblip)
Alismcg "Matisyahu sings Hasidic Reggae this 1 "King Without a Crown" (reblip)
Alismcg "❧✿❀ Matisyahu sings One Day ~ " (reblip)

Matisyahu--One Day..(Official video)

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Alismcg Matisyahu sings ♫~ Young man control in your hand~Slam your fist on the table~And make your demand~Take a stand~ You better make the right move ~


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Alismcg Matisyahu♫~been searchin4the truth~Scrape my knees on the hurdles~face downNthe puddles ~only One who'll get us out of this mess~One who put us here
Alismcg Matisyahu♫Don't you know wherever you go thick and thin~You are still my children♫~Since you've been gone my soul's been hurting~
Alismcg Matisyahu ♫You can't sew a stitch with one hand ~ While you're taking it apart ~Bright lights make you blind ~ But they sure don't leave you sharp ~


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Alismcg Matisyahu ♫Soul sick ~ Can't seem to shake it ~ When one retires at night weeping ~ joy will come in the morning ♫
Alismcg Matisyahu sings ~ ♫Open up my lips and my mouth shall declare your praise ~ from sea to shining sea ~♫
Alismcg Matisyahu ♫ Just a tool in the hands of the builder ~ Fill them with the strength to go further ~ Digging deep for eternal treasure
Alismcg Matisyahu sings ~ lift me up from quicksand in a world gone corrupt ~ Said lord raise me up from the ground ~ I've been here so long ~
Alismcg Matisyahu sings "time of your song" ~ Ate the apple of the tree and tried to lie ♫ In the garden i'll remember ♪That's when I started to sing ♫ (reblip)
Alismcg Matisyahu sings ♫ "Got no water" ~ If you got no water how you gonna survive~Roots lead you to the well springs so you could stay alive (reblip)
Alismcg Matisyahu sings "Exaltation" Reggae Style (reblip)
Alismcg Matisyahu sings ♫ ~From the end of the earth unto you I call~time and again I fall~ back to you I crawl~Refuge~❥❧ your refuge Gilad Shalit ~ Shalom! (reblip)
Alismcg Matisyahu sings "i will be light" ~It's not about you ~ but what did you do?~ who do you love besides you ... ~ burn away the darkness ~ (reblip)
Alismcg The Classic Crime ♫~ dripping wet with practiced sincerity ~ cute slogans for tangible mysteries ~ you reduce your god (pruned to profit your ego)
Alismcg The Classic Crime sings ♫ i know it cuts you inside every time that you try to take a pathway in life that leaves you so unobliged ~
Alismcg The Classic Crime sings ♫rain on my hopes ~ rain on my soul ~ rain on everything that I know ~ its "Seattle"

Seattle- The Classic Crime

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Alismcg The Classic Crime♫What's it gonna take for me?~ I'm on my hands and knees while all the poets fill the pages of loose leaf ~
Alismcg the Classic Crime sings ~♫ i’ve got a bad pain in my heart~it’s like the first time that i looked in your eyes~the first time it all fall apart
Alismcg the Classic Crime sings ♫~ this is the way that i know ~ i would give everything for some hope ~ are you different ~ could i be different too ?

"Say The Word" by The Classic Crime

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Alismcg The Classic Crime sings ♫Give me wings ~ give me peace ~ These are the things that I need ~ I'm tormented, broken, and shamed ~ are you listening?
Alismcg The Classic Crime sings ~♫ The story exists~ an option that ticks ~ still my tongue cannot be trusted ~ it's so poetic ~ like a black widow's kiss
Alismcg The Classic Crime sings ♫~ My halo is broken now and I'm all that's left ~ I hate to disappoint but it's the way things went ~
Alismcg The Classic Crime ~ ♫ We're all to blame ~ for spending way too much time on ourselves.
Alismcg The Classic Crime ~ ♫I'll take my heart back ~And set the people free I'll leave the dead to die ~ And take what's coming with me
Alismcg Classic Crime singin' ~ straight line is quicker ~ straight line would make me fast ~i've burnd my nose enough2know that straight lines nevr last ~
Alismcg ~ listenN 2 the Classic Crime singin' ♫ "Who Needs Air" ♪ and trashin' my MDI ~ love these guys (reblip)
Alismcg Classic Crime singin' ♫~ i don't know much ~ but i know about love ~ and how it hurts me to give up~ it hurts me to give up ~
Alismcg ~ Skillet ♫~as I fall2sleep ~ will u comfort me ~ when my heart is weak ~ will u rescue me ~ will u be there as I grow cold (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ok any showoffs☞ ♡ ☜ in the studio wink*wink ~ i'm gonna be watchin you ride your bike now @guitargeekette wink*wink (reblip)
Alismcg Raise your hands and shout if you're with me ~ \O/ WhoooooooAAAA! "You gotta sing a little louder. Lets wake this crowd up" hehe ❁❧ (reblip)

