mat09 Great song - peaceful ....
mat09 Slow dance ... Ladies Choice .... Enjoy!

Toccata & Fugue in d minor (BACH, J.S.)

| play
Miekes @Jalepeno: Thnx! This version is great... I only could not play your blip... strangly enough. So here a new one. =)
krystynchong Don't You Want Me, Baby? "I picked you out, I shook you up and turned you around" ♫ (thx @1980s) (reblip)

Human League ////// Don´t you want me baby

| play

Amy Winehouse Will you still love me tomorrow

| play
BakingMan @Regi_bc: "@gooji @finchbeak: "@jbro: "@finchbeak: Olá Regiane, grande lista, eu coloco em uma solicitação para que você siga em twister, Obrigado: (reblip)
Regiane_bc @RenataFern: "Bisssssss.... "I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind That I put down in words How wonderful life is while you're in the world.. (reblip)

Elton JohnYour Song

| play
ShiaoMei Luv K.M. :) ur awesome! tnx:) @mrrodd: "@ShiaoMei @ShutterBugGeek ~ Whisper From The Mirror" (reblip)
ShiaoMei @messinwiththekid:"Hello back@ShiaoMei I am hanging in there... hope you are well" ..can't complain! :D No one will listen anyway...right? Right! :D (reblip)
lilymar Turn the noise down boys~;-) Run DMC ft Aerosmith Walk This Way

Run DMC ft Aerosmith Walk This Way Official Music Video

| play
BakingMan @verawooten: "@flinndc: "Linda Ronstadt - You're No Good w/vid" "OMG" what is she doing now days? (reblip)
BakingMan @Earthflakes: "Rb @sarahcarina: "Oh getting Italian, are we? @rxrx1776 lol"" "Mamma Mia che è una bella canzone (reblip)
BakingMan @patita: "with lee hooker :D @BakingMan..... awesome!" "This is nice were did you find this?" (reblip)
DJMees :-) RB@patita: ":D.................... (RB@BakingMan: "@patita :p")" (reblip)
BakingMan Now what guy did not love this video when it came out, thx @ShiaoMei (reblip)
BakingMan Hey showing my grand niece how to get songs on :D
BakingMan Hey@dcychan" I can't tell you how many times I played this in stage band........and I still love it!

Peggy LeeFever

| play
BakingMan "Why I'm a hairy Guy? Long Beutiful Hair"

The CowsillsHair

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BakingMan "Funny" @flipchickmom: "@mnelson: "The Coasters -Yakety Yak" This is code that kids use for nagging! Thanks @Annimallover @benyasbabe (reblip)
BakingMan "Now if this don't take you back to the day"
BakingMan Grace Kelly the saxophonist is only 15 and is the up and coming jazz player
BakingMan WOW amazing! Thx, to work with all the greats at her age" @Comancheria_Kohmahts: "Found these "Highlights" She's phenomenal! So young.. @BakingMan" (reblip)

Grace Kelly Highlights

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BakingMan "Thx@ShiaoMei great #" "u r always right on!!@ambit: "Fresh Jazz Cafe: Artist Highlight:Paul Taylor..Streamline..Shouts to @ShiaoMei (reblip)
BakingMan "OOH that browned eye girl" mmmm.....=)
BakingMan This was a great album

Carole KingJazzman

| play
BakingMan OK everyone thx for all the rb and props @Comancheria_Kohmahts TY so much, it was great talking jazz and music with you, have a great weekend
BakingMan Ok then the guys have it, Possive singing Crazy guy with a crush on a singer" LOL=) "My Sons agree w/you; like Phantom" @Comancheria_Kohmahts (reblip)
BakingMan Sounds like a very nice childhood I remember music my parents played@Comancheria_Kohmahts: "Nope Just due 2 my parents' exposing me to music (reblip)
BakingMan She had a range, we played "Fever" in school;)@Comancheria_Kohmahts I got an early exposure to Peggy Lee. Would have liked to been her. Great voice." (reblip)
BakingMan Opera? maybe the 3 tenors but just to casualy listen too? I'm with your Dad...Phantom of the Opera I like!! @Comancheria_Kohmahts (reblip)
BakingMan "Are you sure you are not a DJ at a Jazz station some were?" "Another great choice very nice Marsalis" @Comancheria_Kohmahts (reblip)
BakingMan I bet you do, you do know your musicians that's for sure better then me @Comancheria_Kohmahts: "Not 2 brag but I do have an ear 4 music. (reblip)

