HARToscope Need New Body / Show Me Your Heart // *crank it* ..
HARToscope Calexico / Crystal Frontier // btw their live version of this sucks~ but this version is cool :)
HARToscope Queen / Stone Cold Crazy // I still remember the year I discovered this - Crime of the Century was out
HARToscope Madonna / Ray of Light // Pretty much on every playlist I have ..
HARToscope The Tragically Hip / At The 100th Meridian // "where the great plains begin." \\ In Manitoba HWY 16 west of Minnedosa http://tinyurl.com/dxmedq
HARToscope Avalon Rising / Hunt the Blarney Cat // (Was looking for Dark Room Circle song ... for some medieval'ish music)
HARToscope Harlequin / Innocence (local band in Winnipeg 1975'ish discovered in Toronto) now Harlequin II .. http://www.harlequintheband.com/
HARToscope Republica / Ready to Goooooo! // crank it!
HARToscope April March / Chick Habit /// that's the last song in the Grindhouse Movie "Death Proof" just before the credits :D
HARToscope The B-52's / Song For A Future Generation // "Wanna be the ruler of the galaxy, Wanna be the king of the universe, Let's meet and have a baby now!
HARToscope The Sensational Alex Harvey Band / Midnight Moses // (not much of a collection in here but this is a good one) .. hey! hey! Hey! HEY!
HARToscope Botch // Rock Lobster! (B-52 cover) // um, you may want to turn DOWN the music for this one lol...
timstimes love the vibrato on the Hammond organ
HARToscope The Kinks / Come Dancing // .."He'd end up blowing all his wages for the week, All for a cuddle and a peck on the cheek."
HARToscope Coldplay / Fix You // "Lights will guide you home, And ignite your bones, And I will try to fix you"
HARToscope Arrogant Worms / Kill The Dog Next Door // "I once was a happy man, Of sound and stable mind, Then my neighbour got a dog" chihuahua chihuahua
HARToscope One // Aimee Mann / .. (ok Mr Mixx)


| play
HARToscope Lonely Days // Bee Gees // (live 1997)
HARToscope GOB // Give Up The Grudge // (explicit swearing version)
HARToscope Roger Waters // Comfortably Numb // (live) - reblip from @mamamiaellen 's playlist! (reblip)
HARToscope P.O.T. U.S.A. // Peaches // (live)

Presidents of the United States Live : Peaches

| play
HARToscope Heart // Crazy on You // (live on TV 1976)
HARToscope David Bowie // Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes // (live by request)
HARToscope Beyonce // Single Ladies // (live on Ellen)

Beyonce Single Ladies LIVE on Ellen HQ

| play
HARToscope The Cars // Candy-O // (live 1984)
HARToscope The "Tax Rap" by The Accountants // .. oh, yeah.

Tax Rap by The Accountants

| play
HARToscope Lily Allen // The Fear // (pop pop fizz fizz)

Lily AllenThe Fear

| play
HARToscope Inspector Gadget // the techno version from that recent movie..

Inspector Gadget Techno

| play
HARToscope Deep Purple // Perfect Strangers // .. (live)

Deep Purple- Perfect Strangers Live

| play
HARToscope Manfred Mann // Blinded By The Light // (live)
HARToscope Manfred Mann // Do Wah Diddy // ..
HARToscope Saga // On The Loose / ..

SAGA -On the Loose (Video Clip)

| play
HARToscope Jesus Jones // Move Mountains /...
HARToscope Homer Simpson .... / D'oh!~

Homer Simpson D'oh Song

| play
HARToscope The Beatle Barkers // She Barks You Ya Ya Ya

The Beatle Barkers She Loves You

| play
HARToscope Supertramp // Gone Hollywood // .. (crank it! Turn up the bass! it grows on ya! no, really~ it does! :P)
HARToscope Dream Theater // Time // (pink floyd cover - live)
HARToscope Tragically Hip // Grace, Too // (live video from Woodstock 1999)

Tragically Hip-Grace,Too Live From WoodStock 99

| play
HARToscope Supertramp // Rudy // (live video)
HARToscope Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band // Hollywood Nights /
HARToscope Grand Funk Railroad // I Am Your Captain //

Grand Funk Railroad- I Am Your Captain

| play
HARToscope Julia Fordham // East West
HARToscope Vue // Pictures of Me // ...


| play
HARToscope Pavement // Greenlander //..
HARToscope Colin James and the Little Big Band // Cadillac Baby
HARToscope Ray Stevens // Guitarzan
HARToscope Rye Coalition // Communicatoin Breakdance // ... Wwwaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeee Uuuuuuuuuuppppppppp!!!!! (and crank it :D)
HARToscope Sugarcubes / Motorcrash //
HARToscope Elvis // C. C. Rider // (Aloha From Hawaii live version) //

Elvis Aloha from Hawaii Entering Stage CC rider

| play
HARToscope Dragonette // Fixin' To Thrill // ..
HARToscope Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird // (Old Grey Whistle Test 1975 live BBC) .... // Good find @acanuckfan :D \\ had to add to my blip list! (reblip)

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free Bird-BBC 1975

| play
acanuckfan ~~ @SgtMac @sheryonstone @Blahzy @rocket1206 thnx a 1,000,000 m8s 4 the props ღㄨღㄨ

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free Bird-BBC 1975

| play
HARToscope The Tragically Hip // Ahead By A Century //
Trunorth Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. I'll take installment payments, Visa, Mastercard, Amex We even have 2 for 1 Sundays !! For you Ladies !!
HARToscope The B-52's // Strobe Light // (live video)


| play
HARToscope Aretha Franklin // Bridge Over Troubled Water // (cover - live 1971 video)


| play
HARToscope The Bastard Fairies // We're All Going To Hell // .. (it kind of grows on you after awhile :D)

The Bastard Fairies-We're All Going To Hell (Official Video)

| play
HARToscope The Moody Blues // Ride My See-Saw //
chicklitgurrl One of those days when I really need India.Arie to sing "There's Hope." (reblip)
HARToscope Buddy Guy & John Mayer jamming ... (Buddy Guy just turned 73 btw)
HARToscope Aerosmith // Toys In The Attic //
HARToscope The Sensational Alex Harvey Band // The Tale of The Giant Stone Eater

The Tale of the Giant Stoneater

| play
HARToscope David Bowie // See Emily Play ...

