rocknbeats @mian mais café então com PJ. (tanto tempo que não escuto a minha musa!)

PJ HarveyKamikaze

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rocknbeats i just want to sit here and...=)
rocknbeats me arrumem algo mais sexy do que isso

PortisheadAll Mine

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rocknbeats I go through all this, Before you wake up, So I can feel happier, To be safe up here with you.
rocknbeats Víciante. E essa guitarra Joy Division, hein...
rocknbeats Linda, maravilhosa, fantástica! [2]

ROYKSOPP49 Percent

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rocknbeats Mais uma, pra completar o bom dia

RoyksoppRemind Me

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Radio_Free_PGH still at the office with the sun gone down
vanilleschote i grew up to this song but haven't heard it in years. the only PJ album i got hooked on. i shoplifted as a child #confessions

PJ HarveyWe Float

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sonesu you're a part time lover and a full time friend
sonesu y yo que pensaba que era de Depeche... :( (reblip)
torobom Música emocionante, sem apelar pra emoção
sonesu trainspotting nos marcó, que no?
DareToEatAPeach Fun. Pretty different from the original.
torobom It's Comming, keep the car running
DareToEatAPeach @Mirrorshades Oh, right the bedtime thing. Just looking for an excuse to talk to you. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach @Mirrorshades Thanks for joining the site. I seriously have 5k+ listeners and I could count the ones I know personally on one hand. =(
kjcool give it away – red hot chili peppers
tonyladesich one more after this then i am going to buy "dead confederate" thanks @cdub
pilits_ch ahh por qué Franz Ferdinand nunca vendrá a colombia... estamos condenados a ver a Juanes hasta el final de nuestros días (reblip)
rafasirotheau blame it on the black star........ blame it on the falling sky..........

RadioheadBlack Star

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Neil Young - Heart of Gold

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dreoliveira "No alarms and no surprises... Silent silence"
DareToEatAPeach Very pretty. He wrote this at the same time as the For Emma album, though it's not on it.

Bon IverBabys

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Apple_chic delicious and poignant for right now!
Apple_chic making lasagne above the clouds!!

The KnifeLasagna

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DareToEatAPeach The Him of She and Him is releasing a new album. And She sings a little too.
lub <@trixiedelite let me have a little DJ DSL moment please> since is just a lil moment you can have 2 & even 3!!! hahahaha.... i love dj dsl style ;) (reblip)
Apple_chic Silken hips slide/ Under my hand/ Swollen lips/ whisper My name
Apple_chic everybody's hiding from the truth and just lying to themselves...
Apple_chic Covered by the White Stripes... but Son House is delicious!
Apple_chic She'll loan you her toothbrush; she'll bartend your party...

Kings Of LeonMilk

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Apple_chic delightful and lovely and reminds us we should take chances. Check out all her songs!

Kat FlintAnticlimax

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Apple_chic summer rain dripping down your face again...
Apple_chic so lately... I've been coming home/ sleeping all alone/ don't hate me...
DareToEatAPeach Who remixes Animal Collective? That's crazy talk! Dave Wrangler does, that's who.
Apple_chic sweeeeeeeeeeeeet cover...
Apple_chic Ambassador... with this remix you're really spoiling us!
lub hahahahaha..... thanks 4 takin' car of the baby @bendrix xXx A GLORIOUS GENTLEMAN OUTRO!!!! yay!!!! (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach I offered mad props to whomever found the mp3 link to this remix of Nina Simone. So whenever I play it I'll reblip via Mirrorshades (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach @silversatirical At Folsom, the band Smash-up Derby? Live covers of mashups? The tranny that fronted it is Adrienne from A Plus D.
DareToEatAPeach Sounds like it should have been on the soundtrack for Mannequin.
DareToEatAPeach @silversatirical I love a challenge. Is this it? Ha ha & I think this is originally gospel music yet it's so hella gay. Can't you picture the twinks?


