Laikas This is the song I heard my uncle play at television when I was young.

Debussy: Syrinx - solo flauta

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Laikas This song still moves me. Pink is a great singer
Laikas Another one from Pink. Best played while seeing video. Great persiflage on Paris Hilton and other xxx girls.
Laikas Oh, this is a great song from the old Fleetwood Mac. Blues & pop.
Laikas One more: great song of Leonard Cohen sung by Jennifer Warnes.
hopei91 Hotel California – Eagles
Laikas Specially 4 @scanman + @dr_suresh: Too Much (100%) Alcohol – Rory Gallagher (of course Irish). Used to play this a lot in the old days.
scanman this ought to be the anthem at work....
Laikas Now time for a quiet oldie by Leonard Cohen: Suzanne
Laikas Leaning one out to Robbo in the dust. I think @sandnsurf choose this 1 4 u @bitethedust. Not sure I like it, but it is intriguing (reblip)
BiteTheDust this could almost be my theme song...Louis and Velma doing country?!
scanman arukinil arukinil - AryA

Aruginil Aruginil

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Laikas Moving song from Van Morrison: TB sheets. Lyrics: - About the inadequate response to a serious illness of a friend
Laikas CURE: 10.15 saturday night and the tap drips under the strip light and i'm sitting in the kitchen sink and the tap drips drip drip drip
scanman one of my current favourites... ippavE ippavE...
BiteTheDust As I catch up on tweets I'll go with a red theme. "In the nick of time a hero arose" Snoopy Vs The Red Baron
Laikas Also a beautiful song of Rory gallagher. Pity I can't find Lady of the Everglades Youtube=
Laikas Lady in Black – Uriah Heep ... remember sitting in a basement w/other teenagers, listening, eyes closed, sangria.

02 Another One Bites The Dust

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Laikas for @bitesthedust from @dymphie via @Laikas (reblip)

02 Another One Bites The Dust

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Laikas Intro Watership Down. Moving series/film to watch with the children.
Laikas Guitars can weep, can't they? Or they make you weep.
Laikas Impressive medieval music - first time I heard it was at a kind of cabaret (for a PhD)

Carl Orff - Carmina Burana - O Fortuna (Intro)

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Laikas Think I'm gonna get me one - but I won't spill it.

Eric Burdon War - Spill The Wine

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Laikas The first time I saw (15-16 yrs) the text I thought it was a poem meant for me. Still love it. Eric's voice is stunning.
Laikas "sweet dreams" when I was in Italy with my folk dance group in the eighties we played this song "sweet dreams".
jonathanpoole Mozarts Piano Concerto 21. Pure bliss....I could listen to this every day (oh yeah...I do !!)
Laikas One of the 'quieter' songs of Jimi Hendrix and my favorite. Hear the wind cry...
Laikas While trying to find the magnificent "DEUS" of the Sugarcubes I found this HIT - love Bjork's voice
Laikas Another good voice - Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
Laikas Motel blues (Loudon Wainwight III) Had the original version (even better/worse) on one of my 1st lp's.
Laikas The only single I could find of the old Dutch pop group Brainbox: Summertime (you won't recognize Gershwin)
Laikas via paranoidgirl ♫ Counting Crows – Anna Begins (reblip)
Laikas Jethro Tull w/a frivolous flute this time (reblip)
Laikas Harrisongs: Did you know Santana's version is a cover of The Original Fleetwood Mac? -Yes I did. (reblip)
jonathanpoole And another motivating one for a Monday morning, Desmond Dekker - "You can get it is you really want it"
Laikas Ok it is afternoon here but there are places where it is monday morning now
Laikas Although I'm twice the age that decline begins....
Laikas Some aboriginal lads from Wilcannia - The Wilcannia Mob via biteinthedust (reblip)
Laikas On the Road again. Thnx for reminding me. I like this one @zbdigitaal (reblip)
Laikas I remember it much wilder, but it still has power. Great hit of the sixties.
Laikas Ik NIT weten... maar wel dat dit een goeie was. Nescio - The Nits (again a wonderful Dutch band from my youth)