Russell Malone and Grace Kelly (part 2) "Answering the call"

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BakingMan This is a nice pieceThx thats why I like, gives my a wide variety @Comancheria_Kohmahts: "I like a wide range of music styles; very eclectic. (reblip)
BakingMan "Hey you can be the "Queen of Scat" like Ella Fitzgerald" LOL =) "I don't play but I "hum" real well.. @Comancheria_Kohmahts (reblip)

Russell Malone and Grace Kelly (part 2) "Answering the call"

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BakingMan @BakingMan: "My brother has a picture of Gene Krupa in his office and I wanted to be Herb Albert" @Comancheria_Kohmahts (reblip)

Russell Malone and Grace Kelly (part 2) "Answering the call"

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BakingMan Oh that's great, my brother played drums, drove my mother crazy!!!" "My Dad played guitar; amateur band. Dabbled w/saxophonetoo"@Comancheria_Kohmahts (reblip)

Russell Malone and Grace Kelly (part 2) "Answering the call"

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BakingMan @BakingMan: ""Por favor @ROSIEOLIVEIRA!!" My daughter is 21yrs. I am 53 Soy un viejo LOL=)" NOOO, I BET I'M OLDER THEN U??? DO TELL? :-o"" (reblip)
BakingMan "What did he play?I played the horn in high school,my daughter picked it up too""I grew up w/it. Dad liked it played jam sessions@Comancheria_Kohmahts (reblip)

Russell Malone and Grace Kelly (part 2) "Answering the call"

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BakingMan "You are making me feel real old when you say like that" @ROSIEOLIVEIRA: THIS WAS ALSO THE DATING GAME THEME SONG. I THINK IN THE 70'S? :-o" (reblip)
BakingMan Been awhile since I've heard live Jazz, used to live in L.A. it was all around, going to have to go to the "Big City" again=)@Comancheria_Kohmahts (reblip)

Russell Malone and Grace Kelly (part 2) "Answering the call"

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BakingMan You're good finding this stuff, On the interview with NPR she spoke so nice, I can imagine her parents are very proud of her @Comancheria_Kohmahts: (reblip)

Russell Malone and Grace Kelly (part 2) "Answering the call"

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BakingMan "Poor kitty =( Welcome @JennieJennie" "One of my most favoritest songs everrrrrrrrrrrr. Reminds me of my cat. Don't ask unless you want a sad story. " (reblip)
BakingMan "She better hide it from you" @Comancheria_Kohmahts" I was thinking the same as I listened to her. That hat Phil gave her would go in a" (reblip)

Grace Kelly at TCAN, Boston teen jazz saxophone prodigy

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BakingMan "Hey @carlnat Check her out, have you herd of her?" (reblip)

Grace Kelly Highlights

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BakingMan "Just when you think what new talent will come up next? I know what I was doing at 15, not that =)" @Comancheria_Kohmahts: "Found her site. Amazing! (reblip)
BakingMan "For all the parents tonight" "They grow up so fast"

So Far Away Carole King

| play
BakingMan @MrsASoprano"Ya the nieces and nephews are in from back east so I've been baking non-stop, never seen cookies go so fast=) It's been lot's of fun

Funny little girl makes cookies and a music video with Dad

| play
ShiaoMei @BakingMan ...check them out..And obscure but amazing band!
BakingMan @rosecryst: "FUNNYman! trying 2 save letters - yes, we were in the sandbox,we was WELL grown "Like 2yrs. old? @r: in Colo when he was 2""" (reblip)
BakingMan Thanks. I made 4-9" round and they are all gone =)@ShiaoMei: "thnk u! bet it turned out great..@BakingMan (reblip)
BakingMan Maybe if I sing this all day he will give me a new computer?@Awannabeangel George Harrison – My Sweet Lord" (reblip)
BakingMan "Very Nice you like Jazz too?" @ShiaoMei: "((:@TropicsZ4 ~@messinwiththekid~ @BakingMan:)) Miles Davis <> <><><>" (reblip)
BakingMan @ShiaoMei: "Hi!! (:@1980s:)) ""It is the evening of the day... Pass it on2 @BakingMan <><> :D" (reblip)
BakingMan "Oh that's great, glad you had fun;)" @NicoleVSanchez"I really had fun tonight, thanks for asking! I really laughed a lot and that felt great!
BakingMan "Good evening @ShiaoMei nice to see you;) how was your day"? (reblip)
BakingMan "Your welcome@rosecryst" it's from the "Twin sons of different mothers" cd : "*thank you* B., didnt have this one in my collection...EverOnDan (reblip)
BakingMan "My Mother loved Tom Jones" "He is still singing" "Props for TJ" @JDsRecordShop: "It's not unusual – Tom Jones" (reblip)
BakingMan @yoyesno: "@JDsRecordShop: "Simon and Garfunkel-I Am a Rock"" (reblip)

