"Ai du" live by Vieux Farka Toure @ Joe's Pub

| play
GarrettTheK fast and fun from one of Austin's awesome talents.
GarrettTheK slowing things down, a heartfelt ballad from THE altoist.


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filthylawyer just a few more days til 100 monkeys!

100 Monkeys-"Boo Boo Kitty Fuck"-01.13.09

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GarrettTheK why no one's heard of this artist is beyond me. She's fantastique!

Eleni Mandell - Snake Song

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GarrettTheK Stouffer's used to make a Frozen Italian sausage sandwich. Which I think of when I hear this song. (It was college perhaps I was under the influence)
GarrettTheK whatever Fela had, Femi has. This one about knocked me over when I first heard it.
ukgal Amy Winehouse – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
GarrettTheK Tweeeeeet. Tweeeeeeet. Sweeeeeet.

Steve Goodman/Red Red Robin

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GarrettTheK What Miss Anne found out could fill volumes!
GarrettTheK Annnnd Dizzy & Roy have found another new baby. Maybe they can share.
sadfm One of my top ten favorite songs.

Weird Fishes

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GarrettTheK Wow, I always wanted this song to go on longer. And then - 12" mix! Duhhh.
GarrettTheK The film Hard Eight comes to mind with this one. Probably that's just me.
GarrettTheK My POWER'S Comin', My POWER'S Comin', My POWER'S Comin', My POWER'S Comin'.
GarrettTheK while we're on an acoustic kick, here's a group who kicks - my ass. Fapy Lafertin etc. Yikes.

Fapy Lafertin & Tchavolo Schmitt with Note Manouche

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GarrettTheK ...and isn't that Victor Borge?


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GarrettTheK Apollon was brilliant. Youtube's almost as brilliant.

Dave ApollonSweet Sue

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GarrettTheK song that is saturated in summer adolescent angst. well, for me anyway.
GarrettTheK why do hellbound souls always, always take the train?
GarrettTheK as a chaser to Johnny Mathis' Chances are - quite bracing!
GarrettTheK best followed up immediately w Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen (it really works!)
GarrettTheK from their first incarnation, THE Fleetwood Mac.

fleetwood mac oh well

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GarrettTheK I said Jesus Christ, where'd you get that Cadillac?

Little Umbrellas

| play

Prisonaires ---That Chick's Too Young To Fry

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Live4Soccer Can't fight against the youth...cause we're strong...


| play
GarrettTheK Another outstanding groove. Did I say outstanding? Yes.
GarrettTheK I wish this were the complete album version. Great to fly down the freeway to. (Check out the full version sometime. It's even more out there.)
GarrettTheK Simple, driven and profane. Rock n roll.
GarrettTheK Heard this one a million times, never saw the video. Dig the intro!

Got My Mojo Working Muddy Waters full version newport jazz

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GarrettTheK He died within hours of this performance in a car crash.


| play
GarrettTheK from the Newport Jazz Festival + the film Jazz on a Summer's Day *****
GarrettTheK As long as we're hanging out with Anita at Newport...
GarrettTheK with a tip o' the hat to emilyaugust for turning me on to the Black Keys' version of this one. Here's Capt. Beefheart's original, from 1972:
danilola für die beiden netten polizisten, die gestern mit ähh zu uns über radikale protestformen gesprochen haben #bildungsstreik
GarrettTheK Muggles = 1920s slang for marijuana. Louis was a lifelong celebrant.
GarrettTheK For those of you who like their cartoon characters with pie-piece-shaped wedges knocked out of the sides of their pupils: The Duke Ellington Band.

East St. Louis Toodle-oo

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rosettathurman Just keep trying and trying. Good morning music: Kelis feat. Cee-Lo – Lil' Star
GarrettTheK In constant heavy rotation for over 2 years and hasn't lost an oz of its stunning, stomach-punching beauty. Taraf De Haidouks' "Cind Eram La '48":


| play
sadfm I love the word "fuckery"...

Amy Winehouse Me & Mr. Jones

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GarrettTheK Catchy, catchy, catchy. Not as catchy as "Do You Feel It?" but I can't find that. So -


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GarrettTheK Guess I musta beena gypsy inna former life.
GarrettTheK from a solo album by Pink Floyd's drummer.

Nick Mason-Can't Get My Motor to Start

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GarrettTheK I hope this is the complete version...one of the few songs that make me feel a kinetic 7 year old again.
GarrettTheK Never heard this one before, was looking for something else and like these guys. You like? (Suddenly I feel like a trashpicker or something...)
GarrettTheK Yeah there's Dinah's voice. But there's also a fantastic arrangement with a perfectly swinging yet hesitant tempo. Yeeeeah.
GarrettTheK Also the title of Art's harrowing autobiography, which doesn't let the subject off the hook by any means.
GarrettTheK Old newsreel footage of industrial/military displays of power.
GarrettTheK go ahead. sit still during this one.
GarrettTheK it's not the words, it's the music.

