Deftones- Prince

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MsMercurial Mike Shinoda...bringing it again!!

Linkin ParkWith you

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MsMercurial Thanx for being a new listener! Here's some more Smashing Pumpkins for you! @janwillemmulder

Smashing PumpkinsXYU

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MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ~ back at ya! Continuing the emo theme......
MsMercurial @mthellfire Thanx for being a new's another Deftones classic acoustic cut! Enjoy!
MsMercurial Uh! This needs to be RB:d! @romanus: "(New Wave) Polly :: Nirvana" (reblip)
MsMercurial @VJVixen....thank you for being a new listener. Now how about some Smiths? Enjoy!
MsMercurial @DanielStoicaTax ~ thanx for being a new listener. Here is some ol' school U2 for you!

U2New Year's Day

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MsMercurial @just44 Thanx for the props and RB ♥! Here's some Chevelle....turn it up! This song ROCKS!!!!!!!!

ChevelleBreach Birth

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MsMercurial @just44 ~ another KILLER track from Chevelle!
MsMercurial My all time fave from one of my all time fave bands....presenting The Smiths! Enjoy!
MsMercurial @DensOnAir Thanx for being a new listener.... here's one of the best by one of the best bands ever just for you....R.E.M! Enjoy!

REME-Bow The Letter

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MsMercurial @tcarr78717 ~ thanx for being a new listener. Deftones is always a good choice! Enjoy!

DeftonesDai the flu

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MsMercurial @droolius @DJNickPapag @Sensa111 ~ My girls are bustin' a loose on this track w/the horns! Enjoy!
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag @droolius @ Sensa111 ~ That's what I am blippin' about! Uh! My girls are bringing it on this track! Damn!
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ~ Chino w/a side o' Chino! Dude can even make airline instructions sound sexy. Southwest is hiring.

sevendust feat chino moreno- bender

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MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ~ God forbid, if I were ever on Death Row... I would select Deftones as my last blip!


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MsMercurial Awwww.... sh*t!!! Just have to hear Dave Navarro...Bring. It. One. More. Time! Dude so ROCKS on this track!
MsMercurial @Jjim08 ~ Thanx for being a new listener! Yay! Enjoy this blip (definitely not the last)!!
MsMercurial @Jjim08 @DJNickPapag @Totengrber @MrBijou @comicmama ~ **Kick ass** version of Jawbox's (earlier blip) version of "Savory" Ugh+12!!!....Enjoy!!


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MsMercurial Blue Album ♥, y'all! "Sound boy proceed to blast into the galaxy Go back rocket man into the sky you'll see...."

311 random

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MsMercurial Little known gem by Marcy Playground...
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag addicting! I know my track marks are so showing! @Greythorn ........enjoy!
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ~ Blip it up-ah! This track so ROCKS!!!! Chino could read the fine print on those Lipitor ads and it would be so ON!!
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ~ Do you remember this Blip-worthy cut?

SinchSomething More

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MsMercurial Codependent Anthem of the Year
MsMercurial "Well if we meet again, meet and meet and..."
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ~ The Daily Deftones Track!

DeftonesLucky You

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MsMercurial @wirainmaker~ thanx for being a new listener. I had to put on my miner hat and delve deep into the Blip archives for this cut! Still ♥ it!
DJNickPapag TYTY! @MsMercurial: "@DJNickPapag ~ Some more Smashing Pumpkins back at ya! @ViolettaDark ~ Taking it back on this track....but*way* after Tom Jones! (reblip)
MsMercurial Thanx...♥♥♥♥ it! vi@bipolarized: "via @koiheart [Slowdive – Cello Theme] #eclectic" (reblip)