Hawk Nelson "Live Life Loud" Music Video

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Alismcg ♫~ they teach us how to dress in nothing but the best ~ its all about success ~ let's dance

Let's Dance- Hawk Nelson

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Alismcg just wanna say ~ 4 props and greets, 4 sharin' your hearts song ~Thank you for loving me! ~ Bon Jovi ~ 4 all my blippin' friends ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg Just tryin2make da worldAlittle bettr~u know shine alight~PEpl startd talkin~just2hear their own voice~evn when the storm comes~im washd by the water (reblip)


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Alismcg ♫Needtobreathe sings "lay em down" ~ if yur lost and lonely~ yur broken down ~ bring all yer troubles ~ come lay em down
Alismcg ~ Needtobreathe sings ♫ now this is my desire ~ consume me like a fire ~ cuz i just want something beautiful to touch me ~

NEEDTOBREATHE "Something Beautiful" Live on Hornblower Cruises with KPRI FM

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Alismcg Needtobreathe sings ~♫ if you're not laughing ~ who is laughing now ? ~ we are the outsiders ~

Needtobreathe-"The Outsiders" Acoustic Version

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Alismcg ~ Needtobreathe sings ♫ it's like a hurricane is coming ~
Alismcg Needtobreathe sings ♫ will you still find me ~ will you still see me through smoke ~
Alismcg Needtobreathe sings ♫ i'm about to give up ~ i'm a prisoner of your heart ~ taken in slow but i was caught off guard ~
Alismcg ~Needtobreathe sings ♫ give me an answer ~ give me a way out ~ give me the faith to believe in these hard times
Alismcg Needtobreathe sings ♫ if somehow we could wake up ~ let us love ~♡ like we were children ♡~
Alismcg Needtobreathe sings ♫ why don't we smile anymore ~ i'm not ok with that ~ and the years go by ~ like stones under rushing water
Alismcg Needtobreathe sings ♫ i can never get over what you've done to me ~
Alismcg Needtobreathe sings ♫ this is not what i had planned ~ please don't worry now ~cuz it will turn around ~


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Alismcg Having a good day everyone ? Need some sunshine ☼♫Here's Israel singing "I am not forgotten" ~♡ He knows my name! (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ somewhere ♡ between the end☞ and the point ☜where we begin ~ there's a fire burning brightly ~ when the feelings gone ☂ ~ shine on ~ shine on! ☼
Alismcg RB @guitargeekette: ~ragin C right Nfront of me ~wants2 pull me N~bring me to my knees~so let the waters rise~if You want them2~i will follow You||♡TY (reblip)
Alismcg RB ☞ @guitargeekette: TY my friend ☼||special 4 @vanphotolens ♡ why? he sings ~ ♫ i cannot go to my father with empty hands ~ ♪ \o/ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫remember ~ ☞You gotta FEEL it ♫ ~ inside ♡ ~ "Just Wanna Say" I'm not afraid ~ Israel Houghton (reblip)

Israel Houghton | Just Wanna' Say | Music Video

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Alismcg and the ♫ goes on ~ What if it all depended on ☞ me ☜?~Let me be the one~Let me ♫ sing my song to the people of the world~ (reblip)

Israel Houghton | The Power Of One | Unplugged

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Alismcg ♫w/ all of my might i sing ur praises so freely~ lift my hands ~ \o/ lift them high~ You are so lovely ~ worship You as a lifestyle♡ (reblip)

Surely Goodness-Israel Houghton

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Alismcg ♫experience a 'sweepin' lately? ♡ here's Luciano singin "Sweep Over My Soul" (reblip)
Alismcg RB @Marlamar: Luciano praying for strength to meet the non-gentle aspects in your day wink*wink and ☼ to warm the ♡ (reblip)

Luciano "Lord Give Me Strength"