David Bowie See Emily Play

| play
MrsASoprano OMG! I can't believe it. The music is wonderful as are the photo's you used. *kisses* *hugs* I'm smiling. You did Salty's Groove too? @Saltydog (reblip)

Autumn Breeze

| play
HARToscope Yes // Starship Trooper a) Life Seeker b) Disillusion c) Wurm //
HARToscope Aimee Mann // One //


| play
HARToscope The Saint Alvia Cartel // Between The Lines // ~ see ya after the break!

The Saint Alvia Cartel "Between The Lines"

| play
HARToscope Sarah McLachlan // Into The Fire // (crank up the Bass)
HARToscope Manfred Mann // Blinded By The Light (Bruce springsteen cover)
HARToscope Pomplamoose // Single Ladies (youtube special ... like this couple's work .. only 2 people playing and singing btw)
HARToscope The Pretenders // Creep // (I feel like listening to cover tunes today)

Creep by The Pretenders

| play
HARToscope The Beatels / Savoy Truffle // LIVE! (not THE beatles .. a coverband in 2006) ... hmm .. I used to have a model 4003 rickenbacker like that ..
HARToscope Alan Parsons Project / I Robot // (live)
HARToscope Andray Soulet / Avalon Rising! (live) ...
HARToscope Royal City / Bad Luck .. // ... "and you will never know .. the places that I go to .. without you"
HARToscope Haircut 100 // Love Plus One // (like the bass line .. so crank it up!)
HARToscope Jeff Beck // Going Down (long version) //

jeff beck going down studio version

| play
HARToscope Ray Stevens // GuiTarzan //
HARToscope The Smashing Pumkins / Transmission / (Joy Division cover)
HARToscope Dread Zeppelin // Your Time Is Gonna Come

DREAD ZEPPELIN Your Time Is Gonna Come

| play
HARToscope B-52's // Deadbeat Club (lousy sound - Live 1990?)
HARToscope 7 Worlds Collide // Hazel Black
HARToscope Florence & The Machine // Kiss with a Fist //
HARToscope I was gonna write a description here, but then I got high
HARToscope Lilly Allen / Smile (live) ...
HARToscope Peter Bjorn and John / Young Folks \\ featuring Victoria Bergsman of The Concretes (animated video)
HARToscope Julia Fordham // East West / ...
HARToscope Rye Coalition // Communication Breakdance //
HARToscope George Thorogood & The Destroyers // One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer (live) //
sarahcarina not you alone sweetie, close to you AND jagger! LOL @DirtyUrine: "WTF? We usta be so close! *sobbing* "" (reblip)
HARToscope Pavement // Greenlander // ??

Pavement Greenlander

| play
HARToscope Frank Zappa // I'm The Slime! // (Saturday Night Live version 1976)
HARToscope 54-40 // Baby Ran // ..

54-40 Baby Ran

| play
HARToscope Natalie Merchant from 10000 Maniacs and Michael Stipe from REM singing "Candy Everybody Wants" at a Jan. 1993 Inaugural Ball for President Clinton ...

Candy Everbody Wants

| play
HARToscope Aloha! Elvis Presley // See See Rider // (live 1973)
HARToscope Classic Deep Purple / Lazy (live 1972 .. Machine head tour)
HARToscope Led Zeppelin // Communication Breakdown! (live 1970) // classic!~
deadwood4 goodnight all - on my way to the lunatic fringe
HARToscope (live 1968) // Jethro Tull / A Song For Jeffrey (including Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath) // Rolling Stones / You Can't Always Get What You Want

Jethro Tull & The Rolling Stones : Live 1968

| play
HARToscope Procol Harum // A Whiter Shade of Pale (live 1967)
HARToscope The Yardbirds // Train Kept A' Rolling (1966 live)

The Yardbirds- Train Kept A-Rolling (Live) 1966

| play
HARToscope Racey / Some Girls // (hmm or should I say Some "Gilrs"? people should use spell check when mixing videos)

RACEY- Some Girls (1979) (HQ sound)

| play
HARToscope Sarah McLachlan / Possession // > lousy video, great song~ Crank up the bass!
johndoe_design Now playing: David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
HARToscope Classic! Queen // Stone Cold Crazy (live 1974)

Stone Cold crazy Live at the Rainbow 1974!

| play
HARToscope Bruce Springsteen // Born To Run (classic live 1975 version)
HARToscope The Guess Who // No Sugar Tonight \ New Mother Nature // (local Winnipeg Band :P)

The Guess Who No sugar tonight / new mother nature

| play
HARToscope Imaginary Places // Busdriver // ".. Im just here to hold your hand when you die and to show you around imaginary places"
HARToscope Jesus Jones // Move Mountains // ... "Nothing I can do or say Will ever move people this way - I want it, if it moves mountains"
HARToscope B-52's // Mesopotamia (live) /// ..."Turn your watch, turn your watch back, about a hundred thousand years. I'll meet you by the third pyramid.."

B-52's Mesopotamia

| play
HARToscope Led Zeppelin / In The Light //

Led Zeppelin- In The Light

| play
HARToscope Talking Heads // Life During Wartime // (like this video :D) .. C'mon! Get up and let's get some exercise! // ~poof! Gone to sleep .. G'nite Blip'ers
HARToscope Talking Heads // Psycho Killer / (live 1978)


| play
HARToscope Del Shannon // Runaway (live 1982) ../ with Burton Cummings (Guess Who) on Piano / (ahh memories.. remember Crime Story tv show w/Dennis Farina?)
HARToscope Stray Cats // Rock This Town // (live 1981) ... rockabilly
PinkPrism Crazy mix from DJStevePorter and Ashton Kutcher. Different but I love it!

"Youtube Music Is" feat Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye West, Drake, & Lil Wayne

| play
HARToscope George Thorogood & The Destroyers // 1 Bourbon 1 Scotch 1 Beer // (live 1980)
HARToscope The Police // So Lonely // (probably the worst live performance ever - from 1979 - i.m.o)
HARToscope Fleetwood Mac // Rhiannon / (live 1976) ...

Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon Live 1976 Stevie Nicks

| play
Ozarksagent RB: @realtyman: "Talk About a Nightmare!!!! G'Night. Zzzzzzzzz" ROTFLOL (reblip)
HARToscope Cake // Never There // (too many videos of this song)
HARToscope Give My Compliments To The Chef // The Sensational Alex Harvey Band // "bad boys don't get no toys and everybody wants to get to heaven"
HARToscope Born To Run // Boss.... // .."We gotta get out while were young `cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run"
HARToscope These Eyes // The Guess Who // (a local group from the 'Peg)
HARToscope Long Train Running // Doobie Brothers // some wierd organ mix? Hmm..
HARToscope Hollywood Nights // Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band // .. toe tapping alert!
HARToscope China Girl // David Bowie // ..."Oh oh oh ohoo little china gurl Oh oh oh ohoo little china guuuurrrrl"
HARToscope Sara // Fleetwood Mac // .."Drowning in the sea of love .. Where everyone would love to drown"
HARToscope White Room // Cream // ..."In the white room with black curtains near the station. Blackroof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings." .. Mmmkay
HARToscope Making Plans For Nigel // XTC // "And if young Nigel says he's happy, He must be happy, He must be happy in his work"
HARToscope What's My Age Again? // Blink182 // "What the hell is wrong with me, my friends say I should act my age, What's my age again? What's my age again?"
HARToscope Battle Scar // Max Webster // ... in honour of our fallen SURVIVOR favorites ... (like coach?) .. congrats to J.T. for winning :D
HARToscope @highlander: "Helden " // .."Ich Ich bin dann König, Und Du Du Königin" ..\\ (I I will be king And you you will be queen) / (reblip)
HARToscope Madonna // Ray Of Light // .."And I feel like I just got home And I feel, And I feel like I just got home, And I feel"
HARToscope Candy Everybody Wants // 10,000 Maniacs // "If lust and hate is the candy, if blood and love tastes so sweet, then we give 'em what they want"
HARToscope Wind Him Up // Saga // (at their peak - album Worlds Apart, the band won the 1982 Juno Award for "Most Promising Group of the Year)
HARToscope Yeah Yeah Yeahs // Zero // .. "Your Zero .. what's your name?"
HARToscope The Hundreds and Thousands // Rat Race // (debut single) ...
HARToscope Blur // Beetlebum // .... heard this song for the first time today - it kind of grows on ya by the end of the song..


| play
HARToscope Tokyo Police Club // Your English Is Good //
HARToscope the Beach Boys // Fun Fun Fun // (from the Lost concert March 1964?)
sheryonstone hey it's September....no wait...er, it's May and Im out now. gotta get back to work.
HARToscope Beast // Out Of Control // ... (is Blip.fm getting out of control?! Youtubes now! Hmm..)
HARToscope jesus jones // idiot stare // ......... G'morning eve'body
HARToscope The Eagles ... // Take It Easy! // ... and G'night~
HARToscope Cradle // The Joy Formidable // PS.. want more? Read "The Joy Formidable Interview" over at http://bit.ly/13zswT // @vonpip
HARToscope Action! // StreetHeart // (speaking of which - In 1980 Streetheart won the Juno Award for "Most Promising Group of the Year" - in case interested)
HARToscope The Blues Brothers // Turn On Your Love Light // ... " I get a little lonely in the middle of the night, I need you darling to make things all right"
HARToscope Arthur Brown // Fire // .."You fought hard and you saved and learned, but all of it's going to burn."
BlondeUniverse one more for the gangster presidents!
HARToscope Jeff Beck! // Freeway Jam!! // craaaaaaaaaaannnnnnkkk iiiiitttttt (and get some keyboard love too)
HARToscope Queen // Stone Cold Crazy // .. (the 1974 demo version? great find~)
HARToscope Queen // March of The Black Queen // .."Water babies singing in a lily pool delight, Blue powder monkeys praying in the dead of night"
HARToscope Thin Lizzy // Jailbreak // .."Tonight theres gonna be a jailbreak Somewhere in the town, Tonight theres gonna be a jailbreak So dont you be around"
HARToscope YES // Starship Trooper // .."Though you've seen them, please don't tell a soul. What you can't see, can't be very whole."
HARToscope YES // Long Distance Runaround // .."I still remember the time you said goodbye, Did we really tell lies, Did we really count to one hundred"
HARToscope YES // Astral Traveller // .."Once in the air, We could expect a great respect in being. (Astral trav'ller.)"
HARToscope Yes / Hearts // (don't mind me - adding a few YES tunes to my playlist :~ ) // ...PS Happy Earth Day World.,


| play
HARToscope Sandstorm // Da Rude // ... (mrs. HARToscope likes to run to this song... 136 bpm)
HARToscope Rough Trade // High School Confidential // .." What's the principal doin' with her?, Who's that guy, is he screwing with her?"
HARToscope Porcupine Tree // Signify (II) // [instrumental .. just like Signify (I)]
HARToscope Scissor Sisters // Laura // .."Sh'mon, Sh'mon, Where is your love?, Don't you give me your love, Don't you give me your love,"
HARToscope Sublime // What I Got // .."It all comes back to you, you bound to get what you deserve, Try and test that, you're bound to get served" ~~
HARToscope Siouxsie & The Banshees // Christine // .."Now's shes in purple Now's she the turtle, Disintegrating .."
HARToscope Deep Purple // Highway Star // (classic) ...
HARToscope Afroman // Because I Got High // (just heard this on "Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back" soundtrack)
HARToscope Cake // Going The Distance // [oh! just noticed that I have a new star & 254 listeners! Thanks everybody who is listening - and, to all I listen to.
HARToscope Breaking Benjamin // Firefly //
HARToscope The Crystal Method // Name of the Game // (NSFW) language
HARToscope Benny Benassi // Who's Your Daddy //


| play
obscura Astronauts talkin' to Roger make any song better.
HARToscope Dream Theater // Caught In A Web // .... ( G'morning all .. caught in my own web and listening to all of you while I work :D)
HARToscope Joe Jackson // I'm The Man!~ // ... I'll be back after the double header .. Missing In Action I & II .. Chuck Norris .. now HE'S the man :)
HARToscope The Ting Tings // Shut Up And Let Me Go //
HARToscope Manchester Orchestra // I've Got Friends // (G'morning Blip'ers!)
HARToscope Metric / Gimme Sympathy // (video) ~G'morning all

Gimme Sympathy [Official Music Video]

| play
HARToscope YES // Astral Traveller // (live video NYC 2008) featuring Canadian singer Benoît David and Rick Wakeman's son Oliver on the keyboards. 38 years later
HARToscope April March // Chick Habit // ...
BradWest My fave ADM...

