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Junchai "Interesting...I wish I could see the dance too."@its4am: "Ya Habibi Yalla" (reblip)
Junchai Classy guitar@rerkaizen: "with oranges .. waving back thnks @sundance_kiddo :)" (reblip)

Kaori Muraji plays Satie's Gnossienne No.1

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Junchai For your sleep tonight!


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Pink Martini | Praeludium & Allegro

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Junchai @bluecipher "This one with nice video and also from the Bird and the Bee" @PavlovsStepson

Tonight You Belong to Me

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Junchai For @PavlovsStepson who misses and want to go to Budapest again!

Budapest Bár: Szívemben bomba van

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La Mer. Charles Trénet

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Junchai Wonderful! @BleakMouse: "@Tubabo: "Arabic Hossam Ramzy – Such Beauty Gamil Gamal"" (reblip)
Junchai Ou, this is good! 4@PavlovsStepson rb @FloccoGlocco: "Orchestra Baobab "Hutru Horas" (live)" (reblip)

Orchestra Baobab Live, Hutru horas

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aquamarines Kahuna Kawentzmann - Gogo Sitar

Kahuna Kawentzmann Gogo Sitar

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aquamarines @randyhate @LolaLulu "Chantal Goya "Laisse-moi" 1966 #frenchpopfriday"" (reblip)

Chantal Goya "Laisse-moi" 1966

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aquamarines Les 5-4-3-2-1 – Bond Street
aquamarines The Lovers – Crik Crak

The LoversCrick Crack

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aquamarines Sleepwalk- Hapa

Sleepwalk- Hapa

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aquamarines Vanduras: Charlotte

Vanduras: Charlotte 02v.

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aquamarines @Hang_Ten: "Classic hit from 1966, late in the first wave of surf guitar! " (reblip)
aquamarines @worldlookingin @Greythorn @DonWha @bthecat: "Charlotte Rampling J'aurais voulu être une Vamp" (reblip)

Charlotte Rampling "J'aurais voulu être une Vamp"

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aquamarines @changosvoladores "saludos desde California ;)" Piero Piccioni – In Viaggio Attraverso L'Australia
aquamarines Kessler Sisters - "Bons Baisers à Bientôt" (Scopitone)

Kessler Sisters

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aquamarines The Blob – Opening Theme (1958)
aquamarines @CaughtTheKaty: "Los de Abajo. Dance, dance, with style." (reblip)
aquamarines P. De Luca & I Marc 4 - L'Uomo Dagli Occhi Di Ghiaccio
aquamarines Daikaiju – The Trouble With Those Mothra Girls
aquamarines @karironisGEOcafe: "the beatles- besame mucho ... happy travels & birthday!" (reblip)

the beatles- besame mucho

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aquamarines TY@SabineWe: "Herbie Mann – Copacabana. Grand souvenir d'un match de la coupe du monde de foot en juin sur la plage de Copacabana à Rio..." (reblip)

Herbie MannCopacabana

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aquamarines TY@RttR "The Rockin Barracudas" (reblip)

The Rockin Barracudas

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aquamarines ありがたくぞんじます!@yuuhi_hajime: "Lisa Ono - Chega De Saudade" (reblip)
aquamarines @opruimfee via @Tubabo @amphore: "Water Down The Ganges" (reblip)

Water Down The Ganges

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aquamarines really beautiful... maybe some Spanish interpretation of the art? @Angelitos55 via @Tubabo: "Al Andalus – arabisch-andalusischer Tanz - Nura" (reblip)
aquamarines @Nani1982 "Roberta Sá – Samba De Um Minuto" in case the last blip didn't work :)
aquamarines non mon ami, thank U! rb@Corts: "Stereo Total – Oh Yeah" and THX to another ultra-fave from the blip ether @worldlookingin :) (reblip)

Stereo TotalOh Yeah

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aquamarines muchas graçias@changosvoladores: "morrisey & siouxie – interlude - subtitulada" (reblip)
aquamarines ty@TheJohnC: "Iraida Noriega – Mariposas" (reblip)

Iraida Noriega mariposas

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aquamarines TY@TorontoWriter: "U Srinivas, Mandolin, NiravathiSukhada" (reblip)

U Srinivas, Mandolin, NiravathiSukhada

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aquamarines @Tati_Maria_Tati via @arappocaro "HIRO YANAGIDA – Good Morning People" (reblip)

HIRO YANAGIDA Good Morning People

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aquamarines there we go :) ty@TheJohnC via @BlueMoonShine: "Mongo Santamaria – In The Mood" (reblip)
aquamarines THX! à for all the props & blips @Caco @HawkNoize @jet333 @jojatk @claudix @CyberManin "Hot Smoke And Sasafrass- Bubblepuppy- 1969"

Hot Smoke And Sasafrass- Bubblepuppy- 1969

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aquamarines @BoogieMantras: "Mecco Guidi - Giulia 1600" (reblip)

MECCO GUIDI -"Giulia 1600" (2007)

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aquamarines :) @EFR56: "Lisa Carbon (Uwe Schmidt) – Duck Cha-Cha ... OK time to get serious" (reblip)
aquamarines is this serious enough yet? :) @EFR56 smiles to @Interozetor @DrRobt @mojoworking @renaud_favier @redoctopus: "Black Market Audio – Jetzt Geht's Los" (reblip)

RICHARD HAYMAN The Look Of Love Space-Age Fashion 1960's

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aquamarines @huangmarong: ": a chinese song by Zhang Ye" (reblip)

张也- 花儿为什么这样红Why Are The Flowers So Red?

