RadioNovaglobe Nederland nu... LAND OF CONFUSION LET's SET IT RIGHT...
RadioNovaglobe Kappen nu met al die wetten en regels... #Minder #Regels Terug naar de menselijke maat... Verlichting ipv Belasting? @nncampagne....
RadioNovaglobe WE ARE THE KIDS IN AMERICA... Music makes the difference...
RadioNovaglobe Vroeger... zongen we nog zelf. Zullen we weer gaan zingen? Hilversum 3 bestond nog niet... Ieder had zijn eigen STEM...

Herman van Veen Hilversum III

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RadioNovaglobe Grijze pakken uit in Den Haag... en weer eerlijke echte eigen kleur laten zien?

True Colors

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RadioNovaglobe Wow... International peace of meaning... thrills me... Stairway to Heaven, and the Queen... Madonna maybee?
RadioNovaglobe Dutch Campaign Started... Celebration and Liberation Tour! Join?
RadioNovaglobe Hart, Heart = Hear the Art... Art = Kunst = Aarde. Kunst voor het redden van de aarde... Artrules!
RadioNovaglobe @nnRocks: "WE GOT THE POWER... YES WE CAN! SNAP...." (reblip)

SnapThe power

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RadioNovaglobe Talking about a Re Evolution... Whisper... @NieuwNederland... Whisper...
RadioNovaglobe Please get out of the new one, if you can' t lend a hand... [Bob Dylan, Times they are-a-chaning], looser now will be the later to win...
RadioNovaglobe We are growing, growing by the hour... Kennen jullie deze nog?
RadioNovaglobe No more soldiers hurt... New Netherlands... NO MORE WARS!
RadioNovaglobe @JanetSheilaEyre Listen to this song... replace 'Imagine' by 'Realilzing'.... at Twitter too by the way?

Imagine ~ John Lennon

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RadioNovaglobe America is not Amourica, Nederland is not Holland... "This is not America, David Bowie"
RadioNovaglobe I ain't gonna copy you! If 6 was 9, what the bleep... Be authentic, and unique! And I was born in 1973...

If 6 was 9- Jimi Hendrix

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RadioNovaglobe This is what I do... Mining for Hearts of Gold... I wanna live and give...
RadioNovaglobe David Bowie, "A little peace in you, a little peace in me will die (when nothing changes) ... or dye (with change, when you start moving)?" (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe For all the Lonely people, Live recorded at The Peuk, Music bar Hilversum. Live music each 1e sunday of the month...

All the Lonely People, A Taste of stockonwood, Eline and Hans at THE PEUK

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RadioNovaglobe Propaganda... MACHINERY << Muppets in The Hague? Politics1.0
RadioNovaglobe It's my Life... Talk Talk...

Talk TalkIt's My Life

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RadioNovaglobe Beatles resung bij Eline in The Peuk... (reblip)

All the Lonely People, A Taste of stockonwood, Eline and Hans at THE PEUK

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RadioNovaglobe "This is your captain singing...", I sing a bit out of tune, but I SING! Sing our greedy managers away... [ReEvolution Song, by @MrLumoon]

ReEvolution Song, we're talking about a revolution, whisper...

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RadioNovaglobe I am on fire... for Heather Nova...

I'm on Fire

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RadioNovaglobe How I like women playing guitar, "Sheryl Crow, Sweet Child of Mine"

" Sweet Child Of Mine " Sheryl Crow

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RadioNovaglobe Ilse de Lange, Great Escape... it's coming, coming...
RadioNovaglobe De wereld is goedrot...

De Wereld is Goed Rot lunaxme Youtube versie

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RadioNovaglobe Good intention is all that matters... [Power of Love, Franky goes to Hollywood]
RadioNovaglobe Verdeel en heers... zullen we het systeem laten vercagen? [Two Tribes, Franky goes to Hollywood]
RadioNovaglobe @kellyhunts: "RBLOVE ~~~ @Renato: "<3 @Gen22 'Tears For Fears – Sowing The Seeds Of Love'" Great song...." (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe Aquarius... indigo... now? (reblip)