Simon and Garfunkel-I Am a Rock

| play
BakingMan "I still can't figure out how he played with his cheeks like that?" and that up turned horn "Crazy Man" "Crazy" @carlnat (reblip)
BakingMan "Oh @Comancheria_Kohmahts this is a reeeal nice # In my dreams I wish I could have played like this, you're # 1 on the know of Jazz #, Thk U :) :)" (reblip)
BakingMan You're right! in that case this songs is better for you, But we know u have a warm heart ;)@ROSIEOLIVEIRA "HOWEVER WE MAKE IT IN DOORS WITH AC AT 60"
BakingMan Good night/day everyone thx again for a great night & all the rbs & props"=)@rxrx1776@DirtyUrine""Thank's for "urban lingo" 101, I'm trying, really!

Frank SinatraMy Way

| play
MrsASoprano /waves hi @ICEGIRL152: "holy sh*t, I forgot about dis one, reminds me of the days I chose to not read the writing on the wall---LMFAO!" (reblip)

Hazel O`Connor RARE Writing on the wall

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BakingMan If you havn't figured it out yet I love this album

Lovely Rita- The Beatles

| play
BakingMan GOOD MORNING WORLD!!!! I'm so tired have not been to bed yet +-)

the beatles - lucy in the sky with diamonds

| play

The Beatles- She's Leaving Home

| play
BakingMan "Welcome & Thank you all for following =)" @bluecipher @messinwiththekid@carlnat@Skull_300@DJDolceVita

The Beatles -Let It Be

| play
BakingMan ok I found the wine and it's working"LMAO" no really it just hit, I think my eye lids are made of lead, if I could.. just to... the bed..zzzz

Elton JohnDaniel

| play
BakingMan "Ya that sounds good@hawaiibuzz, good night everyone=)" (reblip)
BakingMan 'Ya we say we want one then "Bam" " We wake up =(!! LOL @ChadThomas (reblip)
BakingMan Good night everyone, Bakingman has got to go make "cinnamon rolls" 4 the Family morning Breakfast =) "@ShiaoMei talk to u later and "catch up" (reblip)

John ColtraneBakai

| play
BakingMan "Hey @ShiaoMei ~*~=)" "How is Ms. Cookie? How r you?" (reblip)

The Beach Boys Singing Barbara Ann

| play
BakingMan "Thanks is PyraBang your site?" "yeah i did, cool blog man =] @BakingMan: "Your welcome, did u like it?" @hawaiibuzz: "hey man, thx for props! (reblip)
BakingMan "Your welcome, did u like it?" @hawaiibuzz: "hey man, thx for props! .. btw, i worked in a bakery for 2 years - a long time ago =] rb@BakingMan: (reblip)
BakingMan "Heyas! :) @TechnoJava: "Heyas! @BakingMan @scotlandlover: "WHEN did you change your hairstyle? :-) rb @flinndc: "letters I've written, never meanin.. (reblip)
BakingMan @Triple5Light: "r/b via @BakingMan: ~ Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? Travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for (reblip)
BakingMan "Good evening@TechnoJava;) No Cheeseburgers today:)" "Grand Funk Railroad telling you that 'She's Some Kind Of Wonderful' " (reblip)

She's Some Kind Of Wonderful- GRAND FUNK

| play
BakingMan @ICEGIRL152: "time does keep on slippin' the older i get...." (reblip)
BakingMan "Bang Bang...My Baby Shot Me Down"

The Lonely Shepherd (Kill Bill Soundtrack) Gheorghe Zamfir

| play
BakingMan "Holy Firecracker Batman"

Batman Hoo Woo

| play
BakingMan "You Don't Have To Be Beautiful To Turn Me On......Kiss"


| play
BakingMan "Oh No Let's Go Let's Go Crazzzzy"

PrinceLets Go Crazy

| play
BakingMan "Can You Feel The Heat...The Heat Between Me & You.....When Loves Cry"
BakingMan "Sexy Dancer get's me so Hot!!"