Austrian Death Machine "Get To The Choppa"

| play
HARToscope Queen /Fairy Feller's Master Stroke\Soldier sailor tinker tailor ploughboy Waiting to hear the sound And the arch magician presides He is the leader
HARToscope AC/DC // Let There Be Rock // (live video from Munich) ..
HARToscope The Cure // Just Say Yes // (last video) ... that's Saffron the lead singer from Republica featured on this song btw .. //

The Cure, Just Say Yes

| play
HARToscope Bee Gees // Alone // (live video) ..// ~wave hope you enjoyed my selections this a.m... I'll be listening to your selections throughout the day .. :D
HARToscope Republica // Ready To Go // (video) .. this would be the "original" aka UK version, not the "US/Rock" mix version .. in case you were wondering
HARToscope Cockney Rebel (with Steve Harley) // Make Me Smile // (live video on BBC's Top Pops) ..
HARToscope Thin Lizzy // Jailbreak // (live video) .. everybody remembers that other one but ..


| play
HARToscope Thin Lizzy // The Boys Are Back In Town // (live video) ... in case you were wondering what 'that other one' was :D

Thin Lizzy- The boys are back in town

| play
HARToscope Blue Oyster Cult // Burning For You // ..
HARToscope Deep Purple / Burn // (live video from 1974) California jam,

Deep PurpleBurn

| play
HARToscope Blue Man Group! // I Feel Love // (video featuring Venus Hum)
HARToscope Sarah McLachlan // Possession // ... "And I would be the one To hold you down Kiss you so hard I'll take your breath away"
HARToscope Blur // M.O.R. // ... "Here comes a low (I'm a boy and you're a girl) Here comes a high (The only ones in the world)"
HARToscope Flobots // Handlebars // ... look at me! look at me!


| play
HARToscope Jeff Beck // Blue Wind // (live video) .. one of my top 3 Jeff Beck tunes :D

Jeff BeckBlue Wind

| play
HARToscope (watching TORCHWOOD now)

Torchwood OTS Torchwood Theme

| play
HARToscope Saga / Wind Him Up // (live video 1985) ... *huge* crowd. :) CRANK IT UP!

Saga live 1985 "Wind him up"

| play
HARToscope Dire Straits // Sultan Of Swing // (live video) .. from 1978! Classic version .. sound a little too mono, however.
HARToscope Led Zeppelin // Travelling Riverside Blues // (with the video of someone playing along the guitar riffs with some insert of other videos?) // enjoy

Led Zeppelin Travelling Riverside Blues

| play
HARToscope Jesus Jones // The Devil You Know // (video) ... I always expected more out of them .. longevity.
HARToscope Chicago // Saturday In The Park // (live video) ... *awesome* version. I believe this was A&E Live By Request back in 2002.. in NYC
HARToscope Arrogant Worms // Kill The Dog Next Door//"I once was a happy man of sound and stable mind, Then my neighbour bought a dog" (great background singers)
HARToscope Madonna // Ray of Light // (live video) ... not bad for a live version .. (i like this song)
HARToscope Deep Purple // Perfect Strangers // (live video??) Wish I was there. e.o.m.

Deep Purple- Perfect Strangers Live

| play
HARToscope Tragically Hip // Little Bones // (video) ... hard to believe this album is 18 years old, unless you're Canadian that is :) not hard to believe at all

Tragically Hip Little Bones

| play
HARToscope Sensational Alex Harvey Band // Man In The Jar // (live video) "so I flipped open a pack of cigarettes .. and considered the situation ..." YAAAY!

Sensational Alex Harvey band-Man in the jar

| play
HARToscope Cake // I will survive // (video) .. now this is how a drummer should look like :P

CakeI Will Survive

| play
HARToscope @docstimulas: "Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze" // (classic video) nice! although, the drummer looks .. oh what's the word ... ? (reblip)

Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze

| play
HARToscope Uriah Heep! // Gonna write a little letter gonna mail it to my local Dj.. // Rock 'N' Roll Medley video! // (or, some live video in Japan in 1973 ?
HARToscope Colin James // Cadillac Baby // "Yeah, long about midnight she came knockin’ on my door, Gotta take out that caddy, Baby wants to ride some more"
ATG Favorite song by Reel Big Fish. Fuck off. Makes me SO happy! Many replays a must.
HARToscope The Killers // Somebody Told Me // ..."that you have a boyfriend, that looked like a girlfriend, that I had in February last year"

The Killers- Somebody Told Me

| play
HARToscope Primus // Mephisto & Kevin //

Mephisto and Kevin-by Primus

| play
GeryDiMarco Wanted to get a little energy going this morning. Love BTO but I'd rather roll with the Donnas in my ride Heh-heeeee!
HARToscope Talking Heads // Life During Wartime // (live Video) .."just dance along for Today's Exercise workout"... :D
HARToscope Dishwalla // Give // .... let's slow it up a little :D


| play
HARToscope Julia Fordham // East West // (video still images) // I like the way this starts off .. and Julia has a really really nice soothing voice :)
HARToscope Racey // Some Girls // (live video) ... another classic video from 1979'ish? Tap those Toes!