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Alismcg ♫ i know i need u ~ ♡ i need 2 love u ~ I love 2 see u ☼~& its been so long ~ long 2 feel u~ feel this need 4 u~& i need 2 hear u~is that so wrong?❤❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫one tearNthe droppN☂ rain~one voiceN the sea of pain~could the maker**☝ **of the stars~hear the sound of my breakN ♡ heart? ~ he hears & feels it ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫Well it's hard enough to hear ~ harder still 2 move Byond this fear ~ we know theres nothin I can bring ~ So tell me what do ☝u want from me?❤❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫Come2the treasure~u who search&u'll search no more~come 2 the ❤ lover u who want& u'll want no more~& all u who labor N vain ~& the brokN & shamd (reblip)
Alismcg RB @carbru: "The Soweto Gospel Choir "Pride in the name of love" (reblip)
Alismcg ♫Soweto Gospel Choir ♪ no fear ~ "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" ♡ no fear ~
Alismcg ♫ i'll remember you when i've forgotten all the rest ~ when i'm all alone in the rain ☂ and storm ☁'"'☂""☁ i'll remember you ~ ♡
Alismcg ♫ ♡♡ ♫ O happy Day , O happy Day, O happy Day ♫♡♡♫
Alismcg ♫ why don't you swing down ~ let me ride ~ let me ride ~ ♫
Alismcg ♫ may God's blessing keep you always ~ may you always do for others ~ may you stay forever young ♫
Alismcg Christafari sings ♫~ cast off all those things that hold you down~ come break these heavy chains that bind you now ~ @guitargeekette @makinitrite
Alismcg ♫I know Jah will be there for you ~ I know He cares for you ~ So you just keep pressing through ~ ♡
Alismcg ♫My eyes my eyes You touched my burnin eyes. ~ Sittin on a corner trying to beg for a piece of bread ~ I felt your love pierce right through me ❤

ChristafariMy eyes

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Alismcg ♫Dry your weeping eyes my brethren~Cry no more, no. Dry your teary eyes~ Cry no more, no

Christafari Cry No More

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Alismcg ♫OK ! time to get yur Reggae on & start singin Hallelujah! ~ Christafari "Can't stop" @guitargeekette (just in case ur left w/30 seconds wink*wink)
Alismcg ♫~ This is no game ~ people have to die is his name Valley of Decision ~ "Valley of Decision" its Christafari
Alismcg ♫ You alone are my hiding place ❤ ~ You alone are my only refuge in the storm ''☁ ''☂☁''~ You ☝alone can bring the calm ☼
Alismcg RB @LibraryLovers: "What we need is love, to guide and protect us..." ~ "We don't neeeeeeeeeed, no more..." (reblip)

War/No More Trouble | Playing for Change | Song Around The World

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Alismcg ☞ RB @rerkaizen: remember the sky's the limit ~ keep reachin ♪ \o/ ♫ (reblip)

M83- We Own the Sky

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Alismcg ♫ ❤ "One love - Bob Marley & The Wailers" ❤ ♫ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ "~Yep, I can see clearly now ~ Bob Marley"♫ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫alright lets bring some sun in no matter what mr. weatherman says wink☂wink~the sun is Shining ~ blessed day all!♫ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫Listening to Bob Marley and the Wailers "Jamming"♫ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫its Bob Marley & The Wailers singin'♫ about "Work" ~ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫"~ time to sing and ♫dance with Bob Marley dis a Reggae music style ~ ❥❧" (reblip)
Alismcg ❥❧ sweetly tweeting hiding in bushes by my window happily passing on their song ~ Enjoy! ~ ❥❧ (reblip)


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Alismcg ♫just wondering where are the lions anyway? ☞ @Dr_Wes ? trapp'd 'hind the mirror of a Pouffy big haired guy w/ a mange-y mane Friday am? (reblip)

Bruce cockburn Live --- Wondering Where The Lions Are

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Alismcg ♫ Bruce Cockburn singin' Soul of a Man♫ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫I've seen the flame of hope mong the hopeless♫that was truly the biggest heartbreak ♡ of all ~ That was the straw that broke me opn❀what would i do?

Bruce Cockburn Live . The Last Night Of The World

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Alismcg ♫if a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear? ~ Anybody hear the forest fall? ♫
Alismcg ♫Somebody touched me ~ I didn't know what to do ~ burned through my ♡ life ~ like a bolt from the blue ♫
Alismcg ♫you feelin the sweet embrace of love all around you?♫ ~ signin' off w/ blessings my friends ~ prayin' your day meets you sweetly♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫Here we are ~ me & my black coffee ~ wishin you all a lovely evenin ~ and i'll be back i promise ~ soon as i have my hands embracin the cup sweetly ♫ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ Without your love I've got nothing at all~♫ (reblip)

