FullMetalRadio +++ Iron Maiden – Where Eagles Dare +++
FullMetalRadio \m/ Oh no....I'm stoned again!!!! +++

SwordStoned Again

| play
FullMetalRadio +++ Ozzy Osbourne-Thunder Underground +++

Ozzy Osbourne-Thunder Underground

| play
FullMetalRadio \m/ +++ Haste The Day – "Chorus Of Angels" +++
FullMetalRadio My prediction....this song ROCKS!!! +++
Metal_Rocks Type O Negative – My Girlfriend's Girlfriend. So many women...So little time! lol!!
FullMetalRadio You won't hear me...but you will feel me...+++ Judas Priest-Turbo Lover +++

Judas Priest-Turbo Lover

| play
FullMetalRadio \m/ Cinderella – Fire and Ice +++ Rocking the hell out of #Hairball Thursday +++
FullMetalRadio +++ Within Temptation – Final Destination +++ (reblip)
FullMetalRadio +++ Monster Magnet – Space Lord +++
FullMetalRadio What a cool tune!!! \m/ +++ Scorpions – Animal Magnetism +++
FullMetalRadio +++ Queensrÿche – Queen Of The Reich +++
FullMetalRadio Yes we are!! \m/ Judas Priest-Metal Gods +++

judas priest-metal gods

| play
FullMetalRadio +++ Metal Church – Watch the Children Pray +++
FullMetalRadio It's a beautiful night tonight and the air is filled with.. Savatage – Summer's Rain +++
FullMetalRadio The Heavy Metal Hall of Fame would like to remind you what it feels like to be a Metal-Head!!!! \m/-_-\m/ +++
Metal_brad Queensryche – Walk in the Shadows (2000 Digital Remaster) - From the underrated Rage For Order album. My fave Queensryche song!
FullMetalRadio +++ AC/DC – For Those About To Rock +++
FullMetalRadio +++ Saxon – Broken Heroes +++

SaxonBroken Heroes

| play
FullMetalRadio +++ Poisonblack – Never Enough +++
FullMetalRadio \m/ Saxon – The Thin Red Line +++
FullMetalRadio Why?? because your decision's/actions will place you in Heaven or Hell at any given moment...choose wisely! +++
FullMetalRadio This is my favorite from.....Tygers of Pan Tang – Suzie Smiled +++
FullMetalRadio Deep Purple – Bad Attitude +++
FullMetalRadio Outta breath yet!!?? :D Diamond Head – Run +++
FullMetalRadio Amon Amarth – Guardians Of Asgaard +++
FullMetalRadio Kamelot – The Haunting +++
FullMetalRadio Thanks for listening, props, and RB's - Have a great night!! +++
FullMetalRadio Ghost Machine – God Forbid +++
FullMetalRadio Good one! RB @LauStar +++ (reblip)

╬ The Crow ╬

| play
FullMetalRadio Proud supporter of Heavy Metal on Blip.fm...Thanks for listening!! GN! \m/
FullMetalRadio Tank – Kill +++


| play
FullMetalRadio Iron Maiden - Revelations +++

Iron Maiden Revelations

| play
spacestacy awesome song!!!@michelle4386: "Hey Stranger! How are ya? @DreamWarriorz: "Hi Michelle!! RB @michelle4386 +++"" (reblip)
Tattooed_Angel Warlock - Fight For Rock (video) ~ featuring Metal Goddess Doro Pesch
FullMetalRadio \m/ Iron Maiden – These Colours Dont Run +++
FullMetalRadio \m/ Judas Priest – Night Comes Down +++
FullMetalRadio UFO – Only You Can Rock Me +++
MetalAngel Move to the music, Play that f***ing music!!! :D @DreamWarriorz, @MWeezles, @bluetyson, @lovely_london,@leaferi (reblip)

The Union Underground-Across The Nation w/ Lyrics

| play
FullMetalRadio \m/ ╬ The Crow ╬ +++

╬ The Crow ╬

| play
FullMetalRadio \m/ Dream Theater – Pull me under +++
FullMetalRadio \m/ LACUNA COIL – Swamped (OFFICIAL VIDEO) +++
FullMetalRadio Another spoonful \m/-_-\m/ RB@lovely_london: "Black Friday........" (reblip)

Grinspoon "Black Friday"

| play
FullMetalRadio \m/ Katatonia – July +++


| play
FullMetalRadio \m/ Full Devil Jacket – Stain +++
FullMetalRadio \m/ Stabbing Westward – What do I have to do? +++
FullMetalRadio My choice! \m/ Metallica – Wherever I May Roam +++
FullMetalRadio RB@lisa_michele Hey congrats on your 1K badge!! Huh..was wondering why you added a new professional pic ;) (reblip)
FullMetalRadio "ENCORE" \m/-_- Everyone loves a good "Love Song" \m/ Full Devil Jacket – Love Song +++
FullMetalRadio Woooooooooooo!! \m/ Art Of Dying – You Don't Know Me +++
FullMetalRadio \m/ In Flames – Zombie Inc +++
FullMetalRadio Alabama Thunderpussy – Motor-Ready +++
FullMetalRadio Do it NOW!! \m/ Guano Apes – Open Your Eyes +++
FullMetalRadio THE 69 EYES – Dead Girls Are Easy +++
FullMetalRadio Chevelle - Forfeit +++

