paulastudio One more time..... and now the pumpkin bread is done and I'm off to my sister's. Sending out blip luv ;)
KROMAGE One of my favorite 80s jam...C'mon Feel The Noise!!!!
tornitori always thought that this song was made before I was born. :P

Kaiser ChiefsRuby

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amesbelle What up, peeps?? I've been MIA, I know.. But I'm baaaaaaaack!!!
smarty_pants ty! @wdlands42: "@janetsplanet @PhDstudent... Have a nice day!... STING- Brand New Day!" (reblip)

StingBrand New Day

| play

Johny Rivers - Sunny

| play
Amelia14 Charice Pempengco & Toni Braxton-Unbreak My Heart..again, for my soon to be X
JuNogueira Legião Urbana - Pais e Filhos

Pais e FilhosClipe

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BunnyHoney rb @washingtonson: "I really believe that we are all connected - that music ties us all together. Pink- Love is Such a Crazy Thing" (reblip)

pink love is such a crazy thing

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jordan1507 TY rb @vanbytheriver: " "RB @FlapThatJack Santana - Winning -- Thx...Santana always great!"" (reblip)


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dANGELofLOVE {{Music Video}} ~~#~~ R. Kelly ~~#~~ {[[ I BELIEVE I CAN FLY ]]} THANK U {{DJ'S}} AND {{NEW LISTENERS}} FOR PUTTING A SMILE ON MY FACE! ((^__^)) (reblip)
JuNogueira "Nada do que foi será de novo do jeito que já foi um dia." #LuluFeelings
biap You may like it, it´s old and romantic, my daddy sent me. He doesn´t speak English though, but blips great BR music.@Araps @DJDadah: "Dedico pra minha (reblip)
Araps Lapin Au Sesame (GeoffreY Oryema) (reblip)
Cest_la_vie_ami LOL :D This music talk about first love, is very cute... @florinux: "I don't understand a word but :))) I like it! THX! @sagepoesie: "Ôh que gracinha! (reblip)
Cest_la_vie_ami I Loved! RB @perolaspop: "Angola - o país onde nasci e ao qual um dia gostaria de voltar." (reblip)
Cest_la_vie_ami LOL I know ... I just said. Relax ... : D: D: D @florinux: "Don't worry about your english, is very good, I just thanked you for the translation,OK? (reblip)
palisadehills Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al
MandyMo i haven't heard this in ages. <3 @CPCDINIZ: "RB@Mamaplug: "Hey... this is like old school, but not.||Cake - The Roof is on Fire."" (reblip)
Araps I Want To Give You ... 100 Kisses (AnI LoraK & OlexandR PonomarioV)
Araps Car Song (Ани Лорак) ... (AnI LoraK)
Dancer12 Best play HIS daily play, before Norah comes looking for him too! IN Memory of MIA 'T' absent since 4/26/10, 4 wks ago today (but who's counting)
Blackempire Jonathan Butler ~ Love Songs, Candlelight and You
amyleigh10 "I could hold you for a million years...."
Araps Instinto Humano (ChambaO)
devlps RB TY@GaiaMix: "Thanks for Starry Night, @qvigear! "Starry, Starry Night..."" (reblip)
mrrodd Must have been some kind of touch.... @martinimaker: "~~Tweet feat. Missy Elliott – Oops (Oh My)~~ there goes my shirt... @ mrrodd" (reblip)
M_Zu Nujabes - Sea Of Clouds : Chet Baker Sample
Araps April Shower (DE-PhazZ)
Araps Under My Sensi (BoozoO BajoU)
crazydv Had a girl named Jasmine! Very nice and laidback!!!!
ARDELLd I'm not in love...SO DON'T FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!! [ I've been in a crappy mood ALL DAY! }

10 CC ' I'M NOT IN LOVE ' 1975 /audio

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Araps Mad About The Boy (DinaH WashingtoN)

Mad about the Boy Dinah Washington

| play
Araps Open The Door (ElsA HedberG)
NewOrleansKat David Bowie – Silly Boy Blue
Araps L'ombre Et La Lumiere (CoraliE ClemenT)