"Your LOVE is better than LIFE!"- NEWSBOYS

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Alismcg ~ ♫where have all the good men gone ~ isn't there a white knight ?~ ♡ yep, i'm holding out for a hero ~ ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg it Bruce Springsteen ♫ singing – "We Shall Overcome" (reblip)
Alismcg ~ ♫ ok time to go on down to the river to pray ♫~ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ its~the smile on your face that lets me know that you need me~you say it best when you say nothing at all ~ ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫wanna know where you can get some ~ wanna know where you can find some ~ sweet & fun Sarah Masen tune bout Love ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫RB☞ @makinitrite: its Lifehouse with "You and Me" thnx for the music♫ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫❤ I will stumble I will fall down but I will not be moved~ yep thats where I live :) ~ ♫anybody else relate to that? hehe (reblip)
Alismcg ♫what it means 2 B held~how it feels when the sacred is torn from your life~And u survive~❥❧♫ (reblip)

Natalie Grant-Held-lyrics video

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Alismcg ♫~ButU C the real me hidinNmy skin~Brokn from within~unveil me completely♥music so refreshes my spirit when it uncovrs faces Bhind masks ❥❧ (reblip)

The Real Me by Natalie Grant

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Alismcg ♫Tell the world you got it all together ~ never let em see what's underneath ♡~ are you a perfect people ?♫

Natalie Grant- Perfect People

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Alismcg make me over, make me new ~ make me nearer a reflection of You ~ make me over ~ Natalie Grant

Make Me Over ~ Natalie Grant~

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Alismcg ❧❤~ i know its there and like a caterpillar ❧❧❁❧❧ my heart spins a strong safe spot to wait patiently for the unfolding ❥❧ ~ Beauty From Pain (reblip)

beauty from pain

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Alismcg ❧❁❧ Light me up like the sun~2cool down with ur rain~ I nevr want2close my eyes again~Nevr close my eyes ~ a thousand beautiful things ☝☛ ♫ ✌ ❤ ❀❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ leave no stone unturned ~ leave your fears behind ~ & try to take the path less travelled ~ (reblip)

Nickelback If Today Was Your Last Day Lyrics

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Alismcg RB @DensOnAir: "♪♫♥Nickelback – Far Away♥♫♪" (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ what if ~ if everyone cared ? ♫ hmmmm how earthshaking ~ feel the tremors ~ ❤ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫hey every1~ You got my soul singing my soul singing ~ and smilingggggg ~ happy weekend you ☞ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫~If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall ~ Or the mountain should crumble to the sea ~ I won't cry ~ as long as you stand by me~❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg RB ☞ @makinitrite: this Flyleafs 4all w/ brokN wings♫~Can we stay a moment please~we can dance togethr★we★can★dance★forevr★under★Your★stars★2night★ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫♡i can feel You all around me♫thickenin the air i'm breathin~holdin on 2what i'm feelin~savorin this heart that's healin♡ Flyleaf "All around me"

Flyleaf-All Around Me(Acoustic Version)

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Alismcg ♡♫only one thing big enough to fill the void thats inside of you~It's just a breath away~you can breathe today♫♡
Alismcg ♫♡All my complaints shrink to nothing~I'm ashamed of all my somethings~she's glad for one day of comfort~only because she has suffered~♡♫
Alismcg "Sweet the taste~drinkin from this cup w/ Emmylou Harris ❥❧" (reblip)
Alismcg if ya can't blip em join em~ you're laughin at me~I know you must B~mr blip~ {*.*} ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg Can any1 explain ~ I wanna ask u a ? ~ why is Blip so touchy? with this new version my patience be tried {*.*} ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ with one word am i quite familiar "OOPS!" {*.*} ❥❧ (reblip)


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Alismcg ~4 those swamped w/ heavy showers~promises of sunshine ~ peeking through the curtains ~ {*.*} ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ah! ~ love's surely 1 delightful FRUIT = prov'd TRUE ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg RB ☞ @DJDolceVita: still a beautiful day ~ ♫ ~ even though Blip's big kitty swallowed all of the purty feathers on my Charlie Peacock choices ~ ♡♥♡♥♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫yep, try as they might they can't take that away from me ~ blessed day all ~ i has to go Peacock hunting {*.*} ❥❧ (reblip)

Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald They can't take that away from me

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Alismcg ♫desperate 4 changing ~ starving 4 truth ~ I'm closer to where I started ~chasing after You~ ♡ (reblip)

Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse w/ lyrics

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Alismcg haveUspun a safe place2await ur dreams unfolding? i smile4u~ & I know it wont B long ~ till U turn N2 a buttrfly ~cause ur dreamN of an opN sky (reblip)


