AeronAnfa Well, of course this is on her list...

The Pogues Streams Of Whiskey

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JimmyDanko it's happening right now. :) @nastysurprise72: "@TheRealJohnC @SMK" I am digging on this. I can imagine @JimmyDanko cranking this up at his studio." (reblip)
AnneMarieD This isn't what I was searching for...but I love it...

Klimbim (Don Ross)

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AnneMarieD A long lost never occurred to me to search for this song...

Danny Wilson Marys Prayer 1987 HQ Lyrics

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AnneMarieD Aaaarrrrggghhh, Matey...

Chasing Pirates- Norah Jones

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Seigo @traiskin: Hi and Thanks a lot for your props and reblips :) so, I'll blip this for you xx
AnneMarieD @JimmyDanko Tap your feet...or paintbrush if that's more desirable... (reblip)
JimmyDanko @AnneMarieDanko i'll see your "Drink The Night Away" and raise you "Katie Cruel"
Hellofacey More angry Irish music. Fun stuff!
JimmyDanko raiding your playlist. thx. :) @orangekittypie: "love this song" (reblip)

Old CanesTrust

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AnneMarieD Sweet..but watch out for the flying monkeys ;p @JimmyDanko: "I'm out. Thanks for the blip love. See you on the other side..." (reblip)
JimmyDanko @AnneMarieD thought you would like this. happy Friday.
JimmyDanko a flying monkey is my copilot. :) @AnneMarieD Sweet..but watch out for the flying monkeys ;p
JimmyDanko Thanks! Glad you like it! @Alturn8tive: "enjoyed looking at your artwork...very nice" (reblip)
JimmyDanko Check him out...a friend of mine from back in San Diego. I dig it.
JimmyDanko snatched from the depths of @secretlycrafty 's playlist (reblip)
JimmyDanko @magdalenasqualor morning...and thank you for the cool blog post about my art!
backtoback me like thx RB VI @impossiblewmn: "Luis Miguel - Sabes Una Cosa" (reblip)

Luis Miguel Sabes Una Cosa DVD Caracas Venezuela 2007

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anamonteiro I feel fine and I feel good I'm feeling like I never should Whenever I get this way I just don't know what to say
soulzzz_of_the_knight yes W.J. cut this song b4 Clapton did & was thanked by the writers when it won 3 Grammy's 4 song of the year by Clapton ...?! Luv them both sooo ...?!

Dave Swift on Bass backing Wynonna Judd. "Change the World"

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The White Buffalo "Highway Man"

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Coffeenuts The Wallflowers – God Says Nothing Back
AnneMarieD Alas, another weekend is at an end...

Nickelback-Gotta Be Somebody (Live At AOL Sessions)

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Coffeenuts @Peppilou80: 3 a.m. (piano) – Rob Thomas "TY :-) love him,too - just amazing :-) @BellasExeQtnER: "I love him."" (reblip)
Fortharrison what r u using for web browsing? try clearing cache in tool settings, i use google chrome, i've heard beta has some issues with IE@FancyThat (reblip)

In My Life: Dave Matthews

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Coffeenuts @arignesse: Damien Rice – The Blower's Daughter "And so it is............." (reblip)
Fortharrison Manfred Mann~Blinded By The Light thx 4 the upload @GR8FL i'm lookin for a ride....

A Better Man | Playing For Change featuring Keb' Mo'

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AnneMarieD Hey, you I was gonna "snatch" this... :) @JimmyDanko: "snatched from the grasps of @Indie_Tunes hola amigo. :)" (reblip)
AnneMarieD I must live in a's a band new to me...
Coffeenuts gr8reply,thx @apothegm: Brian Eno & John Cale – Lay My Love @me (reblip)
JimmyDanko thank you! very cool to hear that. :) @bestblips: "Great sketches and paintings. I love checking your site now to see what's up." (reblip)

Korean Dogwood. Devendra Banhart.

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Coffeenuts Bob Dylan – One More Cup of Coffee

Pagan Faery And Nature Spirit Art

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AnneMarieD 'tis badass.. :)@JimmyDanko: "this badass too. thx. ;) @MsBojangles: "that song (Buckner) you blipped was his latest project with this guy"" (reblip)
Coffeenuts Requiem For A Dream – Lux Aeterna
AnneMarieD Top o' the mornin' to 'ya :) @scotlandlover

Battlefield Band Norland Wind (Magheracloone)

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Leo_RJ_2009 @clazzu: "Laura Pausini – Non C'è [Lyric and Song]" (reblip)
Leo_RJ_2009 @MolkosPrincess: "And sweet surrender is all that I have to give..." (reblip)

