SpinalTap The Motels~Only the Lonely
SpinalTap All Apologies~Nirvana (cover by Fish)...gr8 version!
SpinalTap a lil' Norah for ya this a.m..........Have a Gr8 day BlipWorld! :)
SpinalTap Blue October~Blue Sunshine
SpinalTap The Script~For The First Time
SpinalTap Bruno Mars~Grenade (Lyrics)
SpinalTap Adele~Rolling in the Deep (Live HD)
SpinalTap cause nobody wants to be the last one there...
SpinalTap ya shakin girl??LOL (while doing laundry?)LOL@1brwneyedgirl: "I feel you creepin.." (reblip)
SpinalTap Make You Feel My Love......
SpinalTap Niiiiiice! luv him! Thx:)@PabloM: "I'm Yours – Jason Mraz" (reblip)
SpinalTap well, that just sux huh?lol Thx hun! RB!!@keithold: "Just a loser with no self esteem" (reblip)
SpinalTap bout time!;)@Skull_300: "Pearl Jam - I Won't Back Down" (reblip)
SpinalTap I'd come for you...no one but you...
SpinalTap @c3p0 David Gray ~ Babylon.......GM:) (reblip)

David GrayBabylon

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SpinalTap Jackson Browne~Running On Empty (live acoustic) nice version...
SpinalTap RB:)TY!@Unaturalsoul: "Give Em Hell......." (reblip)

All American Rejects- Gives You Hell (Lyrics)

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SpinalTap Goodbye..........Thx for everything!!
SpinalTap Collective Soul~Shine....acoustic version...very NICE!
SpinalTap Soundgarden~Burden In My Hand (live 1996)
SpinalTap FloRida feat Kesha~Right round(Feat Katy Perry & Kesha)
SpinalTap LENNY KRAVITZ~lady


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SpinalTap Eagle Eye Cherry~Save Tonight
SpinalTap Naked Eyes~Always Something There To Remind Me
SpinalTap Everything you ever wanted~Hawk Nelson (With lyrics)
SpinalTap Joss Stone~I've Fallen In Love With You
SpinalTap Joss Stone~Put Your Hands On Me
SpinalTap uh huh!lol.XO@Skull_300: "Audioslave - Show me how to Live" (reblip)
SpinalTap Don't wake me plzzzzz....G'Nite kids! Thx for all the Blip luv tonight!:)
SpinalTap I was thinkin bout her...thinkin bout me...thinkin bout us...
SpinalTap Cathedrals~Jump, Little Children live at the Music Farm
Djfunkysounds Gotta Jet. Have a good one.
SpinalTap kewl!! thx 4 sharing Will! XO @TropicsZ4: "Seether Here and Now @KW (reblip)

Seether Here and Now with Lyrics (New Song)

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Tropicsz4 Bonus Track Yeah

Seether-Yeah (bonus track) new 2011

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SpinalTap The Calling~For You Daredevil Soundtrack.avi
SpinalTap Won't Back Down~Fuel

Won't Back DownFuel

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SpinalTap Caught In The Rain~Revis
SpinalTap Stained~So Far Away

Stained-So Far away

| play
SpinalTap The Matrix Soundtrack~Deftones / Lucky You
djsurfer I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You
SpinalTap I Wanted To~Without Tomorrow ... i wanted to tell you ... that you are the center of my world....
SpinalTap Avril Lavigne~When You're Gone .........when you are going i count the steps that you take...

Avril Lavigne- When you're gone Official Vid & Lyrics

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SpinalTap Blue October~Come In Closer Live .......come in closer ;)
DaveyT Evanescence-What You Want (New & HD) 2011.

Evanescence-What You Want (New & HD) 2011.

