De_Ann here we go again! ...give a little bit of your love to me... I'll give a little bit of my love to you :-) (reblip)
De_Ann's some nice piano blues, just for you... (reblip)
De_Ann another one from the basement .../LOL
serendipitynz Thanks @DeAnn, had forgotton how much I listened to Boston way back.
De_Ann Oh tell me where your freedom lies/The streets are fields that never die (reblip)
De_Ann dream lover, dream lo-ove!! And I will turn into dreamland now - g'nite y'all :-)) (reblip)
De_Ann Danger – now she's looking for a dream.... (reblip)
De_Ann Hey, I've been looking for that one last night and couldn't find it...THX for blippin' it! (reblip)
De_Ann Save your gotta keep the devil down in the hole.... (reblip)
De_Ann Ahhh, Mr. Mega Tongue...not bad at all!!! - unplugged, much better version . . . (reblip)


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De_Ann This was first song written by the Eagles when the band reunited in 1994. (reblip)
De_Ann I was fiiine...on cloud niiine...
De_Ann @stevetuf ... it's only 9.30pm here in Little Rock ;-)
De_Ann Woohoooo..... Here comes the master again :-)
De_Ann Wooooohoooooo!!!! Yeeehaaaawwww!!!! (reblip)


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De_Ann @concernedrancher ..nice sunday groove," This is the stangest life i have ever lived.So I am "Waiting for the Sun" (reblip)
De_Ann Is a Beautiful Day ------------Thanks@Oldies (reblip)
De_Ann @ mullie1 - the top of THE CREAM! :-) ~~ Badge ~ Cream ~~ @iddybud one of my all time favorites..thx (reblip) (reblip)


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De_Ann @Telemill : Yeah, I really like this one too :-) (reblip)
De_Ann @adbert : G'nite...never even saw you tonite, lol - LAST BLIP: TTYL! :-) (reblip)
De_Ann another one from my treasure chest :-)
De_Ann @tresatresa : mine is a fake golden...does that count? Hi sweetie :-) how was your afternoon? to all those with golden hair :- ) (reblip)
Vickingo Spinners, The – The Rubberband Man, yea still off track here hehe
buxa A real RocknRolla wants the f*in lot!
Oldies Peter Paul and Mary with The Mamas and The Papas – I Dig Rock'n'Roll Music
RadioRider She can whip chop and puree Guaranteeeeeeed.
De_Ann It's been a while...but it was grrreat!
De_Ann via@Ozarksagent: I'm Goin down to Louisiana hmmm goin buy me a mojo and/////////////////////////woot woot (reblip)
JanelleV Cansei de Ser Sexy – Off the hook
De_Ann @MapleLeaves ...LOL what a thing to ask.... Jim musta had brass ones... (reblip)
De_Ann remember when we used to hitch hike?
kdcat cher did an exelent cover of this
De_Ann @Lowell : Yesss.... sweet!!! :-) DeAnn - another great Searchers take on a Jackie DeShannon song (reblip)
De_Ann @patita : Sorry to hear, the sun's out here and I'm HAPPY! :-) OMG - "it's raining again" :((( (reblip)
De_Ann @thegeek74 : AHH - 'da masta'...he's the cream of the cream, lol (reblip)
De_Ann @Oldies : I like nearly everything they did :-) Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion Gotta get moving on work is more like it.
GreenTara @DeAnn Is that a proposal? lol " wanna get married or what? LOL (Dreamt about furniture for some reason.... )" (reblip)
RainStorms @DeAnn, I can help too, lol.

0184 - Billy Swan - I Can Help

| play
marilovisky HAHA You're laughin' at me, @bartholomewJstriker?! HAHA "Altho im not a car"?! OMFG! Ok, it doesn't matter! You were standing there. :P
De_Ann @DJSelchie: Thanks!!! :-)) (For all you crazy people out there in Mardi Gras-land tonight, this one's for you!) (reblip)
De_Ann @aloudhendo: don't worry, it's just mardi gras today, lol (reblip)
De_Ann @darrylheron "Nah nah nah nah nah nah, the party is still on! (reblip)
De_Ann @Donnie44 Journey ((Wheel in the sky)))....@stevetuf: when did you blip that??? Never saw it :-o (reblip)
De_Ann all aboard...come on....Via @tresatresa: I'm here, girlfriend :-) (reblip)
De_Ann awesome tune!


