Thaiangel tear to wash away all hurtful stains

Roy OrbisonCrying

| play
Thaiangel totally ! when the truth hurts and lies worse..
Thaiangel beautiful :)

Twilight Soundtrack[Flightless Bird, American Mouth]

| play
Thaiangel You never know how much you hurt me , stay a minute ,can't you see..

Simply RedStars

| play
Thaiangel I never needed you for judgement ..I never needed you to tell me what to spend..Listen to me.I DONT WANT YOU !! nothing left to say.I already spoken..
Thaiangel I kinda perfer this acoustic version ..yap.
Thaiangel when I'm alone with only dream of you that won't come true..what'll I do..
Thaiangel Echoes Silence Patience and Grace ; all of these moments I'll never replace ..

Foo FightersHome

| play
Thaiangel you don't want me ,you don't love me ..that was kill me.
Thaiangel very nice song thx @dcychan: "@djblip: Bella Wagner – It's all over now baby blue" (reblip)
Thaiangel been looking for this tune, now found it :) thx Q ..rb>@alexsolo9 (reblip)
Thaiangel one ofmy fav' piece:) rb>@playalongjon: ""I'll take it gently for a while ! .. and do yourself a favour in the process @sir_edward_ross:" (reblip)

Ludwig van Beethoven Pathetique 3rd Movement

| play
Thaiangel I like this also , thx rb >@edullima: "rb@Nani1982: "Linda música.... "" (reblip)
Thaiangel :)@Fortharrison:WOW one of my alltime favs, you have great charachter,and ur hot @Thaiangel Wish I were there again simply heaven Tuscany.Besame Mucho (reblip)

Andrea Bocelli "Besame Mucho" Live on stage in Tuscany

| play
Thaiangel Awesome !

Depeche Mode The Sun and the Rainfall 2008

| play
Thaiangel umm..always love your pick ,all gr8 :) thx hun..@scorpionkiss: "@Thaiangel thanks sweetie..." (reblip)
Thaiangel no more prob to give to you :)this also a must rb :@scorpionkiss..Thx sugar..keep rolling in :) (reblip)
Thaiangel so sweet ..keep for raincheck tonite:) thx>@dcychan:@Thaiangel :"One of my fav songs by Billy Joel, goodnite its past 2am now. have to work tomorrow (reblip)
Thaiangel 2 thumbs up :) bravo it already thx so much :)> (hit me more )@tedleew: "@Thaiangel Justin Nozuka "After Tonight" live version" (reblip)

Justin Nozuka "After Tonight"

| play
Thaiangel Like?Love her!we'll keep this 4 us:)super beautiful @tedleew:@Thaiangel Sara Bareilles hope u like her too. I dont just play these for everyone ;) (reblip)

Sara Bareilles "Gravity"

| play
Thaiangel rb with in no time :) so fab' @tedleew: "@Thaiangel Sara Bareilles City" > may be more and more ? (reblip)

Sara Bareilles City

| play
Thaiangel just fantastic ! I'll be damn ... thx Q santa' :)>@tedleew: "@Thaiangel "Fairytale" – Sara Bareilles" (reblip)
tedleew @Thaiangel So Close Jon Mclaughlin

So Close Jon Mclaughlin

| play
Thaiangel Bravo :) how u found it ? luv both of them & went for concert both of them :)>@tedleew: "@Thaiangel Tell Me All About It – Laura Fygi & Michael Franks (reblip)
Thaiangel hey :)>@fxp123: "ThxHi @Thaiangel: "A must rb :) just happen to luv Sarah thx >@Edainsmom: "Did love make you leave? Sarah McLachlan~~Fallen""" (reblip)

Sarah McLachlanFallen

| play
Thaiangel Time to say good nite..the beautiful lullaby for me :) and advance 4 y'all...muahh..

sleep well with this music..good night (for you Ocean)

| play
Thaiangel I tried to RB earlier but said I couldn't so I Blip myself as it 's a must blip thxQ @docthomson..
Thaiangel oh :) my fav' at all time nice blip thx Q > rb @busylizzy: "Chicago- Colour My World- "Live" 1977" (reblip)

Chicago- Colour My World- "Live" 1977

| play
Thaiangel all of ur blip just...ummm@bendrix: @Thaiangel @CynDyn – He leads them to the magic kingdom – This is the sound of their wonderment" (reblip)


| play
Thaiangel u fullfill me>@bendrix: {NEWSFLASH}@driczz "♥Afterlife"!!! - news sources report she heard this track & drifted into a 2 week euphoric meditation.. (reblip)
Thaiangel He's awesome "Hans Zimmer"nice to rb>@mitrovix: "Nemam teksta, pogodila si me, iz korena menjam mišljenje o tebi,RBx1000, props x 1.000.000@Sladja" (reblip)

HungerHans Zimmer

| play
Thaiangel continue for Hans Zimmer.. The way of Sword..
Thaiangel my lullaby tonight starting...with Beethoven and my fav' Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata

| play
Thaiangel I'm floating...

Bach Under The Stars: Air on the G String

| play
Thaiangel and now my William Joseph and his Leningard fr. Album Beyond
Thaiangel damn ! a must rb thxQ> @devlps: "@starlingpoet: "RB @gpharley: "@elinejv: "Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues (Live) - RB vi @gpharley Thank You!"""" (reblip)
Thaiangel good song deserve this :)> rb @giesebrecht: "Happy friday ;)) @0_0: "The Blower's Daughter"" (reblip)
Thaiangel you're giving me nothing but shattered dreams !
Thaiangel this one go to YOU all :) too many DJs to mention..I take this to Thank you all .and the Reason YOU !! muahh...

