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lu_lu This world is only gonna break your heart...
lu_lu They're so cute, it hurts.
lu_lu It's no fun being good all the time ;)
samtaters She fell in love with a drummer Another & another (**this is actually true**) She fell in love
samtaters Your boy is like a memory With some sense of touch and a melody Your girl she's a renegade A hurricane that keeps you there, safe

StarsLook Up

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samtaters You'd surface face first and we'd share our thought bubbles And I still believe in the phrases that we breathed
Bronwen oh, how your hair is beautiful ....


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JollyBengali Love it

Rise Up with Fists

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morningtide i always sleep with my guns when you're gone
JollyBengali This was a triumph. I'm making a note here. Huge success.
JollyBengali In honor of the upcoming James Bond flick: Nobody does it half as good as you.
LaVyrtuosa Dedicata a @notoriousxl... per dimenticare "le due brocche" di ieri sera e guardare avanti ;)
aiurea oui oui, pas oublier de dancer, meme dans le propre living room
JollyBengali I'm a sucker for cover songs. When I played this to some friends, they didn't care much. Let's try this "One more time".
JollyBengali * Best. Cover. Ever. * Don't you try telling me otherwise. I dare you. I double dog dare you!
Dav - This goes out to my dad. :)
Spiritus_ex_machina Just checking my record collection and found this gem from when I was a kid. You better run, better take cover...
JollyBengali Hard to believe this was recorded at a 'soundcheck'. One of my favorite covers by a favorite band.
JollyBengali Shout out to my local Charm City band.
JollyBengali The song always makes me question...everything!
JollyBengali One of the few rap songs both my dad and I ever agreed on ;-)

MC Hammer - You Can't Touch This (1980's)

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samtaters what’s holding up her face? nothing but blue skies passage ways to windows that don’t close where do you live? love is a place
samtaters Get out your measuring cups and we'll play a new game. Come to the front of the class and we'll measure your brain.
mandipants can definately tell she's icelandic
samtaters Laughing with your pretty mouth Laughing with your broken eyes Laughing with your lover's tongue In a lullabye
cosita it's been ages since i've listened to a band and felt endless.
cosita i love this song. it's a good one for the road when you're going to see someone you really, really want to be with. (bwahahaha...did i just say that?)
cosita i need more cold gear because it's rarely in the double digits these days.
JollyBengali I usually think of this song when I return to Baltimore at the end of the day. (Dirty Old Town, cover by the Pogues)
cammy And then a cup of coffee...
cammy @noodlebs Mon amour ;* Tô começando a ficar com sono...


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TriniD For all the code monkeys out there...
JollyBengali Blast from the past / 80s strike back: this song shows exactly what's wrong with 80s pop.
JollyBengali What is this thing called power ballad?
JollyBengali And here's the Tori Amos cover.
JollyBengali When Limp Bizkit did this cover, what were they thinking???
JollyBengali If there's any such thing as tongue-in-cheek cover, this would certainly qualify.
JollyBengali This cover proves Canadian music not completely lame. ;-) Just kidding my Canadian friends.
JollyBengali This cover of Joy Division got me interested in Nouvelle Vague. Need to listen to more.
JollyBengali Speaking of Billy Jean, here's another cover. Not as interesting as the Chris Cornell cover, but worth a listen.


