ladypn There's times where I want something more, someone more like me. There's times when this dress rehearsal seems incomplete.
Eangel Cha, cha, cha, with Ibrahim
Eangel Hey angels, lend me your ears... Jane and K.d. can't get better than that!
Eangel A classic redone - Love it!

Jann Arden - To Sir With Love

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cklee Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett - Way Back Into Love (星星星)
Eangel You're into now ... call me on the telephone. Just a nice number!
Eangel high notes are amazing


| play
Eangel The rhythm is calling,


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mammara 1983 Tom Waits Swordfishtrombones
santamistura @cliffagogo (j´adore cette histoire ;)) i loveeeeeeeee this history ahahaha thanksssssssss merci obrigadaaaaaaa!!! (reblip)
Eangel Make this moment sweet again with Billie
Eangel A capella with computer effects. Unique!
PaulClarke It's holding me, morphing me, and forcing me to strive...


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Eangel It was a great day, but now I bib you good nite.
chiron08 @patita @steno @picknick @daRedBloodedBlackMagicWitchWoman @DubFreakz @potele @Nadiya @trxckster @melpimenta -✩ have a beautiful weekend ✩
Eangel Dedicated to my brother one of his fav. Can't help it you just got to move to it...
Eangel #sexysaturday My last Blip 4 now, tweet later. Have a grand day. : )
DownLow [@GR8FL But it is trying to be spring with bulbs trying to pop out.] This day is trying to impersonate spring without any success. Someday it will be. (reblip)
Eangel nothing like the present
Eangel Too beautiful not to share
Eangel Hey, good morning one and all.
theloveartist & @toblogtoday something special for you with love
Eangel Make time to go out and play today...
Eangel Dropping is to say hi and wish you all a fabulous day. : )
yamamiya Suturee - Afraid of Hands
Eangel My favorite Pound written version @ - now back to "Sea of Poppies"
Eangel Live your life or you sit in witness
Sally29 Just stumbled over this cover from the Dermot O'Leary show yesterday. This lady has an extraordinarily distinct & impressive voice. One to watch?
hkremer doing homework need background music lol


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Burgers ♥♥♥ is Keith in my heart ♥♥♥
Eangel We live in a beautiful world
eraser ...y luego la feria de sevilla... menos má que esa se encierran allí... y no molestan a los demás... es + nos dejan sevilla para pasear tranquilos
cklee Berlin - Take My Breath Away(星星星)
nirakatak @RBrf ein musikalischer Gruß zu Deinem News-Tweet: .. We'll say goodbye to flesh and blood .. The actors gone :-/ (reblip)
cejas The Magic Numbers – Take A Chance >>the magic chances, take a number.<<
Eangel Going for a walk before returning to the office. : )
Burgers !!!♥♥♥!!! Welcome new listeners and Thanks for the props & blips @everyone!
pcornqueen @vanwas Thanks for the Rainy Day tune man! Here's a good oldie for a rainy day :)
raquelbcastro Meu cachorrinho se chama Joe hehehe! Raiva de músicas pela metade!
Eangel I got to go, enjoy your day!
Eangel Meu cachorrinho se chama Joe hehehe! Raiva de músicas pela metade! (reblip)
GnomeBodhi Good Morning! Steve Vai puts the caffeine in your coffee:
littlecup Paul Simon's the man

02 Darling Lorraine

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Eangel ahhh, the end of the day, heading for the open road...
joeyalarilla love this song. used to be my ringtone, in fact heh
diptychal switching gears with a different kind of mellow.. you're all i need to get by...
Eangel Starting my day with a little fire...
Eangel Got to get my day on... people enjoy your Friday! : )
nirakatak : ) .. @phreak20 + @michrl ein zu hause, hört sich nach was gutem an, nan. (reblip)
OnPitRow Truex only wishes this were true - that he's be lonely, up front, Sunday - One is the Loneliest Number


