ELO - Turn To Stone

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LisaCarpenter for the life of me, I could not remember the name of this song, glad I finally found it :)
LisaCarpenter oh how I wish I would have kept up with guitar..just to satisfy the rocker in me
LisaCarpenter I used to fall asleep to this song all the time..still love it SO much
TimbrePitch "Don't Give Up" by Peter Gabriel
sandraew So Damn Lucky - Dave Matthews Band
LisaCarpenter I have forgotten how much I LOVE his music
LisaCarpenter oh, get out the roller skates!!! I lived on mine for years..haha
LisaCarpenter on a roll tonight. I LUV Weezer!!!
LisaCarpenter Luciano - Bono, this song is beyond perfection! I get chills - ahhh Luciano!
LisaCarpenter oh, The Cure. I have all their CD's
LisaCarpenter @turnitto11: "This tune reminds me of Las Vegas - I don't remember why" (reblip)

The Fixx - Saved by Zero

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LisaCarpenter this song got me through my 3-4 hour runs when I was HATING the training.

Ozzy Osbourne - Mama I'm Coming Home

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LisaCarpenter I did not expect to find them on Blip
LisaCarpenter I really like Natalie's version as much as Jeff's
LisaCarpenter saw them perform in Vegas this spring and I was in heaven!!
LisaCarpenter another one of my favorite 'long runs' songs..I actually think I sing this one out loud.haha

MetallicaMama Said

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LisaCarpenter RR has such a unique sound that I really like
LisaCarpenter My very first album I owned was a Pink Floyd album. I got it in the 4th grade and have come to memorize the words to every song...yikes

Pink FloydPigs

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LisaCarpenter this song reminds me of when me and my grandma would sit on the floor and go through old photos.
LisaCarpenter I just flashed back to being on the bus heading to a swim meet and listening to music...love this song! (reblip)
LisaCarpenter trying to get in the mood for a long night of working at the computer
LisaCarpenter awesome concert. Cheap Trick, Heart & Journey
LisaCarpenter stepping way back. Don't know what made me think of this song
LisaCarpenter oh, I have forgotten about this....love love

U2All I Want Is You

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LisaCarpenter was overplayed but can listen to over and over
LisaCarpenter ok, now I am on a VH kick. This was SUCH a killer concert
LisaCarpenter Beastie Boys rock

Beastie Boys- Intergalatic

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LisaCarpenter I wore this CD out big time!

Til Tuesday "Lover's Day"

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LisaCarpenter another TT favorite

Til Tuesday "Voices Carry"

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LisaCarpenter I am all over the board tonight with song choices
LisaCarpenter I need to stop Blipping and get to work
LisaCarpenter so I thought my first blip of the day was going to be the only one for awhile and then I remembered these gems!
LisaCarpenter was looking for Pink Cashmere and found this first. I like it
LisaCarpenter something I wish I had more of...

Pink FloydTime

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adbert #Video [Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart] Los de la New Age también hicieron algunos riffs. Algunitos.

Yes "Owner Of A Lonely Heart"

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LisaCarpenter I sang this song so loud in my car last night....glad the windows were closed :)
LisaCarpenter "the principles of lust are easy to understand"...
LisaCarpenter said this before, but cannot get enough of his voice
LisaCarpenter oooooh, have loved this for years! just found it again
LisaCarpenter my friends used to give me a hard time when I would bust out the Boz..but I so like his songs

Boz ScaggsJojo

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LisaCarpenter the 80's simply rocked...just one of so many awesome groups
LisaCarpenter stumbled across this on XM and really like a lot
LisaCarpenter this is such a good CD


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LisaCarpenter played over and over to memorize the words...years ago

Run DMCIts Tricky

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LisaCarpenter oh yeah! Haven't listened to this in such a long time
LisaCarpenter @erikhawkinson: "Isn't that all we really want..is to be wanted?" absolutely! (reblip)

Cheap Trick "I Want You To Want Me"

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LisaCarpenter we would blast this just before a triathlon. This video makes me laugh

Ying Yang Twins featuring Lil Jon-Salt Shaker

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LisaCarpenter GORGEOUS...just fantastic. A moving song
LisaCarpenter on a Blip roll today. Finding all sorts of old favs
LisaCarpenter this song makes me want to get on my bike and go for a long long ride out on rolling country roads.
Cattycake Ghost In You - Counting Crows (cover for psychedelic furs)

Counting Crows The Ghost in you.

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LisaCarpenter not a huge country fan, but love the old stuff. These guys all have awesome voices.
digitpt @pita4l: "feelin it again, gonna rb my hotty ones^^" Addictiv – Tonite (reblip)
LisaCarpenter the beginning of this song sounds so cool when played loud
LisaCarpenter Chills...Annie you are SO cool!!!