Chevelle: Forfeit

| play
FullMetalRadio \m/ Hatebreed – Before Dishonor (Original Version)
FullMetalRadio \m/ DREAM EVIL – The Book Of Heavy Metal
FullMetalRadio \m/ Thunderstone – Tool of the Devil
FullMetalRadio \m/ Halford – Slow Down

HalfordSlow Down

| play
FullMetalRadio \m/ MERCENARY – My World Is Ending (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
FullMetalRadio RB@Darkangelkas: "You're on fire...Deftones – MX" (reblip)

DeftonesMX Lyrics

| play
FullMetalRadio Love. This is getting harder, And I can't seem to pick you out of the crowd.

Plus 44155

| play
FullMetalRadio Soo many great DJ's to share soo little time!! \m/ @trushly: "\o/" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio She plays lot's of great metal :D RB@dj1997 (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Wooo..PARADISE!! \m/ Diamond Head – Paradise
FullMetalRadio I like you...you throw heaters!! :D RB@DJCZ: "Bloodwork.......... " (reblip)
FullMetalRadio \m/ Five Finger Death Punch – The Bleeding ╠With Lyrics╣
FullMetalRadio Saxon – Midas Touch (1999 Digital Remaster)
FullMetalRadio KATATONIA – Forsaker NEW SONG 2009
FullMetalRadio Guns N' Roses - One in a Million

Guns N' Roses-One in a Million

| play
FullMetalRadio Chevelle - Jars Official Music Video!

Jars- Chevelle Official Music Video!

| play
FullMetalRadio \m/ Bury Your Dead – The Forgotten
FullMetalRadio Skid Row – Quicksand Jesus (Studio Version)
FullMetalRadio You gotta stand tall and cut away the ties / Drop walls and hold that head up high!!! \m/

machine head from this day

| play
FullMetalRadio Cinder – Soul Creation
Moshers_Moll ''Halo'' Loooove Machine Head.Awesome band \m/

Machine Head Halo

| play
FullMetalRadio Gavin Rossdale – Adrenaline
FullMetalRadio Marilyn Manson & Korn – Cry for You
FullMetalRadio K..LMAO!@Darkangelkas: "Oops:) Try this one instead!! @DreamWarriorz Are you sure?? It say's Viagra on it!!!!@ Darkangelkas Take this bottle" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Your so sweet!! :) RB@Darkangelkas: "Deftones – MX" (reblip)

DeftonesMX Lyrics

| play
FullMetalRadio Motley Crue – you're all i need
FullMetalRadio lmao :P@HeatherMacc: "@DreamWarriorz oh yes - lots of fun... y'know not like sex, but entertaining - Wicked Sensation - Lynch Mob - OLD School" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio \m/ Judas Priest "Starbreaker"

Judas Priest "Starbreaker"

| play
FullMetalRadio Iron Maiden – "The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg"
FullMetalRadio Hey babe!! Agreed!!@HeatherMacc: "Pantera - Cowboys from Hell - W/O a doubt, one of the BEST f-ing Pantera songs around! Hi @DreamWarriorz :-*" (reblip)

Pantera- Cowboys From Hell (studio version)

| play
FullMetalRadio Dio – Wild One / Born On The Sun
FullMetalRadio Had to add this one to the my playlist...\m/ DARKNESS DYNAMITE – Save the Cheerleader
FullMetalRadio More Swedish Metal! \m/ Arch Enemy – Aces High (Iron Maiden cover)
FullMetalRadio After Forever – Energize Me....
FullMetalRadio Persuader – The Return
FullMetalRadio Updating my tunes... \m/ Soilwork – Distortion Sleep (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Encore for my cool listeners! \m/ Seven Witches – The Burning!
FullMetalRadio GN! Thanks for the great-times!! \m/ PRIMAL FEAR – Fighting The Darkness
FullMetalRadio Cool! :D@SkyeCebh: "Hooked you up on Twit :) @me "\m/ @me: We're just Awesome! and you know it! :P What's with the cool sound coming out of Sweden!? (reblip)
FullMetalRadio AWESOME! \m/ IN FLAMES – Cloud Connected!
FullMetalRadio BBL..... \m/ Persuader – The Return!!
FullMetalRadio A kick-ass song!! \m/ Exodus - Blacklist!


