mullie1 I've posted so much rock lately, how about a brief interlude....(cue the "Grease" video!!)
mullie1 with black curtains, naturally. A classic!
omgfree If I gave lap dances--it would be to this song
jxharvat "Talk Talk" (1966) is a 2-minute rant on getting your girlfriend pregnant. Garage bands like Music Machine were the progenitors of punk and grunge.


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mimisk makes you want to sway through the office, wearing headphones (reblip)
veriserpa Mmmm m m mm Mmmm m m mm Mmmm m m mm Mmmm m m mm Ohhh bop bop bodap Ohhh bop bop bodap Ohhh bop bop bodap Ohhh bop bop bodap
maurilao Gooooooooooood moooooooooooooorning, blip
DaveSanClemente "all the doors I closed one time will open up again" - Back in the High Life Again - Steve Winwood
rijoso Wyndorf es quizá el tipo más excesivo y esquizofrénico del hard rock actual. Calculo que en 2 años estará muerto.
ilikecheese thank you, dead or alive, for letting this song happen.
mullie1 Nothing more pure than Dylan.@shelly100 one of my fav Dylan tunes..thx (reblip)
mullie1 great South African trumpeter!...
mullie1 @Cabl - Grace Slick has one fine, strong voice. Great tune (reblip)
dramarama @lunarboy Love this track, thank you for getting the day off to a good start! (reblip)
kronenbird I reckon it WAS supposed to happen


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tvham I don't know why sometimes I get frightened
AstridO I went through a lot of Velvelettes songs to find something new and exciting, but I still think this one is the best of the bunch.
ChazFrench @Tellus YAY! Freida's on blip... She's gonna take over the world! :-)
freshxprincess Ils sont une bande si étonnante.
enrique_ this could only happens to me, can you see?


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smathst8 like this song; don't really like britney. thank you, lily! (reblip)
Dannelke Like this guy needs me to pimp HIM.
VictoriaFabiola I love thisss...tuuu tuuuu tuuu ruuuruuu jajaja
peachcherub Randomly in the mood for some RENT soundtrack...original Broadway cast, of course.
AlexSckoria Ai Frota, meu camarada. Em retribuição, uma música de um dos caras mais loucos do rock. Isso sim é rock n roll. Só para seguir na mesma linha (r
peech hate on me - jill scott: to my haters. for godiva k.
melocan Turkish rock should listen to..
omgfree This is the song I'd program on MUZAK for all public building soundtracks.
ijango And while I'm on the garage rock kick...


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JRex [Light My Candle – Rent] glad u liked it @Krissi_D; just seeing you bliping has made my night ((( ))) ...:)
BlipRFW Just saw this on a friends' list and had forgotten about it.
MISSPRESLEY one hot mix! my goodness, check this one out...tell me how you likes
shigajet Paranoia, the destroyer...
novalis African Boogie - Manu Dibango
Fiasqui Os céus se abriram e se ouviu "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH AH!"
omgfree day is almost over....good, let's all go get a drink m'kay?
tonyhall Fontella Bass - Rescue Me

Fontella Bass - Rescue Me

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stacia Where you going with the mask I found? And I fear I fear when the dogs begin to smell her..
gimmetinnitus Animal is song no. 4 on the Free Music EP from 50 Foot Wave. Get the whole EP >>>
70sgirl EARLY 60'S.....Needles and Pins....
Dannelke You don't give her anything to look forward to...
ratfarts You better duck when I show up. The goo goo muck!
JJMedusa And another sexy song ... and it's good night for me.
calico can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being!
CaryB Dude's a mess, but holy cow this song rocks. Hey, Pete, Kinks much? Doesn't matter. This is pure.
BingFutch It's never too cold to surf!
Pingerisms Many river to Cross = good night folks
walckiers #classicão "a mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido... yeaaaaaaaah!!!" >
paulzy pf500 1977 - I turned down Fleetwood Mac tickets on the floor. 250 bucks? pass.
ManaJunkie So whose a crazy cat that can do the cool jerk?
cinderssmoke Yes, I do think of Lily Allen and Ben rampaging through LDN when I hear this.
feelline ruby ruby ruby ruby look whachyour doin doin to me
vik407 viendo el blip de @abadiavernaza me acorde lo mucho que me gusta esta otra canción de DEVO.