Coralie Clement- L'ombre et la lumière

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Carmilla @quorum: "+20K songs :: 1065 songs left :: Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself. -- A. H. Weiler" (reblip)
Araps Solaris (LudviG & StelaR)
TBFKA Thanks for adding me. They are indeed@k8e: "These guys are good!" (reblip)

Robert Plant-Ship of Fools

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DJJazzyMua777 Time will make one last appeal....think I'm moving but I don't know where...
amsiebee hi and bye @katost... my pillow keeps making sexy faces at me... think i'll go see what it wants... :) night @all!
lillianwong tyrb@Frauenpower: "Avalon – Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music" (reblip)
DJKimmyJ Save Ferris – Come on Eileen
DensOnAir Til Summer Comes Around Sessions' Video Keith Urban (reblip)

''Til Summer Comes Around Sessions' Video Keith Urban AOL Music

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Ababernardo Ale, ponte música..prueba a bailar con la escoba ;) besos guapa

Anna PuuCes't La Vie

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Ceci la riblippo xchè l'ho appena sentita su radio 3, daiii, che coincidenza, non so perchè ma queste cose mi mettono allegria (reblip)
Condor TYrb@SDUBB: ""d-_-b" OMD "If You Leave" @Dancer12@Condor TYVM" (reblip)

If You Leave by OMD

| play
apple_annie Neil Young – Like A Hurricane
itsRamel LeToya Luckett – Regret Ft. Ludacris
VeryEmerald @nicaprincess @MissLordy They are from here, when I was 15 I showed Nick where the bread aisle was at my first job (grocery store). Those eyes...

311Love Song

| play
Bdarealist 112 – Only You (Featuring The Notorious B.I.G.)
DJ_Nicko Really Cool@biapfreitas: "Hello, Will!!! Love that song!!! kisses @TropicsZ4: "Maroon 5 – Makes Me Wonder"" (reblip)
Beyond_Sound ~ty, nicest version I've heard @amphore: "When You Wish Upon A Star – Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio" (reblip)
alphadine Carlos Santana & Rob Thomas - Smooth
Araps Have a nice Friday both ... ;) @abarbosa: "Have a nice Friday, dear @MONIKKA :) "Have a good day, dear abarbosa :)"" (reblip)
aprildax Signature Clapton guitar...ahhh.....throw in Sheryl Crow for a little bright song...
Araps Lexicon Project Ας κάνουμε τη νύχτα μέρα (reblip)

Lexicon Project Ας κάνουμε τη νύχτα μέρα

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Choonks Survivors in the trenches tell Good Health~Our Day Will Come~ And we'll have everything. No more tears. (reblip)
Araps @BobTheMediaGuy: "Respecting yur playlist. Thx!@martinimaker: "~smiling~ YVW! seriously...@DJNickPapag: "thank u seriously!" (reblip)
De_Ann <Sting – Shape Of My Heart> you were right :) thx @bytera
Araps Fever (Starsailor) (reblip)

Starsailor- Fever

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JTMaustin You're not a wolf, you're a poler bare @spacespencer: "I need a shave." (reblip)
Araps @DaLady: "*NEVER NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP* .Lisa Stansfield" (reblip)
Araps Love it, thank you ... @dANGELofLOVE (reblip)

SADE-Skin (2010)

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DChain good night :) @JTMaustin: "a merciful good night / good morning to you all. be well, be alive." (reblip)

PlaceboProtege Moi

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golfnovels @sandiegogil: "blipstarz let's come together - Come Together- The Beatles" (reblip)

Come Together- The Beatles

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Araps Let If Bleep (ThE RollingS StoneS) (reblip)
Araps I loved a Maria once ...:( @espindola: "~ she walks like she don´t care ~" (reblip)


| play
lilyetc john lennon ~ let's give peace a chance ( still )

John Lennon- "Let's Give Peace a Chance"