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aquamarines @EFR56: "Yoshinori Sunahara – Clouds Across the Moon from "Crossover" 1998 ..... Space Age class aka "jetset'" (reblip)
aquamarines @arappocaro: "咽び泣くテナーサックス♪ 夜霧のしのび逢い /サムテイラー" (reblip)

夜霧のしのび逢い /サムテイラー

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aquamarines ty @amphore via @Tubabo: for "Bebel Gilberto – Tanto Tempo" (reblip)
aquamarines merci infiniment @SabineWe via @tenderlee: "Enrico Pieranunzi - Les amants" (reblip)
aquamarines cheers @tenderlee: "ah the look of love... more than words can ever say" (reblip)
aquamarines ¿sì muchas graçias mi amigo y usted también? @Angelitos55: "gracias @aquamarines "...bien?" (reblip)
aquamarines @MeroSaahti a tad late but, शुभ दीपावली - Happy Deepawali :)

Nepali Festival Tihar Bhai Tika Song- LaxMi Puja -शुभ दीपावली

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aquamarines can't stay away... you're all blipping such great stuff :) @MeroSaahti @huangmarong (reblip)

"Bhakti Yogini Dance"

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aquamarines always good :) @MeroSaahti "鄭秀文- 傷心之旅 | Sad Travel by Sammi Cheng" mystery solved à @karisON @DJRosaNava :) (reblip)

鄭秀文- 傷心之旅[1995]

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aquamarines ok one last rockin' tune... this is a good segue :) @MeroSaahti (reblip)
aquamarines also in lounge mode... great selections @sunyata: "King Curtis – Melancholy Serenade" (reblip)
aquamarines xox à @FernandaW: "Black is the Colour - Natacha Atlas" (reblip)

Black is the Colour-Natacha Atlas

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aquamarines @arappocaro: "►Jack Wolfe◄ – Bossa Nova In The Moonlight" (reblip)
aquamarines love it @FernandaW: "Sylvia Telles 'Voce'" (reblip)

Sylvia Telles 'Voce'

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aquamarines blip time-out :) @MeroSaahti: "Nitin Sawhney/Reena Bhardwaj – Heer" (reblip)
aquamarines ty :) @TidyCat @ShiaoMei: "Si*Se – Mariposa (en Havana)" (reblip)
aquamarines thx so much for all the props & reblips à @MeroSaahti :) (reblip)
aquamarines bonito bonito à @Cicciapasticcia: "A contribution to the Brazilian flavor of your play-list tonight with an Italian touch :)" (reblip)

Ornella Vanoni Vinicius de Moraes & Toquinho semaforo rosso

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aquamarines @amphore: "1-3 Summertime in Venice" (reblip)

1-3 Summertime in Venice

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aquamarines @Geckoskan: "Gracias mi Periqui:" (reblip)

Toña la Negra, cada noche un amor, bolero, Agustín Lara

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aquamarines grazie molto à @sweet_harmony: "All My Colours – Nouvelle Vague" (reblip)
aquamarines pour moi? maintenant je rougis :) xox à @LaHaine: "8°6 Crew – You come. Para ti :) @aquamarines!" (reblip)

8°6 CrewYou come

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aquamarines great find à @pulsar: "Been too long since I last blipped this." (reblip)
aquamarines @The_Swin: "The Revolutionaries – Dub Forever" (reblip)
aquamarines @DrCocker: "MIKE ANTHONY – There For Tomorrow - reggae dub 10" single" (reblip)
aquamarines @FernandaW: "The tune talks about how the wedding couple spiritual level rises when "giving Kiddushin", ie, sanctifying each other as husband & wife" (reblip)

Jewish Sephardic wedding song from Morocco

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aquamarines @aquamarines: "Wayne Gorbea-El yoyo" (reblip)

Wayne Gorbea-El yoyo

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aquamarines thx à @Translucent via @DrCocker: "Benny De Weille – La vie en rose (Schau mich bitte nicht so an)" (reblip)

La vie en rose (Schau mich bitte nicht so an)

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aquamarines 二人にありがとうと言いたい。。。よろしく@MugichaGozen via @machaking69: "Marden Hill-Slalom" (reblip)

Marden Hill-Slalom

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aquamarines glad you liked it :) @Insanitiki: "Nice find! @aquamarines: Bajofondo Tango Club con Mala Rodriguez ~ El Anden" (reblip)