PrinceSexy dancer

| play
BakingMan "Everbody Let's get it to it! Get Stupid! Let's get it Started!"
BakingMan @vulcanrider: "@SpinninSara..i only thought of the idea when i did the bangles... this isnt motown either.. its white motown lol!" (reblip)
BakingMan @NicoleVSanchez: "Van Halen Panama" (reblip)

Van Halen Panama

| play
BakingMan @rxrx1776: "fine choice of blip there sir@Dr_Wes: "Ha very flustered here we go:) @tuatara @rxrx1776 Kenny Loggins- Return to Pooh Corner"" (reblip)
BakingMan "Hello Ms @GinaDunc =) How are you? I see u have survived the northern heatwave=(" "Very nice, ty :)@nilsm111@rachidkas @luluonthesky" [Phil Perry – (reblip)
BakingMan OK@sassy2cute just go along, "Oh sassy2cute, Oh sassy2cute I like the way you talk I like the way you walk Oh sassy2cute" Hey that works!!:DD
BakingMan "Welcome @Brownigrl30 Thank you for following and for all the props and blips=DD" (reblip)
Rella @StevenZimm: "@Rella: "These Eyes....Something about them..indeed..." ... yep .. something special "..well that's a double Ditto !!!! (reblip)

Guess Who-These eyes

| play
Rella I just have to send this one..once a day..I love this song..they are so sexy and bad at the same time..maybe that's what it is..what it
BakingMan Ok Ladies and Gents it's time for me to go, my backside is getting numb from sitting to long, and it's going to take a long time to thaw=(
BakingMan Good Ole Ray "Ladies close your eyes!!!!!..........To Late=("

Ray StevensThe Streak

| play
BakingMan She is one of my favorites also...I still can't figure her out with Elvis Costello? (reblip)


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TechnoJava Hello @MikeGackler and welcome to the Techno Journey! and many thanks for the rb!!! :) (reblip)
TechnoJava shout out @SDUBB with thanks for props!!! hope is all good for you tonight. (reblip)
BakingMan Good Night "Island Girl"=DDD@TechnoJava: "It's time to head 'Back To The Island.' Wishing everyone a beautiful night! @TechnoJava ~ Peace out!""
BakingMan Ok everyone "Top Chief" is on got to go you all take care and have a great Thursday (reblip)
KristyRNinAZ Guess who just got back today? ♫ The Boys are Back in Town ♫ ~Thin Lizzy I'm out for now (gotta go find em!)
KristyRNinAZ TOTALLY!! It's Friday night! Rock n Roll all night! ~Kiss
KristyRNinAZ My fave band is my 1,000th blip! ♫ More Than A Feeling ♪ ~Boston (reblip)

Boston-More Than A Feeling

| play
KristyRNinAZ Dance to the music. Party with Sly & Family Stone. (via @70srocker) (reblip)
BakingMan My last song for all, @MrsASoprano you made my evening;) I hope to see you all sometime or another this weekend, be good and sleep tight=)
BakingMan "Burn Baby Burn" "Disco Inferno"
BakingMan Good Morning@Kohmahts =D "Sade: "Cherish The Day"" (reblip)

SadeCherish The Day

| play
BakingMan Allow me to translate@MrsASoprano "Double Dutch Bus=DD" no :( @c3p0: "don't you understand Dutch :-D@MrsASoprano
BakingMan Honey, there's a Cat in the house!!

