NaturalDancer OMG, I can't believe I found this German love song/sad rock ballad w/English subtitles...Excellent video! They climb the Alps & you can hear the wind!
NaturalDancer Maybe last 1 for today, I think. If your eyes don't water at this song Hurt, Johnny Cash performing, I don't know...
NaturalDancer Holy Cow! I have the chords now!!! : D -Video of Jackson Browne in Seattle doing "Lives in the Balance" about 2 yrs. ago.
NaturalDancer OK, for real, last one. Springsteen with The Ghost of Tom Joad, after Guthrie's version, after the movie, after the novel. Wow. Audio/Video. (reblip)

Bruce Springsteen The Ghost of Tom Joad live in Studio

| play
NaturalDancer Oh yeah! Tom Waits becoming the character as he sings an ancient negro spiritual!"The Angels in Heaven...dun signed my name!"
NaturalDancer Even cooler Tom Waits! Listen to the percussive sounds he makes with his breathing & foot on tamborine! Holy Crap! : D
NaturalDancer If you love sound effects, you'll love this! They start right after Johnny Cash's voice, "Daddy'll sing bass..." Short & funny!
NaturalDancer Rage Against the Machine - Guerilla Radio...."TURN THAT SHIT UP!!!!"
NaturalDancer Best live performance of RATM's The Ghost of Tom Joad! Different than Springsteen, but the same song? OH yeah! The Grape's of Wrath are alive & well.
NaturalDancer Man, this anti-racist song ROCKS! Possibly more than any other. RATM's "Killin' in the name of..."
NaturalDancer Whoa. At Seattle's Bumpershoot, I almost made it to see these guys. The line was TOO LONG. Here's "Walking on the Sun"!
NaturalDancer Holy &*)*)!! I LOVE this song! Moby's "That's When I Reach For My Revolver"-oddly melodic & good realease of tension...
NaturalDancer Saw The Killing Room last night. Still releasing angst/anger. Dancing to Eminem's "Go To Sleep" always helps!
NaturalDancer Excellent song by German band Rammstein, w/English subtitles...haunting doesn't doesn't even begin to describe it...!
NaturalDancer Rammstein's Heavy Metal anti-heroin message song. Man, these guys are classic artists. Every aspect; writing, composing, performing, etc.

Adios (English subtitles)

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NaturalDancer Whoa! If you haven't seen this video by The Offspring; excellent song/commentary of our times, it's "Stuff it Messed UP"!
NaturalDancer Poetry in music; guitar sounds spilling through the mountains in your mind...Leonard Cohen's "Avalanche".
NaturalDancer Check this old folk song, made new again, & great, by Billy Idol! It's "Plastic Jesus"!
NaturalDancer Oh man, this whole album rocks! Billy Idol is still expanding & incredible! Here's "Evil Eye"!
NaturalDancer The steel guitar flows smooth as water...lilting/melodic love song, & still heavyish! Billy Idol w/"Summer Running"!
NaturalDancer Beck has a certain coolness not seen before or since. Here's "Where It's At"!

BeckWhere It's At

| play
NaturalDancer The imagery in this always reminds me of TS Eliot's poem "Ash Wednesday". REM w/"Losing My Religion"!
NaturalDancer No words could adequately describe They Might Be Giants. This is one they wrote for the kids: "Robot Parade"! So sweet!
NaturalDancer Neil Young with Mr. Soul! What can be said? Genious. Live version, a little slower.

Neil YoungMr. Soul

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NaturalDancer Leonard Cohen's "You Know Who I Am": "I am the one who loves changing from nothing to one..."
NaturalDancer Man-when I saw TMBG they opened with this! Left date on balcony,shot down to stage/mosh pit, & danced all night! "AKA Driver"! "Hey Nyquil Driver..."!
NaturalDancer Oh man! I can't believe I found this song. Very unique."I wasn't really sure what was going on..."!
NaturalDancer "I told you how to Cyclops Rock, & then you turn around & break my heart!" TMBG, prime as ever! LOL-Chucky's arm!!! :D
NaturalDancer Color me "I'm Impressed"!-"On the other hand, I see nobody leaving the stadium...!" :O
NaturalDancer Couldn't help it...crying now; this comes after Caritas on the album. So beautiful...(good tears! good tears!) : )
NaturalDancer This is actually freaking me out a bit. I've never heard this or seen ANY of these pics! Whoa. (Uh, why does he have "bed head" in the first picture?)
NaturalDancer Last concert I saw in NYC before moving to opposite coast! God I miss the Upper West Side. And this music! Very spiritual..."Send Me On My Way"!
NaturalDancer Man, conciousness slips into his poetic, melodic imagery; your eyes close..."forsaken,almost human, he sank beneath your wisdom-like a stone."Suzanne.
NaturalDancer Oh man, Cohen's doing this with classical instruments! Beautiful & sad at the sad time! It was perfect & it was....LIVE?!(just heard end):"The Window"
NaturalDancer HOly MOly! Neil Young doing the sweetest song I have possibly ever heard in my life! Neil with "Dance, Dance, Dance"! : D
NaturalDancer From the same Neil Young concert, the 1st one since going solo. Many here haven't heard these songs, ever yet. OMG! "Out On the Weekend"! 1969-1970
NaturalDancer Sorry, it is 1971. Man, those lucky people at this concert! What I wouldn't give! He's singing about a ranch hand he met when moving in in CA: Old Man
NaturalDancer Cute clip; he talks; tunes; then starts! Neil Young-same '71 concert: "Don't Let It Bring You Down"; brand new then! Can you say spellbound audience?!
NaturalDancer Can't stop listening to this! OMG! Beck, with "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat"!
NaturalDancer "I'll take back my pinata; it's wasted on you!". It's TMBG's "Drink"!
NaturalDancer Rammstein, English subtitles, with "Du Hast". Man, these guys are beyond description. : D

rammstein du hast english subtitles

| play
NaturalDancer "I hear a wind...whistling my ear!" - Roam, by the B-52's!!

B-52 roam around the world

| play
NaturalDancer HOLY CRAP! I loved this song! Wait, I still do! I just forgot all about it! Joe Jackson with "One More Time"! Astounding! :D
NaturalDancer Joe Jackson in surpirisingly clear video, doing that energetic song we all remember "I'm the Man"! He's embodying corporations!Didn't understand then!
NaturalDancer "I am an actual worm!" LOL. Thanks, I couldn't find this the other day! :D (reblip)
NaturalDancer This song is like a collective subconciousness...."water flowing underground...after the money's gone..."! Talking Heads' "Once In A Lifetime".
NaturalDancer This one captures nostalgia completely. The unique band The Pretenders, with "Back on the Chain Gang"!
NaturalDancer Man - this song. I lived in Binghamton,NY, where Rod Serling's from. Kind of like the theme song there! "Help I'm steppin' into the Twilight Zone..."!
NaturalDancer Love this. Neil Young tunes his steel string guitar rapidly, then this live version of "Ohio"! "How can you run when you know....?" Haunting as hell!

Neil YoungOhio

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NaturalDancer The vocal capability of this woman is beyond belief. You must hear to believe! Sad, but excellent song! Lene Lovich, with "Bird Song"! :D
NaturalDancer Warning: This song is almost X rated in content! Supreme Tom Waits, with "Pasties & A G-String"! Seriously, this is insane! LOL! :D
NaturalDancer Tom Waits-w/"Little Drop of Poison"; Hey, it's just a little! (Song he did in Shrek 2). "And she left in the Fall; that's her picture on the wall..."
NaturalDancer OH man, what can be said. Kurt Cobain "unplugged", the last concert, with "Penny Royal Tea"....Whoa.

