ThaRocker Let's go back to the 80's with the Hoodoos (what did you expect, Wang Chung?)
ThaRocker Yo La Tengo has great taste in furniture.
ThaRocker Way too early for slow songs - ThaRocker ain't no Pretender (cuz they won't let me)
ThaRocker Try this one - the other file gets a SUCKOUT (that's not a ROCKOUT)
ThaRocker If you can't listen to New Order, listen to this...
ThaRocker Track of the day - Bloc Party Ion Square
ThaRocker Overplayed? Maybe. 22 years later, still perfect. Cure. Heaven.
ThaRocker Little further off Main Street in 88. Camouflage.

02 - Camouflage - Love Is A Shield

| play
ThaRocker The Google Map-mobile's theme song. Go-Betweens. Streets Of Your Town.
ThaRocker In honor of finally beating this on Expert in GHIII - can't believe it's been over 20 yrs. Metallica One


| play
ThaRocker Information Society asked the question in 1988. Twitter gave us a way to answer. This concludes your 1988 journey. Now go watch Back to the Future.

Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)

| play
ThaRocker LP or 8-Track? Cassette or CD? Blueray or HDDVD? Sirius or XM? Nope - VHS or Beta.
ThaRocker Hives. You Got It All... Wrong. Maybe it applies.
ThaRocker Henrietta we got no flowers for you!
ThaRocker Rodrigo y Gabriela Tamacun. If you love strings and haven't heard it, you must listen!
ThaRocker It's mainstream but I don't care. I like what I like and I like Regina.
ThaRocker Ending it on a slow dance as always - gotta split before you spoil Trump for us west coasters...
ThaRocker Send me your Alternative Dance requests....Primal Scream
ThaRocker sleepy time for real now - last one - Alphaville
ThaRocker Track of the Day! Kaiser Chiefs. Never Miss A Beat.
ThaRocker @jimmysmithtrain Who doesn't remember BBD - Poison? Take us back to the classic clubbin' days!
ThaRocker Why do Beavis & Butthead have to rip Stewart a new one every day just for loving Winger? Oh, this is why...
ThaRocker Finishing off the Buttrock party strong - Smokin' In The Boys Room!
ThaRocker This one goes out to @WILLOWdotLIFE who wants more buttrock.
ThaRocker Some say buttrock, I say highest quality 80's hair metal. Scorpions for @holetothev
ThaRocker Best hair metal a.k.a. buttrock song of all time IMHO
ThaRocker More from 84 - Turn Up The Radio - Autograph
ThaRocker There's old skool, and then there's old school, and then there's originators, and they learned from these guys
ThaRocker Last track for now - let's make it about a girl..
ThaRocker Almost forgot the Track of the Day - Shiny Toy Guns - Ricochet
ThaRocker @whiskeyrose7 People, keep on learnin'...
ThaRocker Gotta go "prepare" for Deadliest Catch. I don't know why I put quotes around it. That just means sitting in a pink chair (nutha story)
ThaRocker Tonight's theme - Electronica! It's the music that I choose. Na Na Na Na Naaaahhh
ThaRocker Was 1996 the peak of dance music? Robert Miles Children (of course the Dream Version). Seven minutes of heaven.
ThaRocker I bid you goodnight - enjoy emo friends...
ThaRocker Track of the Day. The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age Of The Understatement.
ThaRocker Let's spend some time in 1970. Doors Roadhouse Blues.
ThaRocker Back to 1970 - Black Sabbath
ThaRocker Ahhhhhhh this song always makes me smile.
ThaRocker @mrsrambohall It's a great morning - this one's for you...
ThaRocker @NotoriousMUG don't trip, don't slip, don't drip, don't whip, don't strip, don't give no lip, just blip.
ThaRocker All I wanna do is take your money...
ThaRocker everybody..........GITT OUTT! Party's Ova! Leave. Go. Now. Ok, after this groove. l8r
ThaRocker @mrsrambohall You know you really want it! There's no foolin' me...
ThaRocker @NotoriousMUG I see your Chamillionaire and raise you a Gym Class Heroes...
ThaRocker THE BLIP DANCE. NYC Track 2. Asobi Seksu. Glacially.
ThaRocker @Redrobinrockn the hardcore version if you're still standing...
ThaRocker You can't stop 140BPM - you can only hope to contain it - contain this VH
ThaRocker Gotta go - here's one last 140BPM beauty for tha road...Cult SSS
ThaRocker Track of the Day. Ingrid Michaelson Be OK.
ThaRocker DMB Too Much 4 @dustinjmcclure @Redrobinrockn and crazy Jeff Wood who has been to 100+ DMB shows!
ThaRocker This song is not a rebel song!
ThaRocker 30 minutes of DEF JAM classics starts now - Let tha boyz b boyz!


| play
ThaRocker Theze guyz monkey will kick George Michael's monkey's poop-throwin ass!
ThaRocker Bring the Pain. Yeah! BRING IT! YEAH! OK, pull it back just a little.
ThaRocker Y is Def Jam Def Jam? They r Y.

