BigFin don't ask me why - i just love this song!
maurilao see you all tomorrow, folks
ScarinAaron So my friend has this girlfriend and you know what...he hates that b****
ObjectDesire For small town lovers--Iris DeMent "Our Town"
HerrmannKoblenz ... for Julia, Vivien - and all the other lovely girls out there!
kevinkute Look at all these rumors surroundin' me every day...I just need some time, some time to get away...from all these Rumors
AbsinthEve I love this one...back later blippers~Van Morrison – Into The Mystic ditto and i like your fairy pic @LexiePixie...can i listen to y'all (reblip)
keller "And how long it's gonna last.."
CrescentMoonglow Heav'n knows, it's high time. I've been on my own too long now...
bittersweetheart @henryburns and I'll reblip another time again :) and look into her music a bit more I think... (reblip)
youragentsteph Very upset that I didn't buy these tickets before they sold out :(

SeetherFake It

| play
ObjectDesire For @EricsTXGal, even tho' she has reached her destination...
ladypn I like the strumming & picking. Would you go with me? I'm leaving for the evening & I'd like to take you with me...See you much later! Blip good!
VoodooDahl New music from Karin of The Knife. Creepy and brilliant video >>
DJSalParadise new band with taylor hanson, james iha, adam schlesinger, and bun e. carlos...reminds me of the cars...
ladypn Idaho is a beautiful state. The Bitterroot mountain range, GORGEOUS! ;)


| play
GuitarMAN CandleBox – Far Behind ☺☺☺☺

CandleBoxFar Behind

| play
jeffreycrazy last song for the night-entering episode 30 : Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds
crowjane Look out! Here comes crowjane ... knows how to please Sure enough to knock a man to his knees~ Flattery will get you Everywhere!@GeryDiMarco. (reblip)
celmaldonado I've got a mind of my own. I'm flesh and blood to the bone. I'm not made of stone. Got a right to be wrong.
kencasey Another early MTV hit. Remember this one? Tony in a cheerleading outfit.

Toni BasilMickey

| play
TomAllen1965 For all of you late nighters...
MrsHempstres @RoyalsPRnmore @GuardKitteh you two....
islanesia @cathect i loved this version first, because aubrey taught me about good music!
CrescentMoonglow My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes, walking through this world...Where is the sweet harmony? What we need more of is peace, love & understanding.
ericsvonk I was blind, now I can see. [Primal Scream – Movin' On Up]
DJFlyRobin "..Guess you'll be glad to know that I've learned how to laugh and smile.."
Ssupreme lost my card to this to my first girlfriend
CrescentMoonglow I was blind, such a fool, thinking we were so unbreakable...
Ssupreme i lost my job yesterday bc i was layed i got a better job, that is higher paying, and closer location. life's been good
Tobie2 Honey you are my shining star...
werbinich weil ich grade davon sprach - hier das original
CrescentMoonglow 80s rockers...I really like April Wine! Oh yeah!


| play
MsChinaDoll I love this hand-clapping song from Natalie Cole - it's so positive and bouncy!
murnahan *One Tweet at a time* Johnny Cash – One Piece At A Time (reblip)
CaseyMC brings back so many memories.... thanx @GR8FL (reblip)

Silverchair - Miss You Love

| play
ricir this song makes me run fast...
bettega Bon jovi - Whole lot of Leaving
Jeffie The Duprees - "Have You Heard?" (late 1963-early 1964)
DJDaria I only heard this recently, but it's a great song.. =)
Jessie_Small "Again, the false attention. Again, you're breaking inside. Love save the empty."
cathk74 Everything you do is simply dreamy ...
DJSelchie This one goes out to everyone who's ever lost someone they've loved. They're still with us, they still see us, and -they still care.-
PalmettoState21 Shut yourself in a room and lift up a fragrance of Worship, Meditate on His goodness!!!! I will wait for you Lord.
Christianne you must check out this video on youtube... excellent song with an equally excellent video
RockItRadio Please leave the light on so I don't trip (reblip)

David CookLight On

| play
mathfialho Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be.
stumaan diabolical for sure but i love that piano line. oh and the colourful baggy outfits in the inspired music video
cathie10 Tracy Chapman-Telling Stories-This whole album rocks.
euskir Edie it's back, foggy memories from '90s end @theloveartist@CrazyOnYou@shannatrenholm@akelaa,@onlineteacher@euskir@onestringcello @jtmusicfest (reblip)

Edie Brickell-Circle Of Friends

| play
tulippoplarsyrup //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Anadila "no more ribbons on their door. and when you trust your television, what you get is what you got" (reblip)
marceloboff My official depression song. I like to listen to it before going to bed when I'm lonely.

