| play

Iron Maiden-1.Murders In The Rue Morgue(Hammersmith 1982)

| play
CharlieZipp Why are they making my constantly login?
CharlieZipp Doing anything here means I have to login again. Anyone else having that problem?
CharlieZipp For once, they didn't make me login again.

Saturday's Child // The Monkees // Track 2 (Stereo)

| play
CharlieZipp Now they're not making me login all the time. A glitch?
CharlieZipp I know. Don't know what they're trying to do, or not do, around here!@SuperSpaceAngel Good day.
CharlieZipp And we're gone...


| play


| play

Black Sabbath John Peel Sessions. London,Uk. 4 / 26 / 70. ( Tribute Art )

| play
CharlieZipp Sounds you're living pioneer@ate2zee With bears and other creatures. Just like Little House in Minn.!
CharlieZipp That is a real travesty.

Yes IT CAN HAPPEN Live 1984

| play

Beethoven, Symphony 9, 4th movement (complete) Ode to Joy, Presto, Philharmonia Baroque

| play

J.S. Bach: Prelude in C Minor "pour le luth" BWV 999; David Tayler, archlute

| play
CharlieZipp Still waiting for some Hootie, or Bolton.
CharlieZipp Up too early, as usual!

Psycho Daisies/ THE YARDBIRDS

| play
CharlieZipp Reminds me of a certain lunch meat.

Dead Boys-I Need Lunch

| play
CharlieZipp Too early for such speed?
CharlieZipp Shouldn't you have an abundance of credits?@ellendiane You've been here longer than anyone.
CharlieZipp I don't know what to say about that@ellendiane I suppose it's no big deal. It always balances out.
CharlieZipp Always like their version better, for some reason.
CharlieZipp I'll be fitted with thick Michael Caine eyeglasses soon.
CharlieZipp Who has the ability to survive? Goodbye Burt.

Judas Priest- sinner- unleashed in the east version

| play
CharlieZipp Always uncomfortable being the first to cut a cake.
CharlieZipp It's everything, then it's nothing....

The Doors Live, The End (Special Performance)

| play

Paul McCartney "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End" Live-1989/90

| play

Judas Priest-Green Manalishi (Live/ Unleashed in the East)

| play
CharlieZipp Part of the beautiful crowd...

Black FlagSix Pack

| play
CharlieZipp Stop preaching, hon. We don't care.
CharlieZipp Exactly! And be grateful we haven't bombed you.

The Ramones Havana Affair /Commando Live

| play
CharlieZipp Let's get to some linking.
CharlieZipp Yes, I saw it on "In Search of" with L. Nimoy, or something@ate2zee (Now I'm starting this blip all over)
CharlieZipp I'll talk to my bro-in-law@ate2zee He was in the Navy for 30 years.

Chopin Nocturne No. 20, Op. Posth, for classical guitar (arranged and performed by Emre Sabuncuoglu)

| play
CharlieZipp We're going to need some lectures now.

YesSound Chaser

| play
CharlieZipp A girl like that has got to be named Lucille.

Elvis Presley-Spinout/Lyrics

| play
CharlieZipp Need a shot of jumpsuit Elvis.
CharlieZipp They have songs "Guitar Man", "Piano Man". Why no "Lute Man"?

The Lute in the Attic--Kenneth Patchen

| play
CharlieZipp Not good enough. We want more!
CharlieZipp Getting ready for a "woke" New Year's!
CharlieZipp They renounced their royalty, didn't they?@ate2zee They're just common scum now. Riff-raff. Rabble!
CharlieZipp That explanation wouldn't be believed@ate2zee They know I have no friends.
CharlieZipp Is it a rustic cabin night?@ate2zee Seems like a rustic cabin night.

Scottish Lute Music on 8-string Classical Guitar

| play
CharlieZipp This is the number you want to slow dance to with your significant other.
CharlieZipp I'll be making those Space Force women's uniforms in the style of Wilma Deering, only a little hotter.
CharlieZipp Maybe if I put myself in frozen hibernation (or whatever it's called), I can wake up in 100 years and be Space Force ready.
CharlieZipp Think you got computer problems?@ate2zee We've had our Honeywell for fifty-plus years now.
CharlieZipp When the morning comes a heaping bowl of buckwheat will be waiting for me. It's called living the life.


| play
CharlieZipp Why BK never made a triple Whopper is beyond me. I'd be the first in line.
CharlieZipp Not quite like the original@ate2zee But I have fond memories of the Sandinista LP. (Actually, three LPs for the price of one!)
CharlieZipp I've cut out carbs, sugar, salt, vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, dairy and water. I should be slimmer by next week.
CharlieZipp "Streetcar Named Desire" starts soon, my favorite feel-good movie. Yes! A bowl of chili is in order!