Il Postino: Theme

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aquamarines :) @mojoworking: "so true... ~ Stereolab – Everybody's Weird Except Me" (reblip)
aquamarines tyvm... Blue Hawaiians influenced Aquamarines profoundly... esp. Gary Brandin, my lap steel playing :) @The_Swin: "my playlists are much improved" (reblip)
aquamarines here's one of Gary Brandin's recent projects with his brother... probably I sent you this already :) @The_Swin (reblip)
aquamarines good one :) @yosakoi: "Fabio Turchetti – Oea" (reblip)

Fabio TurchettiOea

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aquamarines ty both à @globalgrande via @MeroSaahti: "Luis Segura ~Corazon De Acero" (reblip)

Luis Segura "Corazon De Acero"

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aquamarines Mondialito – Notre échec (ぼくたちの失敗/ Our Failure) (reblip)

CATERINA CASELLI "Le biciclette bianche" (1967)

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aquamarines tyvm à @LoveBird: "Brum | Céu – Menino Bonito, Ai" (reblip)
aquamarines Mor Karbasi – Shecharhoret (reblip)
aquamarines merci tout @AlloMarcel: "Autour de Lucie – L'accord Parfait via @randyhate & @Perotin" (reblip)
kundunphei ℎℯℓℓℴ⋆★⋆★ @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice some ambiance to escape back to way back when... {{you are getting sleepy...veerrrryyy sleeeepppyyy}}

Echoes of Ancient Egypt...(7 of 7)

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aquamarines 外人アゴゴ − スケベ、ベイビー! (reblip)
aquamarines yet another great one from you @Ajakseat: "TITO PARIS e MARIZA – Beijo de saudade" (reblip)
aquamarines @AlloMarcel: "Serge Franklin - Exister" (reblip)

Serge Franklin Exister (1968)

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aquamarines :) yes à @ShiaoMei: "Dimitri From Paris – Okinawa Love feat. Kisen Horino" (reblip)
aquamarines ゆらゆら帝国 (Swaying Empire) – おはようまだやろう (I guess it's still good morning) (reblip)

ゆらゆら帝国 おはようまだやろう

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aquamarines quite a journey... @TheJohnC via @Cris_tina: "Close your eyes and listen – Piazzolla - Mulligan" (reblip)
aquamarines @djilo: "Yoshinori Sunahara - Love Beat [Nicola Conte Fez Remix]" (reblip)

Yoshinori Sunahara 砂原良徳- Love Beat [Nicola Conte Fez Remix]

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aquamarines thx both @Corts via @djilo: "The Five Corners Quintet – Shake It" (reblip)
aquamarines mayte gaos – mi novio esquimal (My Boy Lollypop) (reblip)
aquamarines ok kids... off to a Bollywood show... and this song has nothing to do with Bollywood :) thx for all the props & great tunes... enjoy! (reblip)
aquamarines susheela raman

Ye meera divanapan hai

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aquamarines @bendrix via @Siberia: "track was made by virtuosos across the globe who were Flown to our distant frigid land of Siberia to give hope & optimism" (reblip)
aquamarines g'nite & really enjoying your daily musical mantra xox @FernandaW: "pause. i have a lot of things to do. nite, nite @ all" (reblip)

Zulya- Saginou (Yearning)

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aquamarines TINY YONG / Le Sauvage (He Is No Good) (reblip)

TINY YONG / Le Sauvage (He Is No Good)

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aquamarines tyvm à @gadamer via @natapritula: "Enrico Pieranunzi: Fellini's Waltz" (reblip)
aquamarines for @DJRosaNava... nice to you too... one of my fave Sana Mousa songs: "Sana Mousa – No forward-looking/ سناء - موسى لا تطلعي" (reblip)
aquamarines يا عيونك سناء موسى (You... your eyes - Sanaa Moussa) (reblip)

يا عيونك سناء موسى

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aquamarines THE END OF ASIA – Yellow Magic Orchestra (feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto) (reblip)
aquamarines shall i prop this account @karisON (you're deleting it, right?) or just @MeroSaahti?: "Laika and the Cosmonauts – The A Treatment" (reblip)
aquamarines cool, i'll just prop the living daylights out of the other account :) @karisON: "Still going thru my old stuff ... and deleting the rest @aquamarines (reblip)
aquamarines The Atlantics – Ecstasy of Gold (reblip)

Love Me Nots "Move In Tight"

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aquamarines 小島麻由美 (Mayumi Kojima) – あの娘の彼 Her Lover (reblip)
aquamarines merci à @fautedemieux: "Pink Martini – Kikuchiyo (Japanese place name, family name, or surname) To Moshimasu (it is [polite])" (reblip)
aquamarines lovely à @ElusiveEm via @seb098: "This always makes me think of a grand Hindu wedding ceremony...very beautiful. Jai Uttal - Gopala" (reblip)

Jai UttalGopala

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aquamarines どうも:)@yuuhi_hajime: "Clémentine - Chega De Samba" (reblip)
aquamarines back for a couple more tunes... this one for @The_Swin #surf

Allskate by The Concussions

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aquamarines cambie la dirección... 江戸時代な#mambo baby :)@k_marie: "Las Ninjas -- El Nimboo" (reblip)