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lub <@formalhaut fresh shinichi osawa Off The Rocker (The One Mega Mix) mixtape d/l for free> thanks a lot, man! (reblip)
Apple_chic Despite all my rage; I am still just a rat in a cage!! (reblip)
Apple_chic My namesake... sexy lovely voice...
ZachsMind Actually what I really should do instead is go play City of Heroes. I been messing w/ all week and shirking my 'responsibilities' in CoH. lol (reblip)
Apple_chic ah - sweet nostalgia!


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Apple_chic I want him by my side/Though hes wild and hes bad/ And sometimes just plain mad/ I need him to keep me satisfied (reblip)
Apple_chic Sweet little remix - not heard it before!! The internet was maaaaaaaaaaaade for this!! :D (reblip)
Apple_chic will you persist even after i bet you/ a billion dollars that i'll never love you/ will you persist even after i kiss you/ goodbye for the last time?
ZachsMind I should go do other stuff but there's something almost meditative about moving around pop songs in virtual space that's, while not cathartic... fun! (reblip)


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ZachsMind "I am no more messiah than you. The river delights to lift us free if only we dare let go. Our true work is this voyage this adventure." -Richard Bach (reblip)

Frou FrouLet Go

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ZachsMind @sistema428 "..not able to deal w/so many props... I'm trying to pay all them!" I know from where you speak, but perhaps we should pay it forward? (reblip)
EdizKarenska continuing the mash ups.... think i may even prefer this to the original
EdizKarenska @28apple_chic this multi commnication ting is getting confusing! still...
EdizKarenska ooh, a u-zuq remix of bjork you say?
DareToEatAPeach Final Fantasy version. So incredibly beautiful.
yamamiya Tracey Thorn - Goodbye Joe
davidwatts1978 ronsonesque in many ways

Don't Stop Believin' In Planet Rock (Journey vs. Afrika Bambaataa)

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davidwatts1978 heard this through headphones on subway still sounded good, how many songs can you honesty say that about, ever?
bendrix U call this serious??? Bjork is my fave music artist of all time so automatic rb :) => @Blippo okay, a serious blip #bendrix interesting, cool (reblip)
dickadcock ... love pop music, this is how we do it, politics you can romance to, sprinkle sugar through it, philosophy you can dance to...
Sparklepony rb @babybeluga [Yuji Ohno – Oira_wa_Sabishii_Spaceman] another perfect blip... thank you! (reblip)


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DareToEatAPeach #8-bit Ruby Isle – Ruby Isle - White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes Cover)
Innit For all the sleepy eyes Radioheads pianos musica~
DareToEatAPeach RBing @MindSight. Thanks, this is quite nice. You should talk to @gigia, she runs the website. (reblip)
Innit Filter Kicks, Sparklers, Bottlerockets, Late Summer Afternoons.
Apple_chic The film was pretty dark and revolved around this song, but I think the Billie holiday version. This is a lusshh cover, though @DaHilster :)
Blippo Soap & Skin – The Sun // That's the darkest sun-song I've ever heard.

Soap & SkinThe Sun

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Sparklepony [Jon Brion – Phone Call] frm eternal sunshine of the spotless mind... hiya @spiraldelight @Arth @santamistura @noochi @musoSF @Bansky @kellywarhola

Jon BrionPhone Call

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Apple_chic Ooh... Time waits... And there's me saying that only Tom Waits. Silly me. Oh Hi to @Innit :D

TipperTime Waits

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formalhaut @JasonBohata congrats on the coolest revive, man! ;))
cadmium this song! @whistlin_indie - i don't, but...was thinkin of waitin 4 the au revoir simone/antlers at MHoW if interested...3 times a charm if not more

The AntlersBear

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VinTriste also out of props :( but along the john the revelator lines, this goes out to you, more new school I know ... but the guitar, wowsers! @28apple_chic

