JakeRudh More harmonies that are right on...
J2ad Good evening @Sabri_ESC! Hope you're having a lovely night. /// Good night & thank you @PenelopeVintage :)
JakeRudh I'm a hopeless romantic, and this song pulls at the old heartstrings in a big way. I can see all the young couples from 1959 slow dancing to this now
DependableSkeleton That's OK; I can eat yours. RB vi@GothTinkerbell: "I can't stop blipping this even though I hate icecream!" (reblip)
DependableSkeleton @derkrauss Where was this blip yesterday? RB vi@Atomik @krisp "@johnleesandiego: "ABBA in German - proof that kitsch is a Universal language!" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage RB @FLASHBACKFREDDIE: "80smusicwarehouse @ Ebay ~~ Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses (Extended Version)" Love it love it love it! (reblip)

Icicle Works / Whisper To A Scream(Birds Fly) PV

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PenelopeVintage this is the flight number of our galactic sun

Hooverphonic2 Wicky

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DJC2 RB via @profesoraowl: "The Wombats – Let's Dance To Joy Division. Thanks to @DJC2 (and thanks for listening to my DJ station!)" (reblip)
DJVioletSea @PenelopeVintage: "rb @Totengrber: "be back later :)"" (reblip)

"Dance Me To The End of Love" Leonard Cohen

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cheesy80s @Corts Well whatta know? THis is new to me. Apparently this is a new Brit pop band. very 80's. Me likey. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3P4MAwdBtI (reblip)
PenelopeVintage lovely! rb@kiddo84: "love this rmx thx to -> @Nymph Anna Ternheim~ What have I done (A Forest remix) - :)" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage @koiheart: "rb@SpringFever101: ":[Sabo & Cassady / Kuff Kumbia]:" You just totally turned my quiet mood up on it's ear...thank you!" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage ♥ rb@Lunaladee: "@greyskiesblack: "rb@LuxoticaLush: "it is just not a complete night until i have heard this song. @seventyfourseconds"" - agreed" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage rb@gilvanblight: "I should pick up the Body of Work album. I could use a good 'ebb Best Of." (reblip)

Nitzer ebbGet clean

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PenelopeVintage rb@Lunaladee: ""Adam Hurst - Dusk" thinking of you @TinyTania" wonderful wonderful wonderful!! ♥ it! (reblip)

Dusk original music, played on a "Gypsy Cello" made by Adam Hurst

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PenelopeVintage I love to hear him when he calls me sweet baby, what a beautiful dream!
PenelopeVintage There's something I must tell you, There's something I must say, The only really perfect love is one that gets away ♥

Mockingbird by Current 93

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PenelopeVintage rb@StrawberryToast: "seattle punk metal...first full cd...NOT my cup of tea...but..?" I'll take a cup of that! ;) Thanks! (reblip)

Black Breath

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PenelopeVintage On the inside of this marble house I grow and the seeds I sow will grow up prisoners too
PenelopeVintage rb@Totengrber: "rb@das_z3d: "RB@quorum: "+20K songs :: 3142 songs left :: When we write programs that "learn", it turns out we do and they don't.""" (reblip)

Leather Strip -showroom dummies

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PenelopeVintage ♥♥♥♥♥♥Mary Pickford Murder Me No other girl will do♥♥♥♥♥♥
PenelopeVintage :) rb@kiddo84: "The Knife – Silent Shout" (reblip)

The KnifeSilent Shout

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PenelopeVintage You're pretty darn sweet too mister! ;) rb@iMickeyD: "@uh_huh_her_: "kinda creepy but i dig it."" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage rb@uh_huh_her_: ""i'm crazy for trying... and crazy for crying... and i'm crazy for loving you." yup. pretty much sums it up." (reblip)


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PenelopeVintage rb@Lunaladee: "rb@iMickeyD: "Wow! What a great find you are @Hannuta!! Friends, please lend your ears to this new DJ from Colombia"" (reblip)