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Alismcg ~ just like pourin rain ~ make it rain ~ make it rain ~ love love love is sunshine ~ prayN love pours down on u ~ this evening wherever you are ☂♡ (reblip)
Alismcg you are so beautiful ~ you do know don't you ? ❤ ☛ YOU :D ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♪hey ☞ YOU! ☜ huh? ~ Do u needNybody♫~lovin u?~well i thank you all anyway 4ur kind smiles that warm me ~ ❧❤❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ❧♥no tunnel be dark or deep enough to swallow the light of the Friendship Train❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ Sarah Masen singin' "all fall down" ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫RB ☞ @ladypn: signing off with one 4☞Gilad Shalit ☜ ~ Swim 4 the music that saves U when U don't think u'll survive ~ Blessed eve friends ♡ (reblip)

Jack's Mannequin-Swim (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Alismcg ♫ RB ☞ @SarahABQ: i'm just gonna make it "under the wire" at wishin' you all a Blessed Mornin' ~ startin' off w/ Tracy Chapman's "Say Hallelujah" ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ RB ☞ @drKPL: what do you say ? can you agree? i Believe i can fly ~ here's the Stylistics ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♥♫ For every mountain ♡ You brought me over ♥ for every trial ♡ You've seen me through ♥ For every blessing ♡ I sing ♫ Hallelujah! ♥~ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ What a fellowship ~ Leaning on the Everlasting Arms ♫ @guitargeekette ~ blessed day to you my sweet friend let us lean on ☝ (reblip)


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Alismcg ♫ One of these mornings~won't be very long~you'll look for me and ❤ I'll be gone ♫ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ another Patti LaBelle ~ this time singin' New Day ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ ListenN to Patti LaBelle singin' ♫ "God Ain't Through" ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ ❤ everyone's got their rainbow ~ here's Patti LaBelle singin "somewhere ov'r the rainbow" ❤ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ anyone out there in need of a "new attitude" ~ well here's Patti LaBelle again ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ RB ☞ @kitt_pupp: Patti Labelle singin' "on my own" ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ blessdB the 1s who mourn 4they shall find their peace ~ blessdB the 1s who thirst&blessd B the meek ~ are you ready ~ ready for a miracle ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫The thought of u helps me carry on ~ when i feel all hope is gone ~ i c the world w/ brand new eyes ~ Patti LaBelle sings "u are my friend" ~♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ We have but such a short span of time ~ be sure you let them all know how much they mean to you ~ "did you ever know?..." ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ here's a Mary Mary song - "Speak To Me Lord" ♡ (reblip)

MARY MARY "Speak to Me" (W/Lyrics)

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Alismcg ♫ can you stand this morning ♪ hands raised high ♫ joinin' your voice in praise of His goodness ? ♪ Hallelujah! ♫ Praising You Adonai ♥ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫"Get Up !" Put your jeans on ~ Get Up ! Got a lot to do... ♡ (reblip)

Mary MaryGet Up

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Alismcg "Having trouble forming the words ~ aw, all the people open up your mouth and let me here you say thank you (thank you) " (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ singin & signin off with "you'll be in my ♡" with Phil Collins Have a blessed day all ! ❥❧ (reblip)

You'll Be In My Heart-phil collins

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Alismcg ♫ singin' "one" Mary Blige with U2 ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ Sweetwater ~ Motherless Child ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ This one 4 Gilad Shalit ~ May it be shadows call~ will fly away~when the night is overcome ~ You may rise to find the sun ~ here's Enya "May it be" (reblip)

EnyaMay It Be

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Alismcg ♫ All things said and all things done. Life is short ! ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ ☂ yep! been carryin ☼ this around just for this moment ☼ ~ Enjoy! ♡ (reblip)

Pocket Full Of Sunshine

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Alismcg ♫ "my life is in YOUR hands" Kirk Franklin here ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ Red Letters dc ♡ Talk ~ ❥❧ (reblip)

Red Letters by DC Talk

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Alismcg ♫ Pillar-Secrets & Regrets ❥❧ (reblip)

Secrets and Regrets - Pillar

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Alismcg ♫ Everybody has a September~tell me you remember when your ♡s were like September~Kirk Franklin ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ Josh Groban with children's choir "Your raise me up" ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ Brooke Fraser sings "shadow feet" ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ Something about a gentle rain ☂ brings such sweetness to the surface ♡ ~ do you remember 2? ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ you ever wanna run away ~ lock yourself in your room ? hehe who me? huh? ♡ ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg GreetNs The Krutch ♫ mesmerized and taken in ~ moving slow so it resonates ~ It's time to rest not to sleep away ~ my thoughts alone try to complicate (reblip)
Alismcg ''☂''~ sometimes life feels just like rain ~ cause you never know when it's gonna fall down on you ~ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫Can't take it anymore shake until we move the floor~what are we waiting for?~ Let's go! I'm tired of being ordinary~