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KiddRock Cheers Ya’ll; @DeAnn @SenenTenths @Donnie44 @sheryonstone @lilwldchld ~ Yes – Roundabout


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De_Ann @Donnie44: Sweet! I always sing along when I hear this, lol. Bad company ((Shooting star)) (reblip)
Kimmehkins Baby....


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tresatresa @DeAnn hey sweet thang! want to come? I thought that I would take a ...Walk On The Wild Side !... ;~} .
De_Ann @Ozarksagent Here I am again! >> Listen to this guys, this is really awesome!!! (reblip)
De_Ann @crispassinato : I had forgotten all about this, thanks for blipping it! (reblip)


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ICEGIRL152 @DeAnn: No you don't, 'cause Love Stinks!!!!
De_Ann WOW - this is a great tune! ...I have one of these in my wallet ...via@ spydrgyrl (reblip)
organicsue @DeAnn - awesome song - THX @ARDELLd ... I used2 care but things have changed. (reblip)
De_Ann this song ...does something to me ...nite nite to u too @Donnie44 (reblip)
De_Ann I've got a song but I ain't got no melody...I'm a gonna sing it to my friends...hey ALL!!!


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De_Ann Thx...I'm a stones fan and love this song :-)@BillytheCat (reblip)
De_Ann I keep following you tonight, LOL and you're wayyy too fast :-) @Donnie44 (reblip)
De_Ann OMG - It's an AGATHE BAUER SONG!!!!@shortygal Awww yeah. (reblip)

Snap!The Power

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rrhobbs Blondie vs The Doors – Rapture Riders (reblip)
De_Ann Thx @Donnie44>>Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine (1967) (reblip)
De_Ann Oh wow - have not heard this in 20 years...memories...a private beach in Soellingen, Germany... @redroulettes (reblip)


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De_Ann THX as always!@stevetuf>>You have a stranglehold on the jukebox, DeAnn nice blips (reblip)
De_Ann Good morning all y'all!!! Yess, I do like it, sista! :-)) @NeedBlues2Live > You like this from my vault? @Oldies: Dang,have I missed you again?! :-o (reblip)
De_Ann too much rain...I've had enough! LOL