Dream A Little Dream Of Me / Les Yeux Ouverts by Marie-Agnès

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allya1 Plus belle chanson "La vie en rose"!!!@rosso: "@BellaBesos Oh yes. Aaannnnd... corncakes." (reblip)

johnny hartman hartman/ev'ry time we say goodbye

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djsaba60 Good morning Robert Miles
allya1 Stina Nordenstam is the singer I sound the most like. ;) "Sailing" (reblip)
AnneMarieD Belle chanson, Merci! @allya1: "Oui bien sur! (Francoise Hardy – L'amitie)" (reblip)
AnneMarieD New to me too & like it!!@CreepingElm: "@nastysurprise72: Oo 2 songs you have played that r new to me! Hi There! " (reblip)

Barcelona Nights Ottmar Leibert

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DamienRice scene a bar that's a cafe during the day somewhere off a plaza in SouthernFrance or NorthernItaly orange lighting copper bar gentle fog & street music
AnneMarieD Fantastic...ou fantastique!! @bthecat: "@chaacattac: "Nouvelle Vague VS. Mahala Rai Banda - Morceau d' Amour rb@Mysterymix : love it"" (reblip)
AnneMarieD Signin' out for a while...

The Corrs Instrumental Rebel Heart (Remix)

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Cairnmont Once this is in your blood... (reblip)

Celtic Bagpipe Music Compilation- Part 3 of 4

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checkersspeech Thanks @AnneMarieD for the props! Here's a tune as a token of my appreciation!
checkersspeech Thanks @AnneMarieD for the props & follow! Here's an alternate take on a classic Bjork video you might enjoy: Big Time Sensuality - Rare Night Version
Coffeenuts @dharshaw: Yann Tiersen – Sur Le Fil @bthecat: "from magical amelie....very nice :)" (reblip)
AnneMarieD Thnx. I love the Cowboy Junkies! (I'm still mastering this site, too) @BobOstwald: @AnneMarieD This was meant for you: Welcome! Thanks for listening. (reblip)
AnneMarieD This song could only be better if I were wandering grounds of Notre Dame in Paris amidst the Spring blossoms :) @Leo_RJ_2009 (reblip)
AnneMarieD Okay, one more I can't resist this one :) @Coffeenuts: "@NicoleVSanchez: Enigma – Return To Innocence @ShutterBugGeek" (reblip)
AnneMarieD Ou est les beignets?

Michael Doucet & Sharon Shannon : La Danse De La Vie

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AnneMarieD Parfait pour Mardi Gras :)

La Mazurka de la Louisiane

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AnneMarieD There's no place like Paris, and there's nothing like taking the love of your life there :) @scotlandlover (reblip)
AnneMarieD Like it! :) @arignesse: "Galway shawl then wait for it..."It was strange glue that held us together while we fell apart at the seams" (reblip)
AnneMarieD :) @Wuhnurth: "Porch Song will always be one of our favorite WSP jams. Listen in on it with us!" (reblip)
jet333 Melody Gardot – "Over The Rainbow"...jazzy nice:)
hrstump I love this song [and many others] by @BuckyCovington, I can't help it, and bought it. 'Gotta Be Somebody.'

The Grass Roots-Midnight confessions

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WayGrimaceRecords Im goinf to see them live on march 4th and super excited

MidlakeWinter Dies

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AnneMarieD Thanks! I forgot all about this band :)@Fortharrison: "RB@starrynight never heard this very nice.. Thanks ☺" (reblip)
AnneMarieD Good Mornin'. Your play of Better Than Ezra last night just triggered my memory another band I forgot about & used to love! @Fortharrison
AnneMarieD Catcha later, Bro. Smile :D ....& very good tune @JimmyDanko (reblip)
bthecat @Faddic: brilliant site F..mega cheap, forget too, have used them for a while, no probs. xx (reblip)
JimmyDanko my fav Vetiver song...thx. :) @johno: "banjo goodness" (reblip)

Song of the Day 6-26-09: Swimming Song by Vetiver

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Jamie Cullum Wheels lyrics

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johno just got home from their show. it was amazing. the set list was: barlights,at least im not as sad,all the pretty girls,be calm,take your time,gambler

fun. -Barlights [AUDIO]

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huangmarong : "three variations on plum blossom", a piece with more than seven hundred years old

Chinese Music Guqin Wang Fei Mei Hua San Nong -王菲古琴李祥霆箫

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Azaelix Caetano Veloso – Você é Linda
xelavee More Gypsy Kings this is one of my favorites @katterfelto

