Powerful, Calming, Enriching, Soothing Music...

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MSBloom Paul Hardcastle ~ Warm Glow~ Mystical Video..Interesting touch to this song..
MSBloom Paul Hardcastle~ Acoustic Dreams~ My lullaby tonight...Thanks for the great music! Peace!
MSBloom Paul Hardcastle~ Wishing on a star ~

Wayne Shorter Speak No Evil

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GaiaMix Great blip! Another Santana´s cool sound! TY@bytera (reblip)
GaiaMix Beautiful song with Portuguese accent! Like it! TY@rachidkas (reblip)
GaiaMix Love this sound! Can´t stop dancing! Great blip! Thanks for your cool blips! TY @ZONE: "Tin Tin Deo.....................>" (reblip)
GaiaMix Great blip! Love Belly Dance! Ty dears @amphore and @ZONE (reblip)
GaiaMix Sing along with us, dee-dee-dee-dee-dee, da-da-da-da-da... Yeah, we're happy happy, da-da-da-da-dah. Great blip! TY @ShannonGrissom (reblip)
GaiaMix TimeToGo ~ Nite@All ~and~ GreatThursday, DJs!
GaiaMix Great and Cool blip, @ZONE! "(Fallin' Like) Dominoes..." (reblip)
GaiaMix Coool, Great and Hot blip! Thanks, @amphore! "Señor Coconut And His Orchestra – Smoke On The Water (ChaChaCha)" (reblip)
GaiaMix Cool and Great blip! Thanks, @avivao!: "Chucho Valdes Septeto | Michel Camilo (p) Giovanni Hidalgo (congas) | Cumbanchero | (reblip)

Chucho Valdes Septeto & Michel Camilo Cumbanchero 1

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GaiaMix Look what I found in your Blip page! New for me and a Good Surprise! Thanks, @ShannonGrissom! (reblip)
GaiaMix TimeToGo to ~ 7th Heaven ~ Nite@All and Sweet Dreams!
GaiaMix Bonne Journée, @SabineWe: "Dexter Gordon - A Night In Tunisia" (reblip)
GaiaMix I´m in right place, but wrong time: 2AM here! Great blip! Ty @devlps: "Reblip:))@backtoback: ".."" (reblip)
amphore Della Reese – Whatever Lola wants
amphore Good Night Blipsters :-)) Thank you as always ................. :-)) Herbie Hancock – Tell me a bedtime story
qvigear and of course .. the hottest animals right now .. The Chipmonks and their Chippies

Alvin and the chipmonks- Buy you a drink

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GaiaMix ~ CosmicVibes ~ F_U_N ~ Inspiration ~ Thanks for all props, rbs, and kindness @ShannonGrissom!
GaiaMix Cool & Great blip! Millions for you, @jet333! Thanks! (reblip)

Larry Carlton 7 For You

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GaiaMix A cool and new version of a classic! Great blip! Ty @redoctopus (reblip)

eliane elias - Aquarela Do Brasil

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GaiaMix Too cool! Thanks, @ShannonGrissom!: "His voice, the lyrics, the video~so good ~" (reblip)
TupeloJo Howdy Ho Hi and Hello luvs @backtoback: "no hellos today? I'll remember that RB VI@Mysterymix: " (reblip)
dvdsea Hey, just lookin' for a tune to go beddy bye by. Have a great night/morning/afternoon everyone! Man, this toon swings: where's me martini!
carlnat @Oldies: "Chic – Dance, Dance, Dance (Live)" (reblip)
carlnat " wonderful" @Crashlndin: "rb @impossiblewmn: "Gipsy Kings – Bem, Bem Maria"" (reblip)
HOOVILLE47 @rorqualmaru ---> had this lp on vinyl mid to late 70's -early 80's ??? (reblip)

