glyphe Wie geil steigert sich das denn?
spacespencer ... got to listen to this version! loooong and absolutely beautiful.
spacespencer German SH*T-Weather and @DChain !

Kate Bush Cloudbusting

| play
spacespencer "Dixie Chicks - Cowboy Take Me Away" ... if only some handsome cowboy would ;)


| play
disconnesso e con questa ne approfitto per dire che invidio tanto chi sarà a Torino allo Spazio 211 il 14 Luglio

Anastacia Sick And Tired

| play
DChain @spacespencer Es besteht kein Zweifel, dass wir die geilste Competition seit Jahren im Intranetz machen... YES!
DChain @spacespencer: "HAHAAHIHAHI. Ingo fragt sich gerade wieso ich mich totlache! *kringel* @DChain" Ich lache jetzt noch...hihihi... (reblip)
spacespencer darauf erstmal etwas zum-sich-leicht-fühlen. @DChain

EasyFaith no more

| play

FLASHDANCE! (aka What a Feeling)

| play
DChain @spacespencer: "Superlied! Und wenn mir nicht noch mehr einfällt werde ich was? Na? SAUER! ;) @DChain" Das war mal mein Lieblingslied!!! Super! (reblip)
spacespencer hahaha, nearly forgotten: muscleman glen danzig!


| play
spacespencer great violin-part, cute violin-player.
spacespencer Es ist, was es ist, sagt die Liebe - was es ist, fragt der Verstand.
evelet dunno why you never hear much about this band, they were a gem...
spacespencer now THAT is some great piano playing...
Vanderleun Night train: So dance me a small dance And the night cannot hurt you Nor the waters be silent Nor the emeralds desert you
Vanderleun Night Train: Damned. Your ghost again. Moon full. A voice I'd known. Speaking strictly for me we both could have died then and there
Vanderleun Night Train: Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart.
spacespencer Get the bow going! Let it scream to me: Violin! Violin! Violin! *squeak* ;)

Kate BushViolin

| play
spacespencer cool. just missing two guys kissing in the video... ;)
spacespencer Great (and big) Beth Ditto!!!
Diordan never enough 185 - The Herbaliser - When I shine (feat. Bahamadia) @DJVee
spacespencer @DChain ...check this out, sucker!

Guano Apes-open your eyes

| play
spacespencer Ben Folds is top! ;) @DChain: "...ohne Schlaf...was bleibt einem übrig?? @spacespencer" (reblip)
spacespencer @DChain ...solang dir nicht noch schlecht wird... ;)

Sick and Tired- The Cardigans

| play
spacespencer @DChain ...Teil I: mal was Schönes zwischendurch...

Kate Bush, And Dreams of Sheep.

| play
johnnyag Hey @namilos hope you enjoy:)

A. Vivaldi, Guitar Concerto in D, 2nd Mvt, Boris Bagger

| play
spacespencer HAAAAHAHAHAHHAAA!!! *kringel* :D @DChain: "Das hier ist SUPER haha @spacespencer" (reblip)


| play
DChain und vor allem: MIT WEM?? Ach, der gute alte Barry haha @spacespencer
DChain Ok. Von mir noch ein Abschiedslied zum Einschlafen @spacespencer

the curelullaby

| play
spacespencer this band knows much about harmonic sounds.
spacespencer one of my favourite dance tracks.
spacespencer more sad.

Erik Satie Gymnopédie nº 3

| play
spacespencer enough disco! desperately in need of some noise!!!
ZetaLaFormica Are you on the beach? no? well, let's go together
spacespencer this is beautiful! (an btw.: the end is in that fan-tas-tic halo3-'believe'-spot!)

Chopin's "Raindrops" Prelude, Op 25, no 15

| play
spacespencer knew this before these annoying 'Orange'-spots - funny song.
spacespencer Glenn Danzig growling "Hey" ! ;)
Millroy What a picture!-->@Lingerie_Girl: "The Hollies ~ The Air That I Breathe rb@Shaman777" Is this where Radiohead found those chords? (reblip)
Diordan never enough 207 - The Herbaliser - More Tea More beer @loureed @brunocamargo


| play
DChain Hilfe, ich habe einen Rock-Anfall :)
DChain Great Jimmy Hedrix - what kind of chewing gum did he take?

Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks ~ Big Love (live acoustic)

| play
DChain Used to cry - always I heard this song - when I was young... ;)
DChain @spacespencer Gott, ist das ein schönes Lied :D !! Pling, pling, sploink...lala...string sound...lalal. I love it! (reblip)

Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree/dawn

| play

michael buble-sway

| play

Faith No More-Midlife Crisis

| play

Colindad Mahala Rai Banda

| play
spacespencer @DChain kann grad nicht so gut reblippen - hab viel Datenverkehr laufen - crisscross-traffic-mäßig ;)
leaferi I seem to be alone in thinking this is the single greatest dance track of all time.

Pet Shop Boys ~ Absolutely Fabulous

| play
chelseajohns Casting Crowns ~ East To West In the arms of Your mercy I find rest....

Frank Sinatra I'm gonna live until I die

| play

JIM BAILEY as Peggy Lee Live 2006 "Fever"

| play
ARS i miss you miss you

Blink 182-I miss you

| play
spacespencer @DChain Du mögest mich dann bitte morgen 'Königin von Sheba' nennen! Σ:)
refashionista Miss Piggy "I Will Survive" ;)

Miss Piggy I WILL SURVIVE 1982

| play
wetfootblues @pixelfreund: "Chris Cornell – Billie jean (acoustic live)" amazing. (reblip)
kaoruo rb @djwttw: "@MissMarian. hope this one makes you feel better, miss marian. horribly shocking news when something like this happens. : ( " (reblip)

The Rat Pack

| play
jgirl70 Sometimes it's good to feel sad.

Therapy? "Stories"

| play

JOURNEY "Wheel In The Sky"

| play
dianne10jack Smooth as KASHMIR ! ! !

Led Zeppelin-kashmir...the real video

| play
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | very good one from Thursday - just can't find any decent studio version...

This Song Brought to You By a Falling Bomb

| play
spacespencer I'll be your king volcano right for you again and again My velvet goldmine ...
alebur @SpinninSara: "~~Gary Moore – Friday on My Mind~~ " (reblip)
rico this original version is way better than the 90's remake
leaferi nice, thanks! rb@dbot: "@leaferi 19 always makes me want to listen to this too." (reblip)


| play

The Rasmus ~ In the Shadows

| play
DChain "Hot in the City-Competition" @spacespencer Naja, alleine machts ja auch toooootal Spaß, so ne competition...gääähn ;)

Celine DionAlone

| play

So Rare-Jimmy Dorsey-1957

| play
miketrevis oggi monografiamo i verve...

Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve

| play
richardcymru I like everything this band does! @heavenlyhands: "This is not a love song" (reblip)
DChain @spacespencer Süß, oder?

nouvelle vague "dance with me" from bande a part

| play
glyphe Let the good times roll, Let the good times roll – so halte ich mich nach ca. 3 Std. Schlaf heute Nacht wach
pixelution Sonne, wo bist du? Darf man wenigstens von dir träumen? ;) Kate Yanai - Summer Dreaming
Kaffeeklatsch When I was a teen, I didn't listen to MJ. This is what I was listening to.
DChain Gracias por recordarme! SUEDE - Suede- suede :D @Alomustard

Suede :: Animal Nitrate

| play
OmeRoon Crimson Glory – "Lonely" - great song but those masks are ridiculous! What were they thinking? 8-)
DJHILLFUNK most laid back guy ever..go check him out !
p_amabile Ah....toi et ton coeur de pirex...

FRANCOISE HARDY Comment te dire adieu? ( FRENCH SINGER )

| play
CmodulBaresi rb@Barbarellalala: ""Perfect Day – Lou Reed & Bono & Dr. John & Elton John & D. Bowie""" (reblip)
shadow7777 SAGA -On the Loose (Video Clip)=@DChain gern geschehen, danke für´s zuhören :-)Gruß aus Hessen :-)

SAGA -On the Loose (Video Clip)

| play
DChain @JLV: "Rita Mitsouko - Andy. a lot of fun! " (reblip)

It's The End Of The World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine...)

| play
zazagabor At one point being a musician means "acting" or whatever oh and big hair because the higher the hair, the closer to God.... :D


| play
DChain Great great song

The CureA Forest

| play

Bang Bang (PSM remix, Kill Bill Trailer)

| play
JonJohn Thank u for the props!I hope it catches on.Nothing like reggae on Sundays@DJJonJohn: "REGGAE SUNDAYS:"SINSEMILLA" - BLACK UHURU" (reblip)
DChain @shadow7777: "New Order – Blue Monday '88=LOOKS LIKA GREY MONDAY THIS MORNING :-)" (reblip)
DChain Monday morning - sunny - good mood :D @spacespencer
DChain Monday morning - sunny - good mood :D

