DJLOPZ @ZOEBOE check this beat.

4 All My Niggaz (feat. Planet Asia, Mistah Fab, & Ya Boy)

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DJLOPZ DJ Krush & Shinichi Kinoshita – Beyond Raging Waves
DJLOPZ Jono McCleery – The Thing Is
DJLOPZ Funki Porcini – Long road
DJLOPZ I was tryin to remember the name to this song forever...of course it would be DJ Premier...
bendrix FOUND It!!! Here's the phone convo that started the Canibus LL Cool J Beef. Listen at your convenience - Part 1 @CrouchingNegroHiddenWeave @DJLOPZ:
bendrix Here's the phone convo that started the Canibus LL Cool J Beef. Listen at your convenience - Part 2 of 2 @CrouchingNegroHiddenWeave @DJLOPZ:
DJLOPZ @DrewBlood Dime is one of my favorites. He might not be the best, but he was SICK!!!

Damageplan (Crawl)

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DJLOPZ OMG this is one of my fav hip hop cuts...ever...seriously...@EtaruSando0 @DJBiggL @Jazzzyone
DJLOPZ This shit is hot homie. @lawofgravity: "TWO'S-DAY: DJ Spinna & Shadowman "Drive" For your late-night driving listening pleasure" (reblip)
DJLOPZ @JamTrini thankx for the props! Love this one! (reblip)

Bizzy Bone- Fried day

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MissM773 rb@gohardndapank: "Jill Scott "Gettin' In The Way" " (reblip)

Jill Scott "Gettin' In The Way"

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DJLOPZ Fuck...this song is nice...
DJLOPZ Something different, but definitely worth a quick listen...

[Dr. Who Dat?] Braziliant Thought

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DJLOPZ @honeygirl make sure you blaze one up for your brother today...
DJLOPZ Sha Stimuli- Lately

Sha Stimuli- Lately

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DJLOPZ Black Milk – Set Go

Black MilkSet Go

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DJLOPZ @SandoEtaru0 And this iz for you. My first time and it was dope.
bendrix This is the sound of hydrogen peroxide seeping into the wounds of 2 bloody kneecaps mixed with gravel, bee stings & glass particles=> @DJBiggL @DJLOPZ
DJLOPZ Devin The Dude – Splash
ZOEBOE Thanks for the love @DJLOPZ Here's a little Illa J love being sent your way too! (funny I was listening to that whole Murs Album this morning )
DJLOPZ @erikoj priceless man...priceless (reblip)

Boats N' Hoes-Music Video (Full Version)- By Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly

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lilbirdman @krystynchong @DJLOPZ @c0c0abutt3r @gee_lady- the dove shack -"summertime in the lbc" #tifu
ffluxx I love Moodymann aka Kenny Dixon Jr. !!! -- rb@AlexAgore Hi! (reblip)
DJLOPZ Jazz Liberatorz – Vacation Feat.( J.Live)
SethZilla Simply one of the best songs to relax your mind after a long day at work. :)
DJLOPZ This seems like a very fitting song for my mood.
DJLOPZ DOPE! @MissM773 Buckshot is nice. That whole Boot Camp Clik team was dope. (reblip)
DJLOPZ Good afternoon from Too damn hot SoCal @nocheinuser (reblip)
DJLOPZ No words for how dope this dude is on the Guitar. The best? I think so...
DJLOPZ I always felt like Petrucci and Portnoy could take over the world if they wanted to...@DirtyUrine: "~ you may appreciate this cover #DJLOPZ !!!" (reblip)
DJLOPZ This is a dope cut.

MysticThe Life

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DJLOPZ Last time before I put this one on the shelf for a while...
Texcentric Japanese jazz fusion guitarist
DJLOPZ @RapSujo This is dope. Is that Portugese? If not, which language? @MissM773 you should give this a listen... (reblip)
HannahShaya Ok, thanks for calling this out! rb @Darkangelkas: "If you don't know CF you're missing out..I promise, check this out." (reblip)

Nipsey Hussle "Hussle In The House" official video

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DJLOPZ Ive honestly been looking for this for a while. @DJBiggL this was that track I was asking you about the other night. It was RZA... (reblip)
DJLOPZ @DJBiggL That was dope as soon as I pressed play. Thanks dude. (reblip)
DJLOPZ Tanya Morgan – She's Gone ft. Phonte & Brittany Bosco
DJLOPZ @MissM773 Im glad you liked my radio comments. I really did turn the radio on, just like with this song. I like this one!

