dogstories pawpawty


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Luzinha_Franzoi to dance mooooore...

The Sign....Ace Of Base

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Luzinha_Franzoi for a great and sunny day! (reblip)


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Luzinha_Franzoi for a good nap, a delicious lunch or a beautiful sunny day! (reblip)

Jason MrazI'm Yours

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SamThereforeIam On my way out the door. I'm feelin' this album today.
Oldies Fading Like A Flower

Roxette - Fading Like A Flower

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EL_NAN Who doesn't know this one... Oye Como Vaª... Santana

SantanaOye Como Va

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Marystudio Percy Sledge – When a Man Loves a Woman
Luzinha_Franzoi pata pata... pata pata... pata pata... pata pata... oh, yes!
Dixie_Belle This one comes with my memories of Rotorua, in New Zealand...

James Blunt1973

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Luzinha_Franzoi let's dance and sing all night long... a-ha!

A-HaTake On Me

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Luzinha_Franzoi no more, no more, no more, hit the road, dunga...
Luzinha_Franzoi the great diva! cher! do you believe, my dears!?


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Luzinha_Franzoi another one for elvis and cher's fans
Luzinha_Franzoi any cat from Miami!? this is for them!

ShakiraOjos Asi

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CosmoHavanese Can't get out of town? Head to #pawpawty! It's a #pawpawty staycation!
CosmoHavanese For all my "Super" anipals who are helping other anipals #Pawpawty
CosmoHavanese Just some good Saturday morning, coffee drinking, treat eating music.

Goo Goo DollsIris

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Dixie_Belle ♫Tin Woof...Rusted...♫

B-52sLove Shack

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CosmoHavanese more good Saturday morning tunes. Kiss me, beneath the milky twilight...bring, bring, bring your flowered hat...
CosmoHavanese It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right. I hope you have the time of your life. #pawpawty April 5-6
CosmoHavanese Simply irresistible... She's so fine, there's no tellin' where the money went. Get ready to #pawpawty!
CosmoHavanese Put on your Pink Boots and #pawpawty! (reblip)


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CosmoHavanese @lilpecan this one is for you!!!! It's the Guinea Pig Song. So cool! #pawpawty
Frank_The_Pug Mom loves this song. She says its sooo sweet!
DJPugPearl Mom & Dad can't read my Poker Face.....

Lady GagaPoker Face

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kaizenninja Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory. (reblip)
Sandman5 And I'll see your true colors, shining through, I see your true colors....
pavlov sorry bumped across this one like that, it happens to be worthed spreading around.

The CarsDrive

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Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

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Dixie_Belle My mama's all time favorite song... (reblip)


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Luzinha_Franzoi Queen again, reblip for you! Somebody To Love.... this is a great song! (reblip)
Dixie_Belle It's Saturday night here in Twitter Town. Here's one going out to those needing a little ac-tion...
Dixie_Belle The ultimate Saturday night song for those of us that grew up cruising the strip...
Dixie_Belle We had a warm sunny day here in TwitterTown. If you didn't this one's sending rays of warmth in your direction... (reblip)
Dixie_Belle We're taking it down a notch now. This is a couple's only skate, please. Couple's only on the floor...
Dixie_Belle Taking you back to the days of long low cars and tall cool hair...

Theme From Shaft

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Dixie_Belle Keep it moving on this Sat-ur-day night... Fast as lightning!
CosmoHavanese @Dixie_Belle @vscook You guys are playing good tunes tonight! Shake your grove thing...yeah, yeah... (reblip)

Shake Your Groove Thing

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Dixie_Belle Lightning? Keep talkin', whoa keep talkin'...
Dixie_Belle Sorry about that, folks. Um... Turntable broke? Yeah, that's it! Here's some more Travolta for you...
Dixie_Belle Do you want your MTV? If you remember the first day of the video revolution, this one's for you... (reblip)
CosmoHavanese Loose, Footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes...!!!
Dixie_Belle Reblipping an awesome tune chosen by Cosmo! This dog knows about being footloose like only a great agility dog could! (reblip)
Dixie_Belle It's not quite summer yet, but this one's to hold you over until we can get there...
Dixie_Belle While we've got the riff going, may as well continue... Aroooo! (reblip)
Dixie_Belle For the feline crowd tonight... We love your style!
Frank_The_Pug This song is just way too fun!!!
Dixie_Belle While we've got a groove, let's say hello to the lamp post... (reblip)
Dixie_Belle Gotta love the range of the dude in this tune... (reblip)