Bobby Bland36-22-36

| play
GarrettTheK Get Lost Get High Get Sick - though not necessarily in that order.
GarrettTheK He got high, got lost AND got sick. Which is why I'm giving him a ride.
GarrettTheK first heard on a large boat. So best heard on a large boat? It's deboatable.
GarrettTheK still gives me the creeps, like it did as a kid.

Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians 'Them Dry Bones'

| play
GarrettTheK When I listen to it once, I listen to it a thousand times. In heavy rotation - in my HEAD.

Zuco 103Duele Le Le

| play
GarrettTheK Check it out check check check check it out. Check it out check check check check it out. Check it out check check check check it out.
GarrettTheK Was it you? It was. Your point being?

SpoonWas It You

| play
GarrettTheK From the collection Roots of Chica: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru. The band is Juaneco y su Combo.
GarrettTheK I couldn't BELIEVE I found this here. Okay it's total 70s fusion. Try to listen through that and pick up on the ENERGY as the electric piano picks up.


| play
GarrettTheK there have been covers, but - naaaaaaah.
GarrettTheK speaking of offbeat off-center energy - why does this sound so f'in familiar?
GarrettTheK it's in the beat. aaaaalllll in the beat. and the horns. and her voice. and the changes.
GarrettTheK Girls like mystery, boys like girls. Doe it follow that boys like mystery? Nah.
GarrettTheK Hmm, there seems to be a theme developing here. On a Monday afternoon???!!
GarrettTheK Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather. Whiplash girlfriend in the dark...
GarrettTheK How'd you get a walk, how'd you get the moves all slow and lazy...?
GarrettTheK Just a great song, never listened to the lyrics. It's all about the sound and the feeling eh
GarrettTheK Men's Needs by The Cribs. Apparently men have them too. Go figure.
GarrettTheK The title sounds like a Black Oak Arkansas song from the 70s. It's not, though.
GarrettTheK He's got some words of wisdom (I've got some words of wisdom) He's got some words of wisdom (I've got some words of wisdom) GET IT ON.

GrindermanGet It On

| play
GarrettTheK If you haven't heard 'em, here's a good starting place. This song's so good it HURTS. Dan is beyond category.
GarrettTheK Oh, I get it. Jimi was playing the blues. Ahhhhhhhhh.
GarrettTheK SOmething about 60s Ska when it's in a minor key is just - bloouoouououuouuuagghhhh!
GarrettTheK Like the man says just live your life.
GarrettTheK I could listen to this song every day for 6 or 7 hours. I know because that's how long it's been stuck in my head.
GarrettTheK I guess the political climate was different in the 50s. It was for Mr. Waters, for sure.
GarrettTheK Okay, as long as we're going don that non-p.c. route - it's not what you think. Still dodgy, but...
GarrettTheK A southern brother act made a brief splash with this one once.
GarrettTheK Wish you could hear this guy on an uptempo piece, but they're not around.
GarrettTheK Cigarettes ice cream figurines of the Virgin Mary Cigarettes ice cream Cadillacs blue jeans Cadillacs blue jeans Dixieland playing on the ferry
GarrettTheK Back to an earlier theme, how times have changed. Of course these guys were already in prison, hence their name.

Prisonaires ---That Chick's Too Young To Fry

| play
GarrettTheK A rock n roll instrumental for the danged ages.
GarrettTheK Another one-of-a-kind, Ms. Nellie Lutcher.
GarrettTheK Boy the stuff you find at youtube! An incredible sax player covering works he's done with King crimson. I'm enthralled.
GarrettTheK TIGHT. Listen to that horn section. That organist. The guitarist. The drummer. This band KICKS.
GarrettTheK Just because it segues nicely into the Prince song immediately following.
GarrettTheK The INCOMPARABLE Durante. Check the arrangement behind his spoken vocal; the music in his delivery. "...Then I went to Hackensack to forget Hoboken."
GarrettTheK A truly low-fi version of a genuine classic. No Stevie or Lindsay here. Just the boys playing the blues. Sort of.
GarrettTheK Dang song goes through three or four time sigs & styles still a unified whole, and makes a 'statement' at the same time. Frank, we MISS you.
GarrettTheK A rollicking version of a song as old as mold.
GarrettTheK Joe from the early 70s, like maybe - 1970? Veddy niiice.
GarrettTheK Oops, shoulda started with this one. Fela & Ginger, also circa 1970.
GarrettTheK Any day now his likeness should be turning up on marble busts. I'm just sayin'.
GarrettTheK One of the most agile, expressive, enduring, inimitable introductions in the history of recorded music.
GarrettTheK here's a tearful little number.