Annie Lennox- Why

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LisaCarpenter saw them at the House of Blues in LA. They were really good live!
LisaCarpenter the words are awesome.

Save your love

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LisaCarpenter I could Blip several of their songs
LisaCarpenter this song was played so much, but I really never stopped liking it. Actually I love this song. The video starts after a slight delay..

CreedMy Own Prison

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LisaCarpenter this rocks..the video does too

CreedWhat if

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LisaCarpenter a shout out to all my college buddies. Memories from a LONG time ago!
LisaCarpenter I have liked this song for years, but never saw video.

I Know There's Something Going On (Frida)

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LisaCarpenter from Urban Cowboy, love that movie
LisaCarpenter the beginning of this song is so cool
LisaCarpenter @Clark_Griswold: #Go Cubs Gooo, Hey Chicago What Do You Say The Cubs Won Today! " There is NOTHING better than singing this while at Wrigley!!! (reblip)
LisaCarpenter "I need your arms around me..I need to feel your touch"...

CakeNever There

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LisaCarpenter @erikhawkinson: "Feeling like I'm on air..so thought I'd share the feeling...." I have never heard this, thanks for something new Erik (reblip)
LisaCarpenter his voice is lush. The version of this song is perfect. Great song while I am working

Pearl JamCrazy Mary

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LisaCarpenter wish they still were putting out music
LisaCarpenter haven't heard this Simply Red song, but found it when looking for another...I like a lot
LisaCarpenter this made me remember how me and my friends would try to harmonize while singing this...uhm, not sure if it worked. haha

Cool Change Little River Band

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LisaCarpenter didn't hear this for years and then heard it one day...well, I play it often now
LisaCarpenter @erikhawkinson: "Sometimes......3 chords and the right energy makes a song...." Love this song..thanks for making me remember (reblip)


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LisaCarpenter steppin way back


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David Gilmour-There's No Way Out of Here

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LisaCarpenter two people of genetic perfection and that voice makes for a seriously HOT video. Could they be any more gorgeous?!

Chris Isaak-Wicked Game

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LisaCarpenter I pretty much like all their songs. (reblip)

'Til Tuesday Coming Up Close

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LisaCarpenter - leads wisdom to it's youth..

k.D. Lang - Constant Craving

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LisaCarpenter wouldn't it be cool to play out our emotions on six strings? I should have stuck with playing guitar ..then I could make it weep :)

The Beatles While My Guitar Gently Weeps Music Video

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LisaCarpenter reminds me of driving through the mountains in Colorado..between song & scenery, I would lose myself
LisaCarpenter I STILL kick myself for turning down an opportunity to see them live!!
LisaCarpenter Thank you my friend for bringing me to Blip! Finding all sorts of new songs, especially when I can't sleep :)

David Gray "This Years Love"

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LisaCarpenter @crystorix: "Stupid insomnia." Too funny, I am right there with you! (reblip)
LisaCarpenter the song that introduced me to their music
LisaCarpenter while the 70's jeans don't do anything for me, this song does!

Robert Plant-Big Log

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LisaCarpenter @FabioSantos: "Amanhã é sábado! Snap!" - I thought this was THE coolest song when it came out. I think I even danced while driving. (reblip)

SnapThe power

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LisaCarpenter DANG, I forgot how much I love this group. I also love the desert setting. Desert mountains are so so beautiful.

SnapColour Of Love

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FullMetalRadio +++ Blurry +++

Puddle of Mudd Blurry

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Artful_Dodger Lol. Blame Final Destination 3 XD

Red Hot Chili Peppers-Roller Coaster of Love

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AliveinMe believe it or not-I can recall from 2002-the song I was listening to-when ex didn't want to "talk" & turned into teary argument-then him beating me (reblip)
RustyB Boz Scaggs – Look What You've Done to Me (reblip)
LisaCarpenter love how this song starts out slow and just progressively gets more & more intense
LisaCarpenter all things beautiful...that's a good want.
big_diel i saved your kisses for a rainy day, baby let the moment take your heart away
LisaCarpenter Oh my, this video makes me laugh out loud!
LisaCarpenter incredible song...awesome video...I love their music!! Question is, does he get where he is going?
LisaCarpenter this song gets the blood flowing when I don't feel like working out.