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Jalapeno Brown Eyed Girl... by an irish rocker
Laikas why do I find it hard to write the next line, when I want the truth to be said...I know this, much is (reblip) (reblip)
Laikas Exotic song. With Didi my favorite song of Khaled (reblip)


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Laikas Yes and this is the other good song of Khaled (besides aisha)

Didi - Khaled

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Laikas This was the version I was looking for. Enya: The last of the mohicans


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kico [Iron Maiden – Caught Somewhere In Time]
prinsesaa How can you dream in the doorway without ever going in? How can you dream in the doorway...
jencvs Why hadnt I heard this before? amazing... (reblip)
Laikas Good Morning.Chopin- Piano Sonata "Funeral March"-I find it quite uplifting despite that - not really, but it's beautiful (heard better performances) (reblip)
Laikas ♫ Vehicle ~~ I thought this song was from blood, sweat and tears and I'm not the only one. (reblip)
Laikas As a teenager I could listen over and over again 2 this song as if I was "Sitting on the dock of the bay.. Watching the tide roll away.. Wastin' time" (reblip)
Laikas love this pink panther theme, partly bc I've good memories of my husband who was persuaded 2 do an act with flippers and snorkel. Grin, Grin.
Laikas Bettie Serveert (Dutch band) – Story In A Nutshell (reblip)
Laikas susan_vega_-_my_name_is_luca


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Jbags @ladypn...thanks for the props! Your listeners are vast...
Jalapeno Shes got a <3 of gld shed nevr let me down But ur the 1 that alwys turns me on U keep me comn round I no her <3 is tru But its so dam easy makn <3 2 u (reblip)
Laikas and instead I poor the milk...
Laikas While @AJCann Still tries to annoy @cjrw he gives me back my memories to a Dutch band I loved in the sixties (reblip)
Laikas It is not with pain in my heart that I welcome @davidlrothman to blip (reblip)
Laikas Suzanne Vega In Liverpool - third song of Suzanne I blipped these days (reblip)
Laikas 2 fund. principles, YIN & YANG in Harmony - thnx @Jalapeno once again (reblip)
Laikas gr8 song...thnx jbags 4 the props and this song - the gr8 thing of blip is that u hear good music u loved in the past but 'forgot' - I'm yours (reblip)
Laikas Again reblip from jbags on the other side of the ocean (though not Ipanema) - good night! (reblip)
Laikas Bette Davis eyes - good Sunday Morning song. (reblip)
miguesme LAS MEJORES BALADAS: Linda Ronstadt – Blue Bayou
steventuck One of my favorite songs referencing on of my favorite films
Laikas Cockney Rebel "Sebastian" thnx pudliszek (reblip)
Laikas We listened to this music at the funeral of my father, April last year. Con Te Partiro....
Laikas It's Different For Girls --- It sure is (reblip)
Laikas My husband and I used to listen to this record. He had the LP. (reblip)
Laikas Don't panic, we live in a beautiful world - didn't know this song, thnks @EvilMike (reblip)
Laikas Not much today....another reblip of @EvilMike - like it. (reblip)
Laikas Money makes the world go round
Laikas Cleanin Out My Closet - I'm glad I'm not Eminem's mama nor her son
Pudliszek twin peaks soundtrack "Into the night"

twin peaks -julie cruise - Into The Night

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seancolorado I already posted Friday I'm In Love earlier on, this is another great Cure song.
De_Ann U partyin' too over there?? LOL@Phuket2 Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes ( She looked so hot in the music video )
De_Ann huh? I don't think so! LOL@stevetuf DeAnn - but I bet you jump on your Harley and head out on the highway, lookin for adventure ....
gabrielmattos Was that a mistake or did you know your messy death would be a record breaker? (ending my easter hangover)
milesperlife Another song named after a girl, I've been wondering about a girl named Rosanna, thanks for telling me Toto


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sharonhayes Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game @amyk_va @baiganchoka @bar0s @beverlyschmitt @bitofmomsense @bradfriedman
Clippernolan It's funny how the missus always looks the bleedin' same...
Brundle_fly that last song was WAYY to creepy to say goonight too, try this...
milesperlife I know its early to see, but The Beatles are telling me here comes the sun...


