eyglo @Harkaway @juliansimpson Now this is a Sunday morning sun to my taste! :)
eyglo Fuck it. Let's go bowling....errr or something
hiabowman If I had time I'd totally take a bath just cause of this song, so great :D
hiabowman Seriously how the hell they put together tracks like this always amazes me, so fuckin' good.
Itxi And another '70's tune...yes peeps it wasn't the '80's just yet...

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

| play
Itxi He's the rocket mannn
Itxi Those streetlights are blindin'
eBeth Play this and ask for anything.. it's yours.
warren_bennett because i love Ryan Adams so much and because this lyric has the word cigarette in it.
warren_bennett one more for @juliansimpson.see him live if you can.he's too good for words.
Itxi You lost your cookie too? (0_0) Why not boogie while ur at it... (reblip)
Itxi Oh yeah, it would be so good Nik
Itxi Michael Knight used 2 rule...
Itxi When Michael Knight went to India, this is what happened...
Itxi Cuz the title rocks...and it's funky...
Itxi Like being lost in a trippity trip...
Itxi When classical music & dance meet...
hiabowman I only ever remember how much I like this track when I hear it :)
hiabowman *points at @amyknapp* there's one of 'em!
warren_bennett theme tune for sitcom starring @eBeth and @apdunne and a ton of stuff from the Apple store.

Man About The House

| play
Itxi Awww poor Vinnie...but lovely for us...
hiabowman I'm fairly sure my MacBook is :(
Itxi Bowie flies off into space again...& meets Beatles underway... (reblip)
Itxi Cuz Fischerspooner are simply hot..remixed or not..
Itxi Revenge can be sweet, when it's done in music....
Itxi Classic favorite...
Itxi Because there are other ways of looking at it...that are beautiful...
Itxi bit of a dance vs hip hop thang going on...
demonchild6 For all the lost boys and girls.
MatBlackmore This goes out to all who have ever lost in love. Lyrically perfect. I'm not crying.
Itxi For all ya ladies out there, and for the dudes who wanna do somethin for their ladies...
Itxi If you like beats: you gotta dig mr Oizo's freakiness..
warren_bennett it's raining.that means i get to wear a hat for my coffee walk later.nice.
Itxi When two giants meet....you get puuurdy music....
Itxi Fo those lazy afternoons in the sunshine...
Itxi Aaaand to wake up again, ready to get stuff done....
Itxi *play loud when pep is needed*
Itxi More than one minute left....but who's countin'...
Itxi Cuz they made dance music in the olden days too....
Itxi Randomly from my ipod...
warren_bennett It's like we're picking up trash in dresses... this came second.
Itxi *utility belt, '70's porn stache & drill* (reblip)
demonchild6 Good morning all. Start your day funky.
Itxi Another Funky morrow tune...inspired by superutilitybeltpornstacheman...
Angpang It was only a matter of time before I blipped this. White Lines...
Itxi Captain Kirk goes *ballad*...
Itxi Feeling reinvigorated *hazzaaaaa!*....

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

| play
Itxi Working on budget, oh yeah money you're so dirrty....
Itxi Meet: The Ballsac Club <3 @demonchild6 - Bender, @Itxi_Itx - Ally, @abiblackmore - Andrew, @maybeitwasutah - Brian, @learymay - Claire
Itxi ...maybe we can go down a spiral staircase...
Itxi ...but then I could be wrong and then you might want...
Itxi ...uh oh! careful you don't get.... (reblip)
Itxi ...cuz then you might turn into a...


| play
Itxi For all of you who've had a shitty day today...*yes me too*...