Cat PowerGood Woman

| play
GroovyMonster Duane Eddy - Rebel Rouser. That is some insanely drippy reverb!
acanuckfan << The Turtles – You Baby >> (reblip)

The TurtlesYou_Baby

| play
jaquelinapacks Natalia Lafourcade – Azul _ bom dia! :)
jimbozone The Charlie Daniels Band – Long Haired Country Boy
aisyah_h that's what i like from Blip.FM . i can find songs that i dont know yet and it enhances my music knowledge. YAY
GlowieThePixie Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
mama_kass Okay, apparently I also like America quite a bit. This time it's "Ventura Highway."
MasterWolf Let it roll like...(you know) at my age I forget ;o) (reblip)
diegofagundes reblipping @patita... i'm great!! [the clash - brand new cadillac] (reblip)
RockItRadio We were meant to live for so much more..
gloann @suzeethe1 sooner or later I knew we would get prom tickets!
komarkaze It's time for another modern rock remake of a cheesy 80s song
sandraew Cutting out early to spend time with the family. Thanks for listening & blipping all the great tunes. Have a good night!
GypsyOwl Cadence – The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
cathie10 The Wreckers-Stand Still,Look Pretty-Wish you'd take a walk in my shoes for a start.
AliveinMe touching!-listened & cried 2 this one struggling w/OD'ing after my ex beat me-trying 2 find Him-my Answer 2 everything-song made me bawl! (reblip)
arksha Chris Isaak – Somebody's Crying
c3designs Of Course who could forget to jam out some @IFightDragons, am I right?
NyxOfTheNight Random song, I blame this one on my creator she fell asleep listening to it
Dillin_Chillin Rip it up w Split Lip Rayfield from Wichita, Kansas
CrescentMoonglow @Dillin_Chillin, I couldn't find any Onion Creek Crawdaddies to share, hope you will like this...mainstream as it is, it is very nice.
drodzand really, why would you say sorry?
CrescentMoonglow I am so sorry I cannot recall which fellow DJ was spinning Cars & mentioned Boston, but I wanted to dedicate this to you. One of MY faves by The Cars.
Jezabel This was on the tip of my brain all night...


| play
DJDFunk The real La Bamba by Richie Valens!
KiddRock ain't a gonna happen, sorry to say :( [Think positive @ICEGIRL152 ] (reblip)
GrizzlyGroundswell This is truly the path to travel. It is not the way of sheeple, but that of faith and calling. Intrepid temerity is not always bravery, but can be
AliveinMe @jasonthebaldguy Out comes honesty-this song has almost exact words that fit what my kid & I went thru 4 yrs-but found Jesus-He was pulling us thru! (reblip)
berediaz I may not always love u But long as there are stars above u U never need to doubt it Ill make u so sure about it God only knows what Id be without you
CrescentMoonglow I need to be with you...It shakes me up inside to be away from you!


| play
CrescentMoonglow Goodnight to my fellow DJ's! I must sleep tonight...Happy Blipping to all and I will catch you on the flipside tomorrow! :)
PeaceDiva @RaevGil...It's personal....Fergie...Big Girls Don't Cry (reblip)
handstamp we all get up and we all get down... and we all get stuck, but we come around.
kudzu Still trying to figure out this Blip thing.
dudeman718 Huey Lewis and the News – The Power Of Love. Any true geek will know this classic from BTTF!
Figgywithit @rkmonkey Mama actually told me to take matzo to the public high school in a see through bag. Great version vi@Pawl (reblip)

ShinedownSimple Man

| play
77ozzie soft...I give my all...nothing...more...tears of love in days gone by,,,inspiration...look and see... (reblip)
musicalsara And how my dreams they let me down.
ancyru Salvation Army? Seven Nation Army? Classic riff and never gets old!
SavannahsGMA Paul Davis – I Go Crazy