| play
FullMetalRadio Hell Yeah – You Wouldn't Know
FullMetalRadio Ghost Machine – God Forbid...
FullMetalRadio Great talent...@cattysheba: "Lovin' this tune hon....thanks for playing it. @marijaanadj: "Slipknot – Snuff "" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio :D@Angie74: "Night hun. TY for the fun tonight. YOU ROCK! :) @DreamWarriorz: "METAL RULES...see ya soon! GN! \m/-_-POISONBLACK – Rush(OFFICIAL VIDEO) (reblip)
FullMetalRadio No..I'll be using the Braille system on you tonight!! lmao! @Angie74: "YOU got a cam on me TOO hun?!? ;P @me "Mandatory mini-skirts and hair flipping! (reblip)

soil-breaking me down

| play
FullMetalRadio Awesome new Metal DJ! RB@just1fix: "Fear Factory - "Powershifter"" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio \m/ Black Label Society – Stillborn
FullMetalRadio \m/ Dethklok – The Lost Vikings (HQ)
FullMetalRadio Exodus RULES! - Blacklist-_-\m/

Blacklist -- Exodus

| play
FullMetalRadio Hatebreed – In Ashes They Shall Reap
FullMetalRadio Poisonblack – Soul in flames
FullMetalRadio 300 Music Video (Chevelle – I Get It)
FullMetalRadio Ozzy Osbourne – Breaking All the Rules!
FullMetalRadio Hollenthon – Innocent Sin
FullMetalRadio into the PIT! \m/ Paradise Lost – True Belief
FullMetalRadio Awesome blip! \m/ RB@pixelmongress: ""You could find a way to ease my passion. You listen to the blood flow in my veins. You hear the teaching of the (reblip)
FullMetalRadio \m/ Dark The Suns – Unbroken Silence...
ShedMySkin great song!@DreamWarriorz: "Me too! lmao @dmoney350z: "I wanna live with a cinnamon girl... i could be happy the rest of my life..."" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio \m/ Iron Maiden – Prowler!

Iron MaidenProwler

| play
FullMetalRadio All That Remains – Regret Not
FullMetalRadio Underworld Evolution soundtrack – The Last Sunrise
FullMetalRadio RB@vix_rock: "Black Label Society – I Never Dreamed.One of The Best Black label society Tune \m/" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio \m/ Hammerfall – Breaking The Law (Judas Priest Cover)
FullMetalRadio \m/ ARCH ENEMY – Revolution Begins (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
FullMetalRadio \m/ SCAR SYMMETRY – Morphogenesis
FullMetalRadio Good one! RB@SkyeCebh: "♫♥♪ 36 Crazyfists - "Slit Wrist Theory" ♥ [.."And as it falls from your mouth, it seems like you needed it more .. Well I can (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Wow....PARADISE LOST – Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us (OFFICIAL Video)
FullMetalRadio Pantera – Becoming-_-\m/


| play
FullMetalRadio Killswitch Engage – I Would Do Anything...
FullMetalRadio Killswitch Engage ~ This Fire Burns

Killswitch Engage ~ This Fire Burns

| play
FullMetalRadio Marilyn Manson – We came to see the MOBSCENE!!!
SkyeCebh I love being here with you! We pull the same #metal game! Muah! @DreamWarriorz: "36 Crazyfists – Absent are the saints-_- \m/" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio POISONBLACK - Hatelove...


| play
FullMetalRadio \m/ Metal Church – Into Dust....
FullMetalRadio RB@Doralex: "Greatest video!!" (reblip)


| play
FullMetalRadio SAXON – Dallas 1 PM [re-recorded] (HD Audio) Crank it! \m/
FullMetalRadio \m/ Helloween – Heavy Metal
FullMetalRadio GN! P.O.D. – When angels and serpents dance...
FullMetalRadio Things need to change... \m/ Kreator – Violent Revolution!
FullMetalRadio Bullet For My Valentine – Deliver Us From Evil
FullMetalRadio Might be back later... \m/ Bullet For My Valentine – Disappear
FullMetalRadio Great White – On Your Knees :P
FullMetalRadio Darkness In Flames – Angel In Black
FullMetalRadio \m/ Testament – So Many Lies...
FullMetalRadio My F-ing awesome tune of the night!! lol \m/-_-Motorhead – The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
FullMetalRadio Judas Priest - Night Comes Down...

Judas Priest Night Comes Down

| play
FullMetalRadio Sentenced – You are the one...
FullMetalRadio Nice! rb@DJCZ: "So Long, Goodbye" (reblip)

10 Years- So Long, Goodbye (lyrics)

| play
FullMetalRadio Helloween – Perfect Gentleman
FullMetalRadio Strip tease song!! lol :P @marijaanadj: "Atreyu - You Give Love A Bad Name vi @backasswards" (reblip)
cattysheba Slipping another one in for the night - Scorpions - "Rhythm of Love"

Scorpions- Rhythm of Love

| play
FullMetalRadio Iron Maiden – Wrathchild [@MetalRocks]
FullMetalRadio Puscifer – Momma Sed

PusciferMomma Sed

| play
FullMetalRadio Nevermore – Dreaming Neon Black
FullMetalRadio Unida - Human Tornado