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PenelopeVintage rb@StrawberryToast: ""male bonding ~ franklin".....another band to watch.." excellent! :) (reblip)
xaryo Veronica Falls – Found Love in a Graveyard
PenelopeVintage A sad transmission brought to you by someone who doesn't care
PenelopeVintage A fucked up reality based on fear, A fucking conspiracy to stop you feeling real.
PenelopeVintage you don't own my soul


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PenelopeVintage @JimmyStagger: "@me here's my favorite one." Very cool, heh heh, although we were all about to die of heat exhaustion (damn Tx heat!) xD my fave too! (reblip)
PenelopeVintage I've got a twisted personality - A special kind of personality :)

The KnifeA Lung

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PenelopeVintage so cute ;) rb@dirtycash: "hey there big bad woolf! inspired blipping @GhostTape" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage See you all tomorrow, sweet dreams!! ♥
PenelopeVintage follow the golden fox through the golden door
PenelopeVintage woot! rb@4V4L0N: "Atari Teenage Riot – Into The Death || "Bang your head!i!"" (reblip)

apoptygma berzerk-bizarre love triangle

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PenelopeVintage @Carmilla: "Farewell. this should be the last time you'll see me until after my exam.probably be back in 30 min, lol." ha! see ya in 30! good luck! (reblip)

Sopor Aeternus-The House Is Empty Now

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Depeche Mode Goodnight Lovers (Dominatrix Remix)

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PenelopeVintage We are magic - believe it! Have an uber awesome day ♥

Olivia Newton John: Magic

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vandaleyes the newer new york dolls?

The Richmond Sluts-Thought I was dead

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PenelopeVintage @das_z3d: "@PenelopeVintage No te vas! X)" I'm not gone yet x)) xxx (reblip)

Las Cuatro Monedas-Ritmo del Alma

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JimmyStagger @PenelopeVintage my favorite version of this one...

Susan CadoganFever

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PenelopeVintage rb@4V4L0N: "Creature Feature – Such Horrible Things || Here's one for the seventh circle. }:) @deuce45" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage @das_z3d: "@PenelopeVintage o0 on soccer?" ha, no, bigger things than soccer ;) YOU guys will be victorious in that area no doubt! :D (reblip)
PenelopeVintage Wow! Lovely! thanx :) rb@Elecktra: "baby listen to this version is very nice¡¡@PenelopeVintage" (reblip)

Xmal Deutschland "Incubus Succubus II"

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PenelopeVintage Ha, awesome! Thanx chica!! rb@4V4L0N: "El Paso Hot Button – Hot As Fuck || Just for you, dread sista! @PenelopeVintage" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage sweeeet! rb@ElDorkoPunkRetro: "Nomads - Nitroglycerine Shrieks ...maybe I'll blip this with my "Daily Cramps" from now on..." (reblip)

Nomads "Nitroglycerine Shrieks" 1985

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PenelopeVintage @Carmilla: "@me lot better than my weekend thank you. :D How is yr Monday?" Good to hear :) Still trying to wake up...cook out today, should be nice. (reblip)
PenelopeVintage :) rb@MarianitaG: "Lord Tanamo - I'm In The Mood For Ska. Hope @TommyGunnn feels better!" (reblip)