SlowdiveCello Theme

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MsMercurial @2Tall ~ =) "I'm beautiful, I wasn't born to follow...."
MsMercurial @Sandalicious ~ ♥ blippin' music....Some classic hootin' y hollerin' via Eddie Levert. A path is being cleared out for the Soul Train line....
MsMercurial @SylvioMicelli~ Thanx for reminding me about The Charlatans!! Fave from my undergrad days.... Enjoy!
2Tall Wax Doctor – Atmospheric Funk @MsMercurial > hey girl @ @Hachimon hey brutha
MsMercurial @Sandalicious @DrKarleigh @droolius @2Tall ~ Could NOT resist this...twas the JAM! Aww sh*t! "Bring the noise...pump it up" (Blip it up-ah) #ugh!!
eubieland X Catherine Wheel Vox Rob Dickinson U might like!@MsMercurial:
MsMercurial So underrated this band back in the day....
BeNine I love this one too..hope you dig it :~) @MsMercurial
MsMercurial Aww, another ♥!! ****Must rb***** and thanx vi@Sensa111: "you are more than welcome, thank you too :~)) @MsMercurial" (reblip)
MsMercurial @Sensa111 ~ Wicked remix from Mr. Richard James. Enjoy it...I believe you will =) Needed a dance floor right about 12 blips ago courtesy you!
MsMercurial @LuvGunn ~ One of AIC's best and heaviest...Cantrell tears up on this track! Cantrell even contends that!
MsMercurial @LuvGunn~ Some more Cantrell for ya! Enjoy!!
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag @LuvGunn @droolius ~ Fellas, come on now! So RB worthy! Daily Deftones Track! #ugh! #chino #pillowmusic
MsMercurial @Sensa111 ~ Here is another band that I am digging on as well. Thoughts? Enjoy!
MsMercurial So loved these guys and still do...

The Afghan Whigs : Something Hot

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DJNickPapag This is my shit!! Lead singers name is Anthony Greene he now fronts Circa Survive. Greatest voice in Modern Rock right now!! @MsMercurial
MsMercurial @2Tall @Sandalicious @nrayala @Sensa111 @ladycatlady @droolius @DJNickPapag ~ Get on up and make that $$$maker earn some cash! Turn it on up-ah!
MsMercurial @LuvGunn ~ Totally ♥ this track...

Texarkana R.E.M.

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BDGarp The Radio Dept. – Pulling Our Weight

deftones engine number 9

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MsMercurial @SeanH34 ~ Another KILLER 311 track that must be blipped! Enjoy! My trackmarks are so showing!

311 LOCO

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MsMercurial @TheScottAllenBand ~ Another great Southern band! (RE: leaving the South....something new and much less humidity!!)
MsMercurial @SeanH34~ thanx for the re's and props! Just turning things up a wee bit...w/some Deftones...but you knew that already! Enjoy!
MsMercurial "And if I only could, make a deal with God, and get him to swap our places..."
MsMercurial Thank you ♥ hearing something it has some Wilco-ish type of sound, too! @Flying_Roundhouse: "She Comes To Me In Dreams" @me (reblip)
SeanH Here listen to this i think you will dig it....8 )@MsMercurial

Zero 7: Over Our Heads

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MsMercurial @Koshka ~ taking it back a bit....enjoy!
MsMercurial @Koshka ~ Another ♥ ....Modern Rock Throwback Du Jour @DJNickPapag @droolius
MsMercurial Right back at ya from the East Valley! Must Rb vi@eubieland: "Thanks to my top proppers @Me (reblip)

12 RodsRadioaction

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MsMercurial Agreed! A blip after my own heart! #ugh! Thanx and rb vi@Sensa111: "and for possibly the best bassline?? @Me" (reblip)
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ----> Some emo! This needs to be amended to "Virginia is for Lovers" miss Tidewater!
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ~Keep hope alive with your awesome Dj-ing!!! Thursday Throwback (Modern Rock) du Jour.

The WrensHopeless

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MsMercurial @01dela ~ I quite liked the song that you blipped earlier. Here is a little somthing for you ;0)!
MsMercurial @01dela ~ Now, hopefully this will light your candle from both ends! You never told me if you liked The Charlatans? Must say I ♥ a lot of British acts
MsMercurial @Sensa111 ~ The requisite Charlatans cut du jour. "There is truth in all I see...."