Alice in ChainsWould

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LisaCarpenter you can't help but tap your foot to this
LisaCarpenter it ain't all candy....I like Miss Mary

Mary J. BligeRoses

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finestsuit thank ya kindly @pavolo... but fair warning, most folks find me good company real fast and short. i *song title* at their respect until they avoid me~

PixiesGouge Away

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LisaCarpenter I'll stop the world and melt with you... (reblip)
LisaCarpenter this song brings me back to when I was little and living in L.A. My dad would sing this in the car.
LisaCarpenter @DJJuxtaposedJunkie: thank you for blipping this...this is one of my EJ favorites!!! (reblip)
LisaCarpenter one of many great songs from MJ
atibbs2292 eddie

Society by Eddie Vedder ! This song is GREAT !!

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LisaCarpenter perfect song for spring fever...wait, it's summer..


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I Wear My Sunglasses at Night with Lyrics

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LisaCarpenter sad lyrics, but like the song

Shinedown Call Me

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LisaCarpenter "well I'm running back n forth from here to South Carolina".....and I ran a lot to this awesome tune!
LisaCarpenter I just like saying the song title :)
abarbero Hope you're having a good monday morning!

ElbowForget Myself

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Alice In Chains-Got Me Wrong (studio version)

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I'm Going Slightly Mad

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scotlandlover tkyou too RB @DJDolceVita: "Love the acoustic version of this song . . .TY4 props, replies and RBs (reblip)
LisaCarpenter her voice is perfect in this song
LisaCarpenter that would be a challenge I presume :)
finchbeak @cachita --i know a little about Krishna Das, but i was wondering whose picture was on the altar, beneath the three small ones at the top. (reblip)
LisaCarpenter YO-GA...funny, I never knew Sting was a part of this song. Have to be in the right mood to listen, but very good

Mountain Hare Krishna by Krishna Das and Sting

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CrazyChrissy i love to close my eyes when i listen to this song...i feel like im flying =)
LisaCarpenter who do you need, who do you love when you come undone?
LisaCarpenter never knew who sang this..but have always liked this song

ACE How long 1974

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LisaCarpenter I don't care how 80's it is...but I LOVE watching Top Gun

Kenny Loggins / Danger Zone / Top Gun

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LisaCarpenter ok, I'll admit it...I still listen to all big hair band music!!!

RATTWanted Man [HQ]

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LisaCarpenter aren't they one in the same?
LisaCarpenter I wonder how many people thought I was talking to myself or just was crazy. I would sing this outloud when I would be on a long, hard run. VH!!

Goo Goo Dolls-Iris

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LisaCarpenter Can anyone tell me if there is the original Boum Boum by Enigma on Blip?
DarkEther The Chain - Fleetwood Mac
DangerousLisa Alice in chains - Heaven Beside You

Toy Caldwell Midnight Promises

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LisaCarpenter Dave Grohl - you ROCK!!!!!

Foo Fighters: DOA

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JefDrus @analu137 I know you like this song too... Thanks @BaronessHeather. At least 64% of my musical influence is from the 90's. :) (reblip)
RJ_Lee Don't let me go. Don't cry tonight... ":^D
narataku0217 Men at work: Land down under!!!! (One of their best songs!!) (reblip)

Men at work: Land down under!!!! (One of their best songs!!)

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cjh When You Need Me – Bruce Springsteen @lusimi @Henri1969
LisaCarpenter are stories still told after a shot of Botox? LOL
LisaCarpenter I SOOOO love this song. This song reminds me of a summer in Chicago. I pretend I can sing like Miss Natalie. ha
LisaCarpenter perfection

Van Halen - Fair Warning - 05 - Unchained

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LisaCarpenter name is spelled wrong, but right song :)
LisaCarpenter just close your eyes and listen.
LisaCarpenter where are they now?

The Church-Reptile

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MRHYPERPCS ARGENT " Hold Your Head up "
LisaCarpenter this is the clean word version..LOVE this tune

Staind "It's Been A While"

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LisaCarpenter Holy Cow..I had NO clue they did their own version of this Floyd song. A-mazing.
LisaCarpenter such a great remake of Hendrix. This song makes me close my eyes and daydream...( I think the end of it is cut off though)
LisaCarpenter This song reminds me of the movie "Happy Gilmore"
LisaCarpenter just found this and have played over and over and ...
LisaCarpenter Cake did an excellent job on this remake.

CAKE- Guitar Man Music video

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Dire Straits Down to the Waterline

| play

Modest Mouse: A different city

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JotaCobain Incubus - I miss you.

incubus i miss you

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adbert #VideoClip [Macy Gray – I Try] Happy weekend @LisaCarpenter!!!

Macy GrayI Try

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Death Cab For Cutie "Soul Meets Body"

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LisaCarpenter what a raw mini interview...music much like other arts is an expression of self, soul & life.