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De_Ann Don't even ask ME!!! LOL@NeedBlues2Live you are as old as you feel in your heart. Oh, crap, I am 86!! (reblip)
De_Ann errr - yep! @GiantPimpslapper Are You Experienced?: Jimi Hendrix "The Wind Cries Mary" (1967) {*rant over*} (reblip)
De_Ann yep!!!@ star45 No Doubt – Hella Good – . . . DeAnn @dswancanada @bangang (reblip)
De_Ann ahhh, play list material ;-) @DAVESnotHERE says..." I had to "breakdown" with some Petty. I just had to be the st1 to do it! (reblip)
De_Ann awhhh - @GeryDiMarco I used to bowl against Edie's Dad. He usually left with my money. (reblip)
De_Ann love it, thx@ darrylheron Here is a Dylan version. (reblip)
espantosa They needed them to keep their oh so tight trousers together...
De_Ann great blip!@leinergroove @GR8FL talking heads and more talking heads... (reblip)
De_Ann another fave via@tedguyver Bob Dylan – Things Have Changed (reblip)
De_Ann via@SheDo Are you the wonderwall? (reblip)
De_Ann sure is @TrainWreckRadio MANY COVERS OUT THERE......but this is the REAL DEAL @readmylipstick: THX hotlips ;-) you're pretty kewl yourself!:-) (reblip)
De_Ann Oh, this one was still missing on my play list - THX!@ Oldies Baby I'm for Real - DeAnn >You are??? :-) (reblip)
ZONE [Always love blipping this one...] via @leinergroove - yes, a good crescendo... hello to @DeAnn, @ptneves, @DownLow, @simplesmente (reblip)
De_Ann awesome blip!!! Thx@mystwitch Mark Knopfler-True Love Will Never Fade (reblip)
De_Ann hey, you're pretty awesome yourself tonight :-) @TheLenzyme Great beat to this one (reblip)
De_Ann could not let that one slip by! @hannelore32 >> Alexandra, RIP (reblip)
De_Ann sweet!!! @ Donnie44 ...let it flow, baby....there's a reason... (reblip)
Oldies Losing My Religion - Hi There - back from the city, had a few Jameson before lunch. How r things?@DeAnn@patita@Buzzz @NeedBlues2Live @organicsue
De_Ann RB << Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat >> (reblip)
De_Ann wow - awesome remix!!! Anymore fave Stones blips???@ davidwatts1978 >>DeAnn (reblip)
De_Ann Doin' it!!! :-)))@Sethski >DeAnn and @djwttw ...Don't move your head don't move your hands don't move your lips just shake your hips ... (reblip)
De_Ann Good night @stevetuf Good night >DeAnn great blippin with you as always.... (reblip)
De_Ann play list material!! Thx@JimmyHook Now, go home and get your Shine Box! Donovan – Atlantis (reblip)
De_Ann <<Dire Straits – On Every Street>> (reblip)
De_Ann <<Whitesnake – Straight From The Heart>> @Oldies (reblip)
De_Ann yeah, I know him :-)) @Bluespanther @voxefx ... remember this name blippers ... awesome uploads (reblip)
De_Ann absolutely!!!! THX@santamistura muitooooooo bom ... flashback ;)) (reblip)
De_Ann OMG - awesome, thx so much @Jeffie The Tee Set - "Ma Belle Amie" (1970) (reblip)
De_Ann Kewl!@Choonks Now that I've lost everything to you in this brutal divorce- Got to find my own way in this- Wild World. (reblip)
De_Ann so many great blips after another!!! @blueflamedesigns no one here gets out alive (reblip)
De_Ann would u promise to be true?@Oldies: still sore ...from working in the yard!!! LOL (reblip)
De_Ann Ain't THAT the truth, LOL@BlueJeanBaby If we'd listened to Mama we'd never have had any fun. (reblip)
De_Ann @harlequinne Random fact: Iron Butterfly would have performed this at Woodstock, but they didn't make it because they were stuck at the airport. (reblip)
De_Ann you're wayyy too young for this song, honey :-)) @andregbar Boa lembrança @Kalaes (reblip)
De_Ann >>Mark Seven – A Slow Blow<<
De_Ann Saturday night partayyyy is oooonnn!!! @sylvia638 @sayfun Thanks! (reblip)
De_Ann Hotttt ... <<A plus D – Pour Some Hot Sugar (Mims vs. Def Leppard)>>
MWZ The Nuge!!! The Motor City Madman!!! Uncle Ted!!!
De_Ann OK, any more hard rock tunes out there????!!!! It's Saturday Rock Night, guys!!! @MWZ The Nuge!!! The Motor City Madman!!! Uncle Ted!!! (reblip)
De_Ann Oh come on ...a few glasses of pinot grigio and you're all fired up!!! :-)))@JediJonny DeAnn Thanks! But I really can't dance...except for myself. (reblip)
De_Ann I can't believe he's 'on the other plane' now!!! @Daniel_bertis Kurt Cobain says sorry. (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio and when I awoke I was alone...this bird had flown....So I lit a fire... isn't it good...Norwegian Wood!!!! (reblip)
De_Ann "tiiiime on my side, yes it is! "always, LOL :-))) @thehillers @Oldies (reblip)
De_Ann but it does in Arkansas :-) @Oldies (no rain on your island, right?, lol)
De_Ann Thx@playalongjon Hi, thanks for joining my listeners group,welcome any feedback (reblip)
De_Ann thx - great blip and info @Reubstock Bill Withers was born the youngest of nine children in the small coal-mining town of Slab Fork, West Virginia... (reblip)
De_Ann must be as old as I am then ;-))) and still young at heart?LOL@dcarlile Hendrix - I remember him doing this on BBC2. (reblip)
De_Ann one of my personal faves :-) thx@ MaddMatt DeAnn Did ya hear about the Midnight Rambler... Where's @patita (reblip)
AnnieLicious @DeAnn @Cabl @famtasyisnotreality


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De_Ann Fo sho! :-) @AnnieLicious Shaking it like a polaroid DeAnn @NeedBlues2Live @Oldies Ok who else is dancing?I wonder if Deann has leftover wine? (reblip)

OutkastHey Ya

| play
Oldies The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind
De_Ann This is an old fave of mine from way back... when I was a young girl in Europe.... @ Oldies All-4-One – I Swear @AnnieLicious@patita@NeedBlues2Live
De_Ann [Eric Clapton – I'll Make Love To You Anytime] (reblip)
Gaz50 @DeAnn lol classic this ..was gonna play 'young girl' but cat Stevens gave ya age away lol
Silvershadow The news people said "hey what you're doin in bed" - Guess who?