Pink Floyd "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" Syd Barrett Tribute

| play
GarrettTheK staying in a Crazy Diamond vein somehow, or maybe that's just me:

John Lennon ~Walls and bridges-Scared~

| play
GarrettTheK bleepin' DRIVEN horn section on this one. I also love the beginning: "ONE-!" *booma boooma boooma boo boo boooma boom boom boom*

John Lennon ~Walls and Bridges-What you got~

| play
GarrettTheK Mmmmmm. Hmmmmmmm.

mfsb manhattan skyline

| play
GarrettTheK funny how one song suggests the next. Speaking of tearjerkers -
GarrettTheK another major innovator, this dude
GarrettTheK and let's include this gentleman:
GarrettTheK ah there we go, picking up the energy
GarrettTheK when are these guys gonna come out with a new one?

SpoonI Summon You

| play
GarrettTheK Thanks @jjakubowski for props! Your Steely Dan brought me to: "Lost wages, lost wages..." refers to an early 60s Lenny Bruce routine. True story.
GarrettTheK Here's Lenny's routine from which Steely Dan lifted their "Lost Wages" line. I believe it comes fairly early in the piece.
GarrettTheK Lenny to amphetamines, not exactly a leap. There's a nice guitar solo on this one.
GarrettTheK a long-ass sweet rambling jam from one of these here legendary supergroups.
GarrettTheK almost supernaturally beautiful. Whoever put this together had some massive ears.
GarrettTheK Here's a guy who used a violin to maximum effect. (Yeah I said violin. Sue me.)
GarrettTheK a loose, shambling feel, almost (almost?) retro.

BeckBottle of Blues

| play
GarrettTheK classic, overplayed, still a force to be wrecked with.
GarrettTheK okay after this, we'll unmellow.

"Over the Rainbow" -- Papa John Creach

| play
GarrettTheK ¡Gracias fer props @mollena! Now we're starting to ramble, but it's all good think of it as a melange, yes.
mollena Fuck yeah. "@Garrett_The_K: "classic, overplayed, still a force to be wrecked with." (reblip)
GarrettTheK perhaps wander the globe a little...
GarrettTheK Oops, was that one cut off? Here's another head trip from 20 ways to Float Through Walls:

Wise In TimeNine

| play
GarrettTheK crossing boundaries of the senses I give you - - a song you can actually TASTE.
GarrettTheK Here's one it's impossible to imagine the world without:
GarrettTheK mmm yeah. Speaking of eating -
GarrettTheK I never thought a TV theme song would actually move me. Then came this one. Yow. Powerful.
GarrettTheK from the guy who gave us Down in the Hole - My friends think I'm ugly, I've got a masculine face.
GarrettTheK Another man another dream. This fella's didn't end so well. A very talented man, unsung today.
GarrettTheK This one's better representative of Cliff's abilities. Maybe not to all tastes, to me it's sublime.
YokoOnoMAn Mama Tierra.....va muriendo lentamente, mama tierra... mother earth!

MacacoMadre Tierra

| play
GarrettTheK hat tip @robertoborati fer the props! Your Pink Moon brought me this gem:

Nick DrakeRiver Man

| play
GarrettTheK Ooo that one was kinda sticky sweet. Here's a chaser:

Amos LeeBlack River

| play
ericsvonk Good Morning and thx for the props & rbs 2 @RustyB @Daeflyn @stena @Liberality - You make blip so much fun. [Boogaloo Joe Jones – Brown Bag]
GarrettTheK Praise the LORD I LOOOOVE this tune. I defy you to keep perfectly still for it. No twitching noses, please - ahhhh.
GarrettTheK I once did a mixtape which went from from Positive Drinking to this -
GarrettTheK Thanks for reminding me of this numbah Sir E. @ericsvonk: "@ambit - Yer Killing me !! [Lou Reed – The Power Of Positive Drinking]" (reblip)
GarrettTheK Some crackling synapses fired, suggesting this next bit, affectionately entitled:
GarrettTheK Pretty creepy. Yes, both pretty and the slightest bit creepy:
GarrettTheK I still remember the surprise I felt when I heard Carlos Santana didn't pen this one. This is now THE version for me:
GarrettTheK @wdavo, ¡gracias por props. Okay so now we're on this black kick I guess:
GarrettTheK Tanks for props @enelcaminoando! The too-short solo closing this tune makes my fingernails grow faster. Always keep the clippers handy when you hear:
GarrettTheK Eleni Mandell asks: "Can't You See I'm Soulful?" I do, I do! But more people need to find out. A unique talent you've never heard anything like.
GarrettTheK I love Eleni. Eleni loves Paris. Ah well. I love this song, so it all comes full circle.
GarrettTheK Dang now I'm on a kick. One more from Ms. Mandell:
GarrettTheK sending positive vibes, positive vibes, positive vibes - can you feel them?

Rolling StonesHappy

| play
GarrettTheK Okay, one last from the dame. Then I'm DONE wit her.