Stanley Turrentine "Midnight and You" 1974

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HOOVILLE47 @rorqualmaru - thanx for the great new sounds (fantastic) (reblip)
scotlandlover TYVM! rb @iReignMusic: "thx 2 @whiskyrose7 @dawnie22 @scotlandlover ~ rb@SHERRYBABY65: ";):): @McDreamiethanks:):) "" (reblip)

michael buble~everything

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amphore (*_*) Good Night >>> fine dreams !!! >>> @L_Etranger Goodnight blipstars...stay safe : ) (reblip)

Shanti Mantra by Ravi Shankar

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jeff @vanbytheriver Thanks for this. Plant and Page... jesus why can't there be more artists like these guys anymore... (reblip)
andrebranun Trilha sonora de Bastardos Inglórios (filmim bom da porra) -> David Bowie - Cat People
jeff @PinkPrism: "Steely Dan ~ Aja"...there were a bunch of albums released Oct. 13 - Dylan, King Crimson, Flaming Lips, Hall & Oats David A." Coolio (reblip)

AjaSteely Dan

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jeff You just gotta give props to Herbie Hancock. Shamefully my intro was via Rockit, but his lines are just incredible (reblip)
GaiaMix Cool! RB@HOOVILLE47; To you and have a great Tuesday!

Randy Crawford & Joe Sample Rio de Janeiro blue

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Flying_Roundhouse smooth jazz – luiz arruda paez - upa neguinho ~ VIEWS OF BRASIL ~ RB @0_0: "Upa Neguinho ~ For @Flying_Roundhouse " That is so f'in cool, thank you! (reblip)
tapirekitten Hi! Thank you for your reply, so kind, @sonioushka! You must know myriads of tunes, because you find so great songs! ∑:) (reblip)


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scotlandlover forward to @Jeffie rb @StreamingMimi: "Bus Stop – The Hollies (1966)" (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse smooth jazz azymuth voo sobre o horizonte ~ Que lindo! RB @0_0: "Voo Sobre O Horizonte @TropicsZ4 @Atomik @Flying_Roundhouse @SliverMoon @hotnote" (reblip)

smooth jazz azymuth voo sobre o horizonte

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Flying_Roundhouse smooth jazz - gato barbieri - fiesta ~ I think I'm auto-Rb'ing everything from @0_0: "Fiesta @Flying_Roundhouse " (reblip)
GaiaMix Thanks for all props and RBs, @whiskeyrose7; (reblip)

Lee Morgan "You Go To My Head"

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GaiaMix Essa música continua linda, @gnaisse! (reblip)

Madana Mohana Murari _ Homem de Bem

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GaiaMix Riding in Magic Carpet again..
ElementsOfJazz '60 video of Quincy Jones Big Band performing "Moanin' " with solo by Clark Terry for @kaeliferguson
GaiaMix Yes! New for me, like it! rb@bluedreamz: "Easy as .... Wednesday morning?" (reblip)

Chic Sao Paulo

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GaiaMix Cool and Great blip! Thanks, @ElementsOfJazz! "'60 video of Quincy Jones Big Band performing "Moanin' " with solo by Clark Terry for @kaeliferguson" (reblip)
bluedreamz Loving your music, thanks! @Tubabo: "Amethystium-Shadow to light" (reblip)

Amethystium-Shadow to light dla Melanii

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TheJohnC Sounds exotic, Thanks Bruce @BruceC: "More dreams of great beaches, music & food. // Gato Barbieri ~ Brazil" (reblip)
GaiaMix Blip com sabor || Blip with flavour! Thanks, @TheJohnC! #jazz (reblip)

Sabor by J. Donato

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TheJohnC Hi, This is excellent, Thank you both @GaiaMix: "rb@ElementsOfJazz" (reblip)
amphore When You Wish Upon A Star – Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio
GaiaMix It is fantastic! Try this one with David Sanborn interpretation (Christo Redentor), @TheJohnC "This is wonderful (Cristo Redentor)" (reblip)

#55 Fathead Newman w/ David Leonhardt

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rachidkas Many thanks for all props!;)@opruimfee:"Salaam E ishq"@Air_rapupo@Zjosman" (reblip)

