Confessional ~ J*Malem Redwood Son

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RedwoodSon A tribute to Haiti and Big Kenny's friend.
RedwoodSon Just kickin' it with JJ. What a way to start a Monday. :)
RedwoodSon Here in Portland, this is how it is. And it Feels Like Rain. Soothing tunes to lull you to a nice quiet, happy, peaceful place. Ciao'
RedwoodSon One of Portland's own. Geoff Byrd, the guy who drove internet music. Love that voice. Captivating. Go Geoff.
RedwoodSon Geoff Byrd- the whole video shot with his I-phone, right here in Portland. Lots of GREAT Music in the Pacific Northwest. Rich in Music/ Honesty

When I Fall From Grace

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RedwoodSon A little Beyonce to put some Bounce in your step this fine morning. (reblip)
RedwoodSon @ShizzleMeTimber: "Today's Kitchen Dancing track for this cloudy, gray, Tuesday morning: "Get Up Offa That Thing."You feel better already don't you?" (reblip)
RedwoodSon Redwood Son Tribute to Kipp Crawford killed 11 4 09 Show EP Release WED- Cinco de Mayo @ the Buffalo Gap 9pm Portland Listen to Kipp on the rim. WOW

Redwood Son Tribute to Kipp Crawford

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RedwoodSon And I'm free, free fallin'.....sometimes it's nice to just slide away and enjoy the moment. A great evening tune.
RedwoodSon A great song, a classic. This is some rare footage. Enjoy!

Rod StewartSailing

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RedwoodSon Mick doing what he does so well. Wild Horses. A blast from the past.
RedwoodSon 40 years later, and you still Can't Always Get What You Want. Rolling Stones Live. It takes me back to controversial times, much like these times now.
RedwoodSon The Band. The Weight. 1960's footage live recording. Need I say more.

The BandThe Weight

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RedwoodSon #wearenashville #nashvilleflood Check it out. Nashville Flood. Great Pix. Great Song (reblip)

Nashville Flood New Beautiful Day ~ Redwood Son

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RedwoodSon Bob Marley – So Much Trouble in the World,,,,,,,,,, Hang in there Nashville
harmony60 Amber Congrats on your 5-K...You deserve it..It looks Great On You..Nice to see you..Please Enjoy..@Bubbly3 ..(yea i sent a Mayer) ..Thx...
DJ_Flyhigh ♪Shape of my heart - Backstreet Boys♬- Acoustic & Live 07 ♫ #acoustic
RedwoodSon I really like this song. They stood up and told it like it was.
RedwoodSon Here comes the Sun and a little George Harrison
RedwoodSon This has the actual Video. Great footage. Take the moment.

Johnny CashHurt

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RedwoodSon For all of you needing to get up and dance.
RedwoodSon 2 of the greatest out there. Alicia Keys and John Mayer from : As I Am.
Nicsey Bye for now! See you tomorrow! Thanks for all the props and reblips! :)

QUEEN & DAVID BOWIE: Under Pressure

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J_Bay John Hiatt - Have A Little Faith In Me

Have a Little Faith in Me John Hiatt

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J_Bay Enya - Orinoco Flow (sail away)
RedwoodSon Great song. !! @Zjosman: "John Hiatt - Have A Little Faith In Me" (reblip)

Have a Little Faith in Me John Hiatt

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Schoork Neil Young – Keep On Rocking In The Free World
digitpt Foghat – Slow Ride

FoghatSlow Ride

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RedwoodSon Whenever I say it best when you say nothing at all....
RedwoodSon Dear Mom and Dad, please send money, I'm so broke it ain't funny,..

SugarlandBaby Girl

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RedwoodSon EAGLES- Excellence Always Great Live Expressive Style So much talent in one group.

Eagles Don Henley The heart of the matter mpeg1video

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RedwoodSon It's almost acapella, so straight-forward.