Dowland Lute Works | Baroque Renaissance Instrumental Music

| play
CharlieZipp That's definitely a portrait of a folk-singing serial killer!
CharlieZipp Someday they will be thanked and acknowledged again. Fingers crossed for the future.

ELP Live in Tokyo 1972

| play
CharlieZipp Yes, I'm pretty sure it's on National Geographic@ate2zee The host is someone famous, can't recall the name.
CharlieZipp Should the virus strike hard, it's up to you to let those future stations know you were here.
CharlieZipp We ripped off a street gang. then she sold me out@ate2zee Shortly afterwards, I returned to the uncommon people, tail between my legs,
CharlieZipp I think you're referring to the time when I ran away to the big city - Steubenville@ate2zee That gang there might still be after me.


| play
CharlieZipp Steubenville is most famous for being the hometown of Dean Martin and Traci Lords@ate2zee I got lost several times.
CharlieZipp What we needed was a default lister. When the others are away.
CharlieZipp It's been cloudy and rainy for the past two days. We've seen no moon@ate2zee Probably for the better because of my affliction.
CharlieZipp In about an hour I will be in a deep meditative state, contemplating only happy things and thoughts, and all this will be over. I guarantee it.
CharlieZipp Been poaching from the playlist of@GeorgeSand Yes, I must start doing that now. (reblip)
pulsar KILLER fuzz! Love it! Thx RB @Corts: "fuzz 4 @pulsar @VelvetGarage @vandaleyes @GrassyKnoll " (reblip)


| play

Gonzalo Rubalcaba The Blessing

| play
Cupidcron Yma Sumac With Les Baxter – Tree Of Life
GeorgeSand Excellent. TY so much! rb @Word_Bandit: "Seems that @GeorgeSand requires a Chopin mazurka .... Welcome to" (reblip)

Mozart Symph no 38 Prague Allegro SAINT MARTIN IN THE FIELDS

| play
GeorgeSand Contemporary artist - Hungarian pianist Levente Egry is one of my favorite pianists and a genuinely nice person.
GeorgeSand A stirring rendition of Jeremiah Clarke's "Trumpet Voluntary" with Brass AND Bagpipes! Magnifique!!!
inlighted TY@lorenzaino: "dedicata a Calibbanus u' bachiano, sta cantatella ;-)" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Kansas is like potato chips...I just can't blip one!


| play
avivajazz Marc Copland | Michael from the Mountains | #jazz #piano #jazzaviva
Cupidcron Hugh Masekela – Patience
Jeffie The 1910 Fruitgum Company - "Simon Says"
Faddic Welcome back! @estrogen ..u’ve been missed around with all ur happy music & bright hellos.. skiing again?
WDavidStephenson @GeorgeSand: ""Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your life with smiles and not the tears that roll." ~Unknown" (reblip)

Chopin & The Fabulous Flowers of Scotland

| play
Cupidcron way too funny @sunnflowergardens: "Duane Eddy--Rebel Rouser Hullabaloo)" (reblip)
ComixRock best at full vol.

The Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter 1972 Philadelphia Shows

| play
AlienThomas keep that fish truckin'? inspired by @BluesdaddyD with appreciation to Blind Boy Fuller
ComixRock where R U goin hide when the Storm breaks?
pulsar @badbabygirl Have a good night and great Wednesday!
aerowolf36 The more that things change The more they stay the same
pulsar Absolute all-time fave! Greets to rb @His_Boy_Ellroy (reblip)

Richard and the Young Lions- Open Up Your Door

| play
pulsar Greets to @His_Boy_Ellroy Can't enter the YT URL into the search box anymore. Get this YTdevices support garbage. Makin' it hard to enjoy this site.
pulsar @badbabygirl Uh-oh...better start preparations now! LOL! That should be lots of fun for you! :)

The Beatles-If I fell (A Hard Day's Night)

| play

The Beatles Money (That's What I Want) with lyrics (rare live version)

| play

U2-October/New Year's Day (Red Rocks 1983) 1080p 16:9-full HD

| play


| play

Rush- Spirit Of The Radio

| play
CharlieZipp Oh, well. Thanks just the same!@ellendiane

RushFly By Night

| play
CharlieZipp Need to sniff a little glue to clear my head. Good day!@ellendiane

The Ramones Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue It's Alive 1977

| play
CharlieZipp Now I need to go to work. Good days!
CharlieZipp RUSH - "Presto" Got me on a Rush jag now.


| play
CharlieZipp There's a Hootie inside, and he wants to be free.