The Age Of Aquairious -Let The Sun Shine in -The Fifth Dimension

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RadioNovaglobe @nnRocks: "Aquarius... indigo... now?" @lyriloni @annejil @kellyhunts @jc76 @chielbreemer @HonestWithYou (reblip)

The Age Of Aquairious -Let The Sun Shine in -The Fifth Dimension

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RadioNovaglobe ROCK ME AMADEUS... This girl is #Wicca, and is about #Badmen and Aquarius, definitely!
RadioNovaglobe Tom Jones, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Bono, Elton John, Pavarotti – Perfect Day
RadioNovaglobe Genesis – Mama (live)

GenesisMama (live)

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RadioNovaglobe Ik ben een Afrikaan... echt! Dr. Alban – Hello Africa

Dr. AlbanHello Africa

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RadioNovaglobe Vangelis – Intergalactic Radio Station - You are listening to it...;-)
RadioNovaglobe Sex On Fire – Kings of Leon (Jools holland) 2008
RadioNovaglobe Wish you were here

Wish you were here

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RadioNovaglobe Vangelis – Dream of Babylon
RadioNovaglobe "I just wanna live when I am alive" .... [It's my life – bon jovi]

It's my lifebon jovi

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RadioNovaglobe RB @kellyhunts: "My daily LOVECAT FIX!" << cc @Lyriah... I LOVE CATWOMEN! (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe That is all I want from you in New Netherlands, can't we love eachother? [Heather Nova – Storm] Recorded @rtl2

Heather NovaStorm

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RadioNovaglobe Laten we niet 9 juni de opmaat naar dit doen... [Zombie – The Cranberries] Wie gaat meehelpen, bewegen? #HulpAangeboden

ZombieThe Cranberries

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RadioNovaglobe Sleep... U2, Resung by me...

Sleep Tonight U2 Sung by LunaXme

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RadioNovaglobe Pearl Jam – Jeremy - Can anyone tell what's this song about? I have a clue...

Pearl JamJeremy

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RadioNovaglobe DO NOT LET THEM STOP THE MUSIC!!! [Rihanna – Don't Stop The Music]
RadioNovaglobe Pure Essence... [Madonna feat Britney vs Rihanna | Don't Stop Me Against The Music]

Madonna feat Britney vs Rihanna | Don't Stop Me Against The Music

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RadioNovaglobe @Lyriah @kellyhunts ... wanna... with me? [LAMBADA TECHNO REMIX] PARTY!


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RadioNovaglobe En de laatste vanavond... Nederlands en mooi.. [Live at Volta: Bo Terry, Liefde in de Zon]

Live at Volta: Bo Terry, Liefde in de Zon

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RadioNovaglobe [Terence Trent D'arby – Sign your name] << Why 'break' a relation? Why, why, why...?
RadioNovaglobe rb @arypost: "Yes – Owner of a Lonely Heart - Live" << Heel toepasselijk, maar in de goed zin... (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe Again... @ethrillnet gracias! My last sleep song.. listen to the beat!
RadioNovaglobe And I know, I know... [Nothing else matters – Metallica]
RadioNovaglobe She is a hero... Ma donna... Give me...
RadioNovaglobe Crowded House – Don't Dream It's Over - 9 juni
RadioNovaglobe israel vibration – livity in the hood
RadioNovaglobe Rare version - Free – All Right Now
RadioNovaglobe Doe Maar – De Bom (clip Top Pop)
RadioNovaglobe Sober – Pink - Pharmacy?


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RadioNovaglobe Anouk – Lost [Live @ Gelredome 2008]
RadioNovaglobe There is some smoke... on the water... @kellyhunts

Smoke on the water

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RadioNovaglobe Pink Floyd – Delicate Sound Of Thunder
RadioNovaglobe Poison Girls – Persons Unknown
RadioNovaglobe @sabinimini Kinderen zijn Dancing Queens, U2 does Abba
RadioNovaglobe After or IN the goldrush? #Banks...?

Neil Young After The Goldrush

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RadioNovaglobe Neil Young – Live Aid 1985 - The Needle and the Damage Done << I have seen it too... #DestructiveEmotions #Drugs #Pharmacy #Money #BadEgo
RadioNovaglobe Remember what the Good Book says... Neil Young – Southern Man (After The Goldrush)
RadioNovaglobe Puntje voor alle politieke partijen... Verzoenen? -Frank Boeijen- Retweet?