Penny Royal Tea-Nirvana

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NaturalDancer The Raw Emotion in this song is actually shocking, when he starts wailing. Oh man. Nirvana-Cobain singing "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" w/Cello.
NaturalDancer Accompanied by a Meatpuppets dude on guitar, Kurt Cobain sings one of their songs, "Lake of Fire"! during that famous last concert-1993-New York City.
NaturalDancer OMG. This is even more haunting than the last one! Jesus God! "Something In the Way". "...all the animals I've trapped, have all become my pets..."
NaturalDancer Oh God. This song is like a kind of musical/poetic/rhythmic perfection, in a class by itself. Very unique! "Come As You Are"/Nirvana-unplugged. : )
NaturalDancer Speaking of Berlin...."99 Red Balloons"! Can you remember where you were when you first danced to this? Club 54? The Ritz?! LOL!
NaturalDancer I remember this song! Whoa! Kraftwerk with "Trans-Europe Express"! (T.E.E.) I always wished I could transport & be on that train magically! : )
NaturalDancer Man! This is totally insanely good! I'm finding all these obscure, totally sick songs! YEAH! Kraftwerk's "Pocket Calculator"! :D
NaturalDancer OK. That does it. I CANNOT BELIEVE I just found this song! I never thought I'd hear it again. Ever! The Diodes' version of "Red Rubber Ball"! :D
NaturalDancer OK, another X-rated song; hope there are no kiddies listening, in an unauthorized way. Uh,adults r a bit twisted at times. Oh Yeah! 9" Nails w/CLOSER!
NaturalDancer Beck, w/"Loser".Man, Beck is just like a cool seasoning; popping up throughout this experience! Excellent! Loved this song immediately! :)


| play
NaturalDancer Whoa! Hardcore much, Bloodhound Gang?! "The Roof Is On Fire"! The clarity & certaintly he speaks with is kind of alarming; he doesn't need that roof!!
NaturalDancer I used to drive around Tacoma, WA listening to this on the radio, waiting for my preemie baby. Weird times, man! Fatboy Slim with "Funk Soul Brother"!
NaturalDancer Cool message; excellent Psychedelic Furs song: "President Gas"! "...He comes in from the left sometimes; he comes in from the right...!" LOL! :D

The Psychedelic Furs- President Gas

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NaturalDancer Pretty good sound on this old video clip! The meaning's spiritual! Listen to the words:"...the beginning was the end...", etc! Devo: "Gates of Steel"!
NaturalDancer Another suprisingly watchable quality video of the legendary band DEVO doing their song about the homemade robot: "Blockhead"! Love it! :)
NaturalDancer Oh MAN! They've still got it! Recent B-52's clip of them doing "Rock Lobster"! She can still hit the high notes at the end! Pass the tanning butter!:P

The B-52s-Rock Lobster(Sessions)

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NaturalDancer I was placed on stage for a song during 1 of their concerts, 25 yrs. ago. Just cause of my dancing! Thanks for putting this up! I almost forgot! (reblip)
NaturalDancer @saintspeed -OH man, thanks for posting this one! I found 2 Kraftwerk songs earlier today! :D (reblip)

aerodynamik, kraftwerk

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NaturalDancer I still love this song! Almost nonsensical, whimsical, intelligent & funny; TMBG all over! "Hot Cha"! :D

They Might Be Giants: Hot Cha (Unofficial Video)

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NaturalDancer Oh, yeah. I LOVE this video! No one had seen anything like it then, or even still now! TMBG = Unique. (LOL at the stress teeth/eyes part!)ANA NG!

They Might Be Giants-Ana Ng

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NaturalDancer Reblip is the LEAST I could do for Rammstein! :D @sabragirl: "To celebrate my headache being better I'm going to blip my favorite Rammstein song. :)" (reblip)


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NaturalDancer Oh man. This is my brother & my fav song long ago....:) @2liveis2fly: "@ShyTrbleMaker tangled up in blue!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer "I;m in the phone booth, it's the 1 across the hall!". Don't know y this was on my mind this morn.Had to blip it! Blondie: "Hanging on the Telephone"!
NaturalDancer "YEEEAAAHHH!" Sleep Now In The Fire, by Rage Against the Machine! Man, these guys are insanely great! :D
NaturalDancer "25 Tons of Hardened Steel, rolls on no ordinary wheels...!" Blondie: "The Hardest Part", "Big man of steel, behind the steering wheel...."
NaturalDancer "Well, I was born an original sinner...!". Eurythmics - (Don't mess with a) Missionary Man!
NaturalDancer Holy Crap! Someone actually made the perfect video to go with this song! Concrete Blonde's "Bloodletting"!

Vampires Bloodletting

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NaturalDancer Thanks for this! The 1st album I fell in love with Cohen...sigh! : ) @Modster: "Hey." (reblip)
NaturalDancer "Give it to me Baby!"; Uno dos tres...": THE OFFSPRING's "Pretty Fly for a White Guy! Oh God, I almost forgot about this! LOL!
NaturalDancer Ah, the classics..."In the time of chimpanzees-I was a monkey".Beck:"I'm a Loser Baby"!"SOY UN PERDEDOR"?Really?OMG.Never knew what he was sayin there

Im A Loser Baby- Beck

| play
NaturalDancer ENJOY!....Rammstein's ENGEL ("Angel")! (For full screen, see it on Youtube!)
NaturalDancer HOLY S+*T! - Can't believe how great this version of this song is! Eye of the Tiger, but not the 1 I've ever heard! (reblip)
NaturalDancer Billy Idol, with "Lady do Or Die"... "Cause I was oh so young; mis-shapen for my time..."! HA! Even his sneer was gorgeous! Sigh....
NaturalDancer Whoa! "Anything goes with a bag of dope..."?! WTF?! Cool song, though! Thanks for posting it! :D (reblip)
NaturalDancer Ah...In a club by Rockaway Beach...many years ago;I almost saw them,but they cancelled! DAMN! RAMONES: "I Wanna Be Sedated".
NaturalDancer "Hey, I saw your guy with a different girl..." Blondie with SUNDAY GIRL!

Blondie Sunday Girl PARALLEL LINES

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NaturalDancer Love the song, & it goes without saying that I LOVE ANIME. So I thought some of you guys might like it too..."Lie to Me", by Gaara. :)

Lie to MeGaara

| play
NaturalDancer OMG-I've loved this song forever!"Are u strong enough to be my man?...Lie to me...but please...don't leave!"LIVE-Strong Enough ACCORDIAN! Kick Ass! :D
NaturalDancer OK, my mind is officially blown! :O :)@NewOrleansKat: "@Condor___RB Bruce Springsteen & Sting – The River (Live)" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMG-This video is-beyond description! "In your your head...ZOMBIE...!". One of the best anti-war songs. Ever. CRANBERRIES

The CranberriesZombie

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NaturalDancer OK; The great Paul Newman doing Plastic Jesus, from the movie "Cool hand Luke". Just him and the banjo. Epic.
NaturalDancer Now, what Billy Idol, fairly recently, does with the same song, PLASTIC JEESUS!
NaturalDancer Oh man...Emmy Lou Harris' voice is unique. Haunting. Fairly good quality video of her doing WILD HORSES with the Waybacks! :D

Waybacks and Emmy Lou Harris Wild Horses

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NaturalDancer Thanks for this! "'cause the free wind's blowin' thru my hair..." - Blast from the super mellow past! @NewOrleansKat: "AMERICA – Ventura Highway" (reblip)
NaturalDancer @NewOrleansKat -& Speaking of Ventura Blvd., here's Tom Petty with Free Fallin'...Live! : )
NaturalDancer Someone must own all the rights to the Beatles' doing their own songs. But these 2 r still cool!
NaturalDancer Oh Yeah! Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer! Groove, baby! "...all you do is call me; I'll give you everything you need!" :D
NaturalDancer Whoa! Almost forgot about this one! WhooOOOO!!!! David Bowie: "John, I'm Only Dancing"!
NaturalDancer Who could EVER get tired of this song? (rhetorical question!) Turn it UP!!!! Bowie: ZIGGY
NaturalDancer Bowie on the darker side....Creepy, cool, & freaky true undertones....David Bowie: I'm Afraid of Americans".
NaturalDancer Check out Billy's childhood issues! Billy Idol song about the christmas tree, drunken dad, perverted Santa! Holy Crap! WOOOOOOOooOOOO!~

Yellin at the xmas tree

| play
NaturalDancer Cool performance; excellent quality! It's No Doubt with "Hey Baby"! "I'm just sippin' on Chammomile..."; "...girl says...Hey Baby!"
NaturalDancer Whoa. What a find. Live Bon Jovi with "It's My Life"; HQ; I love to see artists evolve over the decades!!! :D
NaturalDancer Another blast from the past! Although Valley Girls still sound the same! Frank Zappa. "Gag me with a spoon!" "OMG-grody toenails". :D
NaturalDancer Couldn't get this out of my head for some reason, so here it is, in rare video from: Blondie: "Sunday Girl"!
NaturalDancer Dude's on a manic up-swing. Don't want to be around when he crashes! Cream: "I'm so Glad".