Eleni Mandell - Little Foot

| play
GarrettTheK tanks fer props @Surreality and a reblip for this from yer playlist: "rb @Ghugah" (reblip)
GarrettTheK "The Dancer Upstairs" opens with this version of Nina singing this, as a car winds down a road at night, headlights sweeping before it. Big imprint.
GarrettTheK A nifty cover I've never heard. She makes it hers! Wow TFP (thanks fer props) @MusicWithMsB, @DJvamusic, @Surreality, @generalelectrik.
GarrettTheK shoutout @MusicWithMsB, thanks & welcome! I can never listen to this next one once, from a massively talented woman:
GarrettTheK From the same album, presumably the same performance. Listen to all she gives to a song!
GarrettTheK Screw it. Screw variety, the rich musical stew and all that. Here's all of Carmen's Great American Songbook, just because. A true desert island disc.
GarrettTheK Joe Pass puts in some stellar stuff throughout as well. Carmen McRae's Great American Songbook, track 2:
GarrettTheK How odd it must be to address the end of your own relationship with someone in song, and co-author the song with that person.
GarrettTheK HAW!! What a kick! Fun, excelllent cover.
wordgrrl One of my favorite covers and so fitting for this soggy Wednesday.
djkawa Pérolas que só se acha no Blip. MIAU! (reblip)

Lords Of AcidPussy

| play
GarrettTheK One man's Japanese Ska is reality's Latin Ska. This I now know. This song gets in that zone and wiggles its curly colorful electric stick.

morododivina ciencia

| play
GarrettTheK My favorite song I discovered in 2008. If a song can alter one's consciousness, leave it a permanently different space, this song did that to mine.
GarrettTheK Stumbled across this sweet number just now. I'll have to learn more about these guys! A retro soul sound, Booker T meets James Brown.
GarrettTheK Here's More Momo. His catalog is complely OOP, with the exception of one track On a compilation called Desert Blues II. Bummer -
GarrettTheK Nothing better than discovering some new sounds, sort of like putting a room addition in your brain. This song's a dark comfortable study.

MockyMusic To My Ears

| play
GarrettTheK Mocky + Feist = Mushaboom. Don't mock the Mock.
GarrettTheK a continuation of mood, if not message. Is this song REALLY 30 years old? Marvin, Marvin, Marvin. What happened to you?
GarrettTheK SUCH a continuation aurally of Mercy Me it sorta freaks me out. More Mocky. Mocky meet Momo. Momo, meet Mocky.
GarrettTheK More Momo, the last I can turn up around here. What a SOUND.


| play
GarrettTheK An obvious segue perhaps. I'd forgotten how much I like this album.

Lark's Tongues in Aspic part I by King Crimson (Part 1/2)

| play
GarrettTheK Beautiful. I like to think of the road Floyd could have gone down, instead of the one they did. Benefit of hindsight.
GarrettTheK leaping from lily pad to lily pad trying not to get splashed or run into any frogs - let it roll.
rafaelladm This song makes me want to melt and drip down the drain.

PortisheadGlory Box

| play
GarrettTheK 5, 6, 7, 8 - How many times in a row have I played this one, Max? I know it isn't in single digits. Am I nuts, or does the chorus channel the Stones?
GarrettTheK Thanky kindly @rafaelladm fer de propses. Mmmmmmm yeah. These fellers is downright - uhhhh - musical. Yup.
GarrettTheK RB @MusicWithMsB: for coming up with this one out of lerft field - one of the prettiest songs of the era. Harmonius! Much obliged. (reblip)
GarrettTheK Hoo boy now I'm in trouble. And about to lose listeners? I'm on a vocal harmony kick. Not doo wop, this predates that. Sublime stuff, some of it.
GarrettTheK Wow this one goes back. Pre-50s R&B vocal harmony. It started with the Mills Brothers (actually 'teens & 20s gospel 4tets.) And evolved into Doo Wop.

Five Red Caps--Grand central Station

| play
GarrettTheK Not exactly vocal harmony, but groovy nonetheless.

Johnny Moore's Three Blazers "Groovy"

| play
GarrettTheK "If you leave me pretty baby I'll have bread without no meat..." I got nothing to add.
GarrettTheK Hey, here's Dave Bartholomew to break things up.
GarrettTheK Sweeeeet. "When you smile like that baby, my love comes tumblin' down."
GarrettTheK ¡gracias! @patita fer de props. Here's a rocking, slightly risque r&b number from the early 50s. Wynonie was a HUGE star.
GarrettTheK It's almost hard to believe this one got any airtime. "He keeps hackin' and whackin' and smackin'..."

Roy BrownButcher Pete

| play
GarrettTheK Sixty Minute Man. Another bawdy R&B classic. Plus it swings.
GarrettTheK On my way somewhere else, I found this. Never heard before, but it sounds great!
GarrettTheK I'm built for comfort. I ain't built for speed, I got everything that a good girl needs. All right then.
Mtii @BarbieRay @SpinninSara @estrogen ..what kind of woman are you......you should be.....
GarrettTheK Hmmmmm, isn't a bit early for this sort of thing?
GarrettTheK A nice simple arrangement of a Willie Dixon song. I love this one for the spaces in between -

Otis RushViolent Love

| play
GarrettTheK Ooooooh this is a fine piece of recording business. Dig Ray's laid back, blurry delivery.
GarrettTheK WOW, I attended this show at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, IL. WEIRD. Great band if you haven't heard 'em. Big in the 70s & recently reunited.
GarrettTheK THX for the RB @avivamagnolia + 4 props @generalelectrik (who's where it's apparently noon). There are lots of good songs about imbibing. Here's one.
GarrettTheK These guys are way fun, are fine musicians and have some outrageous ears.
GarrettTheK moving ever so slightly into the present, this is fun too.
GarrettTheK nod & nudge @generalelectrik plus this one. I'm gonna have to find out more about these guys. Based on this track, mmm-hmmm!
GarrettTheK Hey these guys are interesting! Looks like a good scene.