A-HaTake On Me

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CosmoHavanese So let it whip, let's whip it baby, let's whip it right. Any Whippets here?!
Dixie_Belle A song written about the town down the road from me by a guy who's Mama worked with my Mama! Seriously, folks...
CosmoHavanese All my instincts, they return, and the grand façade, so soon will burn... In your eyes...

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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CosmoHavanese I could see it was a rough-cut Tuesday, Slow-motion weekdays stare me down...Freeze Frame (Freeeze Frame!) de-dle-edl-eee...!
Frank_The_Pug @megara2484 Mom told me to dedicate this to you, since you both like him so much!
Frank_The_Pug this is to all my Tweeps who have sent me messages about how much they like my shades!!!
CosmoHavanese If you said goodbye to me tonight, There would still be music left to write... oh, oh, oh For The Longest Time.
Frank_The_Pug Mom LOVES this song... one of the all time BEST songs!
tripbreaker Makes you want to sneak around people's houses. I miss clap-tracks.
mistygirlph Rod Stewart – Have I Told You Lately (reblip)
folkmusicdude For the kids - New Orleans good time music
Albedo Now here is an interesting cover of a great Van Halen song...

Paul AnkaJump

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Annimallover My cat wanted to be called Elvis. He has black hair, is one of a kind, and wants to be known as "the king". He is also highly vocal & a foodie

Have You Never Been Mellow

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CosmoHavanese Open up your eyes, Then you'll realize, Here I stand with my Everlasting Love ...

Carl Carlton - Everlasting Love

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Dixie_Belle My mama can't get enough of this song- here's another version (reblip)

Jai Ho (PCD Remix)

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Dixie_Belle Ever been to Graceland? Take a musical journey with me... #pawpawty (reblip)
CatmonsterOdin #pawpawty - trying for an animal theme - hungry like ze wolf (reblip)

David Cook - Hungry Like The Wolf

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Kaitolicious Bungle in the Jungle, and Bungle at the #PawPawty!!!!
CosmoHavanese I see reflections of you and me.... Reflections of the way life used to be... #pawpawty (reblip)
theotigsy Okay Anipals, get yer tails a waggin! Shake those hips! -Theo #pawpawty (reblip)
theotigsy Okay, it's @inigoflufflebum 's turn to dance with @babypatches... #pawpawty (reblip)
theotigsy Dis for @perrythebirman who's been hittin' da nip beverages all day! -Theo #pawpawty (reblip)

Chumbawumba - Tubthuumper

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theotigsy Hey boys, who wants a slow dance with me? -Tigsy #pawpawty (reblip)

Spandau BalletTrue

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theotigsy It makes no difference if you're black or white, if you're a cat or a dog! -T&T #pawpawty (reblip)
theotigsy Slow dance again! *grab yer best girl* -Tigsy #pawpawty (reblip)
CosmoHavanese Black Water - The Doobie Brothers. Mississippi moon won't you keep on shining on me... (reblip)
Dixie_Belle I'm in a hometown mood. Actually, this was written about the town just up the road from me...
CosmoHavanese Thanks @Jeffie The Pure Prairie League - "Amie" (1975) Enough rain already! (reblip)
Dixie_Belle In a mellow mood... (reblip)

Eagles - Hotel California

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perrythebirman they are going to play this when we arrive at #pussycat-island!
Dixie_Belle Jai Ho! A good theme song for me while I'm running away from Mama and her grooming scissors...

A.R. RahmanJai Ho

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perrythebirman Blue Skies shinin on @CosmoHavanese nuthin but blue birds all dai long!