RaceySome Girls

| play
HARToscope B-52's // Rock Lobster // (original Live video back in 1979'ish) ... classic...... More Cowbell!
HARToscope Colin James and his Little Orchestra :D // Cadillac Baby //
HARToscope Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra // Casa Loma Stomp .. (video of vintage photos) .. one of the greats with the big bands (if you ask me)

The Casa Loma Stomp (Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orch.)

| play
HARToscope Pink Floyd // Interstellar Overdrive // (video) ... it's.. like... relics.. man .. cooool... wooaah .. noooo .. yyaaahh .. . iiiii'mm freaking out man

Pink Floyd: Interstellar Overdrive

| play
HARToscope Calexico // Crystal Frontier // (live video) ...// I think they're missing an instrument or two ... blame it on the record company :p
HARToscope E.L.O. // Fire On High // "kcab nrut ,kcab nrut ,kcab nrut ,kcab nruT, ton si emit tuB, elbisrever si gnos ehT" ... // (They're singing backwards)
HARToscope The Beatles With Tony Sheridan // The Ya Ya Song // (video?) // "Sitting in the La La .. Waiting for the Ya Ya, uh huh .. uh huh"
HARToscope Mediaeval Baebes // Erthe Upon Erthe // (video) "..[chorus].. Memento, homo, quad cinis es, Et in cenerem reverentis.. " C'mon! Sing along! heh j/k
HARToscope Headpins // Don't It Make You Feel // (video) ... with Darby Mills .. //another Canadian Classic ~circa 1992//
HARToscope The Guess Who // Bus Rider // "get up in the morning like the rest of us!"
HARToscope XTC // Making Plans For Nigel / ... (tops of the pops live)

XTC-Making Plans For Nigel #258.

| play
HARToscope Queen // Stone Cold Crazy // (live Freddy Mercury Tribute concert featuring James Hetfield from Metallica)
HARToscope The Who // Eminence Front //
HARToscope Doobie Brothers // Listen To The Music // (live on some tv show? with Japanese subtitles? '72)
HARToscope Rolling Stones // Miss You // (live 1990 version)
HARToscope The Who // Bargain // (live)

The WhoBargain

| play
HARToscope Golden Earring // Radar Love // (live)
HARToscope Peter Gabriel // Sledgehammer // (live)
HARToscope U2 // Still Haven't Found What I Was Looking For // (live)

U2-I Still Havent found what I was looking for

| play
HARToscope Audience // I Had A Dream //
HARToscope Audience // I Put A Spell On You //
HARToscope Audience // Nancy // CRANK IT!


| play
HARToscope Tegan and Sara // Hell // (live)
HARToscope The Human League // Don't You Want Me Baby // (live)
HARToscope Metalica // Enter Sandman // (live)

metalica live in seattle -enter sandman

| play
HARToscope Parachute Club / Rise Up //
SGMan Supertramp ~ Rudy

Supertramp - Rudy

| play
ankita_gaur Metallica – Nothing else matter
HARToscope Prince // Raspberry Beret //

Raspberry Beret by Prince and The Revolution

| play
HARToscope ZZ Top // Planet of Women //
HARToscope Fleetwood Mac // Big Love // (live Lindsey)

Fleetwood Mac ~ Big Love (AOL Sessions 2/28/2003)

| play
HARToscope Porcupine Tree // Dark Matter //

Porcupine tree Dark matter subtitulada

| play
HARToscope Porcupine Tree // Sever //

Porcupine Tree Sever

| play
HARToscope Grand Funk Railroad // We're An American Band // (live)
HARToscope Secret Garden // Nocturne // this is the background music for "aboutdogs.pps" powerpoint slideshow on http://1800hart.com/blog/powerpoint-slideshows/
HARToscope Steve Miller Band // Jungle Love (live)

Steve Miller Band Jungle Love Live From Chicago

| play
HARToscope The Beatles // Rain //


| play
HARToscope Deep Purple // Hush! Live!
harryhaller I never get tired of this song rb@Maikeru48: "@TidyCat How's it going this evening? / Liz Phair – 6'1"" (reblip)

Liz Phair6'1"

| play
HARToscope Breaking Benjamin // Break My Fall //
HARToscope The Libertines // Up The Bracket // (live)
HARToscope Yo La Tengo // Today Is The Day // (live) .. "if you like music that sucks .. you'll probably hate this one" .
HARToscope The Capitol Years // Revolutions //
HARToscope The Beatles // Helter Skelter //

The Beatles Helter Skelter At Studio

| play
HARToscope Ted Nugent // Dog Eat Dog // (live)
HARToscope The Blue Ridge Rangers // Change In The Weather //

John Fogerty Change in the Weather

| play
HARToscope John Fogerty // The Old Man Down The Road // (live)

The Old Man Down The Road (Live at Royal Albert Hall)

| play
HARToscope Paul McCartney & Wings // Jet // (live)

Paul Mccartney & Wings "Jet" 1976

| play
HARToscope Peter Frampton // Do You Feel Like We Do // (live)

Peter Frampton Do You Feel Like We Do Midnight Special 1975 FULL

| play
HARToscope Madonna // Ray of Light // (i never get sick of this song - and the original version .. don't like the live versions)
HARToscope Led Zeppelin // Houses of the Holy //


| play
HARToscope Colin James and the Little Big Band // Cadillac Baby //
HARToscope The Powder Blues // Doin' it Right //
HARToscope STYX // Too Much Time On My Hands // (live)
HARToscope Genesis // I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) // (live) - classic.
HARToscope Coldplay // Fix You // (album version with lyrics) // I've only heard one live version that I like, but it's not online now??

Fix YouColdplay

| play
HARToscope YES // State of Play //

State of Play by Yes

| play
HARToscope Tragically Hip // Grace Too / (live)
HARToscope Pat Benatar // Heartbreaker //
HARToscope Julian Lennon // Too Late For Goodbyes //
HARToscope Beck // Where It's At // (two turntables and a microphone) (live@Grammies)
HARToscope Dire Straits // Industrial Disease (live)
HARToscope Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra // Cherokee //
HARToscope Grand Funk Railroad // I'm Your Captain (& Closer to Home)

Grand Funk Railroad-I'm Your Captain(Closer To Home)(1970)

| play
HARToscope Money. That's What I Want.

