BluJulius off to the alternate dimension for a parsec
BluJulius getting this out there before it disappears again!@ladypn@str8jgirl@soniktruth@teajeans@Hoopla (reblip)

Tin Hat Trio - Dead Season

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Franimal Proximity Effect is a good album should go there! I'm good. How are you?

Mother's Day

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The Action Design- "Tokyo Train"

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BluJulius fukin LMAO!RB@Franimal: "Love this! " (reblip)

I love my little rooster

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Alturn8tive The Wombats – Kill The Director
Alturn8tive the sea and cake – On A Letter
Alturn8tive Tokyo Police Club – Nature of the Experiment
BluJulius oh,hell 2 the yiz a RB(keep 'em coming!)@Alturn8tive: "Bound Stems-Sugar City Magic..check these guys out@droolius " (reblip)

Bound Stems Sugar City Magic

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These Foolish Things -- Billie Holiday 1936

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DaSein1973 Guano Apes – Lords of the Boards
Alturn8tive Feist & Ben Gibbard – Train Song..sup my man@droolius
BluJulius I might as well just change my playlist name to your moniker;)@Alturn8tive: "Yeasayer – Ambling Alp" (reblip)

YeasayerAmbling Alp

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Passion Pit-Little Secrets (Manners)

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Atomik Matias Aguayo – Rollerskate
honeygirl @CargoCulte ...getting my coffee on and getting some blips in! oh yah, and MAYBE some work too... ;)

Etta JamesSpoonful

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Alturn8tive The Rural Alberta Advantage – Frank, AB
BluJulius D fucking K UBER ALLES!@BJPR @CargoCulte @MuzanE (reblip)

Jello Biafra And Melvins-Caped Crusader

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palisadehills Al Green – Take Me to the River

Murder by Death "Three Men Hanging" (live and acoustic)

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DamnTheMan nods......cuz Angie told me to ;) @Angie74: "Nod your fuckin' head" (reblip)

busta rhymes break ya neck

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nastysurprise @prescottscott Thx, man. This is driving nuts now. I'm scrolling through 17,000 songs trying to figure it out.

EnonOld Dominion

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Sylak ‡‡Acid Bath - "Jezebel"‡‡ (reblip)

Acid Bath-Jezebel

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Preistess Lay Down

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Manic Street Preachers Peeled Apples (better audio quality)

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nastysurprise @anothercraze I was referring to YOUR avatar in case I was confusing.

All Of The Dreamers

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Alturn8tive The Stars – The First Five Times
Alturn8tive Sea Wolf-Black Dirt

Sea Wolf's "Black Dirt" (Music Video: Unofficial)

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BrettGreene And the Hazy Sea rolls on with the offspring of Pavement and Weezer, now known as Cymbals Eat Guitars
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ All That Remains- "The Air That I Breathe" ♥ #metal ["I push to the edge, never falter; For this cements my beliefs; I'll remain my own master"] ✰
Alturn8tive {Wolf Parade-I'll Believe in Anything}

Wolf Parade I'll Believe in Anything

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Astrud Gilberto ~ The Girl From Ipanema

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katykalysta Jehst – City Of Industry... ty!@fxp123 ty!!@droolius ty!!!@TPJK ty!!!!@djpuggie

JehstCity Of Industry

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palisadehills The Dresden Dolls – Truce
CourtneyDare Drivin' in the Mississippi Delta a few weeks back, all I saw were fields and fields of __________ (reblip)
5outh <3

Coheed and Cambria- Fuel for the Feeding End

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White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Official Video

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BluJulius I LOVE this version!!@DANIELLA1: "Just your daily dose of thorny Rose @_Nobody__ " (reblip)

BjörkI Miss You

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UGK 4 Life In Stores 3/31

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Elliot Minor do an acoustic of Solaris for ITN

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Thaiangel G'morning :) Gio ! yea i wait 4 u to blip this :0<@IOU: :)>>>@Thaiangel >> ( big in Thailand ) (reblip)

alphaville big in japan

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FineNGood Falling in and out of love Something sweet to throw away. I want something good to die for To make it beautiful to live. (reblip)

múm "Sing Along"

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BluJulius I love the fucking beatles AND the meatmen

The Meatmen-1 Down 3 To Go

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senae @buendiayvo: " @.@ Weezer – Kids & Poker Face (MGMT, Lady GaGa Cover)" deece! (reblip)
ShedMySkin fukn LOVE this!!!@fearshop: "Prong - Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" (reblip)
joiezabel one of the best songs of 2009 imho
Unaturalsoul @Elle_Paoa: "Did I mention earlier that I LOVE DHC? :D " (reblip)
www_StroumDesign_com You guys should like this one. Chevelle – This Circus @mark_till @B828

ChevelleThis Circus

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Jeff Buckley- Lover, You Should've Come Over