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fxp123 yea got to make a run to the bank soon @dawnie22: "Heya..groovin ur day away Mr :)~~> Nice TY rb @fxp123: "Counting Crows - Mr. Jones"" (reblip)
Joleesa Lou Rawls ➲ You'll Never Find ~...better beats than here with DJs....gotta go have a gr8 day everyone~
Lovebreath Drive - Incubus - lately Im beginning to feel I should be the one behind the wheel, I'll be there. Will I choose water over wine? (reblip)


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Araps @michelle4386: "When the lights go out we'll be safe and sound..we'll take control of the world" (reblip)
Araps Welcome To The Sun (BrooK SapphirE) (reblip)
Araps @MSBloom: "Lost some,but the GREAT ones remain!Ty>@c3p0@MSBloom: "Andy Gibb~Shadow Dancing~(loosing listeners due 2 my 70's mood!!)" (reblip)
Araps It's A Mans World (JameS BrowN) (reblip)
Araps @muso: "@organicsue: "I can't fight it anymore either. Hugs @Gaz50: "REO Speedwagon – Can't fight this Feeling""" (reblip)

Cowboys and Angels by George Michael

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Jalapeno Girl Like You.. I SO dig this song..
Araps @nilsm111: "All Jarreau***** After all......." (reblip)

Al JarreauAfter All

| play
Araps Yes and it's fantastic !! @mkruzel5: "@kimme23 Remember this one?" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage Something beautiful before bed... good night/day to all! :)
QueenyKay Seal ~ A Change Is Gonna Come ~ TY@marcos_reis: Have a nice WE fellows @FernandaW @monicapadilha @DesertLily @Diordan @soumusic @carlnat (reblip)

A Change Is Gonna Come

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Araps Inspired by @pateras ... I Chase The Devil (MaX RomeO & ThE UpsetterS) (reblip)
Araps Ya Man!! @Shanti_baba: "Any day now...Jah bless,blipstars :-)" (reblip)
Araps New Light Of Tomorrow (HuskY RescuE) (reblip)
Araps Inspired from sweet @renata82 ... I Don't Feel It Anymore [Song Of The Sparrow] (WilliaM FitzsimmonS) (reblip)
Araps Sorry for stealing ... @Rella@MelBee@TropicsZ4 (reblip)

Foreigner-Girl on the Moon

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Araps Thank sweet @Miss_Lails for inspiration ... Oh Star (ParamorE) (reblip)

Oh StarParamore

| play
Araps @RadioFreeIllinois: "there she is :)) @patita Everything but the Girl Missing <Oakenfold>" (reblip)
Araps The Thousand And One Nights (GabiN / ChinA MoseS) (reblip)
Araps So beautiful ... @sakapfet: "luv this...@Lonravalex: "What You Do... Say it with your actions! TY @comicmama @sakapfet"" (reblip)
Araps Trapped Again (SouthsidE JohnnY & ThE AsburY JukeS) (reblip)
22Crystal22 @TidyCat: "bu ke qui =^..^= @ShiaoMei: "To: @TidyCat ~ @spinsiren ~ @Gidyean ~ @BunnyHoney ~ @ronnieron ~> Thank you, Doctor LOVE !!"" (reblip)


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nicaprincess Hola Mami! I love this song! thnx @queenzgoddess: "#faves RB @deeprez: "Groove Theory - Tell Me"" (reblip)


| play
Araps Every Kinda People (RoberT PalmeR) ... 1978
Araps Riviera Paradise (SteviE RaY VaughaN)
scotlandlover I ask that myself .... @nosetu: "and I wonder if I ever cross your mind ... @westham999: "Here we go...woot!! rb > @scotlandlover: ":-) rb @westham999 (reblip)

Lady Antebellum | I Need You Now | dj Dark Intensity [Dance Remix]

| play
Araps Tamali Maak (AmR DiaB)

tamali maak

| play
Araps Do you remember...? Big In Japan (AlphavillE)
Araps Ti (A-StudiO)


| play
Dancer12 <3 HUGS! TY RB@Awannabeangel ty both@Dancer12@dANGELofLOVE {{Live Performance At Libson}} ~#~ Joss Stone ~#~ [[NO WOMAN NO CRY]] Just SMILES (reblip)