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pkhuntz57 Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence hello darkness my old friend... (reblip)
rafacampoamor Escuchamos música pop porque estamos tristes o somos tristes porque escuchamos música pop?
Annimallover This song started going thru my head a few mins. ago-
Shankus @optimusrhymes I know I'm sorry I had to...Isn't it like 3 in the morning or something down there? :P
carbonpancake My favorite Smiths song...a perfect love song.
Laikas Love cocaine by oakenfield as spinning music. But since it is not here on a Remix of Madonna instead.
AJCann Still playing with the "new"
Skyfleet r/b @rubikoO: "The Buggles – Video Killed The Radio Stars" (reblip)

The Thermals "Now We Can See"

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Laikas @staticnrg: "@Laikas Oh, happy birthday!! Hope it is a wonderful one!!" - Well the start is all right - thnx! (reblip)
DesireeMossi Lindo lindo Lindo ! As Guitarras ficaram lindas lindas lindas !
Stereopathic Yeah man - this new album's my favorite Dirty Projectors yet. @redeft: "yea, think i answered my own question" (reblip)
davewoodson Why not, it was one of his best songs

Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror"

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TuraSatana ukulele is such a cool instrument :-D

Scrubs Ted and Kate Micucci Screw You (full song)

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flicka47 Carole King – So Far Away
drice Milow – Ayo Technology (Live in Amsterdam) ... sehr nice ... Kann ich mich nicht dran satthören.
jrosell @ithorpe Hello "Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield - Lyrics" (album version)
kmack One of the coolest versions of Stairway... Seriously. Watch the vid.

Stairway To Heaven ( Rodrigo y Gabriela Cover )

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Hit the road Jack!

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David Bowie Sorrow

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Sobk13 And on to the frolics.

MC SultanDer Bauch

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Laikas "Verleidingen kunnen weerstaan.... Diana Krall – Temptation" Dank @spitje (reblip)

The Great Pretender-The Platters(1956)

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turntoo "All your life you've never seen a woman Taken by the wind."

Fleetwood Mac "Rhiannon"

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pjredd Celtic Woman – The Butterfly
turntoo I love this Concierto de Aranjuez; a composition for classical guitar and orchestra by the Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo, written in 1939. Part one
turntoo I love this Concierto de Aranjuez composed by Joaquín Rodrigo. Part two; the adagio, my favourite part.
hurra there is nothing like a hot madras...
catmachine Those nice young men in their clean white coats

Andy stewart A Scottish soldier

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Laikas Agree with @Kingsofdabeatz: "Paul Johnson – Get Get Down (Original Extended Mix) >>> again >>> love this awesome groove >>> (reblip)
DrewBlood To @JoanusAquinus Cheers mate...

The Pogues With The Dubliners

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eraser faleª!!!---> RT @alber_to @1ernesto1 Es que hay quien pone la música a todo volumen... No tienen consideración.
FabrizioFilipe Goran BregovicGoran BregovicGoran BregovicGoran BregovicGoran Bregovic

World Music Blog: Goran Bregovic

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shust @CMDoria: "@CMDoria: "Dance Me To The End of Love" - Leonard Cohen @shust"" will you give me this dance (reblip)

"Dance Me To The End of Love" Leonard Cohen

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thiagovillard @hotfuss: When I feel you still walking. (reblip)

Radiohead-These are My Twisted Words

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IronAces For @iamSarahJo ! Love this track. Kiss with a Fist.
LaBaronesaRampante Buuueeenooo, qué tal esta... qué buena letra. Lila Downs y Bunbury.