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Good Bye

| play
allysonstallman Ahhh. . . Bob Marley. Three Little Birds is one of my favorites.
infiniti99 guys are just like chicks no offense ladies but this is tragic my guys are landscapers but they start rumors and ?!?!?!
CarlaLorraine Wilson Phillips – Hold On
CrescentMoonglow @CarlaLorraine This song has such a great message and for me, a bittersweet memory. My son, soon to be 22, would sing it when he was 3...Time flies... (reblip)
KevinElliottChi Sappy, but this song gets stuck in my head all the time and makes me sing out loud.

Old 97'sQuestion

| play
filthylawyer yet another song from scrubs... Joshua Radin – Closer
QueenofVenus Remember Cusick and the boombox ? I Do YES!!!! (reblip)
CarlySmash Sometimes there are songs that sound in such a way that you can't tell if it's the guitar making the noise or the guy singing. This isn't one of them.

Against Me!Stop!

| play
thomas666 When you were young and your heart was an open book...
sapam i just don't know how... @DeAnn
SmokeyMaverick Bah! I wanted to blip this earlier, then forgot - to the victor goes the spoils! (reblip)
ander2faces Quem lembra dessa banda? O primeiro disco deles é legalzinho.
adrianomendonca listen...."I Can't Help, falling in love with you" - UB40 (reblip)
VintageMeGood finds much humor in this old-country-style song.


| play
CrescentMoonglow What a great sentimental and loving song between a father and son. Will Smith never ceases to amaze me. *The original of this song rocks, too.*
CrescentMoonglow Aye! Har! Here's to Friday night and pretend pirates. :)
EarCandy better things to do eh @lovezairah take my RB as compliments. (reblip)
CrescentMoonglow It never ceases to make my children & me laugh & dance around like lunatics to hear BFS. They rock! Too much fun! Think I have been to that reunion!
MaddMatt Everett WA too. I'm from CO but I know a few ppl in WA. RU in CO @daihard? (reblip)

Bob Marley - Redemption Song

| play
DiamondDon Big hit for them, their foray into Disco in 1977. Also had Mama Mia (1975)and helped produce the movie (2008). For more go to:

ABBADancing Queen

| play
CrescentMoonglow I'm thinkin' about my doorbell...when you gonna ring it, ring it??? Thumping on a Saturday afternoon, love me some Stripes!
brainygirl One of the best break-up songs! SIGH!
brainygirl If you need an instant jolt of happiness, press Play!
MaddyTheSongWhore I wanna sink to the bottom with you!!!!
ladypn It was kind of fun as a new song played, trying to decide which of you had blipped what... I was probably right only 2 times out of hundreds of songs!
zanita crazy stalker joe tex...

Joe TexI Gotcha

| play
acanuckfan << Paul Revere And The Raiders – I'm Not Your Stepping Stone >> (reblip)
MaddyTheSongWhore lol...this song totally reminds me of the movie White Chicks with the Wayan Bros. =) (reblip)
Zissy Lee, Johnny - Looking for Love
pkhuntz57 Memory lane, stop 1970: first moved to Indiana and this song was on the radio. Mom pulled over looking for the cops. lol

06 Indiana Wants Me

| play
TrainWreckRadio SHE ASKED Me........why the singer's name is ALICE! (SILLY GIRL) (reblip)
VtownLee The Stylistics - You are everything.
toddtyrtle Actually I'm a few days away from payday myself...
bwmson Some nice memories.....
isweatbutter i dare anyone to listen to this and NOT bop your head... in fact, if you can do it, i'll give you a quarter... i shiny new one, even.
causticchick One time, while mopping the floors at Starbucks,I wanted to see how many times in a row we could listen to this before a customer came in. Nine times.


| play
cosmeticsseller One of the songs from the movie Before Sunrise, with Julie Delpy&Ethan Hawke. Their characters listen to it in a booth,its the first time they kiss!

Kath BloomCome Here

| play
live315 Ra Ra Riot – Can You Tell
CrescentMoonglow Bubblegum....I before E except after C...ABC easy as 1,2,3...Man, I still love this song!