The CharlatansSonic

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MsMercurial "There's that car that I used to swerve.... This town traffic is knocking me over"
MsMercurial Nothing like Morrisey to uplift you on a Monday afternoon! "The dark nights are drawing in... And your humour is as black as them"
MsMercurial Thank you! Nice catchy hook and all! Thanx for the follow =)!@HorseShitWally: "Excellent! @MsMercurial: "@01dela ~ Quite like this funky little gem."" (reblip)
MsMercurial @DjLougan @ellendiane -----> thank you for the props and the follow. Beautiful remix of an awesome song by Bjork. Enjoy!
MsMercurial Thank you for the follow and awesome song! Will rb vi@Cichlid: "Bettie Serveert - Palomine" (reblip)
MsMercurial Was introduced to Band of Horses at Starbucks while waiting for my vivano smoothie and haven't been the same! Great selection and thanx rb vi@lleshey (reblip)
MsMercurial "He walks along the open road of love and life...." @abarbosa @Dj_Edurock @metheeDeeJay @Garrett_The_K <Thanx for the props much grateful for them>
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ~ Hello! Did not forget about America's Top Blip DJ. Look what surfaced...a cool version of a cool 'tones song just for you.
MsMercurial @01dela ~ changed your avatar, I see! "You're so pretty, we're so pretty X2..."

the charlatans - you're so pretty - we're so pretty

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MsMercurial Awesome selection and must rb vi@LockeDown: "Silversun Pickups – The Royal We #MusicMonday" (reblip)
MsMercurial Thank you for introducing new tunes to me! Quite enjoyed this one and of course will rb vi@iReignMusic: @Me (reblip)
MsMercurial Monday's Massive Attack Track rb vi@jjwood-----> great selection and thank you for the follow as it is much appreciated! =0) (reblip)
MsMercurial OMG! I can barely type to blip! Thank you and rb vi@Darkangelkas: "Deftones – Deathblow" (reblip)


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MsMercurial Today's Hoot&Holla cut is inspired by@Lonravalex! EW&F~w/dude whose voice is so high that only your dog can hear him. "<insert claps> Head to the sky"

Earth, Wind & Fire "Mighty Mighty"

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MsMercurial "Our parents had cigarettes, wedding bells"------->Former? Check. The Latter = JoP.
MsMercurial "There's only so many chords that haven't been played yet.... And the check's in the mail but we haven't been paid yet"----> Direct Deposit?
Alvaroxx Editors – Lullaby (The Cure cover)...
whatevertunes Nice! @lostndanet: "Death Cab For Cutie – Soul Meets Body lyrics via @muso" (reblip)
Alvaroxx New Order - Special... ...@EricCWhite...


| play
MsMercurial To some of my fave blipstahs a track w/some of the ******fiercest******* sistahs....check it! @Sandalicious @biapfreitas @nrayala
MsMercurial "one wound-up punch of intuition... lays flat my whole take on us... you're the girl on the wing of a barnstormer"
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ----->"On a day like today, you'd be crazy not to want me to teach you the way" From The Dao of Blipping
MsMercurial "So believe.... In streetwise angel.... In booksmart devil"
MsMercurial "Even the man in the moon disappeared.... Somewhere in the stratosphere"
MsMercurial "The devil with the green eyes.... Said you were never meant to be mine"
MsMercurial "You say you're still in love... If it's true, what can be done?.... It's hard to leave all these moments behind..."
MsMercurial Yeah...feelin' an rb coming on vi@DJNickPapag: "@MsMercurial this is what he was talking about!! I already dig it first listen!!" (reblip)
MsMercurial Fierce mix and the cut is so reppin' us halvsies! =)......
MsMercurial How did you know? My fave UT cut!! ♥ it vi@RadioFreeIllinois: "Uncle Tupleo~The Long Cut (Capo 1 D-G-D-C Em ♫) inspired vi@Me @MsBojangles :) @Echo_L" (reblip)
MsMercurial Blood Pressure Tight Track vi@Sensa111: "top propping thanx goes to @Me@2Tall @droolius @kmaria187 @GR8FL thanx guys :~)" (reblip)

Sleigh Bells - A_B Machines

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MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ~ you never told me if you were into strings. This is just plain WICKED! @droolius

Deftones-Teething A String Quartet Tribute

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MsMercurial "I'm free now to direct a movie..... Sing a song or write a book about yours truly"
mteric Silversun Pickups – The Royal We
MsMercurial @droolius ~ Absolutely beautiful and poetic this string tribute, isn't it?
MsMercurial "Don't believe what you hear... Don't believe what you see... If you just close your eyes... You can feel the enemy"


| play
DJNickPapag I hope u have a really great night!! And i really want u to know that I think u have a great taste in musac!! @MsMercurial


| play
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ~ Haunting and beautiful......

