PacinaChips contrario chi può dire cosa è impossibile? E cosa non può essere trovato? Io non voglio che questa sensazione vada via ..
SiwanDivan this one i so beautiful. and so is she
Danininha and now...for something completely different!! BILLY IDOL :) (reblip)
hklong ... old dream maker .. wherever you are going I'm going your way ..
PacinaChips estava pensando nessa musica agorinha
cesarviana [Information Society – Think] imagine if I said...
theirishmermaid My other "my song"...goodnight!
carolantunes Era tudo um sonho.. ou melhor.. era só um filme.

Roxette - She's Got the Look

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Mulkey best songs with "Rain" in the title #5 - Madonna - Rain


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reloj (j'ai joué les musiques du ciel)


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tardisgrl @unfinishedperson & @FOGGIELOANER--W is for Why a blasted props limit?! W is also for Wet Wet Wet
tardisgrl Yeah--and look where that got ya

Bee Gees - I Started a Joke

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tardisgrl I certainly hope not to run into any of these at work today
Kirpernicus Can't. Stop. Listening. To. This. Song!
Dianne @duncanbiscuit lovely song, never heard it before, thanks :-) (reblip)
idjunot Great Songs of the 90's - Alanis Morisette, Uninvited

Alanis Morisette - Uninvited

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ChAnDel I'm a part of you indefinitely..
TheDelicious i still {heart} jdw for The Promise | When in Rome
ptneves Can I handle the seasons of my life? (reblip)

Dixie Chicks - Landslide

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PacinaChips Però Gigi è meglio, va la...

Sagi Rei- L´amour toujours

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ChAnDel Laughing like children, living like lovers, rolling like thunder under the covers ♫♫

Elton John-I gues that's why they call it the blues

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alexmaxbir I just got a request from someone to play this song.. "You change your mind.. like a Twitterholic sends out tweets!" :P Here's "Hot N Cold"..
PacinaChips If they say why, why, tell 'em that it's human nature Why, why, does he do me that way If they say why, why, tell 'em that it's human nature

Michael Jackson Tribute- Human Nature

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chris brown "forever" (Official Music Video) (HQ) plus lyrics

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PacinaChips I know better cause you said forever and ever..-who knew

PinkWho Knew

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cosita and i think it's time to go to bed. good night.
cosita i'm gonna fight 'em off. a seven nation army couldn't hold me back.
cosita good night, everyone. sleep tight.
turbolax i wouldn't consider myself a katie perry fan, but WOW... she's sounds great!! RB@SgLight (reblip)
turbolax @desyslava actually i kinda fancy this version of dancing with myself more!!

Aerosmith-Rag Doll

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ChAnDel If it's not here soon I might be done...
PacinaChips ultimos dias de verao...

I'm yours by jason mraz with lyrics

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SallyGardiner I've also got this song in my head for some reason!
lisagj ilove finding songs i like on blip! lol
ChAnDel A primeira que toquei no medio no Guitar Hero =D

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

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ChAnDel If you were in these arms tonights ♫ ♫ ♫


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PriscilaFreitas Clipe antigo do Bon Jovi, com a participação de Matt LeBlanc, o Joey de Friends.
PriscilaFreitas Já que hoje é sexta, me deixa eu me acabar de cantar com Grease... amo!

Grease Megamix (DVD) with Subtitles

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ChAnDel it ain't no lie, baby, bye, bye, bye. ♫ :)
PriscilaFreitas Muuuuuito fundo do baú! #softrock

10 cc I'm not in love

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ChAnDel well it makes me feel fine ♫♫

Summer Breeze (Jason Mraz)

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PacinaChips stars...em homenagem a noite de s. Lorenzo

Simply RedStars

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ChAnDel you give me that look, it's almost unreal (aw!)
ChAnDel nice version (reblip)

Daughtry version of Poker Face

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ChAnDel If only I could find the answer
ChAnDel Wish these thoughts would go away...
ChAnDel Despues de ti no hay nada (qué dramatica estoy hoy haha)
PacinaChips Straight through my heart

Straight Through My Heart

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ChAnDel RT@PacinaChips: "so release me release my body I know its wrong so why do i keep coming back " (reblip)
ChAnDel get into the groove, happy weekend!
ChAnDel Il suffira peut-être d'un coup de sort
ChAnDel Its never to late to make it right

Straight Through My Heart

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Live Lightning Crashes

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Collective Soul Home_09 World I Know

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ChAnDel loved this version!

