Depeche Mode Precious Matt Crofford Remix (Universe theme)

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Jenny by Flight of the Conchords

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LikeAnAngel You awoke in a burning paperhouse From the infinite fields Of dreamless sleep
LikeAnAngel Texas has religion...Revolting Cocks are God. (reblip)

Beers, Steers, and Queers

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The Mannequins - Like An Angel

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LikeAnAngel @WIGSTA: "I will make you strip"--awesome! (reblip)


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inquisition redux (skinny puppy)

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LikeAnAngel no way no way no WAY!!!! my favorite revco song. finally it's blippable!!!!!
LikeAnAngel until you blipped this song i though trentemoller just did remixes. :) (reblip)

TrentemollerMiss You

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LikeAnAngel god, i just love this movie. well done. @clarasaurusrex: "yessssssss.... oh man. this songggggg......" (reblip)

La Valse d'Amelie

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LikeAnAngel i don't usually blip this many from the same artist in a row but i just found the abbey road set and it is unreal.
LikeAnAngel this is awesome! clearly i need to devote more time to figuring out sneaker pimps. (reblip)
LikeAnAngel awesome, thanks @inavision: "► Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix ft. Ane Trolle) (reblip)

Trentemøller: Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix ft. Ane Trolle)

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LikeAnAngel i played this this morning, but it bears repeating. this is what it sounds like inside my head right now.

RefusedNew Noise

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LikeAnAngel heart is sick of being in chains...

Tori AmosCrucify

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LikeAnAngel Oh I hear your heart beating even faster now than mine--Now you know just what I mean.
LikeAnAngel oh yeah i can imagine! @clarasaurusrex: "i remember this song making me walk quickly." (reblip)


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LikeAnAngel oh well i'm tired anyway. and i got this blip first try, which is amazing. usually i to blip one that says "BIIIG AAUUUSSS" part way through.
LikeAnAngel reblippp @clarasaurusrex: "i woke up weak today and needing your voice. crawled into the speakers and turned up the volume..." (reblip)
zx10r07 @TaraKLucero: "Nine Inch Nails – Something I can never have (still)" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel @YelleyHasNoPants except you hadn't played this one yet. reblip. (reblip)


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LikeAnAngel this streams really slowly for me but maybe it's my pathetic internet connection....
LikeAnAngel ALL RIGHT! @chameleonpixie: "@LikeAnAngel @NotAsPunk Myself and Chameleonpixies reporting for blip dance party duty! And no, I'm not vogue-ing." (reblip)
LikeAnAngel @darkrider1 check this out--via @auxend yesterday. (reblip)

Pluto Drive

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LikeAnAngel Me, now. Thanks, I've never heard of her! @MarzieGK: "How many Kate fans like Charlotte?" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel i have to say that this is a very rockin remix.
LikeAnAngel that's me moshing in the front...i wish.
LikeAnAngel i so love this. @Shukitty: "while you're here dancing to my songs in german, I'm back at your place fuckin your girlfriend allll night" (reblip)
iNAViSiON Celestine 153 [Lemurians Remix] [hearduthefirsttime] @LikeAnAngel
LikeAnAngel ok i'll probaby end up blipping the video too after this but i wanted to hear this.

Nine Inch Nails: Down In It Woodstock 1994 (Digitally Remastered)

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LikeAnAngel i am now completely obsessed with the idea of seeing massive attack live.
LikeAnAngel Dude, this F-ing rocks. thx! @HellenKellersIpod: "Very good" (reblip)


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LikeAnAngel this is sweet--what movie is it sampling? @Oss (reblip)
LikeAnAngel when i saw it it screamed @clarasaurusrex! "oh my ... i don't think i have... @LikeAnAngel: "thx (reblip)
LikeAnAngel this is cool, i've never heard of them before, thx! reblip @auxend (reblip)

'Everybody' by Gold Teeth

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Iggy Pop (Candy)

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LikeAnAngel awesome! thank you! @promodonna: "@LikeAnAngel Here is one with better sound quality. (smile)" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel No way. really? thanks! @dailystendhal: ":) thanks @CJCat: "Sweet Dreams - Bat For Lashes (Eurythmics Cover) "" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel @mrbug: "I think that Slick Idiot (En Esch's band) sounds more like KMFDM than recent KMFDM." love it! wow! (reblip)
LikeAnAngel i heard the live version is better...
LikeAnAngel this sounds really good today as it's rainy and chilly...