The Beatles ~ Please Mr. Postman ( BBC )

| play
CharlieZipp I feel the same about being the first to start a cheese wheel - uncomfortable.
CharlieZipp Ah, well. Thank Zeus it's a short night.

Genesis Suppers Ready Live in Toronto / Canada 1982

| play
CharlieZipp Still adorable...

Frank V Zappa 16 Frogs with Dirty Little Lips (1981 Studio)

| play
CharlieZipp And what have you been doing all day?
CharlieZipp Only one that plays. Who in their right mind pays for this?!

Butthole Surfers 'Pepper' 1996 live in studio

| play
CharlieZipp Dedicated to our working boy, Clarence. He's on his way to work. As me.
CharlieZipp Think about the sex industry, hon@JessieDows_Jess Make yourself useful. Now, I'm outta here.

Bauhaus ✞ Swing The Heartache (BBC Sessions)

| play
CharlieZipp Yes, I'm definitely feeling first world hunger. Bon apetit! (Is that spelled right?)

King Crimson Epitaph LIVE

| play
CharlieZipp I may even wear suit for that...


| play
ComixRock "a customer asked me who Ginger Baker was? So Ginger friends me on FB right? I start drumming after watching 1 of his videos, RIP Ginger & thank U (reblip)
StellaBears NO's me, SisZOMBIE !! Geezzzzz, did U forget SisX? lol HA, I'm a scary Zombie again this year :)) @elyss
CharlieZipp Wishing the world a "woke" Christmas, as woke as the jumpsuits I'm making, and will be proud to wear myself.


| play
CharlieZipp Jumpsuit quandary: Different styles for men and women, or one for all (unisex)?@ate2zee Why did this have to come on the holidays?
CharlieZipp Where's a good State Farm commercial when you need one?
CharlieZipp I've been waiting to put the word "polymorphism" into a conversation for a long time.
CharlieZipp That channel never plays anything really cool anymore.
CharlieZipp I imagine I'll eventually get through the whole show.
CharlieZipp From now on I'll be referring to gravity as intelligent falling.
CharlieZipp I always thought he should've capitalized on that Love Bug thing@ate2zee But I don't know
CharlieZipp Mark my words. The Ozark Mountain Daredevils will make a comeback. Very soon.

Pink Floyd @ Kralingen Pop Festival 1970

| play
CharlieZipp I'm not sure if there are any lute "hits"@ate2zee But I'll keep it in mind if I get a contract.

Theorbo (The enormous 14 string lute)

| play
CharlieZipp HNY to you as well@ate2zee This is the night we Amish all get down. Wish you all could be here!

Ramones- Live The Rainbow Theatre London, England 12-31-1977 (PART 2)

| play
CharlieZipp What's with the Napster thing? Didn't even know they were still around.
CharlieZipp Will this be the year I splice into my neighbor's cable-TV?

Rare!! Genesis "Your Own Special Way / Afterglow" (TV 1977)

| play
CharlieZipp Let's not give up on those future stations. Not ever.
CharlieZipp If you get another pet, name it Muddy@ate2zee Good name for a cat, or a comfort hyena.
CharlieZipp I've calmed down considerably since@ate2zee But if they nominate Leo for the Oscar, they better not be teasing.
CharlieZipp Don't be surprised if a demon pops in while you're playing this.
CharlieZipp What's the deal with Napster here?@ate2zee I haven't been there in 20 years. (When it was free.)

Hubert Laws ~ It Happens Every Day (432 hz) ft. Joe Sample & Ronnie Laws

| play
CharlieZipp Them owls, all right@ate2zee I don't know what to tell you there.

Francisco Mela Quintet "Chela"

| play
CharlieZipp Enough crying foul. Plenty of work needs done here. Let's get on it!
CharlieZipp I could laugh all day watching this hair bear bunch.

Ramones San Bernardino, California 03 09 1982)

| play
CharlieZipp His name was Arcana, the boy was Aiden, and they were on bumper stickers.

Pink Floyd The Wall Live at Nassau Coliseum 2/27/1980

| play
CharlieZipp Yes, get some cats@ate2zee I named mine Remus and NyQuill.