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JollyBengali My favorite track from the phenomenal soundtrack of Smumdog Squarepants. I mean Slumdog Millionaire.
JollyBengali Here's another great track from Slmumdog Squarepants
JollyBengali "Re-discovered" this song while watching Trainspotting. Danny Boyle makes great use this song in the intro sequence of the movie.
JollyBengali Greatness of covers by Soundgarden/Chris Cornell is the way Chris makes the songs his own. I blipped his cover of Billy Jean before. Here's another.
JollyBengali Sometimes a meaningless memory gets stuck in your head. I still remember watching the music video for the first time. A decent cover anyway!
JollyBengali It's so frustrating when an artist covers a song in live performance, but never officially publishes it! I can't find find this cover anywhere :(
JollyBengali Not much of reinterpretation, but a well performed cover by Goo Goo Dolls.
JollyBengali First heard this song while watching Back To The Future. Heard many versions since. This is the best of the bunch.
JollyBengali MSNBC claims this is one of the best cover songs ever. I think that's a load of bull. You be the judge.
JollyBengali What I like about Tori Amos is that she does lots of covers. What I hate about Tori Amos is that she does lots of covers. She tackles Leo Cohen here.
JollyBengali White Stripes covering Dusty Springfield covering Burt Bacharach.
JollyBengali This cover of the famous Buddy Holly song was featured on the soundtrack of the video game "Stubbs The Zombie: Rebel without a pulse". Great title!
JollyBengali Another cover from Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack. This one is by Cake covering Bert Kaempfert.
JollyBengali For S**ts and giggles, here's a cover a of Lollipop. Happy Sunday everyone ;-)
JollyBengali I love her minimalist style. It shines through in this cover version of the ever popular Rolling Stones track.
JollyBengali In honor or Slumdog Squarepants. It won the best original score award in this year's academy awards.
JollyBengali In honor or Slumdog Squarepants. This song won the best original song. I'm so happy for my namesake A. R. Rahman.
JollyBengali Many consider this one of the best Dylan covers. I find it rather dull. Then again, pulling off a Dylan cover isn't easy.
JollyBengali Now this is a GREAT cover of Dylan. No wonder Rolling Stone magazine included it in 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time
JollyBengali Did we really need a cover of Final Countdown. An industrial rock version no less!
JollyBengali How did Laibach come up with the idea of covering an entire Beatles album? The result is mixed bag and is not really my 'bag'. Here's a sample.
JollyBengali Two things needed to cover a Dylan song - boatload of talent and balls of titanium. Grateful Dead has both and then some.
JollyBengali Tegan and Sara do a decent job of staying true to the original while adding their own touch to the track.
JollyBengali I'm not sure how I feel about the U2-fication of this popular Lou Reed song.
JollyBengali Here's another cover of the Elvis song. Ingrid tries to reinterpret the song in her own style with some success.
JollyBengali One of my favorite covers. Her accent adds something unexplainable to this Britney Spears song.
JollyBengali When a well-known country song is turned into 80s style pop track, this is what it sounds like. A decent cover of the Dolly Parton song.
JollyBengali This song by Malvina Reynolds was used as the theme for Weeds the TV show. It's been covered by 30+ artists. This isn't the best. I'm still looking...
JollyBengali This song has been covered by so many artists so many times! My personal favorite is the one by John Mellencamp. But, this is one is pretty good to.
JollyBengali Here's another Metallica cover by Apocalyptica.
JollyBengali Here's an orchestra version of Money For Nothing. Quite amusing.
JollyBengali With so many covers to her name, when does Tori Amos get the time to do anything original!
JollyBengali Hillarious cover of "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go". It's the famous Wham song. What do you mean you don't know Wham! Man, I'm old!
JollyBengali In the mood for Led Zeppelin , but can't listen because you have a headache? Try this instead.
JollyBengali I prefer the cover by Alison Krauss, but Eric Clapton is, after all, Eric Clapton. The guitar riffs are signature Clapton.
JollyBengali Allegedly, Look of Love is the most covered song ever. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Here's the Diana Krall cover..not very imaginative.
JollyBengali Not necessarily a huge improvement over the Roberta Flack version (which itself is a cover but more popular than the Shirley Bassey original).
JollyBengali I love this cover just for the sheer audacity of the artist to twist and bend the original rock classic by Springsteen.
JollyBengali This version by Johnny Cash is epitome of complete "Johnny Cash-ification". 'Nuff said!
JollyBengali This song has been covered by many great artists such as Elton John and Bruce Springsteen. This version by relative light-weight still is the best.
JollyBengali Shawn Calvin turns this popular tune from Elvis into a down-tempo soft rock track. I love her for that!
ParkvilleMOm Boogie Shoes - KC & The Sunshine Band
JollyBengali Wait a sec, Ryan Adams covered Like A Virgin! Well, I'll be damned!
JollyBengali Phish doesn't have too many cover to it's name. Here they're covering Talking Head.
JollyBengali I had been waiting for a great cover of this popular Blondie track for "uhmm like forever". Well, wait is over. ladies and Gentlemen, I give you....
JollyBengali Cardigans try to put at least one cover of Black Sabbath in all their albums. This, IMHO, is the best.
JollyBengali Another day, another Tori Amos cover.
JollyBengali Lily Allen is my 'guilty pleasure'. I like this cover of kaiser Chiefs.
JollyBengali My favorite second generation Scientologist Beck did this interesting cover of the well-known Nelly song. Interesting!
JollyBengali Cat Woman strikes again. Oops, I mean Cat Power. With this great cover of Fortunate Son.
JollyBengali Now, this is a fracking good cover of Umbrella.
JollyBengali It doesn't get any better than this : Roger Waters covering Beatles.
JollyBengali IMHO, the best cover of this song was done by Sinead O'Connor, but this one isn't too bad.
JollyBengali This is not what you would expect from Patti Smith. A nice little surprise.
JollyBengali Unlike the George Benson or the Otis Redding cover, this one actually adds something new to the song.
JollyBengali The Cure pays a tribute to Jimi Hendrix.
JollyBengali Oh Mick Jagger, I love you so much.
JollyBengali This is one of the better ones out of five zillion songs she has covered.
JollyBengali This song is so great that even aliens love it. Here's a Vulcan covering the song. QED.
JollyBengali A-Rose takes on the Stones! Does he sound a bit playful ?
JollyBengali Audacious/ambitious attempt by the lady!
JollyBengali One of my favorite songs covered by the great Queen.
JollyBengali CCR give this popular Little Richard song their signature treatment.