Sea WolfBlack Dirt

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LikeAnAngel @danieldiver: "And Skinny Puppy made me think of this @LikeAnAngel "--i like it--thanks! (reblip)

Doubting ThomasI.D.L.

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Shukitty @LikeAnAngel @freshjuice was prancing around in it last night, minus one glove =p if your refresh, i updated my photo

Harley Quinn is Going Under

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LikeAnAngel reblip @NotAsPunkAsYou Ween--Ocean Man (reblip)

Ocean Man Lyrics

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LikeAnAngel HA! You RULE!!! @NotAsPunkAsYou: "don't' tease us... @LikeAnAngel @Shukitty" (reblip)

Datarock Computer Camp Love

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LikeAnAngel I can't not reblip something remixed by KMFDM @clarasaurusrex: "here ya go. this is my favorite. kmfdm remixxx. (reblip)

Ani DiFranco Swan Dive

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LikeAnAngel A Facebook ad told me that if i like Kate Bush I should check out Florence and the Machine. And I always do whatever Facebook tells me. It IS nice.
LikeAnAngel sa-weet. @Shukitty: "@razorfire this is how i got into msi =p best AMV in existence. " (reblip)
LikeAnAngel nice! reblip @redroulettes: "I had a dream last night but I'm not going to tell you what it was about" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel whoa, nice one. thanks! @TPJK: "Siouxsie & the Banshees feat. Robert Smith of The Cure,Batsy!@LikeAnAngel" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel nice! @TPJK: "Protected:)@RafaelCortines: "@TPJK: "IF YOU'RE A FAN OF THE CURE,consider yourself under my protection.Nobody bullies my friends." (reblip)

The CureUntitled

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LikeAnAngel you find your way back down, i'll keep the area clear.

Imogen Heap Clear the area (live)

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LikeAnAngel i wrote your name upon the back of my hand, slept on it then i woke up with it backwards on my face, reading forwards from my mirror to my heart.
LikeAnAngel oh i remember watching this when it first came on. this DOES make me want to cry. weird. thanks. reblip.@TPJK: "The Cure Unplugged - Boys Don't Cry" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel wow kick @ss, thank you! @Untamed: "hell yea, love me some rammstein @LikeAnAngel" (reblip)

Muppet Show plays Rammstein Engel

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LikeAnAngel whoa i love this, thx! reblip @GothTinkerbell: "And another one :) xx @orac_101" (reblip)


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clarasaurusrex #FollowFriday ??? seriously, who comes up with this shit???
revbeatman RB @LikeAnAngel. LOVE THISSSS! (reblip)

61 things on my cat

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LikeAnAngel wow, nice cover. i'm more of a lucky charms girl, myself. @NotAsPunkAsYou: "Not quite done this should be it" (reblip)
DependableSkeleton Don't think I've played enough Big Pink today.
LikeAnAngel whoa! one of my favorite She Wants Revenge songs! thanks! @MuzanE: RB@leaferi" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel finally too, i've had enough of gray clouds this week.
LikeAnAngel KMFDM, doing it again. What they do for you is so good for you, what they do for me is so good for me.


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Eight Dayz "What´s so strange about me?"