Dr. JohnBlue Skies

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perrythebirman @CosmoHavanese needz to come to southern catifornia, where it nevar rains....
Dixie_Belle Just because I like this one... (reblip)

Chumbawumba - Tubthuumper

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Dixie_Belle Not really one of Mama's favorites, but her students sing it over and over... (reblip)
perrythebirman i wunder if da hous ov da risin sun cud be moved 2 catifornia? lawts of anipals live der!
Dixie_Belle A happy 'lil song taking Mama back to her college days... (reblip)
Dixie_Belle Another song from Mama's nostalgia mood... (reblip)
fergusthedog Ooh, just found this song I'd forgotten about. Will mean more to UK friends.
DJPugPearl Me & Mom having "girls" night. Dad out on the boat. He a scuba man. I just sink.
DJPugPearl NO Cheezeburger today!! but I would luv if I had a bite.
Dixie_Belle Dedicated to the father of Cricket cat's kittens, whomever you may be...
Dixie_Belle Changing moods now...Getting ready for Easter with 100+ teenagers
Dixie_Belle Another one for our youth group
CosmoHavanese Any Velcro Dogs? Me and My Shadow. Frank and Sammy.
Dixie_Belle Paws left! Paws right! Left! Right! Left! Right!

Jimmy BuffettFins

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SylvieDog I'm too sexy for this Mugsy, too sexy for this Mugsy... (reblip)
Luzinha_Franzoi para bailarmos! for the dancing kittiy friends! gipsy kings!


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Luzinha_Franzoi yey, right said fred!


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Luzinha_Franzoi kiss - :^*********

Prince - Kiss

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Dixie_Belle This popped into my head when I heard Prince singing "Kiss"
Dixie_Belle I think Woods is playing today?

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

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Dixie_Belle Because my Mama gets mushy sometimes...
Dixie_Belle Why do you???

foundations - why do you build me up buttercup baby

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Dixie_Belle And on the other end of the vocal range...
Dixie_Belle I never dreamed he'd have blue eyes and blue jeans...
save_the_wolves Thanks for this one @Gypsylyn ..Hope we don't fall into a "Ring Of Fire"...LOL (reblip)
Kaitolicious We are gettin ready for American Idol... hope this gets everyone in the mood! :D
Dixie_Belle We want you! We want you! We want you as a new recruit!
Dixie_Belle Foot to the floor in my old flat top, rolling home to you...
Dixie_Belle Seven lonely days and a dozen towns ago...
Dixie_Belle Well you can tell by the way I use my walk...
Dixie_Belle They never said your name but I knew just who they meant...
buttercupboxer *nosetaps* to all my anipals! I've enjoyed tweeting with ya'll today!
Dixie_Belle And the man in the back said everyone attack
Dixie_Belle Do do do do do do do do doooooooo
Dixie_Belle One last song as I'm stuck in a strange place for the night...
CosmoHavanese @BabyPatches This is for you! What's New Pussycat?!!! See ya on the island!
Dixie_Belle Father wears his Sunday best...

MadnessOur House

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Dixie_Belle Do I wanna go out?

She Bop

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Dixie_Belle I wear my sunglasses at night so I can so I can
Dixie_Belle ...see how the main sail sets... Sail with us to the pawty on #pussycatisland Details at
Dixie_Belle and you may find yourself in another part of the world (reblip)
Dixie_Belle A fresh twist on a special 80's memory...
Dixie_Belle the old paintings on the tomb they do the sand dance
Dixie_Belle Thank you very much o Mr Roboto

StyxMr. Roboto

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Dixie_Belle Rising up to the challenge of our eyeballs?

Rocky - Survivor-Eye_of_the_Tiger

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Dixie_Belle Chance you gotta take, price you gotta pay

HootersDay By Day

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Dixie_Belle Mama's high school jazz band overplayed this one to death!

Van HalenJump

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Dixie_Belle it's now or never, i ain't gonna live forever
Dixie_Belle My last song of the night. Big drive home tomorrow!
LouPeb Someday When I'm awfully low When the world is cold I will feel aglow just thinking of you And the way you look tonight


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Dixie_Belle Get back you flea infested mongrel...
Dixie_Belle ...Man they were fast as lightning...
CosmoHavanese For @Dixie_Belle @BrewskieButt @JennyRosePetal @Yogi_Skipperkee @ThatStripeyCat The Flower Girl. (sorry if any of you are boys...)


