Stay19 pilot's last broadcast is my all time fav by these guys. awesome unknown group. yes mam.
Stay19 thankU. i know . you always did. take a walk tonight. you and the night. enjoy.<><>19 powerful tune
Stay19 Stellar track. TRANCE essential baby !!<><>all the love.
Stay19 Grace Kelly (Tom Neville Remix) – Mika ...ohhh flood the airwaves. cheers.<><>
Stay19 My favorite Tapes song. This was my profile tune for the longest time then I went in and now I stay. I'm back again. Crazy emotions hitting me
Stay19 Are You There – Mono . instramental rock at its finest in my humble opinion. to sleep . to those stars that pass and all the newness of life theseDa
Stay19 Groove Armada - At The River |<><> So chill (reblip)
Stay19 Stanley Kubrick – Mogwai<><>
Stay19 Roadkill - Original Mix – Dubfire<><> good times (reblip)
stickfiggers He's A PIRATE! For my man @DJstromer19 who's always playing killer music on blip!
Stay19 Fragment II – Library Tapes <><>Think. Write. find safety.
Stay19 Ur A Tear In The Open (Junkie XL Air Guitar Remix) – Tiesto<><>
Stay19 Sleep – Meiko<><>


| play
Stay19 Please Come Back Home – Glasvegas<><>
Stay19 Dracula Family – Mogwai<><>Satiates my obsession with perfection. If that makes any sense.
Stay19 Forever – Seba<><> stunning for sure.


| play
Stay19 Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths<><>
Stay19 So Cruel – U2<><>

U2So Cruel

| play
Stay19 In-Between Dreams (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) – Andy Sant<><>
Stay19 Piano Keys (DJ Redshirt Minimalist Mix) – DJ Redshirt<><>
Stay19 Wake Up In New York – Craig Armstrong.<><>Amazing song. Love love this jam. meet me there.19.
Stay19 Been Here Before – Jeremy Enigk<><>
Stay19 The Sea Is So Quiet (Long Version) – Trembling Blue Stars<><>
Stay19 Slow Down – Morcheeba<><>
robotnik a ladder to the moon, i'd like that
Stay19 Sound & Vision – The Sea and Cake<><> (reblip)
Stay19 Breathe – Telepopmusik<><>
Stay19 Heartbeats – The Knife<><>
Stay19 Play – Flunk<><>


| play
Stay19 Time to: Get Down (Halvin Harris Remix) – Groove Armada<><>
Stay19 Photograph – Air<><> Lush beauty. ..the angels cry to have your photograph.19


| play
Stay19 Riverbed (Feat. Thomas Dybdahl) – Morcheeba<><>
Stay19 U2 Unchained Melody - smashes it. just smashes it. on point. talk to me Bono. cheers my brother !<><>

Unchained Melody

| play
Stay19 Some Things Last a Long Time – The Twilight Sad<><> a little slump builds another step 19.
Stay19 Is there anyway that I could stay ?????The One ( Space Invader Rmx By Joachim Garraud & David Guetta ) – Sharam<><> (reblip)
Stay19 pull over (swinkers remix) – speedy j<><> smashin lovin tryin livin movin19
Stay19 7:25 – Mogwai<><> slow it. down. down.


| play
Stay19 Heartbeats – The Knife<><>
Stay19 Last Year's Rain Didn't Fall Quite So Hard – The Twilight Sad<><> Yes again. Into them right now. melting my insides. yes I think so. So it Glasvega
Stay19 3055 – Olafur Arnalds <><> gorgeous neu-classical!
Stay19 0952 – Olafur Arnalds<><> love it.
Stay19 A Snowflake – Peter Broderick<><>
Stay19 Another Glacier – Peter Broderick<><>
Stay19 Club Thing (Funkerman Remix) – Yoav<><>
Stay19 Apistat Commander (Xiu Xiu) – Sunset Rubdown<><>
Stay19 absence of oceans – Lights Out Asia<><>
Stay19 My People – The Presets<><>
Stay19 Black Gloves – Goose<><> good stuff . swervySmash
Stay19 Cold Spell – Alive In Wild Paint<><>
Stay19 Atlantic – Peter Broderick<><>
Stay19 Not At Home – Peter Broderick<><> Acoustic Guitar..
Stay19 Julie Delpy – Stars of the Lid<><>
Stay19 Girl On The Hill – July Skies<><>
Stay19 The Softest Kisses – July Skies<><>ambient
Stay19 Gifts – Goldmund<><> ambient,piano,minimal beauty