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention LIVE (Bremen, Germany 11/6/1968)

| play
CharlieZipp We interrupt to pay tribute to Rush's Neil Peart. Good drummer. (And Facebook friend of mine.)

Rush Hollywood Florida Feb 13 1988 Full Concert

| play
CharlieZipp Things were never the same on Walton's Mountain after that...

INXS ★ Stop The Drop Concert, Melbourne, 1983 13/02

| play
CharlieZipp People get hopped-up on mead and play this@ate2zee Like us here.

Scottish Lute Music on 8-string Classical Guitar

| play
CharlieZipp You will obey the collective. We all will...
CharlieZipp Must be on the playlist of every Starbucks socialist.
CharlieZipp What happened to that Indian energy company that gave people props but never blipped? They're really reaching the masses here.
CharlieZipp Boy, they just love them over there.
GaiaMix ☀^-^}/ ..⋆.♫彡♬.⋆.. boa noite!
sommergirl come on brother..testify..tell me about it..let me is Terrific!..tyrb;)@pulsar: "Testifying with @sg (reblip)
CharlieZipp I don't know if I have the nerve to as my grocer if he carries Chaucer's Mead@ate2zee He might think I have a problem.
CharlieZipp Or maybe I'll just make it myself from a YouTube tutorial@ate2zee Worked when I built that gyrocopter last year.
CharlieZipp I'll will be making that mead@ate2zee Potent mead, while wearing the Hapsburg coat of arms.
CharlieZipp And I will spend that night sipping the mead and ensuring the safety of future stations.
CharlieZipp Music to sip mead to, and ponder future stations.

The Ancient Greek Kithara of Classical Antiquity

| play
CharlieZipp I guess I could wear my kilt there without getting funny looks like I do here@ate2zee I often eat at our local Scottish place, McDonald's.
CharlieZipp Nothing like listening to my prog rock while sipping Chaucer's Mead, so true.
CharlieZipp Imagine having a bad trip to this one. You may not come back.
CharlieZipp When one lives the Big Jim way, lots of outfits and accessories are needed. Diff situations call for diff outfits. Camping, karate, etc.
CharlieZipp When I become a woke social justice warrior, I'll purchase a very drab wardrobe. Lots of olive green and black.
CharlieZipp I was going to carry my subscribers-only TV GUIDE tote bag today, but I didn't want to look like a showoff. Perhaps tomorrow.
CharlieZipp We all could use some Viking Blod Mead on this February Eve. Happy New February!

Jimi Hendrix Beat, Beat, Beat!'', Stadthalle, Offenbach (am Main), Hessen, Germany

| play
CharlieZipp I wouldn't pay that much for a bottle of immortality@ate2zee That settles it. I'm making my own.
CharlieZipp I'm not ashamed to admit I fell for the aspirin and Coca-Cola cheap high urban legend many years ago. Sometimes placebos are just as good.
CharlieZipp So, I take it you brewed it, then?@ate2ee How'd it come out?
CharlieZipp I think it's time for an old-fashioned, very tacky AfterSchool Special. The color should look like a 1970s Planned Parenthood commercial.
CharlieZipp When I become a woke socialist, I will always carry a magic marker to deface cars I disapprove of.
CharlieZipp Saucy jumpsuits, a cheesy name@ate2zee Now all that's needed is toy-like spacecraft, and the Space Force can launch.
CharlieZipp Yes, it is quite a mountain jam. Right next to a rustic cabin.
CharlieZipp Believe the History Channel - Hitler faked his suicide and opened a Benihana's in South America.
CharlieZipp Look into opening a Benihana@ate2zee There's some serious foldin' money to be made.

Dave Pike ‎– On A Gentle Note (1978)

| play
CharlieZipp Happiness: Knowing "Murder, She Wrote" is on somewhere. Sadness: I'm not there to see it.
CharlieZipp Not only did Leo not win, but we had to listen to Joachim babble about cows and milk. Not a great night, but at least I had chicken and pizza.

Zappa/Beefheart Boston 1975-04-27 late show (concert)

| play
CharlieZipp Don't stop the magic. Don't forget the DJs in the distance.

Frank Zappa (unreleased) Fillmore East 1970-11-13 concert

| play
CharlieZipp We got the Honeywell in '67@atezee I suppose we should get with the 21st cen., but we love those punch cards and spools of tape.
CharlieZipp Yes, we have Honeywell heating too@ate2zee We're company loyalists. I hope they make cars someday.