Truly Madly Deeply Cascada with lyrics

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ChAnDel tudo a ver o meu pinguim com a tua geladeira...

rita leepega rapaz

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ChAnDel "forget about all that evil, that evil they feed ya"
ChAnDel you make me feel alive ive ive ive
ChAnDel status da hora: super feliz!!! Thanks to @PacinaChips =D
ChAnDel @Turbolax: "RB@ani_1: "Looking for a sign of life, Looking for something to help me burn out bright"" (reblip)
ChAnDel sou vacinado, sou cowboy fora da lei
ChAnDel "Laughing like children, living like lovers, rolling like thunder under the covers ♫♫" (reblip)

Elton John-I gues that's why they call it the blues

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ChAnDel You do what you've gotta cause you can't walk away
ChAnDel "I searched the whole world for someone like you"

MadonnaTrue Blue

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DJKELLYO @SolDiesel78: "this is one of my fav :) rb@ChAnDel: "keeps me searching for a heart of gold..."" (reblip)
ChAnDel @MysticEclipse: Where'd Lzzy and the guys go? They kinda just dropped off the radar after this one. Shouts to @UncleRay @droolius " (reblip)

HalestormI Get Off

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ChAnDel Cascada - Everytime We Touch
ChAnDel the more I see the less I know the more I like to let it go
ChAnDel @Santosbaby: "Reblipping again.LOL @Schoork: "Def Leppard – Make Love Like A Man"" (reblip)
ChAnDel @LeaHendryValle: "definitely want more @Nomentionofkev: "Tonic – You Wanted More [RT @Robo thnx for the props!]"" (reblip)
ChAnDel @PacinaChips hehe estou aqui acompanhando a cada minuto! \o/
ChAnDel "still believe some things are just meant to be"
ChAnDel don't let the days go by


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ChAnDel i don't want to come back down from this cloud
ChAnDel @djpuggie: "@boreal_norte: "eu não sei que apego é esse com essa música!"" (reblip)
ChAnDel @doctortrustme: "consider it done ^j^ rb @new_clear_MUSIC: "[i NEED for someone to..] Send Me An Angel"" (reblip)
ChAnDel @PacinaChips: "Im very romantic today :-)" (reblip)

Forever By Your Side, The Manhattans

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ChAnDel nice! rb@Surferess: "RB @morgana37: "nice tune, thank you RB @sigantzel: "'Cause I'm the one that Jaded you!""" (reblip)


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ChAnDel Hate me for all the things i didn't do for you
ChAnDel Comme un peintre qui voit sous ses doigts naitre les couleurs du jour...
ChAnDel Made to feel the way that every child should

seether fuck me like you hate me

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camilanesa só uma pessoa vem na minha cabeça ao ouvir djavan. e vanessa da mata. e lenine.. e.. é a vida.


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ChAnDel search for things that you can't see
ChAnDel and Im not sorry.. it's human nature!
ChAnDel you cant handle me! :^)
ChAnDel Ive been a miner for a heart of gold.... (reblip)
ChAnDel No I cant always be waiting waiting on you...
ChAnDel If only I could find the answer

Modern Family Dylan In The Moonlight (Do Me)

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This Is Holloween-Marilyn Manson

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ChAnDel you say in love there are no rules

U2So Cruel

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HorseShitWally @allanna75: "@SGMan: "BC-52's ~ (Meet) The Flintstones ..good morning, blippers!"" (reblip)
ChAnDel pensamentos seus que vão pelo ar...
ChAnDel beautiful song live

The Freshmen Live (a capella)

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ChAnDel vi@str8jgirl: "leave your thrills all here with me ~" (reblip)

Seether- Remedy

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redwingjohnny I think I dreamed you into life..........

Savage Garden-I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You

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ChAnDel and the walls came down all the way to hell

Tweeter and the Monkey Man

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ChAnDel Sou eu que vou seguir você do primeiro rabisco até o be-a-bá
ChAnDel "and Im not sorry.. it's human nature!"" (reblip)

DVD Roberto Carlos E Por Isso Estou Aqui Vídeo Clip 1968

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Natalie Imbruglia Torn Accoustic

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Alice Cooper ~ Poison (with lyrics) AWESOME VIDEO

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ChAnDel "you shot me down, bang bang"

Nancy Sinatra "Bang Bang"

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ChAnDel "Cause I've got friends in low places Where the whiskey drowns And the beer chases my blues away And I'll be okay "

Friends in low places by Garth Brooks

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