| play
Stay19 door of our home – goldmund<><> a treasure. some artist just blow me out of the water instantly . its like they're in my living room chillin .cheers
Stay19 Spiegel Im Spiegel (edit) – Arvo Part<><>
Stay19 Goodbye – Asobi Seksu<><>
Stay19 Some Kinda Angel – Mojave 3<><>
Stay19 Gifts – Goldmund<><>shshhhhhhh


| play
Stay19 Clement Danes – Goldmund<><> oh so peaceful. lovely ambient for sure.
Stay19 Falling Rockets (Moulinex Remix) – Cicada<><>
Stay19 First Mile, Last Mile – Gregor Samsa<><>
Stay19 Jeniferever - A Ghost In The Corner Of Your Eye<><> Such a beauty. A fav for sure. Lovely lyric. Great band.

Jeniferever - A Ghost In The Corner Of Your Eye

| play
Stay19 Between Trains – Auburn Lull<><> just the mood i'm in. love ambient post-rock stuff. clue me in on your fav stuff.
Stay19 8 mm – Yann Tiersen<><>
Stay19 memory table pt2 – secede<><>
Stay19 A Man Needs A Maid (orig. Neil Young) – Dala<><>
Stay19 Wax And Wane (Devil Dub Mix) – Deftones
Stay19 Internet Love – Port-Royal<><>
Stay19 cycle – yellow6<><>


| play
Stay19 Let It Happen – Below The Sea<><>
Stay19 Rescue – Desperation Band<><>
Stay19 I've Got Your Number – Passion Pit<><> smash Jam. chillaxx city
Stay19 Cry (Brown Bear Mix) – Afterlife<><>
Stay19 Walk on Bye (Miles Bonny mix) – Miles Bonny + El Michels Affair<><> Lovely ! Love everything about it. GrooveCity SMASH 4 sure. Feel it in your soul
Stay19 Ice cold Swedish Bowie cover . fantastic blip vi@harrisisaconcept <><> stunning. (reblip)
Stay19 239 Walk On Air (Sun and Moon Mix) – Holy ghost inc<><> because the sounds are intoxicating
Stay19 Inhaler – Hooverphonic<><>
Stay19 Egypt – The Mercury Program<><>
Stay19 Opus 20 – Dustin O'Halloran<><>
Stay19 The Revolution Will Be Streaming – Saxon Shore<><>
Stay19 Stars (Moto Blanco Club Mix) – Erika Jayne<><> move . feel it. louder. move. feel it. louder. one more time and repeat. ok Go ok Go ok Go ok Go Go
Stay19 Swing Gently – Leona Naess<><>
Stay19 Between Trains – Auburn Lull<><> sleepytime beauty. chillaxx city.
CytecK Intentare ir, pero lo veo chungu :( Mañana en the loft.
Stay19 love this down-tempo version with enhanced falsetto bits...We Are The People (Ted & Francis Remix) – Empire Of The Sun vi@haizee (reblip)
Stay19 Retina – Ellen Allien & Apparat<><>
Stay19 Permanent yesterday – Yasushi Yoshida<><> lovely. just lovely. shooting stars comes to mind.
Stay19 Bring It On (Stanton Warriors Remix) – Goose<><> come on now ! really though . move.
Stay19 Baleen Morning – Balmorhea<><> ...because the shades are down and something is calling me...that violin..shhhh piano guitar ...moments all the momen
Stay19 The Winter – Balmorhea<><>
Stay19 Stops – Nathan Fake<><>
Stay19 Permanent yesterday – Yasushi Yoshida<><> lovely. just lovely. shooting stars comes to mind. (reblip)
Stay19 Sozinho – Gui Boratto<><>
Stay19 Take My Breath Away – Gui Boratto<><>
Stay19 Mr. Decay – Gui Boratto<><> all sounds count. magic 2 my ears 4sure.
Stay19 Mango – Sascha Funke<><>
Stay19 Route – Maps and Diagrams<><>idm
Stay19 Ocean of Noise – Monolake<><> smash. dig it.
Stay19 Captured(Sebastian Brandt Remix) – Under Sun vs. Signum<><>
Stay19 sean_tyas_-_one_more_night_out<><>