Rick Wakeman-Journey To The Center Of The Earth

| play
CharlieZipp It's about 6 degrees here@ate2zee And soon I'm going have dinner and watch the last half of Titanic, which means I'll be crying too.
CharlieZipp You never know when a talent scout is in the audience.


| play
CharlieZipp Okay, let's not get too crazy tonight. Not this close to the weekend.
CharlieZipp I don't believe I've seen it@ate2zee Probably not much I don't know already. Perhaps when I run out of classic "Silver Spoons".
CharlieZipp Now, if there only were a film of this show@ate2zee Perhaps one exists in an old hippy's attic...


| play
CharlieZipp I'll be safe from the virus. My town's pop. is only five (including me), and we don't go anywhere. We won't repopulate Earth, though. Enough is enough

Cream- Whiskey A Go Go, West Hollywood. Ca 9/4/67

| play
CharlieZipp Who's on the Tory Party ticket this year? I'm a royalist heart.
CharlieZipp Thank Zeus my band never got famous, nor made sheet music@ate2zee We stole everything!
CharlieZipp I won't get the virus because I shop at Whole Foods and think pleasant thoughts.

Frank Zappa (full concert / open-air show) Schuettorf 1982-06-05

| play
CharlieZipp Now it seems to be working@ate2zee Perhaps it's because I consulted an oracle earlier.
CharlieZipp I tell all the people who come near me to not worry, that I've been blessed by a Shaolin priest, and that this will all end soon.
CharlieZipp See, now it works again@ate2zee And before you mention, no I'm not paying for it, for all the same reasons. It's the principal.
CharlieZipp And the principal is, mo meat means mo money means mo time on the streets for my chile.
CharlieZipp We;re going to enjoy this Sunday morning now. (And we do see you, and know who you are!).

The Ramones Live Agora, Cleveland 22-09-81 (HQ Audio Only)

| play

Government Flu by Dead kennedys

| play

The Fuzztones "Bad News Travels Fast"

| play
CharlieZipp It works this time. Thank the gods.
CharlieZipp Remember the Sabbath and keep them holy on this day. Good day, all blippers!

Black Sabbath Paris LIVE Concert 1970

| play
CharlieZipp Up early on Easter, and miracle of miracles, YouTube works! Now, how long will it last?

Bobby Darin I'm Beginning To See The Light

| play
CharlieZipp Rejoice, blippers, funny men in silly hats going underground, bunnies dodging bullets, all the holiday stuff, unite!
CharlieZipp Come on, give the beach back to the morlocks.
CharlieZipp I think it might be time for a Jerry Reed film.
smaclaren Taraf de Haïdouks, a Romanian gypsy band, reinterpret Béla Bartók" (reblip)
StellaBears ♛SisXღ◡`)/♥<"♫•*¨*•.always a Blast! must finalize logistics for tomorrow's conference call:) Have fun♫•*¨*Blip Away..Sweet Dreams, Goodnite:) x@elyss (reblip)

Flowers and Vivaldi classical music. Flores preciosas y música clásica de Vivaldi. Relax. flo

| play
Cupidcron and the birds @CharlieZipp: "As said, I'm a Luddite with a lute@ate2zee No plugging in. That's an anathema." (reblip)
CharlieZipp I wouldn't be a good Classical Theorist unless I play this one. (reblip)
CharlieZipp This is something else, all right@DJOubliette They're Facebook friends of mine. (reblip)
CharlieZipp Guess those future stations have been failed. We know who to blame... (reblip)
StellaBears my ღ((⁀◕⁀))ღ Italian roommate is hairy..she sweet, says Italians are beautiful but hairy, her relatives look like orangutans, she kidding? lol@elyss (reblip)

The Best Italian Composers | Classical Music

| play
CharlieZipp Oh, wait. I don't have Spotify, and I'm not buying it. Disregard the last blip. (reblip)
CharlieZipp Wow. I can reblip on Firefox again. Wonders never cease. (reblip)
StellaBears SisX, man hath no better thing under Sun than EAT, DRINK & Be in lovely GARDEN!@elyss"@S Mine 2 Yay! Funny you say Yard I say Garden same language lol (reblip)

Flowers and Vivaldi classical music. Flores preciosas y música clásica de Vivaldi. Relax. flo

| play
GeorgeSand Self-Portrait in Three Colors - Charles Mingus Jr. (April 22, 1922 – January 5, 1979) (reblip)
GeorgeSand rb @djaces29: "Jupiter Theme / God Beyond All Praising – Music to Inspire...Something Wonderful!" (reblip)
CharlieZipp Oh, wowie. YouTube search works now. Burning heads of lettuce works!
CharlieZipp She's a nice girl to bring home to Ma.
CharlieZipp This is probably what it sounds like in the land of Chaz. (Well, maybe not.)


| play
CharlieZipp This easy-using YouTube has me listing like BadBozo used to after somebody died!