TheBeatles-Money(That's What I Want)

| play
Dakeek hellooooo mommaa @bilda :) "Wooooo hoooooo...." :))

porcupine tree - fear of a blank planet - 06 - sleep together

| play
HARToscope The Sensational Alex Harvey Band // Sgt. Fury // (live)
HARToscope The Sensational Alex Harvey Band // Gang Bang // ".. 'aint' nothin' like a gang bang to blow away the bloooooooues"
HARToscope Asia // Heat Of The Moment // (watching Supernatural :D)
HARToscope RUSH // Tom Sawyer // (live)
HARToscope Band of Horses // Ode to LRC // (little red caboose) ?
HARToscope Benny Goodman & His Orchestra // Don't Be That Way //
KublaConn I cut myself but I don't bleed, 'Cause I don't get what I need, Doesn't matter what I say, Tomorrow's still another day...
HARToscope The Rolling Stones // Sympathy For The Devil // (live 1968)

The Rolling Stones-Sympathy For the Devil-The Robert Frost Show 1968

| play
HARToscope The Pretenders // Back on the Chain Gang //
HARToscope B-52's // Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland //

The B-52's The Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland

| play
HARToscope Doobie Brothers // Black Water // (live)

The Doobie Brothers Black Water / Live at Budokan '93

| play
HARToscope YES // State of Play //

State of Play by Yes

| play
HARToscope Yes // And You And I // (live ... just for @JoanieBeachMusic :D)

Existence in Progress -.- Icon of Coil

| play
hajoni if anybody would try to call me now....

04. kraftwerk - the telephone call

| play
HARToscope See Emily Play // David Bowie's version..
progman thx - been meaning to ask ?is p/t fan fan club planning anything spec. when they hit u.s. soil.we should you know!PORCUPINE TREE Time Flies @LindyLuv (reblip)


| play
sir_edward_ross Thick Red Curry #27 with Basmatti rice ... that's what's cookin' :)

Red Curry #27

| play
HARToscope RUSH // Freewill // (live)

Rush Freewill Live

| play
HARToscope @lokomotive: RB ... Rage Against The Machine // Wake Up // (reblip)
HARToscope The Yachts // Yachting Type //
joe61 Time to go :) "The Feelies – Away"
HARToscope Talking Heads // Life During Wartime (live) // "...okay .. on three ... crank it and get ready for today's exercise! 1....2.....3
HARToscope The Arcade Fire // Wake Up // (live)
HARToscope Jane's Addiction // Just Because // (album version ... crank it!)
HARToscope Jane's Addiction // Just Because // (live)

Janes Addiction Just Because Live

| play
HARToscope Tahitian Moon // (street performance)

Satellite Party San Francisco Flashmob: Tahitian Moon

| play
blues_b_us Wonderful... David Gilmour - The Blue (reblip)
HARToscope @JendeMen: ">@DJBellaterra" // had to RB that one! What a great performance! (Snetberger (g)Trio NOMAD/Arild Andersen/Paolo Vinaccia/GOMME) (reblip)

Snetberger (g)Trio NOMAD/Arild Andersen/Paolo Vinaccia/GOMME

| play
HARToscope @beccas43 - glad you are getting help // yay to twitter fans and @Imzadi1 #ALERT (from your playlist) (reblip)

Cosmic Gate ft. Kyler England- Flatline

| play
HARToscope The Beach Boys - The Lost Concert (3 of 3) ?? // gotta add to my playlist :D
HARToscope The Beach Boys - The Lost Concert (2 of 3) ?? // gotta add to my playlist :D
HARToscope The Beach Boys - The Lost Concert (1 of 3) ?? // gotta add to my playlist :D
HARToscope The B-52's // Good Stuff // (here it 'tis) ...~wave Have a good day everybody ..
HARToscope Aimee Mann // Save Me (Live) //

Aimee MannSave Me

| play
HARToscope Rush // Spirit of Radio (live) ..

Rush- The Spirit of Radio (Live)

| play
HARToscope Queen // March of the Black Queen (live) // "..Water babies singing in a lily pool delight, Blue powder monkeys praying in the dead of night!!"

The March Of The Black Queen (unofficial music video)

| play
HARToscope Laika & The Cosmonauts // Mission Impossible / (a Finnish instrumental Band) ... Laika was 1st Russian Dog in space but, didn't make it back 1957
HARToscope The Cars // Drive (live) // ... PS Be careful out there today~ Happy New Year and all that~
HARToscope The Simpsons // The D'oh Song (techno jungle remix) // "..donuts .. is there anything you can't do?" ..
HARToscope The Sensational Alex Harvey Band // Gang Bang /
by_starla [Ambulance Ltd - Yoga Means Union]
Waterfront1984 The Undertones – You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It)
HARToscope Frank Zappa // Montana // (live)

Frank ZappaMontana

| play
HARToscope Frank Zappa // Dinah Moe Humm (live) //

Frank Zappa Dinah-Moe Humm

| play
HARToscope The Guess Who // No Time /
HARToscope The Beatles // Old Brown Shoe //

The Beatles- Old Brown Shoe (2009 STEREO REMASTERS)

| play
HARToscope Split Enz // Six Months In A Leaky Boat //
HARToscope The B-52's // Is That You Mo-Dean? // (live)

the B-52's Is That You Mo-Dean? live concert remix

| play
HARToscope Ted Nugent // Free For All //
HARToscope The Alan Parsons Project // I Robot // (Live) ..
HARToscope Genesis // The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (live)

Genesis The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Live

| play
HARToscope Ella Fitzerald / Savoy Truffle / Creme tangerine and montelimat, A ginger sling with a pineapple heart, A coffee dessert, yes you know it's good news
HARToscope Shakira!// Ojos Asi (with lyrics) /

Shakira--Ojos Asi with lyrics

| play
HARToscope Mediæval Bæbes // Adam Lay Ibounden // (live version)
HARToscope Mediæval Bæbes //Erthe Upon Erthe //

Mediaeval Baebes- Erthe Upon Erthe

| play
HARToscope Cockney Rebel (w/Steve Harley) // Make Me Smile // ... ~wave G'night Blip'ers
HARToscope Racey // Some Girls //

RACEY- Some Girls (1979) (HQ sound)

| play
HARToscope Elvis Presley // Suspicious Minds // (live - Aloha from Hawaii '73) ..
HARToscope R.E.M. // Losing My Religion / (live)

R.E.M. Losing My Religion

| play
HARToscope Nazareth // Woke Up This Morning // *album version*

nazareth woke up this morning

| play
HARToscope The Verve // Bitter Sweet Symphony

Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

| play
HARToscope Genesis // Firth of Firth // (live - Seconds Out)
HARToscope No Doubt // Hey Baby (live)
HARToscope Limp Bizkit // My Way or The Highway //
HARToscope The Guess Who // Bus Rider (live) / ... local band :D
PAMsLOvE I LOVE >>-->Cake - Mahna Mahna
HARToscope Supertramp // Rudy (live in Paris) // * Rudy's on a train to nowhere~ :D 'but Danny was the Biggest Loser last night.
HARToscope Fun with the Blue Man Group and Venus Humm
HARToscope The Sensational Alex Harvey Band // Shake That Thing //
HARToscope Republica // Ready To Go // ..
HARToscope Well ... another PRE-christmas party gathering and celebration .. but ... // I Will Survive // Cake
HARToscope Blue Man Group // Baba O'Riley ? //
HARToscope The B-52's // Revolution Earth // (Live!!) ...