Cat StevensReady

| play

the starland vocal band- afternoon delight

| play
BakingMan A loss of a great talent & artist (reblip)

J. Lo at Selena Movie Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

| play
KristyRNinAZ And we're NOT building anything... ♫ Brick House ♪ ~~The ~Commodores
BakingMan Hey @MrsASoprano good to see u, hope all is well in the Big Apple and ur well, got to go hope to see u later tonight, "Cisco Kid was a friend of Mine"

WarThe Cisco Kid

| play
BakingMan Hey everbody TGIF =D just passing through and got a big surprise, Ladies and Gentlemen boys & girls Sheees Baaaack!!! @MrsASoprano I missed you =DDD

WarLow Rider

| play
BakingMan Just 1 more War this is what i was looking 4.. heard this in my car on the way home, couldn't get this out of my head, Just like those Spanish women;)

WarSpill The Wine

| play

The Beatles-Ticket To Ride

| play
MrsASoprano r/b@scotlandlover: "@PazzoRagazzo-----LOVE THIS! AW!!! ty for blipping this rb @Awannabeangel: "Elvis Costelo – She (Notting Hill)"" (reblip)
BakingMan OK guys I'm going to call it a night, For my friend @TechnoJava some good music to get back in balance with I hope your having a fantastic weekend ;)
BakingMan Great song Thx r/b @josephh777 @Sophizz @PMA276F @NicoleVSanchez: "I'm fascinated with you, in a good way!!""" (reblip)
BakingMan r/b via @Chris1956tian: "#music #soul #vocal .Ike and Tina Turner " Proud Mary " ..great tune.." (reblip)
BakingMan Louder!!! Louder!!! r/b via @BenWright007TX: "Black Eyed Peas – Pump It" (reblip)
TheShyOne IS on my play list, who would have guessed?@AlyG: "@MDJMER i literally just said "kris kristofferson, that's a good one" " (reblip)
BakingMan r/b @HannahShaya I was just leaving n saw ur blip, nice song, blueberry pancakes for me=) "Happy monday & have a great week" ♫•*¨`*✶ Good morning!! (reblip)
BakingMan Thx for the props @RoxUranus you were doing up a lot of classical selection the other day, you a musician? (reblip)
BakingMan Hey I like the guy even more!! at least he is home watching =)@Kohmahts: "Scott prefers the NFL @BakingMan ..but he will watch college as a secon...." (reblip)
lilymar Chaka Khan – I Feel For You
alebur :)))))))))))))) @BakingMan: "Hey guy just 3 more until the big "1K" !! r/b @alebur: "rb @harmony60"" (reblip)
BakingMan This is a great video, thx @RoxUranus: "@BakingMan That had to be nice...following in her fathers footsteps..." (reblip)
BakingMan r/b =D @Kohmahts: "Sam Cooke: "Bring It On Home To Me"" (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ “Hey, Grant McC => "The Best Is Yet to Come"

The Beatles -Let It Be

| play
DirtyUrine awesome stoneage! ~ @Nymphetamine: "The Rolling Stones – Angie" (reblip)
BakingMan I can't remember when i first heard this, I love it @BakingMan: "Oh I know this music! very nice @Kohmahts: "TY for the RB. I love Ottmar's music! (reblip)

Ottmar Liebert Heart Still Beating

| play
BakingMan thank you for the props and blips =D @comicmama (reblip)

fergielondon bridge

| play
LookAtIT @robbell? @part @GoogleAtWork; @BOOKS; @Now @Linked @url @Cloaked @HootSuite @This?; @under @versikt @search @with "@status @quo"? (reblip)
BakingMan Thx 4 the props and reblips, and 4 all the Gr8 Coltrane selections you post! @carlnat (reblip)
fxp123 TY@KristyRNinAZ: "I knew this one was coming! The walls are breathing..... @fxp123: "Iron Butterfly - In-aGadda-Da-Vida @KristyRNinAZ"" (reblip)
ROSIEOLIVEIRA CHECK OUT THESE LYRICS @BakingMan / I smell latin grammy
BakingMan Very nice! even I can understand, u are my latin music teacher, u know ur stuff!!@ROSIEOLIVEIRA: "CHECK OUT THESE LYRICS I smell latin grammy" (reblip)
BakingMan If there were anyone it would be you... "Born to Be Wild" Hope you had nice weekend and have a great week ;) Blessings to you @TechnoJava (reblip)
SkyeCebh I wish you didnt copy! :( @Blanquis26: "♫♥♪♥ La Vida Es Un Carnaval ♫♥♪♥" (reblip)
BakingMan You can't keep a good girl down, thanks for sharing =) @mairsplaylist

On The Mend-Foo Fighters *With Lyrics*

| play
BakingMan excellent morning song, saw them at the Playboy Jazz Festival yrs ago, Fantastic =) Thx r/b @0_0 (reblip)