Joss Stone, No Woman no Cry, Live at Lisbon 01/06/2008

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Araps The Walsh Of The Lost Dreams (ManoS ChatzidakiS) Inspired by @katerinas_diary@Rodia300@mindstripper (reblip)

Μάνος Χατζιδάκις ~ Το βαλς των χαμένων ονείρων

| play
Araps Sleepwalking Past Hope (H.I.M.)
Araps The Promise (WithiN TemptatioN) (reblip)
Araps @LuvGunn: "Robi is an ex menudo, he writes most of ricky martin songs, he is very talented! @biapfreitas: "This one is a great passion of mine (reblip)

Robi Draco Rosa- Mas y MAs

| play
Araps Life Is Wonderful (JasoN MraZ)
devlps TY rb@tapirekitten: "Ville Valo feat. Natalia Avalon – Summer Wine!" (reblip)
Sylak Very nice ☺ @EllenaG: "(mwah» @Sylak: "(Rb» @EllenaG: "~The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army~""" (reblip)

The White Stripes-Seven Nation Army

| play
Araps I'm Greek and I'm proud! ... Zorba The Greek (JosE FelicianO)
Araps @BleakMouse: "Thanks @leffi333: "sweet sadness. aziza mustafa zadeh."" (reblip)
Araps Every time I hear this part, I imagine myself on my black horse running, and running, and running ... to my bed ;) Good night all!
Araps Eye In The Sky (AlaN ParsonS ProjecT)
Spica7 @Blipdjj: "@SpicaSeven: "@Blipdjj: "@SpicaSeven: "@Blipdjj ~ "Heart of Gold" – Neil Young - Live Acoustic Unplugged"""" (reblip)
andrelasak Uma do começo dos anos 1990:
Ajantila Hanoi Rocks - ' Million Miles Away' Rock'n Rolllll :))
Araps You're So Vain (CarlY SimoN)
Araps Don't Be Down On Me Baby (StevE PerrY & JourneY)

Steve Perry & Journey Don't Be Down On Me Baby

| play
Araps @itsRamel: "@itsRamel: "@Montsterr Check this out if you haven't already heard it... Frank McComb – Future Love"" (reblip)
Araps Χάνομαι (ΡιφιφΙ & ΦαίΗ ΜάτσοΥ)


| play
Araps Mambo Italiano (DeaN MartiN)
Araps Fly Me To The Moon (AnnA TernheiM) (reblip)
Araps Making Up Again (GoldiE)

GoldieMaking up again

| play
Araps You Don't Have To Be A Star [To Be In My Show] (MarilyN MccoO & BillY DaviS JR)
dANGELofLOVE [[WORLD AT YOUR FEET]] With The MUSIC On BLIP ~.~ Thank You So Much For Listening To My [[MUSIC]] ~ I'm Behind On Replies But I'll Get To All Of You. (reblip)
autumnc Has this one been out for a while? I heard it on a Kiwi radio station...
johnnyrei Please

Track 5

| play
Araps Everybody Hurts (REM)

REM Everybody Hurts

| play
DJMaririje Just googled the Italy Top 20's nr. 4, so I thought you'd like it =/ @starsailor3k: "if you blip Cremonini you risk to lose someone :))) (reblip)

MondoCesare Cremonini

| play
Araps Love it! TY@DJMaririje: "RB@roberlan: ""Tina Turner – Private Dancer" ~ I'll do what you want me to do / I'm your private dancer ~"" (reblip)
Araps On The Radio (DonnA SummeR)
Araps Anglel (SimplY ReD)

Simply RedAngel

| play
Araps Don't Stop The Dance (BriaN FerrY)

Dont stop the dance brian ferry roxy music 1980s

| play
Araps Words Unspoken (SupertramP)
Araps How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (MichaeL BoltoN & KennY G)
Araps Center Of The Universe (KameloT)
Araps Car Song (Ани ЛораK) Goodnight all, I'm leaving you with one of my most loved woman singers. See you all in a few hours!!
Araps You too!! @AutumnPerception: "Thank you to you all for so many Rplies and Props! I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!" (reblip)