The B-52s-Revolution Earth

| play
HARToscope Julian Lennon // Too Late For Goodbyes
HARToscope Supertramp // Crazy // (live) ... remember this version? it was that simulcast with TV, and the FM radio stations years ago :D ~sniffles .. I feel old

Supertramp Crazy

| play
HARToscope The B-52's // Downtown / (live!) Crank it!

Downtown live B-52's

| play
HARToscope Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers // Swing The Mood! (medley and other sorts)


| play
HARToscope Social Distortion // Ring of Fire // (Johnny Cash cover)

Social Distortion-Ring of Fire

| play
HARToscope Jesus Jones // The Devil You Know // (it's all about the stereo .. crank it!
HARToscope Baz Luhrmann // Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen // (the 1997 version, not the 1999 version :Pttffftt)
HARToscope The B-52's // Mesopotamia // ".. before I talk - I should read a book!"
HARToscope The Beatles (with Tony Sheridan) // Ya Ya Song //

Ya Ya, Pt 1 / Tony Sheridan & The Beatles

| play
spacespencer :* morning kiss to @mettee – off for work now. cu later ...
HARToscope The Last Shadow Puppets // Standing Next To Me //
HARToscope Cake // I Will Survive // (live "folk song" :D)
HARToscope The Tragically Hip // Ahead By A Century //
HARToscope Underworld // Underneath The Radar //
HARToscope YES // State of Play //

State of Play by Yes

| play


| play
HARToscope Oasis // Helter Skelter //

Oasis Helter Skelter (NOT LIVE)

| play
HARToscope Coldplay // The Hardest Part //
HARToscope Fugazi // Waiting Room // (RB) @Drunk_Monkey "this guitar riff gets stuck in our head" (reblip)
HARToscope The Hollies // A Taste Of Honey (live 1968 .. herb alpert cover)
HARToscope David Bowie // China Girl
HARToscope Jesus Jones // Idiot Stare // (Live)
HARToscope Joe Jackson // I'm The Man // (live)
HARToscope Fugees // Bohemian Rhapsody //
asterion i miss my dogs... poor things got old, but @ least they were gone in seconds... im of the opinion we should be afforded the same luxury...
HARToscope Dishwalla // Miss Emma Peel // (live '97 at Club quattro)
HARToscope The Hollies // The Air That I Breathe // (live)
HARToscope Streetheart // Under My Thumb // (looks live .. sounds like the album version)
PAMsLOvE The Doors - Riders on the storm
HARToscope Need New Body // Show Me Your Heart (studio recording - the good recording)
HARToscope B-52's // Good Stuff // Life on Jay Leno's Tonight Show 1992

B 52's Tonight Show 8-10-92 Good Stuff

| play
HARToscope Proclaimers // 500 Miles // ... hey! thanks to my 500 listeners - i finally have a new stamp on my avatar :D -must proclaim that-
HARToscope Joe Jackson / Beat Crazy // (whadda ya want, blood?)

Joe Jackson-Beat Crazy

| play
HARToscope Nitty / Nasty Girl

Nasty GirlNitty

| play
HARToscope Heart // Even It Up // (Live from 1980?)
HARToscope Jesus Jones / Idiot Stare // @Dawnrazor ... I agree with that! Nice to see more songs in here .. there are live ones, but studio ones sounds better
HARToscope Joe Jackson // Someone Up There //
HARToscope Jesus Jones / Someone To Blame ..... . C R A N K I T U P !! ! ! ! ! ! !! !!! (or, not :D)
HARToscope Yardbirds // For Your Love / (live)
HARToscope Rush // New World Man // .."He's not concerned with yesterday He knows constant change is here today"
HARToscope Fishbone / Ma and Pa //

FishboneMa And Pa

| play
HARToscope Eric Clapton/The Stones/Jeff Beck/Jimmy Page // Layla - live Jam .. too bad its lousy sound levels :(
HARToscope The Sims 2 // Shut Up (cover tune B.E.P. heh)
HARToscope Fugees // Killing Me Softly //
HARToscope Cheap Trick // I Want You To Want Me // (live from Budokan)
HARToscope Robin Trower // Bridge of Sighs // Live - Classic!
HARToscope 10cc // I'm Not In Love // (live) performed by original member Graham Gouldman and Friends May 2008 according to YouTube (looked like a good concert)
HARToscope Jesus Jones // Move Mountains ...
HARToscope The Monkees / Last Train To Clarksville // (in the mood for some old time classic rock)
HARToscope Frank Zappa / Montana // .. "I might be moving to Montana soon .. just to raise me up a crop of .. dental floss'
HARToscope Genesis / Keep It Dark // ~waves ... "I wish that I could really tell you, All the things that happened to me... And all that I have seen"
HARToscope The Belle Stars / Iko Iko // "talkin' 'bout, hey now ! hey now ! i ko, i ko, un-day, jockamo feeno ai nane, jockamo fee nane"
HARToscope Split Enz / Six Months In A Leaky Boat // When I was a young boy, I wanted to sail around the world, That's the life for me. Living on the sea.
HARToscope Prince and the Revolution / Let's Go Crazy! // "Electric word life .. It means forever and that's a mighty long time"
HARToscope Love & Rockets / So Alive // ('80's retro)
HARToscope Jimi Hendrix / Come Down Hard On Me // ... "show me I'm your lover man"
HARToscope James Gang / Funk #49 // .."Uh, sleep all day, out all night, I know where you're going. I don't that's a-acting right, You don't think it's showing."
HARToscope Jeff Beck Group / I Ain't Superstitious // .."Ain't superstitious, a black cat crossed my trail."
HARToscope Groove Armada / Mambo Cafe // ... 1234 1234 1234 12and3and4and 1234 1234 1234 12and3and4and (a little repetitive perhaps)
HARToscope Terry Jacks / Seasons In The Sun // "We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun. But the hills that we climbed were just seasons out of time."
HARToscope Aerosmith / Uncle Salty // .."but when she cried at night, no one came, and when she cried at night, went insane "
EduRamires Great moments skating at Ibirapuera's park listening to this music ...
HARToscope Genesis / ABACAB // (When they do it) you're never there (When they show it) you stop and stare (Abacab) He's in anywhere (Abacab) Doesn't really care


