Aluciel But yeah. That was like the highlight of my day. Everything else was pretty uneventful. Typical Wednesday. /sigh
SlipperyDistortion @rkmonkey @Figgywithit @cdub - I'm out for the night. Great conversation and connection. Cheers. (reblip)
dickadcock Really like this thx @Eliza I need more time. (reblip)
chiron08 @threebears @Dave_Malby good night - ☀ i have a coffe in the sunrise ☼
serendipitynz My husband used to drive the whole family to distraction by playing Charlie Pride cassettes all the way when we went on holiday
dickadcock Ah hell, the boots are OK too. thx to @Dave_Malby You Can Leave Your Hat On – Joe Cocker (reblip)
jerryp007 Classic...Hello Stranger it seems like a mighty long time

Barbara Lewis - hello stranger

| play
jerryp007 Better In Time...Leona Lewis...Hello @JRex
2HandedJam *** Black Cherry – Goldfrapp
JRex Hi @mellomatic ... good to c u girl ... :) Hi @by_starla probably staying close to home & getting my gardens ready ... how about you? :) (reblip)
adbert [All Together Now - BLIPPERS]


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medina Essa fase romântica do Bob é fino demais também! E ele não canta chorando, isso é fato! haha
ecocity aya ayaee aya ayaoo -wa coco aya ayaee aya ayaoo aya ayaee aya ayaoo

Zap MamaMupepe

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sandraew Gonna pack my bags and flyyyyyy.....
dickadcock Rain can change a lot of things, cleansing, washing away; in the meantime, the winds of change come and -(just BS-ing, not in the song. U know it.)
saldana I wish I was the verb 'to trust' and never let you down
DjTbraz One of my favorite Paul McCartney songs.
bendrix I'm glad U enjoyed the blips @mystwitch - I noticed you dig Norah Jones. This song is beautiful - I really think u will be pleased with this. Njoy :)
DjTbraz This song is so good it hurts!!!!

The temptations-papa was a rolling stone

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serendipitynz No I'm not a megalomaniac, and I don't want to rule the world, just like this track.
tamihania Yeps - you've guessed I'm fan...
Aluciel Tickets ordered for their May 29th show! YAY! So very excited to see them again. <3
toosweet4rnr [You Are The Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne]Now both of us have known love before, To come on up promising, like the spring, just walk on out the door.
Aluciel This is currently one of my overplayed songs on my iPod. I love it too much. <3
adbert @mrken777 [You Upset Me Baby – Joe Bonamassa] Hey brother! Are you in I am! :-)
ptneves You're not your job.You're not how much money you have in the bank.You're not the car you drive.(
ptneves It's (my) Closing Time. Buona notte, good night, bonne nuit, buenas noches, boa noite :-)
briangreene Donate - a mixed up radio lovers song
JoannaYoung !Reminding myself that I know what I know - and that singing helps the words to flow
bluebrummie Say Say Say – Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson
briangreene @fuzzygroove thanks, can't wait now, excited, hope it goes easy for ye.
thinkpink Any other fool would be out on the road trying to spot her rusted Pontiac...
dswancanada I like this version alsmost as much as the original. Thanks @patricia_coelho (reblip)
dswancanada one of my favorite 'old romantics'
dswancanada it's pretty much Self-explanatory (and, I can't find anything else by them that I like - on blip)
dswancanada Cause we all need something to aspire to. (and it's gritty and it rocks)
Vickingo You Don't Know Me (with Diana Krall) – Ray Charles...Hi all
Vickingo Hell – Squirrel Nut Zippers @you_know_who_you_are time to think about it ;)
SteelGuy Don't Stand So Close To Me - The Police
SteelGuy Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - The Police
evablue should be playing up music to work but i'm on super mellow mood despite the energy drink... and hate nelly furtado but like this song
harmonjazzman this is via me homey scottiedont lol! cant tell u how many times i've heard this w/ him.
sandraew Just a squirrel tryin to get a nut to move your butt. C+C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) (reblip)
De_Ann @stevetuf: hmm....yeah....I can dig it :-) Another member of the talented Shankar family.. (reblip)
Figgywithit Finally upgraded from previous source which was not in stereo. This rocks out! @by_starla @SevenTenths @angrybob @420thoughts @GR8FL @rkmonkey
ARDELLd Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married...going to the Chapel of Love
De_Ann @ARDELL::OMG I remember her she was a star in Germany when I was 17! :-))) I love him, and where he goes I will follow. (reblip)
adbert [AC/DC – Who Made Who] Un rock and roll básico. Hasta que entra Angus. \m/ :-)
ARDELLd I've been cryin...cause I'm lonely (for you)...smiles have all turned (to tears) Hurry, come on boy, come see about me...see about your baby.

Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

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Suzed again, sexy song - strip music, even..
JackInChicago Following Music!! Give A Listen! Hop Aboard! (reblip)

REM Orange Crush

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Punched :: Frank Sinatra – Fly Me to the Moon :: In other words baby kiss me.
evablue i have a crush on john mayer. you will too if you watch this
Vickingo Foghat - Slow Ride, You know the rhythm is right, We gotta rock all night

Foghat-Slow Ride

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JJDJ Was looking for something slower then I found this. Feist 1234 (My!Gay!Husband! Get Up Kid Edit)
TroyHolder "Into the Groove(y)" by Ciccone Youth
evablue this is not star wars too bad


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evablue guh! so many broken blips! reblipping @busted_ink @AbsinthEve it's not blip, it's the people who upload the music. laterz! (reblip)
evablue [song title] end of cheeze. laterz!
luiz_com_z @DeAnn, I can't believe it, Rocky IV! Hahahaha! @nicavieira, another Rocky tune on your birthday! (reblip)
MarijoJ Hey...I like it too!...maybe cuz I'm watching Sex and The City (the movie) right now...and they're all up-town girls))) Perfect timing! (reblip)
sheryonstone I like this one and Scuttle buttin @Ozarksagent & @NeedBlues2Live but I adore every song he ever did. (reblip)


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bendrix Musically Björk Guðmundsdóttir is My All Time Immortal Beloved!!! who's your's? Blip me back: "Bendrix my Music Immortal Beloved is..." (reblip)
sheryonstone union regulations require I take another break, but I WILL be back :D
GeryDiMarco Just finished watching The British Beat on PBS. I've always loved this song.
GeryDiMarco When you're chewing on life's gristle just give a whistle and ...
serendipitynz @rickps this is an amazing song .....for you are beautiful, and I have loved you dearly, more dearly than the spoken word can tell (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [Tracey Ullman - They Don't Know] They've never heard of love.


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toosweet4rnr [The Zombies – Time of the Season] *muah* and reblipping @GeryDiMarco G'morn :) (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [The Police – Bring on the Night] The night has already been brought'en... it's almost time for bed.
tjmackster The sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful and so are you...Siouxsie & The Banshees – Dear Prudence (reblip)
tjmackster I miss the sound of your voice...Matt Nathanson – Come On Get Higher (reblip)
tjmackster I won't be happy until I can see you alone again....Curtis Stigers – Home Again
tjmackster And what do I get 'till I get revenge...Sheryl Crow – The Book
MarijoJ @serendipitynz health issues, been taking care of in hospice..thanks for asking!)have been missing your blips lately, is it the time zone???? (reblip)

EnyaMay It Be

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dickadcock Cover. So good that Damien Rice asked her to appear with him. ... If you are good (and smile sweetly), I'll play a new one from her after this.
De_Ann I'm gonna have to get going for a while...c y later, I hope :-)) @Oldies@Gaz50@AnnieLicious .....and you and you and you....
GeryDiMarco Fathers be good to your daughters
HARToscope The B-52's // Dance This Mess Around // .."Why don't you dance with me??? I'm not no Limburger!!"
GeryDiMarco Is the whole world smiling with you? Stop that sighing and smile by golly!
JJDJ Lenka – The Show | I'm just a little bit caught in the middle...