Public-Enemy_Night_Of_The_Living Baseheads

| play
ThaRocker Def Jam bonus track - Oran Juice Jones
ThaRocker @joefoe it's all good - take this journey
ThaRocker @cmykay fu g la bonus 4ya

06)fugees - fu gee la

| play
ThaRocker @Redrobinrockn sorry about all tha f-bombs in that last set!
ThaRocker Last 1 4 now. I Want You To Want Me...

Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me

| play
ThaRocker THE BLIP DANCE. Corpus Christi Track 1. Larry Norman. I Am The Six O'Clock News.
ThaRocker THE BLIP DANCE. Corpus Christi Track 2. Reverend Horton Heat. I Can't Surf.
ThaRocker As I walk thru tha valley.............
ThaRocker De La Soul from Tommy Boy Records.
ThaRocker Last 1 - Hold on..............I've got SOUL but I'm NOT a soldier!
ThaRocker Chris Isaak. Wicked Game. Stockton #1.
ThaRocker Pavement. All My Friends. Stockton #2.
ThaRocker The Bangles. Walk Like An Egyptian. LA #3.
ThaRocker Grant Lee Phillips. Love My Way. Stockton #3.
ThaRocker Chubby Checker. The Twist. Blip Dance - Philly #2.
ThaRocker Cinderella. Don't Know What You've Got. Blip Dance - Philly #3.
ThaRocker DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime. Blip Dance - Philly #4.
ThaRocker Underoath. Reinventing Your Exit. Blip Dance - Tampa #4. Philly vs. Tampa voting ends at 11:55 EST.
ThaRocker Just a regular guy buyin' my bones off tha rack like everybody else!
ThaRocker In honor of swyne flew, here'z tha Germs.
ThaRocker Bum Bum Bum Ba Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Ba Bum Bum I Feel Free
ThaRocker Thx @whiskeyrose7 @Redrobinrockn Don't go 'round tonite ... there's a bad moon on the rise
ThaRocker "I can see you're looking and I really really want you to!" Hi @crashleylee
ThaRocker Seattle music scene pick tonight - Ladytron, The Faint, The Crocodiles at Showbox SODO.
ThaRocker Makes me want to get in the car and drive...
ThaRocker This next set is so dreamy....
ThaRocker Morrissey, Marr, et al - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
ThaRocker Crowded House Don't Dream It's Over. Sorry (or thankfully), it is, gotta go.
ThaRocker Track of the Day, in honor of #hoppusday - blink-182 Carousel.
ThaRocker Morrissey. Everyday Is Like Sunday.
ThaRocker Gotta break tha Sunday theme to RB this classic. @2fast4u one of my fav OB songs (reblip)
ThaRocker Best 1986 song ever? Best New Order song ever? Best dance song ever? Best song? Ever? Bizarre
ThaRocker Alice Cooper - School's Out. BLIP DANCE - Detroit #1 - top props city advances!
ThaRocker @joefoe made me do it - here u go...
ThaRocker You Are The Best Thing 4 all tha blipsters
ThaRocker Track of the Day. Clem Snide - Beard Of Bees. #musicmonday
ThaRocker Jimmy Eat World - Pain. BLIP DANCE Mesa/Tempe #1.
ThaRocker AC/DC Skies On Fire @mrsrambohall @rambohall @NotoriousMUG @MrRocknRoll
ThaRocker 90 miles an hour, girl is the...speed I drive
ThaRocker This one's for all the Seattle-area tweeps...
ThaRocker Hello @TraceyArcari @traveleverywher @romancedoc @xlnation @kyleprier @aamovers @SebastienPage @terrancecharles

2 Unlimited - Get Ready for this

| play
ThaRocker Another slow dance for all the romantic-like-types out there. (If you're so romantic, why are u here?)
ThaRocker 21 hours of awakeness = weird Rocker. Time to crash.
ThaRocker Track of the Day. Kathleen Edwards - I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory
ThaRocker Good evening - lots of Cars out there...