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Franimal Yay for Wayne @rev_awesome! Yo, @droolius, we are your fave because we are the greatest girls in the whole place! (reblip)
BluJulius I am really enjoying your bliplist!Thanx!@katykalysta: "Hermit Thrushes – Snowflake Heart" (reblip)
cpcdiniz RB@MONIKKA: SMoon é amigona, também uma grande levadas, bons tempos sempre voltam !!! (reblip)
BluJulius I'm all outta props4U2,thanx4playlist material RBluv!@rev_awesome: "Thanks for the crooner. You've got your maximum props for the day @droolius" (reblip)

Herman DuneNot on Top

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Dean Martin John Wayne: Everybody loves somebody Sometime

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loripop326 no, this actually fits my mood kinda :) @Angie74: "I know you aint in the mood @loripop326, but girl, can't help it! ;)" (reblip)


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iMatthew_ Bright Eyes – Gold Mine Gutted
lillianwong Yes I know! Nailbiter! Suns play Lakers tomorrow! @chickenkatsu: "Hi! Hope the Suns hang on! RB @lillianwong: "Hello there!! Nice 2cu!! @fxp123 (reblip)
BluJulius I bow 2 u sir!I am indeed a new fan!@palisadehills: "@lillianwong @droolius || This is me → DeRon featuring Ashley Slater – Forevermore " (reblip)
palisadehills @droolius A few. Mostly older material. This is from 2005 || Tim Dillinger – Dreams (Come Alive) The DeRon Remix ||
lillianwong VERY NICE! Love this! ~ MC Jack in the Box – "When I want Romance" - DeRon remixed ~ @palisadehills @droolius
Tsauro Runrig – Wonderful


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BluJulius being loyal to our roots in music is important
StereoForBrains Tune of the day: "Andrew" by Crystal Antlers. Another one of my favorite tracks of the year.
Faddic Live from the Parco Novi Sad, Modena, Italy (1999)

Pavarotti & B.B. King The Thrill Is Gone

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BluJulius are u leaving us?lol@lillianwong: "Fall Out Boy – Thanks for the Memories ~ @droolius" (reblip)
melimel3 Thx!!@MSBloom: "One of mine, too! Props to you both!@melimel3: "One of my Fav's... how'd you know :) @theFRUKE"" (reblip)

Crazy TownButterfly

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Alturn8tive {wild sweet orange – ten dead dogs}

Walking the Dog- fun [[Album Version- HQ]]

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BluJulius RfuckingB!!!!@Angie74: "rb love @DreamWarriorz: "Chevelle – Emotional Drought"" (reblip)
FineNGood 'Cuz it's gone daddy gone the love is gone Yeah, it's gone daddy gone the love is gone It's gone daddy gone the love is gone Yeah it's gone daddy gone
pixelmongress Definitely!! @DjDiddlesSkittle: "me too so much better than justin @HeatherMaccart: "LOVE this cover! @pixelmongress: "I'm loving these guys...""" (reblip)


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seb098 @michelpoisson: "Some more swing... why not?" (reblip)


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tinadiggsit if u could bottle the energy at that show it would solve all the worlds problems :)@droolius: "Reblipping your very first, a first 4 me 2@tinadiggsit" (reblip)
Franimal That's exactly the same song and thing I said yesterday @DJFrankie. :) It is more appropriate for today. You're in the midwest, right? (reblip)
andidigress @daretoeatapeach oh i'm not ashamed, i just don't want to come up in a search for REM blippers. i don't want the association. #remsucks vi@GarlandGrey (reblip)
Unaturalsoul @arcticarab: "L7 - masses are asses! - observation - vid chick needs a larger stage for her dancing." (reblip)

Masses are asses

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BluJulius cleaning out my playlist still (reblip)

A Tribe Called Quest- Lyrics to Go

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Money, Cash, Hoes by Jay-z ft DMX

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palisadehills Bush Tetras – Too Many Creeps
ShedMySkin (hed) p.e. Bitches

(hed) p.e. Bitches

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BluJulius loved the Vandals since the 80s RB@dankitti: "Rockin' Sugar Plum Fairies! Here's The Vandals." (reblip)
Wolfgirl_Leah Well you shouldn't keep me up all night, lol! @scorpionkiss: "@Wolfgirl_Leah ME TOO!!!Glad to see you're awake!!!" (reblip)

Blue StahliULTRAnumb

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BluJulius never get sick of this*violently thrashing at my desk*
BluJulius hot like my grandma's bread pudding @ShedMySkin


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arcticarab ♫ [kmfdm ~ go to Hell} be one of us..... enjoy the ♫!
BluJulius not a huge Alice fan but this is pretty cool!