Hoobastank The Reason

| play
Thaiangel OST / Hannibal :" Vide Cor Meum" Hans Zimmer

HannibalVide Cor Meum

| play
Thaiangel so Who are you ???? I really want to know !!! super cool tune..
Thaiangel ....................................................
Thaiangel Here s come the time " Divano" ..:Era


| play
Thaiangel so appropreate ! me calling sick with cold & sore throat ! Yes ,indeed..>> "In Repair " thxQ @harmony60: " (reblip)

John MayerIn Repair

| play
Thaiangel yeah a little beat before i check out fr here...

michael buble-sway

| play
Thaiangel one of my fav' piece of George M.:) yeah different " Different Corner " >@TidyCat - - would u agree?

George Michael A Different Corner.

| play
Thaiangel one of my fav' ,beautiful lyric..return to u :) hope u like " The Rose " @Dancer12 @ TidyCat @ktp107 @shawnystar @ harmony60 @FlashAndFilm @matriax
Thaiangel ummm....

Melissa Manchester--La Vie En Rose

| play
Thaiangel Its too late to hesitate..!! Tempation...

Heaven 17Temptation

| play

Melissa Manchester--La Vie En Rose

| play
Thaiangel pick this tune to say Hello :)2 Y' was ringing in my head all day " I miss U"...
Thaiangel oh am so happy i found this one:) share with @TidyCat
Thaiangel preparing myself to bed..tomorrow working..

Clementine: Pink Martini

| play
Thaiangel Good Evening " Asia" let the night begin..

Alex NeriAsia

| play
Thaiangel awesome:)when you in need of love they give you care and attention..Friends !
Thaiangel So what! if I'm cooking , drinking , typing and bliping at the same time !
Thaiangel speechless..

Kitaro- Silk Road

| play
Thaiangel chilling after dinner...

AirCe Matin La

| play
Thaiangel must be Kitaro... Extravaganza !!


| play
Thaiangel back to back Kitaro ..Excellent !!


| play
Thaiangel simply a must blip.. " Caravan."


| play
Thaiangel Isn't it just beautiful ?


| play
Thaiangel It's really over !! I'm gonna find another you.Period !

John Mayer "I'm Gonna Find Another You"

| play
Thaiangel It's you make your face just like a wall.. (reblip)
Thaiangel Here I am.. with big smiling face :))@TidyCat: "send me an angel! oh - look - someone did! (^_~) @Thaiangel" (reblip)
Thaiangel just happen to like coffee ,may I ? rb@playalongjon: "Perhaps we can discuss the forth coming vacation to ibiza over a cup coffee ! @trinaunz" (reblip)
Thaiangel with no hesitate a must rb :)>@BohlianSunshine: "@patita: "a great video, a great guitar, a great song :D:D:D"" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You 1973

| play
Thaiangel must be ready to bed soon ..bumm bumm @TidyCat

The MarcelsBlue Moon

| play
sheryonstone your face is all around me, your keys are in my hand....
Thaiangel I can keep ur shhhhh :)lovely tune> luv it 2 >@Time2Burn: "Shhh Don't tell anyone i love this song lol @candy156sweet: "Lonestar – Amazed"" (reblip)


| play
Thaiangel hi ya fr..passion Bangkok ,I know you need some :)>@ktp107 @iReignMusic @artboycraig @ EFR56 @johnrod @amphore @Time2Burn @starlingpoet @Matraix

Rod StewartPassion

| play
Thaiangel As time goes by.. another week pass by...
Thaiangel super cool yaaa..:) you rock hun> i can skip dinner no prob' >@dcychan: "Chris Cornell feat. Chester Bennington – Hunger Strike " (reblip)
Thaiangel oh my !! never knew of this b4 ...muahhhhh@dcychan: "Motley Crue feat. Chester Bennington – Home Sweet Home " (reblip)
Thaiangel been there , done that :) about time to zzzzzzzzz so u can take this night ! @dcychan @TidyCat @iReignMusic @alexbecker @akuji @sir_edward_ross

Black LabThis Night

| play
Thaiangel All best wishes from Bangkok to all great blipstars >> sometime we are "Glad to be Unhappy" Luv this :) kiss
Thaiangel then you must " Prove to Me" @ tedleew

Prove To Me-written and sung by ebonyangel7

| play
Thaiangel good nite @BakingMan but have some "Dream about me " too ok?

MobyDream About Me

| play
Thaiangel good piece nice...thxQ rb>@pcsketch: "@nicklove01: "@SDUBB my fav sade trk, nice choice ♥" >>>lov this" (reblip)

SadeKiss Of Life

| play
Thaiangel Phuket is Sea of Love @artboycraig :)

Robert Plant & Jimmy Page-Sea Of Love

| play
Thaiangel together we rebuild... Home sweet home...**Super !!!!
Thaiangel F**K you very very much ..please do not stay in touch !
Thaiangel yess its sat'night dammit ! this is for you :) @iReignMusic

Stream of Passion ~ Pain ~

| play
Thaiangel sweet :) thxQ >@rerkaizen: "Thaiangel I move in direction of work but music keeps bringing me back. still, my good intentions don't produce work. (reblip)


| play
Thaiangel good morning:) steal this from >>:)@Coffeenuts: ""Gary Wright – Dream Weaver":@wild_divine:" (reblip)
Thaiangel lol just about to blip this myself but lol here we go>luv it:)@THEORDEROFEARTH: "THX @starlingpoet: "Beyonce – Irreplaceable"" (reblip)
Thaiangel sweet blips:)>@DJAudi420: "At least I tried - you gonna tell me what you said? I'll beg if I have 2 Thaiangel" (reblip)

Moby At least we tried

| play
Thaiangel wooowww 3 times tonite :> super bang! @devlps: "Pink Martini – Let's Never Stop Falling in Love" >@TidyCat + @iReignMusic -- task is done !! haha (reblip)
Thaiangel umm so can I take as my lullaby ? :)@dcychan: "Nice find, new to me.. RB @CynDyn: Michael Bolton & Kenny G – Missing You Now " (reblip)
Thaiangel almost time to say good night :) 1.12 am now ..