KrautAll twisted

| play
CharlieZipp Well, wonders will never cease.

The Ramones- She's A Sensation- (Subtitulado en Español)

| play
CharlieZipp I think the soothing sounds of a flute is just right for these troubled times.
CharlieZipp There was a brief time when I thought about buying a flute, but I've always been a string man.
CharlieZipp Oh, it's flutey, all right@ate2zee Borrows the bassline from Gabor Szabo's "Ferris Wheel". Alos thanks to@Opippip
CharlieZipp Continuing with the soothing flute theme.

Fíonnula's Tale | Celtic Flute Music

| play
CharlieZipp Pa wore many hats in his life. Geologist. Pornographer. Gentleman farmer. Devoted neighbor.
CharlieZipp It was Pa who finally convinced me that Charles Dickens's "David Copperfield" isn't about the magician.

Celtic Flute Music | The Enchantress

| play
CharlieZipp You have to love the name Beeftink. Right now I'm dying to name something that.
CharlieZipp When we get to that magical land called Chop....
CharlieZipp I wonder if someday there will be patriotic Chop songs.
CharlieZipp Chop will have their own coins someday, and the first transgender president will be on both sides. (reblip)
CharlieZipp Go ahead and laugh at Chop now, but when their parents start kicking in to the economy, they'll be a force.

The Doors Mack The Knife Live at "Konserthuset" Stockholm Sweden 1968

| play
CharlieZipp Indeed, this is one of my favorite versions!@GaiaMix

Miles Davis -- Herbie Hancock --- Watermelon Man

| play
CharlieZipp Blues on a Sunday morning compilation. Life working on a farm...
StellaBears Luv it ´◡`)/♥❣️ tYvMSisX:)gratitude of being appreciated is immense:)@elyss: Perfect song :) @StellaBears
StellaBears BLIP SLOW as Molasses ...this case, Honey, lol ..gonna NjOY my garden Salad & Pizza! Take care m'dear SisX❣️always pleasure 2CU, NiteyNite x@elyss

David Garrett -The Flight Of The Bumble Bee (HD)

| play
CharlieZipp I love this song, but I can't help but think of that geeky kid who needed the bodyguard.
CharlieZipp Today's lunch will be imitation beef, and a faux blueberry tart. I'm excited, nonetheless.

Al Jarreau 1976 -Take Five

| play
CharlieZipp Where are ABC AfterSchool Specials when you need them? Or NBC Special Treats?

Pink Floyd- Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast (Live at Sheffield City Hall, Dec 22, 1970)

| play
CharlieZipp They're going to discover life on Venus. They're the ones behind them flying Tic-Tacs.

Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin | KNKX Studio Session

| play
pulsar Me too! @sommergirl: "time is running down for me..I had fun..tyrb;)@pulsar: "@sg Great garage/60's pop!" (reblip)


| play
CharlieZipp Always be Peel-like with every song, when possible@ate2zee (reblip)
CharlieZipp I will listen to this for the remainder of the day, or something@StellaBears (reblip)

The River: Writing in Water (India, November 1978)

| play
CharlieZipp I think this is a good cap for lunch.

The Seeds Live at The Melodyland Theatre Anaheim CA. 1968

| play
ComixRock Odds are you have never heard this Jimi Hendrix live club jam, for John and Jimi

Jimi Hendrix-Live N.Y. Cafe Au Go Go, Jimi Play The Blues 68

| play
CharlieZipp It's time...

Al Jarreau 1976 -Take Five

| play
CharlieZipp Tonight we'll be screening "Satanico Pandemonium"(1971), and I can't wait!
BklynBagel rb @ndude: "Herbie Hancock & Jaco Pastorius – Live Voyage (Bootleg Album) 1977" (reblip)
oopipip Lipper Schützen • Joseph Plaut • 10" (1928)
ComixRock love the flute and sax playing keeping up w/Jimi (reblip)
CharlieZipp Perhaps it's a clever imposter@ate2zee Read the fine print. Not Curious George. It's a Spurious George. (reblip)
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