Boney MSunny

| play
DChain Monday morning - sunny - good mood :D

Jenniffer Kae Coffee Cup

| play
DChain So fantastic!!! Have to listen to...
DChain @mizdemeanor: "@wingsinger always pleasant to hear this after a long while.. thanks!" I CAN GIVE YOU NO MORE PROBS :(( THANKS FOR THIS ONE (reblip)
DChain @shadow7777: "Patti Smith – Because The Night :-)" (reblip)

Gloria Estefan~Volveras~My love pics of Neuquén Patagonia, Argentina.

| play
leaferi Sorry, should watch more of the video before blipping. Probably my favorite Pet Shop Boys here.
DChain @spacespencer Erinnerungen deinen Trier-Besuch :)

Rosemary's Baby

| play
heatherstardust @aeontriad: awesome way to start my morning. you & your bro rocked my playlist =:o) (reblip)
Kaleem1966 @DaLady:@Alamar9:"I never get tired of hearing this lovely man, sing over the rainbow>DaLady:"<>Over The Rainbow<>.what a great song!!"" (reblip)

Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole Over The Rainbow

| play
Kaleem1966 kinda cool huh?@DaLady: "*VIRGIN MAN*.hmmmm..had never heard this..interesting ;) @Kaleem1966" (reblip)

Kate Bush Wuthering Heights.

| play
spacespencer very good cover. (now the right version)
DChain @spacespencer so ein grausamer sommer...nicht? ;)
spacespencer everybody recognizes the sound of 'House Of The Rising Sun' in the back? ;)
DChain @sarahcarina: "wow, I believe someone in here found his way into iggybin ! BYE BYE BYE" Ok, bye bye :x (reblip)

Don McLean- American Pie

| play
spacespencer last song from the 70s. promised. ;)
spacespencer "at least i'm not drinkin" - that's what she sings ...
ffluxx Cate Brothers - Union Man

Cate Brothers (Union Man)

| play
FCA genial! @MariCanti: "ela veeem chegando...feliz vou esperando! a espeeera é dificil...mas eu espero SAMBANDO! ;-)" (reblip)
mariemoi nice song, going to say zzzzzzzzzzz 2 blipworld &will count the stars above dutCh sky & @Tjeerd @Merisse (reblip)

Santana. Samba Pa Ti

| play
spacespencer @DChain ....ach, bald geht's ja für dich auf ein:

weezer- island in the sun

| play
spacespencer @DChain Haha, der mit skin-lost war gut. Dann bin ich nur noch:
spacespencer @DChain so, gehe jetzt raus! Hoffentlich bekomme ich keine ...
fvanzo Porque Dia do Rock é meu pau fazendo \m/ \m/
spacespencer We are entranced.


| play
DChain @rxrx1776 Try to forget ;)

0 Kopia Ft. Tirso Duarte---Olvida la pena

| play
DChain @au2845: "Take it with a grain of salt :-)" Out of props!!! haha, very good ;) (reblip)

Soviet/ USSR Anthem [Red Army Choir]!

| play
luiodice "Mas o que eu quero é lhe dizer que a coisa aqui tá preta". (reblip)
DChain Great song

Shakespears Sister # 1 Stay

| play
zxck OoOOooooh Tainted Love *dunt*dunt* Whooa whoa *dunt*dunt* [thx @DChain] (reblip)
tubilino Police of Truth

Depeche Mode Police of Truth

| play
DChain @spacespencer: "@DChain *animal-competition* Schöner? Ich kann die sogar aus Metall!" Sehr gut :D (reblip)


| play
DChain All Time favourite... The doors, the severed garden, Adagio
DChain @sangawa: "Wow, I'm sick of doubt Live in the light of certain South Cruel bindings." (reblip)

Jim Morrison "The Severed Garden" O "The friends' banquet "

| play
DJWIRED WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Start ur day wit dis shit banging in ya ear!