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elizs one of these days/you'll miss your train/ and come stay with me
Aluciel Good morning, blippers, and happy Friday. In the mood for The Weepies this morning.
Eangel one of these days/you'll miss your train/ and come stay with me (reblip)
DeeWall re-re-re-reblip (reblip)

Lou Bega - Mambo number five

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Eangel re-re-re-re-reblip Now I really must go... (reblip)

Lou Bega - Mambo number five

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dk5 Can you let it move without holding back?
karnevil Driven by the clarity of the guitar and the pointy notes it produces
Eangel We will dream of the wild horses...
Eangel The thing that keeps me walking is your Shine...
Eangel you're too good to be true...
joeyalarilla how old were you when you first heard this song? :)
bearskins there's no place like providence
joeyalarilla this song's cool -- first time i've heard it. RB @blissery: and she fights for her life/as she puts on her coat/ (reblip)
nusennatha Marvin Gaye – Whats Goin' on
Eangel Waking up to Leonard's waiting for the miracle...
Eangel reblip, reblip, b/c this is awesome from @GR8FL (reblip)
Eangel I leave you with "Peace" : )


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intinet see u in a while... love this tune


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adbert [David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust]
Eangel # earth hour

Black Earth

| play
Eangel Are you ready to turn your lights off Ontario? #Earthhour
Eangel Slow giving, joy coming, love giving, love coming...
Figgywithit I'll be waiting with a gun and a pack of sandwiches.
cklee Era - Sentence(星星星)


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theloveartist a girl can't keep it together & wonders why bother . . (reblip)
Eangel great tune for this Sunday, once again tnx @santamistura,@intinet for introducing it LOVE it! (reblip)
Eangel to let the past be gone...
Eangel We'll all Float on anyway...
theloveartist hope it keeps raining, gonna write all day, no obligations (r/b @Eangel lover girl) (reblip)
adbert [Jo Dee Messina – Lesson In Leavin']
Eangel Everyone enjoy your Sunday, bbl...
Eangel Never on a Sunday...but with Keith all the other days : )
Eangel House cleaning, moving, playing air guitar with Keith this Sunday. Wicked as it Seems : )
Eangel Hendrix love him... How you I must go : )
Eangel Done cleaning. It's raining hard now, what to do - hot chocolate - or hop back into a nice comfy bed.. I vote for bed!
hecyra non deve credere alle belle parole della gente non deve credere alle belle parole della gente non deve credere alle belle parole della gente..etc.
DrJ Speaking of the forefigures of Alt-Country... you have to remember Uncle Tupelo... this song always brings a tear or two or three...
QCmixtapes Rainy Sunday Afternoon: a perfect sound.
Eangel Rainy Sunday Afternoon: a perfect sound. I like : ) (reblip)
Blippo Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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Blippo Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up (speedblipping, need some nice and calm "flow"songs ;)

Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up

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Blippo Emerson, Lake & Palmer – C'est La Vie
Eangel Getting better and worst...
Eangel For a second I thought you disappeared...
Eangel We'll dance in the rain, and sing in the sun
Eangel Won't let you Trick me twice

KelisTrick Me

| play
Eangel Satisfaction-imagination-Trying-But can't
nogbad Norah Jones – Come Away With Me
Eangel Ramblin' (wo)man slowly, slowly, slowly,,,
Eangel Okay, last Nina Simone, don't you just love her!...see you bright and early : )
ladypn I really should go to bed, but I'm not ready yet.... ;)
Eangel Hey David, passing it on... for you and yours Eykah Badu
Figgywithit @Aluciel Lily always makes everything a little better. Hope your day improves! I'm taking it a minute at a time myself.
Antenaweb EZ Rollers – Tough At The Top
Deley Smashing Pumpkins – That's The Way (My Love Is)
cklee Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is a Place on Earth(星星星)
cklee BeeGees - How Deep Is Your Love(星星星星)
lorinewton Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
ladypn First class&fancy free, she's high society,she's got the best of everything. What could a guy like me ever really offer? She's perfect as she can be.
Eangel It is a beautiful morning...
GR8FL thanks @tubilino and a good Sunday to you :) (reblip)
Eangel Behind the Sun...can feel the force
Eangel Deep slow breathe.. in and out : ) thanks #ahoova (reblip)
santamistura a supergoodperfect morning for all supergoodperfect blippers!!
Eangel Daniel Lanois visionary, singer, songwriter...interview
intinet @Eangel really interesting interview, like a lot his productions, specially Lucious Jackson's ones
Kaffeetante "mal feuer unterm arsch machen.." Danke, @klitoria. ;)) (reblip)
intinet for a total funny sunday