Lila Downs y Bunbury- Justicia

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The lord of the rings:music-The riders of rohan

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Playmogeek le son du jour, après Milow c'est Katerine qui reprend le tube de 50 Cents:
DJRosaNava Samba de uma nota só by Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald : One note Samba (scat singing) 1969

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loriiseclectic @shootingstar: "@loriiseclectic Somehow I suspect you might like this"...Indeed, I do like it, but I'm not sure what that says about me :^J (reblip)
holic @Tubabo: "Buddy Rich "Nuttville"" (reblip)

Buddy Rich "Nuttville"

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FGS1959 Shape of my Heart

Sting Shape of my Heart

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Laikas Finally found this beautiful song. It is called "Chan Chan". Mmm "Voy para Macané" sounds much better...
Laikas Back it Up. Make it more swinging....
Laikas (my favorite series) Twin Peaks : Laura Palmer's Theme

Laura Palmer's Theme

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Laikas Ramses Shaffy dies. I loved this song (1966) so much: Hoog, Sammy, kijk omhoog, Sammy, want dan wordt je lekker nat.

Ramses Shaffy- Sammy (origineel 1966)

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Laikas Nu echt (origineel): Laat me! - ook zo mooi!

Ramses Shaffy- Laat me 1978 (helemaal Nederlands)

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lukask Dutch Sixties, again

RO D YS Take her Home

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Laikas Love Red Hot Chili Peppers in small quantities. @Jalapeno 's are also fine ;) @efraim: (reblip)
Laikas @Jalapeno: "Come on @370z ... Get on the bus" I will do the same, nice song. didn't know it... (reblip)
DJ_Nola Needed this.Thx @Kingsofdabeatz: "prefer oriental sweets @Laikas. sharing it with @LoneStarTim . Claude Challe - Carmenita Lounging (Opera House Mix)" (reblip)

Kingsofdabeatz Oriental Lounge Carmenita Lounging

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Laikas Hocus Pocus is their most *famous* song

FocusHocus Pocus

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Laikas Brainbox another Dutch Band. My favorite 1 in the early seventies. Akkerman & van der Linden would later join Focus. Down Man was their debut single.

BrainboxDown Man

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DJNickPapag very cool! tyty! @montiani: "@DJNickPapag This band is my current sweetheart. Simple, sweet, sleazy." (reblip)
Laikas Sweet metal indead! ...@DJNickPapag: "very cool! tyty! @montiani: "@DJNickPapag This band is my current sweetheart. Simple, sweet, sleazy."" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE Good Morning! Wishing You A Great Day! @SarahABQ: "Good Morning Everyone~It's A New Day!! Nothing like stating the obvious:-)" (reblip)
Laikas We used to have the Hungarian Verbunk dance in our repertoire #folkdance.

Szatmári verbunk

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Laikas Can't sit still, want to dance on the bulgarian triti puti (but I forget the steps)


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Laikas See the old men dance this Macedonian dance. Love the drums.
Laikas YEP @straywebsurfer: "♫ MAXI PRIEST - "close to you"...I think I'm CLOSE TO YOU @Laikas ...are you living in Netherlands?" (reblip)
Laikas 4 @scanman what you call an emancipated dance from India. Love the rhythm.
Laikas O YES me LIKES!! @scanman: "@Laikas our friend Daler (of Tuteya Ve fame) is the best when it comes to that kind of emancipated Indian dance! :-)" (reblip)
Laikas Long not heard @dANGELofLOVE: "Never Good At That But Good At Poker! RB@michebel: @dANGELofLOVE I do play a mean Canasta" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE My Pleasure! RB@roberlan: "TY Angel! :) @dANGELofLOVE: "RB @roberlan: "RB @TropicsZ4: "Patti Smith - Because The Night"""" (reblip)

Patti Smith - Because The Night

| play

Muse Undisclosed Desire

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Laikas TYVM, appreciate if u send me a song from India &/or Tamils. Like it. @scanman: "@JillAllTradesMD & @Laikas. Forget the video. Hear the song." (reblip)

Anal Mele Panithuli

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Laikas Yes quite @digicmb don't you think? 1st heard this music via u RB @Greythorn: "@davidwatts1978 - quite the pipes!" (reblip)
gallopaolo67 Human League – Don't you want me baby (1981)
Laikas Ok someone blipped this "Gwynbleidd – Adrift" Absolutely gr8 #mondaynight/tuesdaymusic while I drink another white wine. Hears 2 the #unknownblipper!!