Morning Dance/Spyro Gyra

| play
BakingMan @0_0: "Thank you :)) @mitrovix: "Great,man,RB@0_0: " Bumpin' On Sunset""" (reblip)
BakingMan @0_0 "Howlin' Wolf" "Smokestack Lightning"

Howlin' Wolf Smokestack Lightning

| play
BakingMan OOHH Very smooth, TYVM r/b @makinitrite: "RB @dvdsea is that time of year..who does it better???" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Eagles – One Of These Nights
BakingMan With this I say "Adiós y te cuidas" "Goodbye and take care" You all be good and Have a upcoming fantastic weekend =)
devlps !!!!@FRIEDCATFISH: "GOOD MORN Bleeps! It is 5:30 am o n Sunday Morn. @acanuckfan @devlps @BiggL @Dancer12 ..In a jazzy mood this morn" (reblip)
BakingMan Very Nice Thx 6:15am pst here in Calif. @0_0 Its afternoon here. T Centr European Time +1 hr from GMT. Beautiful 'Autumn Day' in Amsterdam Holland. (reblip)

Peter WhiteAutumn Day

| play
BakingMan Good Morning Mrs S How is ur sunday going? =D Thx for all the props and blips @MrsASoprano: "Good morning blippers!" (reblip)
listeningsky @BakingMan, NP. I'm in the southeast (U.S.)//So, what's baking these days?
BakingMan A long time ago over looking the ocean........this song and just the two of us....
GinaDunc England Dan & John Ford Coley - Love Is The Answer
GinaDunc Donna Summer - On The Radio
Eri_Z thx for the props!@RollinsWallace: (reblip)

Mambo Nr 5

| play
THEORDEROFEARTH Thx @S75: "BIG Band Radio: - Duke Ellington & Louis Armstrong - The Beautiful American (1990 Digital Remaster0" (reblip)
BakingMan Like you are! =D @GinaDunc: "Aaaah...Chris Botti. Talented, from Oregon like I am, and good lookin' too! ;) Ty @digitpt: "@fbrahimi: "Chris Botti – (reblip)
GinaDunc VERY nice...ty ;) @angelheart: "@Blackempire: "Anita Baker – Giving You The Best That I Got"" (reblip)


| play
BakingMan "Oh Happy Day" Is that you? Great to see you @TechnoJava
ROSIEOLIVEIRA CHECK THIS ONE OUT @BakingMan @tejano76 and @rxrx76

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs "Padre Nuestro" primer single oficial

| play
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ 0_0, thank you for the rb's and props. Hey, did you know that @BakingMan does this one on his guitar (I think) rb @0_0: "Spanish Guitar Solo" (reblip)
BakingMan Thank you for all the props and blips, "esta caliente" @honeygirl (reblip)

Los PericosCaliente

| play
BakingMan Thanks for all the props and blips r/b @devlps: "Out of props! So have to rb@0_0: "Lily Was Here"" (reblip)
BakingMan Oh wow, good meditation music, thanks for all the props and blips @matwater213 (reblip)
amphore thanks rb@sinden688 Rosemary Clooney & Benny Goodman - Memories of you (reblip)
BakingMan Thanks for all the props and blips and I agree great video Thx r/b @Phoenixwoman "Delicious choice ... the greatest ones died in plane crashes. (reblip)

Patsy ClineCrazy

| play
amphore Ben Blume: Moon Samba

Ben Blume: Moon Samba

| play
BakingMan Thank you very much for your props have a great day =) @MONIKKA (reblip)

paul mccartney no more lonely night

| play
BakingMan Not different if you are "Latino" como yo!! Baile!! @AgeBee: "And now for something completely different..." (reblip)
BakingMan Lee anytime anywere Thx r/b @ShiaoMei: "OMG!! how r u? long time no see...@Oldies: "Lee Ritenour – Papa was a Rolling Stone - Hi everyone! "" (reblip)

Banda Brothers-Latin Jazz tune

| play
ShiaoMei ℓσνє тиιѕ тииx! ☆☆☆☆☆ (:@TropicsZ4: " This Masquerade (reblip)
GinaDunc Nice, ty :) @ShiaoMei: "omg!! LOVE this>> Absolutely amazing.. thnx 4 sharing! :D via ~ @PonchoKilates: "coltrane vers... " (reblip)

Blue Bossa Latin Groove

| play
ShiaoMei This is dedicated to my co-worker>>NICK:))) who promised he'll join blip!!!! @---)--