mr bungle - britney spears cover

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Eangel You're everywhere and nowhere...saying everything is groovy
Eangel Muse - Can't take my eyes off you...
Eangel Air - Feeling very warm - how does it make you feel?
Eangel Etta - high as the mountain, deep as the river...
DeathBoy Wonderful track, but very bittersweet
Eangel Frank Zappa - has too much fun. : )
DJ_PJ Nice Marvin Gaye sample...
DJ_PJ Yeah, G-Unit actually sampled this well...Ewww, did I actually just say that???
Eangel Good Morning everyone - Nothing to do, nothing to say - Lily Allen

Lily Allen22

| play
Eangel Have a great day, I leave you with Glenn Gould - Bach my fav. Goldberg Variations - Aria : )
sarah__o 'a sip of wine, a cigarette, and then it's time to go...'
eraser healing... healing... sexual... (reblip)
Eangel Woke up with this song in my head - Dream a Little Dream...
Eangel The ground is covered in a blanket of snow-but if we get Sunshine today maybe it will melt. : )


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tintrash happy eve there everyone.

The White Stripes with Holly Golightly - It's true that we love one another

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Eangel there is still so much I don't know about you - It's true that we love one another : ) (reblip)

The White Stripes with Holly Golightly - It's true that we love one another

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eraser diferencias, el juego de las diferencias .... el juego de la pluralidad... que me gusta este tío... y esa voz...
Blippo ❉COVERFLOW❉ Prince – When Doves Cry // covered by Patti Smith, Barenaked Ladies & others. Hi @28apple_chic argh, I'm on my way to a date, cu lat
Shade37777 And now it's too late to hold you@DixieLily....Shall We Dance? (reblip)
Eangel Have a great, wonderful, and amazing day everyone! : ) (reblip)


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Blippo Erykah Badu – Apple Tree (couldn't find Alif, Belle)
Sally29 Honest I do! May not be many, but they are all good quality!
theloveartist outta the ballpark (kundalini-esque in my heart)
Eangel Just Breathe with Jill Scott #1musician

Jill Scott-Breathe

| play
Stay19 Takka Takka – Everybody Say<><>
vleyton para mi amoooooor! :) love U


| play
ccseed ...winding up with a little Ratdog covering Silvio
Eangel The Beatles-Octopus Garden - No where I'd rather be... (reblip)

035.- Octopus garden

| play
ancmowat Something that southern Australia really wishes for: Eurythmics, Here Comes the Rain Again...
Eangel Something that southern Australia really wishes for: Eurythmics, Here Comes the Rain Again... (reblip)
Eangel Have a great night all - Sleeping At Last - Careful Hands
SilviaS Still, how does it feel «to be by your side»? Nick Cave
musecrossing Personally, I'd rather switch. [hats off to lilwldchld for the blip] (reblip)
Eangel Cohen 3rd album : ) Between the hour and age, once again, once again, Love calls you by Your Name... Enjoy @noochi
Eangel Lennox - Some people never say the words "I love you" not their style to be so moved. But like a child I'm longing to be told. Something So Right : )