Dido06 Thank You

| play
Araps @holo_holo: "今これ聴いてる〜♪ Dos Gardenias - Buena Vista Social Club ( #buenavistasocialclub" (reblip)
Araps Promises (ThE CranberrieS)

Everything burns (LYRICS)

| play
Araps I Love Rock N' Roll (JoaN JetT & ThE BlackhearT)
Araps W Kropki Zielone (EwA MalaS GodlewskA)
Araps Mah Yihyeh (ZehavA BeN)


| play
Araps Mambo Italiano (RosemarY ClooneY)


| play
Araps Alone In Paris (AlphonsE MouzoN) ... Good evening all!!
Araps Don't know her, or what she's doing for living, I LOVE her performance, hope to hear this song for me one day from a woman .... (aaaahhh....dreams...)
Araps Great!! Thank you for adding me!! @iFORKi: "rb @eszik: "rb @i2010i: "@Unaturalsoul: "@i2010i: "O Y E S""""" (reblip)
Araps Tic Tic Tac (CarrapichO)

CarrapichoTic Tic Tac

| play
Dancer12 [Feist – Inside and Out] . . kisses taste like honey (reblip)

FeistInside and Out

| play
Araps Mambo Italiano (DeaN MartiN)
Araps I Don't Want To (TonI BraxtoN)
Araps So beautiful!!! TY TY TY @brabul: "@katiatomoko @alemdoceu @da__li @DjSeninha @TatiRibeiroFM @_Renatuh @Gisassey @rabcastro @taprates" (reblip)

500 Days Of Summer (2009) Soundtrack 05- Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

| play
Araps Το Πειρατικό Του Captain Jimmy (ΜικρούτικοΣ ΘάνοΣ σε ποίηση ΚαββαδίΑ ΝίκοΥ)
Araps Spanish Guitar (TonI BraxtoN)
Araps Charisma (KisS)


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ModelSupplies RB @iamwhite: "And the song that turned me on to Ludo, a very worthwhile band!" (reblip)
Araps 16 years from his death ... Το Βαλς Των Χαμένων Ονείρων (Χατζιδάκις Μάνος)
Araps Say You Love Me (SimplY ReD)

Simply Red -Say You Love Me

| play
Araps Only You (AlisoN MoyeT)

Alison MoyetOnly You

| play
asli7 500 Days of Summer - The Smiths - There is a light that never goes out (reblip)
Araps Oh Mon Amour (ChristophE)
Araps Enchantment [Trans Mix] (TerminaL)
Araps Αύγουστος (ΠαπάζογλοΥ ΝίκοΣ) ... Good night all ...

Νίκος Παπάζογλου Αύγουστος

| play
SHERRYBABY65 ok you blippers ck this out BELLA STELLA :):):):)
biap No + props, but you know I love the Romanian songs! @florinux: "The romanian version of the same song! @Araps :D" (reblip)

Dragoste De Inchiriat [AKCENT]

| play
Araps Summertime (WilL SmitH) (reblip)

Will SmithSummertime

| play
Araps What I Want ( BoB SinclaR & FirebalL)
Araps Smooth Criminal (AlieN AnT FarM)
Dancer12 [Cinderella – Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)]
nachtvlindertje ""Is this Love White Snake live"" (reblip)

Is this Love White Snake live

| play
briangreene orange minis remind me. Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum
Araps The Open Happiness Music Video ....

The Open Happiness Music Video

| play
BBWolfey love it@DoctorOfJazz: "Did you hear this from earlier @ZONE" (reblip)

Lizz WrightTrouble

| play
Araps Πάμε Χαβάη [It's A Pity] (ΠρωτοψάλτΗ ΆλκηστιΣ)
Araps I've Been Loving You Too Long (SeaL)
ElZorro Chicago - Street Player
BRIGLIASONGS Guilherme Arantes - Pedacinhos / ♪ "Se o que vale é o sentimento..." ♪