Chick CoreaSpain

| play
ShiaoMei @BakingMan...a great tune! :D

Keiko Matsui--Across The Sun

| play
KristyRNinAZ The Moody Blues – Your Wildest Dreams
ShiaoMei @RunningRealtor, here's a great clip.. inspired by>>@TidyCat **simply the most amazing player i've ever seen =^..^= Jaco Pastorius - Slang""" (reblip)

"Slang" / Jaco Pastorius

| play
broadwayg R'bing a great DJ tonite. @ChordOnBlue giving us a classically beautiful tune by Diana Krall. Enjoy on Slo Jamjz ReBlip.@ShiaoMei@Cyad@crowjane @ (reblip)
BakingMan "Hey what's up in your part of the world today?" .....nice # Thx r/b @0_0 "Hey @BakingMan :)) " (reblip)

Steve OliverHigh Noon

| play
BakingMan Now we're going!!!.... "Wilson Pickett – Land of 1000 Dances"
BakingMan Thx a lot, you too, hope your sunday ends well @0_0: "Hey @BakingMan -> Goodnight / Sleep well :) tx 4 props and rp's ! " (reblip)

Shivaree, Goodnight Moon, Vidéo clip, 2000

| play
BakingMan What ever you are drinking in your coffee I want some =D @0_0: "LAMBADA !" (reblip)


| play


| play

Kimiko Kasai " Tell Me A Bedtime Story " 1979

| play
BakingMan Thx for all the props and reblips =D @lovethemusic Keb' Mo' – Dangerous Mood (reblip)
BakingMan Thanks for all the props and reblip, a add on for my playlist for sure, we all wanted to play like him in high school "Good Ole Satch" @Charlie_O (reblip)
ShiaoMei @ambit"Fresh Jazz Cafe: Warren Hill and his smooth sax is in the Cafe~Sax In The City! Waving to @artboycraig thanks 4 lisening. Hey there @JosieMK :) (reblip)

juan luis guerra estrellitas y duendes

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BakingMan I bet you had your morning coffee already, that sounds so good right now, but if i drink some i will never go to bed =( @sarahcarina
BakingMan Thanks for all the props and reblips, great song, one of my brothers fav r/b via @devlps: "RB@Justamoochin" (reblip)
MariCanti @GabiNasNuvens: "Cute Cute song ;) @0_0: "@BakingMan: "There he you doing? Yep... ;here I am :) But I can't stay lon have to go in a few min" (reblip)

On A Clear Day Jazz Guitar Hussein Boon

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BakingMan OK everyone that's it for me@sarahcarina@BohlianSunshine TY for a fun evening, Sara if i don't see u have fun in Amst. Thx for sharing the cookies =D
ShiaoMei @0_0 <<<still luv this track!!!


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BakingMan LOL better drink a glass of wine ;) Only 4:40pm Cali time @scotlandlover: "SHOCKED to see u this hour..LOL :-) "hey! I was just checking in and droped (reblip)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials ~ I Got Cash

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Pink_Viper Thinking I need some. ;-) rb@tormento23: "COFFEEEEEEEE...." (reblip)


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BakingMan Hungry!! mmmm looking real cute their with your X-mas avatar =) @lillianwong: "Hmm! Gettin me hungry! (reblip)
BakingMan LOL you sure know how to sweet talk a man =) 1 dz. x-mas cookies $2.95...blips from @mairsplaylist...."Priceless" "for my sweet friend @BakingMan" (reblip)
BakingMan I'll never forget this song, had a ride the same name at our county fair, played this song alllll night long! Thx r/b @Anna_N "ty;) night @theFRUKE (reblip)
BakingMan "At long last love has arrived and I thank God I'm alive" Can't Take My Eyes off You – Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons"
BakingMan LMAO!! "Yes a moment of silence please" =)))@ShiaoMei: "@BakingMan..Who does this remind you of?!?! Don't say it!" (reblip)
BakingMan yes a great song Thx r/b @Eri_Z: "& thx for adding me! I love this song!@artboycraig: "TY@bizzybee -Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop"" (reblip)
BakingMan LMAO!! "Oh wow" I love it <3 Thx how did you find this? @ItzMeMichelle: "Thanks! @BakingMan" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 You too, @io_02: "sleep tight..." (reblip)

Lenny Kravitz "American Woman"

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