The Mambo of Ninja

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aquamarines graçias à @evyzg: "No me vengas a decir eso de que tu me amas, no volveras a engañar a un corazón ya sin ganas #Salsa #La33" (reblip)

Orquesta la 33 Sombra y desgracia

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aquamarines thanks all @bthecat via @Douryeh @spl884 @MadeInMorocco: "Natacha Atlas – Mounqaliba - Makaan" (reblip)
aquamarines fits right in with the vibe tonight @TheJohnC: "Al Di Meola – Mercy Street" (reblip)
aquamarines xo à @SabineWe: "Bill Evans Quintet – There came you (Hope so)" (reblip)
aquamarines thx à @CynDyn via @avivajazz: "Gonzalo Rubalcaba + Mariza | The Man I Love | Cuban jazz pianist + Portuguese-Mozambiquan fado singer in a divine duet" (reblip)

Mariza Meets Gonzalo Rubalcaba

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aquamarines danke & dank u à @violetp via @Tubabo @amphore: L'Heure Exquise performed by Julian Lloyd Webber" (reblip)

L'Heure Exquise performed by Julian Lloyd Webber

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aquamarines yes à @figmentspot: "Morricone/Barque. Wee dark samba." (reblip)

Samba e amor

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aquamarines thx all @Rocketron via @TheJohnC & @tbell: "SOPHIE MILMAN I concentrate on you" (reblip)

SOPHIE MILMAN I concentrate on you

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Blossom Dearie: They Say It's Spring

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aquamarines yes à @dnya: "love this cover..Susheela's smooth, hypnotic voice" (reblip)
aquamarines 小野リサ born in Brasil, then back to Japan with mom & dad at age 10 :) @DonkeyRide: "Lisa Ono: "Borboleta"(Música de Natal)" (reblip)

Lisa Ono: ♫ Borboleta ♫ (Música de Natal)

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aquamarines nice, love the vibes... about 20 years later than the last few Cobham blips, here's Billy once again with Mike Mainieri... @SabineWe (reblip)
aquamarines not fair, you know I can't resist a good tango... and in Czech no less :) @kattegat: ":) @Gattopardo // Hello @Michizukizuki @leffi333 @aquamarines" (reblip)

Tango (Tara Fuki)

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aquamarines ty both à @Sharuana: "thank you my dear, for the nice song and thinking of me, that's nice of you:) @kobiswim (reblip)
aquamarines ringrazia milioni ;) @caramel_pop (reblip)

I. Fossati Illusione

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aquamarines @CyberManin: "Le soleil essaie de se glisser par le store vénitien... The sun tries to slip by the Venetian blind..." (reblip)
aquamarines wonderfully disarming @vmishep: "...This is Sophie Holt, and she is working on putting some more music up. With that voice, bound to be nice!" (reblip)

I'll see you in my dreams

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The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble / Kava Kon: Palace Of Tiger Women

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aquamarines yes @awoiska: "Life is precious every minute And more precious with you in it" (reblip)

Little Person (Synecdoche, New York)

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the Hot Club of San Francisco @ DjangofestNW

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aquamarines gracias & algo tarde pero feliz navidad a usted ambas :) @Angelitos55: "gracias y feliz navidad!@Gabriela07: "timax – azucar morena"" (reblip)

timaxazucar morena

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Petula Clark Quelli che hanno un cuore

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aquamarines very picky about #surf instros ...this i like @The_Swin: "and a hearty KOWABUNGAAAAAA!!! to you too @MaydayMaydayMayday" (reblip)

La GranjaKowabunga!

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aquamarines me too... happy new year à senhora @FernandaW: "Today i'm lazy :-)" (reblip)

BongaPaxi Ni Ngongo

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aquamarines @pennamite: "Vibraphonist Milt Jackson was born 1 January 1923 (d. 1999)." (reblip)
aquamarines happy new year & thx all à @mishkarap via @Tranquil & @k_marie: "Hermanas Benítez -- Corazón de melón" (reblip)
aquamarines sweet version :) @tenderlee: "Cibelle – Underneath the Mango Tree" (reblip)
aquamarines gut diesem morgen mein augen aufzuhalten @amphore: ""Across the Indian Ocean" by Etna (Italy, 1975)" (reblip)

"Across the Indian Ocean" by Etna (Italy, 1975)

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aquamarines amazing what you can do with some glue and a couple of rubber bands :) @mairsplaylist (reblip)

Toubab KreweHang Tan

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aquamarines thx à @lalke via @theOFM: "Hauschka – Schönes Mädchen" (reblip)
aquamarines My Boy Lollypopでいいバージョン@arappocaro: "ミチコ・ボンボンかと思ったら、マイ・チョコレート・ボンボンか! los antifaces – mi chico bombón" (reblip)
aquamarines KOKIA – tomoni... ともに帰ろう (let's go together)... thx both @MeroSaahti via @huangmarong (reblip)