Salaam E ishq

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amphore smooth jazz – bobby hutcherson - dance of the sun .. inspired by @CUBABOY :))
GaiaMix Thank you, @enricchi! "Santana - Havana Moon inspired by @GaiaMix" (reblip)

Santana - Havana Moon

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ZONE namaste..good for my slow-down-blip...good night and thx all for everything..love and peace <3 rb@amphore rb@Tubabo @ ZONE... " (reblip)

soul mantra

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GaiaMix Cool blip, thanks @TheJohnC! "Wayne Shorter & Santana-Elegant People" (reblip)

Wayne Shorter & Santana-Elegant People

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GaiaMix Not in this city (São Paulo/Brazil)! Hope it is in your city! Great blip, @TrishLewis! (reblip)
GaiaMix Going to there soon! Great blip, @wetburrito! (reblip)

Robin Trower In City Dreams

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GaiaMix Great blip to warm a cold night. Thanks, @amphore! (reblip)
GaiaMix Hey, @ZONE! Thanks for this blip! "Tumbanga...hello" (reblip)

Cachaito López, Tumbanga

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GaiaMix Great sound! Thanks both @ZONE: "Soul Drummers...got it from @backtoback" (reblip)
GaiaMix Singing and Dancing! Thanks for this cool and great blip, @backtoback! ".." (reblip)
GaiaMix ...they belong to us! Great blip, @amphore! "Grace Jones – Sunset Sunrise" (reblip)
GaiaMix Great sound! Thanks, @Rocketron! "INDIALUCIA india lucia music fusion flamenco" (reblip)


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GaiaMix Too early for a drink here, but.. rb@qvigear: "nice drink" (reblip)
GaiaMix Cool! Thanks, @TrishLewis! "Gene Ammons – Jungle Strut GROOVE" (reblip)
GaiaMix Ueba! No es La Bamba, pero muy bueno! Thanks, @Air_rapupo! "La bomba [unplugged]" (reblip)
GaiaMix Thanks for this relaxing blip, @amber201! (reblip)

Le Don De Soi

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Café Del Mar ▒▒▒▒▒ Camino Del Sol

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amphore :-)) rb@dhrupad Theivery Corporation- Indra (reblip)

Theivery Corporation- Indra

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amphore Thievery Corporation – The Heart's A Lonely Hunter (feat. David Byrne)
GaiaMix ..d]^.^[b.. ~ Señorita Bonita ~ Tape Five ~
FatDaddy2 a lot of nice tunes from this band@Air_rapupo: "Thank you~ ;-))❀ rb@CynDyn: so smooth. thanks, @DjSucolega" (reblip)
GaiaMix relaxing moment ...d]-.-[b... and beautiful clouds, @devlps! (reblip)


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GaiaMix TY @roberlan "...d(~.~)b...delicious coffee...d(~.~)b... Thanks, rb@amber201!" (reblip)
GaiaMix ^_^)//...Tchau, bella! rb@Flying_Roundhouse! "De 'Nate' feat. Mel Brown – Still Be Strong ~ RB'ing myself to say Ciao to @GaiaMix! (reblip)
GaiaMix ^.^)... rb@devlps: "Gabin – Lost and Found" (reblip)
GaiaMix ~ d{~.~}d ~ Inspiration~and~Good~Moon~Vibes~ for you, @ShannonGrissom!

Enya..Shepherd Moons..

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GaiaMix ~ d}~.~{b ~ Nite@All & SweetDreams ~ d}~.~{b ~

BONEY JAMES-lights down low.wmv

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EVERETTE HARP-night calls.wmv

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GaiaMix d(^.^)b vídeo e música lindo demais! Obrigada,@abarbosa - Mermaid - Sade (reblip)