LenkaThe Show

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GeryDiMarco Great JB tune with a message .. Wake up, Love yourself and Live your life. Be alive in the world Hello and Welcome @silverlake61
adbert [Frightened Rabbit – Poke] Amazing! A Playmate just poked me on Facebook. Wondering how much she knows about Social Media. ha ha ha.
lilwldchld Everybody jumpin, dancin to the boogie tonight....


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evablue @GR8FL you can pretend you were at the exhibit too. and good night. :)
JJDJ Amy Winehouse – Back to Black || My favorite druggie. :)
De_Ann I was out and about all day..and I'm pooped. Relaxing now thank god! Missed y'all too! @storylet missed you today DeAnn - great song ... @Oldies (reblip)
Mangia Please...return the love you took from me. (reblip)
De_Ann hmm....@sapam i just don't know how... DeAnn (reblip)
JJDJ Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy ||I'm back had to take a break and see a SUPER funny video from @MarijoJ
cakesmix It's okay. I know we're cool. :0] (reblip)
tjmackster I don't know how I bent what you said, to what I believe you meant...Frente! – Labour Of Love
serendipitynz @MarijoJ this one is for you, missed you and your great blips


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oziasd jose gonzalez - heartbeats
oziasd The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid (Possibly Explicit Lyrics)
GeryDiMarco This daddy doesn't ever put a good woman down, so if ya straighten up & fly right you can quit beggin mama. @crowjane bring my breakfast at 8AM sharp
GeryDiMarco Hey @MarijoJ It's just a song. Next time don't go least not for so long. Good to see you back and blippin!


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arnied Shuggie, wish there was more of him out there.

Tower Of Power - So Very Hard To Go

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toosweet4rnr [Fiction Factory – Feels Like Heaven]
sheryonstone thxthat's really nice 2 hear @daihard & listenin2 this right now I realize it's been so much my way of life, and lately I just lost faith until 2day (reblip)
MarijoJ Blood Sweat & Tears - Spinning Wheels
MarijoJ VAST - Don't Take Your Love Away
mystwitch Paul Simon-Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
bendrix This is tribe called quest + a chorus. Not quite Operetta :) => rb@ChilloutScene #bendrix Pretty close to operatic. I like this one from Simple Things (reblip)
lilwldchld When the music plays I hear the sound I had to follow....
Liwiz Modest Mouse – The Good Times Are Killing Me (reblip)
lilwldchld @ladypn Gotta have a little order in life.. :-D
calamari I'm about 2 months early on this blip...
timmaia Simon And Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair-canticle (reblip)
mystwitch G'Morning @WhitlowUniqueCollectibles-great start to the morning [listening to my listeners this morning!] (reblip)


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mystwitch G'Morning @zamfir So out of range, sometimes so strange, sometimes so sweet, sometimes so lonely.[excellant list your building!] (reblip)
mystwitch Hi & thanks @AnitaBreakSoon @djsurfer [long time since I heard this one-great] (reblip)
mystwitch Morning & thanks @djsurfer When the Stars Go Blue [the Coors + Bono=awesome] (reblip)
mystwitch Sparkles and pixie dust it is!-thanks @ISITI (reblip)


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mystwitch Heading to the Hill Country for the weekend-Yiiiiiiiiii Haaaaaaaaaaw!
mystwitch RB @cdub-bet it grows on him! I like it ;0) (reblip)
mystwitch @aloudhendo-doing great here, packing for roadtrip to ATX!!!!!
bendrix Here is your Lullaby & EarGASM for the night=> @LYRIC
sheryonstone im outta gum...................running to the store ^_^
bendrix Thanx Sir I appreciate that=> rb@DamienBasile I was going to blip this anyway but I decided to blip the #bendrix flavor well, because i like #bendrix (reblip)
folkmusicdude RB@Suzed LOL "...I said Juanita, my sweet taquita, what are you up to?..." Sorry no offense meant. Just another Lowell George tune I like... :-) (reblip)
2fast4u Annie – It's A Hard Knock Life ~ hmmmmmmm I must be getting tired :/
SlipperyDistortion Hi @space_cadet. Yup. Was out in meetings today. Writing and publishing now. Hey, @cdub, I like that track from The Album Leaf.
folkmusicdude rb@Flying_Roundhouse: "Django Reinhardt – My Melancholy Baby ~ @Berrypunny, are you sure?" (reblip)
sheryonstone sending you a smoke ring @bendrix =^.^=
Whitenet The Book of Love has music in it - in fact that's where music comes from. (reblip)