Rage Against The Machine: Wake Up

| play
DChain @Gordyjp: "@AWyldfyre: "Love this summer song! Me toooooooooo!! d:D (reblip)
spacespencer sehr gut! und gutes Lied! @DChain: "@spacespencer *gold-competition* Yes, Yes Yes!!! Blink, blink" (reblip)
DChain @spacespencer *gold-competition* Oooo, ganz groß: ndw mit Joachim Witt!!...bis vor die Mauern unserer STadt...
DChain @spacespencer *gold-competition* Eine Gold gefasst...hängt bestimmt um seinen Hals ;)
DChain @spacespencer *gold-competition* Ach, was sage ich...ich will Gold Silber und Quecksilber!! Gutes lied übrigens, finde ich..

Audrey Hepburn - Moonriver

| play
spacespencer Gabi Delgado-López. (reblip)

02 daf - der mussolini

| play
DChain @spacespencer...und immer schön singen beim Steak braten - wegen der Muskelentspannung!! ;D

Beatsteaks- I Don't Care As Long As You Sing

| play
spacespencer @DChain ...wechtech es ja och, dätt ma en gore Brräder hätt (oder wie die Engländer sagen...:)

Ol Cook Pot

| play

REM Everybody Hurts

| play
spacespencer Charlotte sometimes crying for herself...
DChain @spacespencer Das hat ja auch alles irgendwie mit... ... zu tun. So Ne Familie in Good old Kloawend :D
pinknantucket This is the saddest waltz in the world. It is not remotely vomitory. (A bit of clapping at the start, ignore).

Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie, Jean Sibelius: Valse Triste

| play
DChain @spacespencer KOrrekt - Computerpanne im Hause Hain...aber ich lasse mich nicht verunsichern:

I'm Still Standing- Elton John

| play
spacespencer JaRule (die alte Sheryl-Krähe!) hat sich auf meinen Platz gedrängeld (gedraggled!) und gesagt, ich soll mal an den Laptop wechseln! Also Momentchen...
DChain @spacespencer Oh, sehr süss...vielen Dank. Das hier ist für dich später. Good night my DJ-Love

Schlaf Kindchen Schlaf (Ukulele & Whistling)

| play
giuliacarino sam cooke - wonderful world
jefferymavers @evielynn at this point your name is whatever the fuck i want it to be. is that alright with you, mrs. snigglefrits?
spacespencer great. @asterion: "you only dissolve when i wake up..." (reblip)

Wednesday Morning 3 A.M.

| play
DChain Ja, das ist großartig. Tankeschööön! @spacespencer: "@DChain (finde das Lied so toll!) ... auf jeden fall werden alle Gäste nachher singen:" (reblip)
AlyG @GR8FL: "was this already blipped today? almost sure of it... but I didn't hear it yet " (reblip)
spacespencer @DChain, alles klar hier. Hatte erst zu tun und dann sturmfrei. War sozusagen:
DChain @spacespencer ok, verstehe... ich bin da ja eher der:

Owner of A Lonely Heart (Klonhertz Remix)

| play
DChain Nein, nein...ich bin alt - nix neues auf dem Foto ;D wollte nur total aktuelles Foto senden@spacespencer: "@DChain müsste ich jetzt was Neues sehen?" (reblip)
Romanitzza great vibe for the morning

Moby Lift Me Up LIVE Bucharest Bestfest 02.07.2009

| play
DChain @spacespencer aMUSEant, dieses supermassive schwarze Loch, oder? Cooler song!
DChain @spacespencer: "@DChain ... obwohl ich ja die Studioversion vorziehe. ;)" Da hast Du natürlich sehr Recht!!! ;) (reblip)
au2845 @irgendwas: Hm, vivir en las noches y dormir los dias .. no se, lo hice durante mi doctorado. No fue buena idea. Pero tu lo sabes mejor, estoy seguro. (reblip)

Antonio Flores & Ketama -Vente pa madrid (Directo)

| play
AlyG rb@nastysurprise72: "@sandyriverside I totally forgot about this song. Nice blip." (reblip)

Porno For Pyros "Pets"

| play
Vanderleun TRIBUTE TO BIG HAIR BABES! The Bangles Hair is so big they get two videos -- with the hair being the star of this vid.
spacespencer haha, young björk. :D @otakudaddy: "I said, "Ouch! This really hurts!" (Love this video.)" (reblip)


| play
EDITHETHEL Oh yes we do - see you when you ghet back>@QuagMyer: "We all need a little- RESPECT- Aretha Franklin" (reblip)
DChain @spacespencer ohohohoohoho, jetz wird er noch religiös...(God, that was long ago...). WOW