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aquamarines immer gut, aber heute besonders ausgezeichnete Lieder von Ihnen @Gioca (reblip)
aquamarines hi dear... happy 2011 and all the best to you too :) ... for @princessleah515
aquamarines :) @sufjan0703: "NSF 1970: Hearts of Soul – Waterman" (reblip)
aquamarines grüß di @amphore: "Madeleine Peyroux – Half the perfect world.mp4" (reblip)
aquamarines nice thx & hi back à @Sensa111: "Hi to new listener @aquamarines soz but i have Bonobo on full repeat, rinse and rewind at the mo :~)" (reblip)

BonoboEl Toro

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aquamarines thx all à @ElusiveEm: "Cafe Del Mar - Light of Aidan feat. Note for a Child - Loving You; Reblip/ courtesy of @Angelitos55" (reblip)
aquamarines thx all à @The_Swin: "TY @anvilbee: "nice stuff !! RB@pinkgodzilla (sidenote: just LOVE the Nacha Pop tune by the same name!)"" (reblip)
aquamarines & hi there back miss @ShiaoMei: "(-: @aquamarines :-) Hi there.. {vi@musicallyone #Jazzinbythebay }" (reblip)

Renzo Ruggieri & Mauro De Federicis DUO (italian jazz)

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aquamarines perchè musica triste sei tu dentro di me @Clary: "50 mila lacrime no basteranno... Beautiful song..." (reblip)

Nina Zilli -50 Mila Feat. Giuliano Palma

| play

Estambul Ska Toño Quirazco

| play
aquamarines Pink Martini – Ohayoo Ohio #bossanova

"Ohayoo Ohio" by Pink Martini (Pat Blute)

| play
aquamarines thx à @maxandthefive: "Brazilectro – Early Daiquiris" (reblip)
aquamarines beautiful version of Burt Bacharach's Me, Japanese Boy 桜の木に愛のしるし... @no1song: "Pizzicato Five - Me, Japanese Boy" (reblip)

Me, Japanese Boy

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aquamarines very nice... sorry commented on a different song before @Salsamontes: "TY @NimbleRambler: "Paquito d'Rivera – Brussels in the Rain"" (reblip)
aquamarines perfekt & vielen dank zur @estrogen fürs Amsterdam Klezmer Band.feat. Shantel – Sagadora (reblip)
aquamarines Come Fly With Me – Kahuna Kawentzmann
aquamarines vielen dank zum @Lnell via @lusimi: "Caterina Valente & Chet Baker – I'll Remember April" (reblip)
aquamarines Jo Stafford – The Nearness of You ... a courtoisie de la @Cris_tina (reblip)
aquamarines Thievery Corporation - Air Batucada ... thx to @carlnat via @GaiaMix cheers (reblip)
aquamarines Kalinka .... thx å both @rachidkas & @Sharuana (reblip)


| play
aquamarines Skalariak – Skalari Rude Club ... courtoisie de @LaHaine :) (reblip)
aquamarines ►Francesco De Masi◄ – Altalena Party の局は @EgglestonGarden のおかげさまで (reblip)
aquamarines really digging your ambient choices by the way ... if you can't tell already.... reblip them regularly esp. at night when it's chill time @hawk_pl (reblip)

younger brother bedtime story

| play
aquamarines PIERO UMILIANI -"Luna Di Miele" (1971) thx à @DameGlorious (reblip)

PIERO UMILIANI -"Luna Di Miele" (1971)

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aquamarines そのとり。。。好き!@EgglestonGarden: "飛行機にのって飛んでいきたい気分の午後。♬ 60s Jet Set – Air Hostess (lounge edit)" (reblip)
aquamarines WERNER MULLER---MAMBO JAMBO courtesy de @ZONE (reblip)


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aquamarines let's try that one again.... Pérez Prado – Ay, ay, ay
aquamarines La Agonía – Los Hermanos Lebron
aquamarines Los de abajo – Pepepez

Los de abajoPepepez

| play
aquamarines 浅丘ルリ子 #bossanova @nagayamaaaaaahn のおかげさまで (reblip)

60's Japanese Bossa nova シャム猫を抱いて 浅丘ルリ子

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aquamarines こちらこそ!私もうれしいで、よろしくおねがいいたします。@EgglestonGarden: "日本語でのコメントありがとうございます。うれしいな。@aquamarines ♬ Continuità – Piero Umiliani" (reblip)
aquamarines Ulrich Schnauss – Goodbye, courtesy of @hawk_pl (reblip)
aquamarines Stefan Gustafsson – Clear Blue Skies ... vielen dank zum @Tubabo: "Magic Carpet time.... " :) (reblip)
aquamarines thx à @LilyPlaisir: "KEIRA KNIGHTLEY – erotic lounge" (reblip)
aquamarines Black Swan soundtrack – Vitaliy Zavadskyy ... courtesy of @mariatriantaf (reblip)
aquamarines Afternoons in Stereo – Saarinen in Dub ... me likey @EiBomb via @djilo (reblip)
aquamarines Yellow Magic Orchestra (with Ryuichi Sakamoto/ 坂本龍一) – Tighten Up ... japanese gentleman, stand up please