Buddy GuyRed House

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CargoCulte How about some Blood and Fire...
VinTriste Again to @28apple_chic but you absolutely have to hear Will Kimbrough's verision, which is much better, but unfortunately unavailable on blip :(
Apple_chic I wish you could see the view as dawn's breaking over the harbour here. The rain has stopped and there's such a beautiful sky... @VinTriste
Sparklepony [Martha Wainwright – See Emily Play (Pink Floyd Cover)]
Apple_chic In my opinion the best way to hear nine inch nails in my opinion! Remixed by the other half of the knife! :D
Stedwar pure balm. @28apple_chic - maybe this would help when you are in a destructive mood...?
Innit @28apple_chic Saving you the trouble of searching XD this is Astrobotnia a.k.a Ovuca a.k.a Aleksi Perala

Aleksi PeralaPath

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ComputerNationRadio @shawndromat I uploaded this for you. I didn't win the competition unfortunately. It's ok. At least I still have my pride...right?
DareToEatAPeach RB@Rainoverlima Dark dub remix of the Specials. @iceblink may/may not like this, but will probably want to hear it. (reblip)
Apple_chic #boycottimeem No blips tomorrow. Through the silence show your displeasure with Imeem's increasing domination of Blip. More info:
Apple_chic I have obviously revoked the boycott because of the latest developments. :( (reblip)
Apple_chic r/bing as can't sift imeem at work... hello to listeners old and new. (reblip)


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Apple_chic Apt that it's a RATM cover. Imeem free. Fuck you. That's all I feel like saying today. Hey @Audiophile021 (I'm not saying fuck you to you)x

FM BelfastLotus

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Apple_chic LUSH. imeem freeee. Fuck I'm gonna miss blip. Let's start a bigger better one?!
Apple_chic Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy time to get this show on the road! Has been busy weekend and missed blip hello to all! :D

ApplesRun This Town

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Apple_chic God damn. I'll never stop loving this track. hello to @artzoom... Omg and all 1920!! LUSH day in Faltopia bay! :)
Apple_chic vi@RandMan - you know me so well! Thanks! :D ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (reblip)
Apple_chic Still very busy @Blippo, but I finish up tomorrow so it's just a mad rush for 24 hours now!! Gimme caffeine!

05 All Our Base Are Belong To T..

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Apple_chic mmmm - I'm sticking with this since it's not imeem! Eek!
Apple_chic thanks @GR8FL - I hope this works :)
Apple_chic Was cool, cheers @Gregdtc. Nice to see you here me anzum! :)

animals on wheels - designs and mistakes - 11 - clay pot

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Apple_chic :D Well perhaps I shall see one day! @donkeyrapist. Couldn't find non-vidoe of this song so sorry if it doesn't work. Was fine on preview!
Apple_chic For @Blippo cause the last one wasn't a whole one and you deserve a whole one and hey to @Gregdtc thanks for the jaffa!! :P
Apple_chic it's Lushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh @Gregdtc. Counting the seconds til beach cocktails after work!! And in Brizzle?!


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Apple_chic Ok me loverrrr. I'll collect some seashells for your arrival. I make a mean sandcastle - I'm telling you now! ;) @Gregdtc
Apple_chic Who got the moves. Ok, ok I like this video. I just didn't get it to work earlier!! :)
Apple_chic I don't even mind if the streets are crowded. It's all done! LOVE LOVE LOVE
Apple_chic For Charlotta - Whose birthday it is. And because YAY this is my favourite Knife! :)

the knifelasagna

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Apple_chic yum. How much have I missed blip?!?! Pah to poxy essays!! :D
Apple_chic want to go back to Sweden. NOW.


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Apple_chic Ha. Got a funny picture of me with these dudes backstage in Dublin. Ended up having a screaming row with my mate in their hotel lobby and flying home!
Apple_chic Have got to make a costume for the rephlex scifi erotica boat party... neon? :D :D

The TussAkunk

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Apple_chic Aw cute dimples. Time time...
Apple_chic is happy again :D :D :D

FM BelfastSynthia

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Apple_chic @CargoCulte. I know. It was quite a wordorama. But now I am free for late night blippage and can even see sunshine again! :D