Jackson 5ABC

| play
AnnieLicious Use to listen to this as a child. I was an ugly kid, no long distance dedications for Annie back in the day lol
PedanticBohemian I love this music. This is what I grew up on. Soul, blues and jazz just never gets old. The Dramatics' "Whatcha see is Whatcha Get"
ARDELLd Who knows what tomorrow brings in a world few hearts survive. Love lift us up where we belong, where the eagles fly on the mountains high.
HmB ☛Prince & the Revolution – Pop Life☚ @LexiePixie =P Hi sweetie~ Thanks for Ur awesome lovin & friendship! *HuGz* 2 U n the princess!
serendipitynz @MarijoJ I love this track, my kids used to hate it, it was from a Charlie Pride album their dad played in the car when we were travelling (reblip)
joetweetsitreal Guilty pleaseure #58.Hip Hop Hippies inspired by Spandau Ballet. Smooth like cool whip. Wordplay spans beats & a catagory 5 quiet storm.
TechFrog Blink 182 – What's My Age Again
glitterbest one of the most beautiful songs ever... everytime I hear it, I will immediately start to cry
FoxyUK Hubby's band. Morning sexy....oh and morning hubby :) Jamie Dent Band – Deeper Sands (reblip)
quidnose Introduced to a new singer/songwriter by a friend. Yeah! This is good stuff.


| play
kerrsmith2306 I first discovered Katie Melua in 2005 or 2006 and imidiately fell in love with this song. And I have been a fan of hers since then. Check her out.
sdweathers One of my favorite Nickel Creek songs
cesarviana [Shout Out Louds – Hurry Up Let's Go] Don't wanna miss a thing
DJTwitter Bic Runga - Listening for the weather

Bic Runga - Listening for the weather

| play
brexians "Dinata" in Greek Language means "Powerful" so get your recharge
OutdoorLori I hear you in my dreams and feel you whisper across the sea... I feel you in my heart.
CrescentMoonglow This song bypasses my ears and go straight to my heart.Phenomenal lyrics and raw vocals.I absolutely LOVE it.*Take this sinking boat...Point it home!*
CrescentMoonglow And isn't that the truth? No matter how you feel, the world spins madly on and on and on...
VintageDreams how'd the hell we'd wind up like this?!


| play
CrescentMoonglow Pretty voices, sweet and angelic. And philanthropic, too. They are good apples, this bunch, to the Corr!
Deesound for anyone who likes Elvis ...
Gaz50 One of my all time favs this tune, and a must for all Twitters and Blippers , Follow me Follow you ;)
ladypn I got your love letters, I threw them all away & I hear you think that I'm crazy.I'm driving 95 & I'm driving you away & I shine a little more lately
jannyanydotz this was on the Reality Bites soundtrack
Meganak Heard this tonight while over at my Mom's house tonight. She has some really catchy songs.
CrescentMoonglow Seeing these two play is thrilling as they are to hear. Amazing!
brianwright I like to listen to this when I'm down as a way to kinda get my mind right and start feeling better.
De_Ann @unfinishedperson in honor of my listeners, one from each of them (at least those who have blipped): @VtownLee @bhrz who both blipped this tonight (reblip)
scubadogg Keali'i Reichel - A simple song of love. May you all find it in your lives. With that wish I bid you a goodnight...
adrianomendonca ~RockStar~#Poll #Twitter #Coffeetime @michaelgrainger @Lotay @ItsDawns @MissBeckala @elidet @JukeJointJunkie @Ausiray @JulioRMattos @philhenderson (reblip)