CreamI'm So Glad

| play
NaturalDancer Holy Crap, they're STILL wearing the flower pot hats?!! Very good sound quality in this video! DEVO w/"Girl You Want", San Fran-'09 :D

Devo, Girl You (U) Want, Live in Concert, Nov. 2009, San Francisco

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NaturalDancer Always loved this song, even tho' now it conjures up that scene from "Silence of the Lambs"! OK, agin, "It puts the lotion on it's skin...."! :D
NaturalDancer OH man, Kurt. Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box".
NaturalDancer OMFG, Letterman's holding an ALBUM,that's how long ago this was! Sounds good though! Kudos to whoever cleaned this up!Gold mine for TMBG fans like me!
NaturalDancer TMBG's "Dinner Bell"! "Waiting for the dinner bell to do the bell thing"! I'd like peanut brittle! Listen to their harmony! Then it goes super fast!!

Dinner Bell They Might Be Giants

| play
NaturalDancer Ever feel so tired you can't even describe it? When TMBG's can, in this song: "Am I Awake?" "something else besides my head is growing from my head"!
NaturalDancer @broken TV - Cool! Here's another one of my favorite songs by them: TMBG with "Pet Name"! "& we almost figured out, how to get along &..."! :)
NaturalDancer RATM! Township Rebellion! "Yeah! What about that sucka'?" :D
NaturalDancer Love this song! RATM's "Pistol Grip Pump"! Pump it up, heavy on the bass! :D

RATM- Pistol Grip Pump

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NaturalDancer Whoa, was searching for another song...and came across...THIS! OMG. Cool. 5th Sonic Brigade - The Whoa Song!
NaturalDancer OMG, this was like, my favorite song for months it first came out! Dancing is almost unavoidable! Devo w/THAT'S GOOD!

DevoThat's Good

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NaturalDancer These, no words. Would give almost anything to see them! THE OFFSPRING: The Kids Aren't Alright =)
NaturalDancer This 1 seems to be the best sound quality! (I was looking for that vid where drummer is in back of truck singing it on H'way!) Spiderbait: BLACK BETTY

SpiderbaitBlack Betty

| play
NaturalDancer If Rammstein doesn't get you going, nothing will! :D @sabragirl: "Trying to get motivated to go to work. Ugh." (reblip)


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NaturalDancer This song transports me....especially Till's voice when he roll's those r-r-r-'s! WOOOOOOOO!!!!! Rammsein's AMOUR.

Rammstein-Amour Lyrics With English Translation

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NaturalDancer Haunting music, as always with Rammstein. Presenting: ROSENROT, w/translation. Must see it's Youtube video-movie quality, like Ohne Diche video too!

Rammstein-Rosenrot With English Translation

| play
NaturalDancer I found the Ohne Dich video! It's small screen but impact still is staggering. The angst of the being human. Sigh. Listen for Alps' wind near end! :)

Rammstein-Ohne Dich-English-High Quality Vid and Sound

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NaturalDancer OH MAN! I found the Rosenrot video too! Be transported to Europe, circa middle ages. No subtitles, but story clear with brilliant video.It's Rammstein
NaturalDancer Listen to how soft Till's voice can be! His range is incredible! Very unusual imagery. Art, man. "Come in my boat; the best Seaman was I.." No words.
NaturalDancer Very funny song about a guy who grows a "glistening white triangular tooth..."! It's They Might Be Giants' "Ive Got A Fang"! :D
NaturalDancer This song grows on you as it progresses, until you're like...this is GREAT! Yeah, Turn it UP!!! Thanks to @DJSnorf! Never had heard of them! :D (reblip)
NaturalDancer OH man. I was in tears after a minute. Beautiful. Has personal meaning for me, and also applies to the troubled world. Jewel doing "Hands". ~OMG.
NaturalDancer This song's been on my mind lately for some reason. I found this live performance from 2 years ago! Wow. Suzanne Vega-My Name Is Luka
NaturalDancer Back when TMBG were just John & John! Interesting to see that now! "SSSsssshhheee's got all the money..."! "She's Actual Size" =}
NaturalDancer Excellent sound - must've been digitally remastered! Man, these guys were one of a kind! Bold doesn't even begin to describe it! DEVO-"Satisfaction"!!
NaturalDancer Man! To have been at that concert! I could not have stopped dancing furiously! Everyone was so laid back before mosh pits! Devo - Blockhead :D
NaturalDancer Classic Cohen.."it's 4 in the morning, the end of December;NY is cold,but I like where I'm living...": Famous Blus Raincoat
NaturalDancer OH Man. No matter how many years go by, this still gives me chills."Your beauty lost to you yourself, just as it was lost to them": Take This Longing.


| play
NaturalDancer Sometimes these situations arise, albeit not too often, but TMBG wrote a song about it! Weird sound effects! "Bastard Wants To Hit Me"!
NaturalDancer Every hair went up all over my body when the song started! Loved this album! She does a lot of other artists' music on it. Linda Rondstadt"PARTY GIRL"
NaturalDancer Thanks for this! @mark_till: "ty @Gaz50: "Cranberries – Zombie"" (reblip)

The CranberriesZombie

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NaturalDancer Coolest ever! Emmylou Harris doing Dylan's "Every Grain of Sand". The words are almost so spiritual, they transcend...everything.
NaturalDancer Gold mine today! Live Emmylou doing 2 songs from that album I love, Wrecking Ball (song by Neil Young).

Emmylou Harris & Daniel Lanois : 2 Songs from Wrecking Ball

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NaturalDancer Wow! She must have done the whole album live back then! Sorry, must correct error; the album is called Mad Love, not Party Girl. This song: Mad Love!

Linda Ronstadt Mad Love

| play
NaturalDancer This was my favorite song back then! Sound quality better - studio version, right off album. This is Linda Ronstadt doing "How Do I Make You?"
NaturalDancer Last 1 from album; Linda Ronstadt singing "Girls Talk". Man! I was skinny, short spikey hair, & loved to dance the pogo w/leopard pattern shirts!
NaturalDancer Shifting major gears here: Immortal Technique with "The Point of No Return". Intense & extremely intelligent individual! Love this guy! Hard Core.
NaturalDancer Whoa. His message is totally corect in my opinion anyway, based on research. & the rap is the fucking BEST. Immortal Technique w/"The Cause of Death"!
NaturalDancer The video that goes with Immortal Tech's "Dance With The Devil" re:ancient sumarian diety elite's worship at the Bohemian Grove yearly.Actual footage.
NaturalDancer The hair went up on my neck when he yells/echos "...before God!".Man alive this guy speaks his freakin' mind!Immortal Tech.-"The 4th Branch", w/video!
NaturalDancer Immortal Technique's "Tell the Truth". Very intense; most won't want to face this. I believe his information is true. I looked it all up. For years.
NaturalDancer Last 1 I'll post from Tech; kind of humorous, but shows his contempt for how corporations are trying to taking over everything.Supreme Ct.not helping.
NaturalDancer Interesting video of Rush rehearsing on stage for imminent concert. "living in the limelight, the universal green.."; it's LIMELIGHT! Very good sound!
NaturalDancer It's Tom Waits, with "Shiver me Timbers"! "...where the clouds are like headlines on a new frontpage sky!" Beautifully haunting!~
NaturalDancer Live Tom Waits doing "16 shells from a 30 ought six"! Amazing man! The whisltes he adds at certain rare times like a punctuation... genius man! :D
NaturalDancer Song about how paranoid people can get about their neighbors. Weirdly creepy & funny at the same time! Tom Waits with "What's He Building In There?"

Tom Waits "what's he building in there"

| play
NaturalDancer TURN IT UP!4 hardcore Rammstein fans ONLY! The enGlish subs aren't given here, but Eifersucht means Jeaslousy. Must use headphones! You'll see why! :D

Rammstein Eifersucht

| play
NaturalDancer Excellent! Rage Against the Machine's very famous song, "Renegades Of Funk"!

RATM-Renegades Of Funk

| play
NaturalDancer Oh Man; this has to be 1 of the saddest, mosted twisted, shocking video EVER! Rammstein's "Mutter" (Mother)! Enjoy; just don't watch right before bed!