Lord Tanamo❥I'm In The Mood For Ska

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PenelopeVintage ♥-_-♥

Contropotere - Quello_che_hai

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Vice Squad-Latex Love

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PenelopeVintage @Vifke: "can't take my eyes off you... ;)@awriterchick: "you're just too good to be true ..."" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage rb@ElDorkoPunkRetro: "@PenelopeVintage ...going to bed now!!...nite...thanks all!!" sweeeeeeeet dreams!!! :D (reblip)
PenelopeVintage rb@cryostasium: "Hey Jen :) Hope things are ok with you... @PenelopeVintage p.s. deadly deathpunk" Awesome, thanx! Have a kickass day dear! :) (reblip)
PenelopeVintage :) rb@ducks2007: "Prince Buster – Nothing takes the place of you" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage :D @Totengrber: "PenelopeVintage rb@xTRiPPx: "oh, you know. it's not just a lifestyle, it's an adventure heheh ~_^ @PenelopeVintage" indeed it is ;)" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage rb@Elecktra: "hello sweete ,have a nice day xoxox@PenelopeVintage" Thank you dear! Have an awesome weekend!! xoxox! (reblip)
PenelopeVintage New to me, very nice! Thnx! rb@LaHaine: "GUERILLA POUBELLE – être une femme." (reblip)
cryostasium what did I tell you....what did I tell you....this is utterly recent too....btw...shaved head dude....someone....of no importance.


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joe61 via @noiseAnnoys83: Rosetta Stone – Are "Friends" Eletric? (Gary Numan cover)
PenelopeVintage @Dakeek: "@PenelopeVintage which movie? sorry I forgot :) refresh me" haven't heard this in sooo long! The, ummmm one about naughty zombies x) ahaha (reblip)
aquamarines bonsoir mme. @LaHaine: "mayte gaos – mi novio esquimal (My Boy Lollypop)" une petite pause maintenant :) (reblip)
PenelopeVintage Oi! Oi! Oi! ;D rb@LaHaine: "Cockney Rejects – Police Car. Oi!@PenelopeVintage =]" (reblip)
iMickeyD Hiiii Koshie!! Thanks ∗ ∞ xox@Koshka: "Mornin' @iMickeyD love your new avie, you rock star you!" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage luv it!! Thanx :D rb@Dakeek: "My hommies >> "Be Quiet" you can download it for free on http://yesnowave.com/?p=567 " (reblip)

Be Quiet - Commercial Break (@Dakeek)

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PenelopeVintage Ate logo! Sweet dreams! :) @joe61: "Good nite @PenelopeVintage:)) "Ulrich Schnauss - Blumenthal"" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage I'll be the one with my heart in my lap
PenelopeVintage @ElDorkoPunkRetro: "@me - The Users - Sick of You/I`m in Love With Today ...hello/goodbye..." awww but I'll never be sick of U! x) hola/adios! :** (reblip)

The Users-Sick of You/I`m in Love With Today

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Alfea thx → rb@BBlanca: "rb @hippiechick: "Alan Parsons Project – Eye in the Sky" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage :) rb@PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "Busy day, promise to read replies, etc. very soon. Hugs to all!" (reblip)
Gr8tune Certainly lucky!;)@BBlanca: I was lucky because I ✈ morning friday @Gr8tune: Welcome 2 the US! Glad u got out of Spain's airport w/ strike!;)@BBlanca: (reblip)
PenelopeVintage eeeheeeehaaahaaaa o.O yipes! I promise no more hot dogs! >:) @LastofmyKind: "hahahahahah@PenelopeVintage" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage so lovely! rb@Carmilla: "Not a Ramones cover but one in support of Chrissie Hynd's (sp?) voice @me @ElDorkoPunkRetro her voice is like velvet." (reblip)
cryostasium Cooked and served. Demanufacture. Up for grabs. Every fucking tune. Enjoy :)
PenelopeVintage nice :) rb@igetfreepie: "i like this genre is called "psycho blues"" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage :) @Alfea: "→ rb@anatos: "Cocteau twins – Garlands"" (reblip)

Cocteau twinsGarlands

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PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Gotta get back to work. If anybody wants me, just growl.
PenelopeVintage rb@LastofmyKind: "stranger@PenelopeVintage" ahhhh I lurv this one :) Miss you guys big time!! Hope you're doing well! (reblip)

Be My Baby-The Searchers

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PenelopeVintage rb@Elecktra: "hola linda.how are you my dear?@PenelopeVintage" Hola doll! Doing really well, how about you? :) (reblip)