Bem, Bem María

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indieearcandyforeveryone p.s. if you like the original, this is a fantastic acoustic live version. starts off a bit slow, but layers up nicely as the song goes on. (reblip)
bthecat in the british indian ocean territory?@Mysterymix: "here blue sky but super cold today @bthecat (reblip)
bthecat its honey@amphore: "to find a *lover *as this notes are is ??? !!@Toujours_Diva @bthecat Melody Gardot – Love me like a river does (+Lyrics)" (reblip)
FOGGIELOANER cracking version of – Be-Bop-A-Lula vi@organicsue: "YVW Hugs! @FOGGIELOANER: "thanks for my 20,000 prop @organicsue think I saw @BrianSetzer on here (reblip)
makinloverite Camera Obscura ~ Swans (Live Acoustic)
RedRhia Must have my TI Fix!! Long Hallway with a Broken Light – @ThrivingIvory (Originally Kissing You - Des'ree)
AnneMarieD 'Tis Good!! :) @RadioFreeIllinois: "Great Lake Swimmers~ Imaginary Bars" (reblip)
Coffeenuts Colin Hay – Waiting For My Real Life to Begin
BobOstwald RB @bluechefk: "please tell me again, i was somewhere else..." (reblip)
Coffeenuts Blitzen Trapper Black River Killer

Blitzen Trapper Black River Killer

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randomfreckles i'd love to see this - Under the Great White Northern Lights
SabineWe Mercedes Sosa songs same text from José Agustín Goytisolo after Paco Ibañez: Palabras para Julia. @ucana422 @babouski @iconoguy @edurrosa @Hugo_Bomfim
scotlandlover RB!!!@TheLenzyme: "Evening hello (reblip)

Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye

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ayogafriend (rb) is this, doing fine, have new blog, how you been? ShutterBugGeek: "Nice! Also perfect for this time of year! ;-) How are you? prescottscott (reblip)


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AnneMarieD Great Tune to end the night on!!... :D @checkersspeech: "You're hearing this song and not dancing in your chair?? What's wrong with you??? (reblip)
tenderlee thank you ~ sweet cover ~yes : ) @ladypn: "Nice cover! Thx @TheOneAndOnly: "Something tells me this song´s ... good ;o) @nicaprincess @ladypn "" (reblip)
bthecat shut up and let janie sing!!@randyhate@worldlookingin" (reblip)

Jane Birkin / Le canari sur le balcon (Tous En Scène 1969) [HQ Stéréo]

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SabineWe Jean Ferrat – Complainte de Pablo Neruda. I love them so much. Thank you @nureinkuss (reblip)
AnneMarieD Fantastic! Thanks!@redoctopus: "@TrishLewis: "Here's eclectic blue grass Hendrix"" (reblip)

Hey JoeTim O'Brien

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AnneMarieD Love it! Love it! :) @scotlandlover: (reblip)

I Love Paris In The Springtime

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SabineWe Vincent Delerm – Sous les avalanches. Un clip amusant avec l'acteur flegmatique Jean Rochefort embauché comme musicien...
johno heard this cover for the first time yesterday, sooo good. @catho17
SabineWe Sarah Vaughan - Fly Me To The Moon - 1969. Magnifique version. Merci @CynDyn: "'nuff said vi@erroneous: "magnificent"" (reblip)
AnneMarieD New to me, too. Love it!!. thanx @indieearcandyforeveryone: "new to me. definitely stealing it. @MsBojangles thanks ;)" (reblip)
checkersspeech Heard this tonight on Infomania, so I needed to hear the whole thing, and see this trippy video. Check out the singing American Gothic!

• Pigeon John ~ Weight of the World

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Polnareff l'Homme qui pleurait des larmes de verre 1973

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Coffeenuts Wayfarin Stranger Iris Dement & Tom Russell

Wayfarin Stranger Iris Dement & Tom Russell

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AnneMarieD Good Night All! Bonne reves et merci bien!@SabineWe: "Paciencia - Lenine. C'est très beau... Merci jolie #juniverses." (reblip)


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AnneMarieD Okay, okay one more. Good song!! G'night! :D @scotlandlover (reblip)

Neil DiamondBe

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ayogafriend (rb) beyond incredible, ty, bbl... @globalgrande: "Now this is a sweet sound before bed, courtesy of@baglava: "Tinashé: Mbira version of "Zambezi""" (reblip)

Tinashé: Mbira version of "Zambezi"

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huangmarong : a chinese instrumental music

GuQin-Remembering an Old Friend

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AnneMarieD It's a day late...but still a good tune before one turns in for the night. Good Night Blip!
tenderlee Feelin' Groovy – Morgana King
AnneMarieD Love it! ...and they coming to take me away :D @donnybrook: rb) @musicandbeyond: "Napoleon XIV - They're Coming To take Me Away"" (reblip)

Napoleon XIV- They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! (vinyl)

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AnneMarieD Time for some ZZZZZ's ...I'm beat!! Sweet Dreams All!
AnneMarieD Seems my "last song of the night" is never my last. There's always one more to rb :D @Naestopaz: "don't mind if I rb ur playlist, ty @RageofUtah" (reblip)
AnneMarieD Time for one tonight...and here it is...Have a Good One!
huangmarong : part 4 of the concert by China Philarmonic Orchestra. The piece is called " trade routes ".

喬家大院- 第四樂章《商路》

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octoberland {of montreal : nonpareil of favor}

Coast: Oceanos edit2

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