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ladypn From the far side of the ocean if I put the wheels in motion & I stand with my arms behind me & I'm pushin' on the door, could you find me?
Laikas Set me Free... @straywebsurfer ♫ Solomon Burke - "None Of Us Are Free" rb@Jumbojetje:"Non of us are free ty all! @vmadray @Laikas"

Casting Crowns Set Me Free

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Laikas One Pink is not enough (not 4 under 16 yrs old)
dANGELofLOVE {{Music Video}} ~ Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine ~ [[CAN'T STAY AWAY FROM YOU]] But I Don't Want To Be Your Second Choice.
dANGELofLOVE GM! GR8 DAY 2 U! RB@patyzeppellini: @dANGELofLOVE: "This Is A Fav Song Of Mine So It's A Must RB@fxp123: "3 Doors Down & Sara Evans - Here Without You (reblip)
Laikas Just about to post a video on social media on my blog with this music. Like it... Right here, right now. ;)
Laikas Oh baby You're as cold as Ice (afterwards) @Jumbojetje: "TY let's cool down in the river @LadyFantastick @notagrouch @rockmonsta44 @JendeMen @Laikas"
Laikas RB @straywebsurfer: "♫ azam ali - "spring arrives"...thanks for listening & welcome: @Phoenixbird" (reblip)
Laikas Yes totally different @Wes_H: "Thnx I really like this version. Slow & sensual:) rb @espindola: "Rb @Wes_H: "Black Dog""" (reblip)
smaclaren thank you @atibbs2292: "@KrisOConnor: "fer sher...@russasis: "ty @akacarol:"RB TYSM! :"@apm35:"@apm35:"@Laikas: This is one of the greatest. (reblip)
Laikas TY, very nice song RB @scanman: "Today's #tamil song for @Laikas & @JillAllTradesMD." (reblip)

Nenje Nenje Songs by Ayan tamil video songs,download, video, song, mp3, free

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Laikas So @ladypn & @BLUESBOOGIE : here is a bit of stormy Monday blues for you (but the Tuesday is just as bad...) just be4 your start of the (Mon)day
Laikas A song that I learned from my Australian friends 4 my new Australian blipper....@keithold : Sun arise

Rolf Harris -- Sun Arise

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Laikas And this is another aboriginal group (but rap/hip-hop). Never heard it? Listen! Bit odd, but love it.
Laikas TY @Chow322: "@fishkopp_deluxe: "rb @ANOUK4US: "Just stay,,. I 'll do it all again.,. Anouk""" (reblip)
Laikas Now look what I found. My (ex-) dance group Paloina, dancing a (quite long) Hungarian dance (with a live band).

Paloina, Hongaars

| play
Laikas Late again & stuck in the middle w/you (not really) DJnickpapag @opruimfee @Chow322 @jhains @MarthaPeake @alexparr @hensys @straywebsurfer @mark_till

Stuck in the Middle with you- Steelers Wheel

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Keltois Later & ty!@just44: "hello and see ya later ty@djLop: "Hello" (reblip)
Laikas Ich lieb dich ... nicht ... ach doch RB @mark_till: "Trio - Da, Da, Da" (reblip)

TrioDa, Da, Da

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Laikas yeah sure... RB@straywebsurfer: "♬ jamie cullum - "next year, baby" rb@Jumbojetje: @DoctorOfJazz @Laikas @GAY_AMSTERDAM @mitrovix @TheloniousJim" (reblip)

jamie cullum - next year, baby

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dANGELofLOVE YVWM! :o) @ChristienGB: TYVM!! :-) @dANGELofLOVE: "{{Music Video}} ~~#~~ Destiny's Child ~~#~~ [[SAY MY NAME]] ~~#~~ Another One For You @ChristienGB (reblip)
VinylVenus @Laikas: "Sometiimes I feel so confused"" (reblip)
Laikas Nice list of songs @MaskMuse thnx for the follow, here is a blanket rb@MaskMuse: "tyrb @GR8FL: "if I shiver, please give me a blanket."" (reblip)
deoneenonlie @Laikas: "Like it too TY rb @Chow322: "@alwilbanks: "LOVE this song!! :) @Dancer12: "Was just searchin for this! TY RB@Zellelina""""avi (reblip)