Something So Right - Annie Lennox (Fet-Paul Simon)

| play
Eangel Paul Simon - Peace Like a River : )
Atomik Countdown time! Tonights Theme: Communication/Miscommunication #3 Keep A Secret by the fabu Whitest Boy Alive
Eangel Gwen Stefani - Don't ever want to give you up - 4 in the Morning : )
Eangel King Sunny Ade Ma Jaiiye Oni - Beautiful voices - beautiful people great energy in concert. Last time I saw them was over 10 years ago.
Eangel Dixie Chicks & Taylor - Shower the People with Love show them the way that you feel : )
Eangel Without a Word - Love the guitar in this!
Eangel Eric Clapton - would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven - Tears in Heaven

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

| play
Eangel Good Morning people - and good nite to my followers down under. : )
Eangel Chopin's Ghost - drama in disguise : )
Stay19 Rosie Thomas – Paper Doll<><>
Blippo Paco De Lucia – Entre Dos Aguas
Eangel Roxanne Potvin - Caught Up : )
musecrossing A rock band from Scotland, who had their greatest worldwide popularity from the mid-80s to the early 90s.TY @davidwatts1978 4 re the East in Easter :) (reblip)
Eangel without you, i cannot be, without you with u i am alone,2, without u without u,i count the hours, without u with u, the seconds stand still Ohne Dich
Eangel Frou Frou - Leaving you with 'Maddening Shroud' Enjoy your day and let the music lead you : )
schoodic For the Passamaquoddy grandmothers -- their dedication is like the tides.
Blippo Norah Jones – Don't Know Why
Eangel Good morning, and good evening to my friends down under! Saving Grace - Tom Petty
Blippo ❁COVERFLOW❁ Rodrigo y Gabriela – Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) THX @ko_gianni Yes, another nice cover version! (reblip)
Eangel Honey I woke up this morning feeling so good... I leave U with Taj Mahal tweet U later : )
Joffi "You say too late to start, with your heart in a headlock... You know you're better than this..."
dianamaria We live in a beautiful world (yeah we do, yeah we do)...
Eangel Via @DrDebs great blip! For @theloveartist @HeaRTwork @EarthlifeInst @DianaRusso Enjoy! (reblip)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol02 #05 - time 4 breakfast...I love Tabasco on my eggs ,-)
Burgers ♥♥♥ I am still here & much stronger despite what you tried to do.♥♥♥
Eangel We live in a beautiful world (yeah we do, yeah we do)... (reblip)
Eangel #CafeDelMar #Vol02 #05 - time 4 breakfast...I love Tabasco on my eggs ,-) (reblip)
ccseed my rosalee mcfall...(garcia, grisman and rice...
Eangel Leaving for the day - thingswesaidtoday- Enjoy your day. : )


| play
Eangel My last version of the things we said today, did not work so well, this one is a better quality although not the Beatles. Tweet you later. : )
Eangel Giving you your first prop!!! @suzemuse Great Lake Swimmers - Changing Colours (reblip)
Momix74 ma questa nn la conoscevo!!! (niente a che fare con l'originale, si ascolta, via ;)
Eangel Good morning!!! One moment I held the key...
Blippo @28apple_chic You're blipping a lot of my alltime faves in a row ;) Zero 7, Kosheen, Etienne de Crecy ... LOL Ok., have 2 go! CU later! *huggs*


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dickadcock The blipping of this seems to have fallen off. I am playing it here for the first time. Too good to let go.
iSiTi friday its going to be a beautiful day...thank you
thewhiteness I Hear Him Before I Go To Sleep / And Focus On The Day That's Been / They Say No, No It Won't Last Forever (reblip)
Blippo DJ CUBANIX – Without you? @onesanz Smooth, thanks! (reblip)
Eangel Friend of Mine - Love Lily! : )
tigeladakawaii Lunch time! See you guys later!...
dickadcock Sha -la la la la la Live for today . . .
Eangel GtG 2 enjoy the Sunny Afternoon. tweet you later. : )
Eangel What If - what if - what if -
estrogen bonjour, ma cocotte @aLxAa was machste?
Deley "You're so ... special"...
Eangel Good morning - God put a Smile upon your Face - Coldplay :)
Eangel Is your heart keeping a secret? Why so mysterious? Do tell... Feist-Secret Heart
Eangel Good nite & Sweet dreams - A Change is Gonna Come - Seal : )
Eangel Great Big Sea- Oh Yeah.....
Blippo Peter Licht – Sonnendeck @Cosmix bin ich, bin ich, bin ich ...
Pronuncia Blister in the sun...