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RedwoodSon This was a one-of-a-kind. Help Me Make It Through The Night

Sammi Smith -- Help Me Make It Through The Night

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RedwoodSon BTO- Just sittin' here Takin' Care of Business
RedwoodSon @TheJabberwock: "All the lessons I've learned, all the money I've burned, all the things that I thought were, but they weren't. All were trials tha.." (reblip)
RedwoodSon Too bad 'm not driving right now. This is for driving.
RedwoodSon True talent. He was with YES but made his own mark as a pianist and keyboardist. The live shows were killer.
RedwoodSon Now here's the whole band YES- same song. Enjoy! with video

YesAnd You and I

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RedwoodSon CSNY- ♫ ♫ ♫ ,,,,,blue, blue windows behind the stars..... ♫ ♫ ♫ leaves us helpless, helpless, hellllllll p♫ less ♫ ♫
RedwoodSon Back when we all thought we were Axel. That boy can whistle ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫
RedwoodSon "TY!@TheJabberwock: "This is great! It's would be fantastic on a roadtrip mix. Makes your soul smile. @RedwoodSon:Let me know whatcha' think.. Peace" (reblip)

Redwood Son ~ "Once Before"

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RedwoodSon @sweethonesty: @RedwoodSon: "OK Here's your chance. It's my own. New EP Release. Let me know whatcha' think........ Peace @sweethonesty: Awesome song" (reblip)

Redwood Son ~ "Once Before"

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RedwoodSon Gonna take a freight train......can't you see, can't you see, what that woman's been doin' to me..............LIVE Version
RedwoodSon Gotta get ready for a show tonight. So I'll leave you with this. If you're in Portland, stop on in. Buffalo Gap 9pm I'll even do this 1 live for you
RedwoodSon This is the only original cut I can find. ♫


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RedwoodSon "@lostndanet: "you always make me...... well..... you know..... SMILE ;) @whatevertunes" .@RedwoodSon:.....AND the sun is shining!!!" (reblip)
RedwoodSon @RedwoodSon: #nashvillerising Gen Tix SOLD OUT #wearenashville #nashvilleflood Check it out. Nashville Flood. Great Pix. Great Song" (reblip)

Nashville Flood New Beautiful Day ~ Redwood Son

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RedwoodSon @RedwoodSon: @BeyondSound"Thank you! TONIGHT 9pm at RockBottonPdx REDWOOD SON- Live Check it Out,Great Venue No Cover #Portland #PDX #inpdx #pdxevents (reblip)

Redwood Son ~ "Once Before"

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RedwoodSon Thank U Big!@TheOneAndOnly@divadonna5 @FatDaddy2 @Skull_300@BeyondSound TONIGHT 9pm at RockBottonPdx REDWOOD SON- Live Check it Out," (reblip)

Redwood Son ~ "Once Before"

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RedwoodSon Were any of you at Woodstock?? A bit of Arlo Guthrie for a blast from the past.
RedwoodSon This is timeless...... "Presidential Rag" .... from the 70's but it just as well could have been the 90's or the new Millennium. Great lyrics. :) :)
RedwoodSon Amazing guitarist. Great video to watch and listen to. Steve Howe- YES
RedwoodSon Signing off. A long night. Enjoy some Antebellum. Peace. ♫
DirtyUrine TY & good morning! rb@JanetSEyre: "LOL Ken! GREAT song, love it! rb :D @DirtyUrine" (reblip)
RedwoodSon What a humble guy tonight on "Music City ♫ KeepOnPlayin" ♫ Show Nashville Some Love DONATE♫ ♫ 877-768-6274 or Catch the re-play
RedwoodSon TY TY@sandraew: "Love the song @RedwoodSon Awesome guitar too! "OK Here's your chance. It's my own. New EP Release. Let me know whatcha' think....l"" (reblip)

Redwood Son ~ "Once Before"

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RedwoodSon @lostndanet What's going on? Thought you'd enjoy a change of pace. Enjoy.
RedwoodSon My mama sings this song. Great choice!@lostndanet: "I always come back ;) @LuvGunn: "U Leaving?" (reblip)
RedwoodSon Why TY Miss d'net :) :-) ♪♪ @lostndanet: "This one is great too! @RedwoodSon" (reblip)

Redwood Son ~ "Once Before"