Gary NumanCars

| play
ThaRocker Groove is in their hearts... @Bettaboo @tanyanoel @mrsrambohall @terrancecharles
ThaRocker A Lighter Shade of Brown - On a Sunday Afternoon. BLIP DANCE - Riverside #2.
ThaRocker Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. BLIP DANCE - San Diego #3. (If you're true you'll last all 17 minutes.)
ThaRocker PWT's Hey There Delilah - What's it like in New York City?
ThaRocker Test to see if I am the Seinfeld alternate universe of @swilbert1 - Stones Not Fade Away
ThaRocker g'night...The Cure - One More Time
ThaRocker 4 months early but here's Earth Wind & Fire 4 @romancedoc
ThaRocker He's big and bad, he practices voodoo, he sings for @whiskeyrose7

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - You Me And The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight

| play
ThaRocker The Cure for @adamsconsulting and all my #ff friends
ThaRocker John Mellencamp for @Redrobinrockn and all tha rebel rockers out there.
ThaRocker Gotta GO to work - PJ, take us out.

Pearl JamGo

| play
ThaRocker Pretenders triple-play starts Back on the Chain Gang
ThaRocker Wrapping up Pretenders triple-play with my fav 4 @Bettaboo
ThaRocker 90's club mix begins with 2 Unlimited No Limit
ThaRocker M/A/R/R/S ... needs ... women ... 1987 but in all tha clubz in tha 90's
ThaRocker The Art of Noise - Instruments Of Darkness 1991
ThaRocker Bizarre Inc Playing With Knives 1992
ThaRocker Katie Melua - Nine Million Bicycles
ThaRocker Sub Pop Tribute - The Postal Service
ThaRocker Sub Pop Tribute - The Rapture
ThaRocker Sub Pop Tribute - Rogue Wave
ThaRocker Sub Pop Tribute Part 2 begins with Blitzen Trapper
ThaRocker Closing out the Sub Pop Tribute with Flight Of The Conchords.
ThaRocker Earl Hooker - Frog Hop. You can't go wrong with frogs.
ThaRocker That reminds me - here's my favorite "frog" song - Doors
ThaRocker Gotta go make 10 Dollar - l8r
ThaRocker Love - Alone Again Or - 4 @rnBetty
ThaRocker You know what time it is... time for The Deadliest Catch theme song.
ThaRocker CH-CH-CH-CH-CH-CH-CHerry Bomb!
ThaRocker Clapton - Cocaine 4 @whiskeyrose7 (this implies nothing!)
ThaRocker Track of the Day. Foals - Cassius.
ThaRocker @raisedbyclowns I feel so much better! Here's a musical present 4 u.
ThaRocker Betty Carter 4 @JJLaBarbera thx 4 tha @ff
ThaRocker Get #FF FFFunky with @Mattynabib and The Big Wu

The Big Wu50:1

| play
ThaRocker If ya wanna Tear the Roof Off the Sucker, ya need ta #ff @Redrobinrockn thx 4 tha non-stop luvin
ThaRocker 182 show - who else remembers the warped tour?
ThaRocker Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down - 4 @3xasif and all the DC fans
ThaRocker @whiskeyrose7 takin' a break from the fast stuff just 4 u
ThaRocker gotta go check out a movie - here's some sum to hold ya ova
ThaRocker The artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince. I think that makes him Prince again.
ThaRocker Track of the Day. The Bird and the Bee - Polite Dance Song.
ThaRocker #musicmonday Track of the Day - J.J. Cale - Fonda-Lina.
ThaRocker 'mornin' all - Dire Straits 4 @rnBetty and everyone else who's ready for Monday!
ThaRocker Lily Allen Knock 'Em Out 4 @JJLaBarbera @Bettaboo
ThaRocker Blippin' some Beethoven - sorta - 4 @teambudd1 & all tha rock-n-rollers
ThaRocker Screaming Trees 4 @swilbert1 and all the ex- (or current) flannel-wearin' Northwesterners
ThaRocker Charlie Daniels Band 4 @txponygirl and my fiddler friend (as in concert violinist) HMBC.
ThaRocker Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeahs Honeybear
ThaRocker Track of the Day. Neko Case - People Got a Lotta Nerve.
ThaRocker 80's Hardcore - it's not for everyone...this is what we rocked to when u "rocked" Phil Collins - BLACK FLAG
ThaRocker THE most famous hardcore band - DK - California Uber Alles
ThaRocker Husker Du - Something I Learned Today
ThaRocker Surf Punks - MY BEACH

Surf Punks My Beach Live 1980 Urgh! A Music War

| play
ThaRocker 99 Red Balloons HARDCORE from 7 Seconds

7 Seconds -- 99 Red Balloons (studio recording)

| play
ThaRocker Locking up the HARDCORE vault with Suicidal Tendencies - I Saw Your Mommy...