| play
Stay19 Forever More – Moloko<><>
Stay19 cool to see Glasvegas blip. nice, very nice ! @Natasharock <><>
Stay19 Piano Keys (DJ Redshirt Minimalist Mix) – DJ Redshirt<><> (reblip)
Stay19 Climbing Up The Walls (Sneaker Pimps Remix) – Radiohead<><>
Stay19 In White Rooms – Booka Shade<><>
Stay19 Overpowered – Roisin Murphy<><>
Stay19 Never Let Me Down Again – Sylvain Chauveau<><> my heart is there. I am taking a ride with my best friend. I hope.....I'll try . I am.
Stay19 Cinématographe 1 – Sylvain Chauveau<><> perfect. i'll stop here. don't move. thats the shot. never move. i'll get that perfect shot. i see it. shhh
Stay19 FM (Marsen Jules Remix) – Junior Boys<><>
Stay19 7 Minutes (Patrick Wolf Remix) – Circlesquare<><>
Stay19 Ghost Under Rocks (Passion Pit Mix) – Ra Ra Riot<><>
Stay19 Polynomial-C – Aphex Twin<><> vi@DJBen (reblip)
Stay19 Circlesquare- Sub Reminisce (Deeper)<><>Love this cat.

Circlesquare- Sub Reminisce (Deeper)

| play
Stay19 05-la linea del horizonte – Bosques de mi Mente<><>lovelySmash.
Stay19 12-cientosetenta segundos en el pasado parte 3 – Bosques de mi Mente<><>
Stay19 The Tide – Noisia<><>

NoisiaThe Tide

| play
Stay19 @durablepants I Believe In Your Victory – This Will Destroy You
Stay19 Pokerface (Lies In Disguise Remix) – The Toxic Avenger<><>
Stay19 Thats when you lose yourself for a minute or two. <><>
Stay19 rancho relaxo (original mix) – anja schneider & sebo k<><> solid vi@anjuscha (reblip)
Stay19 Lancelot Von Camelot (Barem Remix) – Pan-Pot<><>
Stay19 My Friend Dario – Vitalic<><> move.
Stay19 Code Eternity – Asura<><>
Stay19 Jeniferever – Alvik<><>
Stay19 Jeniferever - A Ghost In The Corner Of Your Eye<><>

Jeniferever - A Ghost In The Corner Of Your Eye

| play
Stay19 Peter Broderick – Atlantic<><> far too melancholy for the AM . i will have to change that rather suddenly. shhh.feel it.
Stay19 Lali Puna – Nin-Com-Pop<><>
Oldies Jazz Juice – Marra Bossa
Stay19 The Almost – Amazing Because It Is<><> Underoath lead singer.
Stay19 Trying to add to the BLIP catalog here. Excellent. <><> Is your love really love...Unless its love to the end.


| play
Stay19 Bringing it now. <><>If there was no way into God, I would never have laid in this grave of a body for so long.
Stay19 Dash Berlin Feat. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Man On The Run<><> A top jam for sure.
Stay19 buids and flies and swallows every emotion and lands me somewhere up the guitar as it builds...<><>..
Stay19 You come down from heaven and wrap me in your wings..and it makes me feel loved again. This is my fav by them. Just uploaded it @curatEar <><>
Stay19 Cinematic Sunrise – You Told Me You Loved Me<><>
Stay19 Lali Puna – Nin-Com-Pop<><>
Stay19 David Crowder Band – Obsession<><> Great Delirious? tune that Crowder does acoustic. ..
Stay19 Everyday Sunday – Find Me Tonight<><>
Stay19 Trentemoller – Miss You (Pole Remix)<><> lushSmasH.
Stay19 Do Make Say Think – A Tender History In Rust<><>
Stay19 Get well soon – I Sold My Hands for Food So Please Feed Me<><>
Stay19 Shh I'm NOT crying. repeat. Just uploaded this beautiful piece. What a stunning beauty LATIKA is ! Powerful flick no question. I feel blessed. (reblip)
Stay19 Beth Gibbons & Rustin' Man – Mysteries<><> vi@shehasagun (reblip)
Stay19 Royksopp – Triumphant<><> lovely one . Partake and enjoy !
Stay19 Don Nino & Sylvain Chauveau – dominoes (Syd Barrett)<><>
Stay19 get well soon – born slippy nuxx<><>smashJam. love this cover. my continue severe obsession with all electronica concerns me..and I'm sober. MyBrain (reblip)
Stay19 Plumb - Damaged | vi@zegim <><> (reblip)