T Bird and the Breaks: Stax Wax and Live Trax

| play
GarrettTheK okay so I was looking for a little juice and found something else new. Nice picking on this live performance.
GarrettTheK Ahhhhh now HERE'S some juice worth drankin'. Eddie is - one of a kind.

Juice Head Baby

| play
GarrettTheK Back at the saucy R&B. Perhaps there's a better choice of words, considering the bent of this tune. Mr Harris, we salute you!
GarrettTheK A nasty one from Ms. Washington. Something about a dentist and his drill. Yow.
Mtii with pleasure ....thanks...@ElZorro

Jill Scott "Hate On Me"

| play
GarrettTheK Old and nasty and gritty. The stained curtain's blowing into the dark, funky room.
GarrettTheK We're definitely reaching back, I hope not too far. But if you can listen through the antiquity of these things, they're pretty cool.
GarrettTheK Another 30s dirty blues. I'll see what there is from the 50s at least...
GarrettTheK Check THIS one out. That's not a typo, it's an alternate novelty lyric version recorded by an otherwise straight 40s-50s R&B group.
inkymom for the coolest white boy i know

Kings Of Leon Sex On Fire

| play
GarrettTheK I wonder how they came up with this title...? More 50s R&B harmony.
GarrettTheK Wot the hell, might as well stay on this horse - here's more risque blues:
GarrettTheK Cajun nastiness from the one and only Boozoo.
GarrettTheK (sssssshhhh this one's full of bad words...)
GarrettTheK Hope these aren't crossing a line somewhere. They're all from a compilation called "If It Ain't a Hit..." parents strongly cautioned?
GarrettTheK Not naughty, just a great groove.
GarrettTheK Amos with another, this one's kinda goofy.
GarrettTheK ¡Gracias por los propos @Fad23! One of my all-time favorite performers with a mischievous entry:
GarrettTheK To think that within a few years this genre had devolved into late 50s doo wop. Shudder.
GarrettTheK Continuing the racy 50s r&b - One from (for?) the ladies:
GarrettTheK Here's one I first heard featured on the Dr. Demento show a while back:

Julia Lee / The Spinach Song

| play
GarrettTheK Let's let Julia unfurl a bit of friendly advice before she goes - She's got some swinging musicians backing her on this one!
GarrettTheK A visit to risque 50s r&b wouldn't be complete without:
GarrettTheK I doubt you've ever heard four men make quite these sounds in popular music before!
GarrettTheK ReBlip of this one, unfortunately Blip yanked me from the DJ's original post & I missed his/her name. But thanks for this awesome tune! (reblip)

B 52s52 Girls

| play
GarrettTheK She brings a touch of polish to what might otherwise be just another double entendre song.
GarrettTheK For my money, this kicks Aerosmith's version into the next block. But I'm weird.
GarrettTheK @MusicWithMsB: Thanks for taking me from cheap tawdry mid-afternoon sex to crispy snack food. (reblip)
GarrettTheK The Genius of Stride wants some seafood, Mama. Better give it to him.
GarrettTheK Ooo that one got weird. Lighter fare may be needed. How about white meat?
rico Wicked organ 1

Jimmy Smith Root Down And Get It

| play
GarrettTheK Compelling stuff! Props @Steve_Nice for the Saul Williams mention, which led me here.
GarrettTheK Condiments - a possible theme?


| play
essie excellent version, listened to it last yeat on my holiday in Rome
Bluesteel @Bluesteel: "cover of Accuse me by power blues band Blue Mozart" (reblip)

Track 10

| play

Brian Setzer "Sleepwalk"

| play
algorhythmz g'morning world... [this track is actually titled 'darussalam'] enj0i

Capitol KDarasulan

| play

The Dining Rooms & Rodolphe Burger (Promise)

| play
GarrettTheK Chips, chips. It's wonderful. And it is, really.

Via con me

| play
PeakRadar Saw these guys @ Kinfolks last night with Laura Gibson and locals The Changing Colors. Just sublime ...

