alw i knew they would eventually make a song for u!! LOL!! :) @BlueDemon: "@alwilbanks" (reblip)

Pink Trouble Live I'm Not Dead Tour DVD

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alw <<<<<got the shirt!! LOL!! @BlueDemon: "@alwilbanks" (reblip)

Akon- Trouble Maker( SONG AND LYRICS!) HI-QUALITY!

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LipS Like Sugar -Flo Rida.wmv

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BlueDemon Oh girl do you have a silver tongue??? All Right! I may be crazy but I'm not stupid - I use my silver tongue!!! @Jalapeno
BlueDemon Hello - BTW - I bet you wanta know - I heard it through the grapevine... @JanetSheilaEyre
BlueDemon ummmm - your just too good to be true... Thank you ;)@MissLalala
BlueDemon until later.... your only just a dream boat - sailing in my head.... @MissLalala
BlueDemon Well honey - I love you too, but there's just much I don't know about you....@ConTchr

The White Stripes It's True That We Love One Another

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BlueDemon Well then I'm your demon.... @EllenaGilbert: "The Offspring – Want You Bad" (reblip)
Getsuga Goodnight! @BlueDemon: "ok then - how about some demon alcohol??? @EllenaGilbert" (reblip)

Demon Alcohol- Ozzy Osbourne Lyrics

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BlueDemon Good morning - fully rested and ready to go....@fun4lilli

The Donnas: Speed Demon (Live)

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BlueDemon goodnight! another Gin Bossoms for you to dream to... :) @aloudhendo
BlueDemon umm - ok -- walk in the shadows... in my mind nothing really matters! I will come for you! Give ME Your Name! ;) TY @alicialejandra
BlueDemon I wonder what you're thinking... @alwilbanks

Goo Goo Dolls All Eyes On Me

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BlueDemon umm to shiver deserves a RB!!! @shiner: "oh how I have love 4 this sends shivers@Midnite@luluonthesky@GenX@DeAnn@djilo@AnitaBreakSoon@defecktsean" (reblip)
Unaturalsoul @mindset: "thnx,rb@BlueDemon: "good one! @GiantPimpslapper: "Nine Inch Nails - Vessel : Year Zero (2007)""" (reblip)

Nine Inch NailsVessel

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The Rosebuds-Boxcar.wmv

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BlueDemon TY & Thanks for this song! @JanetSheilaEyre: "he talks at speeed, he gets nose bleeeeds, he doesn't seeee his days are tumbling down upon him" (reblip)

BlurCharmless Man

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BlueDemon Good night and let's end on your song! Thank you so much!@alicialejandra: "@BlueDemon thank you for all the great songs :)) good night :)" (reblip)
BlueDemon Well - you know I did it...

Foo FightersDOA

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BlueDemon I got a fist full of whiskey... World stops turning when we BURN IT TO THE GROUND...
BlueDemon ty rb@Surferess: "The Killers ~ All These Things That I've Done" (reblip)
BlueDemon ummm yes TY for this! @MissLalala: "Love it love it love it..." (reblip)

Weezer- Put Me Back Together(NEW SONG)

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BlueDemon It's no longer familar to me...
BlueDemon thumbs up!@Chow322: "merci ! ;) @EllenaGilbert: "TY! rb @Chow322: "@EllenaGilbert: "White Stripes – Blue Orchid"""" (reblip)
BlueDemon TY great song! @lostndanet: "Lifehouse – Halfway Gone" (reblip)

LifehouseHalfway Gone

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A Night At The Roxbury [What Is Love? Haddaway]

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BlueDemon everywhere I go... that's what I come home.... Bang Bang Bang.....