Deftones-Be Quiet And Drive A String Quartet Tribute

| play
MsMercurial @Rock_n_Grunge ~ Thanx for the prop ♥ and follow! Taking things way back with this cut but it is sooo worth it! Enjoy!!

SeaweedStart With

| play

Deftones-RX Queen A String Quartet Tribute

| play
MsMercurial @droolius ~ we can't be the only blippers that l♥ve string quartets, no?
MsMercurial @droolius @nrayala ~ Amazing and so full of passion this tribute....just ♥ it! What do you think of it?
Alvaroxx Nada Surf – See These Bones...
MsMercurial "wish there was something real.... wish there was something true.... wish there was something real in this world full of you"

Nine Inch NailsWish

| play
MsMercurial "What about the voice of Geddy Lee ..... How did it get so high? ... I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy?"


| play
MsMercurial "She came in like the wind.... And took me over.... A southern kinda day.... A wicked sun"
MsMercurial @akacarol @JonathanDune @LuvGunn @Wes_H "The light that's in your eyes, like everyone wants it to be Well can't you see that it must be this way"
MsMercurial For some of my fave fellas...fave NIN song in an awesome remix....@Sensa111 @droolius @DJNickPapag @LuvGunn @2Tall @SeanH34
MsMercurial "And I miss you when you're not around... I'm getting ready to leave the ground.... Oh you look so beautiful tonight...."
MsMercurial Swelling w/halvsie pride w/my boy Shinoda bringing it on this cut!
MsMercurial @Sensa111 @2Tall @iReignMusic @droolius @SeanH35 @DJNickPapag ------->Fierce like the accompanying photo (Exhibit A). 'Nuff blipped. Eargasmic track!
MsMercurial "I am a stranger to you as you are to yourself ..."
MsMercurial @purewaves ----->thanx for the props and follow! Taking it back w/this killer track from The Breeders!
MsMercurial @droolius @Hizzapuf1 @DJNabeshin567 @Wes_H-----> Could NOT resist blippin' this quirky little number up for y'all! Great blippers blip alike! #ugh!


| play
MsMercurial "How honestly my beggar should be.... The song's out of key again... My fools, my things...."
MsMercurial "I'm beautiful I wasn't born to follow... I live just for today don't care about tomorrow... What I've got in my head U can't buy,steal or borrow"
progman last tune & a doozy/thx wiz & rb@hawk_pl:out of town next 2 days limited blippin/thx all u dj's for listening/@straywebsurfer@Skyblue101@MsMercurial (reblip)
MsMercurial @Sandalicious ----->Congrats on your new badge! Woo hoo! This is some nice ambiance and must give props to @progman for introducing me to CBL.
MsMercurial @eubieland @Hizzapuf1 @DJNabeshin567 @SquareBiz83 "I guess we're done....Cause every win on this record's hard won!"


| play
MsMercurial You put the "B" in Blip!@DJNickPapag: "seriously nik u have no idea what this band and in particular anthony green means to me!! thank u!!@Me" (reblip)
BeNine think you might like these if you haven't heard of them before that is :~) @MsMercurial (reblip)

MelodyBlonde Redhead

| play
MsMercurial Some Chemical Brothers!! ♥it! And how are you? rb vi@Sensa111: "@Me" (reblip)
DJNickPapag this is the shit!!! @MsMercurial

Saosin They perched on their stilts

| play
MsMercurial And of course, you are always right! rb vi@Sensa111: "think you might like these if you haven't heard of them before that is :~) @MsMercurial" (reblip)