Religious Man ( I am I am )

| play
DChain Daaaaaaaankeeeeeeee!! d:D@spacespencer: ":D ♥♥♥ to my best @DChain for getting the 200th listener !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥ :D" (reblip)
killerswp German "Heroes".... the ONLY version
spacespencer This one goes out to the one I love.
spacespencer @DChain Klaro! :D Hab schon mit den Eurythmikern drüber gesungen:
DChain Ooooooooooh, loved this song in the 80s!
DChain @dcychan: "RB @Shukitty: "i like this song. and i LOVE this dance. it has by far been my favorite number on the show to date. wade robsen is amazing!! (reblip)

ramalama (bang-bang) ROISIN MURPHY ZOMBIES

| play


| play
spacespencer great! @CaptMoaning: "Awesome, just love the riff, put a smile on me face" (reblip)
DChain ~~ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ~~ @spacespencer Wie findste denn nun das Lied von der Frau Murphy??
Julito77 I love Decisiones by Ruben Blades La ex señorita no ha decidido qué hacer.... #VivaViernes

Decisiones. Ruben Blades

| play
Julito77 Classic salsa from Oscar D'Leon: Llorarás (You Will Cry) #VivaViernes
Julito77 Another great Merengue legend Wilfredo Vargas and El disc jockey dijo #vivaviernes
Reemo -Favs- :)

Johnny Hates Jazz Shattered Dreams

| play
DChain Very good!! @spacespencer: *sick-competition* für macnhe ist aber auch das hier eine Krankheit - ich sag nur Menopause! :)" (reblip)
spacespencer ... knowing I'll murder you again tonight.


| play
spacespencer @DChain ...songs with »black« "I stood and watched until I saw her black coat disappear ..." (reblip)
spacespencer @DChain ...songs with »black« ... für die ganz Harten ;)
spacespencer @DChain + @irgendwas ... ich empfehle für diesen Tag: Lazing on a sunny afternoon. ;)
spacespencer @DChain + @irgendwas "On an island in the sun we'll be playing and having fun, and it makes me feel so fine I cant control my brain ..." toll! :D (reblip)
spacespencer @DChain muss noch wohin - siehe Twitter ...


| play
MONIKKA We need to talk about it.

BlondieCall Me

| play
spacespencer @DChain das wundervolle, absout beste piano-ending von dem hier wirds schon richten. Katharsis, you know ;)
spacespencer @spacespencer: "great, great, great! Glen! ... auch für @DChain (fehlt nur das H!) ;) " ... ach, fucked the credits up, so here again: via@jjohnson (reblip)
spacespencer @DChain you know how I love pianos, esp. with YOU playing them! :D even if its just the beginning of a song, like on this nice one ...
kyanna blonde redhead offers the the right kind of melancholy for today.
an_ac fuck you, fuck you very, very much
DChain haha...sehr gut :D Yip, back home..@spacespencer: "Hey @DChain - zurück in Geist-Weid-City? ;)" (reblip)
Tzadhiqua @amphore: "@Tzadhiqua: "Alo'ha @amphore RT @RoxUranus :-) @musicgeekstress @RoxUranus THX4propsG8SetList4 U this morning or evening where<^>:-)" (reblip)
DChain @spacespencer Gute Nacht dann mal an alle Burchbewohner: JaRule, Scrollan, Söckelinchen, Wehli, Lodde, Dragon-Folk, Flamingo und Volk...all clear! :D
spacespencer so beautiful.

The Doors Yes, The River Knows

| play
RockEmpire For a Norwegian girl that drives everywhere :)
RonnyGunz Me olvidé de Victor Manuele. Gracias. @DJMaMaHGplace2B: "Have to end it with a Salsa Song: Victor Manuelle - Si Nos Duele" (reblip)

Cat People (Putting Out Fire) by David Bowie

| play
spacespencer * 80's hour *

The Bangels - hazy shade of winter

| play
spacespencer I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.
spacespencer @DChain ... und natürlich das Katie! Tanzt auch. Irgendwie. ;)
spacespencer @DChain *Valse* ... und natürlich der hier!
DChain @spacespencer *valse* ... auch schöööööön!
DChain @spacespencer ...und ich hoffe, der Tag heute wird kein schwarzer für dich und den floggingen, molligen JaRule ;D
LP55 No hay @problem ?