Dazed And Confused Led Zeppelin with lyrics

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DJLOPZ Blackalicious -- Make You Feel That Way

Blackalicious -- Make You Feel That Way

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DJLOPZ @JamTrini This is a jam right here...@rubensborges Whats up man happy friday!

Camp LoCoolie High

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DJLOPZ Black Milk & Big Pooh – MC
DJLOPZ Justin Timberlake – Last night
1001queen K scope - outer minD` hope you enjoy your weekend@DJLOPZ

K-scopeOuter Mind

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DJLOPZ Another very good Termanology track...
DJLOPZ Hottest In The Hood – Red Cafe
DirtyUrine damn, me 2! ~ @flinndc: "LOVE it, just added that to my playlist too rb@Schoork: "Van Halen House of Pain"" (reblip)

Van Halen House of Pain

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DJLOPZ Fantastic track! That In n Out cup will be dope forever. @S4W2E0D (reblip)
70srocker We go to a picnic today. A 15-year-old kid is playing Van Halen w/Fender--Hot for Teacher, Panama, Eruption--I'm thinking some are born with talent.
DJLOPZ @MissM773: "@DJLOPZ I'm gonna guess.... lakers..?" YES MAAAM!!! ALLL DAYY EVERYDAY!!!! in fact my pic with sis <-- im wearing a laker shirt (reblip)

Lakers Theme Song Snoop and Kurupt

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DJLOPZ Jim drank too much of this stuff...


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djxtcnet All Over My Body (Jason B Remix)

All Over My Body (Jason B Remix)

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DJLOPZ J Dilla (aka Jay Dee) – Won't Do (Uncut) [HD]
IvannaKiss @HEATHER_cULLEN2 when everthings a little clearer in the light of dayyyy

Anchorman-Afternoon Delight

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DJLOPZ Warrior – If you want me

Dj Brasco ft Black Milk and Nametag-Go hard

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DJLOPZ @bendrix I appreciate that brother. This is a dope track, loved it the second I pressed play! (reblip)
DJLOPZ This is exactly what Im talkin bout Ms. A. Anymore? You da best!!! @DaLady: "Is this one of them @DJLOPZ ????" (reblip)

Shirley Bassey's Yesterday When I Was Young

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DJLOPZ Ella Fitzgerald – Cry Me a River
djilo Spirit Catcher & Compuphonic – Dream Machine
DJLOPZ Eazy-E Ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Foe Tha Love Of Money (Uncensored)
DJLOPZ Holy cow this one fux with me. @matriax very sorry. This track will take your mind off if for couple mins :)

LTJ BukemLinks

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DJLOPZ @DaLady Hey Ms. A. How was Halloweenie? No mariachi couldnt find a jacket :( went with mexican party dr. Pix to come :)
DJLOPZ RB @mallardfam and passing onto @bendrix (reblip)


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MainVeld Deep House* Bearweasel – Warmer (Plasmik Mix)
DJLOPZ Synthcast Pagal & Eddie Leader – The Bass (Agnes Knees Mix)
DJLOPZ Holy hell this a fuckin gem. Pardon my french @honeygirl @Lonravalex @breezexpressions @CargoCulte
DJLOPZ Nice track man! Never heard this! @djilo: "Audio Lotion – Jacuzzi Jazz" (reblip)
Gen22 .@DJLOPZ more names:) [The Commitments - Mustang Sally]

The Commitments-Mustang Sally

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DJLOPZ I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight :))) lol silly ass so funny@MissLordy (reblip)
DJAbstruseJuice RB@DJLOPZ: "#DJAbstruseJuice Lets check this one for the 1st time together G" Damn, talk about feel-good, nice find my man. (reblip)

'A Toast' by the Smile Rays

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DJLOPZ That front 4 on D is so solid. Are the Williams' gonna play? I know one was listed questionable. @MissM773 (reblip)
DJLOPZ @MissM773 Word! Pops just went to the store and we are gonna have a nice little lunch with the games. SoCal is AWESOME today :)
DJLOPZ A song I could listen to on repeat all day.
DJLOPZ Dope song.