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folkmusicdude RB@seamuse: "good one ;-) @sheryonstone :Michelle Shocked (sheryonstone) – Vx Fx Dx:" ~ Super talent making records her way. She's the best. (reblip)
AgustinaMB ♫Just say "goodnight" and kiss me, oh, hold me tight and tell me u miss me, while I'm alone and blue as can be, dream a little dream of me♫
Atomik rb@Will_the_bloke: "Morrissey – Interlude gorgeous duet with Siouxsie Sioux .. 'who knows if it's real .. or just something we're both dreaming of?'" (reblip)


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Atomik can i ask you a personal question?
Atomik Chromeo – Mercury Tears
Atomik Jimmy Somerville – People Are Strange
mystwitch thanks for this, always been a favorite-reminds me of days in the chat room ;0)@messinwiththekid: "hello and g' evening (reblip)
De_Ann I lied, I wasn't in highschool anymore... that was in 1968!!! LOL @BarbieRay @BadBoyBoogieman
lilwldchld She gives them quite a battle all that they can handle.....
jencvs Blip crowd don't forget to add & welcome fellow blipper @enriquefa86 who has been very musically active lately!
MrsASoprano How are ya @star45?? "Evanescence – Snow White Queen" (reblip)
2fast4u Okay, I need to call it a nite before I'm Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Missed you tonight <smile> Sweet Dreams. Thanks @ll
JJDJ Nick Drake – River Man\Welcome to new listeners @LUCKYWILARD and @LisaWorld thanks! & Thanks @2fast4u @alfonvaina
lilwldchld Love this.@melodyofyourlife I manage to run out of props for you everytime.. :-D (reblip)
ElZorro "Jessica Lea Mayfield – The One That I Love Best #you" (reblip)
lilwldchld I feel my heart beating heavy, telling me I gotta have more....
CaryAtid Kula Shaker – Strangefolk
CaryAtid Delbert McClinton – Midnight Communion
greeseguy This is a blast from the way back

Tom Clay..What The World Needs Now (Abraham,Martin and John)

| play

Chicago- Colour My World- "Live" 1977

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Aluciel Time for sleepies. Nighty-night, blippers! *muah* ^_^
Aluciel Happy Friday, blippers! ^_^

Lily AllenLDN

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Mobin Master Ft Karina Chavez "SHOW ME LOVE" Official Video

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StevenMarkMusic This song off my album Aloneaphobe, sums up my mood today. Is that self absorbed?
StevenMarkMusic One of the songs I'll be doing at my solo acoustic show this Sunday night at The Bitter End, NYC. 9:15pm.
StevenMarkMusic I should have known things weren't going to work out with this woman I've been dating when she badmouthed Steely Dan on our first date.
lilwldchld You go back jack do it again....