CCR - Good Golly Miss Molly(1)

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JollyBengali There's something very twisted and perverted about turning a hard rock/heavy metal song into a bluegrass track.

Ace of Spades

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JollyBengali One of the most feisty, if not one of the best, covers of all time. Buz Luhrmann has burdened the world with lots of crap. This is not one of them.

Lady Marmelade

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JollyBengali Some would argue that only thing interesting about Bananarama is their name and they'd probably be right. A decent cover nonetheless.
JollyBengali Purists will get mad, but I like this cover by Tool more than the Led Zep original. Sawwy :(

ToolNo Quarter

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JollyBengali This comment will drastically reduce my coolness quotient, but here it goes. I can never get enough of Dancing Queen. Cover or not.
JollyBengali Alt Country artist Robbie Fulks 'redeems' this un-hip song. I couldn't agree more.
JollyBengali Wilco covers Don't Fear The Reaper


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JollyBengali Van Halen's interpretation of the classic rock track. Me likey!
JollyBengali Everyone has heard the cover by Aerosmith. Maybe this vefrsion needs a bit of revival ;-)
JollyBengali I'm not sure how I feel about the reggae-fication of this beloved song. What do you think?
JollyBengali If Van Halen can do it, Bon Jovi can do it better!
JollyBengali Drive By Truckers is one of the rare 'country' bands that I enjoy. Here's their take on the Bob Dylan song.
JollyBengali Of course, the best cover is not by Drive-By Truckers, but by Jimmy H.
JollyBengali Speaking of Dylan covers, Sufjan morphs this Dylan track into something very sweet and melodic.
JollyBengali Here's another Dylan cover. Do you think her style is suitable for Dylan songs?
LaKarune You inspired me @JollyBengali. Been wanting to kiss the sky anyway.
JollyBengali Great cover of this old-timey song by Carpenters. Thanks @proveno (reblip)
JollyBengali While I'm at it, here's another pretty good Fleetwood Mac cover.
JollyBengali Oh, Natasha! You go girl. Love this Madonna cover.
JollyBengali Covering David Bowie is quite audacious. But, this one isn't too bad.
JollyBengali In memory of recently concluded Ireland trip, here's a cover of the popular traditional Irish song by an Irish band.
JollyBengali Of course, The Dubliner's version is most 'authentic'.
JollyBengali Cake covering Doris Day covering Jan Mazurus. Original track is titled Quizas, quizas, quizas
JollyBengali You can count on Eddie Vader to put new life into this old favorite.
JollyBengali I'm obsessing over this song and all the cover versions. Belle & S. puts on their own touch in this version.
JollyBengali I wonder how Jonathan Coulton feels about this cover. At the risk of labeling myself as a dork, Still Alive is one my favorite songs.
JollyBengali This cover sort of "mellows" down the original song. Pretty decent.
JollyBengali Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" is one my fav 80s trash. Here's a very short take on it by Red HCP.
JollyBengali Hot Chip takes on Joy Division with good results
JollyBengali Cat usually does a great job covering popular tracks. This isn't her best though. Sorry, Cat!
JollyBengali Me love meself some gender-bender cover. "Hey little boy, is your mommy home?"
JollyBengali This cover by Elvis Costello will go a long way recovering from the horrors of Matt Damon singing My Funny Valentine.
JollyBengali I'm not a big R.E.M fan, but this is a good cover.
JollyBengali One of my most favorite song and favorite cover. Eddie Vader "rocks".
JollyBengali This song is more well known as the theme from M*A*SH. Manic Street does a good job with this version.
JollyBengali This version of the song is probably more 'faithful' to the original M*A*SH theme by Johnny Mandel. But, that's not always a good thing.
JollyBengali One great Steve covering another great Steve.
JollyBengali Aimee does fantabulous job , IMHO, with this Beatles song.
JollyBengali I admit, I don't care much for Joy Division except this song. Good cover by Fall Out Boy.
JollyBengali Of course, the 'definitive' cover version comes from Nouvelle Vague. Wait a sec, what's a 'definitive cover' anyway?
JollyBengali Femmes covering Gnarls Barkley. Who would have thunk!
JollyBengali An entertaining acoustic version of the famous Police track.