| play
sapam The Crystals – Da Doo Ron Ron
sapam thanks for the props, everyone Searchers – Needles And Pins
mandiesel "When I think back about those days, all I can do is sit and smile. That's when a spoke was a spoke and groovin' was groovy."
Punched :: The Eagles – I Can't Tell You Why ::
Punched :: Cars – My Best Friend's Girl :: Here she comes again!
toosweet4rnr April 6 birthdays - Tony Conner, drummer, Hot Chocolate
CrescentMoonglow This beautiful brunette sang it out! Another Melanie hit: Brand New Key...I got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key...Enjoy!
fiederels A great social networking tool ... I've met more interesting and sweet people there in the past months than anywhere else @Sonita Thanks @thrak (reblip)
hillaby Can't get enough of that groove. At the start the pianist shows he can actually play chords too. But I prefer when he's breaking every beat in pieces
onesanz @longtide pequena è proprio così... (ho controllato)
naloh Is the water warm enough? Then shall we begin?
ZiraZeta If you haven't heard of this band, you are seriously missing out. * Nickel Creek - Smoothie Song
AndreaUrbanFox sweet song...The Avett Brothers – If It's The Beaches
organicsue No, No, No, Girl If you wanna know.....
CrescentMoonglow How could I be a classic movie lover without loving the music, too? This stuff is great. Wish I had Ginger's feet!
77ozzie takes my pain away..I don't feel the way I ever felt... (reblip)

Jimmy Eat WorldPain

| play
briangreene she had it all. the songs, the voice, the looks, the videos, what could go wrong? Sony Columbia signed her. That would explain it.
shmelo Yeah... this is the pop-iest, happiest shit I've ever heard too... but I like it so blow me.
S4Songcrush [Melancholy Monday set] ............ cute-ass gloomy song. Heh. "Into each heart some tears must fall but someday the sun will shine."

The Ink Spots - Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall (with Ella Fitzgerald)

| play
DJ_Rosa One of my top 50 favorite songs, easily

Concrete Blonde - Joey

| play
silverfox863 Phillips, Craig & Dean – Here I Am To Worship (reblip)

74-Redbone - Come And Get Your Love

| play
bakinrapscallion @aloudhendo look what I smuggled out of Mexico...

Little FeatWillin'

| play
smartard vi@scglobal...I was looking for this song the other day and couldn't find glad u did! Cheers (reblip)
pinup_do_agreste "I looked out this morning and the sun was gone-Turned on some music to start my day-I lost myself in a familiar song-I closed my eyes ..."
ChoChoMojo Tom Petty - Don't Do Me Like That

Tom Petty - Don't Do Me Like That

| play
TerrySimpson Sometimes, if only for a moment, we meet someone who crashes into our heart.
a99kitten Love this song...just cute...and sad
Joffi I've got your picture that you gave to me and its signed with love just like it used to be. The only thing different, the only thing new..."
woodsm I could probably listen to this forever...
TrainWreckRadio how's this one @TrainWreckRadio @LisG outstanding! SHOOT! yer all blipped-out allready I owe ya one ;-) (reblip)
CrescentMoonglow I hit the road.It hit me back. I had to know and knowing's got a price. I'm comin home with a heart wide open, I'm not afraid anymore.
moodyvince from the movie Elizabeth town.... yeah!!
Blippo ❉COVERFLOW❉ Neko Case – Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
powerhealths The Carpenters - (They Long to Be) Close to You ...Sleep And Insomnia Solution ... (reblip)
ladypn I do too, @DEGirl. He's got an interesting voice & the lyrics are wonderful. "I know there's something more than what we're living for..." (reblip)

Tyrone WellsMore

| play
rosaliefire I wish I was as cool as Leona...
seoulsuzy how can you not lose your voice after singing this? was always a mystery to me.

AC/DCBack In Black

| play
carolfour i was born and then i'll die. it'll be the story of my boring life. but still I know i've done something right.
CrescentMoonglow My 3 year old son sings this song and it is just the cutest thing..."If I onwe had a bain"
DJBlipBrasil Maria Bethania – Frevo nº1
BrewsCues Jim Croce's only top ten song that he didn't write himself. But still a great song. Good morning all!
BigFin !wow - now THIS does seem like such a long time ago....
DrDebs thanks to @adbert for the perfect rush hour song. Have a safe drive home everybody. There goes my baby, she drives me crazy. (reblip)
nikkic cause if my eyes don't deceive me there's something going wrong around here.
silverfox863 Garth Brooks – When You Come Back to Me Again
CrescentMoonglow @silverfox863 Good evening and Thank YOU! I love this song. I heard it in the end credits to a film recently...Have wanted to hear it since. :) (reblip)
silverfox863 Garth Brooks – Standing Outside The Fire
GeryDiMarco One of the great cross over classics on every Classic Rock Playlist I've ever seen