Unida-Human Tornado

| play
FullMetalRadio Police escort coming through!! \m/ Hearse – Torch


| play
FullMetalRadio Lake Of Tears – Return Of Ravens
FullMetalRadio Stone Sour – The Day I let Go remix
FullMetalRadio 36 Crazyfists – Bloodwork (HQ Quality)
FullMetalRadio Bruce Dickinson & Judas Priest – Wishing Well
FullMetalRadio In Flames – "Come Clarity" - [High Quality]
FullMetalRadio AC/DC – Flick Of The Switch
FullMetalRadio Queensryche – The Lady Wore Black - HQ Audio
FullMetalRadio Alice In Chains – We Die Young
FullMetalRadio Spineshank – Forgotten [HQ]
FullMetalRadio Wicked Game by Stone Sour

Wicked Game by Stone Sour

| play
FullMetalRadio GN! \m/ A Tribute To The Four Horsemen – Seek And Destroy (Primal Fear Cover)
FullMetalRadio Guns N' Roses – Dust N' Bones (studio version)
FullMetalRadio Korn – Freak on a Leash w/ Lyrics
FullMetalRadio Aerosmith – Lord of the Thighs
FullMetalRadio Five Finger Death-Punch - Walk Away

Five Finger Death-Punch Walk Away

| play
FullMetalRadio AC/DC – Fly On The Wall
zjt09 Just great. RB! @DarkArt: "nice cover!!!" (reblip)

Framing Hanley- Lollipop LYRICS

| play
FullMetalRadio From Autumn to Ashes – The second Wrong
FullMetalRadio Black Label Society – Concrete Jungle
FullMetalRadio 36 Crazyfists – The tide and its takers...
FullMetalRadio \m/ Shadows Fall – Inspiration on Demand!!
FullMetalRadio Yes!!! The tune of the night!! :P rb@DirtyUrine: "AC/DC – Jailbreak (Hot Russian Girls Version)! \m/" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio \m/ Five Finger Death Punch - Bad company

Five Finger Death Punch-Bad company

| play
FullMetalRadio \m/ Ozzy Osbourne – Rock 'N' Roll Rebel
FullMetalRadio \m/ Judas Priest - Rock Hard Ride Free

Judas Priest Rock Hard Ride Free

| play
FullMetalRadio \m/ Pantera – Rock the World \m/
FullMetalRadio Dialing now... \m/ Motorhead – Dr Rock!

MotorheadDr Rock

| play
FullMetalRadio W.A.S.P. – The Rock Rolls On
FullMetalRadio Grim Reaper – "Rock You To Hell"
FullMetalRadio Krokus – To the Top

KrokusTo the Top

| play
FullMetalRadio Cool! rb@Lothlorien: ""Lying in my sweat, drying my tears. Waiting for you, I am..."" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio When Chuck Norris is doing a push-up he isn't lifting himself up; he's pushing the earth down! \m/><\m/
FullMetalRadio Mercyful Fate - Lady in Black

Mercyful Fate-Lady in Black

| play
FullMetalRadio Great song! rb@AshliVicious: "she's the one that keeps me all excited.. she keeps me beggin for more <3" (reblip)

Seether-Never Leave

| play
FullMetalRadio Well hell...gotta rb this!! @AshliVicious: "something i just might regret.. something you will not forget ;)" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Thanks for props and RB's @TheGoddessSpicy ..It's the least I can do! =P (reblip)
AshliVicious Danzig- Naked Witch

Danzig- Naked Witch

| play
FullMetalRadio Just woke up...might just stay that way!! lol \m/ In Flames - The Jester Race

In Flames The Jester Race

| play
FullMetalRadio Megadeth - Wake Up Dead

Megadeth Wake Up Dead-Music Video

| play
FullMetalRadio Megadeth – Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (Studio Version)
FullMetalRadio Ready? I'm pulling the trigger... :D AC/DC – Shot To Thrill
FullMetalRadio \m/ Scars of Life – Bullet With Your Name

Guns N' Roses-Think About You

| play
FullMetalRadio Thanks for listening! Breakin Benjamin- Follow Me...

Breakin Benjamin- Follow Me

| play
FullMetalRadio This may hurt a little... \m/ Grim Reaper – "Rock Me 'Till I Die"
FullMetalRadio New one to me..I like it! Alice Cooper - Blow Me A Kiss...