The Beatles- "Band on The Run"

| play
badbabygirl2 RB My Pleasure TY!@lukesharp: "Hey my Top propers @harmony60 @akacarol @lostndanet @scotlandlover & @Literati ... you all raaawwwx!" (reblip)

u2 the sweetest thing

| play
astiejo ευχαριστίες...απόψε θέλω να πιω@Araps
arctictrend @Estheroconnor: "sweet lover live video, blipity blip" (reblip)

Sweet lover.m4v

| play
Araps A Day To Be Alone (OnE LesS ReasoN) ... thanks to @alwilbanks , welcome & TYSM for your support!! (reblip)
Dancer12 [Smooth Jazz – Sensual saxo and relaxing piano music]
itsRamel Tony! Toni! Tone! – It Never Rains In Southern California (Brighton Daze Mix)
Allegrazero Beautiful song, beautiful movie...

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Music Video

| play
Araps Welcome @anoetic, thanks for adding me, glad to have you with me in this music journey! (reblip)
katerinas_diary Amor..@Pascalguilbert: "Um Amor Infinito / Madredeus (Ballet )" (reblip)

Um Amor Infinito / Madredeus (Ballet )

| play
Araps Υπέροχο Κατερίνα!! @katerinas_diary: "Amor..@Pascalguilbert: "Um Amor Infinito / Madredeus (Ballet )"" (reblip)

Um Amor Infinito / Madredeus (Ballet )

| play
Araps A Thousand Years (StinG) ... inspired from @spacesuit3 , so happy having you with me ... (reblip)

A thousand yearsSting

| play
dickadcock Isobel Campbell – The Cat's Pyjamas
Araps I lived in Saudi Arabia, when I was a little boy ... SO GLAD to have you with me! @antogan_pesona (reblip)

arabi video song

| play
Araps Hello hello @aliving, thank you for listening! (reblip)

Def LeppardHysteria

| play
Araps My friend @ArthurzaoLove, love your country, language, music (never been there, don't know a word, listen A LOT!). So I believe we'll live great times (reblip)
Araps This one is from sweet @angelicao911, my new friend. Thank you for having this music trip with me! (reblip)

Cape Town- The Young Veins

| play
cjh Me too but it isn't as famous as the other one!@docstimulas: "just love her version =) @cjh: "Annie Lennox – A Whiter Shade Of Pale"" (reblip)
Araps My new friend @a_neuro_nerd knows about music, thanks for adding me! (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE TY! RB @Ttddman: "TY@L231: "Guns N' Roses - Paradise City RB @Ttddman: "@ankita_gaur: "Guns N' Roses – Paradise City"""" (reblip)
Basilis Καλημέρα σε όλους σας! Και να είστε πάντα μα πάντα :-D !!! (reblip)

ομορφη μερα ξεκινα (looming titties)

| play
KentGowran New tune from Imperial State Electric!!!
yuuhi_hajime iTunes play ♪Stevie Wonder "Superstition" #nowplaying
LuvGunn Going to sleep now! One cause im drunk, two cause im tires! night everyone, you guys were great ~~ till i sober up (reblip)

Sneaker Pimps//Six Underground

| play
LeParadis reblip thank you ... @seb098: (reblip)

Tarkovsky's Mirror Set to Arvo Pärt's Mirror in the Mirror

| play
Araps My name is Konstantinos but don't know why today somebody call me ... Sebastian (StevE HarleY & CockneY RebeL) ...:)

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel Sebastian [1983] Alt Version

| play
Gatolocofm its diferent....mmmm!! i like it!!!
Tropicsz4 Hi, Thanks > @PinkyLove: "FAVE!@TropicsZ4: "Hinder – Bed of Roses"" (reblip)

HinderBed of Roses

| play
koiheart rb@irfung: Thank you very much! This is a delight! (reblip)

Sea Wolf - Stanislaus

| play
Araps Very beautiful song from @GianlucaDM, newest member of my music family. Welcome neighbour and thank you so much for listening! (reblip)
RexStone Black Water – The Doobie Brothers
Araps Good night all! Thanks for all props, blips, rb, new friends ... Αύγουστος (ΠαπάζογλοΥ ΝίκοΣ)

Nikos Papazoglou Νίκος Παπάζογλου. Αύγουστος (Σ΄αγαπάω μα δεν έχω μιλιά να στο πω...)

| play
lillianwong So so luv PM and Rita H!@ducks2007: "this is the song that introduced me to PM, hard to get it out of my head, so I'll just give in and blip it (reblip)
Araps From my new sweet member of my music family ... Welcome @chyado, thank you for listening! (reblip)
Araps Πέφτω (Consoul Trainin Remix) [EmigrE]
alexou just discovered that song and really love it!
Araps Hanuman (RodrigO Y GabrielA) ... Have a GREAT weekend all!!

