Aerosmith -- Sweet Emotion

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pantera: walk

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Poison-Something to Believe In

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DamnTheMan I used to live next door to these guys

Souls Harbor: Burning Souls

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slayer-dead skin mask

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DamnTheMan This might be a tard question but, how do you reply to someone else?

KoRnBall Tongue

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Pantera Cemetery Gates

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Alice In Chains-Rooster

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Pantera 5 Minutes Alone

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Linkin Park-Place for my Head

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Eminem-Go To Sleep Ft. Obie Trice And DMX

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DamnTheMan New music from a new face. Listen now so you can say you heard him before he was big! "Davola - Sixteen" (reblip)

Rough take of an acoustic song for the upcoming DAVOLA album

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Seether & Amy Lee ~ Broken 2004 (The Punisher Soundtrack)

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DamnTheMan You been peeking at my playlist? rb @pinkpolkadots RB @Gypsylyn: "~ Silent Lucidity ~ Queensryche" (reblip)
DamnTheMan @analu137 I have mild insomnia so I feel your pain...."Godsmack - Awake"


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DamnTheMan I'm trying to broaden my death metal horizon. Checking out some new stuff. rb @Metal_Rocks "Insomnium - Drawn To Black" (reblip)
fearshop Megadeth - 44 Minutes - @LordDad - This could be my favorite off of Endgame

Megadeth44 Minutes

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The Fish Head Song

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Davola Probably the most massive, hypnotic, brutal sludgy slab of awesome since ........Well the Neurosis album that preceded it.

NeurosisThe Doorway

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DamnTheMan Yeah, every now & then something slips out that's out of the norm @edrocun. Just in a mood right now. "Skid Row - 18 And Life"

Skid Row18 And Life

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DamnTheMan Thank you so much for the props @dnvrsangel1. Glad I could play some good tunes for ya. "Otep - I Remember"

Otep-I Remember With Lyrics NEW SONG

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DamnTheMan Wow, I love this song. Can't believe it was in someone's list. Sweet. You have a new listener now :) rb @Pink_Viper (reblip)
DirtyUrine interesting mash sweetie!@krystynchong: Tell him, Katy! *this mix would rock hard IF the bass wasn't distorted. [metallica vs Katy Perry] #musicmonday (reblip)

Metallica- Welcome home (Sanitarium) music video

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DamnTheMan rb @DescendingDown: "Machine Head ~ Wolves" (reblip)

Machine Head Wolves

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DamnTheMan Niiiice. Beavis & Butthead are BACK!!! rb @TrainWreckRadio: "" (reblip)
DamnTheMan Very nice....made my playlist too. rb @Ale_Bruxs @flinndc: "Megadeth & Cristina Scabbia – A Tout Le Monde @Schoork @pamper411 @Ribbonlynn" (reblip)
DamnTheMan This just sounds like it's awesome! Gotta share the experience with my peeps :) OOPS4U @Time2Burn: "Gretchen Wilson & Alice in Chains – Barracuda" (reblip)
DamnTheMan He'd still be good, he & Dimebag just meshed so well together that it worked really good. At least that's my opinion. rb@DJLOPZ @Smile86@iiiyoungguns (reblip)

Damageplan (Crawl)

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A Farewell To Arms-Machine Head

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DamnTheMan I finally found it. Been looking for this for like, a week. "Chumbawamba - Mary, Mary (Stigmatic Mix)"
DamnTheMan All the best parts of And Justice For All in one song.....with the exception of "One". That song is an anthem and is left to stand alone \m/\m/
DamnTheMan Pantera – Light Comes Out Of Black (Featuring Rob Halford)
DamnTheMan Favor, this band is on the road 2 success & every little bit helps. Please reblip this & help a rocker out"@Davola - Fate" (reblip)

Fate(fan montage edition)(From new DAVOLA album mixed and mastered by Cristian and Laz of ILL NINO)

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buckwheat boys peanut butter jelly time music video

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DamnTheMan It's in mine now too. I, ahem, "borrowed" it from you @Darkangelkas. I laughed so hard at this last night I had tears coming out of my eyes. (reblip)

