rekhoon old school with some abdel halim

Shostakovich:Piano Concerto No. 2 in F major, Op. 102 II. An

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aigin Tabla is really nice in this.

You Tube Belly Dance Contest Egyptian Tabla Solo رقص شرقي عزف طبله

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aigin Very nice Egyptian style tabla solo.

طبلة وبس

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aigin Egyptian tabla.

طبلة نار حريقة المقطع 1

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aigin Egyptian tabla. Beginning is a really nice solo. Puts me in the mood for dancing.

طبلة نار حريقة المقطع 3

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aigin Typical Egyptian bellydance music usually associated with the countryside. It is said that the test of a dancer is when they music is slow.

طبلة نار حريقة المقطع 4

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aigin Egyptian tabla solo.

طبلة نار حريقة المقطع 5

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aigin Egyptian bellydance song. "Dance dance dance dace.."

طبلة نار حريقة المقطع 6

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aigin Egyptian tabla song mix part 7!

طبلة نار حريقة المقطع 7

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aigin Egyptian tabla song mix part 8. This one goes faster. I really like it.... wish I could get up and dance.

طبلة نار حريقة المقطع 8

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aigin Egyptian tabla song mix part 9. Continuing off the basic beat in parts 7 and 8.

طبلة نار حريقة المقطع 9

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aigin Egyptian tabla song mix part 10. New beat starting in this one.

طبلة نار حريقة المقطع 10

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aigin Egyptian tabla solo and song mix part 11. The last part. What a wonderful series of mixes and solos that was. I'm going to use these when I dance.

طبلة نار حريقة المقطع 11

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aigin The name of the song is Aziza. I love how they cut the different dancers to match the music. I love all of them.

The Oriental dance Of The Egyptian Classical Cinema

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aigin Classic song and legendary women in the images.

Hossam Ramzy and his Egyptian Ensemble-Ghannili Sheway Sheway

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aigin I love this clip of her. She's so adorable.

Samia Gamal is dancing

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aigin One of my favorite clips of this woman dancing. Great actress and dancer as well.

Tamr HennaNaima Akef

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aigin Another great dancer and actress.

TAHIA CARIOCA (1915-1999)

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aigin My favorite clip of Suheir Zaki dancing. Better than the other one I had posted of the same song.

Bellydancer Suheir Zaki

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aigin Jason Welbley and Reverend Peyton are the shit. And so is this song. Never fails to cheer me up no matter what mood I'm in. TWO BOTTLES OF WINE!!!!
aigin Original is by Tom Waits. This is a nice cover of it.

diana krall - temptation

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aigin Strong beautiful woman. Rest in peace.

eartha kitt, i want to be evil

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aigin Astrid Seriese's cover of one of my favorite Waits songs. It's a good cover. One of my favorites.
aigin This album kept me company during a bad time two months ago. Also a good cover.
aigin Waits had such a way with words. Sometimes it's hard to notice with how he sings, that's why I appreciated him more when hearing the covers.
aigin She worked that violin in the opening. Impressive and an equally good cover of the song "Earth Died Screaming". More upbeat than the last covers.

Tracy Bonham plays Tom Waits

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aigin The way she dances in the beginning is exquisite. Teasing with the shoulder and arm.
aigin The first Waits song that I heard. Had it on repeat when I was in Alexandria in 2005 I think it was.This and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for GBA
aigin Tom Waits cover and the lyrics are quite true. Glad you enjoyed @DarkElephant and @TanyaT .
aigin Another good cover of a great Waits song. "Be careful..."
aigin Tom Waits cover. Guitar is quite beautiful in the song.

CibelleGreen Grass

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aigin Another nice Waits cover. I love how sings. Almost like a female Waits singing. Amazing.
aigin Silent Night was the one of the first songs that I taught myself to play on the piano even if my family never celebrated Christmas.

silent night piano (from HOUSE)

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aigin Singer from lower Egypt.