SokoShitty Day

| play
Itxi Song out of the "soundtrack" of the play I'm currently directing....

etta james - i just want to make love to yo

| play
Itxi More music from my play's "soundtrack"....
Itxi Openings tune 2 my play....
Itxi Another tune from my play....and appropriate for this past week...hehe
Itxi Remember this funky somethin' somethin' from not so very long ago?
Itxi Blushingly kinky, but utterly groovy and therefore a former (serious) contender for my play's soundtrack....you might know it from "Boogie Nights"....
Itxi Very fitting after the last tune...and also contender.... (^_-)
Itxi The result of all that kinky groovy-ness....(and yes...this one too...)...
Itxi For all ye who were M.I.A. (with and without boobies)....(^_^)
Itxi @doodlewhale image of you flying with this on the background...
Itxi @waitingword for you girrl...

Rocky Raccoon

| play
eyglo Might as well work... :)
sarahpinborough For Twitter's favourite part-time cross dresser...@warren_bennett. Work that slutty look!


| play
Itxi In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey....


| play
Itxi Enter the fluffy darkness....

BeckDark Star

| play
shadowhoney Love this.....! Video was amazing!!

fugies - fugees - ready or not

| play

fugies - fugees - ready or not

| play
Itxi Leftfield - Phatplanet
warren_bennett Getting in the mood for saturday.I don't move as fast as i used to.
Itxi More lovely Chet...witchcraft....
warren_bennett Goodnight all... time for tea,work and sleep.
doodlewhale yay, conchords on at 10:30, most beautiful tv (in the room)
Itxi Oh hell yeah, Isaac, bring it ON...
juliansimpson Welcome to another #WankpotWednesday, Twitter. Bring the noise...
Itxi Time to shake awake....shake thine head oh Twitteeroos!
Itxi More head banging in the morrow.....
juliansimpson At least this one works. Might even make @sarahjpin smile.
juliansimpson Tunes don't come any better than this EVER...
sarahpinborough Taking it old Skool..I loved this..had the Album tape..;-)
Itxi Raaaaaaah inhale inhale!
Itxi Black Hole sun...with a jazzy twist...
Itxi Billy pimped by Paul... (^_^)
Itxi Left the best for last...Nirvana...Jazzyfied...
Itxi Fabo tune...and yes...also "She rubs the lotion on..."
Itxi Mid-Week-Move-Your-Tush-Time!
eBeth oooh.... I need a fog machine. Like, now.

Led Zep-Black Dog

| play
Itxi Buenas noches, mes petits..I leave you with a lovely oldie...
Itxi All time favo dance-ish tune...
Itxi Wouldn't it be good...to sit on a beach somewhere right now....
Itxi Time for a little Bass...to break up the day...waddayasay?
Itxi Morroww is nothing without a little Bowie...in a Brazilian jacket...
Itxi Cuz nobody really should...but still definitely would...
Itxi R-U-Ready to Uff....uhuh....
Itxi Slaughtered or not...they be pumpin'....
Itxi Merci George, ça 'c est trés joli....
Itxi Sebastian fait sa chose avec les Punks....
FaderCreep Portishead - Roads - This song suits heavy rain, a tired brain, & thoughts of throwing yourself under a train. Enjoy!
Itxi I totally agreee...RT @FaderCreep: "Portishead - Roads - This song suits heavy rain..." (reblip)
Itxi cuz the rain is drip drip dripping....and the city's quiet as a result....
warren_bennett It doesn't actually get more wrong than this.He even looks stupid.But I love it!
Itxi for all yo sexy mamacita's and papi's out there...you know who you are...
maybeitwasutah From one end of cool to the other.


| play
Itxi Another cheesy-puff that utterly rocks...and made it into one of my plays...