Alice Cooper Blow Me A Kiss

| play
FullMetalRadio I know you like what's on my mind - Oh, it's killing you this time - I can feel it when we go there - That you like when I'm inside.. ;)
FullMetalRadio Sin City / Deftones – Passenger Feat. Maynard
FullMetalRadio \m/ Megadeth – Take No Prisoners
FullMetalRadio What a concert!! \m/ Metal Church – Metal Church
FullMetalRadio I'm good! Find any new metal lately? rb@vix_rock: "KATATONIA – Gone.Shout Oust To @DreamWarriorz How Are Yew Brudda! U Cool?" (reblip)


| play
FullMetalRadio Ozzy Osbourne – I Don't Wanna Stop...EVER!! \m/
FullMetalRadio Doro Pesch – Fight

Doro PeschFight

| play
FullMetalRadio GN! Thanks for listening! \m/><\m/ Killswitch Engage – My Last Serenade Music Video
FullMetalRadio Testament – A Day of Reckoning
FullMetalRadio @DirtyUrine: "Nice find!! \m/ rb@La_Vera_Mahshid: "Bruce Dickinson & Dream Theater – Perfect Strangers"" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio True to this cause I hunger - I count the days that pass me by - I'll do what I know is right - No failure shall befall me this time.. \m/

All That Remains- It Dwells In Me

| play
FullMetalRadio Inflames – Alias.... I found secrets about life untold, Let them take me far away... #\m/


| play
FullMetalRadio The Showdown – Temptation Come My Way...Temptation come my way, temptation takes the day #\m/
FullMetalRadio Been awhile since I've heard S-X. Nice! rb@La_Vera_Mahshid: "So what do we do ~~ Static X - So" (reblip)

Static X So

| play
FullMetalRadio Here is your broken character - the one left of heaven - Scissors cut him from the page, example... #\m/
FullMetalRadio When your taught through feelings - Destiny flying high above - All I know is you can Realise it... #\m/
FullMetalRadio I remember when all the games began-Remember every little lie and every last goodbye-Promises you broke, words you choked on-and I never walked away,
FullMetalRadio Metallica – Stone Dead Forever - Hero Of The Day Single #\m/
FullMetalRadio Roadrunner United – Army of the Sun...#\m/
FullMetalRadio It Dies Today – A Port In Any Storm..#\m/
FullMetalRadio Accept – Head over Heels...#\m/
FullMetalRadio DevilDriver – Pray For Villains...#\m/
FullMetalRadio Throwdown – This continuum...#\m/
FullMetalRadio Cool song! Drowning Pool – Reminded...#\m/
FullMetalRadio Mercyful Fate – Into The Unknown...#\m/
FullMetalRadio rb!@AshliVicious: should i ,or just ignore who you are, and what you could've been, should i open up my eyes and make believe you will change (reblip)
FullMetalRadio rb!@AllSlayerAllTheTime: "Screaming From The Sky ☞☞☞ⓢⓛⓐⓨⓔⓡ☜☜☜" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Roadrunner United – Davidian...#\m/
FullMetalRadio Roadrunner United – Roots Bloody Roots...#\m/
FullMetalRadio No refusing here!! :P rb!@lipstikfellatio Sepultura – Refuse-Resist...#\m/ (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Dry Kill Logic – As thick as thieves...#\m/
FullMetalRadio Killer tune!! rb!!@ankita_gaur: "Nazareth – Miss Misery" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Great White – Face the day Extended (HQ audio)...#BHT
FullMetalRadio It's no secret - Secrets aren't bought and sold - You gotta pay - With your heart and soul...#\m/ RAWR!!!
FullMetalRadio Silent Civilian – Live Again...
FullMetalRadio American Head Charge – Never Get Caught...#\m/
FullMetalRadio rb!@djhyperactive: "And then I close my eyes.. And then I close my eyes.. Judge me now" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio White Lion – Deep In Love With You #BHT
FullMetalRadio KATAKLYSM – Shadows And Dust...#\m/
FullMetalRadio Solution .45 – The Close Beyond...#\m/
FullMetalRadio Let's hear Jericho try it!! Fozzy – The Mob Rules..#\m/

FozzyThe Mob Rules

| play
FullMetalRadio AM Conspiracy – Far...#\m/

AM ConspiracyFar

| play
FullMetalRadio Ventana – Cry Little Sister (Album Version) HQ #\m/
FullMetalRadio rb@Ocicat: Insomnium – Where The Last Wave Broke -- Awesome song! #\m/ (reblip)
FullMetalRadio rb!@lalunajade: "Five Finger Death Punch covering Faith No More! Cool :)" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Freedom Call – Mr. Evil #\m/
FullMetalRadio Danzig – Five Finger Crawl #\m/
FullMetalRadio W.E.T. – One Love...Came out of nowhere, girl you're my miracle Yeah we go stronger #\m/