PlaidWhite's Dream

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Apple_chic Some prettiness for you. @Gregdtc whose blips are on fire today! :)

lemon jellyspacewalk

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Apple_chic If you haven't seen this film - your homework is to go and watch it ASAP. Existentialism, lucid dreaming, Lushage! :)
Apple_chic OK. I am going to celelelelelelelelebrate!! Yr 2 over. Hurrah! Have fun you lovely people :D xxxx
Apple_chic I've banned imeem on my computer so everything is imeem free... I like some videos :)
Apple_chic I won't pollute my or anyone's listening with imeem... But you know you can all take ecstasy with me if you want!! ;)
Apple_chic this is Chris Cunningham who also does the Aphex Come to Daddy video. I love it :) @HellenKellersIpod

All is full of love

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Soulwax * E-talking

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Apple_chic mmmmmmmmmmmmmm hello @aardvarkrecords - fancy seeing you here!! :)

Fever Ray -When I Grow Up (D Lissvik Remix)

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Apple_chic really? @HellenKellersIpod yummmmmmmm ;)

Trust- Radiohead and Burial Mix By Kafka

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Apple_chic Saw milanese couple years back. It was lusssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hi @THX3 @Audiophile021
Apple_chic Would you go along with someone like me?
Apple_chic in my hometown we had a museum of witchcraft, which displayed a two headed lamb. Here's Lou Rhodes. Half of Lamb.

Lou RhodesBeloved One

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Apple_chic ...So you could say I'm well versed in Pagan Poetry, This is ethereal. And massive irony. Yumsk. @CargoCulte

Bjork-Pagan Poetry(live in Riverside Church New York)

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Apple_chic I hated this when I first heard it, but then I saw her perform it live and I think I cried. Raise your flag. Hi @mammara @DJFrankie

Björk Declare Independence Matthew Herbert Mix

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Apple_chic This goes in my desert island discs. Absofuckinglutely :)

Nina SImone-Baltimore

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Apple_chic seriously? you are a legend. Yeah it's on series 5 now; gets more and more surreal @CargoCulte
Apple_chic oh i can never decide anyway. It depends what time of day you ask me. what day you ask me, what is the weather like? how do i feel? @cripplesmith
Apple_chic shit sound, but the cool video sort of makes up for it! Hello darling @Blippo. you can see i am now addicted to video!! :)
Apple_chic i love this ridiculous amounts. All the things I tried to say. They were always meant for you. hello @raspberrysonya :)
Apple_chic Still think 'I'm thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned' is cutest lyric ever
Apple_chic You're my heart. You know this by now I'm guessing.

Röyksopp 'Happy Up Here'

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Apple_chic @Blippo: "RJD2 – Sweet Piece (with vocals!) // This will always & forever remind me of you ;) " you too lovely... (reblip)

Rjd2sweet piece

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Apple_chic Too much time spent on nothing. Waiting for a moment to arise...

Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'

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Apple_chic Well it's been at least half an hour... Ya didn't think I'd go a whole morning without any did ya?

Four Tet-Hands

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Apple_chic @DaHilster... Naturally... Although tomorrow night is proper party time!! :) yum :)
Apple_chic This ain't really a video. But it is a good way of ensuring no imeem from my work! :) So this ones just for the notes in your ears blipperati :D
Apple_chic sorry for repeating myself. I erm. I kind of do that.
Apple_chic Welcome to my life!! [and back to blip] @purplesime. Nice blips. I'm erm too talkative, repetitive, predictable, but a loyal listener! :D
Apple_chic Hiya love @Gregdtc. Owzit up Brizzle? Lush blips as usual... This is gorgeous!! For you :D
Apple_chic Mas celebrating today. Leaving work at 1.15 to see @rosaliefire and then have a later rendezvous with @lukasdrinkwater. Yay! @Gregdtc
Apple_chic vi@Deesound who is pulling out all the stops today! (reblip)

Coco Electrik: Sasparilla Kiss (Skylab Remix)

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Apple_chic oops. put wrong link on. Let's try again - Reminds me of @Arth's artwork, which you can see at (reblip)
Apple_chic Fuck yeah @DaHilster. Am having a party tonight as have finished all college AND have a week off work!! Huzzah! Have a good'un me dear :D
Apple_chic Hey @Blippo... Have a nice weekend lovely. Everybody look what's going down! :D
Apple_chic Whores, freaks, saints and angels. They're all beautiful. They're all dangerous.