08 Jet Muchacho (Ca Plane Por Moi) by Manic Hispanic

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alekr2o Bella Morte – The Metro
PenelopeVintage rb@ElDorkoPunkRetro: "@PenelopeVintage hi! The Briefs - Poor And Weird" Hola amigo! How are ya? :) (reblip)
PenelopeVintage @Dakeek prepare to be destroooooooooooyed! ahahaha :P
PenelopeVintage rb@Dakeek: "@PenelopeVintage can you dance? yeah I bet you can with this song :) just listen and dance :)" x) yes sir!! thanx xx (reblip)
DJVioletSea I did. And thank you so much. It's amazing. It's a new favorite. What do you think? @skiptracr: "@DJVioletSea did you see this recent collaboration?" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage rb@Dakeek: "@PenelopeVintage But watch your back lady :)" *_* I've got plenty of luv to go round ;D (reblip)
PenelopeVintage rb@Dakeek: "Sepultura cover by my hommiez @PenelopeVintage" you have VERY nice friends! Awesome >:D (reblip)

Deadsquad - Arise (@Dakeek)

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cryostasium um.....holy shit? this is AWESOME....

Marduk- Earth AD (Misfits Cover)

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PenelopeVintage :) rb@ElDorkoPunkRetro: "@PenelopeVintage - Pailhead - I Will Refuse ...hi/bye..." (reblip)

Pailhead I Will Refuse

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cryostasium inspired by Jen (@PenelopeVintage) ...add this to your Pixies pool Jen. :D This is extremely BADASS raw demo shit.
PenelopeVintage @cryostasium: "@me thanks Jen :) ..much older song. Scorcher." Thnx Cody, yeah strep throat is ruining my Halloween! >:( Love these guys! (reblip)
cryostasium for @PenelopeVintage ...this was never released, hardcore band from early 80's...I think you'll like this.
PenelopeVintage rb@cryostasium I hope it's a GOOD party!! I'm trying to recover from last night x) I had a little too much fun... Cheers! (reblip)
PenelopeVintage This is lovely, thanx fluff! :)) rb@fluffyboots: "LOVE this ~@stellartara @PenelopeVintage *** gals ****" (reblip)
RafaelCortines [Atmosphere - Sound is Vibration]
RafaelCortines [Spacemen 3 - May The Circle Be Unbroken]
RafaelCortines [The Brian Jonestown Massacre - When Jokers Attack] (reblip)

Brian Jonestown Massacre-When Jokers Attack

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PenelopeVintage An hour long blip, sweeeet ;) Always forget about these guys, dig em. This should keep me busy for a bit, ty :* rb@RafaelCortines" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage rb@Katapultado: "@me Pen un gustazo encontrarte por estos barrios" Gracias amigo! ☺ Necesito mucha práctica! un buen fin de semana para ti también!! x (reblip)

TV GHOST'Subterfuge'

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PenelopeVintage @LastofmyKind first time hearing this cover, kinda interestin'

The Dead Brothers _Teenage Kicks_(The Undertones).wmv

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RafaelCortines [Tiger & Woods - Gin Nation]
RafaelCortines [Marsmobil - Dark Star]

MarsmobilDark Star

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PenelopeVintage Lovely cover! <3 rb@4V4L0N: "<3 dearie! @me, inspired by @Feminomaly" (reblip)
lillianwong Lamb – Angelica (Live)

LambAngelica (Live)

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PenelopeVintage @joe61: "Long time I don't "see"you here @me:)) New Order – Every Little Counts" I know, I miss you guys!! :) ♥ (reblip)
zombiemom74 @yourfavoritedj....just can't get this one (and you) out of my head today...big sigh

Barbara & The Boys, ''Hooty Sapperticker'' (1958)

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PenelopeVintage Outta props, cheers!! rb@VelvetGarage: "Intoxica !!! @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @JimmyStagger @me <clink>" (reblip)

Epics- On The Rocks- Las Vegas Grind

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RafaelCortines [Open Mind - Magic Potion]

Open Mind- Magic Potion (1969)