Mutter (English subtitles)

| play
NaturalDancer Much better audio quality on this Devo/"Jocko Homo"!

DevoJocko Homo

| play
NaturalDancer Holy Crap! Remember this song?! When I first met my husband, he played this for me on his 12-String! AMERICA-Horse w/No Name! :D
NaturalDancer Yeah! I found this song without the video, so it won't keep freezing up! Again, America-HORSE WITH NO NAME! : )
NaturalDancer Will always love this cute, funny, melodic TMBG song, "We Want a Rock"! Love the pic of John & John showing while it plays! :D
NaturalDancer OH MAN!I never knew there was a VIDEO to this! Hey, who r the older dudes?! "It's gonna take a metal ball,hung from a chain":TMBG-They'll Need A Crane

They Might Be Giants-They'll Need A Crane

| play
NaturalDancer This song just fires all the happy neurons in my brain! The B-52's: Planet Claire! Can you say crescendo..."WELL SHE ISN'T!!!" :D
NaturalDancer Cool Mos Def song: Life in Marvelous Times! Just saw him in the movie: ISLAND OF THE DEAD. Shit, that was creepy!
NaturalDancer The genesis of this type of music: RUN DMC. They were genuises! Here's "ROCK BOX"!

Run DMCRock Box

| play
NaturalDancer AHA! Almost forgot this one!~ FAT BOYS with HUMAN BEAT BOX! Almost no instruments; mostly mouth sound effects!
NaturalDancer Oh man, this movie sculpted my psyche at 18....Uh Oh. LOL! Love the music! "Riff Raff" wrote all the music! All I can see in my mind are those lips!!
NaturalDancer See-I told you! Riff Raff, played by this guy in video, Richard O'Brien=GENIUS! Acoustic of this: beautiful! I won singing contest at 18 w/this song!

Richard O'Brien "There's a Light"

| play
NaturalDancer "You might recognize this may not!" O'Brien displaying his talent, doing the song he wrote for the opening of Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Richard O'Brien "Science Fiction Double Feature"

| play
NaturalDancer When Frankenfurter comes down in that elevator, the high heel pounding with the beat...oh man; you know it's gonna be sick! No video, sorry!
NaturalDancer OMG. I've been trying to find this song since I've been on blip! OMG! Very early Bob Seger, during the Vietnam War era w/"Two plus Two"! Best anti-war
NaturalDancer Rammstein's "Fruhling in Paris"...Live..IN PARIS! Beautiful love song. Moved to tears. They never stop surprising me!See Youtube 4 English translation
NaturalDancer Wow! I can't believe this song is on here! Cool! & Cool pics, too! For TMBG fans: "I'm You're Boyfriend Now"; re: stalker!

I'm your boyfriend now

| play
NaturalDancer Wow. Got goose bumps when this started! Memories...Blondie with "Union City Blue"!
NaturalDancer I had this album! Remember Albums?! Blondie with "Picture This"~

Blondie Picture This

| play
NaturalDancer Weird-ass old video of Elvis Costello doing "Oliver's Army"! OMG. The way his feet turned in! I forgot that!
NaturalDancer Whoa! I never knew what they dudes looked like! Live Wall of Voodoo with "Mexican Radio", live!
NaturalDancer HQ Sound: Must be digitally remastered! DEVO, so early, it's before their weird fashion choices! 2 songs: 1) Praying Hands & 2) Shrivel Up. Excellent!

Devo -Praying Hands-Shrivel Up

| play
NaturalDancer Rammstein's "Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da" w/German & English translation! Love! This! Song!
NaturalDancer Led Zep: "Dancing Days"! Each w/our own Time Capsule memories associated with this band. Nuff said.
NaturalDancer Oh man, I can't choose a favorite Zeppelin song, but this is one of them. "NO QUARTER"!
NaturalDancer Always loved the beat to this. Bonham = Genius Drummer. Led Zeppelin's "The Wanton Song"!
NaturalDancer Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down". OMG. Excellent sound quality, & just audio, so it won't keep freezing up!

"God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash

| play
NaturalDancer Johnny Cash, with "Hurt". The 1st time I heard this, I was sobbing uncontrollably. Powerful, man.
NaturalDancer Signing off w/this: Cash, Nelon, Kristofferson, & Jennings w/"The Highway Man"!
NaturalDancer OK, last one: Live (audio) - Johnny Cash w/that beautiful song, "Unchained Melody". "Have I seen an angel, or have I seen a ghost...?"
NaturalDancer Wow! These legends, all together in 1 song! LIVE!!! OMG! "The Highwayman"; Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings & Johnny Cash! :D
NaturalDancer Beautiful love song, as only Rammstein could do! "Fruling in Paris". Translation can be found on other youtube clips of this song!
NaturalDancer Again, haunting Rammstein video: "Rosenrot"; this one w/English subs! You're transported to the middle ages! Man! They can act! :D

Rosenrot English Subtitles

| play
NaturalDancer Interesting Nirvana clip; nonchalant talking/spontaneous changing of key, before he starts strumming "Pennyroyal Tea" on MTV Unplugged!
NaturalDancer Last Nirvana song: "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" aka "My Girl". "In the pines, in the pines, where the sun don't ever shine..."
NaturalDancer The Beatles beautiful, melodic song, "Julia". Always loved this song.

The Beatles-Julia

| play
NaturalDancer Violent Femmes, with "Blister in the Sun". Cool John Cusak clip before it starts! "Let me go on, like a Blister in the sun..."
NaturalDancer Pure comedy - Christopher Walken reading the lyrics to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face". Hysterical! :D

Christopher Walken- Poker Face- (lady Gaga) w/lyrics & download link

| play
NaturalDancer For it's uniquness; They Might Be Giants @ end of The Daily Show!(They do the opening theme for Jon Stewart too!)-"I Can Hear You"!-live Moment of Zen
NaturalDancer Whoa! "Starry, Starry Night". Couldn't get this out of my mind-so had to find & blip! His paintings show during song! "Weathered faces lined in pain"!

Vincent (Starry, Starry night) with Van Gogh's paintings

| play
NaturalDancer @NewOrleansKat -Oh,I love this song; love Cat Stevens!Thanks 4 Cat, Kat!"@jordan1507: "Cat Stevens - Cat Stevens / If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Oh man! Never heard it before, but now love this song! Thanks @zamfir! :} "Edie Carey - Under A Sky"! (reblip)

Edie CareyUnder A Sky

| play
NaturalDancer I dedicate this to my first baby. I was just remembering her. Cat Stevens' "Oh Very Young".
NaturalDancer Some techno from the Giants' universe, as only they could deliver! TMBG w/"Man It's So Loud In Here"!
NaturalDancer Tech! Open derision for the corporations! Yeah! "Freedom of Speech" - Immortal Technque. Good message, plus humor!
NaturalDancer Rammstein's "Sonne", w/English subtitles! Many of these ancient fables were germanic in origin! Modern (& weird) adaptation of Snow White!

rammstein-sonne with english subtitles

| play
NaturalDancer I love this video! Rammstein, in Moskow! (I'm 1/4 Russian). Tiny leather skirts add to it...."Moskau".
NaturalDancer Great way to wake up! TMBG's "Hot Cha"! "Stereo on & cookin' bacon...!" :)

They Might Be Giants: Hot Cha (Unofficial Video)

| play
NaturalDancer I keep dissolving into helpless laughter: @Judas_Hannibal:"Emerson Quartet: Shostakovich--Kick the walls, whirl, get naked and pretend you're insane." (reblip)

Emerson String Quartet: Shostakovich, String Qtet no. 3, III

| play
NaturalDancer I can't go too long without hearing this song. It's clear what they meant-now-with new cars being so small! Plymouth Fury=Boat of Car: 1st 1 I drove!
NaturalDancer Whoa.All I can see in my mind during this song is Keifer Sutherland.Creepy weird song man. Cool!"They tried to tame you;looks like they'll try again!"
NaturalDancer Possibly my favorite Talking Heads song. "Once In a Lifetime". "& u may ask yourself...well, how did I get here?!....same as it ever was...."! :D
NaturalDancer I wasn't going to blip this unless he had the infamous white scarf on at the end! Twisted, man! "Relax"; by Frankie goies to Hollywood.
NaturalDancer This song is HYsterical! LOL! I wonder if they knew a guy actually this dumb? Lots of them around in the most populated city in US.(& I'm from there!)