Phenomenon-Thousand Foot Krutch

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Alismcg ♫you're a broken wing not a broken thing ~ you can heal in time ~ if you try ~ it'll be okay you can walk away ♡
Alismcg ♫ if we sort this out ~ would we know how to live like we were different ? ~ i know we've both had some doubts whether things would come around ~♡
Alismcg ♫This is my home ~ back up u don't know if u've never been here ~ u've never been to the place inside ~ i face my fears ~ it takes everything i am ♡
Alismcg ~ these are the last words i'm ever gonna get to say to you ~ here's the Krutch
Alismcg ~ ♫ help me help you ~ it hurts ~ when you're lonely ~ and I'm right there beside you ~ ♡
Alismcg ♫ ~ Father ~ Healer ~ deliver me from broken love ~ stay here closer ~ let me hear Your voice of Love ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫~ i see the fear that's in ur eyes ~ feel the pain u try 2 hide ~ its alright its alright ~ here's Esterlyn ~ "We All Need"♡ (reblip)
Alismcg Jewel's singin' ♫ shadows are waltzin ~ moon beams R callin ~ Shalom! one day soon Gilad Shalit Sweetr Dreams for u (an early nite4me-a sickie! i B) (reblip)
Alismcg Sweet G'mornings 2 Everyone ♡ here i am ~ with a smile just for you ~ its Leona Lewis singin' when you need someone to love you ~ here I am ~ ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg Lead us 2 a place~guide us w Ur grace~2 a place where we'll B safe~light light light~fill our hearts with light (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ i can get away with playin' this one still ~ ☼-in' Peace n Blessings ☞ @ everyone! (reblip)
Alismcg so you have your reasons maybe you're just NOT feeling GOOD this morning ~ OK then lets aim for helping you to FEEL BETTER ~ here's Joe Sample ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg RB @dark_barcelona: we've got a world of chances.... dont let anyone burn them through.... (reblip)
Alismcg Ben Harper w/ the Blind Boys of Alabama ~ take my hand ~ and let me guide you ~ take my hand (reblip)
Alismcg ♫come on every1 lets ax entuate the + E liminate the - latch onto the affirmative but don't mess with Mr. In between ~ really appreci8 this version♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫Anyone a poor wayfaring stranger journeying through this world of woe?♡ Here's Eva Cassidy (reblip)
Alismcg ♫Mama may have and Papa may have but God Bless the child who's got his own♪who's got his own~♡ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫if you get there 'fore i do... ♪tell all my friends i'm comin' too♡
Alismcg ♡~ gonna sign off for the morning with this 1 everyone ~ wishing you all a day wrapped in gentleness ☂ raining down His mercies ~ blessings ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg Come&stay stay Bside me ~Stay always 4ever dont go~Surround me with Ur love~Understand me I need U now \o/ I need Ur love~ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ I'd like 2 bring a little light ☼ ~ 2 shine ☼ a light ☼ on ur life ~ 2 make you feel ♡ loved ~ (reblip)

Hamburg SongKeane

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Alismcg dedicated to Gilad Shalit & all the little 1s out there who cry & feel unheard ~ u R not unheard ~ Shalom! & sweeter dreams one day for all Good nite (reblip)
Alismcg ♥♡♥a special greeting with video tonite for ☞ @NotOneNotTwo & ☞ @Jemfyr from Canned Productions Enjoy!


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Alismcg this has been my theme song all day in the drizzle my friend ~ Cheers! (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ When life becomes a shatterd dream~slippN thru my tremblN hands~I need 2 know that You are near~2 know You see each fallN tear ❦❁ (reblip)

In Brokeness You Shine (Steve Green)

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Alismcg ♫RB ☞ @JeanneBehr: the book I never read~ the words I never said~the path I'll never tread~the dreams I'll dream instead (reblip)