Sade Mermaid

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tealuv rb ty@astrialjazzman@CurtsCafeNoir: "Art Pepper "The Summer Knows" #twitjazznet" (reblip)
GaiaMix d(~.~)b ~ Relax ~ GoodVibes ~ Inspiration ~ and ~ GreatWednesday DJs! @ShannonGrissom @HOOVILLE47 @devlps @carlnat @wetburrito
GaiaMix \\(*-*)// Fan-tas-tic! rb@eleniap:"A 1964 recording of Latin romp (...) "Mr. T.” at sax with Blue Mitchell’s trumpet & Herbie Hancock at piano" (reblip)
GaiaMix .d(*.*)b. rb@astraljazzman: "lovely version of this classic track...very very mellow" (reblip)

This Masquerade

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GaiaMix //|^-^|// ~ Requebra ~ Olodum ~


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amphore good morning blipsters :-)) TY for this lovely :-)) --> @CamelWalk: Ray Barretto – A Deeper Shade Of Soul @..... (reblip)
MaxK Anita Baker – The Look Of Love
astraljazzman try this for a lovely chilled out Brazillian tune
TrishLewis GM Doc~Did U 4get my tags? TY4 this Soul Dressing tho>@DoctorOfJazz: Love this tune... (reblip)
GaiaMix .^.^)// ...Brazilian rhythm... thanks, @amber201! (reblip)
GaiaMix d(~.~)b rb @thedigitalbee54: "listening to this tune makes me feel like I'm on a cosmic journey..." (reblip)
GaiaMix .^.^]/ ~ The Obvious Child ~ Paul Simon & Olodum ~
GaiaMix (.*.*.) ...fantastic...! ~ Maria Fulô ~ Miriam Makeba ~

Lou Donaldson Dr. Lonnie Smith: Whiskey Drinking Woman

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SabineWe ✴✧✦☆ After midnight ☆✦✧✴ in Europe, merveilleuse version, good bye djs.
GaiaMix {.*.*} ..Café et Musique délicieux! TY @SabineWe: "Thank you! When I go to Paris, j'aime prendre un café en terrasse à Saint-Germain." (reblip)
eleniap By John Handy (alto sax), Booker Ervin (tenor sax), Richard Wyands (piano), Charles Mingus (bass), Dannie Richmond (drums), recorded in 1959
GaiaMix {-^.^} rb@HOOVILLE47: "Art Pepper – The Summer Knows" (reblip)
GaiaMix d{~.~}b .Fantastic! Many thanks, @amber201! (reblip)
jet333 thank you;)) @xSDOx ~ Stanley Turrentine – 'Deep Love'...sax love (reblip)
GaiaMix d(~.~)b ..Thank you very muchf for this blip, @jet333! "Stanley Turrentine – 'Deep Love'...sax love" (reblip)
jet333 David Raksin - 'Laura' – jazz piano solo...nice;)
GaiaMix .^.^) ..Thanks for this cool blip! rb @carlnat: "Big Noise, New Your - Jennifer Warnes" (reblip)
GaiaMix Appreciate your words, @ShannonGrissom! "TVVM oh top propper. May you always have someone that goes to your head" (reblip)
GaiaMix ^.^) .Thanks for this blip, @CurtsCafeNoir! "A little mo' Newk! Video - Sonny Rollins playing "Alfie's Theme" live in 1973. #twitjazznet" (reblip)

Sonny Rollins Alfie's Theme 1973

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GaiaMix d(^.^)b .Great blip! Thanks, @Tubabo! "I think I blipped this before...? Dave Koz – Saxophonic - Honey Dipped" (reblip)
GaiaMix [^-^] ~ Serene Funk ~ Ramsey Lewis ~
huangmarong : a music by Deuter

The Four Elements ~ Water

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GaiaMix (.^.^) .Cool! Thanks, (rb)@Air_rapupo! "How High The Moon" (reblip)
jet333 Illinois Jacquet – 'Harlem Nocturne'..mmm;)
GaiaMix ^.^)Caliente!rb@eleniap!"C.Candoli(trump),Art Pepper(sax),B.Perkins(ten.sax),R.Freeman(piano),B.Tucker(bass),C.Flores(dr),J.Costanzo&M.Pacheco(perc)" (reblip)
GaiaMix (^.^) Great blip! Thanks, @Rocketron: "Koop — Summer Sun" (reblip)
GaiaMix \\(^-^)\\ ..Ueba..Salsa! Thanks, @amphore! (reblip)
qvigear Tito Puente, Milly Puente ... So much beat in one family ... Tito was a great personality as well as master of the beat .. What a showman!
GaiaMix . ~.~] .Hypnotic sound & images! Thanks, (rb)@huangmarong! ": a music by Deuter" (reblip)