W.E.T.One Love

| play
FullMetalRadio Gives you a taste of temptation :P @ScaryBaby Soul Doctor – Temptation!! #\m/
FullMetalRadio EXODUS – Thorn In My Side #\m/
FullMetalRadio Doing great now! ;) @lalunajade Danzig – Ju Ju Bone #\m/
FullMetalRadio Exciter – Mission Destroy #\m/
FullMetalRadio Cauldron [Canada] – "Into the Cauldron" [Studio Version] #\m/
FullMetalRadio Dude this f*cking cool! @FullMetalJacket: "rb!!@brucefraser: "fuck ya! "Sister Machine Gun - TNT""" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Fastway - Trick or Treat @ScaryBaby what's your pleasure!?? ;) #\m/
FullMetalRadio Cool tune!!@ScaryBaby: "☠ Hi and thanks, Roxanne! ~~>@Roxanne721: "@ScaryBaby: "☠ ~~> Shout outs to 114 listeners...Scary luv and thanks!!! ☠ XX""" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Awesome blip Michelle!! @michelle4386 Whoa---> My Darkest Days - Porn Star Dancing (Rock Version) (reblip)
FullMetalRadio This tune kicks ass!! --->Dimmu borgir – Puritania #\m/
FullMetalRadio There's still hope in one - Life as we once knew it is dead - Pick up the pieces, saying goodbye - Has never been so hard.. Redemption – Inhale Exhale
FullMetalRadio Whhhhoooaaaa!!--->Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl #\m/
FullMetalRadio The cost is too high!!!--->Fear Factory – Slave Labor #\m/
FullMetalRadio Love this song! rb!@brucefraser: "Machine Head – Hallowed Be Thy Name" #\m/ (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Let this twilight linger upon me - Moon and stars take over when - sun has fled - And bring her scent to me... #\m/
FullMetalRadio rb!!@ash1: "it's all about the drums \m/(>_<) \m/" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio One of my favorite bands!! -->All That Remains - Indictment #\m/
FullMetalRadio Warpath – Expendable Forces - Thanks for sharing!--> @shelliejaye #\m/
FullMetalRadio My playlist is ever changing-->Machine Head – All In Your Head #\m/
FullMetalRadio \m/><\m/ Warpath – Spitting Venom
FullMetalRadio Hmmm, Your teasing and pleasing me! ;) xo rb@ScaryBaby: "☠ ~~>@FullMetalJacket <~~ ☠XO" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Sacred Reich – Just Like That #\m/
FullMetalRadio rb!!@MathdaMan: "WASP - Sleeping in the Fire Inspired by @darthbobby34 & @FullMetalJacket #WASPFTW!" (reblip)

WASP Sleeping in the Fire live

| play
FullMetalRadio American Head Charge – Song for the Suspect
FullMetalRadio Babe, check this cover out..sweet! @SkyeCebh -Skinlab – Bullet With Butterfly Wings #\m/
FullMetalRadio Nevermore- The Heart collector #\m/

Nevermore- The Heart collector

| play
FullMetalRadio Moonspell – Full Moon Madness #\m/
FullMetalRadio Awesome and brutal tune from-->Behemoth – As Above, So Below #\m/
FullMetalRadio Type O Negative - Love You to Death..@ScaryBaby #\m/

Type O Negative-Love You to Death

| play
FullMetalRadio Iron Maiden – Wrathchild #\m/
FullMetalRadio Tell the world of Paschendale!-->Iron Maiden – Paschendale #\m/
FullMetalRadio Testament – Souls Of Black #\m/
FullMetalRadio GN! All That Remains – Forever in your Hands @ScaryBaby
FullMetalRadio Godsmack~Saints And Sinners #\m/

Godsmack~Saints And Sinners

| play
FullMetalRadio Queensryche ~ Bridge #\m/


| play
FullMetalRadio Zakk Attack!!--->Black Label Society - No More Tears #\m/

Black Label Society - No More Tears

| play
FullMetalRadio Evanescence – Tourniquet #\m/
FullMetalRadio The Godfathers of metal! TY!@VTWoodchuck: "From dep in the mine comes...RB!@FullMetalJacket: "Black Sabbath – Hand Of Doom #\m/"" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Helloween – In The Middle Of A Heartbeat #\m/
FullMetalRadio Testament – Practice What You Preach #\m/
FullMetalRadio DevilDriver – Back With A Vengence #\m/
FullMetalRadio Enter here--->White Zombie – Welcome To Planet M.F. #\m/
FullMetalRadio Ahh..hell yeah!! \m/ rb@Cruzito: "Brutally brilliant track \m/: Nails - Unsilent Death @FullMetalJacket @AcidBlack @DamnTheMan @fearshop @cryostasium" (reblip)

Unsilent Death by Nails

| play
FullMetalRadio \m/@marijaanadj: "I like the vid and the movie too!!! @xTRiPPx: "i like this video better than the movie?@marijaanadj: "Type O Negative – Wolf Moon""" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Black Sabbath – Ancient Warrior #\m/
FullMetalRadio Helloween – I Want Out (2010) <---I like this new version!
FullMetalRadio Amon Amarth – Cry Of The Black Birds #\m/
FullMetalRadio Katatonia - I break #\m/

Katatonia I break

| play
FullMetalRadio Mesmerizing--> KATATONIA – Rainroom #\m/


| play
FullMetalRadio Katatonia - Deadhouse #\m/

Katatonia Deadhouse

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FullMetalRadio Ohh sweet nurse-->Katatonia – Sweet Nurse #\m/
FullMetalRadio Shout out to-->KATATONIA – For My Demons #\m/
FullMetalRadio Stay here for a while-->Katatonia – Day #\m/