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Warpaint-Billie Holiday

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RafaelCortines [Thievery Corporation - The Outernationalist] [TRMIB]
RafaelCortines [Nas - The World Is Yours]

NasThe World Is Yours

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PenelopeVintage Awesome! @Catoon: "Hopping on this one. sounds great. @DriftingAway: "@sir_edward_ross: "RB @HappyCamper: "Suzi Quatro -Strict Machine""""" (reblip)

Suzi Quatro Strict Machine Official Video

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PenelopeVintage Love this, thank you, dear! :) @Lunaladee: "trust ;) ty! @PenelopeVintage" (reblip)

TRUSTCandy Walls (HQ)

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PenelopeVintage (─‿‿─)

M83- We Own the Sky

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PenelopeVintage Awesome! Ty dear :) @Catoon: "because it's Sunday and you need a #cover . Hello @PenelopeVintage" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage @ducks2007: "so this means ur not quite so busy? some room 2 breath? @me" Yep, got a few days off (I have a "real" job now, boo hoo!) >:P How r you? (reblip)
RafaelCortines [DJ Spooky vs Dave Lombardo - A Darker Shade Of Bleak]
RafaelCortines [Eric B & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique]
PenelopeVintage @KatapultaSonica: "RB@das_z3d: "No shadow of doubt ~^" Great cover, tyvm" I'll second that! (reblip)
RafaelCortines @PenelopeVintage: "Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah!!!!! :D @RafaelCortines: "@PenelopeVintage i love you"" (reblip)

VIOLENT FEMMES "Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah (Means I Love You)" THE JETSONS

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RafaelCortines [The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Bad Baby]
PenelopeVintage @SquareBiz83: "This is outrageously good! Thank you! tyrb!@MFP4073: " some special footage from '87 for @me" *__* We need a time machine asap! (reblip)

Bad brains Florida Live FULL SHOW PROSHOT HQ the BEST quallity 1987

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PenelopeVintage @_@ @RafaelCortines: "[Teddy and his Patches - Suzy Creamcheese]" (reblip)

Teddy and his Patches-Suzy Creamcheese

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Skinny Puppy Tin Omen

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PenelopeVintage mmmm donuts x) I did! Hope you did as well, cheers! rb@Catoon: "snack time... hi @PenelopeVintage, assuming you had happy holidays and all that." (reblip)

LunachicksMMM Donuts

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South of Heaven (Slayer cover) The Electric Hellfire Club

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MFP4073 inspired by @GrassyKnoll and @ShantiBaba // cc >>>> @PenelopeVintage @LaHaine @fiveinchmonkey @Bhave

HR While You Were Sleeping

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PenelopeVintage rad :) rb@aigin: "nice Germs cover" (reblip)

The Melvins- Lexicon Devil

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FOGGIELOANER Big John Duncan, an extremely large Scotsman covers the wee purple Minnesotan...millions disagree, but I'd say better than the (very good) original
ElDorkoPunkRetro Teengenerate - Shake, Rattle & Roll ... #LoudFastRules ...you all know it's true...
MFP4073 blip'd this the last couple of days in a row but I like it and was just inspried by @krystalmystic
aigin Have not heard of this guys..thank you and goodnight rb@lalunajade: "G'Night Blip :)" (reblip)

slow horsewicked game

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PenelopeVintage Here's your xmas present @LastofmyKind hope ya like it ;P
PenelopeVintage @ElDorkoPunkRetro here's your hullabaloo present, I didn't spend a dime on it...enjoy ;D

Whiskey Daredevils- The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave

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cryostasium so damn heart wretching...dirty facades
PhilthyBastard They don't need boys, they got batteries.
PenelopeVintage Hey Cody, I'm pretty good, hope you are too! :)) rb@cryostasium: "Trippy black metal punk...then getting a nice bassy one" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage :) thnx rb@cryostasium: "bar rock goes hardcore for my tops @aigin @MFP4073 @me @wejazz @ElDorkoPunkRetro Great shit here." (reblip)


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cryostasium I liked the Donnas before they were the Donnas. Listen to this, you will too.