Pink Martini. No hay problema

| play
DChain @spacespencer...und ich dachte:... .... ... Dabei warst du in waghalsiger Mission unterwegs! Toll :)
spacespencer @DChain ... die Kätzchen? JaRule is krank und war gestern noch beim Doc. Hat starke Flohallergie! ;)
spacespencer you're sure you want to be with me - I've nothing to give ...
spacespencer Jeff Buckley. So young and so gone.


| play
spacespencer can't blip this to often, nearly makes me cry. ... awwww ;)
spacespencer to my favorite viola @DChain ! I'm off soon. Scrollan took my chair when I was seconds away ... ;)

Kate BushViolin

| play
spacespencer yes, you may ask »Where Do You Go To My Lovely?« - well, I'm going to bed! ;) thx @all for listening, props and rbs. take care.
theOFM Violent Femmes – Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover) #musicmonday
DChain @spacespencer: "Do you feel like a chain store?"...Like a Chain - ja! Like a store - nein! ;) (reblip)
spacespencer very good one via @truckdriver, who blips just, only, exclusive and entirely R.E.M.-Tracks ;) (reblip)


| play

Type O Negative- Black No 1

| play
spacespencer oh Jack ...

Loretta Lynn & Jack White "Portland, Oregon"

| play
spacespencer from excellent Maxinquaye.
DChain @DChain: "@spacespencer ok...einen Toast auf die Freundschaft und den Frieden (HtW)" (reblip)

The Toast Song

| play
DChain @spacespencer ...from Dchain with love... ♥♫ ♥❀✶ ♫


| play
CMFlinn Elvis Costello - I'll Never Fall in Love Again (cover) @rsmac @Schoork

Burt Bacharach/Elvis Costello- I'll Never Fall in Love Again

| play
CMFlinn Madonna – American Pie (cover) @rsmac @Schoork @flinndc now u can hate me! lolllll
spacespencer @DChain so, das solls für heute gewesen sein! büüüütz! (reblip)

Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel_Soundtrack_Titel1

| play
spacespencer (it's of course the beatles!) | goo goo g'joob!
DChain Come to the Hotel California...
DChain via @0_0: "Soul Bossa Nova" Thanks for this :D (reblip)

Quincy Jones "Soul Bossa Nova" (1962)

| play
spacespencer this is NOT a christmas song. it's a great song. here's 10 minutes of it.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - The Power of Love (MAXI)

| play
spacespencer that's it, blip-nation. I'm off counting some sheep. thx @all for listening. take care.
ThorbenThobias ´Maybe I should go back home...´ - or should I go back to bed? :o)
DChain @spacespencer ...dann hör du mal das hier. Finde ich sehr toll. Kennste? a:)
DChain @spacespencer ...bald ist's auch bei Dir warm. Hier ist schon viel Sonne und blauer HImmel :D Hauptsache, es gibt noch keinen Schnee!

Red Hot Chili Peppers "Snow (Hey O)" live at Fuse

| play
DChain @spacespencer Heiße Rhythmen von heißen Künstlern/innen :D

Bronski Beat & Eartha Kitt : Cha Cha Heels

| play
spacespencer @DChain aber ist ja auch schön zum Kuscheln und lieb drücken :)
DChain @spacespencer "I was born in a waggon of a travelling show..." Love this song since I was ~10!!! (reblip)
rsepulveda every man has a dream

George Harrison My Sweet Lord

| play
spacespencer @DChain ...ob ich mal rausgeh? ist soooo schön draußen!
DChain @spacespencer Also ich mache ein Nickerchen :D danach raus. Du auch? ;) Nettes zusammengeklöppeltes Liedchen hier. Viele verschiedene Nummern drin... (reblip)
spacespencer @DChain hier noch eine flotte, neue AmadoMio-Version für Dich. Sollte dir gefallen. Alte Spanielerin, du ... ;)
DChain @spacespencer *fear competition* ....Achtung: no comment ==> siehe Künstler und Video-Statisterie ;))
emei @spacespencer: "@DChain *fear competition* Tränen aus Angst! via @TrixieTreats (thx!)" (reblip)
DChain Si Siiiiiii... gracias señor por esta musica!! :D @spacespencer: "nice one! Latino for @DChain <3" (reblip)
spacespencer cover-time again. this used to be New Order. nice, nice, nice.
DChain @spacespencer Gute Nacht und Danke :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mit Dir auch!!