DidoWhite Flag

| play
Laikas rb @deoneenonlie: "@violetp: "@SabineWe: "Buena Vista Social Club - El Cuarto De Tula" .rb&by@SabineWe: Thanks for the pr&rb."" (reblip)
Laikas always look on the bright side of life @opruimfee "My ex told me yesterday dat shit also could be positiv" @Laikas:"different shit"@skunk63@Totengrber
Laikas Take me back to the start! rb@mark_till: "@RoxP you are very welcome. Coldplay-The Scientist (Acoustic)" (reblip)

Coldplay-The Scientist (Acoustic)

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jroack As long as I got you to blip with, I'm a lucky man ;-) ..Sun's coming up. Like all good vampires, I've got to disappear. G'nite, Azzurra. @JanetSEyre: (reblip)

bjork human behavior

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Laikas Meet me on the Equinox, meet me half way....
Laikas Finally a performance by Death Cab For Cutie & not a stupid COVER! 90 to 95% of this number are covers, half of them without notice. Bèèèè...
ladypn Do you have a pen & paper to take notes rb@anonymoose? ;) : "I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart @ladypn " (reblip)
Laikas rb@Totengrber: "rb@Alfea: "→ rb@micoy: "Placebo – Running Up That Hill""" (reblip)
Laikas rb @ladypn: "Do you have a pen & paper to take notes rb@anonymoose? ;) : "I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart @ladypn "" (reblip)
Laikas Bellini - Samba De Janeiro thanks @hensys (reblip)
Laikas Good Morning to you too @JendeMen: "Prego!TY4RB!@spirina: "prof lab"" (reblip)
Laikas No, but thanks for the follow.....rb @neilvalla: "Carter, is there a mr carter in the room?...........YEAH" (reblip)

Roy Budd :: "Get Carter" Theme

| play
Laikas Escape ... to the stairway of heaven rb@cpcdiniz: "rb@GeorgeSand" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin- Stairway To Heaven (STUDIO VERSION HQ)

| play
Laikas beautiful TY rb @cpcdiniz: "rb@sooze27: "Maria Zemantauski – Rumba Del Rio"" (reblip)
Laikas "Smiling Faces Sometimes, they don't tell the truth." The Undisputed Truth.... well sometimes. Thnx 4 the follow @ForeverInYourSmile
Laikas Another gr8 one from Steve...... Time keeps on slipping slipping into the future..... I want to fly like an eagle till I'm free.....
Laikas But who knows where the time goes..... (one of my favorites)
Laikas From "flying as an eagle".... to as "the crow flies" Enjoy the guitar & voice of Rory!
Laikas From the eagle and the crow to the albatros...
Laikas Wrong start. Headache.... TY @straywebsurfer G'M~ How are you today?
Laikas rb@zoja01: "rb@enricchi: There's a thunder in our hearts... Tell me, we both matter... TY rb vi@SuperSpaceAngel @PaddyH71" (reblip)
Laikas rb @StellaBears: "TYSM @LovelyBlipStars 4props ♥ support & kind words...goin 4 a jog in the woods. Know this day will get better- ♥ you ALL!" (reblip)
crasin2me Semisonic - "Closing Time" Bedtime for me, good night folks! ❀ ✿ ✾ ✽
Laikas Smells like Teen spirit by Patti Smith TY @fabrizio1953 (reblip)
Laikas My daughter just went to a concert of Papa Roach - she is a real fan TYVM rb@patita: tyrb@LisaWorld: RB@TropicsZ4 (reblip)
Laikas The Chili Peppers are also hot rb@TropicsZ4: "Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh)" (reblip)
Laikas Thank you! (for the follow @Rafa_go: ["Rb @Laikas: "Thank YOU! @dreamingmoon3: "thank you!!!! ;)))@one0"""] (reblip)