Frank Boeijen- De verzoening

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RadioNovaglobe Mooiste lied over liefdesbegrip dat ik ken... - Liebe Ist - Nena

Nena liebe ist

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RadioNovaglobe Ellen ten Damme – Durf jij
RadioNovaglobe Weet iemand waar dit nummer over gaat? The Nits – In the Dutch Mountains 1987
RadioNovaglobe Girls know what life is about... and why not? FUN! << Cyndi Lauper – Live In Paris Girls just wanna have fun live << She is good crazy << Love it!
RadioNovaglobe The Cure – A Forest (Cure = Heling?)

The CureA Forest

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RadioNovaglobe @TiemenJan Yep, bijzonder lied... zit ook betekenis in, voel ik.. maar wat!? [David Bowie, Ground Control To Major Tom]
RadioNovaglobe I say Shakira's Shewolf is inspired on this... [Duran Duran – Girls On Film (Live 1984)]
RadioNovaglobe I live in Amor's Fort... Amersfoort...@Holland, City of Love! [U2 – When Love Comes To Town (Live from Basel, Switzerland 1993)]
RadioNovaglobe Music unites... Soundfusion! [I Just Want To Celebrate – Rare Earth - 1971] All over the world... join!
RadioNovaglobe I am in love with this woman... [Grace – Hall of mirrors - Lost - Bataclan 2009] cc @kellyhunts
RadioNovaglobe @Ooitbedacht Yes here we go! Airwolf Music [Sylvester Levay Cover] << Wow... memories...

Airwolf Music [Sylvester Levay Cover]

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RadioNovaglobe Ik geloof dat ik haar gezoend heb... was it a dream? [Can we travel? by Lavalu] @bora

Can we travel? by Lavalu

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RadioNovaglobe And than came the lwayers... Dire Straits – Telegraph Road
RadioNovaglobe Wow... this cover gives met the thrills! - BROTHERS IN ARMS COVER – DIRE STRAITS
RadioNovaglobe Yes! GOODMORNING WORLD! Pom, pom, tododumdum... From Jamaica... were music is free...
RadioNovaglobe I don't promise, you don't promise, than we can be lief, an do not have to lie... start to dye instead to die...? @Gypsylyn (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe #Flowconomy ipv Ik-o-nomy? [Meja – All About the money]
RadioNovaglobe Ellen ten Damme – Daar Waar Jij Wilt Zijn (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe Especially for @Mauwdsel who knows when we go surfing!!! [Beach Boys – Beach Boys - Good Vibrations]
RadioNovaglobe rb @tyrelassie: ""Mazzy Star – Fade Into You - classic early 90's song which seems to encapsulate a sense of melancholy and angst."" (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe For my special friendin @jc76 @England [Something by Julie Collins]

Something by Julie Collins

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RadioNovaglobe Universal Soldier Donovan Resung by LunaXme How long 'must' we sing this song, how long, how lang? #BADMEN #DOGSOFWAR

Universal Soldier Donovan Resung by LunaXme

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RadioNovaglobe Wow.... Pink Floyd – Saucerful of Secrets (Popeii Excerpt)
RadioNovaglobe Thanx to Hope&Justic - [Get Stupid – Madonna VideoClip HQ] Wake up, before it is too late...
RadioNovaglobe Cali = Good To fornicate = Voluntary love making before the marriage California means??? [#quote LunaXme] Tupac - California Love (Remix) (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe rb @nnDoetinchem: "Roberto Jack Russel and the riempjes: I walk the dog" (reblip)

Roberto Jacketti I Saved The Day

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RadioNovaglobe Again... Are we in or after the goldrush? - "Neil Young After The Goldrush" (reblip)