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GoodTune The Fray - Look After You ... »♥* Il volo esilarante della freccia d'amore vale la pena di precipitare sulla terra.
GoodTune Whitesnake - Slow An' Easy ... Fare l'amore con me lento e facile e rock me finché io sono cattivo fino all'osso. mmmm bad girl!
SpinalTap #new2me...kewl! rb! @Hanai: "Would I melt into you? Mouth to mouth. Lust to lust. Spontaneously combust... (reblip)
GoodTune R Kelly - Love Letter ... »♥* Did you read my love letter ...
GoodTune James Morrison - You Make It Real ... »♥* Yes, you do, you make it real for me...
fxp123 Oasis - Champagne supernova
SpinalTap Happy Humpday BlipWorld!!!!! :)
BattLady @Writers_Block I love metal covers of my fave hiphop tunes, have another ;)
BattLady One less reason – When doves cry
GoodTune Janet Jackson - Anytime Anyplace ... »♥* You wanna plaaaay ... *whispers* lets plaaaaay! :)
BattLady Evanescence New Single – What You Want ~ NEW single ~ Hello, hello remember me, I'm everything you can't control~ #girlpower (reblip)
GoodTune Coldplay - What If ... »♥* I wanted in and you wanted out ...
SpinalTap hola!! RB:)@Schoork: "Guns N' Roses – Sweet Child O' Mine #BHT" (reblip)
SpinalTap nice list! added ya:)@allegramiu: "Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply" (reblip)
LionaB rb@teresa_8888: "Toni Braxton" Breatha Again" Lyrics" (reblip)

Toni Braxton "Breathe Again" Lyrics

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SpinalTap Heeeeyy!!Mwuah!Xo@nrayala: "Cobra Starship – Hot Mess" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Hinder – All American Nightmare
SpinalTap Since October~The Way You Move
SpinalTap Fully Alive~Flyleaf

Fully AliveFlyleaf

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toddsb Just The Way You Are- Bruno Marz

Just The Way You Are- Bruno Marz

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PauloStudio2002 Chris Isaak - Wicked Game................

Chris Isaak Wicked Game Official Video

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Sandalicious LMAO --> Smack it up, flip it, rub it down, oh, noooo (reblip)
SpinalTap just cried like a baby watching this movie...gr8 soundtrack!
xxlenaphroditexx Sixpence None The Richer – There She Goes
SpinalTap dang...what a gr8 cover! (i know he's out there...lol) but this song ROX!
SpinalTap i'm not sick..but, i'm not well...
SpinalTap dang!agree!!thx 2 both:))@Djfunkysounds: "Sweet one ! Playlist ! @BattLady: "One less reason – When doves cry ~ \m/ #cover for ~~>@Djfunkysounds (reblip)
SpinalTap ohhhh..LUV this song!!TY!Xo@Dancer12: "[jeff healey – angel eyes] gonna break, move arm . . .B4 I start to yell OUCH . . .♥" (reblip)

jeff healeyangel eyes

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SpinalTap Amy Lee~The Most Beautiful Woman Ever~She's my Sin
SpinalTap kiss me beneath the milky twilight...

Kiss me-Sixpense None The Richer

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SpinalTap I miss you like the deserts miss the rain~Sade
SpinalTap kewl!!diggit!Xo@Louden: "Another awesome cover off the new Halestorm album. Covering Temple Of The Dog' Hunger Strike." (reblip)
JulzCav Sade - I miss you like the deserts miss the rain

YelloOh Yeah

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ChadThomas Diggin the Social D!!! rb@lostndanet: "~ Social Distortion – I Was Wrong ~" (reblip)
SpinalTap and ya r very loved Will!!!XOXO@TropicsZ4: "Depeche Mode – I feel loved" (reblip)
SpinalTap ur fave band...AND...acoustic! BAM! @Cheri_S XOXO


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SpinalTap MTV Unplugged: Thinking of You~Katy Perry
Kiltweaver Thanks so much glad you like it :)@WithOutMakeUp: "just checked out your website, you are wonderful!!! :) @Kiltweaver (reblip)
SpinalTap Likes!Hello hun!:)@RipTrick: "Oh Yes!! Time to kick ass!! #workout!" (reblip)

ChevelleI Get It

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SpinalTap luv this song!!TY@twoturntables: "@TUCKA56: "TUCKA56RADIO Today in Music History: "On December 10, 1988, "Look Away" by Chicago topped the charts (reblip)