| play
Laikas relatively unknown Shocking blue song..... rb @Honeywolf: "Good afternoon :) @DJ_EstherSterre" (reblip)
Laikas Thanks for the follow back! Here is another Caro! @JaneEyre
Laikas oh but this one is nice TY @auticomics: "Sorry can´t share the original :(" (reblip)
Laikas Go to sleep, little baby rb @birgitzz: "rb @zoja01 Nick Cave & Current 93 – All The Pretty Little Horses" (reblip)
Laikas rb @birgitzz: "rb @Urlar: "Rb @PabloM: "Harry Chapin – Cat's in the Cradle""" (reblip)
Laikas rb @DJNickPapag: "Thanks always!! :))@junie12e: "Ending unplanned ~ always a rb! :) @DJNickPapag:" (reblip)
Laikas Same to you! rb @patita: "TY :) have a happy new year :) RB@killerswp: "@ patita" - Dan Sartain – Thought It Over" (reblip)
Laikas Very nice, but another band that uses the CURE intro. rb @dawnie22: "Playin' some nice 1's TY.. RB@creativeness (reblip)
Laikas The CURE - Subway song with a similar intro. Watch the end! @dawnie22 @creativeness [White Stripes: Seven Nation Army [Español:]
Laikas TY me likes @Tubabo: "Magic Carpet time.... floating off into the weekend to destinations awaiting discovery.... TY 4 props, rb's & replies :-))" (reblip)
Laikas Love ending the evening with this one.... ;) rb @NaturalDancer: "Love starting the morning like this! TY! :D @sabragirl & send to @atank" (reblip)
Laikas rb @Hupwij: "@Hotyoungmom: "Adele - Make You Feel My Love - Lyrics"" (reblip)
Laikas How beautiful you are... thanks for the comment @perfectplaylist

the cure how beautiful you are

| play
Laikas Wonders Never Cease- has been used 4 the Brand (beer) advertisement @JendeMen@Jumbojetje@opruimfee@ladypn@zoja01@ditisConny@Elske63@DJ_EstherSterre

Morcheeba Wonders Never Cease Lyrics

| play
Laikas rb @romanus: "Tanita Tikaram :: Twist in my sobriety" (reblip)
Laikas TY for this beautiful song rb@Mysterymix: "hé salut B)@SabineWe: "Une douceur un peu mélancolique ♪☆♫"" (reblip)
Laikas rb @romanus: "Morcheeba :: Who Can You Trust?" (reblip)
Laikas a very non-Morcheeba but still very awesome song (quiet jazz rap I would say)
Laikas I know ...Placebo when I hear a song by their lead singer. Very typical voice rb @zoja01: "thx rb@johnclarke: Placebo – I Know" (reblip)

PlaceboI Know

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Laikas rb @lillianwong: "The Black Keys – Black Mud" (reblip)
Laikas Another gr8 song TY...@zoja01: "rb@Amethyst5West: She Wants Revenge – Out of Control" (reblip)
Laikas rb @GypsyFM: "TY RB@ellendiane: "Jimi Hendrix- Gypsy Eyes - (so they say:) @GypsyFM"" (reblip)
Laikas Placebo again, this one is new to me | @zoja01 (reblip)

Placebo- infra red lyrics

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Laikas Radiohead again... rb @Wes_H: "tyrb:):) @Liberality: "Radiohead – Lucky (@DarkLady)"" (reblip)
Laikas rb @keithold: "I'm so Bohemian I have my own rhapsody@JoanieBeachMusic: "Bohemian Like You........"" (reblip)
Laikas Dank je!! rb @twanvanelk: "@Laikas Gefeliciteerd - en maak er wat van hè... :)" >> (hopelijk vaker dan once in a lifetime ;) (reblip)
Laikas Give me a one way ticket to chaos..... rb @chow322: "@zoja01: "@SylverHawk: @chow322 @zoja01 Twisted Metal 4 Soundtrack – Tim Skold - "Chaos""" (reblip)

Kesang Marstrand: Say Say Say

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Laikas It is in your eyes, a color fade out...
Laikas When I'm falling down....