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Dixie_Belle Someone requested the lime in the coconut?


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Dixie_Belle I'm gonna soak up the suuuuuuunnn...


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CosmoHavanese Me soul on fire -- Feeling hot hot hot! Conga anyone?!!
buttercupboxer Keep that conga going! #pussycatisland

Gloria Estefan - Conga

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Dixie_Belle #pussycatisland - Closing Time: One Last Time for those of you still looking for your flip-flops (reblip)
Dixie_Belle Tomorrow you'll get a headache...
Dixie_Belle I hope you had the time of your life...
Dixie_Belle All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...
Dixie_Belle Okay, seriously now folks...

StyxCome Sail Away

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Dixie_Belle Another summer day has come and gone away

Michael BubleHome

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Dixie_Belle Heaven can wait for a while
Dixie_Belle Purple rain, purple rain

PrincePurple rain

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Dixie_Belle They took the credit for your second symphony...
Dixie_Belle Portions of today's programming are reproduced...

EverclearAM Radio

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Dixie_Belle I saw Star Wars at least 8 times


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Dixie_Belle One Prozac a day, husband's a CPA
CosmoHavanese Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera cha-cha-cha #pawpawty!
LouPeb Imagine me and you I do I think about you day and night It's only right To think about the girl you love And hold her tight So happy together .. (reblip)
deepbluesealove Lookin' out over the water thinkin' something's wrong with @james_vail (reblip)

Dirty Vegas - Days Go By [Radio Edit]

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Faithless - God Is A DJ

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dogstories pawpawty


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dogstories pawpawty


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LouPeb Ok guys next round is on me!!!!!!!!!!!! #pawpawty (reblip)

The ChampsTequila

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perrythebirman one last blip fur da girlz out der, *nosekisses* #pawpawty


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CosmoHavanese Get up off your paws!!... Everybody in the pawty do the cha cha!!! #pawpawty (reblip)

CheloCha Cha

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CosmoHavanese Trending No.4, It's time to go Straight to Number One!! Mambo time!!!! #pawpawty (reblip)
CosmoHavanese A glass of wine a fast embrace. It's called Cosmo's Hideaway ole!#pawpawty! I em Cosmo ¡Ha! Vanesé (reblip)


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CosmoHavanese #pawpawty on! Juanes - La Camisa Negra Smootly saunter onto the dance floor... (reblip)
CosmoHavanese My name is Cosmo, I was a show dog... #pawpawty at the Copacabana!!! Wheee! (reblip)
CosmoHavanese #Pawpawty On! A nice one for you @topdogvienna. Thx for looking out for us!! Antonio Banderas -- Cancion Del Mariachi (reblip)
CosmoHavanese Aye Carumba!!! Thalia -- Peil Morena #PAWPAWTY ON!!! (reblip)
CosmoHavanese #pawpawty I'm Cuban Cosmo, I'm the craze, of my native street, When I dance, everything goes Chick chicky boom, Chick chicky boom !! (reblip)
CosmoHavanese Samba time! Roll those paws and Samba! #pawpawty!!!! (reblip)
CosmoHavanese Keep on with some smooth Samba sounds with Summer Samba!!! at #pawpawty (reblip)
CosmoHavanese Who doesn't like La Bamba!!! No one, that's who!! Richie Valens #pawpawty on!!!!! (reblip)
CosmoHavanese Can never have enough Samba, courtesy of Cosmo ¡Ha! Vanesé #pawpawty (reblip)
CosmoHavanese thx @LouLouPants! Another one from Juanes. Me Enamora #PAWPAWTY !!! (reblip)

JuanesMe enamora

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CosmoHavanese For @Spondog Gal Costa - Samba do Avião #pawpawty on!!! (reblip)
CosmoHavanese Guantanamera, Guajira Guantanamera la-la-la !!! #pawpaaawty on!!! #pawpawty (reblip)
CosmoHavanese Cool cats will luv this one!! Cha Cha Cha de la Gata!! cha-cha-cha at #pawpawty!!!! (reblip)
CosmoHavanese One more time. Straight to Number One!!! Mambo time!!!! #pawpawty (reblip)
CosmoHavanese @Luzinha_Franzoi How about a Merengue?! Just #pawpawty Suavemente (reblip)