Diana KrallWalk On By

| play
Thaiangel good night everyone ..I'm signing off and have " The very thought of you " with me tonight .. kissssss

The Very Thought Of You

| play
Thaiangel great !! I see blips has change into beta yes ? cool :) ccccc changeeessss !!! muahh..

david bowiechanges

| play
Thaiangel Have a good nite then @Model_Daughters :)

Whisky Lullaby

| play
Thaiangel great blips of all time:) lol yea lets help promote us>thxQ:)@ShiaoMei: "'s1 of my all time favs!!! ..enjoyyyy! @----)-- " (reblip)

One Night in Bangkok (CHESS) Murray Head

| play
Thaiangel umm...what you like to just perfect tune in perfect mood :)@chiron08: "✪ " < simply nagnificent > (reblip)


| play
Thaiangel hello ..good stuff :) thxQ@fxp123: "@cipytweet: "FOR THE GROOVE IN YOU @0_0 @Bubbly3! :-)" KIm Waters (reblip)
Thaiangel Baby....may be I see you this time next year...don't cry.. The Show is over ..
Thaiangel yeah my 3rd "Change " today .. but hun don't you worry I wouldn't change my world with you you...
Thaiangel the reason is this :) you know what i like to hear now ,nice blips luv it :0)>@SpyroKeet: "@Thaiangel thx for the add!" (reblip)
Thaiangel yeah indeed , so listen again..:)@TidyCat: "nice choice rb ; Thaiangel: (reblip)
Thaiangel Damn, my works all getting late due , totally I blame on .. it is my Fist Bad Habbit !!! goes to all of you who feel same lol..

Vanessa Hudgens- First Bad Habbit

| play
Thaiangel Hello good afternoon fr. Bangkok <<" City Love"and thxQ back to >>>@harmony60: ":-))thanks to~>Thaiangel (reblip)

City LoveJohn Mayer

| play
Thaiangel Good afternoon .. umm nice blips ..I like :o)>>@mitrovix: "Mornin˙...Thaiangel (reblip)

Chris Impellitteri-Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Rockaholic

| play
Flying_Roundhouse Chris Rea : On The Beach ~ Rb @LeftofCenter000 ~ delicious (reblip)

Chris Rea : On The Beach

| play
mitrovix Great,RB@Thaiangel: "ummm good blips lol yeah got no choice and I so don't care :o))>@mizhelena: "deal with it "" (reblip)

Apocalyptica I Don't Care Ft. Adam Gontier

| play
Thaiangel Never get bored 4 sweet tune :o)->thxQ luv@broadwayg: "Never too busy 4 these awesome DJs..@DaLady@nicklove01@Thaiangelof course..U have my attention" (reblip)
Thaiangel Have u ever never blips non-awesome one? luv it ( as always )But..why Green ?? muahh:)>@chiron08: "✪ good morning @Thaiangel (reblip)

MicrobunnyGreen Stars

| play
Thaiangel What would I do with you :)->>>@chiron08: "✪ " <<<muahhh.. (reblip)


| play
Thaiangel umm..nice blips and no argue for that :)thxQ:)>@powerhealths: "*❤* I Am Who I Am *❤* (reblip)
Thaiangel Speechless ..hope you have a very good night..kiss จุ๊บ จุ๊บ @TidyCat นอนหลับฝันดีนะจ๊ะ
Thaiangel beauiful blips ..luv Ryuichi RedbullCat oops lol>>kisss@TidyCat: "@Thaiangel thanks, sweets - i blame the Red Bull (^_~) *sigh* sleep ... *muah* " (reblip)
Dancer12 @Bighit15: "@shellartistree I love the pics in this one! Don't just listen. " (reblip)


| play
Thaiangel umm 2 words > U2 or Always ?? )>>@TidyCat: "@Thaiangel i guess i could add two words ..." <<<muahh (reblip)


| play
Thaiangel is should be some where or no where ?:)>>kissss...@chiron08: "✪ "<< any where , any way just simply luv it.. (reblip)
Thaiangel Wonder where I left my heart ....

JULIE LONDON I Left My Heart I San Francisco

| play
Thaiangel Baby...I dont want to say good night
Thaiangel signing off with this sweet tune as " Dedicated to you " thank you and good night from rainny Bangkok all ..... kisssss...
Thaiangel so lets Cheris Friday :)--->>@Model_Daughters: "Sade – Cherish The Day rb@Thaiangel" (reblip)
Thaiangel very nice blip .. like it much thxQ :) yap let the sunshine ( actually setting here 5.54PM bangkok time :)-->>@EFR56: @Thaiangel (reblip)

Sainkho Namtchylak: Let The Sunshine

| play
Thaiangel sweet :) but the prob is me= big lost :)thxQ muahh--->>@EFR56: "Jens Lekman – A Little Lost @Thaiangel" (reblip)
Thaiangel As always:)==>>I do !!;))--}@Model_Daughters: "of course @Thaiangel, you got it baby, i hope you'll remember // Cock Robin - The Promise You Made" (reblip)
Thaiangel thxQ---:) good one indeed -->>@Dancer12: "TYs,Hugs!! @starlingpoet@Thaiangel (reblip)

Natalie Grant- Our Hope Endures

| play
Thaiangel just walk on by baby... walk on by..
Thaiangel awesome pick baby--:)@amphore: "Malia / Billie Holiday – Solitude" (reblip)
Thaiangel นางฟ้าของแมว----:)@TidyCat: "天使、私はあなたの猫の午前 Thaiangel มะลักวิเศษ<-(ไม่เข้าใจ)=^..^= "<<คิดถึงแมวน่ารักมากที่สุดในโลก (reblip)
Thaiangel the 3rd time when everybody 's asking about you , I wanted to screem ! everybody's here is living with somebody and I wanted to leave !
Thaiangel tuely sadly .. it is a wild world ---:) thxQ much--@0_0: "Wild World @Thaiangel " (reblip)

Shahin & Sepehr remix of Cat Stevens' "Wild World"

| play
Thaiangel preparing myself for busy monday...They come from the sky...