Yellow Magic Orchestra "Tighten up" (1980)

| play
aquamarines シンドウユカ || TIKI TIKI Bamboo

シンドウユカ " TIKI TIKI Bamboo "

| play
aquamarines Maria Rita – Encantada (Bewitched, Bothered e Bewildered) ..... versão encantadora... mil agradece à @GaiaMix :) (reblip)
aquamarines Marina Celeste – Sous Le Soleil Exactement

Marina Celeste | Sous Le Soleil Exactement

| play
aquamarines (Mardi gras bb) Boulevard de Clichy

mardi gras bb blvd de clichy

| play
aquamarines Charlie Byrd & Cal Tjader – Tambu
aquamarines very nice, thx for sending! @tenderlee: "Hariprasad Chaurasia – Sounds of Silence inspired by @aquamarines (thanks!!)" (reblip)
aquamarines me likey :) thx for sending à @TidyCat: "one for @aquamarines ~ Quasimode - Finger Tip" (reblip)

Finger Tipquasimode

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aquamarines X Legged Sally F**k and Coffee ... mit ein bischen tango-empfindlichkeit ... vielen dank zum @formalhaut via @chiron08 wer hat "kaffeepause" gesacht (reblip)

X Legged Sally Fuck and Coffee

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aquamarines Pink Martini – Aspettami ... thx à @bthecat (reblip)

Pink Martini Aspettami

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aquamarines mais bien sûr :) @LaHaine: "Café Tacuba - El Puñal y el Corazón." (reblip)

El Puñal y el Corazón Café Tacuba con letra

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aquamarines Infancia – Chango Spasiuk ... tack for sending :) @ZONE (reblip)
aquamarines Verkligen? LOL :) @ZONE: "thanks for your exellent swedish words :)) rb@aquamarines ...ty" Lisa Ekdahl – Deep inside your Dreams (reblip)
aquamarines Despecho Montuno – Daiquirí
aquamarines Umas e Outras - Pigmaleão 70 ... @MugichaGozen@machaking69 のおかげさめで:) (reblip)
aquamarines Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant – Deep Water
aquamarines ¡gracias! @EFR56: "Hi :-) to @aquamarines // Elliott Fisher – Dr. No's Fantasy - 1964" (reblip)
aquamarines Pogo – Go out and Love Someone ... you too... cheers :) @ambientocclusion: "Merry Weekend!" (reblip)
aquamarines nice à @ZONE: "The Flow of Let Go.......good night .... thank you :) love and peace" (reblip)
aquamarines cell – zaz ... courtesie à @Orgambient777 (reblip)


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aquamarines Vinicius, Ornella Vanoni e Toquinho – Senza Paura... grazie à @GattoMaoz (reblip)
aquamarines Yasmin Levy – Una Ora en la Ventana ... thx à catwoman @FernandaW :) (reblip)
aquamarines Arianna Savall – Yo m'enamori d'un aire ... lovely choices as always à @FernandaW (reblip)
aquamarines Esma Redzepova – Esma kiri gili
aquamarines Zagar – Costeau's Dream ... courtesie à @seb098 :) (reblip)

ZagarCosteau's Dream

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aquamarines Stefon Harris – Alovi

Stefon HarrisAlovi

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aquamarines une nécessité écoutent... Mercan Dede – Denizkizi Ilahisi ... merci à @SabineWe: "... Like the fine percussions and the ambiance of waves and water." (reblip)
aquamarines what does it evoke? :) @Squashpants: "And just down the street...Squash is sure this is from some hippie-themed movie...very evocative, tho" (reblip)
aquamarines oui! @fautedemieux: "Merci! @sjsjh3172: "Deladap – Milaij"" ... might like @quantumfield (reblip)


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aquamarines xox à @FernandaW: "Tatar music to... Zulya(Зуля Камалова) grew up in Tatarstan and began performing and writing music at age 9" (reblip)

Zulya Kamalova-Onyta Almyim

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aquamarines merci & bienvenue à @sjsjh3172 :) : "DelaDap – Star Najengo" (reblip)

!DelaDapStar Najengo

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aquamarines Buddha Bar – Sacral Nirvana
aquamarines Me quedo con el Shingalin. Bossa 70... thx à @wetrust (reblip)

Me quedo con el Shingalin. Bossa 70

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aquamarines Redención – Cachao - Cuba Linda .... muchas gracias à @juanblo via Diplopito: --> ¡que buena melodía, definitivamente Cuba !" (reblip)
aquamarines Luisito Quintero – Quintero's Jam ... you too :) ... back to work now... will listen in detail later tonight ;) @ZONE: "@me thank you :)" (reblip)
aquamarines David Carbonara – Lipstick .... cortesia dela @Clary e hi :): "Mad!" (reblip)
aquamarines SUFI MUSIC ENSEMBLE – WHIRLING ... a might like for @quantumfield
aquamarines Rena Jones – Open Me Slowly
aquamarines Playing & Singing Orchestra "66" – Prosti Menya ... 60's lounge Sovjetski :)
aquamarines Rosemary – Que bom seria (Jovem Guarda)

Rosemary: Que bom seria (Jovem Guarda)