Suicidal Tendencies- I Saw Your Mommy

| play
ThaRocker Prince Rogers Nelson - 3121


| play
ThaRocker Hey @NotoriousMUG - this one too - in tha GH Zone - might be a little loopy at work tomorrow...
ThaRocker Thx 4 tha shouts @john_lafemina @whiskeyrose7 @Jasonvaugh @tanyanoel @swilbert1 @mrsrambohall
ThaRocker Track of the Day. Morrissey - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris.
ThaRocker Talking Heads '77 - Don't Worry About The Government
ThaRocker Morrissey rewind to 84 for @Bettaboo and the happily depressed
ThaRocker @NotoriousMUG slept in til 6:30 - vacation is awesome!

Jeff Beck & Imogen Heap-Rollin' And Tumblin'

| play
ThaRocker The Prince of Darkness gets Saturday Night Fever (or swine flu?). Worst-Cover-EVER? Or your new favorite song?
ThaRocker Ok wavers, rockers, preps & punks - come together and get your snarl on!
ThaRocker Kirsty MacColl - Mambo de la Luna

Mambo de la Luna

| play
ThaRocker Thx 4 the shouts @MissJAW @NotoriousMUG @MsDINK @shannoncherry @teambudd1 @nbetts - removing headphones - power off.
ThaRocker These tweets are twip twop - they'll never bring you down - @txponygirl @squeakmouse73 @ogjtrum @rnBetty
ThaRocker Clapton ... I been tryin' all night long just ta talk to u
ThaRocker Played this recently but can't do uptempo blues without it... Come On In!
ThaRocker Finishin' the blues set with the legend himself - Muddy Waters - Got My Mojo Working
ThaRocker Supertramp 4 @txponygirl and all tha dreamerz
ThaRocker Track of the Day. Los Campesinos! We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed.
ThaRocker Bowie Mercury & Co - Under Pressure. P.S. #followfriday @EcoChic @Sparty1216
ThaRocker SOO


| play
ThaRocker Track of the Day. Kaiser Chiefs - Good Days Bad Days.
ThaRocker This one's 4 @Bettaboo 's new avatar (and also 4 1-note rhythm guitar master @NotoriousMUG )
ThaRocker Hey Tullyites, I'm coming back to work today! I'll be gentle if you will...


| play
ThaRocker This song is dedicated to @RamboHall courtesy of @mrsrambohall - Jimi - Stone Free!
ThaRocker Word 2 @whiskeyrose7 @labelladiva and @kbstewartjr - Spoon The Underdog - no, don't spoon me! No touching.
ThaRocker Hey @talkingbeans - Tuesday's Gone, Thursday's next - yup, skipped Wednesday again...
ThaRocker Hi @Redrobinrockn - a little Jefferson Airplane 4 u - sorta


| play
ThaRocker Prince. No, no, different Prince. Yeah, "Prince". Easy Does It.
ThaRocker OK everybody - let's KICK OUT THE JAMS with @TrainWreckRadio and @patchlogan !!!

Billy Idol Cradle of love

| play
ThaRocker Take all of my music except New Order Low-Life and I'll be just fine. Later.
ThaRocker Track of the Day. Love Is All - Last Choice.

Love is All Last Choice

| play
ThaRocker Like Stevie Say - Everything's Alright! Let's do this - off 2 earn some cash...
ThaRocker Talking Heads - Take Me To The River 4 @whiskeyrose7 - from Stop Making Sense, a top 10 all-time live album.
ThaRocker Planet Rock/Don't Stop Believin' mashup for @wednesdayzchild and all tha 80z rulerz.

Don't Stop Believin' In Planet Rock (Journey vs. Afrika Bambaataa)

| play
ThaRocker Rotten & Vicious - This one's 4 @whiskeyrose7 - there is no reason why...
ThaRocker I just love bread. I mean, I'm a huge fan of bread. I like eating bread to this song.
ThaRocker Close eyes...Fingers in ears...LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA
ThaRocker ...have I told you lately that I love you? l8r tweeps bleeps creeps and dweeps - wrrrrkin in T-Town 2day.
ThaRocker Ok Seattle Tully's crazies, I'm coming to stores today. Don't worry, @raisedbyclowns is driving.
ThaRocker Gary Numan - I'm An Agent

Gary Numan I'm an agent

| play
ThaRocker Track of the Day - Matt & Kim - Daylight
ThaRocker Ramones doin' Surfin' Safari especially 4 @celsbels

Ramones-Surfin Safari (Audio Only)

| play
ThaRocker OK @NotoriousMUG @ogjtrum - gettin' hyped for tomorrow's all-staff meeting with Eddie & crew
ThaRocker Just looked in the Attic - no Toys but a lot of bugs...