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Dturg This defies you to sit still...and now it's official!
cnavarro Qué sería de Freddy hoy ?
personaraujo don't you ever play with me... hear me well? ever! :-|
hanBrolo Liam Finn released a great record last year. Maybe he's old news to you. If he's not on your radar, check him out.
JimmyHook This buried treasure is just waiting to be on a cool soundtrack for a cool movie...
Mangia @ericats..Thank you so much..I had forgotten about this song and it was a favorite a long time ago.. (reblip)
KarmicInsight Becky gotta big ole butt, I know I toldya' I'd be true, but becky gotta big ole butt, so I'm leavin' ya, C YA!
iamwhatiplay The Pretenders - Stop your cryin'!
Mangia I wish I could meet a person that I could love as much as this song!!!
tintinabulation cat's dead, quit job, and it's fecking cold out. tick tock


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Mangia I come from the land of the ice and snow..
FranciscoIV @twitter is kerblunkin so Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood (reblip)
matcherbach Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worryin' Bout That Girl
feelline I've listened to this on repeat all day. P IS FOR PORTMAN!
ericats Ohhh we gotta go! yeah yeah yeah yeah
throughout27 happy tokin- Hits From The Bong by Cypress Hill
addikt da doing doing doing!
pitonblock CRAP. That was the crappy edited version. Let's try Tori again.
chris_is_cool please put it on! pretty please?

PJ HarveyDress

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DeadCabbage King Khan and The Shrines – Sweet Tooth
Mayhem someone get this bitch some fuckin' whiskey and a bar fight. pretty please :D
AlanSmithee61 shortly after Barrett got booted from the band
mizzle @REBlogGirl That would be totally TUBULAR! We can sing unintelligible German songs that sound cool!
Newcster Who knew that my annoying little brother's habit of stealing my records would turn out like this?
Newcster Can't wait to see my baby bro next week! (reblip)
kevinbbarnes good times with this song back in the day
pipetoro Freeeeeeeeee......(as a bird) :)


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DJKHi Ching, ching, gettin' paid over here
Daniel_bertis Let's take it from the East Coast, everyone!!!
DeadCabbage Dropkick Murphys – Barroom Heroes
DeadCabbage The Pogues – Streams Of Whiskey
bendrix Its the 1st time I'm meeting U=>@CharlieDuke this is a really cool track I'm happy to snatch it from U're evil selfish clutches :) (reblip)
sh0kr0k It's impossible to describe how much I love this song. It is the perfect example of "Irish Punk" (LOL!) "With a golden tear for your mother-dear..."
jgorilla78 i got a fever and the only cure is MORE COW BELL in this song

WarLow Rider

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muttnik kraftwerk ...autobahn
dalegrow Classic Steve Winwood and company
TroyHolder @MimiV "Come to Butt Head" by Beavis and Butthead

Beavis and Butthead - Come to Butt Head

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SoSoulfull LL COOL J IS HARD AS HELL!!!! - ll cool j - rock the bells

ll cool j - rock the bells

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LeaRomeiro I discover that song in Keane´s page... thanks! (reblip)
toddtyrtle #suburban yoga-mat toting SUV stroller pushing whole foods shopping volvo driving assholes go home!
paeix @by_starla crap! you're going to have 10K inside a week, eh?! wow... I knew you when you were a wee lass in the low Ks... (Blip needs more ☆ #'s!) (reblip)
thepixelsuite World Party - Ship Of Fools - nice groovy beat, this one
TrainWreckRadio Another of my 2 y/o favorites, Arriba y Arriba!!! @Blanquis26 truly a LEGEND!! (bowing head) (reblip)
crowjane love that Funk Brothers sound...simply the best!
ijango Van Morrison's song, but The Shadows of Knight were the ones who got radio play with it.
adbert [Röyksopp – The Girl And The Robot] RB+prop for @hesa. (reblip)


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CarolannB @lilwldchld Airing in the film "Final Destination 3, There's an urban legend behind this song, 2. The "scream" is part of the story. (reblip)