RoubyAwel Marra

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aigin First song I saw of this woman while I was in Alexandria. Exquisite voice and body. Also playful when she dances.

roubi ebaa abelni

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aigin Classic Egyptian beat. @andrew025: glad you enjoyed it. She is from lower Egypt. You can search for her by the name Ruby, Roubi or Rouby.

arabic belly dance music

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aigin To my friend @DarkElephant . You're welcome. My ex is dutch and I loved this song the first time he linked it. She looks like my mother did younger
aigin Remix of an 80's rock ballad. It was the only song that I ever had dedicated to a romantic relationship with someone.

Pinball--- China in your hand

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aigin Ok. So it was pop. Sue me. Anyway, this is the original song of that remix.
aigin The Riddler is one of my favorite villains. Matter of fact, that laugh is the sound my cell makes when I close it.

Frank Gorshin, The Riddler

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aigin Nick Cave - People ain't no good. Very true. Another song that occupied me in Alexandria in 2005.


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aigin Song that made me fall in love with Jack Off Jill.

Jack Off Jill-Vivica

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aigin The person that introduced me to Manson properly linked this song and said it reminded him of his ex. And therapy in general. I fell in love with it
aigin The original version. Quite hard for me to listen to it. It reminds me of a desperate time in my life and of a person I no longer speak to.
aigin Ben and I sang this together. Good memory.
aigin Cover of "Superstar" by The Carpenters.
aigin You're welcome. It's from the movie "Juno" soundtrack. It had a lot of folkish style songs. @DarkElephant
aigin Also from the "Juno" soundtrack. I like this version a little better.
aigin Also from the "Juno" soundtrack. It's an adorable song.

Antsy PantsVampire

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aigin The original "Sea of Love". It annoys me when people think Cat Power is the artist that created this song. Hopeless Waits fan that I am.
aigin First song that Ben linked to from her. I fell in love. And she's a New Yorker. Heh.
aigin Ben played this entire album in the car when he drove me to the airport.
aigin One of my favorite tracks on the album. Couldn't help but sing to it.
aigin A favorite of mine if not for the chorus of the song.
aigin Dalida singing about her home country Egypt. "My first love was in my country, I can never forget it.."
aigin Song I dedicated to David.

wasp i cant

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aigin Song Jasper dedicated to me.
aigin Song that got David into Manson and he pretty much got giddy whenever this played.
aigin Sang to this song in the street a few times.

Jack Off Jill- Bruises are back in style

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aigin Another song I feel compelled to sing to in public. Yes. I live in New Joisey.

Voltaire-Bomb New Jersey

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aigin Lebanese singer that made it big in Egypt. She had plastic surgery to look like several Egyptian actress of old that she admired.
aigin Stupid song, but I liked it when it first came out. I think it was the tabla in the beginning. She didn't speak the Egyptian dialect well then..

Nancy Ajram - Oul Tani Eih

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LUIS BACALOV/ EDDA DELL'ORSO -"The Grand Duel" (1972)

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aigin How relaxing. The first time I heard this.

Bernard Hermann Betsy's Theme

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aigin Made famous in "Kill Bill", of course.
hpseaton So true! Thanks @lizrock: "Caffeine for the senses...." (reblip)

Salt-N-PepaPush It

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aigin Fell in love with this song instantly in the Bebop movie.
aigin I'm gonna end up watching the movie.
aigin This group did a lot of music for the soundtrack of a show called "Serial Experiments: Lain".


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aigin I can sympathize. We have ourselves in the end. Only ourselves.


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aigin Fighting the urge to blip all of their songs.


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aigin Father of the siblings in Boa singing.
aigin The opening song for the show Lain.


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aigin I am watching you watching me watching you as they go do things that they do...

bôaFor Jasmine

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aigin Classic. Also saw this done on a Japanese karaoke show.
aigin Always nice to see the faces of the people who make the music that you adore.
aigin Love me some Blind Dog. Wonderfully depressive.

Blind Dog-Fading Memories

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aigin "And I cling on to the only hope that life isn't real.." I sympathize with the lyrics of this song a lot. Favorite by Blind Dog.
aigin Genitorturers and Jack Off Jill collab cover of the Divinyls song.
aigin A lesbian's anthem. I also sing this out-loud in public.
aigin Do it to mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. All hail the wife of Morbid Angel's bassist.
aigin Love song for you. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! CHOKE!!!!!