Musee Mecanique Perform Somehow Bound

| play
GarrettTheK Back when Sir Paul occasionally rocked: "I was walking down the street the other day...Smile away quietly now..."
GarrettTheK One or two of these guys' songs go steps beyond; this is one of them. Brian Wilson's melancholy shows up plainly through the gloss.
GarrettTheK Wotta guitarist. Is this album really 40 years old?
GarrettTheK Something To Make You Happy. Hey, it works! Hey doc!
GarrettTheK If you didn't get enough whipping, here's Frank Zappa. Dang I miss this guy. A musician's musician. Not sure what year this was shot.

whipping post

| play
GarrettTheK Ah, like a splash of cool, lightly scented water. Furry water.
GarrettTheK Francis Dunnery. Give him a listen. I've tried to describe him in the past to friends, and always failed. To hear him is to - - you know.
GarrettTheK The Yardbirds certainly were respectable -
GarrettTheK Kill Osker claims respectability, despite their moniker.
GarrettTheK The Kinks have been well respected since the early 60s. Ray Davies recent album's pretty good as well!
GarrettTheK I forgot all about this one - Fantastic! "Put your hand on your mouth when you cough..." And brush your teeth 3 times a day, wear clean underwear...
GarrettTheK Tina Turner outright demands a little respect!
GarrettTheK And we all knew this was coming.
GarrettTheK And what respectable collection of songs about respect could leave out Mr. Redding?

Otis ReddingRespect

| play
GarrettTheK I blipped all the rest just so I could blip this. Once I tried to count the guitar overlays in it, I counted 7 or 8 but then I was on cold meds -
DeadCabbage The Magnetic Fields – I Don't Believe You
GarrettTheK Props right back @BunnyJeanCook AND a RB of a desert island single: "Bob Dylan - Knocking on Heavens Door" (reblip)
DangerousLisa keep it on the level...the Raconteurs

LevelThe Raconteurs

| play
GarrettTheK yeah Yeah YEAH. Shoot your best shot. "And if you think it's easy, it's only 'cause you ain't me and I ain't you."
CaryB Francis Dunnery is another guy with a sunny disposition

Francis Dunnery Too Much Saturn

| play
GarrettTheK Here's one that makes me hit my head on things (acccidentally, I mean): Make sure the same doesn't happen to you!
GarrettTheK Not everyone has an opportunity to escape the wreckage...
GarrettTheK Femi's old man. He used to put on quite a live show!a
GarrettTheK Hey as long as we're in Africa, let's check out an artists whose catalog is sadly unrepresented these digital days. More re-issues, please!
GarrettTheK OMG! I never thought I'd see this online. Put on your headphones NOW. And make sure yourhead is completely and tightly screwed on. Sheez. Wow.
GarrettTheK Aw hell. I couldn't stop playing Masekela now if I wanted to. And I don't want to.
GarrettTheK In which the cover outshines the original (the song, not the painter).
GarrettTheK Trippy spacey rolling track which unfortunately is usually an "also ran" cut from Exile on Main Street. Undeservedly, I thank.
GarrettTheK Warning: this one will lodge in your brain, settle in one of those cracks between frontal lobes and stay for dinner.

SpoonEddie's Ragga

| play
GarrettTheK from the LP Roots of Chica: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru. The band: Los Mirlos. ¡Bueno!


| play
GarrettTheK Hmm kind of a nice segue if I do say so...Rabbits doing camels.
GarrettTheK This song is downright velcrotic. Just try to pry it loose. (relax, it's a good thing. Let it wash over yez...)
GarrettTheK I'm not sure where this video came from. But the song as I know it is from the Roots of Chica: Psychedelic Cumbias from PERU LP


| play
GarrettTheK More 60s psychedlica from Peru, this time from Juaneco y su Combo. (Something tells me the video ladies' costumes aren't authentic.)

Juaneco y su combo ya se ha muerto mi abuelo

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GarrettTheK This one represents a wide-spread philosophy in the 60s. So much so it was widely displayed as t-shirt art.
GarrettTheK You find the coolest stuff just lying around the web! Case in point - Lafayette "The Thing" Thomas. Great. Another artist I have to investigate.
GarrettTheK One of those intros you recognize in the first 8th of a second. The rest of the song's no slouch either.
GarrettTheK Mr Weston with a sideways rolling oblique melody, traces of eastern influence as always. Thanks Mr W deeply.
GarrettTheK Found this roaming around, it's pretty. Sort of dark quiet and pretty. Shady water.
GarrettTheK These young fellers write great songs and seem to know their way around a studio. They gots ears, yes they do.
GarrettTheK Looking for something else stumbled on this gem 'at's what I love about da blip among other things say HEY @AgentSpymonkey @tresvampiros, @eringenett
GarrettTheK soaring looping crazy energy okay slightly profound but also funny like a riot funny.
GarrettTheK "This Is Not A Tango". I should say NOT! It's more like a Samba. A tense, energetic Samba.
GarrettTheK Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Live – Ska Me Crazy You crazy all right. You all crazy. Ska make you crazy.
gleysonkkrt strange love,even though you hurt me I feel blessed love..strange how,you control my every little move now..never let me go, strange love.. (reblip)

KoopStrange Love

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David Bowie-Wild Is The Wind