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RedwoodSon Nighty-night and TY @lostndanet: "*steatches and yawns* G'Night my dear friends... take care and keep the music flowing... Zzzzzzzzzzzzz" (reblip)
RedwoodSon Something to lull..♪♪ You will always miss the moment waiting for the hurricane....♪♪
RedwoodSon Here in Oregon we're-a ♪Waiting for the Sun♪ and waiting, and waiting.
RedwoodSon Shake it off and ...Stand.... ♪ Good video.
RedwoodSon @RedwoodSon: Here's another original. Thanks again for listening. Peace♫ (reblip)

Confessional ~ J*Malem Redwood Son

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RedwoodSon Push. "Don't just stand there saying nice things to don't know me...♥♥♥

"Way Down" J*Malem ~ Redwood Son

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RedwoodSon TY Big ♫ @lostndanet: "This one is probably my fave of yours at the moment... I haven't heard all of your music... but this one love it! @RedwoodSon" (reblip)

"Way Down" J*Malem ~ Redwood Son

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RedwoodSon DMB. ♫You & Me Together, Yes, Yes ♫
RedwoodSon Anybody out there have surfing weather? Oregon is still waiting......
RedwoodSon Thank you for all your help & support. @lostndanet
RunswithCizers nm, just found you on iTunes.. J*Malem (duh). Thanks! @ me: "rb via@RedwoodSon You are very talented.. thank you for sharing. Where can I purchase?" (reblip)

"Way Down" J*Malem ~ Redwood Son

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RedwoodSon U can always go to my website and hit contact. I am in the studio on a full CD and this will be on it, re-recorded.This one is LIVE

Redwood Son ~ "Once Before"

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RedwoodSon ♥♥2U♥♥ @lostndanet: I'm singing to him tonight and tomorrow. it is the hardest thing I will do.I'm keeping together now.but it's only on the surface (reblip)
RedwoodSon I sooo understand. You will make it thru. But don't forget your feelings. They'll help U get thru. Love, Laugh and Cry. ♥♥♥ Peace and Hugs @lostndanet

Cryin' For Me (Wayman's Song)

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renothespinner Inspired by@xSilkiex..Squire is so appropos! TSM, LOL! :) (reblip)
RedwoodSon Okay- to ALL MY Listeners.....Big Fav...Give a Listen and Let Me know. It's Mine. Thanks Big .......Peace*♫

Nickel&Dimed ~ J-Malem Redwood Son

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RedwoodSon "My hair's turning white, my neck always been red and my collar's still blue......." for this Memorial Day. Great song!
RedwoodSon Hindsight is everything.....Our troops have always defended our freedoms, including Free Speech, In their honor, for all our Freedoms.
RedwoodSon For your listening pleasure. :) More Incubus-Drive @lilbratsie


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RedwoodSon And here you go and there you are...... AC/DC Sin City @lostndanet

AC/DC Sin City w/ lyrics

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RedwoodSon Great choice. You are also on my Twitter. John's the Man. Peace* J*Malem~Redwood Son (reblip)
RedwoodSon TY for Props & Listng @nbztunes: "Let me hold you for the last's the last chance to feel again..But you broke me and i can't feel anything" (reblip)
RedwoodSon And now for The Cure. Live. Just Like Heaven
RedwoodSon Catch this Train and catch the Drops of Jupiter. ♫ so tell me, did the wind sweep you off your feet ♫ ♫ ♫ looking for yourself out there ♫ ♫
RedwoodSon ♫ ♫ But I'm not finished yet,,,,,But I'm not leaving it like this ♫ ♫ Enjoy!
RedwoodSon Just kickin' it with JJ. What a way to start a Tuesday. :) (reblip)
RedwoodSon For all single dad's doing that visit thing. A message for your kid(s). Peace* J*Malem~Redwood Son
RedwoodSon Straight from the Redwoods, my original home. Anytime is a good time for Elvin ♫


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RedwoodSon Let's go back a bit....Mellow Yellow....anyone? Donovan. ♫
RedwoodSon She is one of the classiest, most beautiful and sexiest female performers out there. I fell in love with her when I was all of 11. Go Shania ♫ ♫
RedwoodSon @p_conn: "Nice acoustic, thnx for RB@doctortrustme: "U on my space 2?? @RedwoodSon: "Lol We need more like U ♫ TYVM @doctortrustme:have a listen!" (reblip)

