MaddyTheSongWhore Stroke me...Stroke me..

Billy Squier The Stroke

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MaddyTheSongWhore Now everybody...have you heard?....

Billy Squier The Stroke

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MaddyTheSongWhore these eyes...cry every night for you...!!!!!
MaddyTheSongWhore and when you die...will you be surrounded by friends....
MaddyTheSongWhore great song....<3

The Luckiest

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MaddyTheSongWhore this song makes makes me feel fuzzy...=)
MaddyTheSongWhore <3.....I'm just looking for another girl!!!
MaddyTheSongWhore others sang your life..but now is your chance to shine....
MaddyTheSongWhore brilliant song!! still gives me chills!!
stev Love Song - Tesla

TeslaLove Song

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MaddyTheSongWhore we all shine on !! Instant friggen Karma!!!


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musoSF I can't get enough of this band's perfect mix of synths, guitars, driving beats and tight, tight melodies.
MaddyTheSongWhore @abarbosa i love this song..the video is great (reblip)


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MaddyTheSongWhore Cosma Shiva!! GOD IS YOUR FATHER!!!
nayali 'cuz i'm in a boot-scootin' yippie aye oh ka yay kinda mood. ;)
SunTzuBuddha Life In A Northern Town - Dream Academy
SunTzuBuddha Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) - Icicle Works
MaddyTheSongWhore <3this..I used to dance my butt off to this!! YES!!!
rafaelboo Where Is My Mind? – Pixies
Atomik mmmmm mmmm mmmmm mmmmm......@marieiris91 thats a mouth full there (reblip)
HotSauceJesus One of my fave Led Zeppelin songs, All My Love
HotSauceJesus Some Guitar Hero goodness... cyber knights! The Knights Of Cydonia!
JRex you're welcome @MaddyTheSongWhore ... & good to see you :) (reblip)
MaddyTheSongWhore @star45 OMG OMG OMG!!! this song is amazing ...i love it ..and her and them!! ty ty ty ty<3 (reblip)
star45 . . . Incubus - Redefine - @MaddyTheSongWhore - another day!!
ladypn @toothless This is incredible. I LOVE it! I've got to rent this movie now! (reblip)
ladypn Have to leave, keep the party going in my absence! Be back in a flash! ;)
maisja fav to play on guitar in summer :)
annspade +One of my fave Led Zep songs and a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson. One of the best mashups ever!


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ladypn @MaddyTheSongWhore I discovered him the other day! Here's one of his songs that I blipped. :)
ladypn @MaddyTheSongWhore Another of Walker's that I really like. :)
Figgywithit @MaddyTheSongWhore@ladypn There's no need to fear. Upload Man is here. Here's your tune, unButchered.
MaddyTheSongWhore SongWhoreFav!! one of my Musical Orgasm songs!!!
MaddyTheSongWhore Double Shot of John Mayer goodness!!! *sighs*
MaddyTheSongWhore ReBlip: John Cusack..holding the boom box over his head outside Ione Sky's Say Anything..has to be one of the greatest movie scenes ever!

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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MaddyTheSongWhore words..can't express how..amazing this
PlasticRobot via@MaddyTheSongWhore Yes, this is a gorgeous song. Some day I'll get Cindytalk's version on here... @curatEar ;) (reblip)
clodomiroamazonas I hope I can find there all the wonderful persons I've know during my life...
star45 Everclear - Jesus Was A Democrat ~ . . . that's right! - @MaddyTheSongWhore check this band out, they have some killer tracks!
loureed @lafuria muy bien chica, great song, saludos;) (reblip)
nathankam She's got looks that kill...this was their big hair days wasn't it?

Motley Crue - Looks That Kill

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ladypn I know what you're doing.... I know the taste of saline when I kiss away your tears.
elikapeka Elikapeka's '08 LA ConcertCircuitPlaylist: Strange Overtones - David Byrne + Brian Eno (@ the Greek) killer show! DB = seeeexxxxyyyyy man w/4 way hips
bittersweet Haven't heard these guys in forever
MaddyTheSongWhore <3Ours!! awesome acoustic version!!!!!!