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GarrettTheK A classic. Overplayed once, I reckon. But there's usually a reason why songs are. 'Cause they're goooood.
GarrettTheK As long as we're attending mid 60s jazz shows which freakishly produced Billboard hits (is that what we were doing?) - another classic w good reason.
GarrettTheK Not sure whether this is live, but I saw him do this live once. There aren't many of this gentleman's breed - or his generation of musicians - left.
GarrettTheK nice groove going, nice tempo. I think my ancestors came from Germany. You go far enough back, though...right? All I'm saying.
GarrettTheK Mmmm stretched out under a tree in the shade listening to the leaves rustle
TMA7 @Flying_Roundhouse: [Duke Ellington – It don't mean a thing (1943)] (reblip)
rico Chris Murray cancelled his Amsterdam show a few months ago promising to come later this year. Haven't heard of yet... Shame.
angiece some days make sense . . today is not one of those days . . but at least we have "Sweet Memory" - Melody Gardot . . .
GarrettTheK Hope everyone had a BOFFO 4th! I missed Robyn & his buds the first time around. I won't make THAT mistake again. Impeccable production on these!
GarrettTheK I forget, what did Bo Diddley cal this beat? Oh yeah. The Bo Diddley beat. Fingerwaves @avivamagnolia, @sangawa, @AgentSpymonkey, @100yearoldman
GarrettTheK Dig those backup singers. You can almost see their earrings swingin' as they toss their heads back. Hep hep @rulemanes, @gleysonkkrt, @Daeflyn Mm-Hmm!
GarrettTheK MASSIVE props to whoever turned me on to these guys on blip. Kickass song, HEAVY disc.
GarrettTheK Juice to Smoothie. Get it? Get it? Okay then. Shout out @tresvampiros, @presi, @rulemanes, @gunsnnoses, @krisp, @DJKeuterFM & of course @MusicWithMsB.
GarrettTheK Transition, you say? How 'bout a Smooooth one...
GarrettTheK Hey look, I found some Coyote Bones. Tasty!
GarrettTheK If this band name/title combo doesn't bring a listen or two I'll be surprised. It's a quite nice guitar/organ instrumental.
GarrettTheK Hmm I've never heard Savoy Brown sounding so Southern. I mean a la Skynnrd.
GarrettTheK Here's The Twang (as opposed to the Tang). Is it too early to be drinking in L.A.?
GarrettTheK Speaking of drinking in L.A. here's a guy who could tell some tales -
GarrettTheK Hey I've got an idea - let's just keep on drinking.
GarrettTheK Yow I wonder when this was shot. Tight horn section!
GarrettTheK Dang I almost forgot about Pete. Seems like a lot of us have. In his time though, in his time - he was a KING.
GarrettTheK A CLASSIC. No really. A. CLASSIC. So glad I found it.
GarrettTheK Do the Truckers sing from personal experience?
GarrettTheK Seems the Soul Benders want to be elbow benders...
GarrettTheK One shouldn't drink on an empty stomach. Who feels like some Chinese food?
GarrettTheK No one who's seen the film "Very Bad Things" will ever hear this song exactly the same way again. Films have a way of doing that to songs, eh?
GarrettTheK Dang now I really am getting hungry.
GarrettTheK 'Cause you just can't get enough of that good soul stew.
GarrettTheK Mark Knopfler has a beef about his diet.

Baloney Again

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GarrettTheK Everybody has an idea of what goes together, I guess.
GarrettTheK Someone who always puts on a fantastic show.
GarrettTheK Let's stick around while Loudon pays the check. This is LWIII at his best.
GarrettTheK The embarrassment of riches doesn't QUIT around here. Here are some sweet soul sounds completely stumbled upon. NIIICE!
GarrettTheK There's nothing quite like watermelon to finish off a big meal.
GarrettTheK An all-but-unrecognizable version of the same tune by Herbie Hancock:
GarrettTheK Mr. Lateef was way ahead of the curve on this whole world music thing.
GarrettTheK When Mr Lateef is blipped, so must Mr Sanders - it's a rule. TANKS 4 RBs props etc. @artlinkgallery, @Barbarellalala, @FlashHarry, @CLARITY. Blip ON!
FlashHarry @avivamagnolia @swilson: "Who could blip the best instrumental I've never heard...Anybody?" This needs more play
GarrettTheK "Who could blip the best instrumental I've never heard...Anybody?" HUGE props @the_night_manager, @FlashHarry, "@avivamagnolia, @swilson - BRILLIANT!
GarrettTheK "Who could blip the best instrumental I've never heard...Anybody?" The best stuff is international (imo) but for some reason I'm drawing blanks.
GarrettTheK "Who could blip the best instrumental I've never heard...Anybody?"

Recife Disciplinador

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GarrettTheK "Who could blip the best instrumental I've never heard...Anybody?"
GarrettTheK Wa-hoo! Instrumentals -this one more, then I gotta fly.


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GarrettTheK Lest one think that all my fave instrumentals crash ahead at a withering pace...