"Way Down" J*Malem ~ Redwood Son

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RedwoodSon Big Thx. I guess U Like ♫ TY4FindgMe @dawnie22 "Okay- to ALL MY Listeners...Big Fav...Give a Listen and Let Me know. It's Mine. Thanks Big ...Peace*♫ (reblip)

Nickel&Dimed ~ J-Malem Redwood Son

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zamfir Radiohead – High And Dry
RedwoodSon Good Tune ♫ @JendeMen: "NiceTY!@chyado: " going...... Gone;-)" (reblip)
RedwoodSon Like UR P/L Thx 4 Prps @zamfir: "The Smashing Pumpkins – To Forgive" (reblip)
RedwoodSon And sometimes Idol finds a voice. Bo Bice. Lonely, Broke & Wasted
RedwoodSon TY for listening! @Fofinha1979: "tHANK YOU! @dANGELofLOVE: "I Appreciate The RB.....But where the words and my name? RB @Elkon"" (reblip)

Michael Jackson Will You Be There

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RedwoodSon It's John the Man time. ♫ ♫ ♫ No Such Thing
RedwoodSon Still trying to get my fill. J Mayer ♫ ♫ Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. J Mayer......J Malem....see we have so much in common. My turn next ♫ ♫
RedwoodSon See, I told you I was next....J Malem now right behind J Mayer ♫ ♫ ♫ "Way Down" Peace* J*Malem~Redwood Son

"Way Down" J*Malem ~ Redwood Son

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RedwoodSon TY TY TY 2 both of you!!! Peace* J*Malem Redwood Son @whatevertunes: "RB! @lostndanet: "TYVM ;)" (reblip)
RedwoodSon TY for This...It has Been awhile for Staind @whatevertunes: "RB! @lilbratsie: "ty @kods: "@lilbratsie: "Staind – Its Been Awhile"""" (reblip)
RedwoodSon He reminds me of/looks like Mark Wahlberg in Rock Star. TY for the tune. Peace* J*Malem Redwood Son @fabio1974: "Screaming Trees – Dollar Bill" (reblip)
RedwoodSon TY for listening. Enjoy this tune ♫ ♫ ♫ Free Fallin-Petty & the ♥♥♥ breakers @cadumotta @Alientwilight @ajikz @fabio1974
RedwoodSon You can close your eyes. TY 4 all the props. Hope ur havin fun in Sin City. Sorry I missed you 2nite. Until tomorrow. Be Safe~Peace* @lostndanet
RedwoodSon All the greats have a "J" their first or last name. hmmmmmm "Jealous Guy" Lennon
RedwoodSon And then there was Johnny....I'm on a roll here. The Man Comes Around.
RedwoodSon Here's a double J, and female. But another great. Janis Joplin, Take another little piece.....
RedwoodSon Now for the living J's....... John the Man Mayer- Vultures.....
RedwoodSon A double J again, JJ. Jack Johnson. This is almost becoming a Thesis. "The News"
RedwoodSon Here's another J, another John, another great. "JBTrio Groovin' Slowly
RedwoodSon And now we bring on Jennings. The true Outlaw. Yep, he's a J and a Great.
RedwoodSon Need I say more, you got two MJ's, both J's, Jackson and Jagger. State of Shock. I think a study should be conducted..........
RedwoodSon TY for props. Peace* J*Malem~Redwood Son (reblip)
RedwoodSon To your departure from Sin City. ♫ Leaving Las Vegas♫ Travel Safe. Peace* @lostndanet
RedwoodSon Try this again. Montgomery Gentry 20 yrs ago, He, too, likes his hats. lol @lostndanet
RedwoodSon HAH. Try this one. Can't you see? Marshall Tucker Band @lostndanet
RedwoodSon As we stretch our memory banks..... @lostndanet: "@RedwoodSon Without You by Motley Crue" (reblip)
RedwoodSon Good One. This is harder that is sounds, once you're doing it. Master Level DJ :) @lostndanet: "@RedwoodSon some more fast paced, Better than her" (reblip)
RedwoodSon I did Bette, foul on you, try try again. :-) @lostndanet @RedwoodSon did I ever tell you your my are the Wind Beneath My Wings ~~~Bet Midler (reblip)
RedwoodSon ♫ There's no gettin' over me♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Ronnie Milsap @lostndanet
RedwoodSon You knocked me on my ars.... lol @lostndanet: "@RedwoodSon Hope you are sitting for this one... ready.... OUR HOUSE in the middle of the street!" (reblip)
RedwoodSon ♫ ♫ ♫ ohhhh, ay di ay di ohhhhh♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Mas que nada Sergio Mendes @lostndanet
RedwoodSon But I'm a boy ♫ @lostndanet: "@RedwoodSon Cry Little Sister =D" (reblip)
RedwoodSon How did we miss this one? 11 big attagirl ♫ @lostndanet: "@RedwoodSon Walking In Memphis" (reblip)
RedwoodSon TYFL & Welcome. Stay tuned for future fun. We pick letters and then find artists for them. Chk tomorrow eve @alexparr @ANOUK4US @RobinSky @Micshelly
RedwoodSon TY Big!!! to All my listeners. Tonight we're playing the T game. Artists with First/Last Name T. "The" doesn't count. Let's have some fun. @lostndanet (reblip)
RedwoodSon I'm gonna be somebody...♫ Yes I will......Travis Tritt Catch up young lady lol @lostndanet
RedwoodSon Marry Me ♫♫♫♫ Train @lostndanet