Run DMCYou Be Illin'

| play
NaturalDancer 2 of my favorites! Eminem & Rammstein! Took me a minute, then I recognized Rammstein was doing the instrumentals throughout the whole song! SO COOL!!!
NaturalDancer The most definite blip I've ever blipped! Whoa! Dude HAD to lift blindfold after "Let me see you stripped..." & Till singing in English! Holy shite!

The Matrix-Rammstein Stripped Music Video High Defintion

| play
NaturalDancer Early edition of "Youth Culture Killed My Dog". Classic They Might Be Goamts!

Rare TMBG unreleased Youth Culture Killed My Dog 1984 promo

| play
NaturalDancer Oh man, that album cover brings back memories! "Planet Claire" & "52 Girls". It's a "too-fur", to quote the previous jackass president! Enjoy! :D

The B-52's Planet Claire & 52 Girls

| play
NaturalDancer Whoa! This is a really surprising song from Joe Jackson, re: space travel! "Miracles will happen soon in tomorrow's world..."
NaturalDancer OMG. No words. Love. This. Man. The pics of him young; man, jumpable. Just sayin'. "O Caritas",("Oh Love")! English in last verse. :D
NaturalDancer Holy Moly! This song rocks! Important message, too. Excellent produced Youtube video of this song by Flobots,"We Are Winning"!Girl w/violin = amazing!

Flobots We Are Winning The Canal Club Richmond VA December 6 2009

| play
NaturalDancer AC/DC - For those about to Rock"! Turn it up on headphones!

ACDC- For Those About To Rock HQ HD

| play
NaturalDancer Holy Crap! I'm going to see this guy perform at local coffeehouse tonight! TONIGHT! OMG...He..he's great! I'm totally jazzed, man! "Point of Entry"!!!
NaturalDancer Thanks for this! Man!"Way Down in the Hole"; catch the sound effects! @2liveis2fly: "Because #tomwaitssaturday was invented for this type of madness!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer How can you NOT blip this? I ask you. "he was just some Joseph looking for a manger".."(the smoke)'s curling just like smoke above his shoulder"!
NaturalDancer Hearing this for the first time! Stoked! Welsh Heavy Metal band: Bullet for My Valentine, w/"Your Betrayal". Someone's pissed!
NaturalDancer OK, who put the blotter in my coffee?! LOL! @TomServo: "YES!!! Found the vid @CreepyGirl. Put your eyes on this @GrassyKnoll" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Holy Shite! A twisted but excellent mind put these 2 of my favorite genres together! Anime & TMBG! Their thrash song, "Stomp Box"! :D

stomp box

| play
NaturalDancer Oh man, couldn't pass this up! I feel 16 again! Bryan Adams with "Somebody"!

Bryan AdamsSomebody

| play
NaturalDancer We..we didn't really dress that weirdly back then, did we? & act (retch)like that? I'm OK now. Song's pretty good actually! It was the 80's after all
NaturalDancer Whoa! I didn't think they did these kind of acoustic things back then! Those close ups of Jon Bonjovi are heart p-pounding! Oh & the song's great too!


| play
NaturalDancer Classic Waits: never lets you down."Sell me 1 of those if I shave my head; Get me outta town is what Fireball said...":"Telephone Call from Istanbul"!
NaturalDancer Always hopeful, emotions pouring out onto the humanity that can grasp it. Man, he was onto IT. Cat Stevens: "Changes IV".
NaturalDancer Possibly the most beautiful arrangement of sound & melodic words ever put toether, in any context or genre. Cat Stevens' "The Wind".

Cat StevensThe Wind

| play
NaturalDancer 1st,he makes a tiny mistake you can't even hear,but on 2nd error, he lifts his left leg, signaling the band to start over! Cool-real moments! So cute!
NaturalDancer OMFG! @sabragirl for this song & accompanying video! Seriously. I'll never be the same. Like my subconcious splashed upon the screen... (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMG! I love this song, message & video! The incomparable Boss! Can't see Twin Towers from NJ anymore. I grieve them like they were also dead people.

Bruce Springsteen The Ghost of Tom Joad live in Studio

| play
NaturalDancer WTF just happened? This is the one I wanted to Blip!!! Whoa! :0
NaturalDancer Holy Crap, I almost forgot about this song! I love it! Thanks! @CreepyGirl: "Insp @dronnoisseur" (reblip)

I think I'm turning japanese

| play
NaturalDancer Oh man, the sound quality is execellent, & video too! Black Sabbath, rare, from Paris-1970!
NaturalDancer Wow! Great quality, but Elvis in your left ear, & guitar in the right one w/headphones! "Mystery Dance"-Acoustic Elvis Costello! :)
NaturalDancer Holy Shite! Acoustic "Blame It on Cain" by Elvis Costello too!
NaturalDancer Incomparable. Irreplacable. Tragic. Beautiful. Hypnotizing. Kurt Cobain w/"All Apologies".
NaturalDancer OK, last Nirvana, promise. But it was so excellent, I just had to! You bop autonomically! :)

NirvanaAbout A Girl

| play
NaturalDancer OK, if this isn't the weirdest, coolest thing you've seen in a while, I don't know! TMBG's "The Bloodmobile". They can do a song about ANYTHING!! :)

TMBGThe Bloodmobile

| play
NaturalDancer OMFG, I found another extra-bizzaro, extra-cool TMBG's video: "The Orange Peel"! Holy Crap, these guys are brilliant!

TMBG Orange Peel

| play
NaturalDancer OK. Even weirder, if that's possible! But with TMBG's, the weirder, the better! This starts, "Driving home from my meth lab..."."The Shadow Government

The Shadow Government

| play
NaturalDancer Man, almost every other listing of this would cross itself out every time I clicked on it! WTF?! But here's Flobots w/their infamous "Handlebars"!


| play
NaturalDancer TMBG with "I'm Impressed"; excellent sound quality. Also someone put the coolest series of pictures accompanying it!
NaturalDancer There are no words for how cool this song is! "Drink" by TMBG. "What words rhyme with buried alive...?" :)
NaturalDancer For hard core TMBG's fans only: "Seven"! "We want cake! Where's our cake?!"I think these guys may have considered teaching at some point.Just a hunch!

TMBG ~ Seven

| play
NaturalDancer Whoa! Flans looks so cool in those glasses! They both look super cool. On Jay Leno, TMBG doing "Boss of Me", the theme song to Malcom in the Middle!
NaturalDancer Man, I love this song. Pure goodness! Makes you want to swirl around the room! I now will! "Sensurround", by TMBG!

sensurround by they might be giants

| play
NaturalDancer HOLY CRAP! I cannot believe this is on here! Original new video from German band Rammstein; song is about S & M. Title means "I bring you pain"!
NaturalDancer Ignore beginning,& camera,turn up w/headphones.Best one."You're 1 microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan,designed & directed by his red right hand!"
NaturalDancer Man, this song is great; the sheer intelligence & energy just exploding out of them! RATM with "Know Your Enemy".
NaturalDancer This song was created to try to avert a 2nd Bush/Cheney term. Didn't work unfortunately. But the song is still great! :D


| play
NaturalDancer Immortal Tech educates with actual facts in his excellent music. He's amazing, & there's no one else like him. WARNING:GRAPHIC IMAGES of dead Iraqis.
NaturalDancer Classic Rage Against The Machine - w/"Wake Up"! "Fist in the air in the land of hipocrisy!"
NaturalDancer Signing off with 1 of my favorite songs. Billy Idol, recent, doing "Plastic Jesus". Really powerful, beautiful. Love to play it while I'm driving!
NaturalDancer @TheJabberwok - Your disaster song reminded me of this one! "Spiraling Shape", TMBG! "This could lead to excellence, or serious injury..."
NaturalDancer @CreepyGirl -One mention of scarves, & my mind went directly to David Lee Roth, streaming across the stage, leaping, bandanas fluttering...Tobacco Rd.
NaturalDancer @RunRunItsHim - Burned by the Sun? Yeah... this song warns of similar searing truths...Smashmouth-Walking on the Sun!
NaturalDancer God this song always scares me, but I love it anyway. Is that wrong? :) Bloodhound Gang's The Roof In On Fire.
NaturalDancer HOLY SHT! Never heard this particular song before! :D @mark_till: "Nirvana - School" (reblip)


| play
NaturalDancer Yeah...."It's v-v-v-onderrrrbarrr...!" Video not here anymore. Go to Youtube! :)


| play
2liveis2fly @LEJango I'm still not grokking the limerent thing.
NaturalDancer OK! @2liveis2fly - I see your Golden Earring, & raise you one!
NaturalDancer OMFG, LIVE Talking Heads w/"Once In A Lifetime" (hint-turn down bass a little)! Singer not spastic dancing, but playing guitar!
NaturalDancer Whoa. All videos of this r now removed! WTF man?! Still great, Cobain sings "Lake of Fire"! "...go to a lake of fire & fry..."