ChicagoLook Away

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SpinalTap such a good song!! Just saw this movie today and yes....cried like a baby:(
BattLady When I Dip You Dip We Dip ~@Gav70 not a bottom, just a momentary dip ;)

When I Dip You Dip We Dip

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1brwneyedgirl "i came to get down i came to get down..so get outch'yo seat and JUMP AROUUUND!!" bbl...maybe ;)
RACERJJJ ...Now that the smoke's gone, and the air is all clear... Filter // Hey Man, Nice Shot
SpinalTap just to get things moving.............WAKE UP!!!!!

funk soul brother-fatboy slim

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iMickeyD it's not actually a theme, but I like her hair
tokool4u @Ice_Ice_Baby: "I Want to know what love is – Foreigner" (reblip)
torino Crash Test Dummies – mmm mmm mmm mmm
SpinalTap luv it!Thx both!!@MrsRobinsome: "@lostndanet: "~ you take me places I've never been... Dirty Little Thing ~"" (reblip)

Adelitas Way-Dirty Little Thing Lyrics

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SpinalTap Jimmy Eat World~The Middle(Lyrics) **Have a gr8 day!!!!!!! BBL**
SpinalTap HELLO everyone!! Hope ya had a gr8 NY! Wish You Well:)...
feranto tyrb@golfnovels: "@Im4tun8: "I want you to want me, I need you to need me ...Cheap Trick #70sSaturday"" (reblip)
SpinalTap G'Nite Rockstars! Thx 4 all the Blip luv:)
SpinalTap Hey Kids!!! Happy Friday to YOU!
BattLady Hey TY both ;) @Chari_S: "RB :-) @bluumonday: "ty for listening :) @BattLady: "Shinedown - Lost in the Crowd""" (reblip)

Shinedown - Lost in the Crowd

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SpinalTap Stevie Nix & Sheryl Crow...pretty kool duo
SpinalTap Here Without You~3 Doors Down ft. Sara Evans***Kick ASS***
sassikassi ~ suddenly the day turns into night and I must leave u blipstars ~ 2morrow ~
SpinalTap Totally digging these guys!!!~~~~~~10Years/Beautiful (Acoustic)
crasin2me Submersed – "Complicated"


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SpinalTap Saving Abel~~~Addicted This song makes me....*SMILE*

Saving AbelAddicted

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fxp123 ty @mau43: "@fxp123: "Audioslave I Am the Highway"" (reblip)

Audioslave I Am the Highway

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RACERJJJ RB @lostndanet ~ I wanna be the one you need / I wanna be the one you breathe ~ (reblip)

SeetherFade Away

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tokool4u URSVW,my friend,rb@stedo85: "hahaha thank you @tokool4u: "LOL,you should, it looks good on you,:):):)@me: and I haven't bought it... (reblip)
SpinalTap just the way you are~bruno mars ***LUV THIS!!***
SpinalTap had to slip this in...freakin AWESOME!
PaintedDaisy ~3 Doors Down • Your Arms Feel Like Home~
Tropicsz4 Nickelback – If Today Was Your Last Day
Tropicsz4 Cinderella – Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)
SpinalTap OMG! I so luv this song!RB!@SuperSpaceAngel: "♥ Bruno Mars ~ Just the Way You Are ♥" (reblip)
SpinalTap I do......do you? *The Black Crowes*
Tropicsz4 Ke$ha – Your Love Is My Drug
SpinalTap when I see your face,there's not a thing that I would change...cause you're amazing just the way you are...
SpinalTap Buckcherry~Sorry..... this acoustic version is awesome!


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SpinalTap Ahhhh.....a lil Eric to ease the soul....
SpinalTap Gotta roll on out for now:) Have a fantastic day everyone!! BBL
SpinalTap I Think I'm Falling For You~Colbie Caillat Lyrics
SpinalTap LOVE this video!!!!! So dang cute/sexy all in 1:)
SpinalTap 3 Doors Down~Not Enough (Acoustic)....this song is about being spread a lil too thin:)
SpinalTap Disciple~Shine Down (Lyrics)
SpinalTap Decyfer Down~No Longer (lyrics)
SpinalTap Anberlin~The Resistance.....cool beat!
SpinalTap Richard Marx~Chains Around My Heart
SpinalTap Don't Stop Believing~Journey......kewl version!
SpinalTap Ben Harper~By My Side

Ben HarperBy My Side

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SpinalTap Fake It~Seether...another kool version!
SpinalTap I could really use a wish right now...