| play
De_Ann we should have that one for the train earlier :-) @Klemmie (reblip)
mystwitch @RadioFreeIllinois We need a busload of faith to get by y'all @DJFrankie @DeAnn @StonyTunes (That and a bit of $$$ would help!) (reblip)
De_Ann And..didn't I blip it last night? It's not on the list...@AnnieLicious DeAnn I'll comment for ya lol Makes me giggle when you play big balls lol xo (reblip)
MustGoFaster @DeAnn Stevetuf and all the other Blippers THANK YOU for a great night of music.....
De_Ann vi@gwenxmaybe >>I'm here without you baby, but you're still on my lonely mind @Oldies (reblip)
De_Ann love this blip - thx@FranciscoIV Hump Day @MerlottesBar Rascal Flatts – Life Is a Highway (reblip)
O341 Fools Garden - Lemon Tree, 1995 (Alemania)
Gaz50 This goes in my top ten all time greats, Frampton after Humble pie and before he went solo,
De_Ann kewl - love it! Thx@TidyCat @Oldies DeAnn stevie via RHCP =^..^= (reblip)
Dave_Malby The last song before Twitterlessness


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De_Ann @rodaniel @ThisIsRobThomas Oh btw, the source of the aforementioned "Woo woo" is Steve Miller Band's "Take the Money and Run." #oldies (reblip)
De_Ann getting to enjoy lots of flamenco music these days? :-) (reblip)
De_Ann kewles blip - danke!@wowi @estrogen...kino fiel aus...dafür rund ums feuer,rotwein,cuba libre..und in Gedanken eh in nem eigenen film!;o) (reblip) (reblip)
De_Ann One of my all time faves 2!!! @KiddRock Thanks, one of my all time Fav's man!@PazzoRagazzo I'd love to change the world...To @MasterWolf @KiddRock. (reblip)
De_Ann OMG - haven't heard this since the 60's!!! THX@melkytown (reblip)
De_Ann Definitely retro! Thx@broadwayg Quintessential Supremes. (reblip)
De_Ann wow - this needs to go on my play list...thx@ Oldies Trouble No More (reblip)
De_Ann Don't reach out for me, she said. Can't you see I'm drowning too. (reblip)
De_Ann oy!


| play
De_Ann Hi there 2 u 2! Still in Espagna? :)@Oldies Hi there & Good Day! DeAnn @patita@AnnieLicious@NeedBlues2Live @crispast (reblip)