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FullMetalRadio GN! Thanks for listening-->Katatonia – Tonight's Music #\m/
FullMetalRadio KISS – I Was Made For Loving You...LIVE HQ! #\m/
FullMetalRadio Ready, Aim, Fire!!-->Megadeth – Set The World A Fire #\m/
Ocicat I love this song, but it rips my heart out every time I hear it...while still rocking \m/ In Mourning – For You To Know
FullMetalRadio We stand together cause ROCK is our LIFE!! Saxon – Rock Is Our Life #\m/
FullMetalRadio Judas Priest – Dissident Aggressor #\m/
FullMetalRadio Fozzy – Under Blackened Skies #\m/
FullMetalRadio Kingdom of Sorrow – From Heroes To Dust #\m/
FullMetalRadio Mudvayne – Scarlet Letters #\m/
FullMetalRadio GN! Heaven & Hell – Bible Black #\m/
FullMetalRadio Bolt Thrower – No Guts, No Glory #\m/
FullMetalRadio American Head Charge- Loyalty #\m/

American Head Charge- Loyalty

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FullMetalRadio Bullet for My Valentine - Your Betrayal #\m/
FullMetalRadio As I Lay Dying – Nothing Left #\m/
FullMetalRadio RAWR!! Fear Factory - Replica #\m/

Fear Factory-Replica

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FullMetalRadio Dead By April – What Can I Say #\m/
FullMetalRadio Firewind – Angels Forgive Me #\m/
FullMetalRadio Kick-ass new stuff from-->Black Label Society – Overlord (2010) #\m/
FullMetalRadio Machine Head – Imperium #\m/
FullMetalRadio We've entered a shadow zone!! Static-X – Machine #\m/
FullMetalRadio rb@rjoe: "@d_upsettah" DOWN – When The Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin cover) (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Ozzy Osbourne – Soul Sucker...set to a cool Ghost Rider vid!! #\m/
FullMetalRadio Out on the front line, don't worry I'll be fine - The story is just beginning - I say goodbye to my weakness, so long to the regrets - And now I... (reblip)
FullMetalRadio The 69 Eyes – Angel On My Shoulder...
FullMetalRadio The Sisters of Mercy – Temple of Love
FullMetalRadio Paradise Lost – Missing..
FullMetalRadio Type O Negative – Anesthesia
FullMetalRadio From a haze came a distant thunder!! Queensrÿche – Take Hold of the Flame #\m/
FullMetalRadio rb@La_Vera_Mahshid: "Oh heck I love my sleep, ill sleep in the fire too!! :-D @creativeness" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Godsmack Vampires \m/

Godsmack Vampires

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FullMetalRadio Enjoy the build up!! RAWRRR-->Chimaira – Left for Dead #FullMetalFriday \m/
FullMetalRadio Skeletonwitch - Onward to Battle #FullMetalFriday \m/

Skeletonwitch-At One With The Shadows-Onward to Battle

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FullMetalRadio I'm doing great, thanks! Your quickly becoming a favorite of mine. \m/@profond (reblip)
FullMetalRadio That is one evil growl! Whoa! Arch Enemy – Symphony Of Destruction #Megadeth \m/><\m/
FullMetalRadio Swallow The Sun – Swallow
FullMetalRadio Megadeth – This Day We Fight!
FullMetalRadio It was a close call on the dark cold winter night...Megadeth – A Tout Le Monde
FullMetalRadio Got a date..gotta run! \m/ Tiamat – Brighter than the Sun
FullMetalRadio Great pick! rb@darthbobby34 Testament - Disciples Of The Watch \m/ (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Hanzel und Gretyl – Hail to the Darkside \m/
FullMetalRadio From Autumn to Ashes – Everything I need
FullMetalRadio Gotta run! All Shall Perish – Awaken The Dreamers \m/
FullMetalRadio Black Label Society - Berserkers #FullMetalFriday #\m/

Berserkers-Black Label Society

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FullMetalRadio Lizzy Borden – We Only Come Out at Night...\m/
FullMetalRadio Judas Priest - Between The Hammer And The Anvil #\m/

Between The Hammer And The Anvil-Judas Priest

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FullMetalRadio It's just....Me Against The World - Lizzy Borden #ArmedAndAmped #BHT
FullMetalRadio *Cuffs you to the bed*....Love Is A Crime – Lizzy Borden #ArmedAndAmped #BHT
FullMetalRadio Fight - Immortal Sin [Official Video] #ArmedAndAmped #\m/

Fight Immortal Sin [Official Video]

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FullMetalRadio Savatage - Follow Me #ArmedAndAmped

Savatage- Follow Me

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FullMetalRadio That's all I want, that's all I need...GN! -->Lynch Mob – All I Want #ArmedAndAmped" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Ohh man, this tune soo rocks! thx For you maybe! lol rb!@lalunajade: "haha @FullMetalJacket, don't lie ;)" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Back in a bit-->W.A.S.P. – The Idol #ArmedAndAmped