Art PepperBlues In

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Barbarellalala I have a date with a pizza now (homemade)... have fun dear DJs and thanks for all the music...

Skay Beilinson-Entre el cielo y la tierra

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GarrettTheK Thanks fer props @DuncanDog ! Hell let's go all Spoon on everybody's ass fer a while.

SpoonI Summon You

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GarrettTheK @swilson: "Fleetwood Mac - Rattlesnake Shake - 25 minutes of jamming" ...And a sublime 25 minutes it is. Thanky! (reblip)
GarrettTheK Taraf de Haidouks with a little # they call: Cind Eram La '48. I wish I knew what he was singing about. At times he sounds melancholy, others joyful.


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GarrettTheK bop bop bop bop hey, nice tempo!
GarrettTheK "Take him away!" "He didn't do it; He wasn't there; He didn't want it; He wouldn't dare!" C'mon Bernie...!
GarrettTheK Okay guilty pleasure time. But these guys's songs all sounded soo good!
ericsvonk Always. [Ziggy Marley - True to Myself]

Ziggy Marley: True to Myself

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GarrettTheK Another (more eloquent?) take on some of the less attractive aspects of tourism. Got a nice rolling beat and some stirring dynamics.
GarrettTheK it's sort of hard to walk away from Ziggy after just one.... so:

Ziggy MarleyBe Free

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GarrettTheK welcome @sheryonstone, tanx @TheArtfulDodger & @DuncanDogg Spoon builds these aural landscapes: textures hills valleys sweeping gestures, fine detail.

SpoonRhthm & Soul

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GarrettTheK Mr. Cale has quite a set of ears himself, eg: Grats @sheryonstone, @donellaMae, @DuncanDogg (whose pseud makes me grin).
DuncanDogg well stated@Garrett_The_K: Spoon builds these aural landscapes: textures hills valleys sweeping gestures, fine detail." (reblip)

SpoonRhthm & Soul

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GarrettTheK Every song an auditory adventure. Not to go all goofy over these guys but...
GarrettTheK I love that rapid collapse into chaos that ends Cale's Fear. Something similar happens here guitar-wise, slashes through the fabric of the melody
RedCapHiFi I love this song! @Mia322: "I dont have to sell my soul. Hes already in me.. I wanna be adored -The Stone Roses " (reblip)
Jeffie Kyu Sakamoto - "Sukiyaki" ...Sorry. This one plays all the way through...
GarrettTheK @the_night_manager by way of @FlashHarry: Donovan's SotW One of the most underappreciated 60s-70s artists" Agreed, agreed. (reblip)
GarrettTheK @ericsvonk: [Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Tamacun (live)] great stuff! (reblip)
GarrettTheK G'Mawnin' evvaahrybaahhh-dy! shouts @FlashHarry, @the_night_manager, @ericsvonk, @Barbarellalala and thanks kindly for all the lovely tune-age!
GarrettTheK Not sure whether this will be in its entirety. For what it's worth (zip) My favorite Floyd album's title track:
GarrettTheK An entire album of personal gifts, all of them moving & personal. Haven't found a Francis album I like more. Love to see him live sometime!
GarrettTheK Spacey and meditative. Then energetic, loopy and fun.
GarrettTheK "I'm a realist, I'm an anarchist; I'm an indecisive piece of shit." Not me - the Cribs.
GarrettTheK Beautiful Lawyers? Hmmm sounds like an oxymoron to me. No offense to any lawyers out there -
GarrettTheK Uh-oh. I'm sensing some wicked ju-ju 'round here.

Jimmy GiuffreVoodoo

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GarrettTheK Mmmmm. Ni-i-i-i-i-ce. Jaunty suede loafers music with feather boa overtones.
GarrettTheK Lateef Minor Seventh? As in Yusef Lateef? Thanks for the suggestion. (Sometimes these sequences just write themselves.)
GarrettTheK ...Unless that is I'm distracted by movement in the brush. Is - is that a - bird boy?
GarrettTheK Never heard of these folks before. Here they are performing Before.

Kaiser CartelBefore

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GarrettTheK Whooooah, HELLO! My words exactly when I heard the intro to this one. Great energy! Go Go Mando Diao -
GarrettTheK The intro to this one sounds like it should have been called "before amplification". But it picks up from there volume-wise if not tempo-wise. tender
GarrettTheK Who are scientists? WE are scientists, damnit. Even after hours.
GarrettTheK There's a really nasty joke about three women. I'm sure Stereolab has never heard it, let alone would they tell it.
GarrettTheK Scientists can be so condescending, the men I mean. "Go tell the women that we're leaving" indeed.
GarrettTheK Here's a woman what is a woman. Singing about four women.
GarrettTheK dunno how to follow that but this might fill the bill. The Fugees: No Woman, No Cry

the fugees-no women,no cry

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GarrettTheK René Aubry: Five Women, Thunder
GarrettTheK Nice, textured arrangement on this one. Clutchy Hopkins, pleased to make your acquaintance!