Schubert "Arpeggione" sonata 1st movement (viola & piano)

| play

Dick Dale & The Del Tones "Misirlou" 1963

| play
DChain Grand Tango for viola and piano... played this for my diploma. I Love it so much!

Piazzola El Grand Tango, played by Peter Langgartner, viola and Peter Ovtcharov, piano

| play
spacespencer for @DChain, die die schönsten schwarzen Sachen zum Verkleiden hat! ;D
DChain @spacespencer: "just keep moving ..." moving in the chatroom :) ? (reblip)
GrimLuxuria @spacespencer: "this is for @DChain, who will be a long time faaaaar away from blip. don't forget her. she's my darling! :xxxxxxxxxxxxx" (reblip)
manmus 반갑습니다.(Hi, nice to meet you ^^)
DChain @spacespencers Du wirst doch hoffentlich nicht im Schlaf suicide begangen haben...vor lauter Hundeverantwortung? :) :x
spacespencer @DChain hehe! >:)

killing joke - love like blood

| play

david bowie | sense of doubt

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vmarquez Descubriendo a Emilie Simon. Gracias a @AdyPoulain ! Excelente!
DChain It's goin' to be a fine day...

opus III its a fine day

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EdOvett The Zombies – She's not There (Hullabaloo 1965)
KyrasWeekendRide ~☠ One Hit Wonders ☠~ "Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round@@@~~"" (reblip)
DChain @spacespencer Hey Volk...kennste das Lied??? Finde ich suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper :D
DChain Love this one...

Where do you go to my lovely by Peter Sarstedt

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ZONE Eg Ser (I see)............have blipped this before.. ending up with these gentle tunes (words)....TY for all good music : ) and peace....♥


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spacespencer On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man in a dusty black coat with a red right hand...
DChain It's always better on holiday
spacespencer <= off for dinner.

Blur - To The End

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AlyG used to listen to allllllll the time. (reblip)
JDS442 LOL !@hopedances: "i actually look a lot like jay leno.. but i'm really good with makeup.. @rock2monster: "wow!-i never knew what you looked like!" (reblip)
GR8FL inspired by @chiron08 ☻>o<

Them (feat. Van Morrison) - I Put A Spell On You

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spacespencer I'm off to bed. thx @all and good night. xox
spacespencer @DChain ... hier eine schöne Überraschung, wenn du wieder da bist! ;-)
DChain *80s intermission* ♪♥♥♥♫ touch me...hahahahaha
DamnTheMan Wow, what a very merry Christmas song lol @rxrx1776: "Frosty the Snow @ DamnTheMan" (reblip)

Frosty The Snowman Melted By Global Warming

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DChain @spacepencer +Tip+++Tip+++Tip+++Tip+

Frosty The Snowman Melted By Global Warming

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Nomentionofkev The Game of love – Santana feat. Michelle Branch # 私の愛希望 [RB @BohlianSunshine thnx for the props & the RB!] (reblip)
Firecracker16 @tubilino: "Is This Love?" "I want our lips to kiss and our limbs to you and I are intimately pictured in my dreams." (reblip)
DChain If you Were a Sailboat

files?file=Katie Melua - If You Were A Sailboat

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tubilino @rerkaizen haven't seen the future've seen the past: that blip was august! Good memory, my friend ;)) (reblip)
DChain @spacespencer Da war doch das Söckelienchen bestimmt ganz rot/rosa vom Mäusefressen - und das Mäuschen hat zum letzten mal die Sterne gesehen. SAD!
DChain @spacspencer Lass mich wissen, wann ich den Pitbull vorbeibringen kann - er ist nur ein bisschen bissich ;)
DChain I hope the Russians love their children, too!


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leaferi Excellent. Definitely helpful. rb@GR8FL: "sometimes gotta write it down ... have compiled some blip-tips on the ning - " (reblip)
spacespencer @DChain Maus ist grad gekommen! Jetzt kann ich teuglisch gut arbeiten... bis später!
CMFlinn u r welcome sweets ;o) @fearshop The Clash – Guns Of Brixton
spacespencer feels like I haven't played this for weeks (might be rather days).