Clutch "Electric Worry" Music Video

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BlueDemon Saturday night! Don't worry about me...
BlueDemon It's just one of those days...
alw g'night...sweet dreams!! :)@BlueDemon: "good night @alwilbanks" (reblip)

Owl City- Vanilla Twilight (with Lyrics)

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BlueDemon have you found your train yet???
BlueDemon @MysticEclipse:"New cover from FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. Check out BAD COMPANY and tune in to @syn44 @Lisa_Michele @BlueDemon @Louden and @mthellfire." (reblip)

Five Finger Death Punch- Bad Company (Official song)

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BlueDemon This group opened for Carrie Underwood and Craig Morgan. good group. @ConTchr

Revelation by Sons Of Sylvia with lyrics

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black eyed pease & macy gray - blackeyed peas feat macy grey

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BlueDemon good to see you again! I've been away. This song is for you... I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off you... ;) @aloudhendo

LifehouseYou & Me

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Joleesa :D @BlueDemon: "who will join me tonight for a little trouble???BTW note who orignially blipped this song /Joleesa: ~inspired by @BlueDemon~"" (reblip)


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BlueDemon Three little birds.... told my not to worry,,,
throughthetrees thnx for the props: @EllenaG @bemyjesus @ShedMySkin @joechapman @Gidyean @jimbob30 @aprildax @BlueDemon & TO EVERYONE ELSE WHO BLIPPED ME & I MISSED

Pencey Prep-Yesterday

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Joleesa Weezer ➲ Troublemaker ~inspired by @BlueDemon~


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BlueDemon Time to workout - have a great day!!! Thanks for sharing your songs... (reblip)
BlueDemon @alwilbanks: oh yes!! big,sweaty, thong wearin guys! wat ive ALWAYS wanted (reblip)

WeezerHash Pipe

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alw LOL!!! wearin it??? LOL!!@BlueDemon: "what are you doing with my shirt??? @alwilbanks" (reblip)
alw im ALWAYS a keeper!! ;-) wearin it!! LOL!! @BlueDemon: "well then your a keeper.... where's my damn shirt??? @alwilbanks" (reblip)

Yellowcard- Keeper (lyrics)

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BlueDemon To all my friends that sent me your specials songs of life today!!! Good night & until tomorrow - enjoy.... ;)
VyV @BlueDemon: "good morning (Trouble)@VyV" - I love this one!!! thanks! ;) (reblip)

3-11 Porter/ Surround me with your love

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Paralyzer by Eleven Fingers

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alw and i even looked good in your t-shirt doin it!! LOL!! @BlueDemon: "@alwilbanks" (reblip)
AshliVicious he's calling my name.. might try to sleep.. migh be back later.. who knows..
BlueDemon She's got a criminal mind - cuz she's an angel for sure... To my free spirit I have to go and grade...
BlueDemon I want to hypnotize you on the telephone... ;)

The White Stripes Hypnotize

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BlueDemon Umm - just thinking of Mary J here in the snow...
BlueDemon You should be locked-up pretty Girl --- In my bedroome with me...
pambo117 Great song! @hensleymj: "I love you just the way you are..." (reblip)

Keb MoShave Yo' Legs

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pambo117 Oh YEAH!!!! @hensleymj: "OK I have to kick up ---" (reblip)

Nickelback Something In Your Mouth

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BlueDemon Bring me Champagne when I'm thirsty - Bring me a reefer when I want to get high...
BlueDemon Thanks you - wild orchid. I have to go now... tired@frspirit: ";) @hensleymj" (reblip)
BlueDemon @vidabatine: "something always happening over there @NicoleVSanchez ... [ Jennifer Lopez – Let's get loud ]" (reblip)
BlueDemon To all those Saints Fans.... Go Colts... (reblip)
BlueDemon I want to Boom Boom Boom @donnadontplay: "Yep! Was wondering if you'd get a kick out of that one! @Angie74: (reblip)

HelloBang Bang Bang

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BlueDemon Switchback to the peak with a blidfold - FALLING DOWN TURNED INTO A FREE FALL

Crash Kings "Mountain Man" Official Video

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BlueDemon right on@cattysheba: "Good one...Hinder - "Get Stoned"" (reblip)