ChokeJack Off Jill

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aigin Song that got me in this bad. Too bad they haven't done anything in some time.


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aigin One of my favorite music videos.

Manhole- Kiss or Kill

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aigin My pussy, my choice. This goes out to the pro-life advocates.
aigin Has to be shown with the animation. Just goes too nicely with it. Opening for the movie.
aigin Title means "Dark Moon". I need some sleep. So night all. Nice having fun with the few that tuned into my channel.
aigin The princess of paiinnnnnnn!!

W.A.S.PBall Crusher

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aigin K's Choice/Fiona Apple - Not an Addict.

Not an addict

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aigin From back when I was an IRC junkie.


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aigin I imagine friends braiding each-other's hair to this song.
aigin Official video it seems. I always imagined the scenario in my head when I listened to this. "One day all them bags gon get in your way.."

Erykah BaduBag Lady

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aigin The original song before Gewn Stefani decided to a cover. Brings back memories.
aigin I loved this song.

Vitamin C Smile + Lyrics

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aigin Title: "After What" Such a sad song.
aigin Guy stares down the equivalent of a hick audience into silence.
aigin He also composed music. First time hearing this one. Title: "My love, whomever she may be."
aigin Nice cover of Screamin' Jay Hawkins song. A favorite.
aigin Amusing fact: this is one of the first albums that I ever bought. One tape.
aigin This is the fist time seeing the video. I didn't watch TV. "We go deep cause we don't get no sleep.."

Janet Jackson "Go Deep" (Official)

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aigin Show me that you wanna be with me...

Janet Jackson Anything

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aigin Another favorite. Baby crying in the background was a nice touch.

Janet Jackson My Need

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aigin Interesting nickname she had. "Now make it mellow..."
aigin Holy shit. This had a music video? Damn I missed out on some things while ignoring TV at that age, heh.
aigin When I close my eyes I see your face, when I lick my lips I can taste your smile..

Janet JacksonEmpty

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aigin Sleep well @withparachutes

Janet Jackson Tonight's The Night

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aigin Now this one I have seen before. Her eyes are quite amazing in this video.

Janet Jackson- Everytime

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aigin Boom boom boom tak "I get so lonely.." Used to sing to this quite often.
aigin Agreed. @withparachutes: "best version i've heard so far!! Matchbox 20 ~ "Time After Time"" (reblip)
aigin Music video must be blipped. It's one of the weirdest ones that I've seen.
aigin Just about the only song that I can stand from this band. Music video drew me in for some reason.
aigin I had dedicated this song to Johan and then at one my point my father.
aigin I learned of this song before I knew of the game series. They rehashed this song from a previous game in the series for part 4. Johan dedication.
aigin It was also a song in a Vampire RPG computer game "Vampire The Masqurade: Bloodlines". One of my favorite Geni songs.
aigin Cover of the Nick Cave song. I like the original better.
aigin I'm finally able to sleep I think. Night @aigin: "Nick Cave - People ain't no good. Very true. Another song that occupied me in Alexandria in 2005." (reblip)


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GeeOh @iMickeyD Excellent live!! double bass for me please =D 'The Living End – Pictures In the Mirror'
aigin @DhampirBoy Yeah. In my sleep deprived state the lyrics were quite similar to me. Video in honor of the first The Cramps song you linked me.

"Garbage Man" The Cramps

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aigin Too drunk, too drunk, too drunk...
aigin Daisy Chainsaw - Taxidermy / Queen Adreena - Cold Fish

Taxidermy Video

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aigin Music video that got me into MSI hard.
VictoriaLibertyNicholson Whats behind the iron curtain? The Greek bible has books our bible doesnt. Signing off
caporal_chief I´m glad you liked it....@softnblue: "Ted Nugent – Good Friends & A Bottle Of Wine - Drum Break >>> another gr8t Nugent tune, tnx @caporal_chief" (reblip)
Lovebreath Everybody Hurts - REM The day is long, the night is yours alone. When you're sure you've had enough. Hold on, U feel like letting, U think U had 2much (reblip)