Annie Lennox- Why

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Alismcg ♫John Holt singin' "Stick by Me"♫ (reblip)
Alismcg ~ this 1s 4 all who R hurtin' & strugglin' & just dont wanna hurt no more~4 all who need help 2 even cry 4 help~ yur ♥s heard~Blessings (reblip)
Alismcg ♫RB ☞ @ makinitrite shhhhh! it's Evanescence with "Whisper" ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg RB @dark_barcelona: Evanescence again with "Bring me to life" quite the whammy this one delivers video especially (reblip)
Alismcg RB ☞ @makinitrite holding my last breath ~ safe inside myself are all my thoughts of you ~ sweet raptured light it ends here tonight (reblip)
Alismcg the way back home can be so hard ~ i know we'll make it if we're heart2heart and if we give love everyday ~ (reblip)

KaiHeart to Heart

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Alismcg \o/ here's a good 1 if ya got the slumps or feel 'stuck' ~ don't dwell on what has passd way~what is yet to B Leonard Cohen – "Anthem" (reblip)
Alismcg "Never enough of the "Foot" ~ this one Rebuild" (reblip)
Alismcg ❤❀there now ~ hope ☞YOU❀ feelN ❀beautiful now ~ cuz U R ~❀❤ (reblip)
Alismcg ~ don't 4get 2nite 2look within ur own heart w/ sweet&lovin eyes my friends ~ sometimes we treat Rselves most unkindly♪♫♥ Luciano Pavarotti – Hero ♥♫♪ (reblip)
Alismcg ~ Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping "Hello" I'm still here ~ All that's left of yesterday ~ "Hello" (reblip)


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Alismcg We move along ~ but we carry so many with us ~ it's Phil Collins w/ "You'll be in my heart" ❥❧ (reblip)

You'll Be In My Heart-phil collins

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Alismcg this 1 lends awesome tribute 2the gift of creation ~ reflectN well our place in it ~ Headless Heroes-"Just Like Honey" (reblip)
Alismcg i'm not afraid ~ i'm not ashamed ~ i'm not to blame ~ welcome to the masquerade ! here's the Krutch ~ just pull those masks off and LISTEN!
Alismcg ♫ ~ May it be shadows call~ will fly away~when the night is overcome ~ You may rise to find the sun ~ here's Enya "May it be" (reblip)

EnyaMay It Be

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Alismcg White dov sittin' on a blackberry bush~any questionin why? Tell me wat heavn ur bound 4 2day~feel just like I could cry ~ feel just like I could cry (reblip)
Alismcg ~ Be4 the fiddlers have fled~Before they ask us 2 pay the bill & while we still have that chance ~ Lets face the music & dance hehe {*.*} ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg thought I knew the wheat from the chaff~what a laugh this is how R story ends~I let him turn me down&say ~ Cant we be friends? {*.*} ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg SpecL request 4danzN tunes @nibblesandbits ~ lotza dancN tweet2tweet evn buttRflies dance awing & cattiesNcocoons twist n rumba {*.*} ❥❧ (reblip)

E. Fitzgerald, L. Armstrong -- Cheek to cheek (Heaven)

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Alismcg ~listening 2 this piece I always feel exceptionally happy & content ~the vid brings the experience 2 life~U got them 2? ❥❧ (reblip)

Paul Simon: Diamonds on the soles of her shoes /zimbabwe

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Alismcg RB☞ @Dr_Wes: Paul Simon singing "Peace like a river" (reblip)
Alismcg blackbird singN N the dead of night ~ take these brokN wings and learn to fly ~ all your life ~you were only waitN for this moment to arise ~ (reblip)
Alismcg i watch the heavNs & i find a callN ~ somethin i can do 2 change this moment ~ stay close to me while the sky is fallin ~ don't wanna B left alone ~ (reblip)
Alismcg ~the lamp is burnin low upon my table top the snow is softly fallin ~ the air is still within the silence of my room i hear your voice softly callin~ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ Like voices in the wilderness we're crying out ~ as the day draws near ~ we'll sing until the whole world hears ♡ (reblip)

Casting Crowns Until the Whole World Hears w/ lyrics

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Alismcg You will never hear any other voice treat "Amazing Grace" in this manner ~ I love his version (reblip)
Alismcg ❧❀✿❧ just curious am i turnin me cranks on a dead end street?~or do we have some live links tonite? ~ ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫Have you ever felt this way before? ~ 'cause I don't wanna hide here anymore ~ show me what this life is all about ❤
Alismcg Good Morning every1 ♫somewhere o'er the rainbow bluebirds fly ~ if bluebirds can fly o'er the rainbow then why can't i ? but i can ~ i can ~ wink*wink
Alismcg ♫Deep in the canyon~down in the old woods~where the hermit thrushes sing~I sit where the sun shines~ and i fly i fly ♡
Alismcg ♫Been damp ☁''☂''☁and cold all day out this way ~ just finished grindin ya all a cup a French roast~heres Lucille~★Have another on the house ~✫★ (reblip)
Alismcg "Wake up singing... sing hallelujah! In the Morning Time" (reblip)
Alismcg ~ as we go chasing off into this new day ~ pray that it meets you sweetly wherever you are ❥❧ wake up @guitargeekette (reblip)

Chasing After You (The Morning Song)- Tye Tribbett & G.A.