HinderGet Stoned

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Atomik Kylie Minogue – Sweet Music
BlueDemon @DJSlapdash: "@orangekittypie: "| arctic monkeys - old yellow bricks | arctic monkeys, STL, 04/11?"" (reblip)
BlueDemon @AshliVicious: "just earned urself a new listener ;)@DreamWarriorz: "Wicked!! \m/-_-Five Finger Death Punch – A New Level #PanteraCover"" (reblip)
BlueDemon @Nicolex2: "leave your fears behind>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>" (reblip)
BlueDemon Hey Hey ... Hey Hey Hey.. Hey Hey :)

Hey Soul SisterTrain

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BlueDemon TY@DeAJay: "@aprildax: "mmm...luv Tricky. Bad boys. Raw girls.@Jalapeno: "Tricky... rb via @Eclecticjams via @BlueDemons via @ me :)""Bad bad Boys" (reblip)
BlueDemon @DJCZ: "My Name is Trouble" (reblip)

Nightmare Of You- My Name Is Trouble

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BlueDemon Chicago Blues on a Sunday


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BlueDemon Chicago Blues on a Sunday

Ronnie B. Brooks " Born In Chicago " Gompnalm Festival 09

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BlueDemon Chicago Blues on a Sunday
BlueDemon Late night working on some power points
BlueDemon BTW - I Met Bryan in New Orleans he made it there from Madison
BlueDemon @mckra1g: "Signing off early - leaving you with Miles Davis... g'night, tweeps!" (reblip)
BlueDemon @IKR: "Miles Davis – Freedom Jazz Dance" (reblip)
mckra1g Have a G&T for me @thelocaltourist...On a Saturday Night :) (reblip)
BlueDemon Chicago & Buddy it must be January!
AllaA #musicmonday @aliciakeys – If I ain't got you live

Kenny Wayne Shepherd "Blue on Black" Live At Guitar Center's King of the Blues

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divadonna5 Some rockin' Blues, baby.

Joe Bonamasa-Your Funeral And My Trial

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BlueDemon I dont want to work...

Todd Rundgren Bang the Drum All Day

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BlueDemon I'm sittin on top of the mountain... turned into a free fall...
OrangeKrush rb @hensleymj: "Gave you all my love to give..." Thanks for the kind words! Same back atcha...ran out of props for you very quickly...quality stuff! (reblip)
BlueDemon To all the free spirits I know...

MuseHysteria Live

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BlueDemon Have to sign off and work on my class lecture for this week-end - but I have my hands open, and my eyes open...
BlueDemon I can always count on you to have a good song after I teach!!! Thanks@frspirit: "I'm still caged inside..." (reblip)
BlueDemon How is the #1 DJ?:)@frspirit: "Thr u go agn w the sexy talk ;) @hensleymj: "Yes Redemption!!!@frspirit:"OK, you did it. I'm surprised! ;) @hensleymj: (reblip)
BlueDemon Feels so goood...

Paramore misery business summer sonic 2009

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BlueDemon :) @OrangeKrush: "And that was all that I needed." (reblip)

The White Stripes Take, Take, Take

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BlueDemon Hello World..... ch ch ch ch... cherry bomb...
BlueDemon She's a woman - you know what I mean.... @4Sins


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Megadeth I Thought I Knew It All

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BlueDemon good moring and turn it up!!!@alwilbanks: "i always have to listen to this one so loud it hurts my ears ;-)" (reblip)
alw ya think! ;-P catch me on twitter..@BlueDemons: "becuz with you anything goes.... @alwilbanks" (reblip)
BlueDemon Music in my mind to work out to this morning :) have a great morning.., (reblip)