BOB ft Hayley Williams Airplane [ wish right now ]

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SpinalTap not usually my style but really feelin this song right now....check it out:)

Alison Kraus & John Waite Lay Down beside me

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SpinalTap Thx for everything this a.m.!!! Have a fab day:)
SpinalTap Happy Sunday BlipStars :) have a wonderful day! cya soon....xoxo's!

Into the ocean (Acoustic w/ lyrics)

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SpinalTap Flyleaf~Fully Alive (live)
SpinalTap Howie Day~Collide Serendipity Music Video ... i'm close behind...
SpinalTap Joss Stone~Spoiled .... baby, i am spolied for your love...

Joss StoneSpoiled

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SpinalTap Gavin Degraw~Not Over You with Lyrics
SpinalTap David Gray~Sail Away

David GraySail Away

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SpinalTap Gary Jules~Mad World (Cover by Alex Parks)
SpinalTap Stained~Zoe Jane

StaindZoe Jane

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SpinalTap Snow Patrol~Chasing Cars (lyrics) ... if i lay here...if i just lay here...would you lie with me and just forget the world?
SpinalTap Secondhand Serenade~Fall For You (with lyrics)
SpinalTap 30 Seconds To Mars~A Beautiful Lie
SpinalTap Love Remains The Same~Gavin Rossdale

Love Remains The Same-Gavin Rossdale

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SpinalTap Paul Carrack~Don't Shed A Tear

Paul Carrack "Don't Shed A Tear"

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SpinalTap Without Tomorrow~My Poetry (LYRICS)
SpinalTap R Kelly~I Believe I Can Fly
GoodTune The Guggenheim Grotto – The Girl With The Cards ... In truth I know why I am drawn to you ...

The girl with the cards: Hunger Games

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SpinalTap Beejus~Set The Mood feat. Justin Timberlake ... setting the mood :) later peeps! thx! xoxo
SpinalTap Blue News~Break Of Day .... last one 4 now :) catch ya next time! Thx all! xoxo's!!
SpinalTap Burlap To Cashmere~Love Reclaims the Atmosphere

Burlap to Cashmere: Love Reclaims the Atmosphere

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SpinalTap Death Cab for Cutie~You Are A Tourist
SpinalTap Breaking Benjamin~Breath OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO ... i know nothing of your kind... so sacrifice yourself...
SpinalTap Savatage~Edge of Thorns (official video)
SpinalTap Nuclear Assault~Something Wicked
SpinalTap A Perfect Circle~Blue (Official)
SpinalTap Pillar~Hypnotize


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Tropicsz4 James Durbin- Heavy Metal

James Durbin- Heavy Metal Lyrics

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SpinalTap Foward Motion~Thousand Foot Krutch
SpinalTap Pearl Jam~I Won't Back Down (Gorge '06) (reblip)
SpinalTap Disciple~The Wait Is Over (reblip)

Disciple The Wait Is Over with Lyrics

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SpinalTap Van Morrison~I'm Not Feeling It Any More ... g'nite folks

Van Morrison I'm Not Feeling It Any More.avi

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SpinalTap Train~Breakfast In Bed

TrainBreakfast In Bed

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SpinalTap Trouble~Never Shout Never Lyrics!

Trouble Never Shout Never Lyrics!