| play
Stay19 nathan fake – a1 dinamo (dominik eulberg remix)<><>
Stay19 Seamus Haji – Angels Of Love (Seamus Haji Big Love Mix)<><>
Stay19 Wavespan – Piano In Slow Motion<><>
Stay19 Move your FEET...bringing it. you know. i can't stop it. Move. <><>
Stay19 Somebody tell me know HOW to work things out ? <><>
Stay19 <><>...SHE alwayssssssss wears BLUEEEEEEE .
Stay19 Chromeo – Fancy Footwork (Crookers Remix)<><> 2 step. 2 step. jamStyleSmasH.
Stay19 Armin Van Buuren – Sail<><>
Stay19 Safetysuit – Gone Away<><> My favorite song right now. Had to get it on here. Deep stuff. Truly beautiful and they are virtual unknowns. ..shhhh
Stay19 Hooverphonic – Circles<><>
Stay19 The world keep much can you take before you SNAP ! How much can U take ....SnAP!<><>
Stay19 Port-Royal – Roliga Timmen (Longing Machines)<><>
Stay19 amazing stuff. wanted the original on here. perfect sounds. ..waiting for an earthquake...when the buses are electric..<><>
Stay19 Bitcrush – Every Ghost Has It's Spectre<><> snap!SmasH.
Stay19 right on ! @Casualty . great blip man. cheers. <><> (reblip)
Stay19 owning it on your blips @Casualty . love your whole page man ! mad love .<><> for what its worth i don't throw out replies much! (reblip)
Stay19 Popnoname – Crack<><>


| play
Stay19 mint – asunder<><>


| play
Stay19 Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker – Dream of the nightmare<><>
Stay19 Jesse Rose & Oliver $ – Wake Up<><>
Stay19 The Chemical Brothers – Do It Again (Audion House Arrest mix)<><>
Stay19 @RadioFreeIllinois Ok, so I have an insanely addictive personality. 24/7 anything music tis true. Restraint is difficult. All the Luv!! (reblip)
Stay19 sewn – lucid<><>


| play
Stay19 Dj Kentaro – Free (original instrumental)<><>
Stay19 One Self – Bluebird<><>
Stay19 The Walkmen – Red Moon<><> Opening for the KOL show I'll be at in San Franny. nice.
Stay19 MINT – Keijis Dream<><>
Stay19 oh such a great cure tune. JUPITER CRASH. haven't listened to this one for awhile. amazing tune by an amazing band.<><>


| play
Stay19 Cloud Cult – May Your Hearts Stay Strong<><>
Stay19 Teenager – Alone Again (ft. Ladyhawke)<><> vi@Casualty (reblip)
Stay19 Art Bleek – Euphorized<><>
Stay19 Purple Crush – Busy Boys (Jens Fokking Remix)<><>
Stay19 The Daysleepers – Tiger In the Sea<><>
Stay19 Secret Shine – Grey Skies<><>
Stay19 Ane Brun & Tobias Fröberg – Love and Misery<><> vi@28apple_chic (reblip)
Stay19 Ben Woods – Taking Small Steps Pt.1<><>
Stay19 lackluster – reach<><>
Stay19 Brothomstate - Whind


| play
Stay19 esem – a sound of halo<><> smasHsytle. crzy beautiful.
Stay19 Matthew Good Band – Running For Home<><> A remarkable song that needed to be on BLIP. enjoy. ..I saw your face before it changed.
Stay19 The Promise Ring – All of My Everything<><> It's been a minute since I listened to this classic. Smashness.
Stay19 Loscil – Sickbay<><>