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ladypn I love these sexy lyrics, "your hills & valleys are mapped by my intrepid fingers and in a naked slumber I dream all this again... "
star45 Liquid Tension Experiment - Biaxident – . . . @MaddyTheSongWhore this band kicks!
sanderschenk I could use a lullaby. The cat woke me up way to early for a sunday morning. Welcome and thanks to @MaddyTheSongWhore. What a name... (reblip)
nbwulf Slow dance time...


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2HandedJam *These Sounds Fall Into My Mind!
fernandonogari da onde eu conheço essa música? buenos aires 2007? porque ela tá tocando no vizinho?
RoobyJuice Sexy ass song! Love it. Wait til' ya see mah dick bitch. :)
Rainoverlima Atticus y la Luna en el verano.
Epicrates another vid from 120...remember this with all the different peeps voicing the words....
Tipuri Alguns vão me chamar de sacrílego,mas gosto mais da versão das russinhas do que do morrissey. e é isso. gudnaite.
Phuket2 Bennie & the Jets – Elton John ( wow!!!!)
Anacros Paisa que ha viajado con su música y le hado muy bien.
MaddyTheSongWhore Joy and Pain ...Sunshine and this song is funky!! <3 it
MaddyTheSongWhore Heartbreaker..I don't care what those other people say I'm gonna love you anyway....Heartbreaker..
NicoleChow This was always a good tune...I loved the video as well.
MaddyTheSongWhore Yo sere el viento que va... navegare por tu obscuridad!....Miguel Bose es excelente!!
Rupertmike Jeff Buckley did this justice. But E. Kitt set the standard.
hotash She had problems with drinking milk....
MaddyTheSongWhore Manu my socks!!! <3
MaddyTheSongWhore you can ring my bell........ in a disco-ish funky mood today!!
anakin1814 This cover is as good as U2's cover. And that's a lot coming from me! LOL
MaddyTheSongWhore you make me feel like ...ooooooooooooh......MJ rocks my socks!!
anakin1814 This song got overplayed back in the day, but it really is an amazing song. :)
anakin1814 This was amazing. Radiohead with a marching band for a rhythm section. Good good stuff.
anakin1814 says I'm at 475 here...but I'll take the 500 badge! I feel so honored! What do I win?!? (Great song, btw!!) (reblip)
MaddyTheSongWhore tiritas pa' este corazon partio...... <3
MaddyTheSongWhore Love this man!! No se tu pero yo te busco en cada amanecer mis deseos no los puedo contener en las noches cuando duermo sin imsomnio yo me enfermo


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xhantee @MaddyTheSongWhore well, love/hate kinda, sorta, mood ... is ok one in a WHILE.

Son By Four 4- A Puro Dolor

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dulcitalove Together For Ever – Rick Astley
RoobyJuice Juliette Lewis. So fucking hot.
Krstlpeach Nothing like an evening cup of Punjab!
diyei_amilcar Blip numero dos. Unas guitarras bien tocadas por el cafe tacuba.
LuisAcoltzi Adoro esta cancion de Sara Bareilles <3<3... Gravity es tan buena...
prosillo Pra terminar a noite bem...cerva + limp bizkit + wu tang clan..Ladies and Gentlemans: N 2 Gether Now...fkn biaaatch
Punched :: The Stylistics – You Make Me Feel Brand New ::
Songbird "Shadows on the hills, sketch the trees and...." Starry Starry Night, Dan Fogelberg. (reblip)