Dobie Gray-Drift Away

| play
De_Ann love it! Thx girl! @patita hi DeAnn, :D ♫ Davey Pattison/Brad Gillis/Phil Soussan/Fred Coury – Same Old Blues (L.A. Blues (reblip)
De_Ann Matthews Southern Comfort – Woodstock "We are star dust...." (reblip)
De_Ann beautiful song...thx :-)@Oldies Kenny Wayne Sheppard – Blue on Black >DeAnn (reblip)
DJJazzyJacq @philkirby Sadly not in any of my collection, I even looked under Only you can the other single, Noosha had a great voice! (reblip)
De_Ann don't worry - be happy! LOL
MrVisions @LittleChinaGirl while your shopping pick me up their cd
De_Ann Thanks! :)) @PixelInTime DeAnn Since ya asked so nicely! lol.... Here I present my favourite Rolling Stones tune. My momz used to play a lot of RS ;D
De_Ann thank youuuu! @djwttw for Ms DeAnn as per her request. : P listen, deann --- it's JACK FREAKIN' WHITE singing with The Stones!!! yeehaw!!!
De_Ann Nite sweetie! @BarbieRay!j Heaven done called...another Blues stringer back home...and to bed!! G'nite all my Bluesy friends...You know who you are!! (reblip)
De_Ann @Sparklepony [Ozark Mountain Daredevils – Jackie Blue] lindy's pick 2 for kareoke... (reblip)
De_Ann Can I get some LED ZEPPELIN from anybody? :-) This here is kewl too..thx@ Hairynomas All out of ACDC :( DeAnn & @BarbieRay
De_Ann Fast, girl..hop on the train!@StarStruk The head nurse spoke up! Said "LEAVE this ONE ALONE!" She could tell right away... I was Bad to the BONE! (reblip)
De_Ann AR is full of them, lol @TrainWreckRadio This song was written for the redneck girl (reblip)
De_Ann genuine retro blip and one of my faves too :-))
De_Ann @cheesy80s with this tune he can do it any time ;-) @@Betterlucky@patitaDeAnn@Oldies@BlondieATC@sho
De_Ann g'nite Donnie, be back soon :-)@Donnie44 Gnight all enjoyed Take care Tks DeAnn >>>>>>>>> ((((((straight from the heart)))))))
De_Ann Awhhh...finally I found this song!!! <<Charlie Dore – Pilot of the Airways>>
De_Ann And here's my other great friend, Ron Rutherford!!! *loves this new database :)*
De_Ann Good morning all! I won't blip much today, but if you send me a message on twitter I will respond. Have a fun day - sun's out!!!
De_Ann What a f'n scary voice and accent! LOL Like a Grimm's Fairy tale villain@77ozzie metal...MEIN HERZ BRRRRENT! DeAnn
Jalapeno Here w/o u. and tonight it's only u & me
leotard bloc party does an interesting cover--what a shotty song until bloc party gets a hold of it.
De_Ann @Flying_Roundhouse Hey DeAnn, tried to RB yours and practically brought the earth to its knees. So let's hear this one! ;-)
De_Ann Oh yeah, this is totally kewl! Thx@Peel24 DeAnn since you are lovin Nirvana....get a load of this..
kbuech Then you will need a midnight rambling man....., @maddythesonwhore@DeAnn@stockmanmarc
De_Ann sooo unexpected! thx@kbuech Yepper! So fine. And Fever Ray? @nervioso oh! the YYY, I love her voice (reblip)
De_Ann @StonyTunes: "~RB~ @kimme23: ""Come On Baby finish what ya started.......I'm incomplete"" ~.~ ;-)(-;" Yep :) (reblip)
De_Ann @hondomesa: Hendrix fans, you've got to hear this @RadioFreeIllinois DeAnn: <Jimi Hendrix –Angel>"Angel came down from heaven yesterday.."#Janis'nJimi (reblip)
softbluenrock steppenwolf - magic carpet ride vi @just_some_lady: "♥ :: Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf :: ♥ .. I like to dream.." (reblip)

steppenwolf - magic carpet ride

| play
StonyTunes ~.~ LYIN' SITTIN' WAITIN' WISHIN' SUPERSTITION ~.~ Jack Johnson ;-)(-;
De_Ann heya beautiful ya bee? :)@LindyLuv <The Kinks – You Really Got Me> (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Sniff 'n' The Tears – Rodeo Drive ~ For @DeAnn & @romanus ~ a rare one from the "vault" ;-)
De_Ann @dawnie22: "Slept in, gotta cook up some breakie while 'Dancing Barefoot' :)~~> C U soon" (reblip)
De_Ann <Janice Joplin - one night stand>

Janice Joplin one night stand

| play
De_Ann I still do 'em sometimes ;)@BarbieRay: "BRVs Vault a nice version, one you aren't expecting. Reminds me of the old days when we did the Stones Trains (reblip)
De_Ann The Scorpions in Stuttgart tonight were AWESOME! <scorpions Live send me an angel STUTTGART 14.05.2010>

scorpions Live send me an angel STUTTGART 14.05.2010

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De_Ann <Edguy – Avantasia (live)> >>Hard rock at it's BEST
Soto Hello, I love you - The Doors (reblip)
DirtyUrine Awesome! RB @DeAnn: "@enricchi >>"bloody brilliant!" :))" (reblip)

U2 Elevation Live At Slane Castle

| play
De_Ann rb@Ttddman: "DeAnn" >>Scorpions- Hour I (reblip)