Rodrigo y Gabriela- "Hanuman" OFFICIAL

| play
GersonDJ @charmstep: "@SAMSLICK: "Rb, Arrested Development - Every Day People"" (reblip)


| play
TWBuddha Welcome, brothers and sisters, to The Church of Buddha...

The EbonysI Believe

| play
HorseShitWally Ibrahim Ferrer – Todavia me queda voz Google translate: Ibrahim Ferrer - I still have a voice (reblip)
Araps So beautiful song from my new friend @BryanMouat ... welcome to my music family ... (reblip)
Araps Улица роз (Ария и Слот) (reblip)
Araps Τίποτα Δεν Γίνεται Τυχαία (ΜαρινέλλΑ)
QueenzQT Who's rooting for Germany? Who's rooting for Spain? That danggone octupus said Spain would win today. Who listens to an octupus anyhoo? Pfffft.

Billie Holiday-All Of Me

| play
zx81basic The Ventures – Harlem Nocturne
VTWoodchuck Saw BOC 2 summers ago at a show with Foghat & Joan Jett. AWESOME show; Rudy Sarzo was on bass for the Cult @70srocker: "Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser" (reblip)
jcase59 Watch this video, listen 2 the lyrics. Don't know that I could say it as beautifully,'tis my wish 4 U all. Live, love, sing, dance :-))
NightWitch2 Ha! likey@lilbratsie: "it's Friday?? haha i'm great ty and u? :) @Heartfelt_Strings: "@lilbratsie: Woot I just ♥ our Blipping Paradise ... how r u? (reblip)
Araps @amoilcaffe welcome to my music family ... thanks for adding me! (reblip)
biap Tem tanto tempo que não ouço isso!!! Wow! Obrigada... Bjk @monicapadilha: "Esperando na Janela ~ Cogumelo Plutão" (reblip)

Esperando na Janela-Cogumelo Plutão

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JM_Leee This song is just so so sweet - luv it long time (reblip)
Araps Fireflies (OwL CitY)

Owl CityFireflies

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Araps Σ'αφήνω Στον Επόμενο (ΓιώργοΣ ΣαμπάνηΣ)
Harryglitter leave you tonight with the hero Mr. Waits. tomorrow a couple of more of this icon. sleep tight.

Alice by Tom Waits

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Waiting For The Miracle

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Araps Great song from a beautiful new member of my music family ... Welcome @adrianad, thank you for listening! (reblip)
Araps Dance With Somebody (MandO DiaO)
Araps Amore (RiccardO CocciantE E MinA)

Mina e Riccardo Cocciante Amore

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AquariusNX01 One more before I go to bed, just because I love this so much: "Right as Rain" Adele

AdeleRight As Rain

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Araps Great song from a great new friend. Welcome @avaux3 to my music family! (reblip)
Lil_Wing Seether ~ Careless Whisper
rescuegal @innoutwindows: "Is it bout U?-- Thanks for all the props and for being one of my new listeners. (reblip)
Araps Just stop to wish you all have a great day! ... See ya all later!!
Araps With Or Without You (MarcelA MangabeirA)
Araps You're Beautiful (MarcelA MangabeirA)
Araps Is This Love (BossA N' MarleY)
41DAN John Legend – It's Over [Feat. Kanye West]
Araps @closedPark glad to have you with me. Welcome to my music family and thanks for listening! (reblip)

The Fugees-Fugeela

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Araps Great song from my new friend, sweet @driade. Welcome dear and thanks for adding me! (reblip)


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