Neil Young After The Goldrush

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RadioNovaglobe Coming back to live...The Dolly Dots – Don't give Up - Dutch band...
RadioNovaglobe Freemasons vs Alanis Morisette – Uninvited << Me?
RadioNovaglobe rb @DeAnn: "@romanus: "Dire Straits :: Telegraph Road"" << This song is about the Era... "The lawyers, schools and rules...." (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe Crazy dudes from Germany, recorded them monday... yeahhh NameChanges – Crawling Snakes
RadioNovaglobe Neat better than need? - Bang om rijk te worden – Ellen ten Damme
RadioNovaglobe Heyleena - Recorded at October Deniesa Festival
RadioNovaglobe Madonna Music – Sticky & Sweet Tour << YEAHH MUSIC MAKES US UNITE AROUND THE WORLD!!!
RadioNovaglobe Dream On – Aerosmith

Dream OnAerosmith

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RadioNovaglobe Beat of Confusion (Genesis vs Michael Jackson) – Land of Confusion / Beat It Mashup << Is this about Holland? Yeahhh...
RadioNovaglobe Let is shine from your heart... [Soundmagine – Starship Again] @432Hz
RadioNovaglobe "Each day I pray for a Re Evolution, A resolution... it's coming! [4 Non Blondes – What's Up] A brotherhood of man..."A Globenouveaux?

What's Up by 4 Non Blonds

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RadioNovaglobe Are you happy with the life you are living? - Bob Marley – Exodus- << MOVE! (reblip)

Bob MarleyExodus

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DJPlaZma Very under appreciated Madonna tune.
RadioNovaglobe 12 March - LIVE - Johanneskerk Amersfoort - BEEFREE - Iwanjka Sings... - tijdGeest Festival

BeeFree Band Changers Leadong Oct10Rel .wmv

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RadioNovaglobe Doe Maar – De Bom << B edrijfsleven, O verheid, M ens... BO bedient Mens nog? Neeeeuhhh.... BOEM!

Doe MaarDe Bom

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RadioNovaglobe BeeFree - Recorded during 10-10-10 - Deniesa festival - "We will build love cities..." [Natural movie version]
RadioNovaglobe Iwanjka / BeeFree – Heyleena - "Freelief Towns..." [Mastered Version - No video]
RadioNovaglobe Boomboomboom - rb @musicalmind: "tyrb@ramboswife: "Wishing Everyone "Champagne Dreams" thank you for listening, props, rb's and replies"" (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe Eline sings for All the Lonely People (Beatles Song), from Holland to all... loonely people. Love! #StockOnWood #Deniesa #Festivals

All the Lonely People, A Taste of StockOnWood, Eline and Hans at THE PEUK

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RadioNovaglobe Angels are attacking the earth.... - Massive Attack Angel – Live in Oslo 2009 - Angel
RadioNovaglobe rb @TarinnS: ""ty,@Novaglobe Ik hou van deze band zeer veel"BeeFree – Changers Song""" (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe BeeFree member Iwanjka, alias LunaXme, singing to te moon...

All I Want is You

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RadioNovaglobe Tori Amos – Losing My Religion Live Vh1
RadioNovaglobe BeeFree... You and me Are Free, Baby, why don't we? - Eyes into the Promised Land
RadioNovaglobe Have not fear of Atomic Energy, Non of them can stop the Tide (Tijd, Time) - #Japan - #NuclearEnergy - Redemption Song – Bob Marley - Song of Freedom
RadioNovaglobe ιστορία - Donovan & Friends – Atlantis << Lessons to be learned? - History - Utopia
RadioNovaglobe alanis morissette ("UNINVITED" – Seattle 2000) << Good or bad that uninvited one?
RadioNovaglobe rb... @die_Kalte: "thank you my friend :) rb@zoja01" << I wanna dance! (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe U2 & B. B. King – When Love Comes To Town... AmoursForte...Amersfoort... a city in the Netherlands,,,,
RadioNovaglobe rb @galaxia416: "IN THE CITTAAAAYYYYY, city of Compton... keep it rockin'...." (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe Heather Nova – Maybe Tomorrow (live 2008) ... Nova... globe... new world... music... maybe tomorrow?
RadioNovaglobe Paul Simon – Mother And Child Reunion (1972) << When? 2012?
cpcdiniz Richie Heavens / Freedom / Woodstock 1969
RadioNovaglobe Sigmund Freud... Anaylize this!!! ShrinkFoyd! - Die Another Day - Madonna (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe Iwanjka – Outlaw Invalue - Inspired on Working Class and Mozes...
RadioNovaglobe rb @IRadio3: "Duran Duran ~ New Moon On Monday ~ Greatest♩ #rock" (reblip)
Natayla T.Y.V.M.Y.V-W! / RB @rachidkas Alannah Myles (Official Site) Black Velvet – WMV (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe rb @Liberality: "It is being, it is being :) @Wes_H: "Nice Beatles cover: thanks so much:)@L: " :) @Alfea: "thx → rb@L... (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe @Don777: "A song we once created in Holland... 1981" << A song from my roommate and friend, Don Willard in his BramLaan time... nice! (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe Art of Noise – Moments In Love (ZTPS02) (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe rb @RocknHollywood: "Metallica – One (Music Video) #TallicaTuesday <~~~ My ONE Contribution ......................................" (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe rb @dANGELofLOVE must be something close to heaven- by enigma << Novaglobe: True. Heaven = Have NON. No pression, no possesion. See Novaglobe book... (reblip)