Supertramp - Dreamer

| play
Itxi Cuz people keep forgetting...but it rocked!
Itxi Time for more Rockin' rock inbetwixt the cheesy cheese...
demonchild6 My all time favourite song in the world ever. I thing I know you all well enough now.
maybeitwasutah This is Edie and I backing out of the room for bedtime (hers not mine)
demonchild6 Forget the last version. Here it is live and glorious.
Itxi Now where were we...ah yes...RZA in tha houseee...
Itxi Cuz N.A.S.A. rocks...and no, not the space program...
Itxi Whatchadoin? - N.A.S.A. gold, feat M.I.A., Santogold, Spank Rock n' Nick Zinner...
Itxi ...and with that...more of the luscious Santogold...
doubledrat @Rollerballrocco @whistlin_indie im through casting aspersions only gets me in trouble. smiles from now on. 4those about 2rock, i salute u. ;)
doubledrat vi@sartorialwhimsy ...not exactly what im in the mood for but cant help myself... hey @Itxi. welcome to the terrordome.... (reblip)
Itxi ..the best old Skool hip hop tune....
doubledrat Liz Phair – Girls, Girls, Girls -- Exile In Guyville 6/24/1993 #matador releases cheers @radolo @katost @nick_sorg @Northrunnnercan
Itxi Summery tune in tha pre-summer...
Itxi For the space-men out there...and space-ladies too of course...
Itxi And if you're having brekkie, here's one for you...
Itxi Don't bring me down...cuz I'm feelin' fluffy....

13 - Benny Sings - No more drinks for me

| play
Itxi Benny SIngs - Coconut


| play
Itxi In honor of the book club....
Itxi Fantastic title for a song: "The world was a mess but his hair was perfect" - The Rakes
Itxi Peaches rocks it.... Peaches & Soulwax - Talk to Me
burntbroccoli May never be able to listen to this song with a straight face ever again because of the Boosh. :D
Itxi G' night twitteroos! (^_^) And remember.....
jonjonnyp Don't mind if I do. 'later, twats.
Itxi Oh damn...I need to pee...
Itxi Beatles love...


| play


| play
sarahpinborough But then again..the day may go like this..I'm off to find out..
HifiLoki #musicmonday To start the ball rolling, something easy listening...
Itxi #musicmonday Cuz the best way to give interesting & encouraging info on a monday comes through music...
Itxi #musicmonday As long as we're being informative...here's some facts about Fu...
FaderCreep This is what that transformer should dance to on the car advert really.


| play


| play
juliansimpson OH YES! Kneel before me, Twitter... (Wish it was better quality tho)


| play
Itxi riiight...the person who posted this clearly had no idea who composed this...still jummy tho...
Itxi Gooooooooood moooooorniiiiiiiinggg Vieeet...eh...Twitteroooooos!!
Itxi And what's a morning without a slight dab of freaky beats? Exactly...so here comes! (reblip)
CraigMarr @Itxi_Itx not as soothing but inspired by Rachmaninov
Itxi Seriously beautiful Spanish heartache...
Itxi @psibreaker some dark Jim sunrays...
Itxi Remember "Tour of duty"?

Tour of Duty - The Rolling Stones

| play
HifiLoki Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod... 'dancing' to this gives you incredibly neck-ache!
HifiLoki Random Mike Patton guest vocals...

Lovage - Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By - 12 - Sex (

| play
gigi_peterkin my head is full of magic baby and I can share this with you...
HifiLoki Dedicated to @eBeth and @Itxi_Itx for constant repetition of the two Cs in a Twitter conversation...


| play
twittemusicboy Ahhh. The strokes remind me of old times =]
HifiLoki Plinky plonk new age spookiness...


| play
Itxi Good to hear this again, thanks! :D RT @warren_bennett: "great version of John Barry's OHMSS." (reblip)
Itxi In relation to 'Cha...mon...here's "tah, tah, tah" and "hee heee"
Itxi Riiight...time for some (relaxing) music...

Zero 7Polaris

| play
Itxi Yaaaaaay my favorite videooo!! (music wyse & doggie wyse)

Goldfrapp "Ride a White Horse"

| play
Itxi Disturbingly good Chris Cunningham video...and ace beats from Squarepusher
eBeth She's often inclined to borrow somebody's dreams till tomorrow..

See Emily Play

| play
warren_bennett my favourite voice....

John Lennon stand by me

| play
Itxi Just live it, love it and appreciate it...cuz you never know when it ends...lets rock this party we call life! (^_^)
Itxi Diggin' the poney....and more, on a rooftop....