NirvanaLake Of Fire

| play
zamfir Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia
NaturalDancer Whoa! "When I was only a zygote; I still remember the time!..." Try to listen to this with headphones & NOT dance! I dare you!

sensurround by they might be giants

| play
NaturalDancer Hells Yeah @ Sabra Girl ! Hey wait, this was supposed to be a reblip....WT...F?!! (reblip)


| play
NaturalDancer Wow! Cool! @zamfir: ""I love the girls and the money and the shame of life / My shallow mind is just a sign of your game of life"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer One of the Coolest songs/videos I've ever seen! Rammstein's "Engel" ("Angel")w/subtitles!

rammstein: engel subtitled

| play
NaturalDancer Nick Cave - "You're 1 microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan..." - "Red Right Hand"! Must turn it up, but better soul in this version!
NaturalDancer Love this song! Moby's "That's When I Reach for my Revolver"! "The truth is not that comfortable, no....!"
NaturalDancer This song is 1 of many cool songs played on the show Supernatural! Love the show & it's music! 4 a while, this was almost the theme song! (reblip)

ACDCHells Bells

| play
NaturalDancer No wait, THIS was almost the theme song in middle of series! Supernatural, replaying on TNT-at beginning of saga again...

AC/DC-Highway To Hell

| play
NaturalDancer OMG! I never thought I'd hear this again! Always liked this song a lot! Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend"!
NaturalDancer Oh man, I'd give anything to have been there! Live RATM doing "Guerilla Radio"!
NaturalDancer Also TMBG on Conan; around the time I saw them. They opened with this! I was in Mosh Pit w/in 20 sec. The stamps! Check out Flans in the guitar solo!

They Might Be Giants "AKA Driver"

| play
NaturalDancer Whoa! It IS cool! @zamfir: "Ok, here's the best song, I guess this means I win. (drops mic on the floor)" (reblip)
NaturalDancer "President Gas", by The Psychedelic Furs! (I think it's about Reagan.) "Don't cry...don't do anything....!"
NaturalDancer Pretty cool imagery in this version of Concrete Blonde's "Bloodletting"!
NaturalDancer Yeah! Live Jars of Clay doing my favorite song of theirs, "Flood"! "Lift me UP!"
NaturalDancer Whoa...."It's dark in the dungeon, way down in the mine...". Cash with "Dark as a Dungeon". Merrily bleak!
NaturalDancer Oh crap. Heard this; blipped this just yesterday, then today heard this @ the beginning of a Dawn of the Dead movie, when the fast zombies ATTAAACK!!!
NaturalDancer OK, when you have insomnia, & this is what you fitfully wake up to, uh...well. Never mind. (Sigh) ICU, by TMBG!
NaturalDancer Man, these things r like Lays potato chips! Last 1 like this, but the music was 2 good. Couldn't NOT blip! TMBG in puppet form w/Nonagon, & Rolling 0!


| play
NaturalDancer AAaaah....Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne"! Love this CD. Life changing. Shortly followed by TS Eliot poems. Fall asleep w/The Wasteland strewn across bed...
NaturalDancer Leonard Cohen -"Who By Fire". How many ways can a human reach the end of life span? He counts the ways...the reasons.."Who shall I callin'?"
NaturalDancer Cool! Forgot about this song! Love it! Thanx! @CreepyGirl: "#thatwasagoodsummer" (reblip)

CrackerLow (mv)

| play
NaturalDancer Whoa! It's my new home state, as of 15 yrs. ago. But what's "skater rock"?! (Like it anyway!) @RunRunItsHim: "Washington state's finest skater rock." (reblip)
NaturalDancer Man, I feel 14 again! 8 Tracks...Vans...exotic matter! "More Than A Feeling", via Boston!
NaturalDancer Kansas' "Carry On My Wayward Son", w/what appears to be a mini-Lazerium going on in the video! Laser Spirograph Rock On!
NaturalDancer Oh man! Jackpot! Best version, w/clips from Wayne's World! Everyone! Sway with your lighters on & held high!
NaturalDancer A-hem. Dude's says he's lookin' for some tush. Overshare! :) ZZ Top's "Tush"~

ZZ TopTush

| play
NaturalDancer @LikeAnAngel - THIS was the original, to my knowledge! Devo came way before 9" Nails! The inimicable Devo with their "Head Like a Hole"! Love it!
NaturalDancer When my 11 yr. old daughter played this for me, I was struck by the beautiful poetry, by 1 so young! Owl City's "Fireflies"...
NaturalDancer Wooo! Shiva! Excellent! I've never heard this before! Thanx! @LikeAnAngel: "Jimmy....aja!!" (reblip)


| play
NaturalDancer Aah...even Rammstein will do a love song every now & then! Massively talented dudes; excellent writing. Always. Forever. Rammstein! "Ohne Dich".(sigh)
NaturalDancer Love this Tom Waits song: "A Little Drop of Poison"! Weird pics while song plays...."and she left in the fall, that's her pciture on the wall..."!
NaturalDancer Man, it was hard to find the right version, but I finally did! Tom Waits with his infamous "Cold, Cold Ground"!

Tom Waits - Cold cold ground

| play
NaturalDancer Holy Crap this song is cool! Never heard Leo Kotke do this song! OMG! "World Turning"!

Leo Kotke"World Turning"

| play
NaturalDancer Sweet song. For kids, but I love it anyway! TMBG with "Where Do They Make Balloons?" :)
NaturalDancer Nobody plays guitar like this guy. Leo Kotke, etc., w/"Sunflower River Blues"! The music flows...seeming to conjure up river images as it does!
NaturalDancer Hi! @Lemon - More on the theme that we're all "The Beautiful People"; but this time courtesy of Marilyn...Manson!
NaturalDancer "She says she can't go home, without a chaperone...". Elvis Costello w/"Accidents Will Happen"!
NaturalDancer @RunRunItsHim - Your fellow nerds bow, in response, meaningfully, acknowledging your presence! TMBG w/"Sensurround": "...1 degree shy of sadistic..."!

sensurround by they might be giants

| play
NaturalDancer OH Yeah! Feel the same way about this band! :D @LikeAnAngel: "@revbeatman inspired. God i f-ing love Franz Ferdinand." (reblip)
NaturalDancer Hell Yeah! Thanx! @Unaturalsoul: "@WillowWic1861: "Such a lemony song Violent Femmes- Add it Up"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OH man! I'd never seen these guys till just now! Live Violent Femmes, doing "Blister in the Sun"!

VIOLENT FEMMES-Blister in the Sun

| play
NaturalDancer @Unaturalsoul - Holy Cow; this Bowie song is great done by Joan Jett! Where r u finding these?!! OMG! Keep it comin'! :D (reblip)
NaturalDancer Whoa! I've got this sheet music in a folk song book! Much better this way! @zamfir: "Jackson Browne & Bonnie Raitt – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMFG! The high notes she hits in this are almost...almost inhuman! Amazing! Lene Lovich's "Bird Song". She likens the bird to loss of a loved one....

Lene Lovich Bird Song

| play
NaturalDancer Man! @TheJabberwock - When you NEED to be numb...Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb", from their infamous movie: The Wall.
NaturalDancer OH! Live Berlin, a yr. ago, doing "99 Red bBalloons"!
mark_till Weezer- Put Me Back Together(NEW SONG)

Weezer- Put Me Back Together(NEW SONG)

| play
NaturalDancer Always loved this, even before I knew who they were! @orangekittypie: "ooo orangeness and REM! thanks! RB@alienfresh: "Hiya :) orangekittypie"" (reblip)

R.E.M.Orange Crush

| play
NaturalDancer "Playing hanging till the mornin' light...get up & start again!"; "With that book of Nostrodamus up upon my shelf...!" TMBG: "My Evil Twin"!

