Cheyenne1218 Dance around that water cooler my sweet Tweetlebugs!!
Cheyenne1218 This is the song that gave Big Daddy his nick name!!!!!!!!!!! " Talk to me daddy! "
Cheyenne1218 No one can sing it like Miss Etta !! NO ONE !
Cheyenne1218 George T! For all you Biker babes out in Tweeterville!! LOL
Cheyenne1218 Both my parents are gone now. My dad loved Connie, and my Mom would tease that she was his girlfriend! Ahh memories!
Cheyenne1218 Lets all stop what we`re doing and Kiss !!
DjMaClain The Beach Boys – California Girls
Cheyenne1218 Ok, she just sings all about earthy & sexy!
Cheyenne1218 Take a lesson students..She is the greatest!!
Cheyenne1218 There`s another copy on my playlist, but it keeps skipping!!


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Cheyenne1218 Is this the Jd I`m following??? OMG! He`s wonderful!!!
insomnia its suppoed to be 'drugs OR me'.. but drugs for me works too.. =P
Cheyenne1218 From a funky little animated short!! For the hell of it! LOL
Cheyenne1218 To Bill Wright. You never knew how much I loved you!! But The Best Of Bread, when it first came out, well, that whole album was dedicated to you!!

Ricky Martin - La Bomba

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Ricky Martin - Livin la vida loca(english)

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Cheyenne1218 Here ya go Steve......ONE! I`m playing ONE song! Just ONE. Not two, but ONE & only ONE. I could have played three, but no. Only ONE! =)
Cheyenne1218 Well what`d ya know......Two! I played ONE song. Now TWO. Not to be confused with two songs. No...its just... TWO! =)

Ryan AdamsTwo

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Cheyenne1218 One of the greatest Rock songs ever written!!
Cheyenne1218 Just take those old records off the shelf !!
Cheyenne1218 You go girl!!! We love you!!! xxoo

P!nkSo What

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Pink- Dear mr president

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Cheyenne1218 Good Morning Tweeties!! If you wanna hear more Stones, you`re gonna have to come to Blip! =)
Cheyenne1218 I want to put on my my my my my Boogie shoes!!

Led Zeplin - Stairway To Heaven

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Who's Sorry Now-Connie Francis

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Cheyenne1218 For those who don`t know it already....This is Jerrys son!!
Cheyenne1218 When England invaded !! Woohoo!! =)
Cheyenne1218 I was having trouble finding the REAL Beatles & not a sound-alike! Sham !!! =(