Mercenaries 2 Song- "Oh No You Didn't" Full Song

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DamnTheMan I'll run it for you too.....rb @caporal_chief: "NEED TO RUN IT ONCE MORE!!!!" (reblip)
DamnTheMan Never heard this one before. What else you got hidden away in your little black box? @sarahcarina: "Queensrÿche – Queen Of The Reich" (reblip)
DamnTheMan HELLZ YEAH!!!!! Same rules apply DW, I'll feed that box to the gators you bring it around me. @Angie74: "MEMEMEME!!@DreamWarriorz (reblip)


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DamnTheMan Niiiiiiiice. Love it. Thanx hon. @lisa_michele: "hehehe "But,uh What's goin' on here?" LOL! --Just for @Dr_Wes and @DamnTheMan" (reblip)

Beavis and Butthead:Pantera-This Love

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DamnTheMan This band is on the road 2 sucess & every little bit helps. Please rb this & help a rocker out"@Davola - Fate" #MorningMosh (reblip)

Fate(fan montage edition)(From new DAVOLA album mixed and mastered by Cristian and Laz of ILL NINO)

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DamnTheMan Or, maybe some hot coffee courtesy of Deathklok @riseandroar (reblip)


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DamnTheMan I'd be retarded not to pull this from the public page Veddar & Layne!!!! *Very* nice blip girl. Mad props. rb @renatapg (reblip)

pearl jam alice in chains alone

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DamnTheMan Why yes, thank you sir, may I have another? rb@Time2Burn: "Rage anyone?" (reblip)
DamnTheMan Will do fumanchu @DirtyUrine: "BBL! gotta grab some lunch!! ~ check this video out if u haven't yet!! SO FUNNY! ~ and BTW ==> HELLO TO EVERYONE!! " (reblip)

Puddle Of Mudd: Psycho Music Video *Funny Version*

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DJLOPZ @DamnTheMan only track that comes to my head when I see Zombie...
DamnTheMan ROFLMFAO!!!! OMG, I'm crying here, This just made my playlist! Thx @Untamed: "here, i thought it was hilarious @HeatherMaccart @DirtyUrine @razorfire (reblip)

Lookin Bro' by Mac Lethal

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razorfire I believe that's a Guido Fake Sun Worship dance:) @Untamed: "wtf??? haha @DamnTheMan @HeatherMaccart @razorfire" (reblip)

Guidos Dancing

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DamnTheMan No FU*KIN WAY! That's awesome! @creativeness: "LMAO. WILL NEVER LOOK AT A PUPPET THE SAME." (reblip)

White Zombie-Blood, Milk And Sky (Im-Ho-Tep 3,700 Year Old Boogie Mix)

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DamnTheMan rb@str8jgirl: "it's 4:03 and I can't sleep without you next to me... rb and Shinedown luv! @docstimulas If You Only Knew" (reblip)
DamnTheMan LMFAO! Yep, that's us. @brucefraser: "for @ DamnTheMan and @Thanatoric... you guys see this yet? I fuggin laugh my ass off every time :) " (reblip)

Slayer rathergood fan no.1

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DamnTheMan OMG, are you fu*kin kidding me right now? LMAO vi@TrainWreckRadio: "@vixxeninpink thisisdefwithinthetop3funniestthingsiveseenonhere **** (4 star) :-)" (reblip)

Spongebob singing Du Hast

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DamnTheMan LMFAO! Thanx man! This is AWESOME!!!! rb@evilinside2020: "( -*-) - @ DamnTheMan Some B&B 4 Ya" (reblip)

Beavis and Butthead on Korn's Blind

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DamnTheMan LMFAO. It's now in my playlist. I love this one. @Angie74: "This is just wrong!! lol TY @Gav70" (reblip)

Hey There Delilah Stalker Version

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DamnTheMan Not Europe LMFAO!!! vi@brucefraser: "@vixxeninpink @ DamnTheMan oh noooo... another one!" (reblip)

spongebob the final countdown

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DamnTheMan It's pretty good too @DjDiddlesSkittle: "New to me as well @ DamnTheMan: "Never knew it existed til this awesome DJ threw it out there....@Shaman777" (reblip)
DamnTheMan I love this! Had to backtrack to see who played it @vixxeninpink: "this song is BAD!!!" (reblip)