REM Everybody Hurts

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RuiFelix System of a Lego – Toxicity, loooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll
DarkElephant @aigin I just got up. "Too much alcohol" last night.
Mysterymix -)- from album Rare Elements (Omar Faruk Tekbilek )
aigin The memories @Angie74: Why'd I play the fool Go through ups and downs Knowing all the time You wouldn’t be around @DjDiddlesSkittle No more sista!! ;) (reblip)
revbeatman ins by @LikeAnAngel. Cause she said "anticipation", not cause she's a transvestite. Not that there's anything wrong with that
aigin I adore the music video. Sex personified. RIP indeed. From New Jersey and New York.

Type O Negative- Black No 1

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aigin And thanks. Infections sound on this track. @DarkElephant: "Hi @aigin I wish you "Amazing Vibrations." And now I start working..." (reblip)

Amazing Vibrations / Psychic TV

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aigin America - A Horse With No Name. Purely for nostalgic reasons. Love this song.


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DhampirBoy Vic Bondi wants revenge. Sweet, passive-aggressive revenge.
aigin Nick Cave - No Pussy Blues ----- album, Grinderman
NaturalDancer OMFG-Rammstein's Till Lindemann singing not in their German, but in actual ENGLISH! I'm in shock; Oh, he goes back & forth, English, German, English!!
aigin From Cairo. Not bad,

BAD OPERA I am the one demo

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aigin Exquisite. @Mysterymix: "bonsoir@amphore: "Anouar Brahem – Talwin!"" (reblip)

Anouar BrahemTalwin!

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celaborelle very nice @Murly46@EFR56: "Nagat – Ana Bashak el Bahr (I Am in Love With the Sea) Well here's an Egyptian singer I've heard @EternalOptimism" (reblip)
amphore for @winukomi :-)) Wonderfull Chill Out Music Egypt Arabic

Wonderfull Chill Out Music Egypt Arabic

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aigin Older one of her in a movie. @CARPE_DIEM

Nagwa Fouad.avi

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Bluelamp1 and the talking leads to touching and the touching leads to sex.......
aigin Thank you. @EFR56: "Mike Marshall & Kaila Flexer: Tumbalalaika / A warm hello & thx to @me and others" (reblip)
Nadir_MoG Turkish Belly Dancing ((Mezdeke)) #MusicMonday

Turkish Belly Dancing ((Mezdeke))

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aigin Fuck yeah. First time I've seen this high quality.
aigin Doing the mp3 version because I like the build-up of the opening which isn't present in the video.
aigin You too. Unfortunate that it did not work for you.@DarkElephant: Hi @aigin have a nice day. Unfortunately 'Kickapoo' is "unavailable" for me" (reblip)
DarkElephant "Hassan I Sabbah."


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aigin rb@DhampirBoy: "Copper is a wonderful thing." (reblip)


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aigin Part of the opening is cut out, but this will do. Video is great. Do it again. Oh my God what I have done. All I wanted was a little fun.
BluJulius and get rid of that cold/sickness! xoxo@fun4lilli: "good tuesday to you m'lady rb@ladypn (reblip)
aigin I don't give a shit if I'm not hip. #riotgrrrl Yeah. This song is my motto in life.
dawnie22 Maintained latest 39lb loss for 3 wks :)~~> What have U done? 'Proud' -Heather Small-

Heather Small, Proud

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aigin Some NY love this afternoon. rb@babouski: "New York, New York – Frank Sinatra & Tony Bennett duet #NYC" (reblip)
aigin Kind of an addictive song.
SGMan That video blip had gawdawful audio.. this is how it should sound :) @aigin

05 - nina hagen-1985 ekstasy drive

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aigin Can you diiiiggg itttttttt. Great cover and an #oddvideo that mind fucks you.
aigin Where is that music coming from? Yu-gi-oh Abridged parody song. It's addictive as all fuck. Nya nya nya nyaaa