Brother Ali: Pedigree

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DJLOPZ Very fitting my dear. Bravo! @LYRIC: "~ Insatiable's my name when it comes 2 U ~" (reblip)
DJLOPZ Its got a dope, fun, vibe. Very much enjoy thanks dude. @djilo: "Found this one yesterday :) #DJLOPZ@ZOEBOE" (reblip)
DJLOPZ WHaaAAATTT??? A Bukem I've never heard???
DJLOPZ Nice. SFP are TX cats! @queenzgoddess: "Ooh wee ooooooh weeee oooooh" (reblip)

Strange Fruit Project / Ooh Wee

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DJLOPZ This definitely belongs to @TiffTackToke Whaddup girl? Wherever you are...
DJLOPZ Whaddup G! Yea it was good, saw Shutter Island shit was TIGHT! @Dank_Sinatra: "#DJLOPZ what up fam good weekend?" (reblip)
DJLOPZ @rockthetropics All is well. Had a small enlightening today, need to study more :/ (reblip)
DJLOPZ One more class. Then home. Be easy blippers. I shall return

Drum Tools

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DJLOPZ @2Tall Yea holmes that was the straight real deal. May you be granted the will to overcome :)

Ltj Bukem cosmic interlude

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DJLOPZ Auto RB son. DnB is straight running my car and blip station :o@sunyata: "droppin this atcha #DJLOPZ" (reblip)
DJLOPZ More Bukem fa ya ass. BUKEM BUKEM BUKEM!!!
DJLOPZ Bukem is only for those that truly enjoy masterful soundscapes. Give it a try. Would I steer you wrong?
DJLOPZ @sunyata @2Tall @phunkjunkee I'm currently lost in DnB beats

Nu MoonSakhmet

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DJLOPZ LTJ Bukem – Logical Progression CD#1 - [05] - Aquarius + Tayla - Bringing Me Down
DJLOPZ @djilo Modaji will be my new Pandora station lol!!

Soma SonicFuture

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2Tall Here is something to add to your major: Spanish DNB Mafia live at Plataforma Club Barcelona @DJLOPZ

1st Degree Spanish DNB Mafia 2 Essential Drum'n'bass Plataforma Club Barcelona

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ZOEBOE Hey cuz! @DJLOPZ...... I know it's early but here's a lil lullaby you can use to serenade the ladies with.. =}

Kit KnowsLullaby

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2Tall Calibre -- Savannah Heat @DJLOPZ @PositiveID thanks new listener
DJLOPZ Correction! GRANDMASTER Krush ;) @2Tall: "Diferenz -- Pure Hip-Hop Fiction #DJLOPZ just wait for the beats in the vein of DJ KRUSH" (reblip)
DJLOPZ VH1 Soul is having a reggae sesh right now. They played this one...whoa...#neverheardthis

Mad CobraFlex

| play
2Tall Voyager -- Apollo @DJLOPZ atmospheric dnb >>I haven't heard this tune in years


| play
DJLOPZ @martinimaker :) thanks!

Kero one- Tempted

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DJLOPZ @RoxUranus Its always about the music, and the variety here sir.
DJLOPZ Never Sleep – Skyzoo (prod. Illmind)
deeprez some shit for @DJLOPZ

Beverly Hills, LA (Murs vs. Weezer)

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aktovoir NEW! Bizarre ft Kuniva, Seven The General, Royce Da 5'9 & Redman @DJLOPZ@deeprez@BiggL

Bizarre ft Kuniva, Seven The General, Royce Da 5'9 & Redman Raps Finest New song 2010 March 16 Djdanganstar

| play

HEZEKIAH lets get involved ft jamal / single now

| play
2Tall Krafty Kuts -- Latin Bounce @DJLOPZ >> i set this one aside for ya anthony
DJLOPZ Giving this another spin. You should too :) (reblip)
musicalmind Agreed. :) Love how it builds. Lots o' layers. rb @DJLOPZ: "This shit's tight. @bankaiAP: """"" (reblip)
DJLOPZ Speechless bro...@AUXone: "Keith "The Lyrical Lexicon" Freestyle (L.O.D/Def Squad). Damn (@AUXone)...miss my Yankee Fitted!" (reblip)