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

| play
TheLifeGym The Waterboys - The Pan Within... come with me, on a journey under the skin ... close your eyes, breath slow... Love it!
Diordan You're the night Lilah... off blipland for now! See you later blipsters!! Stay Tight!
Pronuncia Mr. Dylan... Stuck inside of mobile with the Memphis blues again!
fsimits That one suits long distance travelling.
Eangel Redemption Song - Bob Marley

Bob Marley - Redemption Song

| play
KFEM @nightsurfer @tweekybusch @2fast4u Thankxxx for props & new listeners. When you're lonely . .do I ever cross your mind?
fsimits Portland Cello Project | Laura Gibson: Hands in Pockets. Thanks a lot @avivamagnolia. (reblip)
avivajazz ◄ Omar Sosa | Sentir
Eangel Greetings. You're the sweetest thing... : )
Eangel Have a great day! Leaving you with a taste of Jeff Beck - Earth : )
tarciomeixeira Mais uma na sequência Marcio Teixeira de Mello. "Eu Não Me Interesso", do disco "Uma Palavra Que Não é Minha". É sua!
tarciomeixeira A saga continua: "Marcio Teixeira de Mello - Deus é uma Lente de Contato". Se alguém quiser discos, levante o dedo.
Eangel Leaving now, enjoy your day. : )
tarciomeixeira Escute uma das coisas mais lindas do mundo: "Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - Abba Zaba". Se faça o favor.
Eangel Good morning one and all...Oh What a World we live in
Blippo Metric – Succexy // Hello @MJIC Thanks for the blip & inspiration ;)


| play
jvs Nouvelle Vague – Dance With Me
Blippo Enya – Caribbean Blue

EnyaCaribbean Blue

| play
Lucalexa How's you @rolovellocet ?

moon river-breakfast at tiffany´s

| play
Eangel Ahhhhhh, la, la, la, la, Good Morning starshine the Earth says hello... : )

Good Morning Starshine by Oliver

| play
Acidoriccio every time we say goodbye, I die a little...
GR8FL @CynDyn are you connected with this I am sure I would know about a dozen of the artists there.
Gaz50 Waldo de los Ríos "Sinfonía No. 40 de Mozart"

Waldo de los Ríos "Sinfonía No. 40 de Mozart"

| play
Gaz50 Miguel Rios - Song Of Joy
Blippo THX@estrogen: "ooooh! one of my favourite cartoons!" Und noch ein oooooh! :) (reblip)
Gaz50 Cat Stevens – Father and Son
Blippo And another incredible Luc Besson movie (OST of Requiem for a dream > another movie that I recommend & love) @Stitch_13 @boamorte @Eangel

LEON The Professional

| play
Stitch_13 I probably love every single thing Bent have done so far.You're welcome my Blip friend :-) @noochi
tarciomeixeira Olha aí, Má: Tim Buckley, "Phantasmagoria In Two". Arrepie-se.
Lucalexa Ah well..there's no song for the tour of italy..

kraftwerk- tour de france

| play
theloveartist kinda distorted but one of those songs that makes me cry a little kinda like journey (via @threebears) (reblip)
transitenator Maybe ... catch a falling star °º¤ø+„¸„ø¤º¨°º¤ø

Catch a falling Star

| play
transitenator My happy ending, well, at least 4 today.
SarahWV Just let me whisper things you've never heard before
Eangel Good night: Does not get better than - Slow Blues with Peterson and Basie : )

New Order: 60 Miles an Hour @ Hultsfred 2002

| play
Eangel #Happy Canada Day! My Stomping Grounds : )
Blippo woke up with this song. no clue why.


| play
debzilda a direção desse clipe do the mars volta é massa | "televators"
debzilda vou até terminar com ela hoje, pq perdi o comecinho agora na tv =P [michael jackson - you rock my world]
Eangel @klitoria: "rbl@Catoon....thx...." It's all right, little darling, it's been a long time. Here comes the Sun, I hope. : ) (reblip)
LarryCzerwonka time for a little island music: Koa`uka – I Can Be the Guy (reblip)
Eangel Good Morning all- Nina Simone- What a voice! Just call me Angel...