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aquamarines Quand on s'aime par Michel Legrand et Nana Mouskouri .... merci à tous! @AnaAustria via @LolaLulu @aureliegougeon happy #frenchpopfriday"" (reblip)

Quand on s'aime par Michel Legrand et Nana Mouskouri

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aquamarines Patty Pravo – La tua voce (and I love her) & a lovely version, too.... thx à @DrCocker (reblip)

Patty Pravo La tua voce (and I love her)

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aquamarines guadalupe pineda-historia de un amor.... ¡~linda~! ... gracias ambos @DJbabozoo: "@TolisK: "Καληνύχτα αγόρια κ κορίτσια..."" (reblip)

guadalupe pineda-historia de un amor

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aquamarines Kelli Ali – Wings in motion ... my kind of downtempo moody girl mess @kobiswim ... BTW are you a swimmer too? I do laps 3-4 days/week (reblip)
aquamarines Üsküdar – Canción Turca - Ido Segal - Violín árabe , Niraj Kumar - Tabla ... wonderful @Tubabo (reblip)
aquamarines Slowdeck – Fuzz ... thx, courtoisie à @ElusiveEm @seb098 (reblip)


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aquamarines naturalmente! erro tipográfico... cara cara cara :) @ruthiara: "Eu sou mulher. Sou 'minha cara" =) Bom dia!!! @aquamarines: "bom dia meu caro :) (reblip)
aquamarines Brazilian Jumble – O Sol Que Beija Voce ... tastiest samba, drink it all... thanks so much à @Cris_tina (reblip)
aquamarines ちょきれい。。。ありがとう@vajracutter: "White Tara Prayer chanted by Mongolian nun Gunze." (reblip)

White Tara Prayer by Gunze

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aquamarines El hob halal by Hossam Ramzy ... i can see why :) & thx à @Ailen "...One of my favourite songs EVER. And now I have to leave for my dance class." (reblip)

El hob halal by Hossam Ramzy

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aquamarines Anna Calvi Attic Sessions 1 – Sound & Vision... 彼女は地下室から出て来たらしい:)@ishibutsu (reblip)
aquamarines Ewa Wanat & Andrzej Korzyński – Bossa Nova ... tyvm @andsometimeswhy :) (reblip)
aquamarines Milonga triste – Hugo Diaz (di R. Grela) ... yes you too :) @quantumfield: "hugo diaz playing milonga triste on harmonica" (reblip)
aquamarines Ikuko Kawai – Margarita concerto (adagio)
aquamarines Ruto – A Patch Of Sunlight On A Darkest Night... gracias compadre à @Angelitos55 (reblip)
aquamarines Javanese gamelon + river sounds ... ありがとう@shiraume: "❁" (reblip)

[Vol.1]ガムラン+川の音+新緑画像=癒しヒーリング[gamelan relaxation music]

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aquamarines Italian Secret Service – Italian Melody
aquamarines Tulipa Ruiz – Efêmera ... eu sorrio... obrigada à @deedes ;) (reblip)

Tulipa RuizEfêmera

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aquamarines Cristina Zavalloni & IDEA – Si tu m'emportes, C. Aznavour/C. Zavalloni ... è insana. lo amo. grazie à @lilli_l (reblip)
aquamarines merci à @MaMusique: "« Romance » de Fernando Sor (Tirée de « Jeux interdits », 1952)" (reblip)


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aquamarines Hindi Zahra – Beautiful Tango

DIDGERIDOO TRANCE DANCE track3 : Awowedas by Lost at Last

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This Spy Surfs-Bleedot

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KuwnTraiR seen him live! a few times, a guitar student of Joe Satriani
KuwnTraiR This Guitar hero just turned 24yrs old been playing in clubs before he could drink! met his mom Karin last weekend! real nice lady!
KuwnTraiR WTF didn't realize it's almost 3:am my time? got to go to walk the SLEEEEEP..... ;-) ...out to late partying ? ? ?
kikue Les Jaguars * Jaguar shake

Les Jaguars ~ Jaguar shake

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KuwnTraiR I hope that Love and Understanding comes to all of YOU! ..LOVE TO ALL. Have a Very Good Night Djs ..and Morning Rainbows.....
kvstr Cant ~ Ghosts


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danithai amanheceu, o bem querer começa..
KuwnTraiR forgot how much I loved "Baba Zula" thx! ... "Q"...

Baba ZulaHayde Hayde

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KuwnTraiR Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini is working on new music with this NW surf band "Satan's Pligrims" check it out on FB
ExtremoOriente »» to my favorite listeners :

12 girl band concerto 06

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amphore Electro Dub Tango – La Bohemia -

Edith Nylon-Ma jolie famille

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KuwnTraiR Julie Homi ... Plays the Blue Monk tonight...Think I'll go see her...

