choconancy @schau FABULOUS version of Say A Little Prayer. I could even be inspired to vacume the house with this beat! (reblip)


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StonyTunes KEEP UP WITH THIS - snatched from @bronwenhyde - SAFRI DUO
lausen Mad about you - Hooverphonic... inspired by @StonyTunes
StonyTunes Two to Tango - As the day fades away - Vanessa Daou - inspired by @sheryonstone (reblip)
StonyTunes Get Into the Groove - Madonna Remix

Track 4

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themomofoz Do filme Music and Lyrics - a melhor música pseudo anos 80.
StonyTunes You Are The - Crown of Creation – Jefferson Airplane
StonyTunes I Want To Know What Love Is - Take A Little Time - Foreigner
StonyTunes SEXY EYES - Dr Hook

0606 - Dr. Hook - Sexy Eyes

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StonyTunes R U - Human On The Inside – Divinyls
StonyTunes Sultans of Swing – Fleetwood Mac - U Feel Alright when U hear the Music Playn
StonyTunes Anti Love Song – Betty Davis - Cya Blippers - bin Fun as Usual - Play On :-)
liamvickery Thanks @GR8FL - Obama: Higher Ground (GR8FL) – Usher, Stevie Wonder & Shakira - We Are One Concert 18-Jan-2009 (reblip)
chicklitgurrl 7th song on list - just like that Rihanna flipped her style on this one; she's good at doing whatever, whenever.
StonyTunes Eternal Flame – Atomic Kitten - call my name
VictoriaFabiola @StonyTunes ... I dont know what did you think, But this son is awesome :D
natalichka @DJBen well i am happiness about the prop generosity! ^_^
VictoriaFabiola @StonyTunes Caught up - Usher

Caught up - Usher

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VictoriaFabiola @StonyTunes TheOrb-LittleFluffyClouds (reblip)


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VictoriaFabiola @StonyTunes Clumsy – Fergie and yes I have twitter, do you have??


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VictoriaFabiola @StonyTunes How can I help you!! In a minute Ill be follow You! XD
VictoriaFabiola @StonyTunes Hey There Delilah – Plain White T's awesome..!! XD
VictoriaFabiola @StonyTunes this is really cute...someone's watching over me – hilary duff
StonyTunes @Vickydu02 - EASY DOES IT - Supertramp - if my thoughts had wings
StonyTunes @Vickydu02 - THE WAY YOU DREAM - 1 Giant Leap - soothing for you
StonyTunes @Vickydu02 - WHATEVER WILL BE - Vanessa Hudgens - U will learn to say
StonyTunes @Vickydu02 - WISHING WELL - Terence Trent D-Arby - for a special friend
StonyTunes GIMME ALL YOUR LOVIN - ZZ TOP - that's all from me folks - thnq U All for makin it such FUN - Play On - BE HAPPY :-)
sheryonstone ♥ 14th Feb ♥ ♥ ♥ 24~hour non-stop blipping. Just open your heart
liamvickery DJ Mangoo - Eurodancer | Bit of Euro techers for you guys :) (reblip)

DJ Mangoo - Eurodancer

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sheryonstone @Osmyn~I ♥ this song. On a day like today I would just turn it up anyway. ♥ (reblip)
liamvickery Let's do it! DJ Matt Hite - Tone Loc vs. 20 Fingers - Lick It Wild (DJ Matt Hite Bootleg Mix)
LYRIC It's always the sweetest thing...
StonyTunes ROCK THE CRADLE OF LOVE - Billy Idol - bin Fun as usual Blipsters - Thnq U All - Be Happy - Rock On :-)
choconancy A song about chocolate -- my kinda music!
lausen Whatever makes you happy - Powderfinger
lausen Maybe I'm amazed - Paul McCartney and Wings
lausen Last blip: Sweetness - Yes


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sheryonstone rb@ladypn~I don't mind you venting if you don't mind me venting :D (reblip)
sandraew I've Got The Music In Me!

21 (medley) I've Got The Music In Me - Kiki Dee

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Gypsylyn let's take a ride on the.....Love Rollercoaster@tresatresa Good One! (reblip)
De_Ann yeyyy!@Flying_Roundhouse The Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Lovin ~ A two-shot of Spencer Davis ~ delish! (reblip)
chicklitgurrl One of my fave poems by one of my fave writers...
lausen My Ideal - Art Tatum and His Orchestra... para que vean que del chocolate hay vuelta atrás =)
lausen Sweet Johnny Hartman: These Foolish things
lausen Body and soul - Benny Goodman
lausen Sweet and lovely - Thelonious Monk
lausen In a sentimental mood - John Coltrane
lausen Embraceable You - Wynton Marsalis
lausen Rhapsody in blue - Gershwin... simply AMAZING!
lausen Another one by Gershwin: He loves and she loves - Sarah Vaughan
XeroGravity i heard this last week and it's STILL stuck in my head??
StonyTunes Not Wrong There Hahaha - Hey,'s a cheeky one from the land down under (reblip)
shibari Duncan Sheik – She Runs Away
Killaya I'd sell my soul, my self esteem a dollar at a time, for one chance, one kiss, one taste of you my Black Madonna... *melts*
Desiree Everything's going to be better than OK, just you wait and see.
prinsesaa Teach me how to love, show me the way to surrender my love.
Marta_FT @shootingstar Fantastic!! that's swing :-) I can't stop my feet!! (reblip)
lilylauren More on the tarantino playlist this lazy saturday arvo

Shivaree - Kill Bill Volume 2 - Goodnight Moon

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lilylauren "oh, how your bubble's gonna burst when you meet another nurse she'll be driving in a hearse "
VictoriaFabiola Guru Josh Project – Infinity @StunyTunes En definitiva esto es lo mío ; )
StonyTunes SUPERSTYLIN' - Groove Armada - @Vickydu02

01 - groove armada - superstylin

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natalichka oooooh..... love this track..... tell me if you want me too...
flairandsquare i can't stand the rain... against my window...
Cler I'm easy... easy like sunday morning....