Pure Disco - Shake Your Groove Thing

| play
DJDevine Of course there are also the Statler Brothers....
JaLaDesigns A good message is just a good message, plain & simple. I'm not really a Miley Cyrus fan, but I give her props 4 this great song w/ a great message.


| play
Paisano haunting stuff from @Johncmayer (who might rename it Jennifer) (video)
gabrielcorpse ".....I'd give up forever to touch you....cause I know you feel me somehow.." (reblip)

Goo Goo DollsIris

| play
Patypaty It's where the water flows, It's where the wind blows.... (reblip)
KiddRock Ritchie Valens - La Bamba


| play
VtownLee George Harrison - Got my Mind set on you.
2liveis2fly Some mo' horns, mo fos. Midnight Hour, btw, "The Commitments" is on in U.S. for the time being.
racerchic555 i would like to sleep...I think I will try

How Do You Sleep (Rap Remix Feat. Ludacris)

| play
DiaReeves @djstevep Speaking of nasty girls...

Vanity 6Nasty Girl

| play
AliveinMe My very first song to cling to in 03-new-becoming Christian-in the hospital for another overdose, numbing pain-this began to unfold Jesus' love! (reblip)
AliveinMe His name is Jesus!!! Psalm 24:10 King of Glory Lord Almighty...AMEN (reblip)
Ghoster "I can feel it comin' in the air tonight."
Naturalself U2 Pride - (In The Name Of Love) Early April 4, Shot rings out in the Memphis sky, Free at last, they took your life, They could not take your pride!
bwmson Don't be a Player hater......

169. Player - Baby Come Back

| play
joegande Adele....Great artist...Great tune!
DiaReeves @CrescentMoonglow The Singles soundtrack was good overall, but this one's a standout.
jwalsh sums up how I've been feeling these recent days.

Steve EarlSomeday

| play
TWBuddha My childhood. I used to play this to death.
Lieboman Thanks to for introducing me to this one... will definitely have to check out more songs from this band...
cuttingedgedjs Top 100 songs of 1977 'Year Of The Cat' by Al Stewart charted at #100
NicLizD Getting back on my feet..."sometimes it's not as bad as it seems" (reblip)
BohemianChick @DJFrankie...thanks! I think we need an increase to 10/day! Infinite props for you and @studiojm ;-)
riker17 Another great trucker's tune that I don't get tired of listening to.
Shana34 Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel
phleef Morgan Heritage - A Man is Still A Man. Some seriously soulful reggae.

28 Morgan Heritage - A Man Is Still A Man

| play

Keyshia ColeLove

| play
oregonblip I can see so much clearer now that the truck moved from the window... blocking my view. ha! Oh but looks like the rain is coming... Oregon, ha!
PaulPincus Isn't this the best part of breakin' up ... Finding someone else you can't get enough of (Liz Phair - Why Can't I?) #LOVE
CrescentMoonglow My favorite Wings song...even though it is just another Silly Love Song...sigh...You'd think that people would have had enough of 'em!
BrianRockHendricks Rocky Burnette - Tired Of Toein' The Line
ReadytoenjoyParadise we're really getting ready to vamooseeeee....Ya..
twistedlilkitty Chris Mills – Watch Chain (alt country, saw him years ago, loved this song)
smartard Dash Rip Rock – Leave Me Alone
PeachyTracy the space between the wicked lies we tell and hope to keep safe from the pain...damn i love Dave Matthews Band
core013 If you're not familiar with Angie Aparo, you NEED to check him out! He's an amazingly talented singer/songwriter!

Angie AparoNow

| play
kencasey [RB @tardisgrl] Evening blippers--it's cold in the northeast, but I got baseball on the TV, so it's okay--RB @jilliansaint--Garden Party (yes please!) (reblip)
crowjane Ok just the thought of leaving you guys turns my world Misty Blue~but gotta go finish this dress. Have fun and don't stay up too late and keep it down
MasterWolf How about a I Want Candy sung by the Strangeloves
Joleesa instant karmas gonna get you gonna knock you right on your head...

John Lennon - Instant Karma (We All Shine On)

| play
2fast4u When you're gone, how can I even try to go on (reblip)


| play
GrahamNeston who knows what version is better
Wahsdarb Very nice and another catchy band that I often listen to.
DHS thanks @santam