My Evil Twin They Might Be Giants

| play
NaturalDancer Amazing! TMBG in Radio Studio w/"Meet James Ensor". Flans must use his mouth for percussion! Sweet!(On previous blip, I meant Hangman, not Hanging!):)

"Meet James Ensor" They Might Be Giants Live at WNYC

| play
NaturalDancer OMFG. This is the weirdest thing I've seen in a long time. And that's saying a lot. Whoa. WTF?!! Trippy!

Rare TMBG (Power of Dial a Song)" I Need Some Lovin' "

| play
NaturalDancer Why the F+K! is this guy playing excellent baroque guitar...WITH A GITMO BAG ON HIS HEAD??!!! WTF,MAN?! And...a nebula seems to be outside his window!


| play
NaturalDancer,love this melodic, flowing, beautiful song: "Julia" - John Lennon. "...her hair a floating sky is shimmering, the sun."!

John Lennon- Julia

| play
NaturalDancer @waybackmachine - Couldn't get your blip of this song to play! Had to find this 1! Nirvana w/All Apologies! "I wish I was like you; easily amused..."!
NaturalDancer Whoa, can't believe this was still here! Cool. Nirvana's "Something In The Way". "...all the animals I've trapped, have all become my pets..."
NaturalDancer Amazing Live - The Cars, doing their song "My Best Friend's Girl"! They are TIGHT! At least the 80's people are finally dancing! How could you NOT?!!!

the cars my best friends girl

| play
NaturalDancer OH yeah. What you need. Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" - LIVE, great quality! Almost like going back in time & being there! Bonham rules.
NaturalDancer Love this song! Can sing the counting part, & I understand more & more other words too! Thanks, & good night to @sabragirl ! (reblip)


| play
NaturalDancer @LikeAnAngel - Did someone mention a Spiral? OK! Here's "Spiraling Shape", "...hypnotic & strange, but everyone wants to see that thing!" :D
NaturalDancer OK. This tears it. The creepiest way to wake up...EVER!! LOL! @mark_till: "The Exorcist Soundtrack Tubular Bells" (reblip)

The Exorcist Soundtrack

| play
NaturalDancer Needed to lighten things up a bit! God I wish this cute, funny show was still on! :D

Mystery Science Theater 3000

| play
NaturalDancer Yes! I was hoping it was this song! Thanx dude! @mark_till: "Trio - Da, Da, Da" (reblip)

TrioDa, Da, Da

| play
NaturalDancer Holy Crap! Wasn't this the equivalent to stripping back then?! Whoa. Weirdest muzic this AM! Cool! @CreepyGirl (reblip)

MAMIE VAN DOREN "the girl who invented rock 'n' roll"

| play
NaturalDancer 1st song; pretty good; intermission hilarious; last song EXCELLENT!!! Live/Remastered! DEVO 1)"Whip It" & 2)"Uncontrollable Urge"!
NaturalDancer Man!MST would've had a field day with this 1!God I miss that show. I hear they're working on some new collaboration now! @CreepyGirl: "@NaturalDancer" (reblip)

MAMIE VAN DOREN "Oo Bala Baby" Rock`n`Roll 1958

| play
NaturalDancer OMG-LOL! @TheSilverServo:"If I danced with myself, @CreepyGirl & @CrowTRobot-the result would shed light on all unanswered questions in the universe." (reblip)

Gene Kelly-Dancing With Myself

| play
NaturalDancer Following flow of conciousness, like in writing class,this song comes next naturally! Billy Idol's Dancing With Myself; was my fav song 4 a long time!
NaturalDancer Newest incarnation of Billy Idol. I think it's the best he's ever been. "Plastic Jesus", from his Devil's Playground album. Great to drive & sing to!
NaturalDancer Excellent! Thanx for blipping this! @kittyluvsmusic: "...Fast as you can, baby wait watch me, I'll be out Fast as I can..." (reblip)

Fiona Apple "Fast As You Can" 1999

| play
NaturalDancer Yeah! I previewed, expecting that dreaded line to cross it out, but here it IS! These ICONS!OMFG! Orbison, Harrison...(audible sigh w/wistful smile)!
waybackmachine Usually wait until the Fall for this... ;) @NaturalDancer: OK. This tears it. The creepiest way to wake up...EVER!! The Exorcist ST Tubular Bells (reblip)

The Exorcist Soundtrack

| play
NaturalDancer @notdavidbowie - tried to play your blip of this song, sound! WTF? So, I put this one up. It's really a reblip of yours!

About a GirlNirvana

| play
NaturalDancer Holy Way Back Batman! "My Sharona"?!!! Wow! I...must...reBLIP!!@ :) Thanx - @Ben_Flogin_O_Mote (reblip)

The KnackMy Sharona

| play
NaturalDancer Oh Man, singer's voice moves from earphone to earphone at the beginning! Always loved this song; only now they're all crystal clear! Gotta love it!
NaturalDancer "Fame" - Bowie. Super clear! Nuff said. :)

David BowieFame

| play
NaturalDancer Lenny Kravitz doing "Are You Gonna Go My Way?", with videos of pretty females dancing, etc., while the song plays. Clearest version!
NaturalDancer @melodyofyourlife - REM doing a song I've never heard before! Wow! Thanks for blipping it! It's "Swan, Swan H"! (reblip)

REMSwan Swan H

| play
NaturalDancer Tom Waits on German TV, being interviewed 4 a min., then it's "Ain't Goin' Down to the Well". Listen to how his breathing is used for percussion! Wow!
NaturalDancer Tom Waits with "I've Been Changed", (often called Angels in Heaven). Raw, intense, pure Waits, channeling an old spiritual...
NaturalDancer @RobotGhost - Maybe the coolest song of the day! Almost entirely acapello! Fascinating! Thanx for this version of Chicago's 25-0-6-2-4! (reblip)

25 Or 6 To 4 A Capella

| play
NaturalDancer LOL @orangekittypie: Pixies w/"Where Is My Mind?" Oh no. What a terrible thing to lose...! (reblip)
NaturalDancer NOOOO!!! THIS is the one I meant to Blip! See? SEEE???!!!
NaturalDancer Man I LOVE this song. Learned every word. Have album. Get English lyrifcs on net. (Youtube). Clearest, best sound - Rammstein's haunting "Dalai Lama".

Rammstein- Dalai Lama

| play
NaturalDancer AWWwww, They're so cute! Look how the blue Devo men pop up by 1! I loved the Pogo! surprisingly good sound! "Snowball", by DEVO!
NaturalDancer I'd never heard him do this till I saw this clip recently. Cried.Seriously beautiful. Sweet! "See the girl dance!" Neil Young's "Dance, Dance, Dance"!
NaturalDancer Unusual version! On radio unplugged, doing this fairly famous song! Really cool! XTC doing "Mayor of Simpleton"!
NaturalDancer Fine now; maybe just glitch! Title creepy though, after what you experienced! @NewOrleansKat: "Hey Ya'll,got bad virus off tune-it wouln't blip!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer @mark_till - This is the "Just What I Needed" that I crave every few months. The unique, incomparable THE CARS! Wish I could've seen them then. :)
NaturalDancer Elements in this band; it's like bits of lots of some of my favs all rolled into one! @mark_till: Let's Active - "Every Word Means No". Thanks! (reblip)
NaturalDancer Thanks to our friend Lemon from Amsterdam! LOVE, love this song & amazing video! @Lemon: "Here's a piece of Cake for you." (reblip)
NaturalDancer It really is advantageous to recognize, to "Know Your Enemy": RATM !
NaturalDancer Man, no one else around here stays up all night anymore but me, but sometimes "My night is colored headache grey..." Daysleeper by REM.


| play
NaturalDancer Holy Crap this is mesmerizingly morbid! The's, it's like a horrific car wreck! Peter Gabriel's "I Don't Remember", re: alcoholic blackouts.
NaturalDancer OMG! Thanks for blipping! I love it! @edurrosa: "Here in my room" (reblip)

Incubus- Here in my room

| play
NaturalDancer Man! Almost forgot about this song! @waybackmachine: "nice! @lillianwong: "David Bowie – DJ @jimbonz"" (reblip)

David BowieDJ

| play
NaturalDancer YEAH! :D @waybackmachine: "rb ;) @Pyro8718: "metallica - blackened"" (reblip)


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NaturalDancer LOVE RATM! @GrassyKnoll: "@rxrx1776 Hahahahaha" (reblip)

Vietnow- Rage Against the Machine

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NaturalDancer OMFG, I LOVE Notorious B.I.G.! Haven't heard this in forever! Thanks! @hawaiibuzz: "The Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize [1997]" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Love the beat! Notorious BIG sadly missed. Here's "Juicy"....