| play
HARToscope Jane's Addiction / Been Caught Stealing //
HARToscope Eurythmics / Would I Lie To You? /// (... the TV is on, but I'm not ~really~ watching the Super Bowl game ...)
HARToscope Modern English / I Melt With You // ..btw .. my avatar was from that NoCountryForOldMen Coin Toss Game http://nocountrymovie.com/game.php
HARToscope The Guess Who / Shakin' All Over // (featuring Chad Allen) .. // "Quivers down my backbone, I got the shakes in my thigh bone"
HARToscope Aimee Mann / Save Me // (Magnolia soundtrack)
HARToscope The Cure / Hello I Love You (cover) // (something a little different)
HARToscope Ganggajang / Sounds of Then (this is Australia) // ..


| play
HARToscope The Fugees / No Woman, No Cry // Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah
HARToscope The Sugarcubes / F*cking in Rhythm & Sorrow // .."There is a naked person in my flat! He's got a weird expression on his face!"
crispast you make the right thing!!:) if i should..!@GR8FL..well i'm going..it's better :))
HARToscope Jane's Addiction / Classic Girl // Gives her man great ideas. Hears you tell your friends, Hey man, listen to my great idea! It's true I am a villain
HARToscope Supertramp / Rudy // ..."He needs time - he needs time for livin', He needs time - for someone just to see him."


| play
HARToscope The Doobie Brothers / Takin' It To The Streets // I used to like them until I realized how 'religious' it was. Then saw them live & liked them again.
HARToscope Genesis / The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (live) // classic ... they tried to reunite in 2007 for a tour but Gabriel and Hackett backed down
HARToscope Aerosmith / Sweet Emotion // Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Emooooooooooooooshun
HARToscope E.L.O. / Don't Bring Me Down // "You got me runnin goin out of my mind, You got me thinkin that Im wastin my time. Dont bring me down,no no no no no,
HARToscope Madonna / Die Another Day // "I'm gonna break the cycle, I'm gonna shake up the system, I'm gonna destroy my ego, I'm gonna close my body now"..
cannibalita las chicas malas duermen oyendo Black Sabbath (woot)
HARToscope Oren Lavie / Her Morning Elegance // hey! Wanna see a REALLY COOL video ?? http://bit.ly/2rjL6E (link to a post I did earlier)
HARToscope Queen / Keep Yourself Alive // "I was told a million times, Of all the troubles in my way, Tried to grow a little wiser,Little better ev'ry day"
HARToscope Frank Zappa / I'm The Slime // .. "I may be vile and pernicious, But you cant look away, I make you think Im delicious, With the stuff that I say"
HARToscope The B-52's / Dreamland // "In dreams Kisses are pure as the sky is blue" // Crank it! good drum beat :D
HARToscope Bob Seger / Hollywood Nights // "And those hollywood nights, In those hollywood hills, She was looking so right, In her diamonds and frills..."
HARToscope Theme from The Benny Hill Show / Yakety Sax~ // (ok.. let's form a line and run around in circles now :D)
HARToscope The B-52's / Strobe Light // "Where's my telephone?, Is that you baby? Yeah. Got something to tell you. Oh, what? I want to see you tonight!


| play
HARToscope Bauhaus / Bela Lugosi's Dead // ...."Bela Lugosi's dead Undead undead undead" // (nice background music for 9 minutes or so~)
HARToscope Ella Fitzgerald / Savoy Truffle / Creme tangerine and montelimat, A ginger sling with a pineapple heart, A coffee dessert, yes you know it's good news
HARToscope The Beach Boys / California Girls // .. wow! was it cold today with wind chill in Winnipeg -33c .. yet on Saturday it's supposed to be 0c .. nice
HARToscope ("Lola Rennt" aka "Run Lola Run" soundtrack at Amazon = http://bit.ly/4g3B) // (reblip) (reblip)
LolaRennt ("Lola Rennt" aka "Run Lola Run" soundtrack at Amazon = http://bit.ly/4g3B) (reblip)
dubstarr we come from the land of the ice and snow
Shortmann And only because my cat is trying to play on my computer...off to play some WoW!
HARToscope Thin Lizzy / The Boys Are Back In Town // (this is not bachman turner overdrive)
HARToscope Trans-Siberian Orchestra / Carol Of The Bells // .. yeah .. time to pay some of the credit cards with some XMAS purchases.. :(
HARToscope The Wallflowers / One Headlight // "Hey, come on try a little, Nothing is forever, There's got to be something better than, In the middle"
HARToscope U2 / Elevation // ,,"oooh ooh, Elevation, oooh ooh, Elevation, oooh ooh, Elevation, oooh ooh, Elevation"


| play
HARToscope The Black Crowes / Hard To Handle // "Hey little thing let me light your candle, cause mama Im sure hard to handle, now" // how about this? @bossmoss
HARToscope Pharrell (ft. Gwen Stefani) / Can I Have It Like That //
HARToscope Sarah McLachlan / Possession // "Through this world I�ve stumbled So many times betrayed Trying to find an honest word To find the truth enslaved"
darrylheron Elton John sings the classic Who song.
ReikiMaster This one goes out to the one I love.
HARToscope Ray Stevens / Gitarzan // On Saturday night they need some excitement Jane gets right and the monkey gets tight And their voices unite"
HARToscope Styx // Too Much Time On My Hands // (yeah - that's my story and I'm sticking to it! lol)
HARToscope The Sensational Alex Harvey Band // Delilah
dubstarr i'll give you television