Keith Murray OVERDOSED

| play
DJLOPZ This is not what I expected when I found this...I like when that happens don't you cuz? @ZOEBOE

Kurupt Massacre Central (prod. Dame Grease) New 2010..

| play
DJLOPZ Haven't heard this in a while..thnanks! @clibou: "@honeygirl: "nice! #DJLOPZ: "St Germain Sure Thing""" (reblip)

St Germain Sure Thing

| play
Ad_C minha música - my song. hope I have new shit coming soon (reblip)
2pogi4u Ronin (Bay Root Prod.) – Hustle Harder / @DJLOPZ "Looked what I bumped into"
ZOEBOE This chick opened for Little Dragon...holy moly I was blown away... @bendrix @Karuna @Corts @solid_au @DHS @DJLOPZ @rockthetropics @CLARITY @aktovoir

VV Brown-Crazy Amazing

| play

"Yesterday" by Atmosphere

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kiddo84 Babybird – You're Gorgeous (acoustic)
DangerDrew [Opus Akoben - Forgive Me] Dont sleep on this ;) @techsgift @rockthetropics @DJLOPZ @BiggL @yeahyeahno

Forgive Me

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DJLOPZ Oh whaddup fam! How'd Indy fair out in the draft so far? @MsButterzworth: "SICK mash up #dillafriday #DJLOPZ What up homie!" (reblip)
DJLOPZ Shit, jus chillin G! Its a great Sunday evening! @JAE82: "Murs & 9th Wonder-Live From Roscoes ft Kurupt #DJLOPZ "Whats Good On the West Coast G!"" (reblip)
Lingerer rb @DJLOPZ: "Billy Dee Billy Dee! @KhangDong: "@aktovoir: "I forgot my Lando" #Dirtythird (reblip)


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Dee Dee Bridgewater - Pretty Eyes

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| play
Bdarealist D.I.T.C – Day One

D.I.T.CDay One

| play
theantid0te @NewageBlipper: "Biosphere – Microgravity 1992 (vocal ambient w/chill beat)" (reblip)
LaKarune Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek) is out today. I love this track. The Bun B feature is what it is. @RichJava @bendrix @DJLOPZ @deeprez
Tjeerd dope is all I can say
DJLOPZ Nice tune friend. Thanks for P's :)) @RedwoodSon (reblip)

"Way Down" J*Malem ~ Redwood Son

| play
DJLOPZ Soulful House: 11AM – Give It Up (11AM Sweet Harmony Vocal Mix)
DJLOPZ Downtempo Music: Rainer Trüby Trio – Bad Luck
DJLOPZ P'taah – Hold You Close (J Dilla "Intro (Alt)" Original Sample)
deeprez DJ Paul & Lord Infamous – Beatin' These Hoes Down
Bdarealist Nicki was actually better back then.
DJLOPZ Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band – Think Twice
DJLOPZ Whats up your honor? How are you? Don't see you round much these days :) @rockthetropics: "Morning my friend :o) #DJLOPZ" (reblip)

Arthur Verocai & Jneiro Jarel - Balada 45 (Like a Brizilian Girl Remix)

| play

Arthur Verocai & Jneiro Jarel - Balada 45 (Like a Brizilian Girl Remix)

| play
deeprez Mr. Voodoo – Hemlock

Mr. VoodooHemlock

| play
DJLOPZ Luv it cuz. Hope you are well =D@ZOEBOE: "Something for sum of me hip hop loves. (reblip)

E ReeceFly Hi

| play
DJLOPZ DJ Mitsu the Beats – Negative
DJLOPZ Mike Slott – Boxed In feat DistantStarr
djilo Nice. Thanks dear =) RB@chiiQ: "Bibio – Jealous Of Roses" (reblip)
DJ_becre shout out to my top fans of the week -> @DJLOPZ @bankaiAP @Flow @djtympanic <- thanks for the props! (reblip)
ZOEBOE Hey cuz @DJLOPZ ;} hope all is well down South..
DJLOPZ This is the good stuff. Nicely done sir. rb @nuffced: "Another Jazzy Hip Hop joint for ya blipheadz (reblip)
elae smooth, chill, classy vibes that take me to an after-hours spot feelin' happy, slippin and slidin on the dancefloor...
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