Whores, Freaks, Saints and Angels : Dirty Beatniks

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Apple_chic Hey..,. Friday love for you. I'm mostly going to be partying! Woo :) @Innit @CargoCulte @Murfy @chiron08 @prettyasapsie @HellenKellersIpod @THX3 :D
Apple_chic Unfortunately I'm pretty slack with it! @HellenKellersIpod, but maybe start writing more again soon... Ooh I'll check yours out too!! :) Thanks @Murfy
Apple_chic Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooop. Bounce
Apple_chic Yeah. I've been s busy working full time and doing my degree it took a bit of a backseat, but I now have a whole summer of time! :D @HellenKellersIpod

Royksopp-what else is there

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Apple_chic Cheers @CargoCulte... I'm getting ready for a party... Hope you have a good Friday groove... :)
Apple_chic haha, thanks! @THX3... Enjoy yourself! :D

Sally ShapiroI know

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Apple_chic Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooowwwwwwwwww
Apple_chic Yeah. Quality. That's what I said.

S.M.O.V.: Quality soul

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The Fatback Band I Found Lovin

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Apple_chic Petals pirouetting in the air


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Apple_chic A lot of prettiness. Hebden <3

Four TetRibbons

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Apple_chic Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm. Always loads of yum for this one!! :)


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MGMT "Kids" Video

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Innit Damn, found a better mix of this Major Lazer cut - Don't miss the album by Diplo+Switch! ♡ the new pic @28apple_chic ;)@Karuna@ComputerNationRadio

Depeche Mode vs Eurythmics Policy of Sweet Dreams- Dj Earworm

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PrettyAsAPosie Daft Punk VS Boys Noize- Harder Better Faster Stronger/ Lava Lava (Mr. Gaspar Mashup)

22 Harder Better Faster Stronger_ Lava Lava (Mr. Gaspar Mashup)

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| play
Apple_chic Hey evening lovely @DaHilster... quiet sat night or getting ready to go out? :)


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Apple_chic yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, but the nearest pub sells awesome scrumpy and is a stone's throw away. Eep! @DaHilster. Allo love @CargoCulte :)
Apple_chic You're playing some lushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tracks tonight :)
CargoCulte @28apple_chic I'm loving the necro neighbor on Ideal. Brilliant stuff!
Mtii sleeping time for me...see u..." TUNG SOUP..@28apple_chic


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Apple_chic I was born on the day the music died. What I mean is I can't find what was number one on the day I was born. That year: 'Turning Japanese' by Vapours
nakatake t.A.T.u. How Soon Is Now? covers, pǝʇısıʌǝɹ sɔıssɐ4ɔ 'sɹǝʌoɔ

t.A.T.u. How Soon Is Now? Subs English-Español. Alta Calidad

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Apple_chic Royksopp with Karin Dreijer, revised by Stanton Warriors. Yum yum. What a delicious Sunday breakfast! :)
Apple_chic Though the bottle has been to me my best friend. My worst enemy...
Apple_chic Watch as she comes toward you all black corset, red heels and clicking. Drink with the shadow. Please take my hand...
squidbrain I cannot fathom what kind of person would shop at American Apparel based on their advertising. Are spandex unitards in style again or something?
ontwerpplus soms moet je een nummer gewoon even blippen.. genoeg van de blips? stuur dan #stopblip naar @ontwerpplus.. :D
GR8FL good morning @Atomik and how was your sleep in that new bed?
Apple_chic vi@DJFrankie: "Giant music box sounding thing. I really like this one." This is pretty! :) Thanks for playing it! (reblip)
Apple_chic Mmmmmmmmmmmm. I'll have to see what gems she comes up with @daretoeatapeach :)
Apple_chic For @ComputerNationRadio but also cause I'm bowing out now! G'night and thanks for all the lushness :D
DareToEatAPeach Was playing this mix yesterday no lie. @Mirrorshades: "Can't bust those tired old Travolta moves to this one." (reblip)
Apple_chic Hello @supaswag!! From Mark and Me... Hurrah nearly there for weekend and Port Eliot goodness! Can't wait!! :D
Apple_chic @Innit. Hope you enjoy Canada, sweet. I think I wrote you a poem. I'll post it! :)
Apple_chic This is kind of cute too! @rxrx1776