W.A.S.P.The Idol

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FullMetalRadio Great White - Save All Your Love

Great White "Save All Your Love"

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FullMetalRadio The 69 Eyes – Bump 'N' Grind - Burning love @hnc82 Lmao :P
FullMetalRadio Yur jones-ing baby!! rb@hnc82: "Burn Season "Addicted"" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Flying soo high!!-->rb@vasily_roam Crash Alley "Too Much Attitude" (reblip)

Crash Alley "Too Much Attitude"

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FullMetalRadio Thanks for all the props and rb's GN! Stabbing Westward – I remember...
FullMetalRadio They came down from the North-->Saxon – Hungry Years #ArmedAndAmped

SaxonHungry Years

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FullMetalRadio Get your "Metal Grove" on!!-->Kingdom of Sorrow- Envision The Divide #ArmedAndAmped

Kingdom of Sorrow- Envision The Divide (w/lyrics)

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FullMetalRadio Thx to my top proppers-->@hnc82 @Sandra_R_ @SuperSpaceAngel @MrGrandprix @nrayala -->Do it all for you - Saxon


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FullMetalRadio Warlock – Kiss of Death...
FullMetalRadio Some NEW heat from--->FIREWIND – World On Fire #ArmedAndAmped
FullMetalRadio TY! \m/@khaito: "super RB @FullMetalJacket: "Raven - Seek and Destroy Lars of Metallica was a fan of Raven's..Can ya tell? #ArmedAndAmped"" (reblip)

Raven "Seek and Destroy"

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FullMetalRadio Another smoking hit from a great metal band from the early years--> Raven - All For One #ArmedAndAmped
FullMetalRadio Skid Row - C'MON and LOVE ME @DebbieD0 <--Add her she's a great DJ and for god's sake check out that hott Dooo!!! :P #ArmedAndAmped

Skid Row C'MON and LOVE ME

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FullMetalRadio King Kobra – Dancing with desire..@nrayala Enjoy!
FullMetalRadio Ohh man, this is crazy shit-->Loudness – Crazy Nights #ArmedAndAmped
FullMetalRadio Great White – She Shakes Me #BHT
FullMetalRadio Cause ya like, cause ya feel it!!! Britny Fox – Louder[@Metal_Rocks] #BHT @nrayala (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Fifth Angel – We Rule!!! #BHT

Fifth AngelWe Rule

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FullMetalRadio Black Sabbath – Falling off the Edge of the World @DiosAngel
FullMetalRadio Were never going back!!-->Let The Bridges Burn – Killswitch Engage \m/
FullMetalRadio Lordi – The Deadite Girls Gone Wild \m/
FullMetalRadio The Gravelord ROCKS! lol @Ryche666: "VERY NICE!@FullMetalJacket: "Toxic Holocaust – Gravelord"" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Warbringer – Road Warrior \m/
FullMetalRadio Testament – Let Go Of My World
FullMetalRadio The 69 Eyes - Gimme Some Head @nrayala

The 69 Eyes-Gimme Some Head

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FullMetalRadio Ozzy Osbourne – Life Won't Wait
FullMetalRadio Machine Head – Ten Ton Hammer
FullMetalRadio Comeback Kid- Do Yourself a Favor (Lyrics)

Comeback Kid- Do Yourself a Favor (Lyrics)

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FullMetalRadio Escape the Fate – Issues
FullMetalRadio Bullet For My Valentine - Pleasure And Pain
FullMetalRadio We rise together-->In Fear and Faith - Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers-In Fear and Faith

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FullMetalRadio Against All Will – The Drug I Need
FullMetalRadio Machine head – Blood for Blood \m/
FullMetalRadio Roadrunner United – Annihilation By The Hands Of God #ArmedAndAmped #\m/
FullMetalRadio Later..Annihilator – Weapon X
FullMetalRadio METAL CHURCH - Start The Fire \m/ @DamnTheMan

METAL CHURCH : Start The Fire

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FullMetalRadio Overkill – The Green and Black
FullMetalRadio Soulfly – Rise of the Fallen (New Song 2010)
FullMetalRadio Welcome....In This Moment – The gun show 2010 (HD) \m/
FullMetalRadio Deception Of A Ghost – Passion Is For Smashin'
FullMetalRadio Mnemic – Diesel Uterus
FullMetalRadio GN! A Hope For Home – The Exile
FullMetalRadio Savatage – Skull Session \m/
FullMetalRadio GN! Razor – Distant Thunder
FullMetalRadio Crowbar - "The Cemetery Angels"

Crowbar "The Cemetery Angels"

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FullMetalRadio Norma Jean – Leaderless and Self Enlisted
FullMetalRadio The Damned Things – We've Got A Situation Here
FullMetalRadio Lamb of God – Ruin (Official Music Video)
FullMetalRadio Skeletonwitch – Bringers of Death