Marry Me by Train (With Lyrics)

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RedwoodSon We did it again. Same Band- different song. A do-over lol @lostndanet: "@RedwoodSon Hey! Hey! Hey! You lipstick stains.... Train!!" (reblip)
RedwoodSon ♫♫ "SHOUT" SHOUT Let it all out ♫♫♫♫ Tears for Fears. @lostndanet
RedwoodSon ♫♫ Good Times♫♫♫ Tommy Lee. ha ha ha @lostndanet
RedwoodSon MUST RB 10dohhhhh@lostndanet: "@RedwoodSon If you could only see by Tonic" (reblip)
RedwoodSon uhhh yes, seriously on TT ♫lol "Something Like That" Another Tim. lol @lostndanet
RedwoodSon Did we do the Turtles??? Like a Rolling Stone. ♫♫♫♫ @lostndanet
RedwoodSon ♫♫♫ She may be weary.....and when she's weary.....Try a Little Tenderness.....T was hard! Night-night. Enjoy the song. ♫♫♫ @lostndanet
BobTheMediaGuy Luv her. This is a video-audience is intentional@stan8331: "Bizarre video -the entire audience seems to have been sedated.But Rachel Sweet is awesome. (reblip)
MarcusDeSouza @Clairede_Rose: Deana Carter- Strawberry Wine (reblip)

Deana Carter- Strawberry Wine lyrics

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detroitfan John Mayer – Edge of Desire (Battle Studies Full Album Version) (reblip)
Miss_Mantis Tina Arena – Something's Gotta Change
RedwoodSon Here's that YT we spoke of. lol I have to get ready for a show 2night. Visit later. Still working on Tues stuff. Enjoy. Peace* J*Malem @lostndanet

Redwood Son- New Beautiful Day 5-9-10

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RedwoodSon Hey you@lostndanet: "Agree @Micshelly: "Good one! Tsm:o)RB@LuvGunn: "I like this version. Hey @lostndanet have you met @HotGirlRequiresListeners" (reblip)
RedwoodSon Say: "Good Morning" √ ♪¸¸.•*¨*• ♪ Play good tunes: √ ¸.•*¨*♫ ¸¸.•☼ •*¨*•♫¸¸.•*¨*•Make New Friends: √ ♪¸¸.•*¨*♪ Enjoy your day: √ ☺☺
RedwoodSon Some Rod Stewart and Your Song. Have a wonderful evening. @lostndanet
RedwoodSon New Single "Long Fall" 9;15pm Kink Local Music Spotlight please REQUEST at TY Peace

New Beautiful Day ~ Redwood Son

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