ChevelleI Get It

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BlueDemon another work out tune that a freind shared with me... please send me your workout tunes... (reblip)
BlueDemon another workout song keep them coming!!! @dANGELofLOVE: "TY! Great Song For My Workout!!!!! @cjh: "Lady Gaga Bad Romance – Video for your workout!!"" (reblip)
BlueDemon thanks for another Tuesday workout song! @MirskuK: "The Four Horsemen - Metallica -♥- rb @rokkikokki Tuesday here already. Let's go! @Louden"" (reblip)
BlueDemon YESSS - Thank you going to use your song!!! Great workout tune!!! @patita: "you need some speed? :) @BlueDemons :)" (reblip)
BlueDemon TY -you know how to push me and now Im off to my workout! I really appreciate you doing this@patita: "what about this one? @BlueDemons" (reblip)
BlueDemon Tik Tok - will tomorrow be to late? Today I'm going to try a little harder... :)
BlueDemon @Ctr823: "Tired of being what you want me to be......." (reblip)
Getsuga Nice 1! @BlueDemons: "Let's do this again!!!@DJMaririje: @EllenaGilbert: ""YOU´VE PUT ME DOWN UPON MY KNEES, OH I BEG, I BEG AND PLEAD""""" (reblip)
alw maybe cause we r in diff states? *giggles*@BlueDemons I need your arms around me - I need to feel your touch..Baby your never there..I wonder..@me (reblip)

CakeNever There

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CHaDmAn "The only time I feel alright is by your side!" (reblip)
BlueDemon @Flying_Roundhouse: "Eric Clapton – I Shot The Sheriff ~ Props to whoever just blipped this" (reblip)
BlueDemon Sorry - I couldn't resist - lol I'm still laughing... @alwilbanks
BlueDemon @jerodmorris: "Another good find from this band @thetrapezeswinger: "Yay!!! It's Friday :)"" (reblip)
BlueDemon on my knees :)@brock_lobster: "you better learn to crawl..." (reblip)

Kings Of LeonCrawl

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AshliVicious love this <3 ty! =]@BlueDemons: "come back can't trust the dreams... @ AshliVicious" (reblip)
BlueDemon another good song!!! @Damiana: "rrrrrrrrrrrrawwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! >;) @ARSCHLECKER: "lol raaawr! #Dami"" (reblip)
alw ;-) aww you are so sweet!@BlueDemons: "She's everything every country boy needs!!! @alwilbanks" (reblip)
BlueDemon @acdobbie: "Sorry I missed you@Tisha: "Awake, but barely! Good Night All! =)"" (reblip)
alicialejandra i know! i have to blip it all the time!!! @BlueDemons: "nice song! @alicialejandra: "like every night...."" (reblip)

The CranberriesLinger

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BlueDemon @PurePositivism: "i think this is it from me tonight.. have a great nite everyone! mwah" (reblip)
alw @BlueDemons but im still gonna kick your ASS! LOL!! ;-)

Justin Moore I Could Kick Your Ass

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BlueDemon Too funny!@SGMan: "and still I look.. what gives? @2liveis2fly: "i understand there are sweaty sumo wresters involved."" (reblip)

WeezerHash Pipe

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BlueDemon @ilklovn: "@inavision: (that would be me right now)" (reblip)

Nine Inch Nails - The Beauty of Being Numb... [inavision]

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BlueDemon Hey there blip if this is you... I'm looking for this Georgia Girl:)
PaintedDaisy thank you :) @BlueDemon ~Metallica • Turn The Page~
BlueDemon smell that fresh cut grass - standing in the huddle - fans going crazy for the boys of fall... Get to wear the game day jersey - kings of fall...
BlueDemon I don't want to go - until Im good and ready...