Garageband Original song They Come from the Sky

| play
Thaiangel *sigh..sometime.... all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you...
Thaiangel I sure would , I'm gonna find another you !!
Thaiangel how about another moment:)@Morfan: "Thaiangel: "this one is Moments in love --:)@DJC2: "Love and skating. Cheers 2 >Thaiangel>-----> pass 2 @kiddo84"" (reblip)
Thaiangel lets here some beautiful blue balad ..
Thaiangel I'm telling myself every damn day..let it sinks with my thought tonite !

You Gotta BeDes'ree

| play
Thaiangel In the sentimental mood..on the wings of every kiss..I can call you..mine* sigh..


| play
Thaiangel I dont know where's the day you spend..your lovers or your friends..all I do..I think of you
Thaiangel beautiful blips --:) thxQ->@0_0: "Amanda " (reblip)

Aisha DuoAmanda

| play
Thaiangel simply beautiful..perfect for my pre-good nite song..muahh:))-> @0_0: "Love Will Find a Way.... " (reblip)
Thaiangel signing off with "Your secret love " thanks for wonderful time to you all .. good night..kissssss

Richard Elliot「Your Secret Love」

| play
Thaiangel never thought of get away from my RB , u know that-:)muahhh>> :@0_0: "R.S.V P" (reblip)

R.S.V P. by Boney James and Rick Braun

| play
Thaiangel lol you try to challenge me? no way:)rb>>@0_0: "My Love" (reblip)
Thaiangel with all the pleasure :) yea quite easy-:)>>thxQ>>@0_0: "Easy Does It... TY @Thaiangel :)) " (reblip)

Easy Does It- Oli Silk

| play
Thaiangel this is Paradise Blips :)>>@0_0: "Paradise Cove" (reblip)

Paradise Cove Bobby Lyle

| play
Thaiangel keep coming Morning 3 4 5 6 7 :)>>@0_0: "Come Morning 2" (reblip)

Rocco Ventrella "Come Morning 2"

| play
Thaiangel sweet !@0_0: "The 6 (sax) Pack " (reblip)

The Sax Pack- Jeff Kashiwa, Kim Waters & Steve Cole

| play
Thaiangel I am so dead :)>> thxQ @0_0: " Almost Blue" (reblip)

Chet BakerAlmost blue

| play
Thaiangel yayyy :) me too @0_0: "I'M WAITING FOR YOU " (reblip)
Thaiangel east or west ..all alright with me :)>>@0_0: "Four80East / Eastside " (reblip)


| play
Thaiangel umm baby.. you r melting me :)slowly but surely :)muahh >>@amphore: "Slowly But Surely - Walter Beasley" (reblip)

Slowly But Surely- Walter Beasley

| play
Thaiangel very close than enough :)>>@0_0: "Am I Close Enough " (reblip)
Thaiangel oh I so can go for that :)>>@0_0: "I Can't Go For That" (reblip)
Thaiangel I'm ready :) nice one>>thxQ >@0_0: " Let's Get Lost" (reblip)
Thaiangel wow is one is so boom ! ชอบ มาก มาก มาก จริง>>WonderCat :)@TidyCat: "more more more? {{{{@Thaiangel}}}} {{{{私の天使 }}}} =^..^=" (reblip)

Lalah HathawayMore

| play
Thaiangel wow..พูดไม่ได้ คุณหวานมากจริง จูบแมวไหม KnowingCat :)@TidyCat: "猫は天使が大好きです SweetestAngel {{{{@Thaiangel}}}} =^..^=" (reblip)
Thaiangel คุณแน่ใจ คุณเห็นฉัน ? SeeingCat :)@TidyCat: "1008? (^_~) ฉันไม่รู้มากแต่ ...คุณสวย @Thaiangel =^..^=" what you have eaten แมว ปากหวาน มีไหม (reblip)

Sometimes by Si*Se

| play
devlps La Vie En Rose – Melanie Fiona
Thaiangel thxQ :) another to my Angel's songs collection :) @0_0: "@Thaiangel (reblip)

Angel Eyes ~ Sting Hq Video w/lyrics

| play
Thaiangel confusing mode this evening > luv this ** Wish you were here...