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CosmoHavanese Thinks we can samba to this one... who wants to try it!! Quimbara. Celia Crz and Tito Puente #pawpawty (reblip)

Celia Cruz and Tito Puente - Quimbara

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CosmoHavanese Think we can Samba to this one. Who's gonna try it? Quimbara. #pawpawty (reblip)

Celia Cruz and Tito Puente - Quimbara

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CosmoHavanese @Health4UandPets @LouPeb Fun and fast for you! Everybody in the pawty do the cha cha!!! #pawpawty (reblip)

CheloCha Cha

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CosmoHavanese 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 A little bit o' Mambo #5. #pawpawty! (reblip)

Lou Bega - Mambo number five

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CosmoHavanese No #pawpawty would be complete without the Chicken Dance!!!!! (reblip)

Chicken Dance

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CosmoHavanese Cinco De Mayo #pawpawty Bidi Bidi Bom Bom #pawtyyyeeeee! (reblip)


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CosmoHavanese Get up and dance... Hips Don't Lie. Shakira. for Cinco De Mayo. #pawpawty (reblip)
CosmoHavanese As I close my set, I remind you, I am the Official Dog of Cuba! Cosmo ¡Ha! Vanesé Tequila!!! #pawpawty on!!! U know U want to!! (reblip)
CosmoHavanese oh @babyHarolK I feel compelled to pull one more out of the songbook for you. Hot in here! #pawpawty (reblip)
LouPeb #pawpawty We bring Joy to the world!!!!!! three dog night (reblip)
LouPeb happy together #pawpawty Imagine me and you I do I think about you day and night It's only right So happy together .. (reblip)
flicka47 A special #pawpawty song from all the rescue kitties & puppies for their forever Moms & Dads ~Thank You~
Dixie_Belle I'm here! Let's get this party started!
Dixie_Belle Un poco espanol para la fiesta!
Dixie_Belle Some mellowness because I'm not quite recovered from last night yet!

U2Angel Of Harlem

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Dixie_Belle Un poco espanol para la fiesta! Reblip because I forgot those on TweetGrid might need #pawpawty (reblip)
Dixie_Belle Some mellowness because I'm not quite recovered from last night yet! Reblip because I forgot TweetGrid needs #pawparty (reblip)

U2Angel Of Harlem

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Dixie_Belle Let's MOVE IT! Reblip because I forgot TweetGrid needs #pawparty (reblip)
Dixie_Belle I love this name- Miss Caffeina! Sounds like what I need! LAST reblip because I forgot TweetGrid needs #pawparty (reblip)
CosmoHavanese @Dixie_Belle this song is for you and your mom!!! Congrats on your special #pawpawty prize!!!!
LouPeb Yo! Pump up the jam pump it up while your feet are stomping And the jam is pumping .. for @brunothedog
LouPeb So goodbye yellow brick road ~ Where the dogs of society howl ~ You can't plant me in your penthouse ~ I'm going back to my plough ~
perrythebirman For you sweet Cricket @Dixie_Belle, hav gud journey 2 Rainbow Bridge an we see u soon. *nosetaps*.tks fur ur babies.
Delila_Gerbil Mama G loves dis song 'cause of me. Thanks for taking care of me Mama Gerbil! (reblip)
perrythebirman ov course, i canut furget mai fave delila song. MOL

Tom JonesDelilah

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perrythebirman iz a grate big wurld, cannut wate fur da #weekendroadtrip 2 stawt!
perrythebirman @rumblepurr i tink dat u an me and @bowl_or_milk cud be travelin band fur #weekendroadtrip. MOL

Travelin Band

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Dixie_Belle Aroooooooo! It's almost summer!

'All Summer Long' vs 'Werewolves of London'

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deepbluesealove Dixie Chicks - There's Your Trouble Hi @joechapman @Freshoftheplane @Tricia

Dixie Chicks ~ "There's Your Trouble"

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