MelodyBlonde Redhead

| play
eubieland Ride – Chrome Waves

RideChrome Waves

| play
MsMercurial "Be careful how you live and breathe... release what's brewing underneath"
MsMercurial "I'll measure time... I'll measure height... I'll calculate... My birthrite"
MsMercurial @MiguelCabrita ~ Thanx for the props and rb ♥! Some Smashing Pumpkins for you.....Enjoy!
MsMercurial @01dela ~.....and hello it is! Didn't know that you liked Primal Scream? =) Even's "Exterminator"...let me know what you think!
MsMercurial And it doesn't need to be! RB vi@01dela: "Hello. it may not be The Jesus and Mary chain but its what they would have become. In my opinion@Me (reblip)
MsMercurial @01dela ~ Here is one of my *all* time faves by Primal Scream. Hope you enjoy it! Just fierce as all hell!!!
MsMercurial @SeanH35 ~ Hola! Some Kasabian your way.....enjoy ;0)!
eubieland Ride – Drive Blind

RideDrive Blind

| play
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag Thanx and another great blip vi@citizensnips: "@Me yea! theyre great! enjoy :)" (reblip)
MsMercurial Another halvsie reppin' <back in the day>
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ---->Thanx for the props and rb ♥!! Much appreciated...;0) MsM!

SaosinSay Goodbye

| play
MsMercurial @eubieland @naapstermaan -----> Believe we might be the only few who have heard of this awesome shoegazer band from back in the day.

'crash sight' by adorable

| play
MsMercurial And, I have **plenty** of pointy shoes to prove it! TY<OOPs4U which is so easy to do>@DJNickPapag: "u better know u kick major asssss!!! @Me" (reblip)
MsMercurial Why, thank you!! <Great choice BTW>I did and hence the rb vi@Fred0828: "thanks, MM! enjoy. :) @Me" (reblip)
BeNine up turned TY RB@MsMercurial Turn it UP!! ;0)" (reblip)

Massive Attack-Dissolved Girl

| play
eubieland Hooverphonic – Stranger From"President of the LSD Golf Club"
MsMercurial "What was that you just said?.... That didn't make any sense to me.... It's not the way I see it, man... I'm almost tired of listening to you"

Not Too Amused by Sebadoh

| play
MsMercurial "You know that man... You hate?... You look more like him... Every day everyday!"
MsMercurial You totally feed my Deftones addiction! My trackmarks are now fresh! @DJNickPapag: "to feel like u when i, well u know!!@Me" (reblip)

deftones lifter

| play
MsMercurial Uh, yeah, that would be this chica! Lol! ♥ this as all your blips vi@DJNickPapag: "what is u bad ass rocker chic?!!! @Me (reblip)
MsMercurial @progman @Sensa111 @cispast @sunyata @Fortharrison @markmac -----> Thank you very much for the props and rb ♥!

MobyIsolate <gr8fl>

| play
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag -------> Enjoy...and I know you will! re: Deftones coming out this way - I believe so but in Tucson the last time I heard.
crispast i'm bottled fizzy water.. and you are shaking me up!

Just A PhaseIncubus

| play
MsMercurial Inspired by @DirtyUrine ~ "You know when you find it... In your darkest hour, you strike gold"
MsMercurial @OliviaRed -----> Thank you for the props and follow! I see that you like here you go! Enjoy!
MsMercurial "When the time will be gone... You will be by my side.... Cherry Blossom Girl"
DJNickPapag this is like a major, major fav song! hope u are well!! @MsMercurial

SaosinLost Symphonies

| play
MsMercurial Than so much!! Absolutely ♥ it!!!! Just added it to my playlist! Deftones folk, add --->@OliviaRed: "Happy Monday@Me:) Here's a little Chino for ya;)" (reblip)
MsMercurial YW!! and TY! TY! for this cut! Most defintely rb vi@efraim: "Tx @Maldelacroqueta @progman @dANGELofLOVE @Me" (reblip)
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag-----> You know I had to come *fighting* back w/Tool after that Rocky Mountain/John Denver-gate hot mess! I can bring some Blip-fu!


| play
MsMercurial @naapstermaan ------> Thank you for the props and rb ♥! Taking it back w/Sebadoh. Were you into them?