Goo Goo Dolls & Limp Bizkit Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd

| play
Thaiangel Santana blips party @iReignMusic comon (DisappearCat )@TidyCat >> we are going to Vegas !! lets warm up
Thaiangel นางฟ้า คอย แมว @TidyCat: "Thaiangel speaking of meetings - have more now (>_<) but สัญญา? yes, please! =^..^= miss me a little, k? รักมาก 私の天使 รักด้วย (reblip)
Thaiangel yeyy Santana party blip >>pre Vegas with @iReignMusic but @TidyCat not here ...
Thaiangel great minds think alike , just gonna say that lol @iReignMusic: "now you have to come to Vegas w/ us ; ) @rumplemixin: "@Thaiangel @iReignMusic"" (reblip)

Michelle Branch & Santana "The Game of Love" Official Video

| play
Thaiangel i luv this:)>> @iReignMusic: "Sunlight On Water ~ for @rumplemixin (gonna buy us drinks ) @Thaiangel @TidyCat" (reblip)

Santana 'Curacion'

| play
Thaiangel love to wake up with this tune..:)@0_0: "You Are The First, My Last, My Everything" (reblip)

You Are The First, My Last, My Everything (Barry White)

| play
Thaiangel oh thank you so much ;) havn't heard 4 longtime:) >>@dANGELofLOVE: ""My Special Angel" TY/PROPS/REPLIES/RB'S @Thaiangel @harmony60 @Dancer12 " (reblip)
Thaiangel certainly must be in night if this time 4 us ,would b daydreaming ,wouldn't it?:) thxQ ka >>@dcychan: "Hi :) @Thaiangel ~ When I Dream at Night – (reblip)
Thaiangel A -A -A -A you'r Amazing :)


| play
Thaiangel quite sensual ... Desert Rose :)
Thaiangel I'm so glad you're here..I worried about ya..
Thaiangel luv this ..

LykkeLi-i'm good,i'm gone

| play
Thaiangel what can I do ??? I'm so in love with you ..
Thaiangel awesome :) I keep this 4 2nite:)>>@dcychan: "Lullaby 4 @Thaiangel and Goodnite. "Stranger On The Shore – Acker Bilk" " (reblip)
Thaiangel oh well babe (SmartyCat)@TidyCat <<ต้องการทั้งหมด ?หรือต้องการเพียงนางฟ้า <<need concentration in learning :))
Thaiangel lovely:)TGIF of angel :)>>danke:)@0_0: "Angel Eyes / Sting @harmony60@Frauenpower@Thaiangel@kitankhamun@JTMaustin" (reblip)

sting angel eyes

| play
Thaiangel one day he'll come along..the man I love..คุณ รู้ ใคร
Thaiangel I have done lots of things..these foolish things remind me of you ..
Thaiangel I hope he turn out to be someone to watch over me..
Thaiangel I'll be any kind of Valentine..only if you want me to..
Thaiangel I never knew the art of making love...I let my chance goes by..
Thaiangel my bed time.. signing off here .leave.... Sweetness for you... enjoy your time .. kisssssss

Walter Beasley-Sweetness

| play
Thaiangel no prob 4 that but no more damn roller crosster shit ok ?>>kiss>@TidyCat: " Thaiangel close your eyes and trust in me, 天使 =^..^="<<yea yea sure ! (reblip)

BellyTrust in Me

| play
Thaiangel Sir !can I also have in colour HD?@sir_edward_ross: "In Dreams @Thaiangel ... and yes in dreams, you don't have 2 be alone :) even on a Saturday Night (reblip)
Scorpionkiss @Thaiangel What's not to like?Black cats,witches,pumpkins,and parties?lol...

Decyfer Down- Forever With You + lyrics

| play
Thaiangel wait wait ok ok here we go.@iReignMusic: "Thaiangel ~ sing Chester's part.... " (reblip)
Thaiangel yes :) you are so damn right :)--->>@BBlanca: "Laughter is the best medicine!" (reblip)

Dave Koz "You Make Me Smile" feat. Jeff Lorber

| play
Thaiangel signing off tonight with Meditation from Thais - Yo-Yo Ma..thank you for a cool fun and you all .. have a great night .. kissssssss
Thaiangel all I wanted to feel , all I wanted to know.. angel of Mercy !


| play
Thaiangel You can never say never while you're not knowing..
Thaiangel How could you be so...careless..

Amos Lee-Careless

| play
Thaiangel I got the right to be just leave me alone!!
Thaiangel Hey , what's that you say? You're not blaming me for anything..thats great !
Thaiangel Armik ...Isla de Sol

ARMIKIsla de Sol

| play
Thaiangel Here and there..everywhere seems to bring memories of you..
Thaiangel Do you feel what I'm feeling...?

Do You Feel What I'm Feeling?- Warren Hill

| play
Thaiangel this is my summer night's dream..

A Summer Night's Dream-Euge Groove

| play
Thaiangel just call me late tonight..

Call Me Late Tonight- Michael Lington

| play
Thaiangel if I'm not asking too much..Please send me someone to love..

Please, send me someone to love

| play
dcychan Welcome @muzicgirl39 @malveillant thanks for listening! Here's Chris Cornell - Thank You
Thaiangel ahh just heard without seeing nice one :)@dcychan: "RB @tubilino: Radiohead – No Surprises ~ Nice! Thank you v.much" (reblip)
Fortharrison Love this, thx, hope the baby gets better... the script~Live Like We're Dying RB@Tequila_Kitty (reblip)

The Script, Live Like We're Dying(with lyrics)

| play
Thaiangel "Pathetique" Sonata-Adagio / Beethoven

Pathetique Sonata in C minior: Adagio by Beethoven

| play
Thaiangel Prelude Cello Suite No.1 / Bach (Yo-Yo Ma)
Thaiangel Am I wrong trying to hold on to the best thing I ever have !
Thaiangel I have it all as any other fool could see..any other fool but me !
Thaiangel just remember darling.. you belong to me!
Thaiangel may be you have advise to to be insensitive !