Pendulum-Water color Lyrics-Also in Description-

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Laikas rb @zoja01: "Here is falling! :( :)) @SweetChayenne: TYSM :)) Just wish it would stop raining (reblip)
Laikas rb @StellaBears: "TY my dear friend, Kobi -i luv it- this adds 2 my Runner's High ツ@kobiswim: "CHRIS SPHEERIS – Magaya ..for dear (reblip)
Laikas rb @romanus: "Coldplay // Beautiful World" (reblip)
Laikas Watching "Control", a 2007 black-and-white biographical film about Joy Division singer Ian Curtis #zg11 - Love this song
Laikas ...As desperation takes hold, Why is it something so good, just cant function no will tear us apart (again)

Joy division love will tear us apart lyrics

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Laikas Panic on the streets of London, Panic on the streets of Birmingham

The SmithsPanic

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Laikas Sie wollen mein Herz am rechten Fleck doch seh ich dann nach unten weg da schlägt es links Links(3X) links zwo drei vier...
Laikas Doesn't sound as a nightmare to me .... @mark_till: "Pendulum - Propane Nightmares Live Glastonbury 2011 (HD)" (reblip)
Laikas "Alors on danse", original by a Belgian Rapper Stromae - about leading a stressful live & the need to relax - nice Zumba music btw
Laikas Quite another version of Sergio's Mendes by Black Eyed Peas - good rhythm Jo, Jo! 4 @Rocketron
Laikas Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out) ... Beautiful Sad Song...
Laikas Taio Cruz- Dynamite [Zumba]

Taio Cruz- Dynamite

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Laikas N'Klabe – I Love Salsa [Zumba]
Laikas Another B52 rb @NaturalDancer: "Oh, so cool! Used to be able to do those high vocalizations @killerswp: (reblip)
Laikas & you are my Rock Fish! Do you remember ;)..@straywebsurfer "Rock lobster"...Thnx @LynnSunshine@JoanieBeachMusic @Laikas" You're awesome Rockstar! <3


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Laikas I will eat you alive @straywebsurfer Rock fish could be sweet & delicious! I would be happy 2 be eaten! lol rb@Laikas: @LynnSunshine @JoanieBeachMusic
Laikas Just heard this song. Beautiful Battle Hymn...

Faith and the Muse: Battle Hymn

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Laikas how bizar! rb @Greenfields47: "@AuthorJamesRoss: "@golfnovels - OMC - How Bizarre"" (reblip)

How Bizarre -- OMC

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Laikas Supermassive Black Hole fantastic performance by Muse at the #readingfestival #BBC3
Laikas Yeah the Sugarcubes part 3 - This is my favorite: DEUS - I once met him.... @musicalmind @BlackAlpha @mark_till @MaddyTheSongWhore @zoja01@twanvanelk


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Laikas TYRB @bthecat: "i know xx rb@randyhate: @bthecat thanks so much for this. in my dreams i dance like this. (reblip)


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Laikas @lenaphrodite I especially like this song by Elbow.... "I've been working on a cocktail called "Grounds For Divorce", whoa"

Scorpions -- Still Loving You [[ Official Live Video ]] HD

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Laikas Such an aspecific Black Sabbath song, but really gr8! Via @MFP4073 (reblip)
Laikas beautiful intriguing voice @fishkopp_deluxe: @KRIS23: "@fishkopp_deluxe: "Hallo & danke schön :-) @KRIS23: "Video Games"""" (reblip)


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Laikas rb @stille_willie: "@maryness: "RB@akacarolb: "Beck"Soul Of A Man"""" (reblip)

Beck Soul of a man

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Laikas Pause

Zumba® Fitness Music Video feat. "Pause" by Pitbull

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Laikas rb @feranto: "Me Gustas Tú - Manu Chao (with lyrics) Buenos dias... bruja, como estas? como estuvo ese week end?@brujapiruja: "Buenos días de lunes!" (reblip)
Laikas Sounds a bit like Siouxsie (and the Banshees) rb @ximon: "Ciao! ;-) @KRIS23" (reblip)