SebadohDrama Mine

| play
MsMercurial Muchas gracias! You so struck blip gold on this one! l♥ved it and definitely rv vi@SquareBiz83: "ty @countcharlesprober @zeldaslaughter @MsMercurial" (reblip)
MsMercurial TY on this one!!!!L♥ve this vi@DirtyUrine: "Led Zeppelin – The Rover !! ~ I've been to London, seen 7 wonders. I know to trip is just to fall... \m/" (reblip)

Led ZeppelinThe Rover

| play
MsMercurial Thank you!!!! *So* ♥ this and of course gotta do the right thing and rb it vi@DJrythaman: "TY @Me ➸ LP 4 U" (reblip)
MsMercurial "You'll be given love... You'll be taken care of... You'll be given love... You have to trust it"
MsMercurial @amyrachel27 @maggie_noir @GiliOhayon @diamondhead ---> Thanx for the follow!! Looking forward to your blips! Peace! MsM
MsMercurial "We saw shadows of the morning light.... the shadows of the evening sun... till the shadows and the light were one"
MsMercurial @WIGSTA @Sensa111 @2Tall @elae ----> Thank you so much for the props, re's, and rb ♥!
MsMercurial From one of the best Djs and a fave fella <Westside!> rb vi@eubieland: "Pugwash – Anchor" (reblip)

PugwashAnchor (2005)

| play
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag @droolius ------> At least I have a couple of listeners who enjoy string quartets! =) This is amazing!! Fellas, enjoy!
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ~ You're one ****fierce****DJ yourself! Thanx for the props, re's, and rb's!
MsMercurial And in mine <♥strings> TY!! rb vi@Sensa111: "this defo is in mine (keep pile), to @flawedscience@dirtycash @Me@Sandalicious@DJAstro@PORTERla@markmac" (reblip)


| play

Fugazi Shut The Door

| play
MsMercurial @OliviaRed ~ Didn't know that PJ Harvey's a fave of yours! This is another awesome track ......enjoy!
MsMercurial Calling all Deftones folk! @droolius: AWESOME BLIP J NEEDS ONE MORE LISTENER FOR BADGE>>@OliviaRed: "We both blipped PJ today:)SOULMATES!@Me=So Agree! (reblip)
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ~ If I were ever to be on death row (god forbid), AIC would definitely be one the last bands....along w/Deftones <of course>, etc.
MsMercurial Just ♥ PJ Harvey...... "White chalk sat against time... White chalk cutting down the sea line"

PJ HarveyWhite Chalk

| play
MsMercurial "She's walking down the street... Blind to every eye she meets.... Do you think you'll be the guy..... To make the queen of the angels sigh?"
MsMercurial @SeanH35------> FIERCE Deftones right back at ya!! ;)
MsMercurial "I don't need no rising moon.... I don't need no ball and chain... I don't need anything with you.."

PJ HarveyShame

| play
MsMercurial "For my heart... I watch you kill... You always have... You always will "

DeftonesLucky You

| play
MsMercurial Fave Rush cut of all time... "Living in the limelight... The universal dream.... For those who wish to seem.... Those who wish to be"


| play
MsMercurial "She is everything to me... The unrequited dream... A song that no one sings... The unattainable"
MsMercurial *sigh* Muchas gracias ;)...he's another fave but Chino reigns supreme!!@citizensnips: "@Me more for your corey taylor fix" (reblip)


| play
MsMercurial @citizensnips ~ To keep on keepin' the Corey Taylor tip....;0)