Jann ArdenInsensitive

| play
Thaiangel thank you for y'all awesome blipstars:)signing off here and I sing you a love song..a Moonlight Serenade.. good nite..muahh
Thaiangel hello again am good hope u r 2 this one is ok? @iReignMusic @lasmart @devlps @Shanti46 @starlingpoet also @TidyCat <---feel good work good :))
Thaiangel another one then :)enjoy my friends :)@iReignMusic @TidyCat @devlps @scotlandlover @lasmart and any Djs who wil enjoy :))
Thaiangel Violin Concerto "La Primavera" the four seasons / Allegro

Vivaldi-Violin Concerto in E Major 'La Primavera', RV 269 Op. 8 No.1

| play
Thaiangel beautiful...Carnival of the animals ..The Swan / Saint Saens
Thaiangel Time to say good nite and thank you 4 wonderful blipstars...leave you with magic romance violin ..Schumann "Dreaming" kissssss muahh
Thaiangel and this the Real Thing ... promise you that :) thx @rguimaslima @devlps @Dancer12 @broadwayg @harmony60 @TidyCat <<>> muahh

Lisa Stanfield ::: Real Thing

| play
Thaiangel give me one reason ..two reasons ..three reasons...
Thaiangel lets enjoy my fav' instrument :)

Eric Darius ~ Cruisin'( Night On The Town Album)

| play
Thaiangel Out of a dream...ummm..

Out Of A DreamNajee

| play
Thaiangel I find the happiness I seek..
Thaiangel sexy sexy sexy...The girl from Ipanema...

The Girl From Ipanema on Tenor Sax (Antonio Carlos Jobim)

| play
Thaiangel I don't want him..You can have him..*sigh.....
Thaiangel my fav' of all time.. my one and only love..

john coltrane & johnny hartman / "my one and only love"

| play
Thaiangel speak low darling..speak low...
Thaiangel Signing off here,good night to you all with love and kissessss.. Isn't it Romantic..?
Thaiangel I so believe !!! and it is friday .. dammit !

Believe (MJ's After Love Remix)-Cher

| play
Thaiangel chai chai (yes yes ) not Cinderella today @TidyCat..

Bird Thongchai sing Jennifer Kim's song 'Miss you everytime I'm alone' ::: a very nice Thai song

| play
kiddo84 Red Hot Chili Peppers ~ Venice Queen
Thaiangel signing off here with Goodnight kiss for y'all blipstars.. kisssssssss
Thaiangel uh huh ..yea ;)>>thxQ @TidyCat: "i hope was still at least warm? Thaiangel shhh! *kiss*" (reblip)
Thaiangel indeed thxQ :)>>@0_0: "Saxy & Jazzy 4 You .." (reblip)

Jessy J | Tequila Moon

| play
Thaiangel umm..that was ur 2nd rb :-) @rerkaizen < I believe I can make it thru the night...
Thaiangel <<L Z fans:)just like magic..must rb lol thxQ @TheOcean (reblip)

D'yer Mak'er by Led Zeppelin

| play
fxp123 Eric Clapton - Layla

Eric Clapton Layla Original

| play
Thaiangel and yes !!thx Q for making my Sat'nite :)ahhhhh aaarr >>@storylet: "@Hush: "Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song"" (reblip)
Thaiangel may be...may be...may be...I love you..

k.d. langMaybe

| play
Thaiangel without a dream in my heart.... without a love of my own..

Diane ShawBlue Moon

| play
Thaiangel you're mine all the dreams..
Thaiangel kiss me my darling mine tonight..
Thaiangel Hello @TidyCat :) this is your tonite Lullaby .. muahh..:)
Thaiangel omg omg omg :) i got goose bump like? NO! just luv it..thxQ 4 ur kind:)@dcychan: "Hi I think you'll like this @Thaiangel: RB @whiskeyrose7: (reblip)
Thaiangel I'm do it all I can be better !
Thaiangel this 's my day-sweet dreams of anything... thx to >@rerkaizen: "." * umm..his trade-mark again* :) (reblip)
Thaiangel well seems it's more at work :)
Thaiangel one on one ..or may be one on two...
Thaiangel can you see.. everytime you go take a piece of me with you .....
Thaiangel yeah 5 mins after midnight !!
Thaiangel i made up my mind to live in memory ...
Thaiangel I remember.. how you make me want to surrender.. damn your eyes !
Thaiangel I said thing I didn't hear me give me one more chance..
Thaiangel Since you've been gone ... heart aches heart breaks
Thaiangel helloooo... I missed your smile :) and I really love to see you tonite
Thaiangel *luv this * yes's only love !! I don't believe in many thing but you..I do !
Thaiangel I 'm here to stay.. we're in this together 4ever !
Thaiangel Hold me ..thrill me ..then kiss me ...
Thaiangel thank only the lonely can play..ummm>@TidyCat: " – Only the lonely ~ =^;;^= Thaiangel" (reblip)
Thaiangel here it is ..take it as you pleased ..Angel's tears...
Thaiangel G'morning there :) let's have coffee and here me out .. if I ain't The One !

PrinceThe One

| play
Thaiangel awesome ! this how i feel now :) thxQ @fxp123: "Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb" (reblip)
Thaiangel when I think of you I changed into Ms. Blue....
Thaiangel and what i gotta do with Wonder- girl like myself....*wondering...(again)
Thaiangel *sigh....... I wish I were that.. she.....