Incubus-Message In A Bottle

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JollyBengali No song is too sacred for UB40 ;-)
JollyBengali George Michael covering Police.
JollyBengali Joan Jett covering Crimson and Clover. Most of her popular songs seem to be covers.

Crimson and Clover

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JollyBengali Violent Femmes continually surprise me with their choice of covers. Surprising or not, they're always entertaining.
JollyBengali A double-plus-super-awesome cover of Everlasting Love by U2
JollyBengali Remember the Bangles? You know, Walk Like An Egyptian? They covered Simon & Garfunkel.
JollyBengali A complete make-over of the popular Pink Floyd song. Cover by Foo Fighters.
JollyBengali Here's another great cover by Eddie Vader.
JollyBengali Loving this cover by Vonda. I have never heard of her before.
JollyBengali This version by CCR stands out in the midst of two gazillion covers.
JollyBengali Van Morrison isn't exactly chopped lever. Very different from the cover by CCR.
JollyBengali Second Shondells cover of the evening. This is one of my favorite covers. I had a crush on Tiffany when I was in high school.
JollyBengali Loving this cover by Chantal. I gotta check out more of her music.
JollyBengali Arguably one of the best covers of all time.
JollyBengali A very faithful cover by Cake.

CAKEWar Pigs

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JollyBengali Cake modernizes the old-timey song.
JollyBengali I wonder why Cake chose to cover a old, sad song about a disabled war bet! I like it though.
JollyBengali Amy Winehouse taking on Sam Cooke.
JollyBengali Cover of a different Black Sabbath song. This time by Megadeath.
JollyBengali Screw it! Here's another Air Supply cover. I like the slight twist in the guitar riff.
JollyBengali Jitterbug! Jitterbug! Another cover. Who knew there are so many covers of Wham songs.
JollyBengali @Larry_Joe, here's a electro-pop covr of Carpenters' Superstar. Well, the song was 'made famous' by them. The original is by Delaney & Bonnie.

Shock Of Pleasure - Superstar

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JollyBengali rb @changedworld Starfucker – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cindy Lauper cover) (reblip)
JollyBengali Man, I'm on a roll! Another cover of an old song. This one sounds more like cover of the Tiffany cover. The original is by Tommy James and Shondells.
JollyBengali Can't wait for summer. Sly and The family Stone cover
JollyBengali Interesting take on the The Supremes' Baby Love.
JollyBengali Very faithful cover of Elton John's classic.
JollyBengali Loving this cover of Donna Summer. Yes, I know I'm old. Thanks for reminding me. ;-)
JollyBengali I'm very touchy about Dire Straits covers...and Romeo and Juliet is the One Song for me. But, I kinda like this cover.
JollyBengali R.E.M's interpretation of the popular track. Pretty decent cover.
JollyBengali Hard to decide which version is better. Velvet Underground's original or Nirvana's cover?
JollyBengali One of my favorite Radiohead songs covered by my not-so-favorite artist Korn.


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JollyBengali More of a remake than a cover, but enjoyable regardless. Scissors Sisters covering Franz Ferdinand.

Scissor Sisters "Take Me Out" (Franz Ferdinand Cover)

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JollyBengali An interesting take on CCR's Proud Marry.
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