SLIPKNOTDead Memories

| play
MsMercurial #ugh! #Deftones Aww....unequivocal hell to the yeah!!@citizensnips: "@Me well in that case..." (reblip)
MsMercurial @OliviaRed------> Hey Lady! So good to see you! Thank you for sending out the rb & props♥ plus re's......particularly PJ Harvey & Deftones anything!
MsMercurial "You and me... Meant to be... Immutable.... Impossible... It's destiny"
MsMercurial Another awesome gem that just found its way on my Bliplist! Muchas gracias and rb via the fabulous@droolius: @DJNickPapag@BunnyHoney@lonnieto@Me@Caco (reblip)
MsMercurial "All our times have come... Here but now they're gone... Seasons don't fear the reaper..."
MsMercurial TY!!! =) rb! ♥d it vi@Sensa111: "off for kippage.. prop thank you's to @Me@droolius@calmgiver@WIGSTA@arinnAdaria thanks guys :~)" (reblip)
MsMercurial @DJNickPapag ------> How are you , sweetie!! Gearing up for my drink & draw event tonight!
MsMercurial =)!! Anyday of the week, really w/Chino!*t!! Instant rb vi@OliviaRed: "@Me@DJNickPapag@droolius@SeanH35@naapstermaan HAPPY HUMP DAY!" (reblip)
MsMercurial "and i'm so sad... like a good book... i can't put this day back... a sorta fairytale... with you"
MsMercurial "I said man stay here a while .... I'll never find safety in numbers here on the mile...."
MsMercurial "You are the antidote that gets me by.... Something strong.... Like a drug that gets me high"
MsMercurial Always ♥d this cut... "Hanging out the 15th floor .... changed the locks three times.... He still comes reeling through the door "


| play
MsMercurial "Only you, can mark my words... to get engaged in California"
MsMercurial "Ten tons against me and you've gone... I put your favorite records on... And sit around... It spins around... And you're around again"

She Sends Kisses (Wrens)

| play
MsMercurial @djpuggie ~ Thank you for the props & rb ♥! Here's another awesome cut by Silversun Pickups...enjoy!
MsMercurial Even better evening w/my fave blip peeps! TY and ♥ this track BTW!! =) rb vi@DJrythaman: "#SaturdayDJLove @Me ♥ Hope you've had an eXceLLenT day!" (reblip)


| play
MsMercurial No "I" in team....hence I work for myself!

There's No I in Team: Taking Back Sunday [with lyrics]

| play
MsMercurial "He promised me back... Snow Cherries from France... All that summer... We traveled the world... Never leaving his own back garden"
MsMercurial Always loved this song.... "Go on fade out before I get stuck .... Talking to somebody like you "
MsMercurial Ooohh...this is just begging to be rb'd and so it is vi@efraim: (reblip)
MsMercurial A little somethin' somethin' on the mellow tip....
MsMercurial "Face to face not scared... My custom made nightmares... Armed with teeth in fashion... Now all we need is nice shot"


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MsMercurial @spinsiren----> Hey Lady!!! Thanx for the props and rb♥ back to some Chino &Co,right?

Team SleepAtaraxia

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MsMercurial And still is.......L♥ved this and so rb vi@bexible: "Sunday 3am - Infinity IS now @Me (reblip)
MsMercurial Smashing Pumpkins....

medilla of the grey skies By: The Smashing Pumpkins

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MsMercurial @serveauxx @eubieland @droolius @Sensa111 @WIGSTA <no it ain't dubstep but sentiments> ~ Hello! Thanx y'all for the props and rb ♥! Much appreciated
MsMercurial Why thank you!! =) This was my intro song to the one and only fab@droolius #hustla #puff<X2>&pass : "inspired by @Me" (reblip)
MsMercurial @citizensnips ~ More 311 ♥!☺

311- Don't Tread On Me(With Lyrics)

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MsMercurial @DJNickPapag @droolius ------> Had to bust out w/the strings at some point in the fellas, enjoy!
MsMercurial @eubieland...not saying that we are damned because we live in the Valley...but monsoons are most welcome right around NOW!
MsMercurial Calling all's another point of view from way up high from Bootsy's platform boot view @Sandalicious@RavenGirl@Lonravalex@SAMSLICK
MsMercurial You blip like this, you blip like that...w/your 311 stylee vi@citizensnips: "@Me i rock like this, i roll like that...." (reblip)

311 jackolantern's weather

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MsMercurial Listening to Bjork....."Come to Me"

BjorkCome to me

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MsMercurial "Now I'll just lay my head down beside this God of mine..."
MsMercurial @eubieland ------> Heya! Always good to see you! Holding up through this crazy heat?


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MsMercurial @hobokelly ----> Hey Lady...thanx so much for all of the props and rb ♥ today! Here's some Arcade Fire for you! ☺
MsMercurial =)@citizensnips: Love both verse&prose really. lyrics and poetry are a passion. really i just like to be challenged ya know? see what happens:) @Me" (reblip)