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LikeAnAngel the look before i go is the look for you, you only have to look and it will all come true.
LikeAnAngel reblip, thx @amberbrown: "what comes is better than what came before. " (reblip)
HaloNReverse I had to do it. This kills me. pah pah pah poker face @DJTIMMY @TPJK

Cartman singing Poker Face

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LikeAnAngel AHHH! i heard this on the radio the other night and didn't know what it was! you rule! thanks! @muffinlab: "my favourite xmas tune:) (reblip)
HaloNReverse @MiguelCabrita ty for props and music. @LikeAnAngel bcs. it's a Junkie XL mix :)

Dirty Sticky Floors (Junkie XL Remix)

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LikeAnAngel oh i have this remix dvd but i forgot about this, thanks! @TPJK: "My favorite remix of this one @TweakerRay @Darkangelkas @HaloNReverse @LikeAnAngel (reblip)
LikeAnAngel haha i think you meant "ridiculous" but i'm so glad you got it! i had a sucky long day at work so this cheered me up! thx! @chameleonpixie: CUTEST owl (reblip)

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

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MuzanE And if I simply told you it was the most beautiful song I know? "All this time I've loved you, and never known your face; Here my heart knows calm.."

lamb gorecki

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Lords of Acid ~ I Sit On Acid (Extended Remix) HQ

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Florence and the Machine Between Two Lungs

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The Chieftains ~ Christmas Bells of Dublin

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LikeAnAngel ok, that is just ew. ha. @Totengrber: "rb@LikeAnAngel just any old crunches you can find. Maybe they froze that girl's mole off and it became crunchy. (reblip)
LikeAnAngel oooooh this is back. i couldn't find it for a while. great mash up.
Shukitty @LikeAnAngel =p it took me a minute until i heard the background. they have a distinctive sound. // ok i'm off to bed, night all!
muffinlab hey @radolo your photographs are great, the unidentified flower is a clematis jackmanii :)
LikeAnAngel reblip @Totengrber: "rb@kiddo84: ""How can this be wrong when it feels so good" ~Client – Lights Go Out "" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel i just love this, thank you! @katost: "Freelance Whales – Location .... hellos ;)) (reblip)
LikeAnAngel love this. so film noir. reblip (again) @Telekon, thx! (reblip)

PulpThis Is Hardcore

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LikeAnAngel I could kiss whoever uploaded this. this is the best version of so what. ever. EVER. and i have headphones on. bless you.
LikeAnAngel NO WAY!! YOU RULE!! thx so much! @jong: "Thought you'd like this LAA // i think this is also @DependableSkeleton 's fav cure song-he'll be psyched! (reblip)
LikeAnAngel ooooooooooh reblip @Echo_L: "rb @mmemaledict (reblip)
LikeAnAngel YES!!!!!! that's the one i was looking for. you rule, as usual. @clarasaurusrex: "perhaps? @LikeAnAngel" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel as per my daughter's request. NOW GO TO SLEEEEP. btw finding a non-live version of Landslide is like finding a non-live Tori Amos blip.
LikeAnAngel i had TOTALLY forgotten about this song and i LOVE it. that is the best when that happens--nice one! @ModeMasterMike: ""Hole In The God"(video remix) (reblip)
DependableSkeleton I listen and obey. Now that's the @LikeAnAngel I know and love! RB vi@LikeAnAngel: "@DependableSkeleton crank this up." (reblip)
DependableSkeleton @LikeAnAngel Did I say "know & love"? I meant "recognize and appreciate in a virtual, platonic, & un-romantic way." I get those confused sometimes.

LoveAlone Again Or

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DependableSkeleton @LikeAnAngel Here was my train of thought leading to this blip. Cookies --> samoas --> Angry Samoans --> Hitler's cock

Angry Samoans-They saved Hitlers Cock

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DependableSkeleton I know. They're called Caramel DeLites. The PC Police didn't want to make the Samoans angry. @LikeAnAngel: "they don't make Samoas anymore."
DependableSkeleton Put me down for a squillion. RB vi@LikeAnAngel: "i don't think i'd mind having a cookie that good named after me. $3.50 for a box of LikeAnAngels." (reblip)
DependableSkeleton Do you accept monopoly money? RB vi@LikeAnAngel: "my daughter gets the stuffed frog & eco-tote bag. you don't mind cutting the check up front right? " (reblip)
LikeAnAngel Wow, I GUESS! thanks so much, this is awesome! reblip @RockingInVa: "@LikeAnAngel: I thought you might like this." (reblip)
LikeAnAngel ooooh thank you! i'm glad you liked the Revco. I'm cleaning so you are getting Industrial Angel. @Hachimon "@LikeAnAngel: @Totengrber evening n thanks (reblip)