Scorpions- Hour I

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cpcdiniz Hi @rock2monster: "my goddess is 13ft. 4 inches!@donnadontplay: "Good morning Will! A fav!! @TropicsZ4@donnadontplay. Hollies good:) long cool woman" (reblip)
negar I'm trying to find the music that was playing at my Restorative class. This isn't bad for Om Shanti!
Bubbly3 yw ;) thx 4 the listen :) @Dragon2Hawk: ""Thanks 4 the props" @me (reblip)
Somebody2Love via@BakingMan...Good Morning West Coast! Good Afternoon East Coast! Hello World!! =))
De_Ann Hans Theessink – Oh baby - you set my soul on fire (!)
psd @jobsworth: "Crosby and Nash join David Gilmour in this touching tribute to Crazy Diamond Syd Barrett. Mesmerising" (reblip)
KilliansZillians future funk from yesteryear
iMickeyD Artie as I call it, was written after trying Absinthe and reading of Van Gogh's conflicting Ear stories. Listen for sharpening blades. @Sibyll@DeAnn
De_Ann ~The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Bold As Love~
De_Ann Winner! :)@Sibyll: "this leaves me ALWAYS speechless! Awesome with the Orchestra - *is in heaven* @iMickeyD@droolius@ladypn@Totengrber" (reblip)
remedysains good deep inside !

Zen Garden

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Labotomy shorter 'movie' version

Frankie goes to hollywood Relax (Body Double)

| play
vittorio Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Come to an End
De_Ann ~Tantric Sexuality - Deep Sexy Chill Out~ vi@sbtodd (reblip)

Tibetan Meditation

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LegendarySurfer @Dr_Wes: "Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton – Can't Find My Way Home" (reblip)
MISSGJ There's a log on the fire And it burns like me for you Tomorrow comes with one desire To take me's true
Stuelpner Massive Attack Feat. Terry Callier – Live With Me ... via @storylet (reblip)

Can't you hear me knocking- rolling stones

| play
Louden This one is for you dawlin! Hope you have your walking shoes on ;) @BarbieRay

AC/DCEvil Walks

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Jazzdad great live video Eric Clapton - She's Gone
iMickeyD oh, i like this one! TY rb @DeAnn: "~King's X-King~ "You are the one...."" (reblip)

King's X-King

| play
dawnie22 & Kris K announcing? AAA+ @donnadontplay A FAV! @Angie74: "Melissa Etheridge & Joss Stone - Janis Joplin Tribute..I get chills every damn time!! (reblip)
RuiFelix Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue
TGDude @DeAnn Mir können fei au Hochdeutsch ... wollet aber net
LynnSunshine Waves of Ocean – Sobersoul - Compact Mood (Waves of Ocean rmx) @DeAnn
zoso418 Hello rb@Jungstir: "rb@akadjwttw from the wayback machine Neil Jung..:)" Cowgirl In The Sand (reblip)
JonathanDune G'day@DeAnn TY Rbs! that I was givin you was never n doubt. Let go of your heart, let go of your head n feel it now... Babylon (reblip)
De_Ann I am impressed! ;)@Tuneaholic ...Notice How we are side by side (the highway)...I've waited soo long for this (my 15 seconds.)I'm a quick study@DeAnn (reblip)
De_Ann It's because I've been there :o@akacarol: "RB Yes, YOU WERE RIGHT AS USUAL" Thank you for your support, I listened to YOU YOU RAWK!!> (reblip)
De_Ann Semisonic – Sunshine and chocolate
De_Ann I'M FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL@Chow322: "u >> @Sly_dog: "she'll be back :) @Chow322: "@DeAnn ><<><>@Sly_dog >><><><>@VyV""" (reblip)
LailaZuch RB! ;) @raejack75: "Creed – "Higher" lyrics, full version, with video." (reblip)
crispast ciao Rafael! you stolen my next blip ^^..hope all is going well with you, see you! rb@rafasirotheau: "with that i'm leaving... cya!" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE ♥~♥~♥ [[Beautiful Video]] ♥♥ [[Wish You Were Here]] ♥~♥~♥ #Buddha #Bar #Bliss (reblip)

4 U2 Bono & The Coors When the stars go blue

| play
De_Ann Avantasia – Lost In Space
De_Ann rb love@pixelmongress: "Mmmm...RB @ChristienGB: "Eros Ramazzotti e Anastacia ~I belong to you.~ i hear your voice and all the darkness disappears ..." (reblip)

Anastacia Eros Ramazzotti ( I belong to you ) we xvi.wmv

| play
Badruddeen @Nirvana454: "What's with all the pictures of feet?" (reblip)
De_Ann gotta leave 4 a while...BBL ....Led Zeppelin - Friends

Led Zeppelin-Friends

| play
De_Ann just needing my soul elevation fix :) U2?
De_Ann this is great!@Tuneaholic: "@DeAnn ....This is a short Story...The Video is Kinda Art Like...It's a Slow Reggae Song... Wanna Dance..." (reblip)