Alice CooperClones

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arcticarab ♫ {happy mondays ~ god's cop} ♫ "coz me and the chief got soul to soul, me and the chief got slowly stoned.....god made it easy on me"♫
Huldine vi@cwylie0: "Two of the greatest drummers (TOOL & Melvins) having a collabo-drumoff" #puuuhh (reblip)
katykalysta Charles Mingus – Flowers For A Lady (1974)
Alturn8tive {Voxtrot – Missing Pieces]

VoxtrotMissing Pieces

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Alturn8tive {Coconut Records-Back to You}

Coconut Records "Back to You"

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BluJulius this chick is just so damned cute
FineNGood This is my fave song of the day.... I dig this one for so many reasons and it helps that the dude from Faith No More is the genius behind it.
loripop326 warning: i might not be done yet....lmao @Angie74: "OMFG!! @JDS442: "rb'd ! LOL !@loripop326: "i needed to giggle. i can't be the only one.""" (reblip)

99 words for boobs with lyrics

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Alturn8tive {Metric – Grow Up And Blow Away}
mfrobben @droolius Welcome! Give some of my old chicago fans a shot


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BluJulius who fucking killed my D.R.I.?

CrassShaved Women

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laurafee The Pigeon Detectives - Keep On Your Dress
BluJulius RB@laurafee: "The Pigeon Detectives - Keep On Your Dress" (reblip)
loripop326 more blue rodeo @droolius cuz i'm tryin'a further your education. heh.

Blue Rodeo-"Bulletproof "

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DJTIMMY Waaaaaaaaaaaaa FUCKING HELL!!!!
ayogafriend TY for 3 Leg Torso suggestion @droolius they are brilliant
BluJulius I had a pretty rough time with Dynasty even ,agreed it was best early@alteraric:I fell off KISS after Dynasty I am 40 so I grew up with them (reblip)
BluJulius My bad?(fran's gonna luv tht!)RB@paisleymonsoon: "@droolius @Franimal I realized the moment I hit "blip". I'm not a careful reader this morning." (reblip)
eraser Les Claypool – The Awakening

Betty Everett~ In Your Arms

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GinaDunc David Bowie - Changes

David BowieChanges

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palisadehills @droolius@lillianwong@djjoyful@str8jgirl Forgive me for tonights playlist - been busy. Better stuff next week || The Limousines – Very Busy People
GinaDunc @Semaje ✔ ur replies...I'm goin' to eat b4 I pass out! "Michael Jackson - Got To Be There" (reblip)

R.I.P Michael Jackson-Got to be there

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Elvis Presley Milk Cow Blues Boogie

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soopergurl Awesome instrm version of Shiina Ringo song Kuki(Stem). a bit repetitive but still nice: @LeeTonSao@romanus@BigOBnx@BoogalooBob@BruceC@droolius@elocio

KukiFuransu ver

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ayogafriend uploaded Beck version last week & TY>@nastysurprise72 Good morning, everyone and #coversthatdontsuck

BeckSunday Sun

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Sylak ‡‡Obituary – "Kill For Me"‡‡ (reblip)

ObituaryKill For Me

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palisadehills @droolius || Nightmare Of You – I Think I'm Getting Older
Alturn8tive {The Postal Service – Brand New Colony}
IDREAMOFJEANIE2 rb @Greenie: "one more for you @IDREAMOFJEANIE2!! could be my fav hip song of all time... " Love the vid with all the kittehs! Right on... (reblip)
4Sins 4 all my peeps in uniform. #MilitaryMonday #usnavy vi@MusicIsMySoul3 ~Justin Timberlake-What Goes Around Comes Around~ Coffeenuts@Gidyean@Alturn8tive (reblip)
BluJulius Blip more!It is the best internet party I have been to yet!It is much better when you have listeners@secret_100 (reblip)


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aprildax @JDS42 ? I am not your rolling wheel...i am the highway. (reblip)
BluJulius this is fucking awesome....... c'mon bite fishes
Alturn8tive {Blind Pilot – The Story I Heard}
BluJulius saw her on some morning talk show and was amazed@TidyCat: "@droolius short but funky =^..^=" (reblip)
Jazzhole Whaaaa?...Rb & thanks to @Haaz: "cannot believe I heard this today on a Buick commercial. hoping some ad agency guy is laughing his ass off" (reblip)
BluJulius fucking hellz yea!@MarianitaG: "rb!!!!@lost_opps: "HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO " hell yeah! " (reblip)
BluJulius mos def worx 4 me RB@Fangbaby: "kicking it up a knotch for @droolius still kinda mellow but in a rockish sort of way" (reblip)


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iMatthew_ couldn't find anything from Evan Luire's (Lounge Lizards) "Selling Water by the Side of the River", but this'll do nicely (frm Pieces for Bandoneon)
iMatthew_ Astor Piazzolla – Milonga del Angel

The Kinks- Hatred

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Silveramberz Thanks! @slow_ro: "here`s a great tune frm back Inthe day. "Glad All Over" ~T.T.Quick~" (reblip)
www_StroumDesign_com This one goes out to Sandra Ferron who won't remind me what her DJ name is so this must be posted to FB. See if this disables your system.
BluJulius SWEET!ThnX!@iMatthew_: "speaking of something different: Tuva throat singing @Joleesa@droolius@iReign69@prescottscott@Mysterymix" (reblip)

Yat Kha Love Will Tear Us Apart

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BluJulius fucking strange,............I love it!@alteraric: "@droolius@AnotherLeaker who's up for a little weirdness?" (reblip)

Paul Revere & the Raiders-(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone

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