Dan Fogelberg - Starry Starry Night

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gopho one of my favorite songs EVER (reblip)
ericsvonk Making me smile. Visions of muppets... [Cake – Mahna, Mahna]
Punched :: Dreams – Fleetwood Mac :: (reblip)
MaddyTheSongWhore mental hopscotch...why must you treat me this way...mental hopscotch ...ready or not I'm going away...<3 this song!!!
TrickyGraphics to the almost lovers everyone has ever had..i know everyone has had one <3

Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

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T_DeBarros Nikki Costa. Like A Feather. ~cool artist !! funky and bluesy rock. Nikka has lot of grit !! Me like..thx for the inspiration @erinrebecca !! ☺
musoSF Hoping the skies are friendly and clear today.
luiz_com_z Essa abriu o show! class="hashLink" href="/channel/tag/albumzoom.aspx">#AlbumZoom.aspx?uid=12029855640613727607&pid=1237610243891&aid=1237582563$pid=1237610243891
nakatake Holger Czukay – The Photo Song
MaddyTheSongWhore here you go...way too fast...!!!!
MaddyTheSongWhore Everybody know I'm in love with you!!!!
MaddyTheSongWhore <3 this song!!!

Lightning Seeds_Pure

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MaddyTheSongWhore and I will be a lone again tonight...
MaddyTheSongWhore the way your always frowning when things don't go your way...
GoofusMcNoofus Another year with nothin' to do
MaddyTheSongWhore My favorite Melvins choooooooooooooon!!!
MaddyTheSongWhore yayyayayaayayyayayayayayaayay GO!
MaddyTheSongWhore @musicmetis I love the original..but she does an amazing cover!! <3
MaddyTheSongWhore wow..forget how good Art of Noise is...<3
Annimallover The quandry- to live in the moment & yet not letting the days go by....... (reblip)
scratchnsniff my usual plea this time of night... sadly not happening lately
ladypn LOL @SatinLegsSmith Love the "roll call" interpretation! LOL! ;) LOVE If you don't know me by now. ;) (reblip)
tjerki keep on smiling - this song will help you (reblip)
DesireeDizaster Goodnight loves. hears a nice song to end the night with, one of my favorites. sleep well and sweet dreams.
natasjadb Sweet song: Saint Etienne – Sun In My Morning

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-The Only Language

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iaintyourdoll y es asi, todos tropezamos con la misma piedra...
kogamon OK, one more. Just can't get enough of this cover...
MaddyTheSongWhore But now I am're out of luck...I'm rolling down the stairs...Too Drunk To Fuck!!!!!
Epicrates very cool newer UK Gaze/Dreampop band...their song "Off your Face Again" is quite quite awesome....

Daniel Land - Locust

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MaddyTheSongWhore I love a man in a Uniform!!! ...I do...I do.. =D
MaddyTheSongWhore good stuff!! COVER!!!!!!!

Tatu - How Soon Is Now

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smartard Tanya Donelly – Just In Case You Quit Me
MaddyTheSongWhore LMAO!!! I adore HM!!! *sings along* :P .......and don't laugh!
MaddyTheSongWhore Jason Mraz covers One Love!!!! Let's get together and we can feel allright!!!!
pkhuntz57 this blew me away when I first heard it
Gwynaria And now... the boredom song (has some NSFW content in it, be warned)...
SolarLab Go have sex to this. I'm putting out fires all over the place.
VampireLexi69 Saturday Night @MerlottesBar Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most
MaddyTheSongWhore NO....LINE ...ON ....THE....HORIZON!!!
TacoKid "Calculator" - Micachu -- My favorite song right this second. That will change. Any second now.........
FelipeGlauber Baby, Baby, Baby~ Uhuuuuuu Parisssss
kbuech Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - "Raising Sand" (Video)
TheBoredOne Perfect song to say goodnight to my new friends. Thanks for listening, and providing excellent tunes for my library :D!


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co3z In the great words of Marvin Gaye "Happiness is only a song away"
LaKaroline Does love ever end when two hearts are torn away? Or does it go on and beat strong anyway?


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