Steely Dan- Do It Again

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lilwldchld Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick....
MarijoJ @StevenMarkMusic: "One of the songs I'll be doing at my solo acoustic show this Sunday night at The Bitter End, NYC. 9:15pm." (reblip)
SoftTouch Take, take me home, cause I don't remember. But I sure do remember jamming this tune with my old man.
MrsASoprano ...and they dance like spirits in the night all night in the night all night Oh, you don't know what they can do to you
MrsASoprano Here comes the sun~


| play
RocketmanUSA Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love ~~ "I'm gonna give you my love...wanna' whole lot of love?" Classic Zeppelin!!
RocketmanUSA Gloria Estefan – Everlasting Love
RocketmanUSA Nice. @ladypn: "Just trying 2 keep it in line, say u want to move on, say I'm falling behind, can u read my mind? (reblip)
RocketmanUSA Phish – Bouncing Around The Room ~~ "The woman was a dream I had."
RocketmanUSA Nice. Btw, this NOT ur Twttr avatar Jenci! :) I'm a Twttr "follower"; we xchanged a few tweets b-4. Hope u're having a gr8 Sunday! Thanks. @jenciTN (reblip)
RocketmanUSA It's 70+ here! I'm envious-u're so lucky! :) At least we can share a nice tune if not the weather. @makinitrite TY..gentle morning watching it snow;)
dickadcock :) ...refreshing sound >>>> The 88 – All 'Cause Of You

Frida Hyvonen - London

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De_Ann @digitpt: "Jefferson Airplane – Somebody to love" (reblip)
DownLow what about next Tuesday? :) @GR8FL: "after today, well ... forget the love @1001queen @CynDyn @Mysterymix @jarnokeim #DownLow" (reblip)
Blazin @greyeyesgabriel: "You always find the words to keep me Right Here waiting>>Staind>>" nice base in this tune (reblip)
RealtorLefebvre Not quite, but it feels like it...
RealtorLefebvre I'm not a law obeyer, so you can tell your mayor, I'm a non-stop rhythm rock poetry sayer...
BeNine :~)@DesertLily: "Boa Noite :) @marcos_reis: "And she is kind, and he is free and full of knowing (...) RB DesertLily" (reblip)
BeatJunkie @Sensa111 I saw him on the street while on vacation and was hooked.
Aluciel @melodyofyourlife We successfully evaded the last snow storm, and are pretty darn close to being snow-free with all the rain this week! ^_^

the fratellis - 04 - look out sunshine

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Rella @divadonna5: "TY@ukafadar: "Gary Moore – Still got the blues (Live)"" (reblip)
MarijoJ Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
MarijoJ The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio
nicklokes @nicolee73 @SDUBB @Darksheer Jamiroquai, Canned Heat

Jamiroquai, Canned Heat

| play
MarijoJ How Do You Do It - "If I Knew How To Do It To Me I'd Do It To You??????"
bytera Sarah McLachlan ~~ World on fire

World on fire (Sarah Mclachlan)

| play
FilippoVoltaggio It's in every one of us to be wise Find your heart Open up both your eyes We can all know every thing Without ever knowing why It's in every one of us
Dancer12 TYS, Hugs, Smiles @BigBillyGoat@BlipStarr@criswc@andregro@latenightfog@La_Vera_Mashid@MarijoJ@Kendra311 WELCOME New Listeners! TYVM!!!!
MCDEIBEM Welcome!@London_UK: "I'm in a guitar riff kind of mood today. :)" (reblip)
bytera Hello cuz! Yo muy bien, and you?? Hugs, ЯB!@NicoleVSanchez: "awesome song! hi Cuz :) How have you been? @bytera: "❏"" (reblip)

Dave Matthews Band The Space Between HD HQ

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bytera One more song from the Project "Playing for change". A soothing India's lullaby, starting from my homecountry.... goes around the world. Enjoy!
bytera A very beautiful tune in terms of harmony and in elegance; kind of instrumental love song, and Pat’s playing here with an even softer touch than usual
bytera a special one for your listening pleasure @BLUESBOOGIE ~regards!

Buddy Guy — 74 Years Young | Living Proof (2010) | [bytera] 01

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De_Ann :) @dANGELofLOVE: "You Make Me (((♥__♥)) TY! RB @Gypsylyn: You make me ~ Smile ~ UK~ @keithold@Gypsysister@StonyTunes :-);-)♥ (reblip)
MarijoJ This goes out to Jackie dog friend of 14 years...She liked the 'dread' zeppelin man!
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