| play
Stay19 Arovane – Tokyo Ghost Stories<><>
Stay19 Stay (Faraway, So Close!) – U2<><> (reblip)
Stay19 Bruce Springsteen – Secret Garden<><> one of my favs <><> vi@KathysArt (reblip)
Stay19 <><>little girl have I told you how you light up my life.
Stay19 <><> lovely. had to get it uploaded. surprised it wasn't. cheers.
Stay19 Dash Berlin Feat. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Man On The Run<><> A top jam for sure. (reblip)
Stay19 <><> to much to say. to much to explain. enough said.
Stay19 Secret Shine – Grey Skies<><> (reblip)
Stay19 <><>the voice in the room. the fire. sounds. steps. move. sing my love<><>
Stay19 Pokerface (Lies In Disguise Remix) – The Toxic Avenger<><> (reblip)
Stay19 <><>Grace Jones – Williams Blood (Aeroplane Remix)
Stay19 Guided By Voices – Hold On Hope<><> excellent vi@redroulettes (reblip)
Stay19 what a song. what a song. never gets old. man does he make you feel every word.<><>
Stay19 The Apartments – Things You'll Keep<><> vi@unpopular (reblip)
Stay19 I knew I could find you here...stare at the sign for hours<><> this is a feeble last attempt to take care of this mess.

The Rise Of Science - Just Like The Wright Bros.

| play
Stay19 GREAT tune . Can't believe this wasn't uploaded yet. What a trip. <><> All your twisted thoughts freeFlow...
Stay19 because its aching and I can't seem to shake this feeling in my gut. 15 years walking in the forest ,deeper deeper. only 7 months out. not easy.
Stay19 One of my fav bands of the last several years. Simply stunning. <><>
Stay19 hips hips your lips your hips right in front of me...<><>smash.
Stay19 Tegan And Sara – Wake Up Exhausted<><>
Stay19 The Passive Resistance – 9000 ft. Circumflux<><>
Stay19 <><>

airlock - symptomatic - 04 - before the summertime

| play
Stay19 Beauty's Confusion – Whirlwind<><>
Stay19 Black Kids – Im not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you (The Twelves Remix)<><> vi@kellymurphylee (reblip)
Stay19 Tegan & Sara – I Take All the Blame<><>
Stay19 Tegan and Sara – Where Did The Good Go<><>
Stay19 PNAU – Baby (Breakbot Remix)<><> smokinSmasH
Stay19 Swod – Paintage<><>


| play
Stay19 Aalto – Rush (Super8 vs. Orkidea Remix)<><>
Stay19 Pati Yang <><> because its hot.


| play
Stay19 Deaf Center – Fog Animal<><>
Stay19 Elegi – Despotiets Vesen<><>
Stay19 Marsen Jules – Couer Saignant<><>
Stay19 Thunderheist – Jerk It (Nasty Nav Remix)<><>handle it.
Stay19 Plaid – This City is Hell<><>
Stay19 Treasure Fingers – Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)<><>
Stay19 Thunderheist – Bubblegum (Wax Romeo Mix)<><>
Stay19 buids and flies and swallows every emotion and lands me somewhere up the guitar as it builds...<><>.. (reblip)
Stay19 Smith and Pledger – Northern Lights<><>
Stay19 Vineyard UK – Breathe<><>
Stay19 Metric – Help I'm Alive (acoustic)<><> vi@code402b (reblip)
Stay19 Markus Schulz Vs Chakra – I Am<><>
Stay19 The Murmurs – Genius<><>
Stay19 Nathan Fake - Curvs<><>


| play
Stay19 M83 – Coloring The Void<><>
Stay19 The Gentle People – •The Gentle People - Groovin, With You<><> stellar! @kaaeyl (reblip)
Stay19 Boy Is Fiction – If You Hear Me Fall<><>idm
Stay19 everything is right in this moment<><> what a jam.
Stay19 Subheim – Ybe 76<><>something of beauty.