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DesertLily 'Muito boas as suas aulas de música árabe'@Diordan Essas são Paquistaneses(lembra te falei da musica Qawalli do Paquistão?) Nusrat era Paquistanê (reblip)
mgere too long since blipping. this is for my birthday, yo.
knitta Jeff Buckley - Everybody Here Wants You


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Fraueva Fell in love with a boy! ... my left brain knows ALL OF LOVE is fleeting! :P
De_Ann I love this song!!! @Gaz50 I feel it in my fingers, i feel it in my toes ... (reblip)

The Troggs, Love Is All Around

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trynne The greatest travelling song ever.
natalichka there is something wrong. and there is something right.
heavenlyhands Always a good time for Unicorn power

01 Not A Love Song

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forcin αтℓαηтα янутнм ѕє¢тιση – ι αм ѕσ ιηтσ уσυ
kalisana Hipsters, get your groove on with this cool track!
StonyTunes BALANCE OF MIND - PEACE OF MIND - Leon Thomas - Hi SisStar @i_Dea
StonyTunes SWEET SURRENDER - TO LOVE - Tim Buckley
StonyTunes SWEET SURRENDER - TO LOVE - Tim Buckley - BlipFM Ning - C U There - (reblip)
lilylauren "Oh I lie here in the wet patch In the middle of the bed I'm feeling pretty damn hard done by I spent ages giving head"
bendrix U all have made blip super easy for me this morning blipN all the GR8 music. I feel special :) => rb@steno @lub @BohemianChick @threebears @klitoria (reblip)
MissMarian @Undiluted brilliance from Swedish wunderkind Montt Mardie. One of my favorite songs to reference "Breakfast At Tiffany's" ever... absolutly!! (reblip)
NancyClaeys @Krimzen @Gypsylyn Ladies, hate to duck out on ya, but I gotta go...........Have fun on the trip & do something wicked for me! LOL *not a problem* (reblip)
crowjane @mixhelle sez:many of our women are becoming lesbians. lol.~preacher asked:Well~if U don't need no man~what's left~err~finger? well~It knows da' spot (reblip)
StonyTunes GET UP STAND UP 1, 2 STEP FIZZLE - Ciara 'n' Missy

Stellar Project vs. Ciara ft. Missy Elliott - Get Up Stand Up 1 2 Step (POMATIC's Mash Mix)

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Deejam This is fun! Gotta listen! I love Rock N Roll! Cool Remix. (don't know why it lists all of the names past Joan Jett, they aren't on there)
EarCandy good vibrations . reminds me of Make Love by Daft Punk... (reblip)
StonyTunes ~ START ALL OVER FOR A ~ NEW BEGINNING ~ Tracy Chapman
RockItRadio very cooool sound to it.. (reblip)
LYRIC And now, a little sexxxiness... ;) courtesy of @Jacidbazz (reblip)
StonyTunes ~ UNDER ~ Pyramidiacs ~ going for a walkabout ~ will be back like a boomerang
StonyTunes ♫ RB @feguedes - don't know why they named this Mist - reckon Gusty or Gutsy wooda bin betta (reblip)
MissMarian i have to... sleep. thanks for all the wonderfull Music! Good Nite.
CLARITY ahhhh ive been looking for this on blip for so long!!! if you have a broken heart, listen to this.
StonyTunes ~ MY LOVE IS TOO MUCH ~ Vanessa Daou
djflavinha Reblip @crispast I have never heard this one!Thaaaanks dear! (reblip)
SusanCunningham I dig this new single from Dave Matthews Band - Funny the Way It Is
StonyTunes ~ IN THE END ~ Kat Deluna ~


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penq A very beautiful song,,
StonyTunes ~ I FEEL FOR YOU ~ Chaka Khan ;-)


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mistressmia @mattyzee does that mean you are creepy or I am creepy? which reminds me of my fav. sexertary video! #casualsexfriday
LaBelladiva_ yeah!! why not . . . :-) @Violetd19: "from Rage against the machine to Toni Braxton... why not?" (reblip)
sylfmc a psychedelic vclip... can you feel it!!!

jackson 5 can you feel it

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StonyTunes ~ FEEEL UP FEEL UP ~ Gracie Jones
StonyTunes ~ R U READY FOR LOVE ~ India Arie

India Arie - Ready For Love

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psychedout Heart - All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You
Fluter tks@StonyTunes "Well u want my heart And all my time Well it won't be there if u can't deal with my mind Cause a girl like me Won't stand for less" (reblip)
StonyTunes RB @Goofy @Earthflakes "Who is she ? The wife of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy married Feb 08 ~ she was an Italian model - top singer too ;-) (reblip)
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