The xx :: Do You Mind (Kyla Cover)

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LikeAnAngel i wonder what happens when Saint Etienne visits Lord Spank. Enquiring minds want to know.
LikeAnAngel this rocks, reblip, thx @jong: Did you see this opening band as well? @DependableSkeleton Saw BP and AP2BS last month; fabulous show! (reblip)

io-echo "addicted"

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LikeAnAngel YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad this is up it ROCKS!

Mclose to me

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LikeAnAngel oooh nice, thank you. reblip @AutoCasual: "Viva la Revolución! (reblip)

Tin StarViva

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LikeAnAngel wow. Ra Ra Riot covering Kate Bush TWO FER. Who knew.
LikeAnAngel oooh i love it, thank you! rb @Sensa111: "@LikeAnAngel every time i hear stars sleep tonight I hear this..hope you likey :~)" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel hahah wow! sweet! rb @Betterlucky: "Wow, it's is actually real then..." (reblip)

BlurMaggie May

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LikeAnAngel Need a little time to wake up. Oasis--What's the Story, Morning Glory?

Morning Glory

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Earl Greyhound "S.O.S"

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DependableSkeleton Howdy Bliplings! Sorry I haven't checked in yet. Been a busy, busy day so far.

Voltaire-Goodnight demon slayer(Lyrics)

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LikeAnAngel whoa. @DependableSkeleton: "You aren't shitting me. Wow! RB vi@Arth: "{Bonnie Tyler piano & lyric sample, i do not shit you}:)"" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel wow i will reblip your reblip there. nice! @DependableSkeleton: "Awesome! RB vi@DJIrishboy: "Great little cover...we all wanna be adored"" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel wow this is great! rb @DependableSkeleton is he playing for the zombie convention? what's up with his eyes? (reblip)
LikeAnAngel @DependableSkeleton is that your head?

Beach House Take Care

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LikeAnAngel my daughter wanted to emulate this look for school pictures (the gown w/ arm band about 90 seconds in. we're tying a scarf around her arm. fashionista
LikeAnAngel this rules. rb @DependableSkeleton "@LikeAnAngel You pipe down. Why are you able to state that I act incorrectly? I ama person and I require affection (reblip)
DependableSkeleton @AnotherLeaker just do a search for "dictionaraoke".


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LikeAnAngel rb cc: @DependableSkeleton @RoxP: "LUV this RB! @DareToEatAPeach: "#cover I woke up with the original stuck in my head this morn. (reblip)

The xxTeardrops

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LikeAnAngel rb! @Perotin: "Brian Eno alert: @anothercraze. Reunited w/ Eno and Phil Manzanera. From his new album, Olympia, out next Tuesday. //" (reblip)
thesearejams This cover is pretty alright, you guys.
DependableSkeleton It is my pleasure to inspire this. RB vi@LikeAnAngel: "@DependableSkeleton's Alphabet Street inspired--OMD covers the XX's VCR ." (reblip)
cuezaireekaa night. :) // RB@Ninette: "@ cue night blips ;)" // i'm off... (reblip)
LikeAnAngel Oh wow! you SO rule. I was just going back through your back through your list to find this--THANK YOU!! @HaloNReverse: "@LikeAnAngel Here you go :) (reblip)


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LikeAnAngel so cool. thanks again for knowing what the heck i was talking about @HaloNReverse. you are awesome!


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DependableSkeleton Oh, how I've fantasized about Blip Amnesty Day!

Aldo Nova Fantasy.

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LikeAnAngel why don't more people cover the Thompson Twins? awesome. rb @DependableSkeleton: ". . . and listen to me later." (reblip)
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