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SpinalTap Romance On A Rocketship~A Million Kisses Lyrics
SpinalTap Stephen Barnes~Lost in You (HQ)
SpinalTap The Perfect Measure~Voice of an Angel

The Perfect Measure-Voice of an Angel

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SpinalTap The Script~Nothing with Lyrics
SpinalTap Pearl Jam~Just Breathe (unofficial video)
SpinalTap The Band Perry~If I Die Young (acoustic) Music Video
GoodTune Billy Joel – Just The Way You Are

Billy Joel- Just the Way You Are

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SpinalTap What Might Have Been~Little Texas ... Good Morning! :)
SpinalTap I Love You~Sarah Maclachlan (lyrics)
SpinalTap Blue October~The Feel Again (Stay)
SpinalTap Everclear~Wonderful (Lyrics)
SpinalTap Foo Fighters~Learn To Fly
SpinalTap Seal~Bring It On + lyrics
SpinalTap Ben Lee~Catch My Disease
mark_till Arctic Monkeys -- Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair

Arctic Monkeys -- Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair

| play
GoodTune Citizen Cope - Bullet & A Target
SpinalTap Silk~Freak Me ... just because i wanna blip it! ;)

SilkFreak Me

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SpinalTap nice ;)) rb! @betomo17: "staind outside (lyrics) (reblip)

staind outside (lyrics)

| play
SpinalTap Blue October~Calling You ;)
Metal_man_ Land of confusion – Disturbed

Disturbed-Land of Confusion with lyrics

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SpinalTap Cobra Starship~You Make Me Feel ft. Sabi Lyrics ;)

Cobra Starship- You Make Me Feel ft. Sabi Lyrics

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SpinalTap Frankie J and Baby Bash "Obsession" Lyrics ;)

Frankie J and Baby Bash "Obsession" Lyrics

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GoodTune Katrina Elam - Love Will Still Be There ... .•:*¨¨*:•.»♥* Basta sapere che sarò sempre accanto a te correre verso il traguardo
SpinalTap Arcade Fire~Keep The Car Running
SpinalTap Ray LaMontagne~You Are The Best Thing
SpinalTap Ray Lamontagne~Within You
SpinalTap Florence + The Machine~Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away | Florence + The Machine

| play
SpinalTap Kenny Wayne Shepherd~Blue On Black lyrics

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Blue On Black lyrics

| play
SpinalTap Kiss Me~Sixpense None The Richer xxxxxxxxxxx!
SpinalTap Shinedown~Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)

Shinedown Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)

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SpinalTap Skillet~Yours To Hold (Lyrics)
GoodTune Lifehouse - Halfway Gone (acoustic)
SpinalTap 3 Doors Down~Let Me Go (Acoustic) ... in my head there's only you now... this world falls on me... in this world there's real and make believe...

3 Doors Down Let Me Go(Acoustic)

| play
SpinalTap The Jones Gang~Angel ... she was alone in the room... and somehow i knew that in time... i would fall...

The Jones GangAngel

| play
SpinalTap Jump Little Children~Cathedrals
SpinalTap The Outsiders~NeedToBreathe
SpinalTap Decyfer Down~Forever With You + lyrics ... listen to the lyrics... cya later peeps! ;)

Decyfer Down- Forever With You + lyrics

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GoodTune The Tony Rich Project - Nobody Knows
Tropicsz4 More popular song from Emphatic, Bounce


| play
SpinalTap Chris Cornell~All Night Thing (Acoustic)
SpinalTap AudioSlave~Like a Stone W/Lyrics ... patiently i'll wait for you there like a stone...

AudioSlave-Like a Stone W/ Lyrics

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SpinalTap Slash~Promise (Feat. Chris Cornell) ... from the first time that i saw you ... ya had that far away look in your eyes...
SpinalTap Soundgarden~Spoonman ... steal the rythem while you can...


| play
SpinalTap Bad Company~How About That ... i need ya baby...how 'bout that...

Bad Company- How About That

| play
SpinalTap Joe Bonamassa~When She Dances ... i see where my only chance is...


| play
SpinalTap The Flys~What You Want ... i know what you want... i know what you need... i know what you feel...

The FlysWhat You Want

| play
GoodTune Bryan Adams – "I'm Ready" ... Sometimes the readiness is everything =) #cosìbella

Bryan AdamsI'm Ready

| play
GoodTune Sia - "Blow It All Away"

Sia Blow It All Away Lyrics

| play
SpinalTap Stealin this ;) rb @PeachyJane: "Love it, thx, rb@Coffeenuts: "If The Creek Don't Rise"" (reblip)
GoodTune Crushed because in your silly vanity you actually believed you were essential to someone else's existence. Silly you ...
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