The Four Elements ~ Water

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MaxK Monique Kessous – Remember The Time (Michael in Bossa)
jet333 Gato Barbieri - 'The Woman on the Lake'..

Gato Barbieri The Woman on the Lake

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Eri_Z out of props & must agree totally, rb@katerinas_diary: "Trumpet solo by the amazing Arturo Sandoval." (reblip)
Feathers Gettin' in that 'zone', tnx to @ambit.
GaiaMix .~] .Great blip! Thanks both! tb@divadonna5: "TY@Air_rapupo: "I'm a favorite. It seems to be him in some way!?" (reblip)
GaiaMix .~)b .Cool blip! rb@MaxK: "Moanin' – José james" (reblip)

Moanin'José james

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GaiaMix ~.~)b . rb@Tubabo: "John Beltran – Aztec Girl" (reblip)
GaiaMix \(^-^)/ Love this! Thanks both! rb@Air_rapupo:"Thx/rb@abarbosa: Breezes a-singing, now feeling good, and all I got to do is to...to love you! \o/ :)" (reblip)
GaiaMix ^.^) e o dia ficou azul...finalmente! rb@Diordan: "tem muito azul em torno dele" (reblip)

Caetano Veloso-Outras Palavras-10-Blues

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GaiaMix Não conhecia essa música do Grande Tim Maia! Muito legal! Obrigada, rb@eperetti! (reblip)
GaiaMix //(^-^)// .LOL! Great blip, @devlps! (reblip)

NICK COLIONNE-just come on in.wmv

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GaiaMix .~) .Groovy Bossa & Samba! Merci, @SabineWe! "Cannonball Adderley & The Bossa Rio Sextet – Groovy Samba" (reblip)
GaiaMix .~)b ... rb@Diordan: "Ray Anthony - Harlem Nocturne" (reblip)
Eagleburger @GaiaMix: ".~)b . rb@Tubabo: "like stroking velvet... Souljazz Orchestra – Lotus Flower"" (reblip)
amphore for nice sleeping dreams now > merci :)) >> @CamelWalk: Dr Lonnie Smith – A Matterapat @DoctorOfJazz @matriax @LadyFox @dj_lmb @ amphore (reblip)
GaiaMix .^.^) ~ From Russia with Love ~ Count Basie and his Orchestra
GaiaMix ^-^) .Conhecia a versão do Santana. Essa deve ser a gravação original. Excelente blip! Obrigada, @Diordan! "but she's not there!" (reblip)

1964 - Zombies - She's Not There

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GaiaMix ~.~)b .Love this one! rb@abarbosa: "Derbake and the beating of my heart... are one. The sound of the flute is my breath" (reblip)
GaiaMix (^.^) ~ a tune so delicious as a cup of coffee! Good morning!
huangmarong : " moonlit night ", a chinese instrumental music


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HOOVILLE47 Mother Africa – Michael Shrieve & Santana
GaiaMix \(^-^) Hello @hippiechick! Santana – El Farol (reblip)

SantanaEl Farol

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GaiaMix \(ジ) rb∻Great song! Ótima 3ª feira @Rosa147: "Goodnight everyone! Thanks for all props, rb and rpls. Bye." (reblip)
awakening_man SONNY ROLLINS........St. Thomas......Olá@GaiaMix


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awakening_man David Bowie – more "Changes" with Blip.....new player/less content available.....:(@GaiaMix

David BowieChanges

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smaclaren Stan Getz & João Gilberto

Eu Vim Da Bahia

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