Angel of the morning Nina Simone

| play
evertonmoreth "Good Day Sunshine @SoniaC !!!" Awesome music!!! (reblip)

Good Day Sunshine

| play
rubikoO Feist – One Evening
Eangel Calling it a nite - See you when the - Sun it Rises : )
transitenator See ya in a week or so ... (OOO = OFFline OCCupation OVERload. ;)

KoRn Last Legal Drug (See You On The Other Side album bonus disc)

| play
rubikoO Nobuo Uematsu – Cloud Smiles

Portishead roads live

| play
Skyfleet If there are angels on the moon ... maybe this week huh?
rubikoO The Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Music For A Found Harmonium
rubikoO The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
rubikoO Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, op. 13, 2nd Movement
rubikoO Debussy Suite Bergamasque, 3rd Movement
megan_eb Trying to get energised for @OntarioRebELLEs conference call this morning.
megan_eb About 4 summers ago, I was obsessed with this song... and was pretty sure I was in love.
Blippo ANNE CLARK – Poem Without Words II (Journey By Night) THX@mangoli (reblip)
Eangel Getting over a bloody cold - but I still got - Joy!
megan_eb Extra soul.

The Guess Who - No Sugar Tonight, New Mother Nature

| play
Atomik Johnny Cash – Jackson
Eangel Dream, and I promise you it will all come true...
Atomik Annie Lennox – Take Me To The River
finchbeak @GlowieThePixie: "Conway Twitty – Hello Darlin'" hello darlin! (reblip)
Skyfleet R/B the mighty @GR8FL "love is my religion..." :), (reblip)
GR8FL for you, my darling... you make it easy to watch the world with love...
liminal Louis Armstrong | West End Blues (1924) | RB@Dzhimbo: "The great cadenza at the beginning changed jazz improv. Satch was lyrical." (reblip)

1924 West End Blues  Louis Armstrong  ルイ・アームストロング

| play
liminal Bibio | Lover's Carvings | RB@Orphanage: "A Sweet Song Full of Heartache " (reblip)
Eangel Why could we not just take our time - Slowly...
Skyfleet Im late,,, .... !!

Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit-

| play


| play
Eangel Save me a place in your heart...


| play
Eangel I want a little sweetness down in my soul...

I want a little sugar in my bowl Nina Simone

| play
jsalinasi Sonando Even star de Howard Shore (Featuring Isabel Bayrakdarian) mientras voy revisando una tesis doctoral...
Skyfleet I am !!

Simple Minds Alive and Kicking.

| play
theloveartist so good 2 me loves @anodyne2art @Naxos @Kenya @mginagomez @FlaglerBeach @tannermenard @euskir @Eangel @Anadyome
jsalinasi Suena Chebi.... mientras comienzo a prepara un proyecto (lo interesante es ejecutarlos, pero antes hay que presentarlos..)
Eangel @jsalinasi: "Sonando Even star de Howard Shore (Featuring Isabel Bayrakdarian) mientras voy revisando una tesis doctoral..." (reblip)
drbenlo Good morning - Pavarotti - Rigoletto - Enjoy!
SoftTouch spiders filling out tax returns, spiders going as accountants for Halloween.
elocio The Black Crowes – Wiser Time ty @bryngard (reblip)
Eangel I love this song...

"Little Drummer Boy", David Bowie and Bing Crosby

| play
peacefulwarrior This one's for @toblogtoday have a wonderful day!
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