SubheimYbe 76

| play
Stay19 The Postmarks – OX4<><>
Stay19 Kraftwerk – Autobahn<><>
Stay19 La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Mix)<><>
Stay19 ~ Matthew Robert Cooper ~ – miniature 3<><>ambient,piano
Stay19 Message To Bears – Found You And You're Safe<><>far away or inside there where peace stays ...
Stay19 Message To Bears – Plane Over Evening Sky<><>shh
Stay19 The Six Parts Seven – Saving Words For Making Sense<><>beautiful beautiful smash. no doubt.
Stay19 Matthew Robert Cooper – Miniature 7<><>amazing. especially if you love Eluvium since he is Eluvium. Excellent.
Stay19 William Orbit ft Beth Orton / Robjn – Water From A Vine Leaf (Robjn Remix)<><> vi@muttnik (reblip)
Stay19 The Foals – Electric Bloom (The 9000 mix)<><>
Stay19 Tiga – The Ballad Of Sexor<><>
Stay19 The Cloud Room – Blue Monday (New Order Cover)<><> @sxsw
Stay19 Oceansize – Music for A Nurse<><>
Stay19 Oceansize – Savant<><>
Stay19 My Brightest Diamond – Inside A Boy<><>
Stay19 Arovane – Tokyo Ghost Stories<><>
Stay19 Floorfillers 08 – One Eye Shut (Buzz Junkies Mix)<><>
Stay19 <><>I was runnin out of trouble...and chelsea burns under my feet. (reblip)
Stay19 @The_Kraken thnx ! I am in the good ole bay area and it is exactly 8:17a.m. .<><> (reblip)


| play
Stay19 Arovane – Tokyo Ghost Stories<><> between the'll find it. its blinding. it will take time. thinker.
Stay19 Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns (Swen Weber Remix)<><>
Stay19 Jem – Yellow - (Coldplay Cover)<><> (reblip)
Stay19 Portishead – Roads<><>
Stay19 Robin Guthrie – Monument<><>beauty.
Stay19 Mogwai – R U Still in 2 It?<><>
Stay19 Sia – Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)<><> Feel it SmasH.
Stay19 LOVEBUGS – Broken Smile<><>
Stay19 Sigur Ros and mob deep <><>untitled.


| play
Stay19 Ronski Speed feat. Aruna – All The Way (Jonas Steur Remix)<><>
Stay19 Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso – 555 (Original Mix)<><>
Stay19 Meck feat. Dino – Feels Like Home (Marco V Radio Edit)<><>
Stay19 please don't turn out that light there's colors in back of my eye<><>
Stay19 @penfabulous great blip. awesome blips all over ! U rock. just noticed the ole 500badge is swiftly approaching . SweeeetSmasH!!<><> (reblip)
Stay19 I watched you sleepin don't know this now, but theres some things that need to be said<><>
Stay19 Yello – Oh Yeah oh' six (Booka Shade Remix)<><>
Stay19 Fever Ray – If I Had a Heart (Familjen remix)<><>
Stay19 Kate Havnevik – Kaleidoscope<><>
Stay19 The Chemical Brothers – Life Is Sweet (Daft Punk Remix)<><>
Stay19 @Flower sultry. sexy. SmasH. nice!!! (reblip)


| play
Stay19 <><>I just 2 stare into the snowfields...
Stay19 Smolik – A Million Cheap Tricks (Feat. Maya Singh)<><>
Stay19 Smolik – Cye (Feat. Kasia Kurzewska)<><>chillout vibes everywhere.
Stay19 Xploding Plastix – The Cave In Proper<><>
Stay19 O + S – o-s-do-what-we-want<><> excellent blip ! vi@CoSlive (reblip)
Stay19 Bell X1 – Light Catches Your Face <><>love it. vi@jennawhere (reblip)
Stay19 Santiago Nino - Reset A Life (Neuroscience Deep)<><>

Santiago Nino - Reset A Life (Neuroscience Deep)

| play
Stay19 Mattafix – 555<><>


| play
Stay19 Gimikk – Sister Moon<><>StellarSmash! Excellent Blip! vi@picknick (reblip)
Stay19 Modeselektor feat. Sasha Perera – Silikon<><>
Stay19 Paul Keeley (feat. Andrew Spence) – Slick & Slim<><> vi@djilo (reblip)
Stay19 From Monument To Masses – Deafening<><> cheers! vi@theblackenedair (reblip)
Stay19 Tiga and Mateo Murphy – Fools Gold<><>
Stay19 DJ Eremit – Tanz Der Seele (Original Mix)<><>
Stay19 Eric Prydz pres Pryda – Shadows<><>
Stay19 Musetta – Nicotine<><>SmasH.
Stay19 Grouper – Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping<><>
Stay19 Infected Mushroom – Cities of the future<><>
Stay19 Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner – Sky And Sand<><>SmasH! vi@pappwixe (reblip)
Stay19 Faunts – Of Nature<><>
Stay19 Grizzly Bear + Feist – Service Bell<><>
Stay19 Lydia – This Is Twice Now<><>I've been unwell for far to long now.
Stay19 DM Stith – Around the Lion Legs<><>
Stay19 Cloud Cult – Chemicals Collide<><> @julierthanyou Right on! Glad you like 'em ! Cheers ! (reblip)
Stay19 OceanLab – Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix)<><>
Stay19 The Killers meets The Postal Service – Mr. Brightside in Such Great Heights (Sonix Rework)<><>
Stay19 @nelbelstar NO question 1 of the best albums of 08. UR the 1st person besides myself that I have seen blip them!Stellar! Seeing em again end of May! (reblip)
Stay19 My Latest Novel – Dragonhide<><>
Stay19 This album by Santi is insane <><> SmasH all around !
Stay19 My name is Anne, I got a plan<><> oooooohhh