Amos Lee Podcast 8 "What's Been Going On"

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LisaCarpenter the song that goes with the podcast I just blipped..
LisaCarpenter I have always liked the blend of music styles in this song
LisaCarpenter hmmmm, forgot about this. LOVE it :)
LisaCarpenter OH the hair in this video. LOL. Like the song though.
LisaCarpenter pretty much like all Aerosmith

AerosmithDream On

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LisaCarpenter whooo...slow ride, take it easy..I'm in the mood, the rhythm is right...ooooooo...slow ride

Foghat-Slow Ride

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LisaCarpenter the time we feel most stable...is the time we're coming off the wall..

SAGA -On the Loose (Video Clip)

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LisaCarpenter was looking for something else...realized I liked her voice..so I blipped.
LisaCarpenter not a huge country fan, but I LOVE these all these guys!
LisaCarpenter someone blipped and I just wanted to add the non-live version :)
LisaCarpenter such a great beginning to the song


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LisaCarpenter wrong song blipped last time..let's do this again and DANCE the night away!
LisaCarpenter I cannot listen to this one loud enough. Saw this concert and was able to catch one of Eddie's picks :)
LisaCarpenter on a VH kick tonight...

Van Halen - Van Halen II - 08 - D.O.A.

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kayce_m despite the quirky sexuality of "valerie" & the cult status of "rehab" this is still my FAVE from amy w.
LisaCarpenter long live big hair bands!

Save your love

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LisaCarpenter "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?" - not really, just like singing that line

Moulin Rouge(OST):Christina Aguillera, Missy Eliot, Pink, Ma

| play
LisaCarpenter it has been ages since I have heard this...

Point BlankNicole

| play

Skillet: Whispers in the Dark

| play
LisaCarpenter "what time is it?"..

3rd Bass-Steppin To The AM

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LisaCarpenter because I am been a blippin' fool lately :)


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norkaman @Rella: "<choo-choo!>" hmmm..ah..never mind..i'll be good" <that'll be a first! i'm making a red circle on my calendar. but i knew you'd catch on ha!> (reblip)

3 Doors DownTrain

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LisaCarpenter the beginning of this song is AWESOME!
scotlandlover evening...back for a few....:) rb @PaulCwalina: "@RustyB: "The Police – Driven to Tears"" (reblip)
LisaCarpenter the story behind the making of this song is incredible. Such and amazing CD. (reblip)

Pink Floyd-Keep Talking

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LisaCarpenter ...anyway

Howard Jones "What is Love"

| play
LisaCarpenter such an amazing beginning..

Youth Of The Nation

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No way out -Jefferson Starship

| play

Jefferson Starship Count On Me

| play
LisaCarpenter I SOOOO love this song! Glad to hear it yet again.

Lenny Kravitz, :"It Ain't Over Till It's Over"

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LisaCarpenter I believe I have blipped before, but just HAD to do it again!

On The Loose-Saga

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LisaCarpenter listen to this with some seriously good headphones...awesome!
LisaCarpenter this song has many memories..love this version!!!!!!
LisaCarpenter I didn't expect to like this live, but I do.

"Sooner Or Later" -- Breaking Benjamin

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adbert [Martika – Toy Soldiers] De prinses is Argentijnse, ze leert mij @Lucindalala, @Leonie!!! HAHAHAHA!!! XD
FineNGood rb @Lingerie_Girl: "Just love this :) Staind ~ Tangled Up In You" Sounds like a great idea ;-) (reblip)

Staind Tangled Up In You

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LisaCarpenter @adbert: "[Tina Turner – What's Love Got to Do With It] (reblip)

Staind Tangled Up In You

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LisaCarpenter I'm such an AIC fan...this tribute makes me sad that Layne is no longer around. Love his voice.
LisaCarpenter yep it's an old song, but I like it! Now their outfits are a different story :-p
LisaCarpenter I just blipped the other day...but I LOVE this song...hence the name (reblip)

The CultLove

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DJDaddyMac TY for that @tammyphinney: "She is fierce.....gives me goose bumps!" (reblip)
djsurfer RB @Lingerie_Girl: "Eddie Vedder & Ben Harper ~ Throw Your Arms Around Me " So shed your skin and let's get started" ;)" (reblip)
fearshop Pink Floyd – Goodbye Blue Sky (1994 Digital Remaster)
LisaCarpenter just in a Dire Straits sort of mood today. The weather is gorgeous and this just adds to the beauty of it.

Dire StraitsNews

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star45 Alice Cooper – Be My Lover
Gypsylyn @PaddyH...I'm having a very nice evening..1 more hour til I get off work..;-)
SNIZWHIZ in my book u are all stars

The xxStars

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LisaCarpenter @SNIZWHIZ: "in my book u are all stars" (reblip)

The xxStars

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star45 Lindsey Buckingham – Go Insane
LisaCarpenter "you're the closest to heaven I'll ever be..."