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aigin Cause this is MYYY united states of America! Yu-gi-oh Abridged parody song.
SGMan Krokus ~ American Woman
DirtyUrine Nice pick Djs! @EllenaG: "OOPs4U! >:/ rb @La_Vera_Mahshid: "Audioslave Cochise"" (reblip)

Audioslave Cochise

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LeandroAzevedo Killing Joke – The Death and Resurrection Show
aigin Ah and welcome back @DarkElephant . How have you been? Heavy bass in this which I love.
aigin I don't give a fuck about anything. *headbangs like a teenager*
aigin Great live video. Who's your favorite viking?
somebody2love vi@JimmyStagger something I'm sure we're all acquainted with @zoja01 @TidyCat @aigin @BarbieRay @donnadontplay

The Confidentials-Heartache

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aigin Likewise. Great song. rb@BlipisHip: "vi@JimmyStagger I wasn't, I was only 1 when they started @TidyCat @greentrees @aigin @FOGGIELOANER" (reblip)
TBFKA one of the best covers of "Nowhere Man" ever!@hogatt: "Neil Finn – Nowhere man" (reblip)

Neil FinnNowhere man

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LeandroAzevedo Paradise Lost – Lost Paradise / Rotting Misery
aigin Only one for the day. Got a lot of things planned. Thanks to all the new listeners.

Voltaire-Ravens Land

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aigin Thanks. Nice track. rb@DJNickPapag: "some old school hardcore for you!! @aigin" (reblip)
aigin Ozzy Fudd. All hail.

OZZY FUDD (the rabbit slayer) KILL THE WABBIT

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aigin I keep on telling people how evil ducks are.
LeandroAzevedo Cradle Of Filth – From The Cradle To Enslave

Arabic Dance Mix 20.wmv

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SpinningDiscs Slash Feat. Ozzy Osbourne – Crucify The Dead .....Slash pairs with the "Prince Of F-ing Darkness" for a Rockin' Tune!
dawnofkaos Agents of Oblivion (ex-Acid Bath singer Dax Riggs)- Endsmouth

Agents Of Oblivion-Endsmouth

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70srocker @DamnTheMan @DirtyUrine Sorcerers of death's construction...
conditsj And on we go.

Living with Rene's Head-Tub Ring

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myb ♪Stranded (Acoustic Version) - Royal Hunt #inthemood
SGMan I won't break it@aigin: "The oath to have eachother's back @SGMan" (reblip)

Mercyful FateThe Oath

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aigin Nice flute playing. @redoctopus: "first time i heard him @SabineWe: "[...]"" (reblip)
SGMan Has a similar approach as Diamond @aigin

John ArchRelentless

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ElDorkoPunkRetro black nasa – colony ...stoner rock...

black nasacolony

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aigin From the album "Songs of terror - a gothic tribute to Edgar Allen Poe"
aigin From the album "Songs of terror - a gothic tribute to Edgar Allen Poe"
aigin For @avard , I remember you blipping this song every day for a few weeks some months ago. Good seeing you around yesterday.
tokool4u Very good!:)@Loba_Negra: Omnia - The Raven (E.A. Poe) merely this..and nothing more..@tokool4u @GGDANCE @DeAnn @Fidayschild @Totengrber @wild_divine (reblip)
aigin I like this. Thanks. rb@Shanti_baba: "Sometimes you just gotta wait and let things happen...@CMFlinn @aigin @shiner" (reblip)
aigin Queen of pain.

The Cramps-Queen of Pain

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aigin rb@obz: "@glsjawtomatica // thx. from this video. he is an angry pretzel." (reblip)
aigin Later and thanks @Lunaladee: "rb @lenchen // thanx! @me@others // c u later, Kids, play nice" (reblip)
aigin Damn need a blunt to watch this..@Slipdisc: "Drugs – Brain On Drugs @aigin the most mindfuckin' vid ive ever seen }:)" (reblip)

DrugsBrain On Drugs

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Martha & The Vandellas Dancing in the Streets

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aigin ty and rb@Shanti_baba: "An hour of Clash-related songs...@me@others" (reblip)
aigin @cryostasium let's hope it doesn't cut off for you again


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