Aerosmith-Toys in The Attic

| play
ThaRocker Do I have Looks That Kill? No. Mame? No. Wound. No. Looks That Momentarily Stun? Possibly, due to the sportcoat.
ThaRocker Diggin' in the vault one last time - Deep Purple - @john_lafemina and the real rockers know more than the chorus
ThaRocker Everything's Magic - like when you sleep and then you're not tired - 'nite dudes dudettes & dudesters
ThaRocker Track of the Day - Glasvegas - Geraldine
ThaRocker -Heads- I Zimbra 4 @Mtii and the pre-80 TH fans
ThaRocker Rancid 4 @T_DeBarros and the vision... tell your sista and your brotha
ThaRocker Yo @NotoriousMUG - gotcher ref to tha Ham - a Tully's in tha big B? Now That's Incentive to head North!
ThaRocker Screaming Trees - word to @JODYGIRL162 - thx for tha muth luv bone
ThaRocker Thx 2 T_DeBarros & @whiskeyrose7 - you're ANIMALS - boom boom boom boom!
ThaRocker Planet Claire 4 @miss_b and anyone who rocked the b52 doo in 79
ThaRocker Hey @whiskeyrose7 - what r u doin' up this late? Sorry, this won't help u sleep...BRMC
ThaRocker Everyone remember, don't run with scissor sisters. @digitpt thx 4 tha proppage
ThaRocker Bow down to tha Spoonman! Thx @koki 4 proppin
ThaRocker Thx @Atomik - 1 more from Athens - REM These Days
ThaRocker Scorpions - Blackout - sendin' a rockout to @TrainWreckRadio
ThaRocker Hey @TrainWreckRadio - it means you'll appreciate this track - I've still got the vinyl!
ThaRocker No @Flying_Roundhouse - your avatar can clearly kick my avatar's thinly veiled ass! - I don't even have tha $50...
ThaRocker Please don't hit me but I must blip Death 2 Los Campesinos yet again!
ThaRocker Hey @QUEENRO thx 4 sending me on a magic carpet ride with tha prop luv
ThaRocker Hi @teambudd1 - too busy to tweet for awhile but now I'm back in the saddle - at least for a couple of days...
ThaRocker Must move from little room 2 bigger room - l8r tweattle & tworld.
ThaRocker Micranots 4 @NotoriousMUG - ...makin' up escape routes...
ThaRocker Good Noise 2 @hotsports @ncfcog @fstop22 @RadioSRQ @viralmarketmom (((Let tha good times roll)))
ThaRocker Question: Do The Decemberists go into hybernation in July? Just wondering...
ThaRocker Sebadoh - It's All You @NotoriousMUG @eMocha @joefoe pre-she-ate ya handlin' tha superslam in coffeeland
ThaRocker "Oh the snot has caked against my pants" - one of the greatest first lines of a song ever.
ThaRocker Doors LA Woman. Leaving tha grid - out.
ThaRocker Track of the Day - Deerhunter - Little Kids
ThaRocker Green Day at KeyArena tonight - watch out for scalpers...
ThaRocker Janis Joplin - Try

Janis Joplin- Try (just a little bit harder)

| play
ThaRocker Have a good time today - It's Alright! l8r twitterfishes
ThaRocker One Day As A Lion - Ocean View - l8r blipmaster funksters & twittich punksters
ThaRocker Track of the Day - Peter Cincotti - Angel Town.
ThaRocker Hi @Redrobinrockn - thx 4 tha toonz - nothing but Blue Skies here...

bt and tori amos blue skies

| play
ThaRocker My Sharona - switched up and all salty
ThaRocker Daft Punk - Robot Rock/Oh Yeah 4 tha dub clubberz
ThaRocker Track of the Day - Jim Noir - On a Different Shelf.
ThaRocker CASH (Settle down Twammers, this isn't another way to make quagzillions from home...just Johnny)

Johnny CashRowboat

| play
ThaRocker Gotta sneak in 1 more AC/DC 4 @megturnr - to me it makes good good sense...
ThaRocker Survived the boat cruise - didn't drink but can't stand up straight - weird. Here's some AC/DC 4 @BecauseUAreHere