Sevendust- Face To Face

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DamnTheMan It puts a softer spin on a harder song. I'm liking it alot. You always find the coolest stuff babe! @Angie74: "I'm really digging this @ DamnTheMan (reblip)
DamnTheMan Dude......WTF? @LikeAnAngel: "@clarasaurusrex it makes me hurt to blip this one. i actually can't watch it. I'll never see Ralph the Dog the same way. (reblip)

kermit sings hurt

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Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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DamnTheMan Thank you baby. I love it almost as much as I love you. @Angie74: "@ DamnTheMan This song reminds me of your tenacious spirit my friend." (reblip)

The Script- The Man Who Can't Be Moved ( lyrics )

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Otep- Special Pets

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DamnTheMan That was Gosh Damned amazing baby! A testament to why you are the absolute best DJ on blip! Even better than me :) rb@Angie74 (reblip)
DamnTheMan Dude, that was some funny stuff! It's in my playlist now LMAO. Babe, you gotta see this @Angie74 @DJLOPZ: "@ DamnTheMan one of my favorite vids. (reblip)


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DamnTheMan No.....way! YOU are AWESOME Gen! Never heard this before :D @Gen22: "Three Days Grace - 'Rooster (Alice in Chains Cover)'" (reblip)
DamnTheMan Nice, I'll pimp this one out too :) @pinkpolkadots: "A good friend of mine is the bass player in this band. Good night 2 all. Have fun! :o) XXX" (reblip)

HolyHellDream On

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DamnTheMan Damn, that is fu*kin', but weird @TPJK: "Hold A bible in your hands!!Scary SATAN!!@KyrasWeekendRide" (reblip)
DamnTheMan always find the 'perfect' songs baby @Angie74: "The man I count on @ DamnTheMan is so close to a shiny new badge. He plays awesome (reblip)
DamnTheMan Nniiiiiiice one. It just beefed up my playlist. Thanx bro! Happy Turkey day to ya 2! @DJLOPZ: "@TmS: How wonderful!!!! Oh wow #DamnTheMan @DirtyUrine (reblip)

The Script, Breakeven---with lyrics

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DamnTheMan G'nite bro! I got 1 or 2 left in me. The rest I'll get tomorrow lol @DirtyUrine: "goodnight everyone! ~ make sure #DamnTheMan gets out all thank you (reblip)
DamnTheMan La la la la la re mi fa so lo ti do @Angie74

Aaron Lewis from Staind singing Cyndi Lauper True Colors

| play
RonnieSoak RB @DamnTheMan Total eclipse, as it should be...

Steve Steinman /Total Eclipse Of The Heart

| play
RonnieSoak @DamnTheMan playlist this, check the website, and see the show! (you in uk?)

Lesser God (Vampires Rock)

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DamnTheMan I want your love. Let's break the walls between us. Don't make it tough I'll put away my pride. Enough's enough. I've suffered and I've seen the light


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DamnTheMan Are you motherfuckers ready for the new shit? Stand up and admit that tomorrow's never coming! This is the new shit! Stand up and admit!
DamnTheMan DUDE!!! This is friggen AWESOME!!! It made my playlist. @DJLOPZ: "#DamnTheMan Here's is my 2nd favorite youtube video. Ever. Bas OWNS" (reblip)
DamnTheMan I love this song hon :) Great choice rb@Angie74: "Inside I'm dying I hide from the lie but you see me beautiful, you see me" (reblip)

See me beautiful

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DamnTheMan Speaking of feliz navidad, thought you might get a kick outta this one girl @analu137

cheech and chong christmas

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DamnTheMan yes Yes YEEESSSSSS!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much! @HaloNReverse: "#DamnTheMan: Is this what you were looking for? :D" (reblip)
DamnTheMan Once, hurt like hell. Funny thing, when my head's clear, it looks an awful lot like a fire hydrant@vixxeninpink: "#DTM did u try hopping on its back (reblip)

Adema Unstable

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DamnTheMan Very Awesome pull! I am now impressed @zx10r07: "rb@soultasqueeze --> Staind – Sober (Acoustic Live TOOL Cover)" (reblip)
DamnTheMan Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can. No need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man