Elvis CostelloShe

| play
Thaiangel and she so sleepless in Bangkok :)
Thaiangel G'nite you all... this was a another fun night but have to go.....muahh
Thaiangel oh I do like him :) thxQ;---->>>@broadwayg: " "Nite all Luther takin Slo Jamz on out. @Thaiangel (reblip)
Thaiangel reply to @TidyCat <<<It wasn't me !! คุณ เป็น แมว ของ ทุกคน ไม่ใช่ ของฉัน คนเดียว +
Thaiangel totally:)@soulzzz_of_the_knight: "to @guriplus @Thaiangel: "i know he is korean ...?! but in my world music & love have NO borders of any sort (reblip)

Kiss the Rain

| play
Thaiangel it is beautiful really :) thxQ again ...muahh>>@soulzzz_of_the_knight: "to @Thaiangel: " (reblip)

Kiss the Rain

| play
Thaiangel you are here :) and .. you did it again !! @rerkaizen: "." < oh with his trade-mark.. (reblip)
Thaiangel yayyyy.:) big smiling and thank you @rerkaizen: "yes Thaiangel :) .. i'm passing through .. and is nice to see you :)" (reblip)
Thaiangel : may I take this :) @rerkaizen: "take all you know, and say goodbye" (reblip)
Thaiangel being alone with you in Saturday afternoon

ARMIKAlone With You

| play
Thaiangel I am here ...only for your eyes love..

ARMIKFor Your Eyes

| play
Thaiangel life is a your eyes and see...
Thaiangel this is real , this is good... but most of all's build to last...
Thaiangel I can feel you..... I'm a believer ..and I believe in you !
Thaiangel *luv this * as takes two to tango ...
Thaiangel * whisper of the thrill * Deepak Chopra / Madonna... Bittersweet........
Thaiangel hello there :) appreciate your thought as always :-)@broadwayg: "rb@BoChica: " :-)"Mornin babysis.Gonna pass this on @Thaiangel (reblip)
Thaiangel so we know lol muahh :) thxQ ---> @broadwayg: "Kenny Latimore. Thaiangel "So you know...."TY" (reblip)
Thaiangel ohhhh I'm touched :) thxQ for your kind gesture ..same 2 u (hope no rain ) @dcychan: "Lullaby 4U :) @Thaiangel goodnite and have a blessed weekend " (reblip)

Brian Hughes An Angel's Wish

| play
Thaiangel Where ever I go away..I always stay with my love...
Thaiangel flairting with Tequila moon

Jessy JTequila Moon

| play
Thaiangel pass midnight...

Midnight- Darren Rahn

| play
Thaiangel .tell me baby ..can this be real ?
Thaiangel everytime we say good bye...I die a little....

johnny hartman hartman/ev'ry time we say goodbye

| play
Thaiangel I 'm wishing on a star.. I'm wishing on a dream.. oh baby..try to find where you are..
Thaiangel How am I suppose to live without you...

Kenny G & Michael Bolton

| play
Thaiangel when I fall in will be forever...
Thaiangel you took my took my love..... so tenderly...
Thaiangel how i wish i could forget those happy yester years....everything seems to bring the memories of you..
Thaiangel I only know there is no true love .. but I never knew why...
Thaiangel a tear drop kissed your lips and so did I .. ...I will be remembering the shadow of your smile..
Thaiangel if you give me one night just to lay in your arms.. only just one night with you....

Etta JamesOne Night

| play
Thaiangel choose to sign off with Michael Lington and sexy sound of sax' enjoy your day-night... kisssss
Thaiangel G' sunday :) yeah morning coffee party thxQ:--)muahh> @ TidyCat @ katiekapow @starlingpoet @ sir_edward_ross @Gaz50 @MaxVelocity :)
Thaiangel I'm not alone ..dear loneliness ..I forgot that I remember this !

Foo Fighters-Stranger Things Have Happened

| play
Thaiangel I was lost ! crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed..I was lost ! I was scared ..tired n under prepared..but I'll wait for it !

Cold PlayIn My Place

| play
Thaiangel and I missed you , been far away for far too long.. You know.

Nickelback Far Away

| play
Thaiangel tell me..did you sail across the sun? did you make it to the milky way.?. and then you missed me while you're looking for yourself out there....

Train drops of jupiter

| play
Thaiangel I've been looking ..I've been staring down and your love that what I found !
Thaiangel :)) hello SugarCat umm..thxQ @TidyCat: "found a real dream - when i found you ... @Thaiangel good afternoon, 私の天使" (reblip)
Thaiangel if I were you ,.holding the world right in my hands ,the first thing I'd do is thank the stars above..tell the ones I love that I do.. If I were YOU !
Thaiangel you can kiss me on Monday.. Tuesday .any day you said...but never on Sunday coz it's my day of rest :)
Thaiangel and it looks like ... I'll never gonna fall in love again ....
Thaiangel yo girl:) thxQ..muahh u r great :) @iReignMusic: "@Thaiangel - something relaxing 4 U .... : ) RB@blipqwerty" (reblip)
Thaiangel u r so sweet babe..thx for your kind ..luv u :)@iReignMusic: "Eye in the Sky - Alan Parsons Project (cover) ~ another lullaby 4 @Thaiangel : )" (reblip)
Thaiangel hey I luv this song .nice rb @rock2monster: "super-computer-geeks on the way to my house!!!~ otherwise....~"but there is nothing to do with song lol (reblip)
Thaiangel there is nothing I wouldn't do.... to make you feel my love....
Thaiangel and I can't make you love me ,if you don't.... baby you don't love me..

George Michael Unplugged I can t make you love me

| play
Thaiangel If you were me and I was you ..if you have to play my part ..what would you do...
Thaiangel * beautiful * ..... how far we get from just a kiss ...
Thaiangel time for me to say goodnight for now ..choose to signing off with ."....always and forever..." kisssss
Thaiangel just think of millenniums multiplied by eons compounded by time without end ........

Whisper Of A Thrill, Thomas Newman

| play
Thaiangel switch to ** romance mode **

ARMIKGuitar Romance

| play
Thaiangel well .. no use in trying when pieces don't fit any more.....
Thaiangel I spend my time thinking about you ... and it's making me wild >> NO I ain't missing you !
Thaiangel kiss me one last time and tell me how to live my life without you...