REM I'm Gonna DJ **HQ** Video

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BlueDemon I know what your thinking.....
alw *giggles* well much for the white T! LMAO!! @BlueDemon: "@alwilbanks" (reblip)
alw LMAO!! ill have to agree!! @THEWHITELION: ""I dig a sweet love song every now and again!" (reblip)

Seether-Fuck me like you hate me

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BlueDemon Reaching for the phone - cuz I can't fight it any more.... and I wonder if I ever cross your mind...
BlueDemon This world keeps spinning faster...
BlueDemon Hello - Can you hear me???? Please don't go... Where are you going??? (reblip)

3-11 Porter/ Surround me with your love

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BlueDemon Hey what you drinken baby??? How bout baby - we make a promise - not promise anything more than the one night... Hey I'm just lookin for a good time..

Lady Antabellum Lookin for a Good Time wiht lyrics

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BlueDemon Well girl - If I only knew... I needed a friend to share with :)@alwilbanks
BlueDemon benn away on holiday to Hawaii... ;) @alwilbanks

Kid CudiMaui Wowie

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BlueDemon it's a quarter after one - I'm a little drunk and I need you now... I just you need you now...

Lady Antabellum- Need You Now

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BlueDemon She grew up good - grew up strong - like American Honey... thinkin of you... @ConTchr

Lady Antabellum- American Honey

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BlueDemon Been swamped with work... but you know whatever - whatever ... never, never gonna give you up... @fun4lilli
BlueDemon Honey why you calling me so late... It's really good to hear your voice...@24websurf
BlueDemon You don't know what - we can find !!! Why don't you come with me little girl on a magic carpet ride???

Steppenwolf-Magic Carpet Ride

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Boz Scaggs Lowdown Live 1976 feat. Jeff Porcaro

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BlueDemon okay - everybody 12 - 1234... @alwilbanks you make it easy...

dazz band let it whip funk 1982

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ana popovic the wrong women

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MissLalala Beautiful song :) @BlueDemon: "I can hear her heart beat from a 1000 miles... She give me - Love - Love - Love - crazy love :) @MissLalala_" (reblip)
BlueDemon She took all I ever had... Then I started to realize she....
alw *snickers* how soon can u be here? ;) @whatevertunes "to mtns or bed? ;) @me "bout to crawl n bed...goin 2 the mtns 2morow..wanna come? @wet Hi PC (reblip)
alw ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeaaaahhhhh..... ;-)

YelloOh Yeah

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BlueDemon Do you really think - that love is going to save the world...
BlueDemon all right - turn it up and let's clapppp - meet you on the dance floor...
BlueDemon Last night I came across a girl....
BlueDemon there is no way around it - he is in love with another girl...
SuperSpaceAngel ♥ Love this one! TY! RB!@TropicsZ4: "Nickelback – Never Gonna Be Alone" (reblip)
dawnie22 I looked thru 1K for a decent vid of this TYvery much L)) RB @BlueDemon: "@dawnie22" (reblip)
ankita_gaur Finger Eleven – Paralyzer
BlueDemon Some people call me a Space Cowbody...
BlueDemon You got to read between the lines.... You can make it through another day.... It is better to give then to recieve.... Fight the good Fight...
BlueDemon Come on Baby - put your love in me.... Can't you see that I want you baby...................
BlueDemon Luv the Cocaine and yes - I'm all LIT Up Again!!! ;)

BuckcherryLit Up live

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BlueDemon I was born an orginal sinner.... @glitterdream

Eurythmics MISSIONARY MAN (live)

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BlueDemon I got a burning - feeling - deep inside of me....

AC/DCSin City [HD]

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BlueDemon let ther be light - sound - drums - guitar - LET THERE BE ROCK!!!
BlueDemon one of my favorites awesome! I really have to work out now... @BestOfMe: "♫ Gold Guns Girls – METRIC ♫" (reblip)
BlueDemon I used to love you but now I'm not so sure....... But your still my BITCH........


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BlueDemon Action speaks louder than Words DO!!!!!!!!!!
BlueDemon Some girls I give all my love to - I never, never get it back... Gd Morning - @ellendiane
BlueDemon Crosseyed And Painless @HawkNoize

TALKING HEADS Crosseyed And Painless Live

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