A Perfect Circle, Imagine, With Lyrics

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DamnTheMan Our Lady Peace – Somewhere Out There

Our Lady Peace Somewhere Out There lyrics

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DamnTheMan NIIIIIIIICE!!!!! Brand spankin new to me. And now in my playlist @donnadontplay: "#DamnTheMan ~ Have you ever watched this video!" (reblip)
DamnTheMan LMAO! This is great man! It's in my playlist @NoPityForaCoward: "Bob and Tom – Yeah Toast!!!. THE TOAST SONG. amazing #DamnTheMan" (reblip)
DamnTheMan I forgot I had one lol @donnadontplay: "Thx sweetie! Did you put it in your playlist! #DamnTheMan: First time I heard this. I HAD to reblip it! (reblip)
DamnTheMan LMFAO! How goes it bro @mark_till: "THE HOKEY FUCKING POKEY #DamnTheMan: "My contribution to ET's theme @HeatherMaccart" (reblip)


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DamnTheMan OMG ROTFLMFAO!!!! @backasswards: "his mom cancelled his war of warcraft account. hahahaha @Louden #DamnTheMan" (reblip)

THE gREATEST freak OuT ever REMIX again.

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DamnTheMan Tha was some trippy stuff! Guess y'all really are BlipStars now. I loved it!!! Playlisted @NikkiPixel: "Yes!! @TPJK sent me the MP3 and I did vocals (reblip)

NikkiPixel & TPJK,The Ends & Beginnings Of

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DamnTheMan Friggen sweet!!!!! This is GREAT! @TPJK: "Inspired by #DamnTheMan" (reblip)

Mash Ups Eminem(My Name Is) vS AC DC(Back In Black)

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DamnTheMan Take heed @DJLOPZ, for my day is coming hehehe
DamnTheMan Ok, that one didn't work so try this one out man @bipolar_bear You'll laugh your ass off

Johnson song.wmv

| play
DamnTheMan OMFG!! I'm dying over here! I can't breath @Angie74: "#DamnTheMan Cuz I know how you love turtle porn ;)" (reblip)

Turtle Humps Shoe Hilarious sounds

| play
DamnTheMan Drowning Pool - Bodies /It's a remix y'all, check it out, it's pretty sweet! (reblip)

Drowning Pool - Bodies

| play
DamnTheMan I love you man! vi@lukesharp: "you really need to watch this video! #DamnTheMan @DirtyUrine @AdamOfDallas @EllenaG @donnadontplay @aprildax @Angie74 (reblip)


| play
DamnTheMan I likey, this one's gettin playlisted rb@Angie74: "Slash ft Myles Kennedy -- Back From Cali #DamnTheMan" (reblip)
DamnTheMan *perks head* Oooooo, this is very nice. Playlisted, thanx for the gem hon \m/ @pitbullsrok: "Check out this version.... #DamnTheMan my local boys! :)" (reblip)
DamnTheMan My fav Offspring! rb@mark_till: "The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright" (reblip)
DamnTheMan I love the foreign styles! Always something new@icarorita: "A brazilian band that plays heavy metal, very good musics, you should hear it #DamnTheMan" (reblip)
DamnTheMan LMFAO........just found this. Playlisted!!!!!
DamnTheMan That's why I like it ;) Monks and Green Day, \m/\m/ @GoonSquadSarah: "This is odd. RB #DamnTheMan:" (reblip)

Gregorian-Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day)

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DamnTheMan Bob Rivers - Eminem doing Jingle Bells // I love these Christmas songs \m/

Bob Rivers - If Eminem Did Jingle Bells

| play
DamnTheMan Makin me smile over here :) rb@Angie74: "The Script – Before The Worst" (reblip)
AnnieLicious Have you seen/heard this one @DamnTheMan :) so funny


| play
DamnTheMan rb@theFRUKE: "@Allykiss: "You and I were made for this, I was made to taste your kiss..." (reblip)
DamnTheMan Civil Twilight - Letters From The Sky
DamnTheMan Roxette - It Must Have Been Love

It Must Have Been Love by Roxette [Lyrics]

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DamnTheMan Billy Vera And The Beaters – At This Moment
mark_till Civil Twilight--Teardrop
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