The Beatles Apple Rooftop Concert 3/3 (HQ)

| play
Itxi Aaaawwww...look how clean cut they were in the early days...*fuzzy fuzz*...
warren_bennett @gibbzer I love them all. If I had to,I could live with just my Beatles records,together as a band and apart.
Itxi YOMG! A Beatles rehearsal!! Ok..I've died and gone to heaven.... (^_^) This is actually funky-er than the final version...niceee
Itxi JOY!

The Beatles: Hey Bulldog Cartoon

| play
Itxi Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhh

Savoy Truffle

| play
Itxi Air guitar!! Air drums!! Air bass!! And mental head banging...Beatles? yes please! :D
Itxi He's only sleeping...ssssh.... *chuckle*
Itxi heheh bizarre n funny....

Zero 7Distractions

| play
JRGibson Been a while, still love it - "We all dressed in black..." :D

beastie boys-egg man

| play
Itxi Here's the original (live) version @JRGibson
JRGibson For the life of me I can't get this out of my head - great video too
JRGibson Time for bed - 'The Last Of The Melting Snow'

The Leisure Society 'The Last Of The Melting Snow'

| play

Zita Swoon-Thinking about you

| play
warren_bennett He doesn't twitter,barely uses a mobile,but this is for my dad.In honour of the Eurovision last weekend.They came second with this nonesence in 1975!!

elvis presley blue suede shoes color

| play
Itxi Good might,mes petits, I too must rest my weary body...I leave you with a lovely, mellow tune for the night...

Etta James / At Last

| play
Itxi In loving memory of a sweet little playful furball...

Yummy Yummy Yummy I got love in my tummy

| play

Jose Feliciano & Johnny Cash

| play

Insensatez -Antonio Carlos Jobim

| play

Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim

| play
eyglo @itxi_itx perhaps this should be our apocalyptic theme song? =)
maybeitwasutah Thanks to @gibbzer, found new tunes.

The Weepies-World Spins Madly On

| play
Ast oooo...oooooo.....o.o.o.o.o.ol.o.o.o....oooo.olo.
doodlewhale @itxi_itx whilst your finding your way :) x
doodlewhale twitter my true love waits.....x

true love waits

| play
doubledrat Window Twins – Maybe It's Time
Itxi <3

Chet Baker Live (Belgium 1964) : Time After Time

| play
warren_bennett tea and a tune for @sarahjpin.....

The Beatles-I'm So Tired

| play

The Beatles;A Day In The Life

| play
Itxi Still gives me a big lump in my throat this version...Let it Be...
HifiLoki For those of us who can see sunlight, but aren't escaping the office this lunchtime... feel good tune!
Itxi Luscious! :D RT @HifiLoki: "For those of us who can see sunlight, but aren't escaping the office this lunchtime... feel good tune!" (reblip)
Itxi Dunno why, but this always reminds me of lazy sunny summer days...
apdunne You were wearing funny shoes…

I Turn My Camera On

| play
Itxi West Coast - Coconut Records....cuz it's love...

Coconut Records "West Coast"

| play

Easy Alohas video

| play

Ratatat "Cherry"

| play
Itxi Good morningggg *yawn*..... (^_^)

Muppet Show Moreno and Animal

| play
Itxi Muppetshow's Beaker - Feelings *chuckle*

Savoy Truffle

| play
burntbroccoli I can't believe I just found this: Flight of the Conchords / Nine Inch Nails – GOD GIVEN / SUGAR LUMPS mashup
gigi_peterkin Kicking it off with OMD - we were all pretty in pink...

OMDIf You Leave

| play
gigi_peterkin Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Noah Drake...

Rick Springfield- Jessies girl

| play
gigi_peterkin The lovely Michael Hutchence...with an homage to Dylan at the end of the video
maybeitwasutah If you are still in the mood to shake your ass, then this might help.
Itxi raaaaahhhhhhhh *stretches* Morrowwww peeperonie's!
Itxi YOMG!! It's like summer out there.....mmmmmmjummmm..... (^_^)

The Surfaris Wipe out 1963

| play