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Alismcg ☼ we just don't realize how many hearts we can touch ☼ with just a simple smile ~ let yours warm ☼ someone sweetly today ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg i found a little "Songbird" ~ and the songbird keeps singin and singin and singin ~ i knew you'd want to hear her song (reblip)

Eva Cassidy-Songbird

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Alismcg ♫♡♥♡♥Goodnight my loves ~ may tomorrow be sunny and bright and bring you closer ~ Shalom! Gilad Shalit soon very soon!~ God Bless You all♫♡♥♡♥ (reblip)
Alismcg feeling a bit under the Influence...of love that about you? well here's Anointed to help you get into the flow of it :)) ♡ (reblip)
Alismcg Matisyahu singin' ♫ "Jerusalem " ~ if i forget you ~ wishing you all a night of twinkling light (this one works ) :))

Matisyahu jerusalem

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Alismcg all I hear is rain~things I tried 2 say~tried as many times~rain fallin from my eyes~these kinds of days~ ❥❧ (reblip)
Alismcg "♥"storm..wild nuff4sailin~bridg..weak nuff2cross~body frail nuff4 fightin~home nuff2know I'm lost~just nuff2Bstrong~Nda brokn places~♪ Faith Enough ♫ (reblip)
Alismcg ♫ 'cuz there comes a time ~ when we all experience 1st hand ~ the "Flood" '☁'☂'☁' ~ heres JOC (reblip)
Alismcg oh love that water "fall on me" here's SuperChick - "Stand in the Rain"... for you (reblip)
Alismcg 4 those shiverin dampen'd spirits cryin out "oh 2 just dry out" stretchin waterlogged smiles camp'd out under Buckets of Rain here some Bob Dylan4U (reblip)

Buckets of rain Bob Dylan video

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Alismcg Back2the start my heart is heavy~feels like it's time2 dream again~see the clouds& yes I'm ready~2 dance upon this barren land~hope in my hands (reblip)

delirious RAIN DOWN

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Alismcg rain! storm flood rain ! ~ will we still find our voice to sing? ~ heres Praise You in the Storm by Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns Praise You In The Storm

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Alismcg from a distance luvly voices sing ~ of hope & peace ~ 4every man ~ a blessed evening for ☞U ~ rest well & dream gentle Shalom! Gilad Shalit ❥❧ works!
Alismcg ♫Smiles&laughter&pleasant times~There's loveNthe world but it's hard2find ~ i'm so glad i found u ♫ its an invitation2the festival of friends♡
Alismcg Sweet dreams Jewel's singin' shadows are waltzin' ~ moon beams ~ ah are callin' Shalom! Gilad Shalit ~ Good Night All

JewelSweet dreams

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Alismcg glory to God in the highest ~ we praise you ~ Lord have mercy ~ Lamb of God ~ Gloria ~ its Jewel ~ may you see the jewels in your sky tonight
Alismcg O Holy Night ~ We miss you sweet soul!
Alismcg if you have not heard this ~ you must ~ if you have not play'd for him~ i pray you will ~ for all eternity ~ Blessed Evening
Alismcg In the end only kindness matters ~ I will get down on my knees, and I will pray ~ I am never broken ~ My hands are small I know
Alismcg I'll be watching over you ~ I'll be standing over you ~ through bad dreams I'll be right there ~ everything's going to be alright ~ sweet dreams !
Alismcg Jewels "Gloria" from her lullaby album is longer than her version on the Christmas album ~ please listen ~ be mesmerized ~


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Alismcg when true simplicity is gained ~ to bow and to bend ~ we will not be ashamed ~ to turn, turn, will be our delight ~

JewelSimple gifts

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Alismcg live Performance O Holy Night 2001

O Holy Night (Live)

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Alismcg Shh! Close your eyes ~ Don’t ask why ~ Let’s dream together you and I ~ Oh, close your eyes ~ We will fly


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Alismcg @bumfuzzled2004 a sweet melody beneath it all ~ & it says brave dreamer dream anew ~ you won't always dream by yourself ~everybodys gonna sing along~


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