Notorious BIG-Juicy

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NaturalDancer One of the best songs ever created. Still love the song. Grand Master Flash w/"The Message"...! Bass much louder now, though!
NaturalDancer Sick, but in a good way. Nine Inch Nails' "Closer"!

Nine Inch NailsCloser

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NaturalDancer Just go get the tissues now. This song tears right through you....OMG. Johnny Cash doing "Hurt".
NaturalDancer Johnny Cash doing Tom Petty's "I won't Back Down"! Petty's doing the harmony! Cool!

Johnny Cash- I Won't Back Down

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NaturalDancer Another one you may need tissues handy for. Amazing. Cash with "The Mercy Seat". (Electric Chair) Holy Crap!
NaturalDancer Cool and unusual song! Thanx! (reblip)
NaturalDancer If this Rammstein video blows your's supposed to! Wait till you look up what the words mean! "Ich Tu Dir Weh"!

Rammstein Ich Tu Dir Weh

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NaturalDancer Wow! Really cool mix of videos with this Peter Gabriel song! "Digging in the Dirt"...
NaturalDancer 2 people blipped this; then-gone, before I could reblip, & it wouldn't. Looked it up again. It's that good! Her voice; beatuiful; the raw emotion! :)
NaturalDancer OH yeah....Tom Waits with "16 Shells from a 30-ought Six"! In later versions, he uses clicks & whistles w/his mouth to add to percussion. Amazing~
NaturalDancer OMG. Need more tissues now. This SO beautiful! Live, Acoustic Jewel, doing "Hands", her favorite song of mind~
NaturalDancer One of the best, creepiest, most haunting songs ever! Johnny Cash's - The Man Comes Around!
NaturalDancer This guy blew my mind with this performance. Much better acoustic like this. Love the song and the message. Wrote during Bush administration.

John Mellencamp Freedoms Road

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NaturalDancer OMFG! You found original song; even w/different band...EXCELLENT!!! Thanks! Great to wake up to! :D (reblip)

Man or Astroman? Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Love Theme

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NaturalDancer Early for me! Never heard it so clearly...OMG! @orangekittypie: "Late in the day ;) but happy bday! @craigz" (reblip)
NaturalDancer This song is really growing on me! Relate much? Yeah. Haunting, lilting, building melody, & story @ same time! "I'm the scream, the blinding light!"


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NaturalDancer Almost forgot about this! Thanx! @JonP: "In the mood for Sting, but found this, which I haven't heard b4." (reblip)
NaturalDancer No words. Love 'em forever! Check out how fast Flans says "gyroscope"! Got this DVD few years ago; me & daughter still love it! But this is a podcast

TMBG ~ Go For G!

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NaturalDancer He makes bizzarro-world videos!Trendsetter! @bloondie001: "@Cantrewind: "that was one of my favs growin up @pearldrumz: "watch this music" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Ultra Cool Song! I thought it was going to be another artist doing that Neil Young/Emmy Lou Harris song! Whooo!!! (reblip)
NaturalDancer Holy Crap! I did totally forget about this song! Thanks for blipping! :D @manosaur: "remember this?" (reblip)

XTCDear God

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NaturalDancer Hell Yeah! I used to be able to do the high vocalization at the end! Maybe I still can....! :)@manosaur: "Now here's a tune." (reblip)

B-52'sRock lobster

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NaturalDancer Excellent...(said with templed hands)...@manosaur: "don't know about the weird video but the tune is killer." (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMFG, what I wouldn't give to have been at this concert! "Hold you in his arms, yeah, you can feel his disease!"
NaturalDancer Oh Christ. This song always rips my heart out for various reasons, including it's awesome. Song from same concert as previous clip; very crisp/clear!
NaturalDancer Man, this is the clearest version I've ever heard! LOVE this song, & it's message about our society. Also, he talks a little at the beginning! Love it
NaturalDancer This sweet, lilting melodic love song special. Picture that show while it plays are excellent. (Grab a tissue...or ten.)"Julia"

John Lennon- Julia

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NaturalDancer OH man; it's like going back in time! Very digitally clear/excellent sound; camera close!Tried to reblip zamfir's, but system wouldn't let me! (?!)
NaturalDancer Oh, so beautiful. System DID reblip my previous song, while saying it did't. Weird. The newer one is digitally remastered. This is the same concert!
NaturalDancer "Heirate Mich", in english means "Punish Me"! Love Rammstein. They pick the friekiest topics & create stunning art from it! @remembermstn: "Rammstein" (reblip)

RammsteinHeirate Mich

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NaturalDancer TMBG on Conan, doing "I'm Impressed"! "I'm inspired by events to remember the exits in back of me!" May need to turn it up & boost bass. Worth it!

they might be giants-im impressed

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NaturalDancer OMG. At 16, this was my favorite song for a while. Never knew what they looked like! Thanks ls! Oh-& good morning!@lukesharp: "some one mention soft?" (reblip)

Soft CellTainted Love

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NaturalDancer Well, this Cat, get the idea! (I guess he is grey now) Cool, live, fairly good sound! Cat Stevens' "The Hurt"

Cat StevensThe Hurt

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NaturalDancer Oh, mornin' fellow blipsters! Always loved this song. In past relationship, it was actually "our" song. Yeah. Not healthy. (reblip)
RunRunItsHim RunRunItsHim got a Big Ole Butt

LL Cool JBig Ole Butt

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NaturalDancer Excellent song! Great version! Needed to hear that right now too... Thanks. (reblip)

Tom Petty- Alright For Now (Live)

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NaturalDancer Cohen! Yeah! Man is the essence of cool. (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMG. I almost didn't make it through beautiful. @lukesharp: "inspired by my friend @spacespencer THX!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Oh man. No words! @lukesharp: "many meaning in that song the lyrics are "epic" thx again :) @spacespencer:" (reblip)
NaturalDancer This song is 1 of the most unique ever energy all it's own! Thanx @zamfir: "Bjork – Human Behaviour" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMFG, I LOVE this song IMMEDIATELY! @zamfir: "Miniature Tigers – The Wolf" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Man, nothing as raw as this song! Dude doesn't hold back. Good quality! @mark_till: "Bad Company - Feel Like Making Love" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Rammstein's song re:their name. Worst air show disaster in history."Blood coagulates in the asphlat. Mothers cry! Rammstein...& the sun shines...!"


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NaturalDancer This is so beautiful.Though unspeakably sad. Cohen song & Shrek. Feeling it gives me is: when I lost my first baby,a girl, Jordan, to SIDS 14 yrs ago. (reblip)

Bon Jovi Hallelujah

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NaturalDancer Great find! @Lemon: "Nice live version of this track. Bowie with Paul Weller haircut:)" (reblip)
zamfir Gary Jules - Mad World

Mad WorldGary Jules

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NaturalDancer The song you sent won't play; but I found this! You knew TMBG would cheer me up! Thanx so much! @RunRunItsHim
NaturalDancer Spring Sprite! Never forgot how funny!OMG! Sides are aching w/laughter! Never thought I'd see it again! Thanks so much! @CrowTRobot & @TheSilverServo (reblip)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 short: Spring Fever (MST3K)

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NaturalDancer Whoa. I can't believe I found this! OMG. I'll never forget why this song was written. So cool. Dixie Chicks' "Not ready to Make Nice".

I'm Not Ready To Make Nice by Dixie Chicks

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NaturalDancer OMG - I can't even believe this exists! :D @Flying_Roundhouse: "Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Pump it up 1978 ~ Hey @sinistercinnamon" (reblip)
NaturalDancer So sweet! Thanx! :D @orangekittypie: "Previous didn't work for me - pbbt to blip! // RB@EricCWhite" (reblip)