Antonata (Matthew Herbert Remix)

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Apple_chic Thanks! @fabuluexfab. I'll try to write you one... :D
Apple_chic Mmmmmm sexy. Fink and a load of others playing at an event I'm promoting 29/30Aug09 - COME! TO! CORNWALL! :D
Apple_chic inspired by @HellenKellersIpod. What a fucking sweet cover. Mmmmm :L)
Apple_chic Mmmmmmmmmmm - morning darling @estrogen :)


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Philars ok, i know there's some Canadians out there that will instantly recognize this. now try getting it out of your head

The Raccoons-Run with us

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LYRIC iknowiblippedthis2Ubefore butherearemoreofthe *sparkles* likeinbjorksfrostiand fromprincespurplerainbedroom ureallyhave2watchit2understand :) @bendrix
Apple_chic This series was awesome. And I really dig the piece too. Did you catch it? @Gregdtc. I saw it on iplayer. LUSH.
DareToEatAPeach This sick mix used to be impossible to find. Snatch it up my pretties!
Apple_chic If you are worried bout where I been or who I saw or what club I went to baby don't worry you know that you got me...

Erykah Badu You Got Me Blu Mar Ten Remix

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Apple_chic is going to see the Apples tonight!! YAYAYAYAAYA :)
Apple_chic Ooh Quantic's new band. Oooh covering Portishead. Oooh ooh - suits you Sir!

Quantic & His Combo Barbaro- Wandering Star (Portishead cover)

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i_o @28apple_chic This is my favourite pain killer (and quite rude too!)
Apple_chic vi@fabuleuxfab: "Playlisted by Crookers in their I Love Techno 2009 comp." like this remix :D (reblip)

Seven (Crookers Remix) // Fever Ray

| play
Apple_chic The Marquis de Sade don't wear no boots like these...
Apple_chic is DJing at Homotopia next week!! YESSSSSSSSSSS
Apple_chic Oh yesssssssssss. This is THE cover!! I love Tunng. I love Blue Pearl :D Join me dancing naked in the rain! @Gregdtc @fabuleuxfab @Blippo @LYRIC
Apple_chic Oooh new and lovely! Ca va? @mystermix

HyperstoryA Happening

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Apple_chic Yuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsk. I can't stop my incessant hearting of Karin. It's like a disease!
Apple_chic Dark and lovely. Oh my. Could I love this anymore?!?!?
Apple_chic Pretty polly and even prettier animation. I likes this :)
Apple_chic How can you just leave me standing alone in a world so cold? Maybe I'm just too demanding... Why do we scream at each other... Even doves have pride.
Apple_chic vi@Gregdtc: "A rainbow for:)>> 28apple_chic " Thanks. I do love my rainbows. I'll add this one to my collection. x.x. (reblip)
Apple_chic vi@nastysurprise72 - People - with your delightful bleeps yer really spoiling us! :) (reblip)
formalhaut hej @28apple_chic lucky you, I really envy your experience! may i add Steed Lord to your icelandic theme? ;) keep 'em coming … cheers ;)
Apple_chic squeaks beeps pops bleeps glitchity filth with bounce :)
Apple_chic vi@intinet: "3 grandes = Bowie, Glass & James" Fuck yeah. total hat trick! (reblip)
intinet CFCF rmx

taken by trees : "anna" (CFCF remix)

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idle talk

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Apple_chic twisted sounds. Pretty twisted mind atm anyway....
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