Hunx and his Punk- You Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll

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Bizius The Brains – Enjoy The Silence
PenelopeVintage Ahhhhhh perfecto!! :) ty dear rb@MFP4073: "to help you chill out... @me" (reblip)
Bizius @PenelopeVintage@ElDorkoPunkRetro@Jukibee....Spanish Hardcore-Punk Band

Muletrain "Back door"

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PenelopeVintage @yourfavoritedj: "I never know what to send your way Jen ..I just like to say Hi @me" I like "new to me" songs, and I like saying hi to you :) ty dear (reblip)
PenelopeVintage Big BIG beijos! xx :D @joe61: "KsK (Kill Switch...Klick) – Dark Entries (Bauhaus cover)" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage How sad :/ luv this song rb@yourfavoritedj: "inspired by @me...// sorry for the bands loss yesterday" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage xxx@Unaturalsoul: "Very Nice.....@Lunaladee: "nice cover, rb@Katapultado: "The Motorettes – I'm On Fire........................TRALLAAAAAAAAAAAAA""" (reblip)
SquareBiz83 Death!!!~freakin' out, time to get on the move!

DeathFreakin Out

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alekr2o @Ineluctable: "Q top 50 for May, 18... The Naked And Famous – Punching In A Dream... (reblip)
PenelopeVintage Bueno!! :) rb@Katapultado: "@me....Spanish Anarchists....Godless(Antifascist alert)" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage @Dakeek: "@me hello Jen :)" Howdy Faesal!! Hope you are doing well! :D (reblip)
PenelopeVintage rb@Katapultado: "@lacarita@me@zombiemom74....Saludos, que tal?" Bien! Hola amigo, how are you doing? (reblip)
PenelopeVintage I'll have a little of that tyvm! @cryostasium: "@SGMan: "Brujeria ~ Brujerizmo" I can't not reblip this. That's insanity." (reblip)


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Bizius @PenelopeVintage......Hola amiga, otra banda española, tiene mal sonido.
Cruzito Watain – Sworn to the Dark
4V4L0N The Goblin King<3 @alekr2o: "Girl In A Coma – As The World Falls Down... #COVER" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage :D rb@aigin: "this is all @PenelopeVintage 's fault..merry mooddd yessss and thanks @Zene for the lyrics" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage Go go zombie! Hola amigo! ;) rb@Katapultado: "Voodoo Church – Zombie a go go" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage We had a lovely walk today, ty ;) rb@Twinkles: "the sonics – walking the dog=~@cryostasium@me@Desole ;))" (reblip)

The lunatics have taken over the asylum-Collide

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PenelopeVintage <3! Cheers to that, dear! :D @zombiemom74: "Happy New Year Bestie!!!@PenelopeVintage: "@zombiemom74: "@me BEST FRIEND!!! :D <3u" <3 u tooooooo! :D"" (reblip)
PenelopeVintage :D @joe61: "New Order – Every Little Counts" (reblip)
jenfromhell i think this one is going on my "permanent" rotation! @PenelopeVintage: "Wooo! @jenfromhell: "loove it!"" (reblip)
HaloNReverse Long time gone. Hi. This is off of one of my absolute favorite albums of the year, so far, Girls Like Us. I can't recommend it enough.

PINSStay True

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PenelopeVintage Miss you lady!! @SquareBiz83 hope life treating you like the supah star you are ^_^ (reblip)

Gloria Swanson❤ •*♥ Ich Liebe Dich, My Dear

| play
LastofmyKind another cd big at my place@vandaleyes

Midnight Shakes- Midnight Twist

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LastofmyKind rb@fxp123: "Sam Cooke - You Send Me @Brokeback sure any time thanks and enjoy" (reblip)
LastofmyKind my fav Bob cut hands down....
LastofmyKind Sean Beal- Can't smile w'out you

Deuce can't smile

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