Carribbeing at the Globe

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KuwnTraiR Off work early today! Time for a bike ride along the Water Front!.. Adios... Djs...until later! tears, I'll be back...... ;-)))


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KuwnTraiR Esperanza Spalding plays the Bing this Tues. 8/23 Portland Or.... heading out to the Blue Monk!...Laters... ;-))
KuwnTraiR work in the WEEE hrs.!.... Love to all! time to Sleeeep walk...;-))))
KuwnTraiR Got a BIG Hawaiian Themed Wedding to go to tomorrow/ hosted at the home of former sec./ for Cascade Blues Assoc.! This is for Lee and Tammi!

Don Tiki Live at the Hawaiian Hut

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OOORadish I can second that, a girl can have too much bull running@Shanti01"I'm ok man.better now I've got time to listen to some music in peace : )@ozemandius" (reblip)
KuwnTraiR Herbie Mann - Copacabana

Herbie MannCopacabana

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KuwnTraiR Azymuth ~ "Aurora"

Azymuth 'Aurora'

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KuwnTraiR Zaz ~ Dans ma rue ~ acoustique
KuwnTraiR SheeZzanova ~ Big Bubble Bath... ~pause~ ... ;-))
Diplopito Pupi Legarretta ~ Pacheco y Masucci | Otra #delicia para bailar
sheichick Love in Spain – Ypey (Café Del Mar)
sheichick Tango Triste

Tango Triste ( Mr And Mrs Smith )

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Gaspar Que coisa mais linda essa do Jorge Ben, não conhecia. É @marimessias sempre me educando, hahaha (reblip)
KuwnTraiR @VieDeBoheme: "Kingsofdabeatz: Into the Light.. ;-))" (reblip)

Kingsofdabeatz: Into The Light

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KuwnTraiR Clementine ~ Chocolats et Sweets..... Gnite.... ;-))

Clementine / Chocolats et Sweets

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KuwnTraiR Amanda Martinez ~ Hasta Que Pueda (reblip)

Hasta Que Pueda-Amanda Martinez.m4v

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KuwnTraiR Antonio Paulino - Kamba ba Laumba (reblip)
KuwnTraiR 3D Paintings with Voila l'ete - Les Negresses Vertes... Way Cool!
KuwnTraiR Karunesh - SAPPHIRE


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KuwnTraiR (pt3)Buz card, Double sided,1 RealtyTrust, 2 In The House Concerts,Book Great Band,Charge$10 a head x 200-300pl,pay Band,RAKE IN1-2K for 3,4hrs GENUS! (reblip)
KuwnTraiR A big wave to you all, my peeps.... good night and Love To All Always... until later.. ;-)) (reblip)

Sylvian & FrippWave

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KuwnTraiR Arturo Sandoval - A Night In Tunisia ... Plays Vancouver Wine & Jazz Fest Tomorrow Night
KuwnTraiR David Friesen - Virgo ... Plays Vancouver Wine & Jazz Fest this Sat.

Linc Chamberland David Friesen Virgo

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KuwnTraiR Bill Frisell ~ Probability Cloud ... Plays Vancouver Wine & Jazz Fest this Sun.

Bill Frisell ~ Probability Cloud

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KuwnTraiR The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Remember When ... Plays Vancouver Wine & Jazz Fest this Sun.
KuwnTraiR Spyro Gyra - Havana Moonlight ... Plays Vancouver Wine & Jazz Fest this Sun. .... G'nite, love to all ... ;-))
KuwnTraiR Trio Da Paz - Pro Flavio..... ~ P A U S E ~ .... ;-))
KuwnTraiR The only way to UPLOAD NOW! is to POST ON YOUTUBE FIRST!?!?....Crazy..... (reblip)
KuwnTraiR Just went to grooveshark, you can find things there that are not on blip, BUT you CAN'T find Local hard to find artists like this, Jim Mesi from PDX!

More Jim Mesi at the Cascade Tavern

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KuwnTraiR Can't find "Franco Paletta" on grooveshark either? but you can U/L? there are about 30 free streaming sites to try, blip has easiest to use features!

I Can't Stand It ! (Franco Paletta)

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Room 4311 by Bill Dant

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KuwnTraiR strange the last song I blipped was not the song I heard coming out of my speakers? where did that other song come from???


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KuwnTraiR Martin Denny - Return To Paradise... G'nite Djs have a great tomorrow! time for to all .. ;-)) (reblip)
KuwnTraiR @VieDeBoheme: "Quantic & His Combo Barbaro - Linda Morena" (reblip)
anitadutra Nega Luzia - Paulinho da Viola
thedigitalbee54 '' Why Thank You ' GOOD SHEPARD '>@fabtrain: "just a latin smilin bit." (reblip)

Grant GreenTico Tico

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KuwnTraiR RB/TY@RodrigoMariano: "Faixa que abre o mais novo disco do Djavan - Ária (2010)" (reblip)
GaiaMix ^-^)/ ≈♫≈ And I can reblip it (for now) @SabineWe! "☹ Mourning day ☹ J'ai le blues... "Alhambra Blues - John Zorn" (reblip)
anitadutra Saia azul – Ceumar

Saia azulCeumar

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KuwnTraiR thank you@Mylagad: "Raphael Fays - Les Yeux Noirs" (reblip)
KuwnTraiR Renan Luce - La balade du dimanche (reblip)