| play
Stay19 Hey eh eh...<><>eh eh. Make some sense to MEeee<><>
Stay19 Ticon – Models On Cocaine<><>
Stay19 ....its in your lips...come on...i finally have your attention..shhhh<><>
Stay19 don't get hooked<><> close to the heart. thinker.
Stay19 Death Cab For Cutie – Passenger Seat<><>and one of my favs @nelbelstar cheers!
Stay19 the wind is marvelous today. the sun and that birch tree in the distance. enter piano and I'm floating. ...<><>
Stay19 Efficacious – Soundtrack To A Love Life<><> @pbriggsiam This was the one vi@28apple_chic Cheers again . (reblip)
Stay19 @pbriggsiam Great one ! You and @MeeJong have nailed my two fav Blips of the week, oh and @28apple_chic had this stellar one. Cheers 2 all <><> (reblip)
Stay19 @penfabulous Thanks again for this one. I love "Don't Let them see you cry" & "Colly Strings" from their '06 album "I'm like a virgin losing a child" (reblip)
Stay19 KYTE – Boundaries<><>


| play
Stay19 Thursday – In Silence<><> vi@tiffsplaylist Cheers! (reblip)
DownLow in the mood to hear this version at the moment @hetty4christ @DJstromer19 @NicLizD
Stay19 Lulu Rouge – Bless You (Feat. Mikael Simpson)<><>
Stay19 Thursday - In Silence <>amazing<> Album Thursday/Envy (split)

In Silence

| play
Stay19 Cirrus – Boomerang<><>
Stay19 Tommy Trash – Slide (Sta Remix)<><>
Stay19 Meat Beat Manifesto – Helter Skelter '97<><>
Stay19 Husky Rescue – New Light of Tomorrow<><>Oh the fragility. Luscious! vi@lorangil Stellar Blip. (reblip)
Stay19 Phoenix - 04 - Love For Granted<><>had to get this beauty on blip. couldn't find it. <><>

Phoenix - 04 - Love For Granted

| play
Stay19 Bat For Lashes – Moon And Moon<><>
Stay19 Riceboy Sleeps – Happiness<><>
Stay19 The Answering Machine – Lightbulbs (James Yuill Remix)<><>
Stay19 Modeselektor – The White Flash ft. Thom Yorke (Trentemøller Remix)<><>
Stay19 Magnificent SmasH right here <><>the euphoria rises...Cheers.
Stay19 Theophilus London – Ultra Violet<><>
Stay19 THE BLACK GHOST – Face (Switch Remix)<><>
Stay19 Bloc Party - Signs (Armand Van Helden remix)<><>
Stay19 James Yorkston – Woozy With Cider (Jon Hopkins Remix)<><>
Stay19 Booka Shade – Night Falls<><>
Stay19 Sound Tribe Sector 9 – Possibilities Remix (Collective Efforts)<><>Stellar! vi@Maddywithawhy Diggin your name...w/ a WHY of course. Cheers. (reblip)
Stay19 Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls - Trentemolller Remix<><> vi@Corts Excellent. Trentemoller is the man ! Cheers. (reblip)
Stay19 Moderat – A New Error<><>

ModeratA New Error

| play
Stay19 Kaskade – Wink of An Eye feat. Becky Jean Williams [ + Lyrics }<><> vi@smoothjazzz Diggin your Blips. Cheers. (reblip)