Laura Pausini- Without you

| play
Thaiangel Allura / Chris Spheeris. healing my lost soul....
Thaiangel Emmanuel ..

CHRIS BOTTI IN BOSTON | "Emmanuel" w/ Lucia Micarelli | PBS

| play
Thaiangel just a bit tired with damaged wings lol :)sad but nice tune@dANGELofLOVE: "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground" TY @Thaiangel @Dancer12 @Time2Burn " (reblip)

Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground

| play
Thaiangel with all the pleasure to accept this beautiful one ..thxQ :) you so kind ..muahh@dANGELofLOVE: "E. O. G. "Angel" @Thaiangel ~ This One Is For You!" (reblip)


| play
Thaiangel hellooooooo:))) how ya doing ? been busy? muahh@KatieKapow: "Utada Hikaru -Passion~After the Battle~" (reblip)

Utada Hikaru -Passion~After the Battle~(with lyrics)

| play
Thaiangel I got no props left 4 u..but u should know my thx full :)) luv this :) muahh@dANGELofLOVE: "Great White ~ "The Angel Song" ~ @Thaiangel (reblip)
Thaiangel muahhh>>@dANGELofLOVE: "Real Life & Adam ~ "Send Me An Angel" ~ TY @Thaiangel @Dancer12 @Radidio @Per_Iscrottp @beingtheo @Flying_Roadhouse @DJMars" (reblip)
Thaiangel this pick is for you @dANGLEofLOVE :) << thx 4 all nice Angels collection tune.. muahhh

Jim Reeves "Missing Angel"

| play
Thaiangel oh so lovely ..Wed'day =Angel's day ..actually everyday is Angel's day :) muahh@dANGELofLOVE: "Scorpions "Send Me An Angel" ~ TY @Thaiangel (reblip)
Thaiangel right directly down into Angels collection:) muahh:))>>@dANGELofLOVE: "Angel Winbush ~ "Angel" @Thaiangel (reblip)

Angela WinbushAngel

| play
Thaiangel yes ! ^5 more .. more ..muahh :)) @dANGELofLOVE: "Gary Moore ~ "Like Angels" TY @Thaiangel (reblip)

Like Angels, Gary Moore

| play
Thaiangel yes and you are so real angel :)---->> @dANGELofLOVE: "Marvin Berry & The Starlighters "Earth Angel" ~ For You @Thaiangel" (reblip)
Thaiangel me 2@iReignMusic:"i ♥ this endless party! @me: "another one :) @iReignMusic vi@broadwayg: "Chillin w/ @girlsflyingsolo @DeAnn @ladypn @me @harmony60"" (reblip)


| play
Thaiangel umm.. making love with you was never second best !! Stop the world.. I melt with you !!!
Thaiangel hello:) * big smile to >>@0_0: "New Days" (reblip)

Benny Reid "New Days"

| play
EFR56 Dimitri From Paris - Atmosfear - "Motivation" (Dim's dubwize mix)

Dimitri From Paris -Atmosfear -Motivation (Dim's dubwize mix)

| play
Thaiangel signing off here .. thank you y'all ... this I can promise ... I'm dreaming of you tonight .... good nite & kissss

Selena dreaming of you

| play
Thaiangel Hello :) G Moring fr. blue sky Bangkok .. nice to have nice cup of coffee with Someone somewhere..don't u think? anyone?
Thaiangel never meant to complain but ....Somebody already broke my heart !
ShiaoMei no, will power!!!! (: @TidyCat: "yep! you have to stay now! ;) @ShiaoMei @Thaiangel =^..^=" (reblip)
Thaiangel G'morning Friday here asking for Mercy with a pot of coffee 4 everyone ;) pls enjoy ..


| play
Thaiangel so now it's over ...*sigh...

Michael BubléLost

| play
Thaiangel ... everytime we meet just like the first time we kiss...our love is easy...
Thaiangel same here girl .. miss u 2 :) this one 4 you :> ...@ktp107<<<muahh
Thaiangel now.. I do ! I miss you !

Incubus-I Miss You (Acoustic)

| play
Thaiangel what to do with my heart.. The heart asks pleasure first ....
Thaiangel * luv....Vanessa Mae and her Storm...

vanessa maestorm

| play
Thaiangel going through Daydream....


| play
Thaiangel beauty of conjuction .. summer in the rain...
Thaiangel another beauty of conjuction .. Summer Rain / Juan A Sosa..
Thaiangel hi :) nice...You said you'd come but you never showed..umm..thxQ 2>>@broadwayg: "Charlie Wilson on #SloJamz. "No Words" @Thaiangel (reblip)
Thaiangel all those promises ...nothing but lies!.. when did you stop loving me.. when did i stop loving you ....
Thaiangel cool tune !!!

Dawn of a new beginning

| play
Thaiangel oh yesssssss...this i like ..true true :))@dcychan: "This is like a reply to your blip !@Thaiangel hope u like it [ vi@polarkat ]" (reblip)

Uncle KrackerSmile

| play
Thaiangel oh so luv this....

RAY NOBLE ORCHESTRA (1934): The Very Thought of You

| play
Thaiangel thxQ hun doubt for Maria Callas ..she's true Diva:)@iReignMusic: "@kirkill @Eclecticjams @Thaiangel ~ quite possibly the greatest soprano - ever. (reblip)
Thaiangel i want to be sure .. I don't need may be !

Angie StoneMaybe

| play
Thaiangel luv this ...reflections of paradise :)
Thaiangel so human as I am.. I have to give up my defenses !

MikaAny Other World

| play
Thaiangel well said :)> hi:)@dtfpress: "Writing before sunrise while relishing this lush guitar tango. @Thaiangel: "luv this ...reflections of paradise :)"" (reblip)