close to heaven- by enigma

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RadioNovaglobe @Novaglobe: about pre-Novaglobe Era... (Telegraph road, suffering, rules) and in Novaglobe: "One day we go back to our valleys..." #TransitionTowns" (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe After the Iconomy (Telegraph road, suffering, rules) comes... A New world... "One day we go back to our valleys..." #TransitionTowns" (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe @Novaglobe: "Dire Straits :: Telegraph Road"" << This song is about the Era... "The lawyers, schools and rules...."" (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe Simon Keats @ the farm – Rabbit Hole
RadioNovaglobe @RadioNovaglobe: "@Novaglobe: "Dire Straits :: Telegraph Road"" This song is about the old age... "The lawyers, schools and rules....""" (reblip)
RadioNovaglobe rb @djellybelly: "Madonna - Die Another Day "Morning!!"" << Nonono, DYE another day, paint your life! Sometimes words have two meanings...;-) Stairway (reblip)
Doortjezz Where are all the good men? I need to know......need a shoulder to lean on
RadioNovaglobe Take a look at as well... #Worldshift cc @wsmovement (Twitter)... - Changers Song – BeeFree

Changers SongBeeFree

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LOVE4ME Kundalini is how I started w/yoga in 1969. I spent lots of time in India..learning to go within for my answers! @ellendiane

Kundalini Yoga: Health Body Fearless Spirit by Gurmukh and Snatam Kaur

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RadioNovaglobe Mother and Child Reunion (Paul Simon) - It is now. Novaglobe and novatribes. re member this thing, become a member. Become a member of the better day!

Mother and Child Reunion (Paul Simon)

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RadioNovaglobe rb @ladypn: "TYVM rb@lddf: "W Nelson & S Crow – If I Were a Carpenter ~ #lady ~ " #kidneydonor" << my mother sung this! (reblip)

My kind of love by Danalyze with Neske Baerwaldt on violin @ cccafe 13-03-2011 Amsterdam

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Jeff Martin The Messenger live acoustic version

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Circles Danalyze & Neske Baerwaldt 13-3-2011 Singing on sundays

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Jeff Buckley- Lover, You Should've Come Over

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RadioNovaglobe rb @RadioNovaglobe: "Changers Song – BeeFree "We can change the world", dedicated to the Occupozzy, wherever they roam! #Occupy2Change" (reblip)

Changers SongBeeFree

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Jeff Buckley-Last Goodbye

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Selah Sue with Triggerfinger vs. Lady Linn with Absinthe Minded : Mercy

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Duran Duran Ordinary World directors cut

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Duran Duran Ordinary World directors cut

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The Rolling Stones- Paint it Black

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Don't Fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult

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Danalyze @ De Doelen 10-01-2010

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Jewel- Hands + Lyrics

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Ween--Push th' Little Daisies

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Colored Light Danalyze Neske Baerwaldt Jaap Cohen 25 03 2011

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The La's There she goes

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Circles © by Danalyze in Irish Times Pub 17-11-2011 in Antwerp during One man one Guitar

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Yummy Yummy Yummy I got love in my tummy

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The Smashing Pumpkins -THE BEGINNING IS THE END IS THE BEGINNING (Subtitulos Español)

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