Strawbs - Autumn

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EmceeEscher I don't want to. I don't think so.
T_DeBarros Boys Dont Cry. I Wanna Be A Cowboy. ~I wanna be a cowboy and u can be my cowgirl~ more of my 80's ...hee hee
craigz @Mangia yup Joel's been in for the past two tours; Matt's playing the North American tour which has just got underway:
KiddRock @ladypn I will call off the threat, if you get up on the floor with me and @ICEGRIL152 and do The Loco-Motion
elikapeka "if only morrissey weren't so morrisseyesque she might overlook all my flaws" Sparks - Lighten Up, Morrissey
palisadehills PJ Harvey – Sweeter Than Anything
anyahanzaneez My first concert - Crowded House at the Wiltern at age 8. My dad took me on "business" and I slept on Neil Finn's couch in the dressing room.AMAZING.
ericsvonk You treat me like a woman. But I feel like a man. Uh..? [Kula Shaker – Hey Dude]
GiantPimpslapper fm an interview I heard on DC101. This song is about a chick that breaks up with a dude. Kinda changes the dynamics of the song but great nonethaless
mizzmbee SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS - I Put A Spell On You
devynn i'm jamming to this right now
cybel "Whos Gonna Save My Soul" - Gnarls Barkley. I really love this album. Depressing as f-k but beautiful.
rhythm7a Rust never sleeps and neither does Neil @taxibob (reblip)

Neil Young - Keep on Rockin in the Free World

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csuspect Boo Ya!!! LOL OMG havn't heard this classic since middle school.
CrescentMoonglow *Callin' it your job, Old Hoss, that sure don't make it right. If you want me to, I'll say a prayer for your soul tonight.* LOVE this JCM tune.

John Cougar Mellencamp - Rain on the Scarecrow

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poperotico @lounazareth mandou bem na seleção do #opendj que começou com Placebo! \m/
rammerplex This is probably the best TV theme ever written (reblip)
JimmyHook @MichaelKaiser Man, I need to dig up this track from "Teenage Shutdown: Fuzz": "Leave My House" by The Modds. Do you have it?
amberchagrined incomprehensible but awesome.
Shana34 The Cardigans - Erase/Rewind
MilwGonzo Great new power pop from The Thermals (Now We Can See, 2009)
MilwGonzo from Now We Can See (2009) "Now we can see The warnings and the signs Reading between the lines like writing on the wall"
CarrieA Seattle is too close to ignore them
CarrieA Along with the chorus of Angels. Hysterical
Jaconius QOTSA + The Kills + Raconteurs + Jack White = Ruling my life.


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LarsAlberth Bloody your hands on a cactus tree Wipe it on your dress and send it to me


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jhidalgo para los seguidores de Mary Boquitas
Mangia ... now we're gonna make love... y'know how I know? - because it's wednesday night... there's nothing good on tv... it's business time... thanks (reblip)
crispast ciao@stevetuf @Mangia @paeix @Darryl! ..ciao@Italia! i've seen your reply! do you have twitter? there or here send me the question and i'll answer!:)
barman412 Was an eastern Arkansas farmer. Recorded at first at Sun in Memphis for Modern in LA and Leonard & Phil Chess in Chicago. Song title means "a train."
etern1ty Now you KNOW this is a great song!
DaveKeady Steve Albini at his best
surforama Zappa intended to lampoon the Valley Girl image, but the single backfired and instead popularized the valley girl stereotype nationwide.
Gaz50 Eddie Cochran – C'mon Everybody
ericats ciao @Mangia se potessi giocare tutta la notte per te...=** molto lavoro...=P

SohoHot Music

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Mangia wonderful song from a fantastic album


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sellout "It's cool to know nothing." Accept no substitutes for this version - skip the "bonus track" remix.
ClassicalAct Great choice - Thanks @SteveKayser: "A classic "Tempest Sonata" Movement 3 (Beethoven) Wilhelm Kempff" (reblip)

Beethoven's Tempest Sonata mvt. 3 -- Wilhelm Kempff

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sellout The Standells deliver a blast from the past.
sellout I'm embarrassed that I didn't discover this band until today.
sellout More stuff I just discovered. I need to get out of my cave more.
Mangia Not the best sound quality, but I love this song..
sellout I've been recovering from a bad cold, so not many blips this weekend. Quality over quantity.
sellout A haunting song that I just remembered from ages ago.
sellout Still haven't forgotten about those birds waking me up. Great song as well.
sellout I had to live on cough syrup last week so I could get to my office.
sellout I can hear why.@cynical_redhead: "one of my very favorite Dead Milkmen songs..." (reblip)
sellout Just saw them live. Even better than they were on their last tour.
crowjane scream~holla~back soakN wet~yeah babe

The Breeders-Saints

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DJSmoker Oh yeah, girl u got.. something I likeeeeeee! Hard Fi - Hard To Beat
Mangia Wow!!! Keith on lead vocals . The best Stones song, and this is a kick ass version. (reblip)
Mangia @Hislostshoe....Love this version.

Lindsey Buckingham "Big Love" Live Acoustic Performance

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